i left out a lot of my favorite moments

inlovewithmyprofessor  asked:

What's your favorite interaction with your TC? 💜

Well I have a lot of favorite tc moments, but my favorite interaction with him would probably be when he prevented another teacher from bothering me (to the point of blocking the door) and then he told the other teacher to not stress me out, and waited until the she left before moving away from the door.

But, I think I also really enjoy the really simple things like making eye contact with him for a long time, and then making random silly faces at each other :) 

BillDip Positivity Week Day 1!

Draw/write your favorite AU

That’s next to impossible, since I have so many AUs and I love them all a whole lot.

But I decided to post a snippet from my Pirate AU, Stars Over The Sea!


The man almost seemed to drop out of the sky. One moment Dipper was alone on the deck and staring out at the sea, the next there was a rustle above him and then Captain Cipher had suddenly, and without warning, appeared a foot to his left, balancing perfectly on the mahogany railing in those ridiculous heels.
“C-Captain!” Dipper stammered. The lights from the ship were striking the fantastic sweep of spun gold that half-covered the right side of his face, glinting off of the red and gold beads woven into the silken, wavy locks, and bouncing off the curve of his sharp cheekbones and the white of his giant eye. The rest of his body was hidden in shadow; he seemed merged with the night behind him, and yet separate from it like a star or a flame, and Dipper was reminded once again that Bill Cipher was not a human being.
“Watching the stars, eh, Pinetree?” The demon asked casually, releasing the rope he was holding and sauntering across the railing without so much as swaying to abruptly sit down right next to where Dipper was standing. Dipper flinched back, as always uneasy around the other man. Bill was more like a wild animal than a man; he could be charming and friendly one moment, sure, but you could never predict when the sharp yellow teeth that grinned at you might meet in your throat. And yet, at the same time, he was beautiful. Dipper had met plenty of unpleasant people during his time at his great-uncle’s pawn shop or his few forays into the world of Gideon and Pacifica, but no one was as terrifying–or as beautiful–as Captain Cipher.
“Yes,” Dipper replied, biting back his urge to call Bill ‘sir’. It was a habit long engrained in him; it had been difficult to keep from calling the pirate that. Bill preferred ‘boss’, 'Captain’, and 'your Lordship’ if he was in a really bad mood.
Bill turned so he was sitting sideways on the railing and facing Dipper, swinging one leg over the railing and leaving it resting there. His wide black mouth quirked up at the corners into a grin. “Pretty, aren’t they. I figured you’d like them, considering who and what you are.” He poked Dipper’s forehead where the birthmark was hidden under his tousled brown hair, and Dipper couldn’t help but blush.
“I thought you were in the dining hall with the other men,” he said nonchalantly, brushing at the hair over his forehead. Bill laughed.
“I’m everywhere, Pinetree. Perks of being a demon, wouldn’t you say?”
“So you came out to see the stars too?” Dipper looked away from Bill and up at the sky.
Bill was eyeing Dipper like a predator eyeing prey when he replied. “You could say that.”
Dipper didn’t notice Bill’s gaze; he was busy watching clouds cross the bright face of the moon.
All of a sudden Bill caught hold of his chin and turned Dipper’s head to face him. His one eye glittered.
“Tell me something, Pinetree,” the demon said quietly.
Dipper gulped. “Y-yes?”
“Do you believe in a god? Any god, at all.”
Dipper blinked at how random the question was. To be honest, this was not something he’d ever thought about often. His father had been more interested in raising a businessman and a respectable daughter than really making sure they were devout in their religion, though both he and Mabel had been baptized and tutored in Catholicism, as most children in the area were. Mabel didn’t care much about religion, aside from the occasional prayer when she knew she was about to get in trouble, and he himself? No, he’d never cared for it in any way.
“I…suppose not really. I’m not very religious,” he explained. Were pirates religious? He knew they had some belief systems, featuring ocean monsters and sirens and water and weather gods, but he had no idea what they did or didn’t worship otherwise.
Bill’s eye glinted strangely. “You know what, Pinetree? Come with me.” He swung his long leg back over the railing, narrowly missing Dipper’s nose in the process, and started walking towards the stairs leading up to the poop deck.
“Where are we going?”
“To look at the stars.” Bill did that weird thing with his eyelid Dipper had come to understand was his way of winking. “Can’t see them well from down there. Come on, kid, walk like you’re actually interested in what I have to say!”
Flushing, Dipper scampered after the captain. In the darkness, it took a moment to locate him again; he was lying down on the support of the bonaventure mizzen. Dipper hovered awkwardly, unsure what to do now.
“Well?” Bill waved his hand to the space beside him. “Lie down, Pinetree.”
Thank god it was dark and Bill couldn’t see him turning red as a tomato. Cautiously, the young man sat down on the ebony and, after hesitating a moment, leaned himself back. His shoulder brushed Bill’s and he scooched away. “Sorry.”
“What for?” Bill asked, amused. The next thing Dipper knew, the captain was holding his hand, long gloved fingers interlaced in his shorter ones, his angular face turned towards Dipper. Now it was only starlight reflecting on his cheekbone and eye, and Dipper could feel his face growing hotter and hotter. He knew the captain was smirking at him—that seductive smirk, the playful one that threatened to ruin your life.
“Relax, kid.” Bill raised their clasped hands to the sky, pointing. “See that?”
“The Ursa Major. More specifically, the Big Dipper.”
Dipper nodded. Never in his life had he had trouble locating the Big Dipper; it was, after all, splashed across his head in little red spots. His eye just always went straight to it the moment he was told to look for it.
“Do you know the names of the stars in it?” Bill asked.
“Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth, Megrez, Phad, Merak and Dubhe,” Dipper replied with some degree of satisfaction, pointing to each star in turn from the handle of the pseudo-constellation to the front two stars of the bowl. “Merak and Dubhe point to Polaris, and that faint star right behind Mizar is Alcor. Considering how high it is in the sky, we must be getting pretty far southeast. Don’t exactly have a horizon at the moment though so I can’t measure our exact location.”
“Good, Pinetree. I’m actually glad you could pick out Alcor.” Bill released Dipper’s hand and put his own behind his head. “I’m going to tell you a story.”
“Do you know who the Aztecs were?”
“Um…” The name sounded somewhat familiar. “Weren’t they Indians? But further south. And…aren’t they gone?”
“Yes, they’re all gone,” the demon chuckled, though there was something strange in his tone when he said it. “They were Mesoamerican natives, in that area of the main continent between the Northern colonies and the Caribbean. The conquistadors—Spanish adventurers and explorers–essentially wiped them out in the 1500s.” Bill brushed some hair out of his face. “Well, at the very least they destroyed their culture and their capital city, crushed their empire, and enslaved most of them. Anyway, they believed in quite a few gods, but one of the most prevalent ones was Quetzalcoatl, the god of wind, life, the morning star, and a whole slew of other weird things no one paid a lot of attention to. If you ask anyone who knows Aztec history, they’ll just tell you the first three.”
“What a name,” Dipper mused.
“Oh, you should hear the rest of 'em if you think old 'Ketzal is bad. Anyway, see, Quetzalcoatl had a twin. A younger twin, but I’m sure if you asked him he’d say he was older.” He chuckled, then went on. “His name was Xolotl. And he was the god of death, the underworld, and the evening star. And also misery, lightning, twins, deformities, disease, monsters, and a few different kinds of corn. Also dogs. But anyway, these twins were worshiped—or at least Quetzalcoatl was. The Aztecs didn’t like twins. They usually killed the one born second, or whichever one was noticeably weaker. So you and your sister—you would have been the one to die. Except…you have that asterism on your head.” He leaned over and tapped Dipper’s forehead, watching the boy’s wide, staring eyes before leaning back down. “The Big Dipper was a god known as Tezcatlipoca. There were a few variants on Aztec myths—they changed a bit depending on where in the empire you were—but for the most part Tezcatlipoca was another important god, and Quetzalcoatl’s troublesome little brother.” He smiled. “So one day, tired of his brother’s antics, Quetzalcoatl just kind of threw Tezcatlipoca into the sky after turning him into a jaguar, and that’s it. That’s the Big Dipper.”
“Okay,” Dipper said after a moment, unsure if there was more to the story or not, or why he was even being told this. Nevermind that he kind of liked being alone with Bill—at least when he wasn’t trying to frighten him. “So the Big Dipper is Tezcatlipoca.”
“Ah, hold your horses, Pinetree, there’s more,” Bill said, grinning toothily. The starlight reflected off his large fangs, and Dipper, who had been about to sit up, relaxed again, both intrigued by the captain’s story and mildly concerned about why he was being given a mythology lesson. Was there something wrong with his navigating?
“But ya see, Pinetree,” Bill continued, “What humans THINK happened and what ACTUALLY happened are surprisingly DIFFERENT accounts. See, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl? They weren’t imaginary deities. They were real. And they had different names, but that’s another story for another time. They were twins, sure, and Xolotl was the…bitchier…twin, and Quetzalcoatl was the fancy and good and pure and righteous one. They weren’t from your world. They were from somewhere else. The came here because…huh.” He frowned. “Eh, there are gaps in my memory, but what are you gonna do when you have as much knowledge in your brain as I do, right, Pinetree?” He nudged Dipper with his elbow with a laugh, and Dipper smiled along, because it wasn’t a malicious laugh.
“Anyway, one day Quetzalcoatl got really mad at old Xolotl and they had a bit of a fight. In the process, a chunk of Xolotl got ripped off. It just so happened to be the part he usually used as a separate entity from himself, a smaller form that could run around doing things while he floated up in the stars being lazy. Cause, y'know, ethereal all-powerful inter-dimensional beings aren’t bound by the laws of reality and boringness you humans are.”
That didn’t make any sense, but Dipper just nodded. He could understand gods being different from humans—well, obviously—but what on earth was an inter-dimensionsal?
Bill laid there whistling absentmindedly for a moment before continuing, blinking up at the stars. “Where was I, Pinetree? Oh, right. The humans called it Tezcatlipoca and thought it was an entirely different god! But hey, you take what you can get, I guess. When it got ripped off, he couldn’t do that anymore—make it separate from him. In fact, he was weakened. Went completely psycho….more or less. And that piece of him turned right into stars so he could never get it back. ‘Cause, you know, he wasn’t exactly physical….eh, you wouldn’t understand the nuances. Just know that from then on, he was plotting his revenge on his brother. Ah, familial love.”
“Xolotl was the evil twin…so was he eventually defeated? That’s usually how these myths go.” Dipper spoke up. “Mythology is how humans understand the world around them. Good trumps evil, to give them a better—”
“Except this isn’t a myth, kid,” Bill said seriously, and Dipper went silent. “It’s as real as I am. As you are. It’s fact. Write that down in your journal.”
Dipper bit his lip and said nothing. How would Bill even know that? It was a fairytale, nothing more.
Then again—he wasn’t human. Anyone with eyes and a brain stem could tell THAT—whatever Bill was truly, he clearly wasn’t a human being and he had an abundance of supernatural things he could do, so if that wasn’t proof of the unnatural, Dipper didn’t know what was. Hell, didn’t he come on this ship for adventure? Hadn’t part of the lure been when Bill told him of sirens and krakens and other amazing, fantastical creatures out at sea? Admittedly, most of the lure had been Bill himself—simultaneously beautiful, fearsome, dangerous, graceful, hilarious, and serious. Even glamoured, he’d been irresistible. And the rest of the lure after that had been the promise of the sea.
“How do you know all this?” Dipper asked. “Were you there?”
“What? Nah. It’s just something you hear about when you’re a supernatural being,” Bill replied. “Everyone knows this story the same way you all know your own religions. You humans have just twisted it.”
Dipper fell silent, then eventually nodded. “Makes sense. Go on.”
“Fairytales have happy endings. Reality doesn’t. Quetzalcoatl had the love of humanity, Xolotl didn’t, and now Quetzalcoatl had gone and not only weakened, but seriously insulted and damaged Xolotl, so, Xolotl swore revenge. And he did it by trying to wipe out all the people who worshipped Quetzalcoatl, because, why not? He was never one to let something go un-killed.” Bill cracked a scary smile. “But speaking of killed, Quetzalcoatl got reeeeaaaal mad.”
“I can imagine.” Dipper said. “Did Xolotl die?” This was actually quite interesting.
“Nope. Worse. Xolotl wound up killing his brother by accident. Well, he’d intended to intensely humiliate, dethrone and absolutely seriously maim him, but he didn’t want his brother to DIE. Quetzalcoatl had held back because he didn’t want to hurt his brother–”
“Because Xoltol was missing part of his power, he was weaker?”
“Exactly, kid! You’re quick. But yeah, Quetzalcoatl held back, but he severely underestimated Xolotl, and they fought, and Quetzalcoatl got his ass handed to him. Quetzalcoatl figured Xolotl hadn’t truly aimed to murder him, but that didn’t stop him from cursing his brother to suffer. Because they were twins, forming spontaneously side by side, they shared power, and one was lesser without the other. Quetzalcoatl promised that with him, over half of Xolotl’s power would die, and he would lose part of himself. Xolotl would never be powerful or whole again until he atoned for what he’d just done. And to do that, he would have to search for the rest of his power by following the Ursa Major—the only remnant of his power left, just forever out of reach. Except the catch, because Quetzalcoatl was as good with tricks and shady deals as his brother, was that until he DESERVED it, he would never be able to FIND it.” Bill snorted.
“Oh, wow.” Dipper said.
“And so Xolotl grew weaker and weaker. He couldn’t defeat the Spanish—though he really didn’t even try if I’m being entirely honest with you, he was too angry—and when people forgot about him, he lost his ability to appear in your world. But he’s still out there, make no mistake—pursuing the Ursa Major. That’s why it’s the constellation everyone uses to navigate, and it’s why someone like you, who happens the wear the darn thing on their head, is so coincidentally perfect as a navigator.” He grinned. “And, on the subject of the Big Dipper, most of the stories about it say Mizar and Alcor are twins. Which is ironic considering it’s Tezcatlipoca. Who is Xolotl. Who is the god of twins! Some say that Xolotl and Quetzalcoatl ARE Mizar and Alcor–or that a little bit of Quetzalcoatl’s soul went into the star Mizar when he died, and when Xolotl lost power, a little bit of him went into Alcor. Funny how everything fits so nicely together.”
Dipper managed a smile. He really wasn’t sure what the point of this had been, but it hasn’t been unpleasant. In fact…he had enjoyed this insight into the captain’s strange mind. “Do YOU think they are?”
Bill seemed surprised Dipper was asking him a question. “I don’t know, Pinetree. Maybe! Maybe those are their real names…” He laughed quietly to himself. “Which one is which, then?”
“Well, are Mizar and Alcor both male?”
“No, one is always a female, although it switches depending on who’s telling what story. Mizar is generally the female.”
“So then….I think Xolotl is Alcor, and Mizar is Quetzalcoatl. The names just seem to…fit.” Dipper said. “What do you think?”
“I think I like the way you think, kid.” Bill sat up and patted Dipper’s shoulder. “Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about the moon!” He stood and gripped ahold of the rigging of the mizzen as though he planned on simply hauling himself up into the air. Dipper sat up.
“Wait, you’re leaving?”
“Well, yeah, it’s almost midnight,” Bill replied, shrugging, and quite literally pirouetted from the mizzen’s rope to the deck railing. Dipper lurched forward, as always alarmed by Bill’s habit of standing on unsafe surfaces, but as always he was completely fine.
“What exactly are you?” He asked breathlessly. It was something that had been gnawing at him, but he had never been able to catch the man in a good enough mood to ask it. “You said you’re a demon but—”
“Ooh, curious, are we? I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”
He winked at Dipper’s scandalized expression, then hopped off onto the deck and started walking down the stairs. “Get some sleep, kid. The answers can wait until another day; I promise I’m not going anywhere.”
And then he had disappeared into his cabin, leaving Dipper sitting alone under the stars.


I’m feeling much better. It’s been 10 days since he and I last spoke and it’s getting easier. 

Last night, I went out to Greenport with some of my closest friends and it was exactly what I needed. We visited a cute little vintage shop, followed by a trip to the candy store, and then dinner at Lucheritos. 

My favorite part, though, was when we left the restaurant in a drunken stupor. We paired up and linked arms so we wouldn’t fall in our asses. 

As we made our way to the car, I had a moment where I tuned everything out and listened to the Peconic River roaring in the background. Then, I closed my eyes and suddenly, all of these wonderful memories of me and Lucas came to me and it made me happy. 

I know I’ve been placing a lot of the blame on myself and that’s not fair to anyone. I had my faults. He had his. We tried, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. 

He’s a good guy, one of the best, but I just couldn’t get him to let me in all the way, and that’s on him, but I’m so lucky to have shared so many wonderful memories with him. Here’s one: 

After we matched up on Tinder (Gross, I know), we spent most of September communicating through the app. After we decided neither was axe murderer, we exchanged phone numbers. We would text each other all the time. Eventually, I started recommending certain movies and music. ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ was not a success, but he did enjoy Yo La Tengo’s “Autumn Sweater.” After our third date, I told him, “That song sounds so much better now that I have you.”

Chanbaek during the V-special

Let’s just say seeing this was a great Christmas present~ 

I didn’t see it live but, I still saw it and I died a bit. Just a bit because there weren’t too many moments but it was good enough for me.

Fabulous entrance by Chanbaek and Suho who seems to be in the middle of Chanbaek, a lot.

Sitting next to each other while Suho was on his own little island cast far far away~

Stares plus eye contact~

When they talk so seriously together like this, I wonder if Suho feels left out XD

When the bae is talking, you gotta give him your full attention~

And my favorite part~

(note: He didn’t pinch his nose, he just took it off, but maybe he pinched it idk the action was really fast)

(Note: Baekhyun had asked if he looked ok, and Chanyeol replied with yes)

Caring boyfriend and shy Baekkie spotted! (OMG how Chanyeol said “Just take it off!” To Baekhyun was so cute! He knows when Baekkie is uncomfortable~) Lol Suho is just like, “Guys I’m still here” with that blank look on his face, I feel so bad for him >3<

Just being dorks :P

*chokes* T-t-the height difference!! Baekhyun looks so tiny compared to Chanyeol! I cannot, someone help me.

Anyway hope you guys had a great Christmas and got lots of kpop merch >3< but this was all I needed for Christmas how about you? 

No snow from where I live *sobs* I saw Chanyeol’s video on insta, the snow is so pretty~ 

Merry Christmas/Merry ex-mas/Merry pre-mas~ (depending on where you live)