i let people treat me like shit

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them



(The above video becomes relevant when I start discussing D. I couldn’t insert the video exactly in the position I want, sorry!)

In this ‘mini’ theory, I explore this concept posted by Marlene:

From this, I take that A and D are two different people. Call it a mini A Team, so to speak.

Let’s start with the A.

The A in AD is for Mona. It just has to be her - let me tell you why. She was original A. She wants her game back. The girls still treat Mona like shit despite her apologising time and time again AND despite both going through the dollhouse together where the girls clearly saw that Mona is was not the enemy! Hanna literally gave Mona the silent treatment when Mona came to her bridal shower party with a smile and a loving present. Hanna then threw the thoughtful, personalised gift in the trash, causing Mona to say “it seems everything I do ends up this way”. Spencer exclaimed “what is she doing here!?” in 620 at the Lost Woods Resort. It is precisely this type of constant rejection that brings back that anger from seasons 1 and 2 when she was A, and now she wants to do it all over again. She wants to punish the liars for constantly rejecting her. One way she did this, was by taking Hanna from them.

She scared the girls, whilst simultaneously getting Hanna all back to herself. Besides, wasn’t that Mona’s original motive for being A? That she lost Hanna to the girls? (It was Alison’s death that reunited the girls, not Mona’s texts, so there is no plot hole here in Mona’s motive.)

Obviously, Mona never killed Hanna despite kidnapping her. It was just a doll that she hung from the bell tower! The symbolism in this is that she kidnapped her out of hatred, but didn’t want to overly harm her because a love remains.

Then how do we explain this horrible stuff, if Mona simultaneously loves Hanna?

Let me quote Mona; the one who did this to Hanna: “it’s much easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend”. So yes, Mona is extremely angry with Hanna! But do not forget the symbolism here: Mona would have never killed Hanna. This is all just a game. Emotional venting. That’s all it’s ever been. Well, with Mona, at least. Wait until I explain the D in AD!

Let’s not forget that Mona was supposed to be watching Noel in 710, yet somehow he escaped. Also, amongst the ever so minor plot progression in 6B we did learn that Mona called CeCe from the Two Crows Diner the night she was killed. Clearly, Mona was involved in the sequence of events the night a Drake family member was killed. Mona followed Spencer and Toby in 620 to the discovery of Mary’s Radley file! This bitch is really involving herself in the Drake-related-stuff yet it’s going unnoticed! (I highlight Mona’s constant involvement in the Drake family because this provides evidence to her teamwork with D in AD - D’s main aim is associated with the Drakes.) Also, we can’t forget the “thanks for giving me Hanna” text. That was entirely A, not D, if that makes sense.

Mona involving herself in the Drake family issues is exact proof that Mona is the A in AD; helping their partner, D, which I will explain now.

Unfortunately I can’t include it here at this point in the post, but please go to the above video posted by the official PLL Instagram. It gives us confirmation that Spencer indeed was AD’s target that night. It was no accident that Spencer got shot, it was entirely deliberate. Jenna missed, and so AD swooped in to finish the job.

The D in AD must stand for Drake. 

Noticed how everyone in the Drake family has been killed?

- Spencer was shot (99.9% chance she’ll survive, but it’s the attempt to kill that is significant)

- Jessica, who was born as a Drake (but has the last name DiLaurentis because she married Ken) was killed. Surely, this is the reason why they have not told us who killed Jessica yet - why are they dragging it on for so long if the answer is as simple as her evil twin killed her!? Well, maybe Mary didn’t kill Jessica. It was AD.

- Charlotte was most likely killed by AD, following this trend of all Drake family-members being killed. Therefore, AD is playing a game - AD is not avenging Charlotte’s death because AD is the killer!

- I won’t be surprised if something bad happens to Mary soon. She’s a Drake. Surely, again following this trend, Mary is on the hit-list too. It is entirely possible that the reason she was even in the house in 710 is because she had been kidnapped by AD! It kind of looked like she was in a dark room, perhaps a closet… maybe she wasn’t intentionally there to help Jenna or AD like we thought. Maybe AD kidnapped Mary and it was AD’s plan to wipe out the Drake family that night (with the help of Jenna).

The big question remains: why does AD hate the Drakes? Well, going back to what I stated before, I believe the D in AD stands for Drake. Maybe the A in AD stands for their first name, or it could be for their partner’s name - that is, A and D are two different people. Nonetheless, I believe AD is a Drake, and something terrible happened to them (similarly to Charlotte’s upbringing) and they’re here to kill their entire family. And that’s why this is the most ‘deadly’ A so far - they’re literally here to kill family. How brutal.

- It’s worth noting that as per THIS THEORY, I am 100% sold that Bethany is also a Drake. Mary had two daughters: Spencer and Bethany. (I should add to that theory, that the Doctor that Aria and Spencer visited in 7A said “I dealt with one of Mary’s babies”, whereby the ambiguity implies more than one baby.)
Who killed Bethany? 610 revealed that was Mona (then Melissa buried her). So, following this trend of Drake children being killed… who started it? MONA, when she killed Bethany! 

- Note that the last time we saw Eddie Lamb, he was delivering to Ezra some drawings that Bethany had done! It’s no coincidence that Eddie Lamb went missing once he involved himself in the Drake family. (Again, there’s more evidence that Bethany is indeed another one of Mary’s daughters!)

What do you all think about this idea of A and D being two different people who are working together? They have different agendas, but of course, we have seen them at times cross paths. 

(Crossed paths? When? Well, for example, AD knew that Hanna had ordered Mona to watch Noel in 710, so what does AD do? Call their partner and say “release him”, that way AD can shoot Spencer easier because there’s another person in the house to stop Spencer from escaping.)

As a childcare provider, parents who let their children run their lives and treat their emotions like gospel take like 5 years off my life.

My biggest complaint is that people need to teach their children to let shit go. This is seriously such an important skill. They need to be taught that not every single feeling they ever have is the most important thing on planet earth that gets them anything they want.

Let me explain…..

If you get mad and storm off over sometimes totally not important, I’m going to tell you to let it go and that isnt not a big deal. Because it isnt. If you want to keep freaking out about it, thats on you.

If you whine and tantrum over me not giving you immediate attention, I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing. I’ll explain that you need to wait and you can wait.

If you start throwing a tantrum, you can go somewhere else and do it. Come back when you’re ready to stop because you’re not getting what you want.

All this factors into that I’ve legit had kids tell me “well I’m having a bad day” or “well I’m mad today/at -insert someone or something-” as an excuse for treating the other kids and staff like absolutely shit so they wont get in trouble. Yeah no, you’re still in trouble. That’s not an excuse to treat people poorly/act like a brat. Oh man, do they have a full on meltdown when they find out how they feel isn’t the most important thing in the universe and, regardless how they “feel”, there are still consequences for their actions.

They are legit some of the hardest children to deal with. I understand that you value how your child feels, and thats seriously great, but please for the love of god, stop letting your children use their “feelings” as a scapegoat for shit behavior and that sometimes you just have to deal with not getting what you want…. Thank you.

(To clarify:

There is a difference between caring about a child’s feelings and letting them use their feelings as a be all end all.

I sit children down all the time and ask them to tell me what’s wrong. I’ve had long discussions with children about their feelings. The amount of times I’ve said “Hey, you dont usually act this way. Are you having a bad day? Did something happen?” or “You seem upset today. What’s wrong?” is uncountable.

There is difference between discussing something with a bothered child vs an overcoddled child who thinks that their feelings trump others. As a childcare worker, you can tell the difference.)

Listen not to start any discourse but you’re all being so annoying and transparent saying Lydia is “abusing” Alec or treating him like shit for simply demanding some basic respect. Alec was irrationally lashing out at people in that promo, and though that’s understandable, he should be made aware of that. Lydia simply told him that she was still in charge of the Institute and that she expected to be respected as such. How and where is that “treating him like shit”? Please, by all means, show me.

Look, I get why people would be suspicious of Lydia. She was ready to torture and kill a Downworlder in s1. But the thing is, you don’t care about that. You only dislike her because she DARED to not let Alec walk over her. I’m sick of y'all.

Let me break this down for everyone to understand:

• women asking basic respect from men are NOT abusive or treating them like shit, and saying that they are is misogynistic, my pal.
• just because you’re gay, does not give you the excuse to be a douchebag and it certainly does not give fans the excuse to say everyone who all but breathes wrongly into Alec’s direction is treating him like shit.
• coddling and pampering an adult gay man by saying everyone is somehow against him and by implying that nobody can ever call him out on anything, is just as bad as fetishizing gay men. You are stripping him of all his responsibilities and basically reducing him to “your cute little innocent gay baby”.
• stating that Lydia is abusive towards Alec for, again, asking some basic respect, is simplifying and downplaying actual abuse. You can’t just call everyone and everything you don’t like “abusive”. That’s not how it works so!!! Stop!!!! Doing!!!! It!!!!!

this is the year of me being unapologetic.

I’m done being a fucking door mat to people’s racism. I’m done sighing under my breath and continuing to work quietly while the white girl next to me talks about how her son had “ch***k” eyes when he was a baby. I’m done laughing things off when someone tells me “Omg that’s so mexican, Ivonne!” I’m simply done letting people slide with their shit, NO MAS CABRONES. 

There’s an uprising in my veins, a fire in my heart. I won’t stand by while my people get treated like shit. I won’t stand by when other ethnic groups get shitted on. 

I’m just done. 



stan and gary get their faces painted together ♥

i just rewatched the mormon episode again and ahh i love gary so much, i can’t believe it took me this long to actually draw him 

it always makes me uncomfortable when i hear of people cutting off guys’ hair because they hate “man buns”

like. that’s assault. cutting off someone’s hair without their permission is assault, don’t do that shit??

it’s just baffling to me that it’s treated as being funny but I’m like damn let dudes have long hair it’s none of your business if you don’t like what someone else’s hair is doing

Let me know if I am out of line, my intention is most definitely not to offend anyone, but to all of my bi/pan/trans/ace/etc friends (and strangers, too) who fall under the LGBT+ umbrella but are pushed out by others: I am sorry.

I am sorry that people who should understand your struggles, should understand some of your hardships feel the need to exclude you and treat you like crap.

You deserve better. You deserve love. You deserve acceptance and support. You are valid; no one has any right to push you out of anywhere.

I have seen too many times people - specifically, gay or lesbian - try to stigmatise, to stereotype, to unjustly judge and criticise people who don’t deserve it-who’ve done nothing wrong.

Why on Earth there is such a divide in this community is beyond me. It’s unnecessary, unhealthy, unfair. How on Earth the stigmas will be overcome is also beyond me, though at least the reasons behind it are clearer: people are ignorant and feel the need to gatekeep and get defensive. I’m not really sure where I was going with this, but from an ace lesbian to ALL of my LGBT+ siblings-

You are loved,
You are wonderful,
You are valid,
And you deserve safety just as much as anyone else does.

  • tumblr users: don't step on snails and ants ^_^ be kind to fleas ^_^ treat every cat and dog like an angel or i'll beat the shit out of you lol!! ^_^ animals are just trying to live happy let's help em all! *300k notes*
  • same exact tumblr users: fucking vegans telling us what to eat and wear! animals arent as important as people GET OVER IT! don't tell me I shouldn't eat and kill animals, or I'LL KILL AND EAT YOU!! *300k notes*

yes to all of this!! a LOT of the way fandom treats allura (especially in comparison to pidge) has me side eying as well. i can’t even deal with looking through the tag sometimes. & honestly, the day i made this blog i was like, about to cry because of some of the shit i saw people saying about allura. because as a black fan, i just relate to her so so much. NO MORE SPACE MOM CRAP!! allura’s not anyone’s pseudo parent !!! let her worry about her own emotions first !!!

and yes yes yes allura def needs more friends on her level as well as deeper relationships with the paladins. i’m really hoping that in season 3, when she confronts haggar, they’ll develop some kind of understanding as well. cause, when it comes to all that allura’s been through, even though they’re on different sides, someone like haggar would probably relate to her most.

can people stop defending Maryse Lightwoood?? stop telling me it’s not her fault because “she’s living in a homophobic society” or because “she was raised as a warrior” i have no sympathy for homophobic people or abusive parents of which she is both, she treats her children like shit and theres no excuse for that idgaf if she thinks she’s doing whats best for them she’s still a fucking asshole, same goes for Robert, stop fucking praising him just because he didnt disown his son immediately, no instead he just stood by and let maryse do it for him. Theyre fucking trash shut up

i admire people who can think of chack in a non-toxic way.

like, i ship them together so hard, but i had to come up with a whole convoluted headcanon just for it to seem believable to me, to make chase realize his own dickishness (and jack comes to terms with his own faults too) and try to overcome it by treating jack right, among other things he attempts to mend/apologize for.

it’s a friggin small fandom. if i want to make them lovey-dovey and shit, no one will stop me. but nooo. my fucking brain insists on analyzing it down to the tiniest detail. i hate my mind sometimes. it refuses to let me be happy when all i wanna think about is a redhead and a lizardman cuddling.

it’s not like i can’t accept seeing them portrayed as toxic, i mean, they’re heylin. evil. they’re not supposed to be good people. i’ll read that shit in a good fanfic all day long. but. all that does is satisfy my angst fix. it doesn’t satisfy me.

yet another display of Me Taking The Relationships Of Fictional Characters Far Too Seriously™

anonymous asked:

okay so let me get this straight, you think that all nb genders are for show so that they will be "worshipped?" like everyday im worried and i feel like in danger because of my gender. Yes i have anxiety and depression, but i would be a demigirl anyway you pure and unadulterated sack of fucking shit

Normal people- trans and cis people, want to be treated like regular citizens. Nb people want special treatment. So yes.

me a few years ago, a dumb edgy kid: ugh i dont wanna be stereotypical i may have issues but i refuse to be seen the way Normal People see us……im not like the OTHER PEOPLE with these same illnesses and disorders. im a Real Person.

me now, actually knowing what the fuck im talking about: my illnesses and disabilities are inherently a part of who i am because ive lived with them all my life, and ive accepted that and embraced my identity as a mentally ill person, and anyone who takes issue with it or treats me as lesser bcs of it can eat shit and will get my twitchy, trembly, cold-due-to-the-side-effects-of-the-medication-that-lets-me-actually-properly-function fist right to their fucking face if they decide to test me further