i legitimately wonder this

I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
(ALSO, @richardgoranski Because i legitimately just saw you would love to be tagged in BMC art in general, so here ya go buddy) 

I wonder if Jango legitimately raised Boba from infancy.

I wonder if he changed his diapers. Taught him how to walk and read and talk.

I wonder at what age he finally told him he was a clone. I wonder if it was similar to the “you’re adopted” thing where Boba always knew but Jango made a point of saying “You may be a Clone, but you’re my son first.”

I wonder if the Slave I ever had a baby seat.

I wonder if Jango has a shit ton of embarrassing baby holos of Boba somewhere.

How to know you’ve trained your ‘lee Properly

So a funny thing happened tonight.  I had an itch.  A legitimate itch.  Like, on my wrist.  This is not a metaphor.  It is not a simile.  I had an actual “it itches” itch on my wrist.

I was Skyping with Isolde and I scratched that itch on camera, not thinking twice about it.  She reacted as if I was teasing her (and it worked) by lowering her arm to “protect” it from my teasing fingers; her underarm had been exposed to the camera absentmindedly.  But here’s the thing: the thought had not occurred to ME until she got visibly flustered and called me what she always calls me when I tease her, “Mean.”

I have done well in training @littleticklestar to react to my every tease, even when I am not trying to tease her.  I am so lucky to have such a great little sister who does the job of teasing herself for me. *insert evil and playful grin*

Okay, I know that the four dimensions in Arc V are AUs of the previous four Yugioh series, but… imagine if they weren’t.

Imagine if Yuma tried his best to defend Heartland against the now-corrupt Academia. Imagine him and Astral fighting to their very limits and beyond to protect everyone, but ultimately, there are just too many of them. Shark, Rio, everyone Yuma knows is helping him fend off the invaders, but even they can’t handle an army.

And in the end, all of them are carded. Even Haruto, who Kaito tried especially hard to keep safe. Kotori, Shark, Tetsuo, Rio… none of them could survive Academia’s massive invasion. Kaito vows to avenge Haruto and everyone else.

Even Yuma, for all of his abilities, who never gave up even when his bitter end approached him head-on. This time, his Kattobingu wasn’t enough. Yuma lost.

Once the battle is over, the only ones from the original cast left are Kaito and Astral. However… no one can see Astral, and since he can’t interact with anything, he can’t do anything to help anymore. He still looks after Yuma’s carded form to this day, searching for a way to return him and everyone else to normal.

Edit: Just in case anyone was wondering, this is legitimately what I thought happened before it was revealed that they were AUs. So for a while, whenever Yuto brought up Heartland, I would die a little inside because it meant that Yuma and the others were most likely dead. It made the show a bit painful to watch at certain points.

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Buddy. Buddy look at me. Listen closely. I think at this point is safe to say my son tops everyone, alright. But consider, CONSIDER just for a moment the only times Taehyung calls Jimin "hyung" are those when he wraps himself thight around him, because he misses his family so bad and only Jimin's voice whispering sweet nothings and Jimin's hand petting his back in long strokes can quiet down the feeling. Buddy just PICTURE IT. ;;

/shuddering breath/ ok do you remember….. this…….

because that’s straight where my mind went, that shitty misunderstanding after one of their first wins, where tae still looked upset and jimin was beside him in all the pics like holding onto him all protective-like… and i’m a little emotional because YES. that’s the beauty of vmin man, like, even dom!tae needs some tender emotional care, too, and jimin is where he goes to get it… and it’s just so lovely i want to cry.

and so now i’m picturing it just like you said and i’m just SO SWEPT UP. tae feeling comfortable enough with only jimin to allow himself to finally be vulnerable for a little bit. jimin’s sweet little voice and soft little hands reminding him he’s safe and loved. world’s tiniest big spoon park jimin, just holding him and loving him til the sadness dulls a little. whyyyyyy. GOD i love this. GOD i love vmin.

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fire posted a shirtless pic on his ig, and now he deleted it, do you have a screen?

I’m legitimately embarrassed that I do…i wonder if people were getting weird in the comments.

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Positivity: I went to my dad's girlfriend's house for dinner, and it went far better than I possibly could have asked for. One of her daughters is autistic, and we have a lot of the same stims, and she even has a few of the same SIs that I had when I was her age. I'm legitimately tearing up writing this. It was a wonderful experience to meet her.

That sounds amazing! I’m so happy for you =D


asianwithcamera:  Yvonne Strahovski coming over to greet fans at the premiere for All I See Is You / TIFF 2016 [x]

Sunbeam… actual legitimate sunbeam.

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Random crack idea but: supposing the New republic has something like Strictly come dancing (where celebrities are asked to do a dance competition) how do you think the Double O-Nakin!Skywalkers would react to being invited? (Personally I like to imagine Han beside himself with laughter when he learns they've been asked for participation, just because he can't picture anything like that happening. Luke is most likely to go. No one knows if they want Anakin to say yes or no.)

Oh my God.

Truly you are blessed with a gift for crack because this is amazing.

Okay but the really funny thing is that I can see both Leia and Luke potentially accepting the invite, given the right incentive. Like, say, a charity for Alderaanian refugees.

And Leia, at least, can dance quite well. (Part of a princess’s required education.) Luke can’t, yet, but I think he’d pick it up pretty fast with a good teacher. And then there’s Anakin, who never learned how to do any Core world dances, and who plays his skills with traditional Tatooine dances pretty close to the chest. (And who is, after twenty years with sub-standard healthcare and outdated cybernetics, not nearly as limber as he used to be.)

So here’s how it goes:

Han’s the one who breaks the news to them, in between bouts of near-uncontrollable laughter. He just keeps snickering to himself every time he looks at their faces, because Luke looks really nonplussed and Anakin looks first flabbergasted and then caught halfway between deeply annoyed and morbidly curious, and Leia…

Leia says, “I think we should do it.”

Han starts cracking up all over again, and completely fails to notice the mischievous smile on her face, until she says, “That means you too, Han.”

Then Han sobers up pretty fast. “Oh no,” he says. “Not me, Princess. I’m not going on any dancing show. I’m not - ”

“Whyever not, Captain Solo?” Anakin asks casually. “Can’t you dance?”

“Now you listen here, Rustbucket!” Han bristles. “There’s no better dancer in the galaxy! I could dance rings around those clowns! I could - ”

“Good, that’s settled,” says Leia brusquely. “We’ll do it.”

And that’s the story of how three Skywalkers and Han Solo ended up on a dancing show.

(IDK what Strictly Come Dancing is actually like, but I’m gonna say this GFFA dancing show is one of those where they pair celebrities with professional dancers and then teach them a dance routine for the competition.)

Luke gets paired with a dancer from Naboo and, to everyone’s amusement, they decide to do a formal Naboo waltz. (Padme, as Anakin has told his kids, always hated the waltz.) Luke just grins and shrugs it off with a, “Sorry Mom.” And his instructor turns out to be a pretty cool lady who’s more than happy to share all sorts of things about Naboo culture with him, so Luke gets the chance to learn about his mom’s people and counts the whole thing a win.

Han, who is in fact a terrible dancer, gets paired with a Coruscanti dance instructor who decides that they’re going to do a really sultry take on a Corellian tango. His face on learning this is one of absolute terror. Leia catches his eye across the room and just smirks.

Leia’s already an expert at several different Alderaanian dances, and she gets paired with a fellow Alderaanian, so they do a lot of bonding and catharsis through dance and it’s actually…it really helps. She decided to do this for the charity, and she never really expected that it would affect her too, but now she’s really glad she’s doing this.

Anakin goes through like five different instructors. The first three quit in terror when he turns out to be absolutely terrible at all the dances they attempt and apparently incapable of or just unwilling to learn. And they’re far too terrified to challenge him in any way or even criticize him. He won’t admit to enjoying this, but Luke and Leia know better.

Anakin’s fourth instructor is considerably less awed by the ex-Darth Vader, but pronounces him impossible to teach and storms off in a huff.

His fifth instructor is Kitster Banai.

Kitster knew what he was getting into, but Anakin is completely blindsided at seeing his old friend and brother. An epic reunion is had. Luke and Leia get to meet their uncle. Anakin and Kitster’s relationship may or may not descend almost immediately into a prank war. (Hint: It does.)

Finally the actual competition happens.

Luke dances beautifully. (Later, Anakin tells him, “Your mother may have hated that dance, but I think she would have been impressed with your performance.”)

Han does surprisingly well, though his routine is almost ruined by the look of sheer terror he wears through the whole thing.

Leia’s dance is slow and almost mournful, full of emotion and loss and pain, but hope too. Quite a few people in the audience have tears in their eyes, as do Luke, Han, and Anakin.

And Anakin and Kitster decided to toss the approved dance list out the window and bust out one of the old Tatooine dances. It’s…very energetic. There are a lot of jumps and flips and kicks. They duck under and leap over each other. Luke and Leia look at each other and they’re both thinking the same thing. “We learned that move in lightsaber training last week.”

In the end, Leia wins the competition, but Han is totally stuck on Anakin’s dance. “Wow, Rustbucket,” he says. “Who knew you had moves?”

wow !

guys you don’t understand !!
I wanted to talk to radish for so long bc I thought she was the coolest bean ! ever ! BUT I FELT LIKE SHE WOULDN’T LIKE ME AND I WAS TOO AFRAID TO MESSAGE HER FIRST

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Heeyy,, remember the video rogue one panel, the one where Felicity get asked if she would twist Diego's action figure's head? I notice around 5 minutes or 10 minutes in, Diego and Felicity grab the bottle in front of them in a synchronize move. Like they both felt thirsty at the same time. Not sure if I should find it hilarious or legitimately scary.

You mean this wonderful little moment that made me swallow my fist whole?

It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me… ♪