i left out a lot of people :(

i still think one of the SADDEST things ive ever heard is when big time rush was on tour w/ one direction, so many people would buy tickets to the big time rush concerts and a HUGE crowd would turn but, but bc one direction was their opening band, so many people would just….leave….after one direction left the stage. like apparently more than half of the crowd just walked out after one direction played bc they only came to see them and not big time rush. thats so sad i think about this a lot


Keeping a tiger isn’t practical I know. She eats as much as 10 people. She could yank the chain out of my hand hell, she could yank my arm right off. But she hasn’t. She won’t. I lost a lot, just like everybody else. When it all started to end, I found myself back at the zoo. Shiva was one of the last animals left. She was trapped, hungry, alone. Like me. She was the last thing left in this world that I loved. She protected me. She got me here, made me larger than life. And I made this place. RIP Shiva ♛


infodumping about the ocean


Reuploading these because I realized after the fact that I unintentionally left out Russel in my last post and fucked up big time. Even though the last post was a simply collection of quick doodles I had done and I had simply not gotten around to drawing him yet, I can see why people were sad/upset at him being absent and again, that was never my intention. I sincerely apologize and hope this looks a lot better on my behalf.

This one is coming out of left-field but uh

I legit think the “Queen of Junkertown” could be the next hero.

Not only that - 

I legit think she could be the next support hero.

A lot of people picked up on the very obvious empty throne (meaning they can keep her design a secret for a later reveal), and the also obvious weapons hanging around.

But a lot of people missed the bright yellow objects attached to the weapons.

Overwatch is super heavily color-coded/color-motifed.  Yes, yes, “blue = good,” “red = enemy,” but beyond that, each character in their standard design kinda shows you their personality traits.  Each character usually has a very distinct 1-3 colors that stand out and makes them immediately distinguishable.

Similarly, there are few extra colors that tell the player or a teammate what is happening.  These are:

  • Green = speed (Lúcio’s speedboost, but also the jump pads, friendly Genji’s ult)
  • Light blue/glowing blue = photo-based shields (Reinhardt, Orisa, Winston, friendly Zarya, Symmetra’s shields)
  • Purple = chaotic, “debuff” (Zenyatta discord orb, Sombra hacking, Widowmaker venom mine, Ana damage shot, enemy Ana biotic grenade)
  • Yellow = healing and/or bonus armor (Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta harmony orb, Lúcio healing, Soldier: 76 biotic field, Roadhog breather, Torbjörn’s armor, D.Va’s armor, etc)

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but basically, the majority of the time, when you see yellow in Overwatch, that’s a healing-related ability, item, or object.

If the Queen of Junkertown is going to be a playable character, it’s likely those weapons “heal” somehow, while still providing her with offensive capabilities.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws like looking at the trophies in the school. They like seeing the names, and what these people did. They like to speculate if they’re still alive or not. But their favorite section is a whole wall will names of people who have done “Special Services for the School.” Some of the names are obvious, “Harry Potter,” “Neville Longbottom,” “Hermione Granger,” “Ron Weasley.” While others are names that Ravenclaws have heard mixed things about, or haven’t heard of at all. Names like “Colin Creevey,” “Lavender Brown,” “Remus Lupin,” “Nymphadora Tonks,” and “Draco Malfoy.” There was even plaque for those who could not be named. And above all of the names was magical banner that glittered the words, “Thank you for your assistance and dedication on 2 May, 1998.”

Alternate Anime Titles
  • One Piece: The Never-ending Story: The Anime Version
  • Bleach: Literally Anything that Actually Works as a Story Title Because Bleach? Come on.
  • Free!: How Gay Can We Make this Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Water Version
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shitty Father: Alchemy Edition
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Why To Never Date Anyone Ever
  • Noragami: Get Yato a Shrine 2k17
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion: Shitty Father: Robot Mindfuck Edition
  • Death Note: So THAT'S Why We Aren't Supposed to Post Our Full Name and Photo Online
  • Haikyuu: How Gay Can We Make This Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Don't-Let-the-Balloon-Touch-the-Floor Edition
  • Attack on Titan: Shitty Father: Apocalypse Edition
  • High school of the Dead: That's Not How Boobs F*cking Work
  • Fate Series: People Die when They are Killed
  • Ajin: People Don't Die when They are Killed
  • Blue Exorcist: Shitty Father: Satan Edition
  • Yuri on Ice: How Gay Can We Make This without the Charac-- WAIT NO THEY'RE ACTUALLY GAY THIS TIME!!!
  • Code Geass: Jedi Mind Trick: The Anime
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: What the Actual Fuck
  • Kill la Kill: Shitty Father: Oh Wait it's the Mom that's Shitty this Time
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer: The Entire Anime is Basically a Meme

to clarify:

Latino: a masculine term for people with cultural ties to Latin America. also sometimes used to describe a group of latinx people, since Spanish defaults to masculine for groups

Latina: a feminine term for a person with cultural ties to Latin America

Latinx: a gender-neutral term for a person or persons with cultural ties to Latin America

Latin@: another gender-neutral term with the same meaning

Latin: a broad term referring to societies influenced by roman culture that widely speak Romance languages, as well as the people from those societies. It is not synonymous with latinx

in addition, keep in mind that these terms serve as umbrella terms, and can sometimes be seen as negative because they erase the cultural identities from individual Latin American countries.

non-latinx people are completely welcome (and encouraged!) to reblog this to spread the info!

Death Note (2017)

This movie was…well, it was something. And that something is terrible. My thoughts:

Good Things:

  • William Dafoe as Ryuk was amazing. He fit the part perfectly and was delightfully creepy. 
  • Kieth Stanfield was surprisingly good as L. His mannerisms were perfect, and his more emotional approach gave the character an appealing weakness amidst his oddity.
  • The few gambits that actually appeared were very well-crafted, particularly the finale. They actually felt like Death Note, unlike the rest of the film.
  • Light’s facial expressions and girlish screams made me laugh so much that I’m putting them here

Bad Things:

  • The establishing shots existing only to demonstrate how Mia and Light are edgy outcasts who will naturally have perfect chemistry
  • “Light Turner”
  • Everything about Light’s character. He’s the opposite of the original character- an outcast, stupid, easily controlled by his emotions, acts like the most suspicious person on the planet, outright admits to being Kira to L’s face- everything that made the original Light great is gone and replaced with something that doesn’t fit. 
  • How is decapitation the first method of death you think of for a school bully
  • The pacing is so bad. Like, it’s hard to even give a specific example because the entire movie counts.
  • “Your mom was kind of a hippie.” THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE HOW STUPID HIS NAME SOUNDS.
  • Where are the mind games and gambits? There were precisely two moments that felt like the original in terms of genius and complexity.
  • Character motivations. Almost no one has a believable reason for doing what they do. Mia especially. She just…comes out of left field.
  • “If we make the deaths super gory, people will think we’re cool.”
  • “If we say the word fuck a lot, people will think we’re cool.”
  • The lack of subtlety. 
  • L comes from a creepy orphanage for some reason
  • Matsuda is not here
  • The romantic plot is so. Bad. “Hey, I can impress a girl by showing her how I have the power to murder anyone I want!” “Hey, I’m into that!” “Let’s plot the deaths of dozens of people on our next date!”
  • On that note, all the dialogue is terrible
  • There’s something about the way everyone treats L that’s just…off. In the original, he was eccentric but respected. Here, he’s eccentric and no one likes him.
  • Why is Watari so obsessed with sleep????
  • Watari was pretty much wasted tbh
  • No feel of rivalry between Light and L whatsoever. 
  • Why is everything so edgy????
  • The flowers that just friggin…explode when Mia lands on them
  • What is with the corny pop music at inappropriate times???
  • Light having a “Normal People Scare Me” sticker on his locker pretty much summarizes the entire movie
  • No potato chip scene. A travesty

Basically, watch this movie if you want a good laugh via ridiculous edginess, unneeded gore, and necessary swearing. I would’ve liked to see an Americanized Death Note that made better use of its differences from the original to better fit its target audience, but this movie just tried waaaaaay too hard to be dark and gritty while giving nothing of substance. But it is hilarious. And at least it’s got William Defoe.

Maybe you’re in your mid-20s, and you’re going through some tough mental health issues, and you’re feeling left out in life. Maybe you sometimes ask yourself if it’s too late for you to heal. To turn everything in your life around.

Some people who are younger than you have it all together. Sticking with your depression seems to make a lot of sense. You’ve learned so late about stuff. Maybe it’s your passion for writing poetry or painting or making music. You’ve learned that you’ve wasted years doing useless things. You’re now living a life filled with regrets, and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in feeling this way and that you are never too late to heal.

Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has wasted years. Everyone has their own regrets. And you and I are late bloomers in passion and in healing. We don’t need to compare our progress to anyone other than ourselves. We are what overcomes us at the present moment. We are not prisoners of our pasts, but we are pioneers of our futures.

So please, let’s not stop writing poems, painting, and making music because this is what we love doing because we’re artists. Each and every single one of us is a revolution in the flesh conquering the tyranny of regret and despair. Each and every single one of us are heroes that make the world a better place through healing ourselves through our art. Yes, we are going through our quarter-life crisis, but that’s not going to stop us from creating and healing while there’s still air in our lungs and blood pumping through our hearts.

We are never too late to heal because we’re just getting started and we’re going to leave this place filled with hope and self-love.

—  Juansen Dizon, You Are Never Too Late To Heal

/ / Newt Scamander / /

/ / Background / Lockscreen / /

Anonymous asked:  Can you make a aesthetic background for newt from fantastic beasts and where to find them? Could you put the name Arden in the middle of it?

【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】 BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Q1: Which member seems to be suitable to have a heart-to-heart talk with?

1. RAP MONSTER 6323 votes
2. J-HOPE 2728 votes
3. JIMIN 2572 votes
4. SUGA 1525 votes
5. JIN 870 votes
6. JUNGKOOK 189 votes
7. V 163 votes
(RAP MONSTER: I consult with our members.)

JIN: Who do you guys think is #7?
JUNGKOOK: V hyung!
SUGA: Shouldn’t it be Jungkook, since he’s the maknae?
V: No, Jin hyung is definitely in the lower rank.
JIN: Nope,it’s V, right? (laughs)
J-HOPE: The result is… oh oh oh!
SUGA: The difference between #1 and #7’s votes is so big.
V: What does everyone think of me? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: V is a member that we need to talk him about his troubles. (laughs)
JIMIN: The reasons for picking Rap Monster hyung are mainly “because he’s the leader that united the group”, “it seems that he can give the right advice”.
JUNGKOOK: Hyung usually listens to everyone’s worries.
V: The best leader!
RAP MONSTER: I like discussing about the worries that you guys have!
SUGA: I really want to know the reason why V is #7.
J-HOPE: They wrote “it seems that V will give unexpected answers”.
JIN: That’s right. V would unexpectedly give really good answers.
V: Yay! I got 1 vote. (laughs)

Q2: Who do you want to make lunch box for you?

1. JIN 10292 votes
2. JIMIN 1054 votes
3. JK 928 votes
4. SUGA 772 votes
5. V 539 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 421votes
7. J-HOPE 364 votes
(JIN: It has to be me when comes to cooking!)

JIMIN: Suga hyung have made sandwiches before.
SUGA: Very delicious.
V: Hyung cooks often too.
SUGA: Yeah, I’ve made lunch boxes for our members.
RAP MONSTER: It’s just V and I who can’t cook.
JIN: You’ve burnt a pan before! (laughs)
J-HOPE: Do I give people the impression that I don’t cook?
JIN: Hobi’s cooking level is average.
JUNGKOOK: It’s not very delicious and it’s not awful (laughs).

Q3: Who likes to talk for a long time on the phone?

1. V 5548 votes
2. JIMIN 3512 votes
3. J-HOPE 2142 votes
4. JIN 1915 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 542 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 475 votes
7. SUGA 236 votes
(JIMIN: The calls are short but I call often.)

SUGA: A lot of people wrote “V probably can talk incessantly even if he’s alone.”
V: I won’t even notice if the other person isn’t talking (laughs) It’s right that I like to talk on the phone!
RAP MONSTER: #2 is Jimin and the reason is “he updates Twitter often, so it seems that he will call often”, a very good impression.
JIMIN: I think I’m the type that wouldn’t call a long time but I would call often.
JUNGKOOK: I don’t make calls! Sometimes when I think I have been talking for 30 minutes but it has only been 1 minute. I was so surprised.
JIN: I hate phone calls too. I like to contact people by texting. Even when I make calls, I would be like “hey, check your texts” and then end the call. (laughs)
SUGA: Me too, I always try to send texts.
RAP MONSTER: I like to make long calls, so I can talk for 3 hours.
J-HOPE: I often make video calls compared to the normal calls.
V: You follow fashion!
JIN: I completely forgot such function existed. (laughs)

Q4: If you go to the seaside together, who would be the noisiest member?

1. V 5306 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3741 votes
3.J-Hope 3565 votes
4. JIMIN 1009 votes
5. JIN 374 votes
6. SUGA 251 votes
7. RAP MONSTER 124 votes

RAP MONSTER: Although I’m #7, I can be unexpectedly quite noisy.
JIN: Unexpectedly, I can be super noisy!
JUNGKOOK: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. (laughs) 
JIN: Yeah, Jungkook isn’t noisy. I feel like Jimin and I will have fun until we collapse. 
V: Rap Monster hyung unexpectedly is the lively type. 
SUGA: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. 
JIN: That’s not unexpected at all! (laughs) 
J-HOPE: I think I would change depending on the situation. 
JIMIN: The reasons for #1 V are “because he’s like a child”, “if V goes to play on his own, you probably won’t even know where he ran off to.”
RAP MONSTER: That’s right, but Jungkook would go missing if he secretly goes off by himself.
V: Yeah, Rap Monster hyung who’s next to me, you know someone is missing!

Q5: If you had to pick the first alien in BTS, who would you pick?

1. V 9312 votes
2. SUGA 1678 votes
3. RAP MONSTER 1314 votes
4. J-Hope 818 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 637 votes
6. JIN 371 votes
7. JIMIN 240 votes
(V: I’m definitely the leading #1! (laughs))

JIN: This is made for V, right? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: The result… eh, Suga hyung is #2 and I’m #3!? So unexpected.
SUGA: After I had the appendix surgery, I couldn’t go to the space. (laughs)
JUNGKOOK: I want to go~
J-HOPE: The reason for Rap Monster is “it seems that his mind can easily be in sync with the aliens’ minds”.
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIMIN: This means that I give people the impression that I’m the most normal member.
V: What about me then? (laughs)

Q6: The member can do bungee jump without hesitation?  

1. JUNGKOOK 10657 votes
2. SUGA 1143 votes
3. JIMIN  650 votes
4. J-HOPE 590 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 588 votes
6. V 469 votes
7. JIN 273 votes
(JUNGKOOK: Bungee jump is fun!)

RAP MONSTER: #7 Jin hyung got so little votes. (laughs) There isn’t a big difference between #3 – 6.
JIN: Hey, including #7, there isn’t a big difference. When have I left such impression on you guys? (laughs)
J-HOPE: Those who picked Jin hyung wrote, “Jin hyung has broad shoulders, so the air resistance would be really big.”
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIN: Wow, this is very scientific! (laughs)
JIMIN: A lot of people wrote for #1 Jungkook, “it seems that he can jump easily.”
JUNGKOOK: Yes! That’s right.
J-HOPE: For #2 Suga, “Suga has the image that he doesn’t react to scary things.”
SUGA: If it’s for filming, I can jump otherwise I wouldn’t. It’s the occupational disease. (laughs)
V: Actually, everyone is really scared except Jungkook.
J-HOPE: Yeah, everyone can do bungee jump but only Jungkook would enjoy it.
V: I did it once and I thought I was going to die!
RAP MONSTER: I don’t want to do it ever again. (laughs)

Q7: Who do you want to be a comic duo with?

1. J-HOPE 6199 votes
2. JIN 2752 votes
3. SUGA 1677 votes
4. V 1327 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 957 votes
6. JIMIN 950 votes
7. JUNG KOOK 508 votes
(J-HOPE: Let’s make a comic duo with Suga hyung.)

SUGA: Hobi has got to be no.1.
J-HOPE: Many people want to see Suga hyung and I do a comic act.
RAP MONSTER: The silly one (boke) is Hobi and the straight man in comedy (tsukkomi) is Suga hyung.
J-HOPE: Don’t be like that!
ALL: (laughs)
V: Jungkook is #7 so unexpected. Isn’t he funny in Japan?
JUNGKOOK: No, my image in Japan is handsome/ cool.
RAP MONSTER: But Jungkook is the most hilarious, he has the ability to make people laugh.
JIMIN: No, recently Jin hyung is the funniest.
V: Yeah, I think Jin hyung is #1!

Q8: Who can’t get up? (Who’s weak in the morning)?

1. SUGA 6692 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3590 votes
3.V 2623 votes
4.JIMIN 694 votes
5.RAP MONSTER 439 votes
6.J-Hope 229 votes
7. JIN 103 votes

SUGA: Even though I’m #1, I can get up straight away. I produce music so I often stay up at night, I would usually take naps in between the gaps.
JUNGKOOK: The most energetic in the morning is Hobi hyung, hyung always gets up the earliest.
JIN: Even if Jimin gets up early, he takes a long time to prepare.
J-HOPE: But he can’t get up. (laughs)
JIMIN: I’ve been trying recently.
JIN: Huh˜? But I can smell that someone was late today (sniffs)
JIMIN: I got up straight away in the morning. I’m not that slow these days~ 
ALL: (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: #2 Jungkook actually can’t get up, just like it’s written here “Jungkook might get angry if you wake him up.”
V: During the trainee days, I prepared a surprise for Jungkook’s birthday but he didn’t get up no matter how many times I’ve knocked on the door. I had to pull his legs to the living room. (laughs)
J-HOPE: V stop talking about other people (laughs), someone wrote “it seems that V would crawl back to sleep (or have unprotected sleep) 4 times.” This is so on point.
V: Yeah! If I wake up, I’ll fall back to sleep (laughs)

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; JungkookJinJ-Hope
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
BTS Biography - Jimin
BTS Biography - V (Vol.3)BTS Biography - Suga (Vol.2)

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

anonymous asked:

Hey Hector. Sorry if this is a bother, but I'm new to the BMC fandom and just wanted to ask if there is anything I should know/keep in mind in case I start writing fics or creating fan art.

Hey Anon! It’s not a bother at all! Here are a few things you should know!! Welcome to the fandom!!


  • Christine is not white
  • Michael is not white
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a little mole above the left side of his mouth. This was started by @cryptidsp00n
  • Lots of people like to draw Rich with freckles, a tooth gap, and a red streak in his hair. None of these are canon in the musical, although Rich’s red streak is canon in the book. The freckles and tooth gap were started by @richardgoranski
  • these last two were honestly completely optional. its all up to you buddy!!
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a gay pride patch on the higher end of his left sleeve. This is essentially canon, and I would advise you most of all to not leave this out. George Salazar (the guy who played Michael) actually tweeted about it, which the fandom interprets to mean that it’s canon that Michael is gay. So honestly I’d advise against ignoring it, although it’s honestly cool if you leave it out m’dude. its your art. The gay pride patch was started by @gayradwhitedad
  • Don’t draw Jenna skinny!!! She’s played by Katie Ladner, who is not skinny!! 
  • Michael’s patches can be done completely canon, as shown in that link. however, everyone seems to have their own patch headcanons for him. ((hmu if you wanna see how i draw his sweatshirt lmao))
  • A lot of things are left up to interpretation!! Is Jeremy taller than Michael?? not canonically, but I love short Michael! Does Jake have frosted tips? Not canonically, but I love frosted Jakey D!
  • As long as you respect skin tones and body types, whatever you want to make is cool!!! Experiment, be free!!


  • Jeremy is Jewish!! Even if he celebrates Christmas, which some Jewish people do, just bear in mind that he is! not! christian!
  • Christine has ADD, but not ADHD!! she says she has ADD, which is related to ADHD, but not the same thing. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder, which means she has a hard time focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. ADHD is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which means that someone has a hard time paying attention and/or sitting still for extended periods of time. yes, they’re similar, but not synonymous.   
  • Rich is bi!!
  • The girls have just as complex personalities as the boys. please give as much care to developing them as you do to the guys.
  • Chloe did a lot of fucked up things. look out for that. font make her a sweet baby. she doesn’t deserve that.
  • Friendships are just as important as romantic relationships, and can be just as good and interesting!!
  • Jake’s parents are not around, they’re on the run from the law! he has to look after himself, my dudes.
  • the squip is horrible and abusive. it makes Jeremy feel like shit. it tells him that they need to change everything about him because its all awful. it is both emotionally and physically abusive. Both Jeremy and Rich probably suffer from ptsd
  • try to branch out!! as great as boyf riends, richjake, and pinkberry are, also look into things like Jeremy’s relationship with his father, Chloe’s redemption arc (bc she needs redeeming lmao) and even other ships, like deere and expensive headphones :00 while they may not be the main ships of the fandom, they’re all super cute and (i cant find a link rip) Joe Tracz actually said that Rich and Michael would go to prom together!!
  • Michael is comfortable in his own skin!! Ye, he has social anxiety. But he doesn’t hate himself!! One of the defining factors of his personality is that he’s okay with who he is!! There are all kinds of anxiety, and don’t write him as self-hating!! its totally out of character for him :0
  • have fun, dude. be careful, and do your research if you’re writing about tricky topics like eating disorders, abuse, and anxiety. But most of all, just enjoy yourself. as long as you’re respectful, there should be no issues!! 

Feel free to shoot me an ask about any of this, or if you have any questions about if something’s cool to include in fanfic or not! I won’t tell you exactly what you can and cant write/draw, but I will try to nudge you in the right direction! Of course, only if you ask me to!! Anyone can message me about this stuff anytime, I love to help and suggest things!! I’m not scary I promise!!

“My daughter was injured during birth. Her back was broken during labor. She’s in her thirties now but she still has a lot of problems, especially in her mind. She can’t be left alone. Sometimes she doesn’t even know where she is. It’s like she’s living in a ghost world. It’s been very difficult for us. My wife had to stop working and became severely depressed. We can’t travel. We can’t be active. I try not to resent my daughter but it can be hard. Sometimes she gets very aggressive. When she was younger, she threw all of our possessions out the window. I don’t think many people could have handled it. They’d have taken her to an institution by now. But I can’t do it. Those places are very scary. But my wife and I are getting old. We have no other relatives. So that’s where she’ll end up one day. I try not to imagine it. But it’s inevitable.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

some people are saying that karmys are ‘dissapointed’ in us, international armys, just because we think that jin is underappreciated??? this isnt just of what recently happened with the header on youtube where jin was left out, but it’s about everything in the last 4 years. and even when i just became a fan around 1 year and 7 months ago, i noticed that jin, followed by taehyung, always has the least lines. i mean it’s a group with 7 members. not everyone can have a lot of lines, thats common sense. but with jin it literally seems like it doesnt matter if he gets excluded.

he trained for this, he couldn’t sing nor dance but look at him now. boy sounds like an angel. some people try to make fun of his dancing but i bet half of them cant even dance the spine breaker choreo by jin.

i just hope that this doesnt get worse and jin will get more lines in the future and he will also debut as an actor because he has a MAJOR in acting.

im not saying i want jin to do more, because he s doing the most. his heart events are literally my favorite thing ever. all im asking is that maybe bighit could just let jin shine more. the sad thing is also that jin was doing a major in acting, but he still hasnt debuted as an actor and even in bts’ ‘House Of Army’ he barely got any lines and just filling roles. this should concern every bts stan, not just jin stans. im a taehyung stan and i also got pissed off at this smh.

#WeWantSeokjin 💕

I know a lot of black people that feel left out of the “black love” movement because they fell in love with someone who isn’t black and that is ok. black love is valid and so is yours, honey bun.

I think a lot about how Heidi didn’t pick up the phone. 

How, after he survived the fall and woke up, the first thing he did was try to call his mom, to try and get her to pick him up, to get him out of the forest.

And how she didn’t answer the phone. How she didn’t answer his call until at least a few hours later, when he was already at the hospital, getting a cast put on, after having been driven there by his boss (who he barely knew) and then left in the hospital alone.

How he tried to commit suicide, believing that he didn’t matter to anyone in the world. And how, after he did, his mother did not answer his calls.

Obviously it’s not Heidi’s fault she didn’t answer, but still. I think a lot of people overlook that defining moment, how much that changed Evan’s viewpoint on the world, how much damage that did, how his treatment towards others, specifically her, was drastically warped because of that.

How much Evan’s actions make so much more sense after you consider that moment.

“The person you are trying to reach cannot come to the phone right now. Please call back later or leave a message after the beep.” 

hello darlings i am sorry i have been gone so long, only two days now until im free from second year physics and can bring you the stuff that i have been planning!

i have been doing a lot of destress sketches in between revision and and doing comission work that i need to finish up, and here is one of them!

i’m getting back into the mchanzone in preparation for mchanzo week, and if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen peeks of the merman au ive been creating (if you wanna follow my username is morrowkei). there is gonna be lots of art to come, soon <3

Black Companions in Fallout 4

Earlier @instishoot made a very good post analysing why Preston and X6-88 were viewed the way they were by fandom through the lens of them being black men, which as a black fallout fan I’ve been wanting to delve into properly for some time. As instishoot pointed out the two characters make a very good point about the dichotomy of how society views black men being in that they both fit into very specific tropes that have been overplayed in media by black men for decades.

Preston Garvey the Uncle Tom

Preston Garvey is a good example of what is known as an Uncle Tom. He’s nonthreatening, he’s unfailingly subservient to his (inferred to be white) superiors even when they mistreat or betray him (as you can when becoming Overboss). Uncle Toms were in many cases used as a model for the Happy Slave. Preston fitting into the Uncle Tom trope makes a lot of sense for why fandom treat him so indignantly for asking the player to fulfil the job they’ve chosen to do (even though radiant quests are handed out by other people) because it violates the assumption of his meekness and his subservience. He’s meant to be the Good Black Man who never oversteps his boundaries, always knows his place, never challenges the power structure openly and only exists to prop and benefit his (usually white) counterpart. 

It also plays into why fandom keep putting him into roles where he is always coddling the sole survivor and acting as a caregiver, though that also overlaps into a common trope for black women known as the Mammy where the character is question is purposefully desexualised and seems to have no purpose outside of serving/caring for white characters. Bethesda openly encourages such conclusions to be drawn by placing Preston in the position they do when we meet him. Preston doesn’t have to be subservient to the player, he could’ve easily have been the faction leader of the Minutemen. But instead he all but happily submits himself to playing the supporting bit role to their story, even going as far to pledge loyalty to them even when he’s disgusted with them. 

Now before anyone thinks it I’m not saying Bethesda went out of their way to construct Preston this way but biases like this are often unconscious and just feel it’s the way things should be to people because of the way society is constructed. It’s the same reason I think fandom easily fell into allocating Preston the role of kindly, unassuming mammy because it just felt right to them but they couldn’t put their finger on why. It’s a very clear example of how insidious racism and racial biases can be.

X6-88 the Buck

Contrast that with X6-88 who falls into a trope on the other side of the spectrum known as the Buck. In comparison to the Uncle Tom the Buck plays into all the fears that white people have about dark skinned black men in particular, that they are violent, hypersexualised brutish rapists who purposefully target and abuse white women. X6 doesn’t typically fit into what a Buck entails other than being dark skinned and having some references to being aggressive. He’s relatively placid, emotionally withdrawn and articulate which tends to be a rarity for black characters anyway. 

But it just goes to show just how narrow the lens fandom tends to have when given a black character that hasn’t been pre-categorised in that they’ll categorise him anyway. X6 plays the role of the sole’s bodyguard and is allied to what is largely known as the antagonistic faction. He is a synth that is pre-programmed to be an efficient killer who is meant to be callous and emotionally vacant and it makes him easy for people to dehumanise and equate him to a machine (or a beast), ironically, playing right into the way people view and treat synths in the game itself (and I will constantly woe over the racially insensitive storyline Bethesda constructed).

Therefore it doesn’t shock me the way fandom largely respond to him, often writing him with the preconceived notions of black men being violently dominant in bed or physically abusive to women even though X6 has given no indication that he is like that in canon. Once again, Bethesda plays into that by the way they constructed him but X6′s character concept is a lot more flexible than Preston’s, likely because he was originally conceived to be white in the first place. Most of the typecasting in this case is placed solely on fandom’s shoulders.

Anyway the conclusion I wanted to draw from this is that we should all try to become more familiar with racially charged tropes and biases that we all have ingrained in us. When you think something feels right for a certain character, try to analyse why and where you might be drawing your thoughts from. There isn’t much we can do to combat canon other than hold writers accountable for their content and by extension hold ourselves accountable. We all need to do better.

More Q&A!

thepurplewarlock said:Hi Cassie. Oh my gosh the latest lot of information that has been released has given me so many questions. But I will try to stick to one: From the latest snippet, Kit and Ty go back to the Shadow Market. Which one of them instigated this trip. Both have their reasons (Kit as it’s a place he knows, Ty as he does something as a result of Livvy’s death, and maybe he needs something from the Shadow Market to help him) of their own. Or do they go because someone asked and they are friends?

As you say, they both have their reasons, so I’d say they both instigated it — Ty because he wants something, and Kit because he thinks that’s where Ty can get it.

Hey Cassie are we going to see what happens to the Lightwoods after Robert died? Like will we see their reaction and his funeral? Thank so much! <3

Yes, we will, though they are not the central characters — we see them through the eyes of the Blackthorns, Emma and Kit.

samnlohz said:Hi Cassie! I loved LoS (it was so heartbreaking, btw, and I can’t wait to read QoAaD) but I have a question for you. In LoS it is mentioned that all the warlocks are having this “disease”, and I remembered that Tessa was suffering it too. So, how is she dealing with it? And Jem? Are you gonna break our hearts again with both of them? Anyway, I still love you.

I can’t speak to broken hearts, but the warlock sickness is a serious issue in QUAD — they’re all getting sick, including Tessa. It is left to the Shadowhunters to try to figure out how to save them.

catarinalosss said:will Shade reveal his/her identity in qoaad?


bluiiieee said:Did you consider any other characters for the QOAAD cover? a lot of people thought it would be Cristina or the Queen, I had a feeling since the end of LOS that it would be Annabel especially because it mirrors the final TMI book which also had the villain on the cover. I’m in LOVE with the final cover you chose!

I’m glad you like it! No, no other characters were considered besides Annabel. There are reasons for that that have to do with the plot of the book. The Queen of Air and Darkness is a sinister figure, and the poem from which her name comes makes it clear she is sinister as well. The artist’s idea for the cover was always “a figure rising over ruins, in blood and destruction.” It simply wouldn’t have made sense for that to be someone other than Annabel except perhaps the Unseelie King which would have been confusing on a book called “Queen of Air and Darkness.” You are correct it fits with having Sebastian on the cover of Glass — and remember he is on the cover of Heavenly Fire as well!