i legit cried for her

Why didn’t you tell us the truth about Zarkon? I wanted to protect you from the dark history of the paladins, so that you would have a chance to bond with your Lions on your own. You are the Black Paladin now, not Zarkon. Yeah, well, the Black Lion may have a different take on the matter.


when she began telling her story to gwyn i legit cried out cause i was so freaking proud of her. it pains me that shadowhunters are so close-minded and bigoted and i really hope that in the future they accept her for who she is. i absolutely love diana so much, and her and gwyn?? literally he, gwyn ap nudd, leader of the hunt and feared by many, is so flustered around diana?? and he supports her completely?? i’m,, ship???


I think this is a problem. I started playing Origins a while back and didn’t like Leliana at first. Then I realized after getting Morrigan to like me I couldn’t romance her due to being female. (Yes I screamed in frustration) So, I went for Leliana, just cause. Well, now that I’m playing Inquisition, I am screaming all the more because; one, she’s not able to be romanced, and two, my warden is dead and I broke her heart and she’s cold now. I legit cried from heartache. I think I legit love her.

Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

Alright. I spent all day playing Junkertown and trying to get a Roadhog to stay on the pressure pads in the Junker’s room, since I was Junkrat.

I spent hoURS trying to lead one of them over and show him but NONE of them knew. And since, I don’t own Overwatch on PC, I couldn’t tell them.

I got discouraged and got off for a while.

A few hours later I got back on to try again and finally got a Roadhog on my team, but, he didn’t understand my jumping around and constant hellos and group ups.

So I gave up and just stood on the pad.

A few seconds later I heard the pad click and quickly panned over to see a Mercy standing on it and the door sliding open. I legit cried and thanked her like 50 times whole she told everyone to group up in the little room. I was so happy about it.

 I still remember how hard feelings hitted me when I was reading The Lady of the Lake, when Geralt found his beloved sorceress (Yen <3) all bloody and chained, being dragged by her hair after countless torture sessions in the hands of Vilgefortz. When I read “I knew you would come for me, she whispered, searching with her mouth for his lips”, I legit cried. The feels man. When Ciri saw Yen and Geralt and ran to Yens arms shouting “Mama”, I though I would cry for a whole week. Geralt and Yen love each other so much it hurts. Twilight can kiss my ass, Geralt and Yens romance is the best ever, made for each other, destinated to each other, Geralts last wish was merely the spark that lit the everlasting flame of their love and passion and they shall always be together. <3

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Are there any fics you know of with Klonnie and Hope or Hope and Bonnie? Or Klonnie with babies in general?

ooh yes! there’s a handful (although there should be be more because i’m SO WEAK for my babies with their own babies)

Adventures of a Bennett Witch and the Original Hybrid by lilac17 (this is the klonnie babyfic I was WAITING for someone to write and it’s lovely and emotional and human and intimate and just. I legit cried during the chapter where the baby was born. Check out her other fics and drabbles too; they all include klonnie + babies in some form)

Just Ours by cheleonrage712 (Klonnie have a whole army of babies in this one and they’re all cute it makes my ovaries hurt every time she publishes a new chapter or drabble. Also, check out the drabbles from this verse that are published both on ff.net and here on her blog @cheleonrage712)

Truth Teller by TheHedgeRider (doesn’t have a lot of bonnie x hope until the end but does focus a good deal on family and parenting. There’s lots of bonus goodies in the last couple chapters ;) )

Time Served, also by the same author, it’s a WIP and AH and Klonnie have a little boy together and it’s just *heart eyes*

and well, for someone who flails so much about babyfic i certainly need to write more of it, because so far all i got is my fic about found families: some other way (to tell you you’re okay)...which incidentally I need to update. 

Hope this helps! 

I just finished Episode 23 of Greater Boston and Wow, what was that. I hadn’t expected to be hit like this.

The way things are piecing together and coming down is amazing.

Powell’s whole talk with Charlotte was incredible. The way she talked about the lack of opportunity to get angry, the judgement that her, that black women get for it, and the way it disconcerted Charlotte all together was awesome.

Also, I really, really love that she’s never limited to her activism. As she said, she’s a person with hobbies and a life outside it all. That’s something media frequently erases, transforming people into ideias, images of what they stand for only; forgetting that there’s always more, and erasing the importance of it. And, seriously, I’ve never seen a more badass exposition about being a Trekkie.

The most relatable part for me, though, was Nika’s monologue at the end. Omg, was it heartbreking. It was so well-done I’m shaken until now. You could just feel the helplessness of losing her brother, and with him, all the order and help and attention he brought to ho her life (and pretty much personified). 

Then, the maddening loneliness, the craving for attention, any attention. And, in face of an uncaring world, an ambivalent, revengful anger. An anger towards the world itself, and how messed up it is, towards the people that ignore you, that don`t seem to care about your suffering at all. How can they not do anything?? But, at the same time, an anger towards yourself, because, wow, you`re being so selfish and ridiculous, you can`t even get it all together on your own… that must be something wrong with you for people not to care like this, there has to be. You`re annoying and stupid. You deserve it. And, as a product of this contradiction, the blind dedication to anyone who brings care and attention. Anyone one who seems to bring back what you`ve lost. And, in one way or another, an outlet of everything you’re feeling.

Nika’s whole work in the lottery, wanting people to feel something, to share her suffering was so, so sad. I legit cried with “Why the lottery?” “Because that’s what it felt like… when someone finally noticed, when someone finally seemed to care… like winning the lottery” (and wow, her VA is SO GOOD). It really showed how a badly handled depression, how loneliness and not being able to get through difficult events can destroy a person. And I don’t remember seeing it as well done as this.

I just really love Nika for, after everything, wanting to help Michael and it being what moved her to talk to Louisa. I really hope Nika will get the care she deserves from now on, and manage to get better. (and get a lot of hugs in the process) 

PAGE 666


Sarah J. Maas is the devil ! The last line on that page made me cry and jump out of my bed to storm out of my room !! So many emotions were spilling out of me during the war and then this happened and I couldn’t take it !! But everything was fine at the end, but I legit almost ran to my mom and cried to her (I’m about to be 18 and I almost ran to my mom crying 😂) !

I know not a lot of people were very happy with this book, but I quite enjoyed ! People have to understand that this book sets off a different tone from ACOMAF. In ACOMAF, there was that sense of hope and freedom and love and finding out where you really belong. Yes there was that sense of worry with Tamlin trying to get Feyre back and trying to see what the King of Hybern was up to. But for the most part ACOMAF left us with so much joy to see a different part of Prythian, (Velaris), than we were used to in ACOTAR. That’s why we love ACOMAF so much ! But with ACOWAR, we can’t expect there to have been so many scenes like we were used to in ACOMAF. It’s different this time. War was coming and not only did we have to expect and hope no one of the inner circle dies, but so did the characters themselves. SJM shouldn't​ have to please everyone with how she creates her characters. Not everyone is going to like the fate of how the characters were written towards the end and you know what, that’s okay. It’s okay for you to have hoped your favorite pair ended up together. But this book wasn't​ designed to be based on just the relationships of the characters. Yes the relationship of all the characters are important, that’s what drove them to fight for each other, for others who couldn’t fight. ACOWAR was understanding that some might not come out alive. That the love these characters have grown for each other will sometimes lead to defying orders in order to save those they love, even if it means dying in the process. ACOWAR was to bring the rest of the courts together, to stop this war and killing of innocents. This book wasn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There will be a lot of tears and hurt, not just for us readers, but for the characters and everything they had to endure.

But we are dreamers, we can dream for things to have turned out a bit differently. In whatever form of art you all may want to create this alternative ending. But also remember, this isn’t the end of the world we come to love. SJM did say just because Feyre’s storyline was essentially done, we wouldn’t hear more of her life or anyone elses from the world of Prythian we love and care about. This isn’t the end.