i legit bawled


disney meme [7/9] characters➞ judy hopps
“ hey, officer hopps. you ready to make the world a better place? ”

i just watched dear evan hansen and, oh god, i have never bawled so hard from a musical or a tv show or a movie…. ever. i teared up through half the songs, laughed during sincerely, me and when so big/so small came on i lost my shit and bawled by eyes out. and it didn’t help that i was raised by a single parent and a dad who is probably out there with a new wife and kids (like that piece of shite doesn’t even try to reach out to me anymore and people wonder why i don’t like him). i honestly related to that song so much and i thought about my mom the whole time and i’m such a shitty daughter, my mom deserves so much better. 

After the accident, after Rhett thought that he had lost him, his best friend, his partner, his lover, his companion, his everything, he was so afraid of ever losing him again. He knew that he was being overprotective, not even so much for Link’s sake, but his own.

Never did he think about losing the most important thing in his life, and now that its what’s on his mind majority of the time, it eats at him. When they’re not together, is he okay?, when they are together, relax, he’s okay

 Every now and then his brain wanders off into wondering what it would be like if he did lose him, he has dreams. Dreams of seeing those beautiful eyes that always had so much life drain into nothingness, dreams of hearing the words “I love you come out as his love takes his last dying breath. Link was fine and he knew that, but still, what if? 

He remembered what he asked Link in the ambulance, as he held his hand so tightly, what he thought might’ve been his last words to him, “are you mine?”I’m yours, always” replied the weak and broken voice. In this memory he found comfort. It became the first thing he would think about when those dreams would wake him, when he was gone and worried about him being alone, are you mine? It became a regular thing. Even after Link completely recovered, are you mine?

Right before they would film GMM everyday, are you mine? At night when they made sweet love and he would whisper it so softly in his ear, are you mine? In the mornings when the sunshine would glow through their curtains and their bodies still tangled from the night before, are you mine? After writing a successful song, are you mine? 

For 40 years they did that every day, several times a day. They both well knew the answer, but still it never grew tiring. 40 years… Link is 78, Rhett 79. Rhett lay in his bed, kids, grandkids, old and new friends have come and gone, but one never left his side, Link. He held his hand, sat their awake as his love slept, reminiscing on 73 years worth of memories. Rhett had his moments where he was almost in his mind and could consciously talk to his love. They mostly talked about stories together, “Remember that time on GMM…” and “I can’t believe when you did…” 

 On his last day, everyone knew it was his last. He hadn’t been conscious in days, hadn’t eaten or talked, just slept, but not gone just yet. Link still sat there though, holding his hand, talking to him about all kinds of things just like he always did, hoping that he would wake up one last time, say one last thing, even if it was a know-it-all comment. He had nearly dosed off when he heard that weak and pitiful yet so strong and confident voice say his name. He though about how crazy it was that even after all these years, that little five year old with the squeaky voice giggling his name still sounded exactly the same as this old man did today. He looked up to see a smiling Rhett. He leaned in to listen.


 “I’m here Rhett, it’s Link, I’m here, baby, I’m here.”

 "Are you mine?”

He knew the answer, they both did, but of course like the 40 years before, he always answered back. 

 “I’m yours, always.” 

Rhett smiled softly and brought link’s aged hand up to his mouth and kissed it, and with that, he was gone. 

 Link smiled at his love that lay so peacefully in the bed and repeated the famous line, “I’m yours, Rhett. Always.” Then he too, smiled weakly and faded off into forever.

1) Your blog is so great! I just recently finished watching a really good anime and I legit was bawling my eyes out and so I was wondering if you could maybe wrote soemthing about MC being an otaku and watches a lot of anime and what the RFA+ v and saeran would do if they walked in on her bawling her eyes out over her favorite anime ending! Plz and thanks! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

2) I just finished watching one of my favorite anime and I was bawling my eyes out at the end. How do you think the RFA+ V & Saeran would react to walking in on a MC crying over anime? That’s literally all I ever do \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

Hi love, so I think this is the same person? Or it was a big coincidence 😂 But thank you for the kind words💕 Sorry it took forever but I hope you enjoy! 💖

I as an otaku as well, can completely relate to this feeling… Also this turned out to mostly be just how they react to an otaku MC I hope that’s okay. Some of my favourites are Black Butler, Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan (goes on for 345+ more anime titles

RFA+ Reacting to a Crying Otaku MC


  • “Waaaahh!!! Saeyoung!!”
  • “WaaaAAAAAahhhh!!! Y/N!!!”
  • “It’s not fair!! I can’t handle it!!”
  • “WaaaAAAAAahhhh why are we crying though!!?”
  • “Waahhh… wait. Why are you crying.”
  • “I don’t know why are you crying *sniffle*”
  • “Because… Because my precious story of magic has come to a close!!!! Waahhh!!”
  • “It hurts me to see you this way Y/N WaaaAAAAAahhhh!!!”
  • Literally just crying cause you are
  • However
  • He would’ve been into the really old ones, so he understands the emotional roller coaster that is anime
  • Sometimes though he gets mad at the newer ones
  • Because some of them end on a nonsensical note
  • To encourage you to continue the story by reading the manga
  • He thinks it’s clever though, 
  • considering each one you’ve got him to watch had him hooked
  • Bonus: will cosplay any character you want him to, a does it well

Saeran 💾

  • “They’re not real”
  • “Saeran you don’t understand…”
  • “But-”
  • Leaves you to it
  • Why are you acting this way?
  • What do you mean “What do I do now?”
  • What is anime?
  • What is manga?
  • W-what is cosplay??
  • Is that what Saeyoung does?!
  • So many questions
  • “M-MC…“
  • “Yes my precious bean?”
  • “What is yaoi?”
  • “U-uh nothing..”
  • “What is incest?”
  • “Oh no, n-nothing Saeran!”
  • “What is choicest?”
  • Now he is the one crying
  • Help him heal the scars that have been inflicted by the anime/manga/otome fandom
  • Now thinks all anime is related to that “stuff”
  • Blushes anytime you bring up anime now
  • Yoosung told him to look up Boku no Pico as a joke
  • You weren’t having it
  • Rest in pieces now Yoosung Kim

Yoosung 🎮

  • He’d be into the long-term series like Naruto and One Piece
  • He totally gets it though
  • He’d be crying because your were
  • “Yoosung, *sniffle* you know this anime?”
  • “N-No *sniffle* But I understand your pain!!”
  • You both are babies
  • He’d suggest some longer series to you that way the magic lasts for longer
  • “Didn’t Naruto recently end though Yoosung?”
  • “DON’T MC.”
  • “My anime series take commitment MC, do you think you’re ready for that”
  • “It’s going to hurt worse though the longer it drags on Yoosung”
  • You both are dramatically serious about all of this
  • He binge watches with you
  • You tell him excitedly about the new show that will be about Boruto, Naruto’s son
  • He defiantly says first generation can never be beat
  • You end up rewatching everything Naruto with him


  • She understands
  • She feels the same after one of her Zen DVDs ends
  • Or when she walks out of the theater from one of his great musicals
  • She knows the Feels™
  • She’d try to get you fired up about her favorite musicals the way you did about anime
  • In these moments though where she finds you crying she’ll just hold your hands and tell you she understands you
  • Offers you some comfort coffee
  • What the fuck else did you expect to drink
  • “Let’s just find a new one for you yeah?”
  • “It’s not the same!!!”
  • “Well we could do what I do…”
  • “.. Which is…?”
  • “Watching it over and over until you’re not sad it’s ended.”
  • “Okay!”

Zen 💎

  • Hears you crying
  • Runs into the room
  • Where’s the monster who made my Jagi cry
  • Prepare yourself
  • For the wrath
  • of
  • lmbo
  • sees the end credits rolling
  • Oh, he sees, you were just watching one of his emotional performances
  • Which was it
  • Uh no
  • You explain your devastating situation
  • He’s low-key jealous of this Viktor and Yuri you speak of so highly of
  • “I bet I could ice skate just as good Jagi”
  • Wat
  • “It’s not that impressive”
  • Hyun
  • Are you legit getting jealous of an anime character?
  • Cause I don’t blame you
  • In the end his jealousy cheers you up in a way


                                          • But
                                          • They’re just animated lines
                                          • Coloured in
                                          • You have to kill your emotions princess
                                          • This is unreasonable
                                          • He so doesn’t know how to you react to you crying about this
                                          • Would he understand if it was Tokyo Mew Mew
                                          • You get him to try out anime
                                          • He loves Tokyo Mew Mew and wants you to cosplay as Ichigo Momomiya
                                          • You finally convince him to watch something other than Tokyo Mew Mew
                                          • But he quickly loses interest if it has nothing to do with cats
                                          • “They’re so dramatic gosh”
                                          • However he secretly starts watching them on his own because he actually gets emotional too
                                          • You find out by going to visit his office, and before you open the door you hear something inside
                                          •  "Oshiete yo, shiete yo, Sono shikumi wo~“
                                          • How dare he watch Tokyo Ghoul without you
                                          • Jaehee is tired of him crying in his office
                                          • After scolding him for watching without you
                                          • You cry together
                                          • “Kaneki didn’t deserve this”
                                          • “Would you still love me if I was a ghoul Jumin..?”
                                          • "Of course kitten, I’ll always love you.”

                                          V ☀

                                            • Oh no, baby don’t cry
                                            • Literally will do anything to make you happy again
                                            • Like do you wanna watch it over?
                                            • Do you want to read the manga series?
                                            • Do you want something new to invest yourself in?
                                            • Invest yourself in him cough cough
                                            • Will probably take you out for smoothies or some cute junk like that
                                            • It’s alright darling, talk to me
                                            • Lets you ramble on about how lovely that series was
                                            • Ask you questions
                                            • He’s genuinely interested
                                            • So he decides he wants to watch it with you
                                            • Great now you both can cry into each other’s shirts when it ends again
                                            • Sharing another smoothie
                                            • Let’s watch something new 

                                            thalxssas  asked:


                                            I’M FEELING SAD SO THIS MADE ME HAPPY  /  @thalxssas​ !!

                                            This is pretty much the representation of me today, not gonna lie.
                                            I’m just ?? super emotional and Sad today so this is really cheering me up.
                                            …. I think I’m legit gonna start bawling my eyes out in a minute tho ngl.

                                            TOBY freaking REGBO! Can someone pls give him every award possible?

                                            I love you Adelaide and while you were amazing too, I simply could not pry my eyes off Francis’ face during “THAT” scene. I’ll say it again - TOBY REGBO is a gift, Laurie McCarthy. He is a GIFT! But, you know he can do happy just as much as he can do “kicked in the shins but not gonna cry”, right?
                                            Anyway, “THAT” scene had me in tears, no kidding. I legit started to bawl my eyes out. The following images are the faces&/phases of pure agony->

                                            This is the face of a husband who can no longer bear to see his wife in pain and believes he is the one causing it.

                                            This is the face of a husband who is about to let his wife go to another man because she believes it is the only way she can be happy anymore, and he will not stand in the way of it, even if it is equal to driving a shrapnel of pointed glass into his beating heart.

                                            This is the face of a husband who is promising to keep his wife and her lover protected under his roof while they have an affair, so that she can heal.

                                            This is the face of a husband who is asking his wife to be careful while she is carrying out this affair because it could cost her her life, and he wants her safe, always.

                                            This is the face of a husband who is letting his wife and love of his life go so she can be happy.

                                            This is the face of a husband while his wife apologizes for breaking them up and letting someone come between them.

                                            This is a face of a husband who truly wants his wife to be happy, even if it is not by him.

                                            If I read a post even after this scene that goes- Francis is selfish and weak and doesn’t love Mary, I will commit murder.
                                            What this man has done.. only a man who loves his wife so much that he is actually willing to let her heal in such a horrendous and disgusting manner, even while he knows it’s wrong and makes no sense, but he is going to do it so that she at least heals! He has swallowed every ounce of self-dignity and male human pride so that his wife can find some peace and happiness since now he knows for sure that he isn’t the source of it for her anymore
                                            You know what I wish though? I wish Her Royal Highness, Mary, would’ve said SOMEthing other than just sorry to him. This poor man believes that he is the cause of every pain in his wife’s life and she didn’t even refute that!
                                            “I’m sorry we have come to this”? Yeah, no shit, Mary. But instead of telling all that “I feel safe with you” bull shit to Conde, why couldn’t she have tried to explain to Francis why she feels the need for some Cond-ick instead of him? Instead, she just left Francis thinking that he is the cause of everything that she associates with pain in her life and just Bye, I’m having me some Conde ‘cause he makes me happy and you just don’t, uh and doing it with your permission. Thanks again, bro. I can’t even imagine what a man in Francis’ shoes would/should feel like. But Toby Regbo has portrayed it so beautifully! You can feel the anger beneath the surface, the resignation, the pure grief, the pure love, and the actual hope that something good will come out of this for her.

                                            Sigh my OTP ship has sunk, it has been for a while now, but the final ‘sinking’ scene was executed by this beautiful man in such a beautiful manner that I am just left in a pool of tears. Thanks for the pain!

                                            Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics, I didn’t download the episode.

                                            i was legit bawling throughout the whole scene oh my god it was so beautiful. alex is figuring out that she was never into men and it’s the best thing that has ever happened i’m crying over how much i identify with everything she said and feeling she was broken and it just wasn’t her thing but her problem was she wasn’t into MEN i’m. so emotional and so happy for her