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Quick question for hardcore Danny Phantom fans

I recently just watched Danny Phantom for the first time (No I did not watch it as a kid. Don’t judge me. I was a Disney and PBS kid) and it is a great show. I wish there was more of it. So my question is, does everyone in the world now know Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom? It’s left kind of ambiguous there at the end. I know he revealed it to his parents and everyone else that was there at the South Pole? North Pole? Whichever Pole he was at. I’m not wanting headcannons here, and the wiki is not too helpful. I want to say yes, that everyone does know his secret, but it could be deduced that only the people that were there know. Is there anything official? All I do know is that I want more of it. If the whole world knows his secret, I want to see how he handles that! (PS, how in the world does Tucker become mayor? Was there like a huge write-in campaign for him? Does Amity Park not have an age restriction on being mayor? Like what is this town?)

Pay Day Pt. 3

Pt. 1 Pt. 2

You watch one day turn into the next as the sun rises outside your window. When it’s an appropriate time you run next door and knock on the door, revealing a tired looking Mr. Jesus.

“Y/N, what are you doing up this early?”

“I couldn’t sleep sir. Is…is Isaiah home?” You ask trying to peak into the house.

“No, haven’t seen him; thought maybe he was with you?” You don’t respond at first and then you realize what he’s said and you look at him confused.

“Thought he was with me, sir? What do you mean?” You ask, confused.

“Oh, I don’t know. He just talks about you all the time and you two always hang out with each other, I thought maybe…” He slowly stops talking when he sees your eyes grow wide at his accusation.

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I reached the end of Slime Rancher without really meaning to there are so many feel happening right now. Hobson and Thora and Casey stole my heart. I know canonically, it’s not Casey singing 1000 Light Years Away but lbr, she absolutely sang it for her slime-rearing girl. I’m not crying, you’re crying. 

S.coups, Woozi: Of 60º Angles And Five Minute Naps

anonymous asked: Could you do a scenario of a love triangle with Jicheol plz?

pt 2

Summary: let me tell you now before I start writing…. having to pick someone for the reader to end up with at the end is going to kill me

Jihoon swears that it’s nothing, that the distance he’s putting between himself and his best friend isn’t because of you. He manages to convince everyone around him, including himself, that Seungcheol is merely drifting away.

“Can you come here for a second?” You hear, and all of a sudden you’re pulled by the arm and land in someone’s lap.

“Seungcheol?” You ask, pushing against his chest so that less of your weight is pressing down on him. He smiles up at you.

“Would you mind helping me with some work? I don’t know how to pronounce this word.” He says, reaching over you to point at the workbook and papers that are spread out across the coffee table.

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bolinistheman89  asked:

For the last year, I have been an avid creek shipper but the creators left their relationship ambiguous but I still think they ended up together in the end due to feelings they eventually got for each other. Why do you think creek is canon and that they are together not just for the town but because they eventually fell for each other?

because the creators have pretty much confirmed over and over again that they're canonly a couple. In their whiteboard notes for the new game, the description beside Craig says “cares only about his guinea pig and tweek” Tweeks description reads “paranoid, except with Craig.” ((Sounds a lot like they are officially VERY… VERY close to one another.)) It’s only confirmed when you see the connection between them is described as “dating, but fighting”

In the official south park wiki, they are categorized as one another’s boyfriends, like all the other boys are for their girlfriends. The official south park twitter page posted a picture of Craig and Tweek in celebration of national coming out day.

Despite the fact that the town has long since lost interest in them, they still hold hands with each other in the background, and they never protest when other boys mention their relationship. In fact, this season, when Butters told Craig and Tweek they weren’t safe from the girls just because they were gay with each other, not only did the boys not protest to this, but it persuaded them to join. Of course, we don’t see how they feel BEFORE Butters tells this to them, but they seem to join the boy’s crusade under this persuasion. 

In the game, it’s showed theyre fighting with each other because “We were supposed to be a duo Tweek!” which is further confirmed by their matching costumes. By the way, their superhero names are “Supercraig and Wondertweek” which is a reference to the canon superhero couple of Superman and wonderwoman. The fight is sparked because Craig is mad his boyfriend didn’t stay by his side when the team split down the middle. Tweek is mad because he feels like Craig only stayed with Cartman’s side because they catered to him, and he’s being selfish. 

When they fight in in-game battles, they have specialized dialogue with one another, including Tweek apologizing for having to hurt Craig, and screaming, “Craig! No!” when he’s attacked by supercraig. 

They also banter with one another, Craig shouting at Tweek to calm down, and tweek spitting back, “NO, YOU CALM DOWN.”

TL;DR: It’s officially stated on the official south park wiki that they are boyfriends, they are a reference to a canon superhero couple in the new game. In this game theyre a matching duo who is described by creators as “dating each other, but fighting” they still hold hands despite the town having lost interest in them, and the other boys have commented multiple times on their relationship, with no objection from Craig or Tweek. Craig and Tweek are both hurt by one another during the game because they feel the other didn’t take their duo seriously. (boys please just talk to each other- some advice from an old gay to you young gays)

I hope that helps!

Leave - Hoseok

Hey, this is a BTS Jhope angst. Please read if interested. I also left the ending a bit ambiguous so you can decide if you want happy or sad. What else? If you like this feel free to send in a request. I’ll write for Seventeen and BTS. I’ll might include some more groups later. Please enjoy! (Also, I didn’t really proof read so…)

Part 2 is here: Left

The room was dark except for the bit of light illuminating from the moon through the window.The cold air kissed the skin of his exposed back. The blankets were bunched around his waist. His arms and legs were spread out on the bed.

You had just woken up to use the bathroom and found him lying in bed next to you. He must have crept in sometime late after practice, you no longer bothered to wait up for him. And as you watched him sleep, so peacefully, you had never felt more distance between you two. Not even when you still lived in you home country and had to settle for brief phone calls and a text message here and there. But now you were living together, sleeping in the same bed, and yet you felt like the man in the bed before you were a stranger.

A sigh escaped your lips as you stretched your arms out slightly. The clock on the end table read 6:00 am, 30 minutes from when your alarm would go off. Might as well begin, your day.

With that, you gathered some clothes and headed back to the bathroom to start a shower. The warm water running down your body helped relieved some pent up stress. But in the sanctuary of the shower, you finally broke. A tear fell down. And then another. And then you were sobbing over the loss of love in your relationship, wondering if you should just pack your bags and head home.

After about 45 minutes in the shower, you figured you wasted enough water and finally turned it off. You took your time in putting on your clothes and fixing your hair. You had just finished applying your makeup when the scent of warm coffee hit you.

Hesitantly, you staggered into the kitchen, watching his back as he stood in front of the stove. “H-Hoseok?” you stuttered, slowly approaching the cabinets to pull out a coffee mug. “Why are you up so early?”

“Ah, your alarm went off. But you were already in the shower,” he explains. The eggs crackled. “So I decided to make breakfast.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll remember to turn it off next time.”

He shrugged. “Sit at the table. Breakfast is almost done.”

Breakfast was tense. He sat in front of you, eating silently. You took small bites, not having much of an appetite due to the atmosphere. Here he sat two feet in front of you, and yet he felt as if he was miles away. In the beginning of the relationship, if he had ever cooked for you, you would have teased him. Then, breakfast would have been more giggles, food would have been everywhere due to the impromptu food fight, conversation would have been easy. But now? Now you have no idea what to say to him.

He finished first. As he stood to put the dish in the sink, he spoke. “Practice is ending late again.”

“Okay,” you respond automatically, being so used to hearing this.

“Don’t wait up.”

“Okay.” You used to argue, saying that you wanted to see him before you go to sleep. That you couldn’t sleep without him even if you tried. But now, you come home and straight to bed.

Work was shitty. You had a shitty office job with a shitty boss. You used to hate how over worked you were, how as soon as you clocked off you were so exhausted that all you wanted to do was fall straight into bed. But now, you liked being exhausted 24/7. You always volunteered to work after hours. Your colleagues assumed you were aiming for a raise or promotion. But that wasn’t the case. The more exhausted you were when you went home, the quicker you went to sleep.

Sleep doesn’t come easy these days. Mostly because you no longer felt at home. Rather you were just living with a stranger.

And falling asleep with Hoseok was almost impossible. He felt so far away these days. How you just wanted to reach out and hold him, but even his embrace seemed so different, so forced.

You opened the door to the empty apartment and let out a sigh. Maybe you should pack your things and go. Why were you holding onto this broken relationship?

Making the decision to move to Korea had been the easiest decision ever. You had met Hoseok during one of Bangtan’s many tours. They had a two week stop in your hometown, allowing them a bit of a vacation before they took off again.

You had been waiting in line to get coffee when he “accidentally” bumped into you. You had found out later that it was not so much an accident, he just didn’t know how to approach you.

Staying in Korea, that decision is proving to be harder. Your mind was telling you to go. You had already packed your things a week ago. You had plane tickets for two weeks from now. You had already filed for a job transfer. You were leaving, and yet you couldn’t get the courage to tell Hoseok. But you knew he deserved more than to come home one night to an empty apartment and wonder.

It was a rare day. Hoseok had the day off. You left that morning with a bad feeling in your gut. If he had the day off, he was spending enough time at home to notice that all your things were gone. They were boxed up and hidden in a spare closet, waiting for you to ship them home. Your closed only had a few items, enough to get you to Thursday, three days from now, when your plane leaves.

Your workload was rather light, Just some light paperwork which you were dragging out for as long as you can. You were avoiding going back to the apartment, back to Hoseok. Did he notice? What were you going to say? What could you say?

“Hoseok, I’m Sorry. But things aren’t working out so I’m going home.” You couldn’t find the courage to tell him.

He was setting take out on the table when you finally opened the door to the apartment. He looked up at you, his brown eyes catching yours, as he gives you a nod of acknowledgement and points to your seat.

Maybe he didn’t notice. It seems like he didn’t notice. Wouldn’t he had just come out right with it instead of having dinner ready?

You took your seat and chewed at your bottom lip, noticing that he had ordered your favorite. But you had your doubts that he actually remembered what your favorite take out was. You had your doubts about everything this relationship once held.

Hesitantly, you picked up your chopsticks and began eating. You stopped when you noticed that he hadn’t touched any of the food. Instead, he stared at you with a piercing gaze. It made you twitch under it. You opened you mouth to comment on it, when his glare turned more intense. Instead, you opted to set you chopsticks down and stare at your plate of rice.

“When were you going to tell me?” he asked. His voice was hoarse and rough. You would have thought he was yelling and crying all day.


His fist slammed down on the table, the plates vibrated. You flinched and leaned away from him.

“Don’t play stupid. You at least owe me that.” He sounded so desperate. You wanted to reach out and comfort him, but you stayed paralyzed. “When were you going to tell me that you were leaving? Hm?” he continued. “My mother called to ask me if you’re family was doing okay. Apparently you already told her that you were returning home due to a family crisis. I was so confused because I spoke to your mother just yesterday and she hadn’t mentioned anything to me about a crisis. And then I start looking around and noticing that all your shit has been packed up into boxes in the spare closet”

“Hoseok…” you start, but you can’t finish. Now you had tears falling down as you covered your face with your hands. “Hoseok.”

The legs of his chair scraped against the tile floor as he stood up. You were surprised seconds later when you felt his hands pull you into a hug. “Please. Just tell me what’s going on,” he pleaded.

You finally calm down long enough to look at him. “I…” Your breath gets caught in your throat momentarily. “I thought you didn’t want me anymore. That you didn’t love me.”

“Why would you think that?” He questioned, his eyebrows furrowed. He holds your hands in his, caressing that back of them with his thumb.

“You just been so distant lately. We don’t even really talk to each other any more. We never see each other. You don’t even seen those cute texts with the emojis anymore. Hoseokie, what are we doing? This relationship isn’t working.” Your eyes continued to water as tears threatened to fall out.

Hoseok sucked in a deep breath. He pulls you in once more for a hug and rubs your back. “Please don’t leave me. I need you.”

You buried your face into his neck as sobs escape your mouth. He continued to rub your back, knowing that is not what you want to hear, yet he can’t seem to get those three words out of his mouth.

He kissed your forehead, “Please, please babe. Please don’t leave me,” he repeated.

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#10 (or any that you want to answer) about "The Private Diaries of Elizabeth Quatermain"

Thank you! Ah, the series that earned me death threats… I look back fondly on that. (No, I’m not kidding. I had people threatening me if I didn’t get Skinner and Elizabeth together.)

10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?

I had nothing to do with it. I mean that sincerely. I thought Tom Sawyer was freaking adorable and I fully intended him to end up with Elizabeth. Somewhere in the middle of writing the first volume, Skinner sort of walked into the scene and said, “Oi, missus, that’s mine.” 

This was the first documented incident of a character seizing control of a story and hijacking my brain. I was… not comfortable with it at the time. I’m used to it now.

Anyway, I left things sort of ambiguous at the end of the first story (which, like most first stories in series written by me, was supposed to be the only story) and decided to see where it would go. As I told the readers, I never knew very much more than Elizabeth herself at any given moment, so it took me quite a while to find out what the hell was happening. But in the end I think Skinner was right to interfere, and apparently, so did the readers.

about tonight’s episode

…i don’t think Mr. Poopybutthole is coming back.

the ending left it somewhat ambiguous, and he’s been nothing but a hilarious and wonderful character (with some of the best character development imo), but he was always so fond of Beth. he looked up to her, he respected her, and if she had been right he would have been impressed with her critical thinking ability.

but she was wrong. she failed him when it mattered most. she shot him, and in the post-credits scene he’s clearly CRUSHED. he trusted her, he always did, but she didn’t trust him. 

he’ll recover from his injury, but i doubt he’ll be able to forgive her. i know if i were him, i wouldn’t be able to step back into that house ever again.


¿the most dangerous game?

Fic: Poem Without Words (18/?) (M)

Author’s note: A lot of confused people at the end of the last chapter. I left Emma’s state of mind ambiguous for a reason. I’m really proud of how this chapter turned out, so I hope it answers your questions! Enjoy!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 18

“What the fuck?” Liam cried, doubled over, holding his nose.

Killian’s hand was throbbing—he hadn’t even attempted to throw a punch since high school—but he stood his ground. “Don’t you bloody dare!” he shouted. “Don’t you dare try to act like this is my fault. You show up here unannounced and insult everything I’ve worked for, the woman I love. So don’t you dare wonder why the hell there’s blood dripping out of your nose, Liam Jones.”

Liam raised his stinging blue eyes to his brother, wincing as he continued to hold his nose. Was it broken? Killian didn’t care very much. Served his ponce of a brother right. He didn’t know what triggered all this but he was going to find out. Then he was going to do what he could to patch things up with Emma. He promised her time, but they needed to talk. He couldn’t even imagine how she must be feeling right now. He’d go wait on her doorstep until she was ready to talk to him, if that’s what it took.

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Your take on what "orphan black dead" means

I’m so conflicted by this because I really, really want to believe that “Orphan Black dead” means what it’s meant in the past. You know, with Helena at the end of season 1, Rachel at the end of season 2. And then Mark, Ethan, and Susan Duncan who were thought to be dead but proven otherwise. At this point, I think even the writers and Evelyne herself are as clueless as we are when it comes to whether Delphine is dead or alive. I feel like the writers deliberately left Delphine’s s3 ending so ambiguous because a) to see whether Evelyne’s schedule will allow her to pop back in OB for s4, and b) to see how the viewers respond to her shooting. And it’s clear that we’re beyond dissatisfied by her implied demise, and for sure by now the writers are feeling the pressure to keep Delphine/Evelyne on the show, hence why they claim that Delphine is “Orphan Black dead”, because they’re aware Clone Club will analyse the shit out of this concept and draw our own conclusions. At the same time, I’m super aware that Evelyne’s a very busy woman– it seems like everyone in Canada wants to work with her, and she wants to work with everyone, so if she has to leave the show whether permanently or just for the time being, I guess we have to be okay with that. But we can still be mad and angry and upset at how her story ended because she really did deserve better.

All in all, I’m not sure what to make of “Orphan Black dead” because in the past it meant not dead. But there’s more factors at play here, the main one, I think, being Evelyne’s packed schedule. I’m choosing to believe she’s still alive though, and that she’ll be back for season four, but not right away. Like, I’m 80% sure Delphine is still alive and Cophine is totally endgame.