i legit had no inspiration for this

Evil does not sleep, Stephen just really wants this to end quickly so he can get back to the sleep he was rudely awaken from.

Going in Blind

So I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA on the writing shit, but I did suddenly write something, and thb I think it has something to do with the fact convention season is winding down for me as if legit next weekend.

Please enjoy, this was written at four AM after going through fmylife.com, I’ll post a pic of the inspiration later when I’m not on my phone.

As always I don’t own Will Solace or Nico di Angelo or any of the content they’re from (PJO, HoO, or ToA)


“Hey, Annabeth remember how you told me that guy was great!? Always on time and shit!? It’s been an hour!”

Will huffed at his phone before turning it over, completely disregarding the message Annabeth had sent in reply. However, his phone kept going off, daring a glance at the screen he smirked. Ah yes, multiple quick messages only meant one person to Will, his text-door-neighbor. He’d found the guy by being drunk and dared while inhebriated to text both the numbers that were exactly the same as his, up to the very last digit. The number lower than his didn’t respond.

Will’s mystery Man however did and they’d been talking for months since then.

“So how’s your day going?”
“Mines shit.”
“Per usual.”
“I didn’t think it was possible.”
“But you can be stood up on blind dates”

Will found himself laughing dryly. If only this guy knew. Oh wait! Will could just text back!

“Not only is it possible, but scientifically proven my good Sir. For I have also been stood up on my blind date.”

Somewhere behind Will he heard an unamused voice cuss.

“Well fuck.”
“That really sucks.”

Will looked up to the main entrance of the restaurant and sighed heavily as he wrote back.

“Nothing to apologize for, I’m honestly just gonna go home and sleep for the rest of my day off, which I knew would have been a better use of my time anyways.”

Will heard that same voice chuckle and was going to turn around, but the Waiter walked passed and Will flagged him offering a quick apology and asking for the check to his two coffees he’d had while waiting.

“Talk to you later.”

Will felt so bad for his Mystery Guy, he was a bit of an ass and much more sarcastic than most people might have been used to, but he was also really nice! (Hell he messaged Will the day after his drunken text to make sure he was okay, Will tried to ask his name and introduce himself, but the gent had declined for personal reasons and heck, Will wasn’t going to over step that.)

Thankfully he’d be able to leave soon and just relax and forget this embarrassment, swiftly the waiter returned and from behind Will as he finished paying with cash and leaving his tip he heard the same request. It was the voice Will had heard cuss and laugh to themselves.

He dared and look and needless to say, he probably could have been caught staring, because the man at the table behind him was, attractive would be an understatement.

Inky black hair that was a little choppy and curly licking around the edges of high faintly freckled cheek bones with pale olive skin and large almond shaped chocolate brown eyes, yeah, the guy behind him pretty much just stole his breath away. His only saving grace was quite literally the timing of the front door ringing and Annabeth’s voice. When Will looked up he noticed her not with her usual male company, her Boyfriend Percy, but another blond male with stormy eyes and a scar above his lip. “Will wait.”

“Annabeth he never showed.” Will reminded her annoyed, then paused. “How did you get here so fast?” Then he noticed the coffee cup, from the chain just up ahead at the corner, in her hand.

“Jason?” Will turned back around and, oh, oh Gods it was the attractive looking man speaking.

“Hey Nico,” ‘Jason’ as it was tentatively greeted, “wait. I thought you said Will never showed up?”

Will blinked. Nico stared. Annabeth bursted out laughing. “You two where a table apart this whole time.”

Will looked back to Nico and they were both looking rather in awe at each other. “You’re Will?”

“And you’re Nico,” Will replied, “how did I not see you when I walked in?”

“You weren’t out here when I got here, but you were after I went to the bathroom.” The dark haired male planted his face into his palm. “I never thought to ask…”

Will felt his phone buzz, a reminder that he had a message from his Mystery guy. He quickly took out his phone and typed.

“So, you’re never going to believe this, but my date was right behind me the whole time!”

He sent the message and opened his mouth to apologize to Nico, when the other looked down at his phone. Looked up to Will and simply replied.

“Oh…I believe it.”

One fateful day in 2009, Andrew Hussie was waking down the streets of New York City, when a crying little girl came up to him and said “I want to make a webcomic like you!” And he told her to be true to herself and she could accomplish anything. But before he could finish speaking, the little girl had stolen his wallet, phone, and character designs right out of his purse and ran away. That girl, as u may have already guessed, grew up to be Michelle Czjakowski, the author and illustrator of Ava’s Demon

anonymous asked:

im legit starting to think julie hadnt written a series for even before auditions but after the success of s3 had to write one which is whats taking them so long

u know what….i think she got the idea for an even season while making s3..we got the news about s4 during isaks season…so she probably started writing while s3 was on….bc she saw how fuckin amazing henrik is..and how many people relate to him…and she just..got inspired


hi hello !! bellow the read more you’re able to find #190+ OTP TAGS / VERSE NAMES based off lyrics by THOMSTON !! legiT i kid you not when i say his way with words is beautiful on a whole new level n tbh he’s v/ underrated ?? as the lyrics switch from angst to fluffiness you’ll most likely will be able to get inspired in some way ! and, of course, please like or reblog if you found this useful, fam !! (pls lmk if there are any spelling errors/things that don’t make sense as i had to rush this)

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“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

Shut Up and Dance Chapter 8 Playlist!

@wolfpainters @wittyy-name

ok so even though i legit had no idea what i was doing while making this and have the music tastes of a soggy tomato, I was inspired because I just *clenches fist* love this chapter so much and I started spasming and flapping right around the end so i gotta put that energy somewhere 

so,,, here we go? (spoilers for the chapter under the cut)

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ive been thinking about teenage ray and ryan all day.

more specifically, ive been thinking about how they both had longer hair and how ray wore beanies, which means ive been thinking about ryan grabbing ray’s hat and tugging it ridiculously far over his eyes while grinning and asking if he’s as cool as ray now, and also tiny matching ponytails, and ryan keeping hair bands on his wrist that ray keeps stealing, and, man. shoutout to the long haired teenage bfs

I don’t know why people are getting this mixed up

But “Stay Close to Me” was not written for Yuuri or inspired by Yuuri because Viktor had this program created BEFORE meeting Yuuri. He performed it at last year’s GPF (December), and he also performed it at the World Championships (March). This is why he wears the princely outfit in the beginning of ep 1 to accept the medal for the GPF and then again toward the second half of ep 1, when we see him actually skating it alongside Yuuri at Ice Castle. The program was created for the entire skating season.

The reason why Yuuri was able to follow along was because he’d seen it so many times and probably had saved a recording on his phone. In ep 7, you can see that Phichit also had a recording saved onto his own phone to study how Viktor lands his jumps. The lyrics in “Stay Close to Me” tells us what we now know from ep 10, that Viktor was lonely and wanted to give love a try. Then he danced with Yuuri at the GPF post-banquet, realized that the plea in the “Stay Close to Me” lyrics was actually being answered irl, and here we are.

Supergirl 2x12

even though Lilian is still evil, we did see more of her humanity and it was convincing. that’s what makes her a complex villain. But at the end of the day, she’ll leave her daughter to die if it means getting away

Poor Lena; she gets dragged for shit she didn’t do, manipulated by her mother who used the one thing she always wanted, and finally, is left for dead. It sucks that after so long of feeling unwanted and unloved, she thought she finally got it, but it was a lie.

Kara (and Supergirl) standing up for Lena, and believing in her was inspiring and beautiful. Part of me does ship it, but even though it probably won’t happen, I enjoy their friendship

everyone had legit reasons to suspect Lena, I get that. but one thing I think James was wrong about is him saying that because Lena betrayed her mom that she could be playing Kara. But she turned her mom in because she was doing something evil, which, to me, doesn’t equal betrayal.

anyway, I am happy that James and Kara made up and are friends again. I think she is getting closer to trusting him as Guardian. I reiterate what I said last week in that I want James, Kara and Mon El to all work together bringing down baddies.

Mon El being perfectly okay with Maggie and Alex was cool; and it showed Kara even more that she was wrong about him

speaking of, she finally worked up the courage to tell him how she felt. And it was a really lovely scene, which almost ended in a kiss, but of course it got interrupted

still, Karamel is here and I am loving how it came together

Natural Feelings By TEN


Going to school in the morning and working at the local Starbucks at night. That’s all you ever did. Until you peak the interest of a weird stranger that frequents your coffee shop late at night.

AU Where you have no idea who Rap monster or who BTS even is. 

Rap Monster x Reader ( a little bit of everything, with eventual smut )

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Final 

A/N: Okay legit this was inspired by a dream that I had and I thought it would make a fun fic. I’m so happy to write this because Namjoon is my ultimate bias and my high-key boyfriend

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muustang  asked:

hi! so i just read that ask where you said you flip a coin sometimes to decide the direction of your story and i thought that was really interesting because my favorite author (pierce brown) did something similar where he put the names of all of his characters that were in a certain scene in a jar and decided that he was going to kill off whichever name he pulled out. lol this isn't really the same as what you did but i thought it was something to share! & it makes for some interesting writing!

No way? That’s really cool actually. I mean, I think when you tell people they genuinely think you don’t care that much, but sometimes the fun of it is being inspired by outside forces. I don’t always like controlling where the plot is going. Flipping a coin legit adds an element of surprise. On the ‘Shiro is married’ flip I had a moment where I was like - REALLY? WE’RE DOING THIS? SERIOUSLY?

It’s a good time, and honestly, writing is lonely so it’s entertainment when you’ve been locked up in a room all day and start noting dust motes. I’m gonna wanna use his method, though. That’s such a wild one.

Ok, so I took legit forever on this drawing, but I had an idea of a Kirby and Steven Universe crossover for ages…so I may make it eventually, but this is how I see it looking like.

So, obviously, this was inspired by the song Here comes a thought, and man is that song beautiful…I normally don’t care for music in tv shows to much, but Steven Universe just makes it right! 

So, I decided to draw Kirby and Meta Knight here, using references from the episode to sorta try to get Kirby and Meta Knight’s colors to look right..Meta Knight was rather difficult for this, because in Kirby’s case, I sorta used parts of Steveonnie to make the color palette to work out for him…unfortunately that can’t be said for Meta, so i Had to to try and match his original color, and have a bluer tone to it.

Also, if you’re wondering who Garnet is looking at at the second panel that is Kirby and Meta Knights fusion, who I don’t have a name for yet XD,,,right now I’m thinking of a way to how they first fused,,.maybe you guys could help me with the name?

Anyways, I’m really proud of how this turned out, if you’d like me to make more, I would be really happy to!

Art is drawn by me! 
Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar 
Kirby belongs to Nintendo

So, I’ve had this idea that won’t quite leave me…

So, it’s been a few years since Holster has graduated from Samwell, and he’s putting his Economics degree to good use as a [insert job that would use his Econ degree. I don’t know.] He’s content, but he doesn’t exactly love his job.

So, then one day, there’s a casting call for background actors for a TV show that Holster particularly likes. He signs up and gets accepted. Holster enjoys the experience so much that he does it a few more times.

He starts to want more so he starts taking evening drama classes and he loves it. He eventually quits his office job, gets himself an agent, and starts auditioning for different roles. It’s a risky move but he’s saved up over the years and it’s enough to keep him afloat while he tries to find work as an actor.

In his first role, Holster plays a businessman who gets murdered in the first two minutes on Law and Order. Afterwards, he gets typecast for the next couple of roles as the dumb jock (first in a soap opera and then in a couple of teen comedies which the team still chirp him about).

He gets a new agent and starts getting a few  bigger roles. He’s played: an asshole cop, a pool boy, the best friend to the main character (several times), and is even the boyfriend to the female lead before the show is sadly canceled after the first season.

He gets his big break when he lands a small super villain role which he totally knocks out of the park. He becomes so popular with the fans that the studio brings him back for two more sequels even though they hadn’t planned on it before. He’s great with his fans and it earns him a reputation as a fun and sweet kind of guy.

Holster goes on to show off the range of his dramatic abilities. In one movie, he plays a dad with a sick kid (some of his best crying work, hands down) which earns him a Golden Globe nomination.

After a while, Holster takes the Broadway stage because it’s always been his dream to perform on there. He does a really great job and everyone loves him. The team totally comes to watch his performance.

Holster continues on like this, winning several awards before he takes up the challenge of directing towards the end of his career.

Just… actor!Holster.

Sean Cassidy X Reader - Scream For Me

Inspired by all this “scream in my pussy!1!1!” stuff, I wrote this… strange, strange thing (it is legit trash in both senses of the word, okay?“

WARNING: contains Explicit content and weirdness (like u didn’t know that already)


You and Sean had been dating for a while now, and had slept together many times, but he’d always been surprisingly shy when it came to what he liked to do in bed. Recently, however, he’d become more open with his, well… kinks.

“I want you to scream for me, sugar” He’d said that for the first time just last week, and scream you did. It turned him on to see you writhing, screaming in pleasure, below him.

In turn, you’d replayed him with the knowledge that you love oral. It worked perfectly, he would eat you out, whilst you screamed for him.

Tonight, as he was wetting his lips, pressing kisses to your stomach, making his was to your thighs, all you could think about was how good it would feel, how loud you were going to scream. But then you wondered if you made Sean feel that good too, sure he said he liked eating you out, and he REALLY liked seeing you scream. But. There was no way of knowing just how good it felt to him, because he, unlike you, didn’t make a sound.

“I wish I could make you scream.” You say aloud, unthinkingly. Sean stops kissing your thighs and looks at you. “You make me want to, sugar” he pauses a second, eyes closed, clearly thinking about something pleasurable. “Ohh I wish I could scream, oh god, do I. It takes all my will not to.”
“Then why don’t you?”
“What”, said Sean confusedly, “ you know why Y/N.” He looked down “I could hurt you.”

You sat up. You’d clearly found another of his kinks, he REALLY liked screaming. You considered a moment.
“Well, couldn’t you, I don’t know scream quietly, or something?” you said, smiling, yet also semi-seriously.
Sean smirked and raised his eyebrows. “Ha, yeah right.” He jumped up. “Besides!“he shouted in a fake accusing voice, pushing you back down again, "how could I do that when I’m too busy pleasuring you!”
“Aha, maybe you could scream in my pussy?!” You said, laughing.

Sean laughed, but then his expression changed. He looked mischievous. He moved to in between your legs. “What are you doing?” you asked.
“Shh, it’s okay” he met your eyes, “I’m going to scream quietly.

He started as normal, licking, dipping tongue in, you thought "he’s not really gonna do anyth; He screamed.

Ohhhh GOD it felt soooo damn GOOD. He must of been using a tiny fraction of his powers, but it was enough. The vibrations were sending you wild, the sound sent shocks through your body, IN your body, oh god, you were twisting and turning, you could hardly stand it.

Through the haze of pleasure you locked eyes with Sean.
He screamed a little louder.
You screamed louder than you ever had before.


“Happy 100000000th Birthday Stark!” (by spideybaby which is me soo) Part 1/? of the “Poster!verse” series 

Idea Inspired by sabrecmc‘s “Poster Child” fic series! (go read it, it’s great)

I know his birthday was a couple weeks ago but better late than never??? I actually planned this out okay so there WILL BE multiple parts, I promise. Oh yah, and if you happen to go to school with me, please pretend you don’t know me after this.

Very fitting gif / Extra:

Follow me if you want more art. I produce every week or at least I try to. Also check out my art tag!

pigpocket replied to your post: “pigpocket replied to your post: “What’s the deal with Todd? I know…”:

im like 99% sure you mean everything you say to me but im still so sensitive about this stuff personally that i wanted to say if i insinuated anything that wasnt what you wanted for you own characters PLEASE dont feel obligated to take it into account if you think another approach to telling their story would be better, i know basically for sure you wouldnt w/ me but i wanted to say it anyway cus i get really fucked up about this stuff and didnt want to pressure you

shhhhh it ok

i have had people legit be forceful about the ideas they come to me with before and really try to change my story as they see fit and you are not one of those people at all. your ideas always speak to me. they always demonstrate a really good understanding of the characters and what tckf is all about and they really inspire me. and man maybe sid would find some things about todd frustrating but just that moment of johnny watching them hit it off and smile and laugh and have fun together and quickly take a liking to each other would be so fucking sweet and honestly so fucking important. sid struggles to get along with a lot of people but you know… todd is so nice and friendly and approachable by that time that i think sid would struggle to find anything to get riled up and nasty over. sid might crack a few jokes at todd’s expense but i think he’d probably think the guy is really cool and be like “hmmm so is this guy like my uncle now ok cool”

Rifling through the bottom drawer of your dresser, you huffed quietly to yourself. You were absolutely certain your light blue shirt had been at the end of your desk, folded up with the rest of your clean clothes, but when you went to put it on, it was gone.

The Skype ringer sounded from your laptop, momentarily pulling you from your search. You answered, turning on your camera before leaning down to check underneath your bed.

“Uh, hello?” Michael’s voice floated down to you, sounding confused to be addressing an empty room.

“I’m here.” You called up. “I’m looking for something, hold on.”

“That’s fine.” Your best friend drawled, sounding slightly miffed. “It’s not like I just got off of an eight hour flight to an unfamiliar city five hours behind, and am horribly jetlagged, or anything like that.”

You sat up from where you had been sprawled out on the floor, pulling your laptop down to glare at the screen. “Hey. This shirt has a lot of significance, I’m gonna be really pissed if the dryer ate it.”

“It’s just a shirt! Don’t I rank above that?”

“Yes, you dork, it’s just- Never mind. I’m sure I’ll find it.” You sighed, leaning back against the side of your bed. “Anyway, how’re you? How’s the hotel?”

“Good, Fine.” Michael nodded. “We play tomorrow, which means that we’re only here for like two days, which sucks. But, I was thinking, your break coincides with our Paris dates… wanna spend a few days in France?”

“No way!” You smacked your keyboard, grinning excitedly. “You want me to visit? In France?

“Yeah!” Michael nodded. “I-If you want of course! I already have the days mapped out-“ He leaned out of the frame for a second, reaching for something on the floor and giving you a view of the rest of his room. It was unremarkable in the way that all hotels were- neutral and stark. Your eyes flitted to the only source of color, a light blue pillow that Michael must have supplied himself.

Except, pillows didn’t have sleeves.

“You thief!” You yelled, causing Michael to snap his head back up towards you.

“What’s wrong?”

You have my shirt! What the hell, I’ve been looking all over for it!”

“O-Oh.” He swallowed hard, glancing back to where the shirt was stretched across the pillow. “Um, you were looking for that shirt?”

“Yeah.” You said. “Thank god I didn’t lose it. But… why do you have it?”

“I, uh. Well, like… I miss you. A lot.” Michael mumbled, looking down at his hands. “And I wanted something of yours. God, that sounds so creepy, I should have asked-“ He said quickly, taking in your expression.

“No, no it’s just… why that one?” You asked. You were fairly certain that he could have grabbed any of the shirts from your floor, or off the top of your laundry basket. You were even willing to bet that you had enough clothes over at his house to fill an entire drawer, which would have been even easier for him to take.

“Don’t you remember?” He finally looked up at you. “It’s the one you were wearing the day we met.”