i legit have no real reason why

Real question here. Why are people hating on IKON so much? Give me legit reasons please.

B.I bullying Chanwoo? Please, have you seen yourself with your friends? And even so, i think the whole situation was blown up out of proportion.

Ikon getting a lot of screentime? Is that their fault that they appear on TV for a long time? Dont you know that the broadcasting station is in charge of that. They’ve promoted over 3 hit songs this year, what else do you expect?

B.I sitting next to all his “bigger sunbaenims” at SBS GAYO DAEJUN “what level is he on”. Um excuse me, a clear video indicates the staff pointing to the spot where he had to sit. He was flustered and confused but followed instructions.

Try me with your lame excuses. Its a whole new level of low to pick on these guys. They didnt commit a crime. They didnt go against the law. I feel that people pick on them because they get the attention that other bias/rookies group dont get. Dont get me wrong, I am a major fan of other rookie groups i believe they deserve every right to be recognised for their talent. But please decrease your hate towards IKON, open your heart.

This goes for every group out there who go through such injustice. Just saying. My opinion.


I LOVE EM ALL!!!, Frida and Seraphina especially….love me some wood-sy scents….., Would it be weird to say I really like Valerya’s too?, got the whole vampire grandma scent goin on and i can absolutely dig it B|, /killed

wood-sy scents are my fav *-* I wish I had a fireplace in my house cause that thing would be burning all the time tbh


#so like Kaikala’s is legit the best #EVERYONE ELSE JUST SIT THE FUCK DOWN #YA CAN’T STEP TA’ THIS #/killed #(actually a lot of them sound gr8 #even tho i have almost no sense of smell LOL) #AND REAL TALK #SORRY KAIKALA #BUT VALERYA’S IS MY FAVE #BECAUSE I’M LAUGHING SO HARD #FLJDSLFKJSDKFJ #more reasons why she should hang with Piter #because his olfactory senses are basically dead #fringe benefit of anorchia #:^) #/SHOTDOWN

dkfjls I’m glad you guys like granny Valerya :’))) I just love thinking of her being so confused why people keep calling her ‘grandma’ and such and telling her she smells old “exCUSE YOU! This is a vintage Chanel No. 5 from 1921 you WISH you could smell as good as me!“

but she’d welcome someone who finally doesn’t get “offended” by her smell :’)

I just HATE how I have real, legit reasons as to why I wouldn’t want to see a R•ylo romance happen onscreen, yet that automatically makes me a bully and stupid for not seeing the “underlining themes” in TFA.  (Note that I don’t go harassing shippers or even trying to bring up the topic with them.)

Like…sorry. Star Wars is supposed to be an escape. I don’t want to watch the bad, real life elements I’m trying to escape from in the first place be glorified and romanticized in my favorite film series. 


So, as anyone else herd the theory that the real story behind this show is the fact that Sakamoto is actually dying?

I just read about it but apparently it seems pretty legit!

In the manga Sakamoto is seen inside a school locker like a corpse in a casket referencing him dying. If this was the case it would make sense as to why the school would have a freshmen be the speaker for the graduating senior class.

Also, Mars migration project was just a lie to cover up his real reasons for leaving. For starters, Sakamoto himself states that it is currently impossiable in perhaps his “lifetime” from Episode 10 while at karaoke. So, why would he get called for such a project if it can’t even be done? Not to mention, why would NASA ask Sakamoto of all people and why now? Wouldn’t it be smarter to wait until he graduates?

And if that wasn’t enough, when Hayabusa asks if he had any regrets his answer implies that he has been to the nurse’s office a lot of times over. Hayabusa is the only one who realizes the Mars tale was a lie for he even called him out on it and Sakamoto did not even deny it.

This all leads to the fact as to why Sakamoto is so amazing. Through the whole show, he hides the fact he is dying by being cool and fabulous in front of everyone. Always being there for others while always living his life to the fullest. Why do you think he never wanted people knowing about his personal life?

And through all that, we see the first sign of emotion from our savior Sakamoto. During the last few minutes of the episode as he looks back at his classmates we see him actually begin to tear up. But our Sakamoto doesn’t want them to be sad! So what does he do?!

He covers his upper face with pie so as to prevent anyone from noticing he was crying…

3 reasonable reasons why Phan hasn't / won't come out

1) You know when u get told something or like “you should wear a coat” and u dont but then ur like freezing but would hate that to admit they were right so you never admit they were right and freeze because u wanna prove them wrong? Yeah like that the phandom will forever tease them bc we were right

2) what if they break up? They might get so much hate and pressure, it is always there and all this other shitstorm-y stuff

3) they will have all this pressure to do couple-y things and it they don’t do those things they will get hate or like people won’t shut up about it. Or like even if they were out feel uncomfortable/weird doing it (like talking/posting about dates, couple-y pics like kissing pics, kissing on camera, etc.)

Stop pretending you don’t want Cartinelli for real/legit reasons

Hayley Atwell goes hard in support of Cartinelli on Twitter and suddenly everyone is concerned about the integrity of the show? Let me list the most common responses I saw and what my reactions to them are:

1. Why can’t two women just be friends???

Me: You mean like 99% of female characters on TV? Where is all this over-saturation of bi and lesbian representation you’re seeing that I can’t seem to find. Hook a sister up!

2. Why does she have to be with anyone? She should be alone!

Me: So you would rather Peggy be utterly alone, no romantic love in her life at all, rather than see her in a same-sex romance? Even though you call yourself a fan of the character and presumably want her to be happy? Okay. 

3. She should be single and “play the field”!

Me: Yes. “Playing the field” totally sounds like the Peggy Carter we know. 

4. Angie isn’t interesting enough/written with enough depth to be in a canon pair! 

Me: Um. I have said this about so many M/F ships, it’s like a permanent crease on my soul. A boy and girl can literally only accidentally catch each other’s eye from across a crowded room and immediately a ship the size of the Titanic is launched by the fandom, but Angie can be Peggy’s only friend/support person who is constantly drawing her out of herself, offering her emotional support (and housing!), making her smile and laugh and lying to federal agents to protect her, no questions asked…but it’s not enough to base a relationship on. Okay. 

5. What about Jarvis/Peggy! Or Peggy/Some Dude!

Me: Bruh. Look. James and Hayley have GREAT chemistry and they are both very easy on the eyes. No lie. But in terms of an official canon ship? Jarvis is MARRIED and that is NOT going to happen. You’d rather ship Peggy with a MARRIED man who is obviously super in love with his WIFE than consider Cartinelli? Or ship her with actual trash can Agent “Fedora” Thompson than Angie? Do you actually hate Peggy Carter? Tell the truth. And while I actually like Sousa, him being a Nice Guy doesn’t make him a good match for Peggy. Esp after the shit he pulled in the last two episodes. 


*own up to your internal biases

Character flaws

So, does tumblr believe in character and character flaws? Because I get the impression that eg. “laziness” is called “executive dysfunction” and viewed as a disability, or there is always some disability that’s the reason why people don’t put effort into work/social stuff/school/working out/whatever and that it’s horribly unfair and wrong that you get fired or flunk or lose friends if you just sit on your butt and do nothing.

And, I understand that chronic pain and depression are real. I understand that some people have some legit reasons. But… I’ve known people who did game the system or con their loved ones into taking care of them when they were capable of taking care of themselves, just… why do work when you can play on the internet all day?

Most of the time the… malingers? They are from better off families who can afford to support them or hire lawyers to navigate the system. Not that I haven’t watched people quit jobs because it was too much work for no improvement over the dole… that sorta makes sense though.

I mean, OTOH, I don’t see anybody running around and saying it’s abelist to ascribe anger issues or most forms of “abusiveness” to character flaws rather than “poor thing can’t help it” causes.

You see that some with personality disorders and relationships though; people making excuses for abusers and saying it’s abelist and mean to cut them off.

repeat after me

just because age of consent varies throughout different countries doesn’t make shipping those 15 year old characters with the GROWN ASS ADULTS OKAY

just because the context of the series might be life or death and survival factors and there’s always a chance that something dangerous can happen which leaves one (or many) of them dead doesn’t make shipping those 15 year old characters with GROWN ASS ADULTS OKAY

just because they’re fictional characters and you think that you aren’t hurting anyone (SURPRISE SURPRISE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH SOME LEGIT TRAUMA PERTAINING TO THAT KIND OF STUFF AND OTHERS WHO JUST SIMPLY ARE DISTURBED BY THAT SHIT FOR GOOD REASON) doesn’t make shipping those 15 year old characters with GROWN ASS ADULTS OKAY IN THE SLIGHTEST

please stop trying to justify it or excuse it 

and i’m not talking about one fandom in fucking particular

this transcends different series but the story is always the same in terms of excuses and why apparently you think its okay to do that because ‘ohmgee they’re fictional and it’s not like they’re REAL PEOPLE I WOULD NEVER SHIP SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE AND BESIDES AGE OF CONSENT IN *RANDOM COUNTRY* IS THIS AGE SO IT’S PERFECTLY OKAY THAT THIS TEENAGER IS SLEEPING AROUND WITH SOMEONE TWICE THEIR AGE!!!!’ like that doesn’t change the fact of what you’re shipping being something ridiculously troubling. like god its one thing if the character is actually older or something i don’t know it differs when they’re 18+ as opposed to 14/15 because i see that so much these days and its just ????? why???????

why are you doing this and why do you think its okay?????

and don’t say because its hot because holy fucking shit s t o p 

let me tell u something in a more recent fandom i got in last year there were people legitimately shipping a fourteen year girl with two ancient as fuck gods–granted she had a crush on one of them and the feelings were in no way returned/completely onesided which was totally okay but people just 

kept shipping it i just???? no please stop just dont do that