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Okay legit i think im about to cry seeing all this hate you get for no reason,like honestly you are so fucking sweet.Just seeing you being active on your account makes me happy,sebbi doesnt deserve this hate,honestly like her art has made me so positive and is the light in my worst days tbh,i dont even watch aphmau but sebi is fucking nice and caring and i wanna stay for her :")

aaaaa this is the sweetest message?? thank you so much ;; hate happens unfortunately but things like this light up my day thank you so much sweetie i hope your day graces you ;; <3 <3

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headcanons where ur dating rich but ur taller than him. please and thank u

i was legit thinking about this a lot whenever i was writing my rich x reader

also ft. me: a short bean trying to write tall reader headcanons

  • rich picks u up. like, the height difference doesn’t matter - he can and will pick u up if ur cool with it
  • ur the little spoon. rich likes being the big spoon and for some reason ur friends (not the squip squad btw, because u have friends outside of them) are a little surprised that ur short bf is the big spoon because it usually ends up being the tol holds the smol but no
  • squip squad aint surpirsed. 
  • since they all know rich
  • they’d be more surprised if u were big spoon
  • which u are sometimes whenever u comfort rich over things.
  • lots!!! of!!! forehead smooches!!! from u to rich usually if that wasnt clear
  • sometimes teasing rich a lil for being shorter than u tho??? just rly playful
  • he just kind of wraps an arm around ur waist tbh since thats more comfortable than him trying to up an arm around ur shoulders
  • ok but rich having to kind of get on his tip toes to kiss u a few times???
  • eventually it just becomes him pulling u down to his level but it was still a fucking adorable sight
  • thats all i have
  • im short
  • thank u for ur time

Useless Things I Know About Scooby-Doo: The Original Series That Are Actually Canon:

1. Shaggy Rogers is a vegetarian

2: Shaggy was called “Buzz” until his 10th birthday

3: Shaggy has a collection of 653 decorator belt buckles and he wears a different buckle every episode, you just can’t see it

4: Shaggy started collecting belt buckles to combat his Scooby-Snack addiction related weight problems

5: Shaggy’s actual name is Norville

6: Shaggy found the Mystery Machine

7: Shaggy is a talented gymnast

8: Daphne wanted to be a supermodel or detective when she grew up

9: Daphne gets straight A’s in school

10: Daphne regularly loses dates because she leaves them to solve mysteries

11: Daphne’s Dad, George Blake, gave the gang a 100 dollar check to get started 

12: Velma came up with the phrase “Jinkes” on the fly

13: Velma used to say “oh my” before she said Jinkes

14: Velma’s has hundreds of awards for outstanding achievements in school

15: Fred is a bass and sings from the opera Showboat when the team gets scared

16: Fred’s nickname is “Pickles” according to his school yearbook

17: Fred traveled with a performance crew as an actor before deciding to be a detective

18: Fred wants to be a mystery writer

19: Scooby’s full name is Scoobert Doo

20: Scooby Doo has a limited number of phrases he can say and has to act out anything that can’t be explained simply

21: The gang thought Scooby’s speaking was strange at first, but decided it “really wasn’t a big deal”

22: Before they had the Mystery Machine the gang used to pay their parents gas money to drive them around

BONUS: The series was supposed to be about a band who went around solving mysteries, but that completely changed when Scooby-Doo got added to the cast and became the title character


Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person, someday… However long it takes. Yours, Klaus.

the more I think about it, the less and less sense it makes for Terra to be one of the Darknesses in KH3 because like

in literally every moment after Xehanort possesses him we see Terra fighting back. in the Graveyard, in Radiant Garden, and now in darkness limbo as 0.2 showed us, ten years later, we always see Xehanort struggling to control him. why?

because he can’t.

at no point can he fully, 100% smother Terra’s influence.

the only time Xehanort and Terra seem to coexist “peacefully” is during the Apprentice-Xehanort arc – during which time their hearts were sealed and memories presumably lost.

and considering this series is constantly stressing how intelligent and farsighted Xehanort is I just can’t imagine he’s actually stupid enough to count Terra among his 13 when he knows full well by now that Terra is a force to be reckoned with. Terra would require far too much focus and effort to maintain a hold of, because a) IT DIDN’T WORK TWELVE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN’T WORK TWO YEARS AGO SO WHY WOULD ANYTHING HAVE CHANGED, especially when b) we’ve seen that Terra’s only gotten stronger and more confident since BBS?? and c) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Terra was impossible to control with Xehanort’s whole heart inside him. attempting to control him with only 1/13th of his heart is just? asking for failure? I mean really?? why don’t you just carry around a ticking time bomb while you’re at it man

been trying out new things with my art involving realism and values :y

process gif under the cut!

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