i left my heart on the dance floor

Hope you liked getting dragged down stairs

I am the supervisor of a very large nightclub and 9 times out of 10 when we preform an eviction it is verbal (easy and no paper work) but every now and then some asshole requests to be physically evicted as a gag to show off to his friends.

When someone requests to get physically removed from a night club they either try and have a fist fight with us or go completely dead weight, which makes people incredibly difficult to drag/pick up and ultimately remove.

Anyway, this guy was acting aggressive trying to start fights and as a patron pointed out the male, i saw him and his firends first handedly try and instigate one with a guy sitting down minding his own business.

I approach him and asked him what the problem was and he replied with “the guy looked at me funny”. I tell him to “grow up and it’s time to leave” , his mate yells “go dead weight haha”

After 5 minutes of trying to convince him to walk out the door and call it a night he tells us to go fuck ourselves and if we want him out we have to drag him out.

As I grab his arm and my offsider grabs the other, he drops all of his weight to the floor, we then proceed to drag him, i then see the dance floor to my left so we then decide to go slightly out of our way and drag him through the dance floor (absolutely soaking his clothes in nightclub goodness) we then approach the top of the stairs.. This is when he decides to have a change of heart and states “he will walk the rest of the way” , which I reply with “the fuck you will” and then we proceeded to drag him down the 2 flights of fire exit stairs.

By the time we completed the eviction he had a lot of bumps and his clothes were completley ruined.

Edit: he was dragged down the stairs by his arms therefore meaning he was pretty much sliding on his back, he didn’t get dragged by his legs lol


Lady Gaga  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Don’t look at me like that.”
  • “You were a perfect illusion.”
  • “I’ve had a little bit too much.”
  • “I don’t wanna think anymore.”
  • “Could we fix you if you broke?”
  • “I’ll follow you until you love me.”
  • “Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell.”
  • “I’ve never seen one like that before.”
  • “Boy, now get your paws right off me.”
  • “Enough is enough of this horse shit!”
  • “I want your ugly. I want your disease.”
  • “Don’t be scared. I’ve done this before.”
  • “I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got.”
  • “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.”
  • “You and me could write a bad romance.”
  • “Sorry I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy…”
  • “Open up your heart and your mind to me.”
  • “You’ve left me speechless, so speechless.”
  • “But, I just can’t be with you like this anymore.”
  • “I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are.”
  • “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.”
  • “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”
  • “We don’t care what people say, we know the truth.”
  • “And, baby, when it’s love, if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.”
  • “I can’t help myself… I’m addicted to a life of material.”   
  • “You know that I want you. And you know that I need you.”
  • “Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you’re set.”
  • “You should’ve made some plans with me. You knew that I was free.”

I didn’t know what to feel when you told me it didn’t feel the same anymore. I thought our love was anchored 1,000 feet deep into our sea of lust and I thought we gave each other everything. I swear you told me a million times we were right for each other and that nothing else felt so real. Even on the nights that bourbon lullabies sang you to sleep and crazed images of cigarettes were all you craved, we found a way back to each other. You danced me into a love so real, so indulgent, and my lips never stopped tasting you.

I didn’t know what to say when I came home and you were packing your belongings. All those late night conversations and prescription medications lingered with me after you walked out that door. You pierced me in my most vulnerable places, and now I’m left bleeding on these wooden floors without your words stitching me up.

I don’t know why it’s two years later and your voicemails still put me in comas. I can’t tell you why my heart still aches or why your side of the bed is still waiting for you. Your touch gave me infinite butterflies, and now my stomach is empty.

Bestfriend Trouble (2/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s part 2 of Bestfriend Trouble! A lot of things are going to happen for this one. I hope you guys like this! Warning: This might be too cheesy for other people, especially near the end. HAHAHA. Enjoy!

Request: Can u do a imagine where Zach takes you to the dance and y'all do cute things like slow dance and all that.. and u can end it how u like it.


“Will you go with me, as my date, to the winter formal?” Zach finally asks after 10 minutes of clearing his throat, coughing and stalling. I laugh at him in response.

“Yeah, duh. Who else will I go with? You’re obliged to ask me since I’m your best friend.” I answer and he stares at me for a while with a confused look on his face.

“Well with that kind of reasoning, I should be asking Justin to the dance too since he’s also my bestfriend.” he mumbles under his breath but loud enough for me to hear while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, Zach? I don’t get why you’re acting so odd for the past couple of days.” I reply as I lean back on my chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. He turns to face me and lets out a deep sigh.

“Look, I’m not asking you to the dance because I have to or because it’s my responsibility as your best friend.” he begins, adding finger quotations as he says the words “best friend”.

“I’m asking you to the dance because I genuinely want to go with you, Y/N. No one else, just you. Only you.” he continues and I give him a small smile.

“Alright, fine, okay, I’ll go to the dance with you. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.” I answer and he groans in frustration.

“Please don’t say yes because you don’t have a choice. Please don’t say yes if you feel like you’re just doing me a favor.” he says as he rubs the sides of his temples. I raise an eyebrow at him and shake my head before speaking.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, yes, I will go to the winter formal with you Mr. Zachary Dempsey. It will be my absolute pleasure to be your date.” I finally say and he lifts up his head to face me. There was a certain sparkle in his eyes, like he was ecstatic that I agreed to go with him to the dance.

The rest of Zach and I’s time in Monet’s was nothing out of the ordinary. After the whole conversation about the dance, we just got on with typical best friend stuff. He got us more food - celebratory pastries as Zach liked to call them - and he dropped me home after that.

There were only a few days left until the winter formal and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for it. If I’m being completely honest, I was excited to go to the dance and I was hoping - even to the point of praying - for Zach to ask me to be his date. However, I didn’t want to let anyone know just in case everything goes to hell. I didn’t want to expect anything because expectations lead you to disappointments. Fortunately, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Gods have listened to my prayers because so far, everything’s going great.


The night of the winter formal

Getting ready for a school dance is the most tedious task there is. You need the perfect dress and the right hairstyle to go with that dress. Not to mention your shoes also need to be flawless.

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I Won’t Say pt. 2 (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: Part two of I Won’t Stay, where Jughead and Y/N go to the dance together but ditch.

-Jughead Jones x Reader

-Request? Yep.

-Word Count: 1110

-Warnings: none

-A/N: Jughead is living in the drive in still for this one, it fits better with the story.

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl@xbobaaa , @flowercrown-bucky ,


Jughead’s POV

If I was being honest, I was quite nervous. I was supposed to be picking up Y/N in thirty minutes for the school dance that she asked me to. Dances aren’t my thing, but I wasn’t about to say no to a chance with Y/N, even though everything in my head was telling me that I should do otherwise, that anything to do with relationships is a waste, because someone always gets hurt in the end. But I ignored it, and decided I’m gonna do what my heart wants for once. She is the one who asked me after all.  Or had I misinterpreted it? Was she asking me as a friend? I hoped not.

I shook the thoughts from my head and grabbed my phone and left the drive in, locking the door to the place behind me. After about twenty minutes I arrived at Y/N’s house; I was ten minutes early, but that didn’t matter, she usually gets ready for things super quick. I sent her a quick text telling her I was here, opting not to knock on the door and having to face her nosy mother.

I may love Y/N, but that does not mean I have to like her parents.

No, I’m still not admitting that I love her.

After a minute or two, the door opened up to a smiling Y/N. I couldn’t help but smile back, she had the most beautiful smile.

“Ready to go?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Let’s go.”

When we arrived at school, we immediately found our group of friends. They all greeted us and the evening went on with us just talking and drinking the punch that had not yet been spiked by Reggie. I was getting kind of bored after about two hours, Y/N and I just sitting down, watching everybody dancing.

Then, the slow dance came on.

I sat there for a couple of seconds, debating whether I should ask her to dance. It would be rude if I didn’t, but also risky if I did. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and finally said it:

“Do you want to dance?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Thought you’d never ask.”

I stood up and held my hand out to her, she took it and I led her to the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. She placed her arms around my neck, and I carefully placed my hands on her waist, my heart racing from how close we were in proximity. It felt like we were just stood there, staring at each other, no cares in the world. Before we knew it the song was over and we parted awkwardly, not saying a word.

She spoke up, “This dance is boring, wanna leave?”

I nodded and we left, not even telling any of our friends goodbye. We made our way to our ‘secret spot’, otherwise known as the tree house in the back yard of Y/N’s house. We hadn’t been up here in a while. We had been so wrapped up in the investigation into Jason Blossom’s murder and the Blue and Gold that we hadn’t really had time to properly hang out in our spot. We used to come here once a week, as a tradition. We’d made a silly pact when we were younger that we would only be best friends if we met there every week. We would play card games and board games to keep ourselves amused. It was what I looked forward to every week.

When she pulled out Cluedo from the stack of board games I laughed, “Hopefully we can actually solve this murder.”

She laughed, “Shut up you goof.”

Although it was dark and there was very little light in the tree house, our eyes adjusted and we sat down and set up everything and started playing. About half way into the game, I couldn’t help myself but to say, “I’ve missed this.”

She looked up from her cards, “The game or us hanging out?”

I rolled my eyes, “The second one obviously.”

She smiled, “Me too,” she said sincerely, then she went back to the game, “I think I’m gonna accuse.”

I shook my head, “You can’t possibly know who it is!”

She smirked, “Was it scarlet, with the pistol, in the bedroom?”

I looked down at my cards, knowing that I didn’t have any of those, and she had in fact won. I groaned and threw my cards down, and she laughed.

“You chose this game cause you always win at it, cheater,” I say, teasing her.

“Hey! It’s not my fault you suck at it!” She said laughing.

After we had packed the game up, too tired for another game, she sat back down next to me. It was quiet for a moment until Y/N spoke up again, “How have you been? You know, besides everything.”

I shrugged, “Fine, haven’t really had much time to think about anything else.”

Y/N nodded, “I get what you mean, I haven’t really had a moment to myself either, which made me enjoy tonight a hundred times more, because I got to spend time with you, like we used to,” she smiled fondly.

We sat there, in the dark tree house, just staring at each other. Thanks to my lack of control, my eyes flickered to her lips for a split second. I love her. I’m in love with her.

“I, uh…” I trailed off, not really knowing where I was going with my words. I didn’t really want to finish my sentence, because admitting it means being vulnerable, it means putting myself at risk for being hurt by the ones you love. I already knew how that felt. But I didn’t have to admit anything if I just showed her instead.

So I kissed her.

It was like the world stopped spinning. Her lips connected with mine in the most luxurious way that I felt like I was going dizzy. Everything made sense. I had no idea how much I had wanted this until now.

It felt like a lifetime until we pulled apart, and when we did I had to say it, “I love you.”

She inhaled a deep breath, looking like she was still recovering from what had just happened, “I-I love you too Jughead, I always have.”

“You have?” I ask, shocked.

She nods her head and places her hand on my cheek, smiling, “How could I not love you? You’ve always been here for me when no- one else was.”

I couldn’t even come up with a reply, I was just filled with relief.

So instead, I kissed her again.

Tough Love (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,881

Warnings: SMUT (not full but definiely NSFW), Swears

Authors Note: This story doesn’t have a really entriguing plot line? It’s just a bunch of angst that I felt like writing to give you guys something while I finish writing all of my Daveed fics. Thank you for being patient. I love yall! Also it is one thing to read smut but another to write it. It was really awkward so I had to take baby steps. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY FIC, GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS!!!

not even requested (lol)


“It’s over!” you screamed to Philip, this must’ve been the 3rd time you said these exact words in the past month. “You tell me that every time baby, but you always come crawling back.” he said back at you, as you tried to shove all of your belongings into a tote. “Have I ever told you that you’re an arrogant son of a bitch?” you shot back at him. “Yeah? Well you are the most clingy ass hat I’ve ever met.” he said back, just as angrily. “You know what? Sorry. Sorry that I ever cared for you, sorry that I wasted your damn time Philip.” You spat back at him before leaving his apartment. “The only waste of my time is this fight. I know you’ll be back by tomorrow.” he yelled at you before slamming his door shut. This was what your relationship had ended up as. It wasn’t always like this. At first it was all lovey dovey, the honeymoon phase. It ended as soon as it started. Philip was his flirty self, and you were clingy. Always needing reassurance that he returned your feelings, always making sure he hadn’t found somebody else. He was outgoing and you were reserved. It was a miracle that you two had even gotten together. It was also true that you always caved in after a fight. You always went back to him begging for forgiveness when you weren’t the one at fault, always forgave him for whatever he did. Every time you promised you wouldn’t go back, every time you did. This time it was different. You were tired of being in a one sided relationship, tired of giving him everything you had only for him to give you half. You didn’t go back.

“Y/N let’s go out tonight!” Your best friend said. You hadn’t moved from your bed since you broke things off with Philip. It was past a week, and by this point you usually caved. It took alot out of you to keep away from him. It was weird to break the cycle. “I dunno.” you mumbled from under the covers. “You need to get over him. He never deserved you.” your friend said as she made her way to your bed and sat on the corner. She moved the covers a bit and gave your shoulder a rub. It was true, everybody told you that he didn’t deserve you but you felt as if you didn’t deserve him. You were the sweetheart, always seeing the good side of people. Philip was the player, always taking advantage of others. He took advantage of your sweetness, and you saw the good side of him. “Please?” your friend whined. You decided it was enough, you were tired of letting Philip have this power over you. even after you called it quits. “Ok.” you said sitting up.

You put on your tightest, most short dress you had in your closet and looked in the mirror. Holy shit, you felt amazing. When was the last time you even wore this dress? You made your way to your shoe rack and chose your highest heels and wiggled your feet into them. “Oh my god. You look hot.” your friend said as she stuck her head out of the bathroom. “I know.” you giggled.

You two headed out, and managed to get a taxi on a busy friday night. Once at the club, your friend went to the dance floor, and you sat at the bar sipping on some champagne. You looked around enjoying the scenery, you hadn’t left the house for a week afterall. That was when your heart jumped to your throat. He was here. Philip was at the other side of the bar. He looked distressed, running a hand through his wavy hair. Bags under his eyes, signaling he hadn’t slept in some time. He looked up, and your eyes locked with his. You froze, you didn’t know what to do. Before you could run into the dance floor and get lost, he got up and made his way over to you. “Y/N.” he said sitting in the stool next to you. You couldn’t respond. “You look beautiful.” he said stirring his drink. “Couldn’t say the same for you.” you managed out. He slightly chuckled. “I haven’t slept for a week, what did you expect?” He replied. “Why haven’t you slept? You did plenty of times when we were together? Remember that time you missed our one year anniversary plans because you slept through it?” you replied, feeling bitter. “I haven’t slept because you aren’t by my side when I wake up. I forget that you left me and I wake up disappointed.” he said simply. Your breath got stuck in your throat. “Philip. Stop.” you say, looking away. “What am I doing?” he asked back. “You know what you’re doing, you always do this.” you say trying your best not to fall back into him. He had a way with words, and he knew how to use it. You had fallen in love with him and what he said. It was hard not to fall back into love with him the same way. “Please, come back.” he almost pleaded. “Fine.” you say, a spark of hope rose to Philip’s eyes. “I have things at your place I want back anyways.” you say trying not to let your walls fall. He looked down in disappointment, but led you out of the club.

Once at his apartment you gathered all of your remaining items into a paper bag. You looked around and remembered every memory the apartment held for you. You were interrupted from your thoughts when Philip cleared his throat behind you. You whipped around and saw Philip’s eyes traveling up and down your body. You rolled your eyes and tried to exit the room. Philip grabbed your arm, and you felt electricity in the places where he touched. “Please. Don’t go.” he whispered. “I- I can’t stay.” you say trying to keep yourself from giving in to him. It was so hard. You wanted to, but you knew if you did you would end up hurt again, and you were tired of it. “Why not?” Philip tugged a bit on your arm so you faced him. His eyes were glossy.”Our love is so hard Philip, It’s rare that we don’t go a month without fighting.” you say. “But every time we fight we end up together again, It just shows our love is tough Y/N. Easy love is for the unpassionate. Our love is so much more than that.” he argued back. “Yes, but I always end up hurt Philip, everytime we fight.” you said unable to meet his eyes. “I won’t let that happen.” He replied. “How can you say that? We do this so many times, and everytime I end up hurt Philip. What is different about this time?” you say slightly raising your voice. He didn’t answer. “Exactly. There’s nothing different.” you answer yourself and move past him to the door. Just as you were turning the doorknob he answered you. “Want to know what is different Y/N? Every time you come back to me, but this time it’s me going to you. I’m the one who is hurting, the one who can’t sleep. When you didn’t come back, it hit me. I lost you, I lost the thing that mattered most to me. When you were mine I never realized how good you were, you were always under my spell but you broke out of it. And I screwed up. When you were gone, I realized that I loved you more than anything else in this world. I realized who I am. I am nothing without you Y/N. Please.” He began to cry, tears rolling down his freckled cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.” He began to sob as you stood in shock by the door. It was rare that Philip was left vulnerable. He was crying too hard to realize you had dropped your bag and walked over to him. You took your thumb and ran it across his cheek to wipe away his tears. He raised his gaze to you. “Is that how you really feel Philip? Please tell me it’s true. Please. I want to believe you so badly.” you pleaded. “Y/N. I promise, I-” you gave in at that. You shut him up by pressing your lips to his slightly. They fit together like puzzle pieces. His hands began to roam your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck trying to pull him closer even though your body was already flush against his. You moved your lips to his jaw then to his neck leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck. He gasped at the contact. “Y/N- I love you so much.” he managed to get out. You slowly started to undo his button down revealing his toned chest. You pressed your hand against his chest and moved your lips back onto his kissing him harder than before. Philip backed you up into a wall and his arms made their way to your butt, and began to grab at your thighs. On command you jumped slightly and wrapped your legs around his torso. He led you to the bed without ever breaking contact. He laid you down and hovered over you, admiring you and savoring the moment. Your noses were touching and he stared into your eyes, “God you’re so beautiful.” he whispered, you couldn’t help but blush. He quickly put his lips against yours again and began unzipping your dress. You raised your butt slightly so he could work it off your body. That left you in your matching set of navy blue underwear. He moved down, removing your bra, kissing your chest and stomach. When he reached your thighs, he gently traced over your stretch marks. He loved those especially. He slipped off your panties, leaving you exposed. When he made his way back up, you began to unbutton the rest of his shirt and tossed it off. Your hand reached into his pants, and rubbed slightly against the fabric of his underwear. He moaned into the kiss and you smiled. He broke the kiss to unbutton his pants, and slip them off along with his briefs. He kissed the tip of your nose before lining himself up. “Are you sure Y/N?” he asked you. “Please Philip, I need you.” You whimpered.

The next morning you woke  up wrapped in Philip’s arms. He was already awake just admiring your beauty, he brushed stray hairs from your face. “Morning beautiful.” he whispered into your ear before placing a kiss behind it. “Morning handsome.” you replied turning to face him. You hadn’t woken up like this since the honeymoon phase. “I’ve missed this.” you admitted. “You won’t ever wake up another way.” he promised pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. You snuggled into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you once more. It was true, you had given in to him, but when you gave in to him, you also gave in to love. This time you were willing to get hurt. Willing because you loved Philip more than you realized. Willing  because easy love wasn’t love at all.

perfect first kiss

I found this in my unfinished works. I’m posting as is and you guys let me know if you want a part 2

Cesaro/so much fluff

We had been friends for some time. Cesaro was always there for me. Ready to celebrate my achievements and pick me up after my failures. I loved him. It took me a while to realize that I liked him as more than a friend but once I did there was no going back. It just hit me as I watched some girl hit on him at the bar. I wanted to knock her teeth out, then I was confused as to why I wanted to knock her teeth out.

I knew he would never see me the same way. Yes, he was a kind and loving man, perfectly willing to look over my numerous flaws to be my friend, but his lover? No way. He was sophisticated, funny, sexy and always on top of everything. I, well I once literally left the hotel without my suitcase. I was, I still am a mess. I forget what I’m doing, get randomly excited and loud over silly things, and my socks haven’t matched since I was 12 and my mom stopped doing my laundry.  Then over Christmas I had to much to drink. I didn’t drink often so it didn’t take much.  Sami and I were dancing and having fun and I just had more than I should. Not enough to be sloppy drunk but enough to loosen my tongue

“You don’t have to walk me back to my room Cesaro” I laughed as he left the the ballroom with me “I’m just a bit tipsy and very tired. I’m sure I can get to the 4th floor just fine

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder making my heart race “I have not doubts that you can. I was leaving anyway and we are on the same floor, so maybe instead you are walking me back to my room”  

We entered the elevator and he pressed the floor number as I leaned back against the wall to take off my shoes

“You looked like you were having fun tonight” He caught me as I lost my balance getting my shoe off “you and Sami seem to enjoy each other’s company”

I got my shoes off and let go of his arm “Yeah, he reminds me of my baby brother.” the doors opened on the elevator “and I decided to not letting being alone on yet another holiday bother me” We stepped from the elevator and headed towards our rooms

“I’m glad to hear it, I know last year you were rather upset” He followed me past his own room.

I sighed as I dug through my bag looking for my key “Oh, yeah” that was the night I had realized how much I cared for him. It had hit me hard and made me a bit emotional “well last year was extenuating circumstances” I mumbled getting annoyed at my lack of key

“Really?” He watched me fumble through my bag “You never told me that, I thought it was just not having someone.”

“Watching you and that women flirt all night didn’t help” I continued to root around my purse

“Why would that bother you?” He reached out touching my arm

“That was the moment I realized I care for you as more than a friend, but I’ll never be as beautiful as that woman was and you’ll never feel the same so I got upset” I found the key and held it up with a triumphant HA, then stopped realizing what I had just said. “Well good night” I opened the door but he took my hand stopping me from just walking away “I’m sorry, please forget I said that, I’m tired and tipsy and please just forget it” I whispered trying to pull away.

“Hey” He pulled me to him as I hid my face in his chest. I couldn’t look at him. I felt him wrap one arm around my wait as the other stroked through my hair.  Here he was trying to comfort me

“Just please don’t stop being my friend?” I mumbled into his chest

He moved his hand from my hair tilting my chin up so I had to look at him “I have been a complete idiot.” he whispered “(Y/N)” he cupped my face and leaned his forehead against mine. “I am going to show you how wrong you are” his nose rubbed against mine as he moved to place a gentle kiss at the corners of my lips. “You mean the world to me” I could feel the outline of his lips against mine but he didn’t move in, didn’t kiss me

“Really?” I finally managed to breath out

“Yes, and I will prove it” he pulled me tighter to him “spend new year’s with me?”

My heart raced. I wanted to move that last bit to kiss him, more I wanted him to do it. “We always spend new years together”

“But this year is going to be different. I promise” His thumb stroked over my cheek

“OK” I was lost in his gaze, trying to will him into kissing me. We stood in the hallway him holding me close staring at each other “are you going to kiss me?” I finally asked, making him smile.

“Not yet. It has to be perfect” with that he he kissed my forehead, stepped back and kissed my hand “good night” he smiled and left for his own room leaving me confused and and turned on. I went into my room stripped and crawled into bed.

That was odd, did someone drug my drink? That did not just happen

It took a few hours of tossing and turning to fall asleep. The next morning I woke up and decided it was a dream. The entire thing made no sense, then there was a knock at my door. Who could that be  I threw on a robe and answered for room service. “I didn’t order anything”

“Yes ma’am, the order was placed for you” he handed me a note with a rose. Inside was his perfect handwriting

(y/n) I knew you were heading out to be with your sister and not traveling with us this week. I had to leave early to catch my flight. I will see you on the 31st and I can hardly wait. I am going to make up to you not seeing earlier that you care for me as I do for you. I hope you have a lovely trip

Antonio Cesaro

P.S. Yes, it is happening

A Thousand Years

Summary : Joe is a vampire and you managed to attract him by your blood. 

A/N :  Hello! So sorry it took long, I was on massive writers block and was busy watching Riverdale. But here it is! Hope you liked it! I’m planning on making a part 2 if you guys liked it. If you did enjoy it and want a part 2, don’t hesitate to message me ‘cause that means that you actually like this :) T’il next time!

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Is all he can think of what your blood smells like. The sweet, delicious scent of your blood drives him crazy and god, he wishes he could just pierce his teeth into the junction of your neck and shoulder. But he has to restrain himself. Think of a tactic that would make you approach him. That red stain on your lips just instantly reminds him of your blood, those shiny red lips. That crimson liquid that runs through your veins, he needs that.

He can’t just dip into your neck and drink, what a sight it would be. He can’t expose himself, what he is. The music was blaring through the speakers as drunk bodies danced to the beat. Jack has once again, persuaded him to go out and maybe find someone to drink as well. He hates himself for being so easily persuaded. Knowing that his mates would be more successful in getting a meal than him.

Standing up from the bar stool you were sat on, with alcohol running through your system. You see a red velvet curtain and stumbling, you thought that maybe Josh was there. Looking for your friend who promised not to leave you. Since your friend Josh was the one with the uber card and the money, and he just convinced you to go with him when all you were planning was to stay at home, cuddled up in your fluffy duvet with a movie on and a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s when you see a tall male, with blonde hair. “What do you think you’re doing here? This is strictly for VIP.” Caspar snarls, and you back away with a stumble from his snarl. Looking down in shame, your fingers fumbling with each other as you avoided his gaze.

“I-I’m sorry … I was just looking for my friend Josh.” You explained, picking on the black nail polish painted on your nails to make yourself looking occupied.

“Well what makes you think he’d be here?” Caspar raises an eyebrow at you, a scowl covering his face. Biting your lip, murmurming a quiet sorry. He was scary, and you didn’t want to mess with him one bit. He kinda reminds you of Josh, your tall ginger friend since he was tall like him. “You’ve got some nerve –” Caspar spits.

“Lay off her Caspar.” He says, cutting off his friend, tilting his head in curiousity. You see him, he’s shorter than the blonde one - Caspar - you think is his name. He was sat down on the black couch, with his forefinger and thumb pinching his bottom lips that you noticed were pink. Clad with a grey shirt beneath a black leather jacket, paired with black ripped skinny jeans. “What’s your name?” He questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Y/N …” You reply. In hopes that he wouldn’t be mean as how Caspar was to you when you accidentally stumbled in the VIP area.


He didn’t have to do anything to make you approach him, it was you who decided to come to him. Finally, he can get a taste of your blood. Ignoring his best mate who was giving him a disbelief look. Shutting his eyes momentarily in order to restrain himself from having a frenzy, he speaks “Come.” Offering you his hand, a small smirk covering his lips.

“Joe? What the fuck? Are you being seri –” Caspar starts, giving his friend a ‘What the fuck’ look.

Joe, didn’t care one bit at how his friend was saying. Caspar knew that Joe didn’t being liked to be bombarded with questions. So Joe repeats himself, crystal blue eyes staring back at you. “Come.” So you oblige, walking towards the male with your heels clanking against the floor.

You don’t know what’s so compelling about him, what makes you feel the need to go to him. So you think - why not? It’s probably because of the alcohol you had consumed. When you settle your palm against his, you shiver, at the cold contact of his hand and you wonder if there’s a heater around 'cause you were honestly getting chilly and you wonder that’s the reason why his hand is so cold.

Sitting down on the space beside him - Joe, you think his name is - drapes an arm on the back rest of the couch, gazing intently at you with a smirk. Tilting his body so he could face you. “You came here with a friend, yes?”

Nodding your head, you reply “Yeah, his name’s Josh. He left me at the bar to dance with a girl.” You think back to when Josh was paying you a cocktail while both of you were sat on the stool, a girl approached him inviting him for a dance on the dance floor. A little while later, you didn’t see him anymore so that’s why you appeared inside the VIP area.

“He’s the ginger one yeah? He’s in good hands, he left with Kylie.” Joe replied with a shrug of his shoulders, causing your jaw to drop at his words.

“That prick!” You gasped, annoyed and pissed at your friend who promised to stay with you. “He promised that he wouldn’t leave me here! Oh my god. How am I going to get home?!” You start to panic and that alarmed Joe because your heart was pumping faster and that meant your blood was rushing.

Grasping your wrist when you were about to stand up, he says “I’ll take you home, Sit.” And you obey, sitting back down on the spot beside him. This time you got to look at him properly. A lad with a defined jaw with a mole on his left, dirty blonde hair, and his eyes. God, his eyes. They were a beautiful ocean blue and you swear you saw specks of red together with the blue.

“You’re pretty.” You smiled lazily, and this time, you insanely drunk.

Joe grins, “Thank you, doll.” Amused by how you were acting. He found it quite funny how you act when you’re drunk.


Joe can’t take it anymore. He has to taste you, he needs to.

“May I bite you?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. He was afraid you’d say no, him being a complete stranger and all. He wishes you would say yes. Pursing your lips in thought, he bites his in hopes that he would get a yes.

“Bite me? That sounds kinky. But sure, where do you - Oh!” Before you could even complete your sentence, in a blink of an eye, you were sat on his lap. His thighs were strong - you noticed - he must be working out.

You feel his breath, against the back of your neck which makes the goosebumps rise of your skin. Joe swipes your hair on the other side of your neck, internally grinning and bouncing with joy when he will finally get a taste of that sweet, delicious blood of yours.

He starts by pressing a few small kisses on your neck, prepping you for the incoming impact. You exhale shakily at the feel of his lips against your skin, and it felt good.

He bites.

You were expecting a gentle bite, but what you received was completely different from it. You whimper. It was probably your first ever hardcore hickey you were gonna get and you didn’t expect it to be that painful at least.

Joe’s fangs pierced into your skin and once his tongue met with your blood, he groaned in delight. Sucking your delicious blood, that was finally filling his need. He was sure that your blood was extraordinary, your blood was the sweetest from all the different once he’s tasted.

It’s when your eyes start to drop that Joe had to force himself to stop. You pass out.

He sighs, watching you sleep in his bed. Your blood satisfied his blood lust, but he knows that with his mark planted on your neck, you were his and only his. His scent would be on you that no vampire would ever approach you. But he can’t throw you out once you awaken, he’s sure he picked up the scent of something bad, something that is not good. So he decides, if he keeps biting, then he’ll be able to keep that thing away from you.

With him being the eldest, nobody wanted to get on his bad side. He was scary when he’s angry and nobody wanted to trigger it. It’s when he hears a swoosh inside his sitting room, revealing a red - eyed Maddie. To the boys, Maddie was their like mother figure, you know - keeping them out of harm and was the one taking care of them.

“What’re you doing here?” Joe questions the blonde with a raised eyebrow, seeing Maddie shrug her shoulders before stepping around his sitting room.

“I can smell her.” Maddie states.

It took Joe as while to get used to Maddie 'cause it’s been a while since Caspar’s started dating again. But either way, he was glad to have Maddie around 'cause she brings them wise advice.

“I know you can.” Joe says in reply, shrugging off his denim jacket and hung the piece of clothing on a clothes hook. Taking a seat on his huge grey sofa, he sighs. “You understand why she’s here right?”

Maddie nods, taking a seat beside Joe. “Your scent’s on her.”

When you wake up, you were sure it wasn’t your room. Sitting up from the bed you lay, your eyes roamed the room. The ceiling was high and the whole room was in black with a hint of gold. It was a beautiful room - you thought. You try and think back to the events last night. Joe - you remember, the guy who you let bite into your neck before you pass out from the hickey. It still stings, the mark.

You stand up from the bed, the floor being all cold which makes you shiver as you are bare foot. When you walk into the sitting room, you gasp seeing Joe and a blonde girl. Biting your lip, you watch as Joe walks towards you slowly.

“Sleep well, love?” Joe asks you, a smirk plastered on his face as he takes a glass of water on a table and hands it to you. Eyes trained on his mark that he’s planted onto your neck. You take the glass greatfully and drink the whole glass out.

“I don’t really know, to be honest. My head’s throbbing.” You wince as you feel pounding on your head as if someone’s hitting you with a mallet. “Was I interrupting something?”

Maddie chuckles, thinking you assumed that she and Joe were together. So the blonde walks over to you and your eyes widen slightly at the sight of her blood red eyes. Probably just contacts - you think. “I’m Maddie, Caspar’s girlfriend.”

You let out an “Oh” and nod understandably. Looking around warily to avoid the awkward tension. Obviously you remember Caspar, from last night. He was albeit rude to you but first impressions aren’t always accurate based on what you think the person really is.

“Made some waffles, hope you like 'em.” Joe offers you a plate of a stack of golden crisp waffles, maple syrup slowly dripping onto the sides. The sigh makes your stomach churn in hunger. Nodding eagerly, you take the plate gratefully and sit down on a bar stool, starting to eat.

“Waffles are good. Just prefer pancakes more.” You shrugged, digging the fork into a piece you’ve sliced. “But thank you anyway.”

“Well, I’ve gotta get going. Caspar and Jack need me. It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” Maddie smiles and struts out of the living room, the door being shut afterwards.

Joe leans against the marble counter top by his elbows, chin being held up by the palm of his hand as he tilts his head slightly. “Does it hurt?” He asks, referring to the purple bruise that laid on your neck.

Touching the bruise with your fingertips, you wince as you felt a slight sting of pain. “Yup, definitely hurts.” Joe concludes with a nod of his head. You swear you can tell he works out, judging by his bulging bicep and broad shoulders, even if he was short for height.

“You want me to take you home? Since you passed out last night I had to bring you to my house 'cause I didn’t know where you live.” Joe explains and you nodded.

Joe knows for surely that he has to bite you again, he has to. He won’t be able to forget how unique your blood tastes, it was addictive.

The House of Beasts, part 5

This part has like direct paragraphs I took from the book because I legitimately had no inspiration at all to write this chapter… And I realized I had quite a few plot holes, so I’m here to make a change that’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: HYBERN IS NOT THE PRINCIPAL, HE’S THE PRINCIPAL OF HYBERN UNIVERSITY. I will go back and make the necessary corrections, so for all those who’ve read it up to now, sorry! But I make mistakes lol that’s what happens

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2749 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 5: Bargains

Under the Mountain was definitely what I thought it would be.

The place was littered with thugs, crooks and criminals. The stingy smell of weed clung to the air and made me wrinkle my nose. Few heads turned to my direction once I reached the bottom of the stairs, and I clung to the wall to keep from drawing attention to myself. The room was strangely built, all corners and squares attached to each other with no definite shape or pattern. It was all open though, yet the bodies made it seemed more cramped than it was. To my left was a bar, and to my right a dance floor littered with grinding and public displays of affection I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing. There were strippers and prostitutes, both male and female, and to my surprise I even recognized a few students from school. Overall, it was rancid. Despicable.

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So I’ve been getting into Russian aristocracy literature and considering the Mandalorian cultural parallels to European culture...

Do you think the Wren Clan went bersek over Russian literature things like ballroom dancing and marrying into powerful families?

Ursa Wren: Sabine, you’re a Countess, so when you get older, you are going to marry your equal, preferably someone who’s a Count or above.

Sabine: Moooooom! I don’t want to marry a Count!

Ursa: Okay, a Countess or above.

Sabine: Moooom, you married dad and he wasn’t even of equal status.

Ursa: But he proved equal in my heart.

Ursa: Tristan, wipe that dust off your armor, you’ve going to be late for your debut at the ball. 

Tristan: Moooom, do I have to go?

Ursa: It’s mandatory. You’re a Count, Count Tristan Wren. And you must find a lovely Countess, or Count, to dance and duel with to marry and sire heirs.

Tristan: Moooom!

Ursa: Now you are going to descend down properly on your jetpack onto the dance floor, not like a Count, but like a Mandalorian Prince. Now, magnetize those potential spouses!

Ursa: Sabine, when you left and dishonored the entire family… no Countess or Count that even liked Tristan wanted to marry him since he was soiled by the dishonor.

Sabine: This again, mom?

Famous - Zerkaahd Imagine

BANG. An overwhelming amount of sound follows. That is it. The tour is finally done. I give the crowd one final wave and walk backstage. The chanting of my name gets quieter the further I walk away from the stage. I get rid of all the accessories Alexis (my stylist) made me wear. Entering my changing room I put the accessories on the make-up table with vanity lighting.

As I sit down on the couch my manager enters the room. “You were absolutely splendid darling. I know you have time off, but don’t forget to write. You need to bring out another album soon. The label has been breathing down my neck, lately. They are expecting something new. Go and hit up your little friend Eddie or whatever his name is and collab. Use all your contacts. Write with everyone and their brother. Go all out on this album. Your label and myself are expecting something even better than your last album. Also don’t disappear like last time. You need to stay in the Media’s eye. Stay relevant even if you’re not performing or doing interviews. We cant have everyone forget about you.”

Before she even opened her mouth I already knew exactly what she’d say. It’s always the same. However I just sucked it up and listened to it for probably the hundred time. Kind of pissed of the fact that she continues to forget Ed’s name. He’s been one of my best years for years now. She doesn’t care about that though. It’s only the fact we can write together, that interests her. Sometimes I wonder why I still have her as my manager. My personal health is never a priority. I might drop her and try to find someone else. One that does see my health as a priority and is not consumed by money.

I’m greeted by fresh air as I step out of the building. There were a few people who had VIP passes. I met them after the concert. They were all incredibly nice and so supportive, it’s unreal. My fans, they never fail to surprise me with their kindness. I’m so lucky to have their support, their love and their incredibly kind comments on social media. They never fail to brighten up my day.

Even though I love touring. It’s the best thing I’ve had the pleasure of doing. I haven’t had any time for myself. Especially these last couple of shows. Instead of meeting up with my manager I decide to go to a coffee shop nearby.

I order my usual and after getting it I go and sit in a booth. I try to take a sip, but I end up burning my lip. It might be smarter to wait for a bit, before I try it again. Opening my phone I see I have quite a bit notifications on different social media platforms. Opening Instagram up first thing I do is upload a picture I took of the crowd tonight. I thank everyone who came to see me not only tonight, but on my entire tour.

I haven’t posted it for more than a minute and I already see so many replies rolling out. One catches my eye though. “I absolutely loved tonight’s show!! You were incredible!!”. This person goes by Zerkaahd. I quickly reply to him. Showing my gratitude for his kind words. Suddenly my phone is blowing up even more. People being so excited that I noticed ‘daddy’? What even are they on about? Are the talking about that Zerkaa dude? I look up and go to his profile. He has a check mark, which means he has a lot of followers. Now I’m almost a 100% sure those daddy comments were about him. I log off Insta and go on Twitter.

I’ve been sitting in this coffee shop for quite a while. I even got another cup of coffee. This stuff is too good. “Hey would you mind taking a picture with me?” I look up to see a tall blond standing next to my table. I smile up at him “Of course not” I reply while standing up. After taking the picture we just talk for a few minutes. We sit down at the booth. He tells me his name is Callum and he went to my concert with a few of his friends. Eventually we both needed to leave. We exchange phone numbers and go our different ways.

There’s a party going on, tonight. The people I’m the closest with on tour, are all going. I don’t go to London that often, so I’m glad I can follow other people. If it were just me, I’d probably end up getting lost.

After getting ready, Derrick, the guitar player, picks my up from my hotel room. We get in a cab together with Chad, the drummer. The rest of the group is already at this party.

As we pull up to the club, we can already hear the music. Before getting out, we pay the cabdriver. The bouncer recognizes us three and let’s us through.

We haven’t been in the club for over a minute and both guys have left me. I walk towards the bar and order a drink. Not wanting to get drunk tonight, I stay clear from the alcohol.

30 minutes in and I’m not alone anymore. I’ve met up with a few of my friends. We are in the center of the dancing floor, dancing our hearts out. It’s so much fun. However it does get tiring, so after a while I decide to go sit on the side somewhere.

It takes me a while to get trough the mass of people. Eventually I get to where I want to go. I’m shocked to see Callum standing there. Shaking that off I put a smile on my face and head in his direction. “Callum, hey how are you” I great him. As he turns my direction his smile gets brighter when he realises it’s me. He hugs me and answers my question, followed by him asking the same thing to me.

We talk for a bit, but are eventually cut off by someone clearing their throat behind me. We both look at culprit. Callum realises he hasn’t introduced his friends to me, so he does that. It’s a lot of names to remember. The short Indian guy is Vik, the person who resembles Cal in a way is called Simon, there’s another Callum, but the one that stuck by me the most is this Josh guy. He’s taller than me, has dark hair, green eyes and a beard. I didn’t know that I have a thing for beards, but looking at him made me realise that I do.

After getting introduced to Cal’s friends, they all kind of dispersed. They all went their own way. I don’t even know where Cal went. The only person that is still here is Josh. Let’s make the most of this. I start up a conversation to get to know him a little better. We go back and forth asking and answering questions. Somewhere in the middle of it, we decided to sit down in a booth that is hid away from the rest.

I think I can say that I know Josh quite well. Even though we only met a few hours ago. We’ve been talking ever since. Talking about anything and everything. I even found out he was the Zerkaa dude who commented on my Instagram post.

I get a text from Chad asking me where I am and if I still want to go back to the hotel with him. After I tell him that I’ll be outside in a few, I put my phone away and look back up to Josh. I tell him I have to go. “It was really nice to meet you” I say while I stand up. Walking around the table I stand in front of him and I go in for a hug. We already exchanged numbers earlier tonight. I tell him that we need to meet up in the near future and he agrees. We finally let each other go and I stare into his eyes. I realise I’m already falling for him. His eyes are so easy to get lost in, but somehow I shake myself out of it. I say another goodbye and with that I head outside.

Thank you for reading <3
I hope you enjoyed it :)

Have a nice day x

Mystery Girl

Calvin’s POV

Loud music. Hundreds of people. Half of them are drunk. Flashy lights. And my friends have once again left me here at the bar by myself. I had no idea where they went off to. Maybe somewhere on the dance floor. I took a sip of my diet coke and looked back at the dance floor to see if I could sport my friends. That’s when I layed eyes on her. There on the dance floor was the most stunning girl I have ever seen. My heart was pounding just at the sight of her. She was dancing with a group of people. Her smile was breathtaking and her eyes were even more so. I didn’t know how long I was staring at her for. But I noticed she was looking right back at me. I quickly looked away and took another sip of my drink. I lifted my head up again just to peek at her. She was walking towards me. I panicked a little. Was she going to slap me for staring at her? Or yell? She approached me and then smiled. “Wanna dance?” she asked holding out her hand. I was relieved that she wasn’t mad about my staring but I was surprised she wanted to dance with me. “S-sure,” I stuttered setting my drink down. “Come on,” she said grabbing my hand and leading back on the floor. I spotted my drunk friends dancing with some girls of their own. They were giving me thumbs up. I was lost in the moment dancing with this girl. Everything around me faded and all I could see was her. I was having the time of my life and I never wanted this moment to end. But unfortunately it ended sooner than I wanted it to when she puled out her phone. She looked back up at me. “I’m sorry but I really have to go now,” she said walking away. “Wait but I don’t even know your-” but she was already out the door. I tried to chase her down but the time I was outside of the nightclub entrance, she was no where to be seen. I wish I had gotten her number. Her name at the least. I couldn’t get her out of my head. She was on my mind the rest of the night and I didn’t want to do anything else except figure out who she was. But would I ever run into her again?  So I’m thinking of making a part but I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Mikaelson Charm

Requests: “Elijah Mikaelson taking you to your last dance because your werewolf boyfriend backed out last minute and sweeping you off your feet (fluffy)” “Yes please write dancing with Elijah 😍😍😍😍”

“He just backed out. I don’t know why he was so nervous-” You shook your head and squeezed your glass in your hand tighter, it would eventually shatter and you predicted it. Your friend nodded, a sincere look on her face and her mouth pressed into a slight smile. “What do I say to him when he actually comes around? Its a stupid reason to get upset-”

“No it isn’t, Y/N. You guys planned for this dance for like five months and it obviously meant a lot to you.” Your friend smiled wide. “On the bright side, that guy with the jawline is staring at you.” She pointed across the room and on the staircase was Elijah Mikaelson. His family was having a house warming party for you, you had been an old friend of theirs and you finally agreed to move to New Orleans to see them and you then met your boyfriend from Hayley’s pack, but you never got into that crap.

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Trick or Treat

Part 2

Modern Au where Mor drags Feyre to a Halloween party and she just so happens to run into Rhys who is the other half of her couples costume. (It follows my other fic which you can read here.)

Word Count: 3,058

((I will most likely be continuing this. And as always I would love your feedback.))


Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9.


“Come on, Feyre, you have to go, it’s Halloween,” Mor pleads with me from where she is perched on my bed.

I swivels in my chair. I was sitting at my desk, my latest project –which was giving me hell— was sitting atop it.

The assignment was to create a life like version of an iconic character, villain, or Halloween monster.

“Mor, you know I would love to go with you, but I need to finish my project. Plus, I don’t have a costume,” I admit, to her, I tap the end of my graphite pencil on the sketchpad next to my blank canvas. I hadn’t even begun to paint, and dozens of pieces of paper littered the floor around my desk. The assignment was due on Tuesday. Three days, that’s all I had now, and there was nothing on my canvas.

I look over to where Mor was sitting on my bed. Her makeup was already done. This year she was going as Tinkerbell and Peter pan with Azriel. Her golden hair was thrown up into an expertly slicked back bun. Sparkles adorned her cheeks and her eyes were done up in golds and soft shades of green.

We had both gotten grumbles from Azriel about wearing tights.  Tights, and the fact that he actually had to wear a color other than black for once in his life. The only reason he had shut up about it was because of the fact that Mor had told him that she would take it all off for him after the party.

“Come on Feyre, Rhys will be there, and you can wear my costume from last year, you’ll look so good in it. Please?” She dragged out the word as she clasped her hands together just below her chin.

Her lips were pulled into a pout, and I swear she was giving me puppy dog eyes.

My teeth clench together. I had tried not to think about Rhys or our fateful meeting of me beating him with a shoe. He was still in town, and ended up taking up the spare room in Cassian and Azriel’s house as a more permanent residence for the time being.

I had narrowly avoided him while he was staying here, but since he moved out I hadn’t see him. I would never admit this out loud, but some nights I would wake up with those damned eyes and his tattoos lingering behind me eyelids.

Damn his sexy tattoos.

And then of course there was the time I had walked in on him in the bathroom. In my defense, I thought he was Mor. We shared a bathroom so we were always walking in on each other.

But one day, I was dying with a headache and needed to get into medicine cabinet for Advil before it turned into a migraine. I walked right in on Rhys.

The water had just been shut off when I was trying to find it—I had heard curtain being pulled back as I grabbed the bottle and poured a few into my hand.

“Sorry Mor, I was just–” my sentence was cut short then, because Rhys was the one in the shower, not Mor.

He had had a towel slung low on his hips, water still glistening on his sculpted chest and abdominals.

His chest.

Good god, it was in that moment that I had decided I found tattoos incredibly attractive. Swirls of dark color covered his chest and shoulders, then faded out in tendrils of ink down his arms.

He had smiled at me with a wicked grin.

“You could have told me you were going to join me in the shower, Feyre darling,” he had purred at me.

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For: @tbnfe13

(Merry Christmas!!

Reunion (Secret Santa 🎁)

Hanji Zoe was never one to care about looks. Practical and comfortable clothes were her thing, no need for dresses or skirts, as they would only get dirty. As a park ranger, she always on the hiking trails, giving tours, stopping the “accidental” out of season hunter, or tracking local fauna. Being surrounded by nature was Hanji’s true calling.

Donning her glasses, Hanji checked herself in the mirror.
“Looking good!”
She styled her hair into a messy updo, “Now I’m ready.”
Hanji grabbed her keys, before feeding her pet.
“Behave my little Bean, and I’ll promise I’ll give you a surprise.”
The iguana’s tail slightly twitched.
“That’s my boy!”
Somewhere in her cluttered house a clock rang out, the muted strikes making Hanji panic.
“I’m late and I have a meeting today! Bye Bean!”

If someone had ever told Levi Ackerman he would become a high school speech teacher, he would have probably popped their tires and siphoned their gas from the car. But fate had its own plans, and here he was waiting for the bell to ring. Taking a sip from his coffee mug, he skimmed over his class roster and nodded to himself.
“Alright, the bell has rung so I want you all in your seats.”
His steely blue eyes glazed over the anxious students faces as they all took their seats, “Very well. Let’s begin.”
He set his mug down, straightened his roster and picked up a red pen, “Marco?”
No one answered.
Levi glanced up, “Who said that?”
The students all pointed to snickering boy. Levi walked up to the boy and set his hand down on his desk, “You think this is funny?”
The boy bit his lips and shook his head.
“So you’re a comedian? What’s your name?”
“Connie Springer, sir,” he stifled a laugh.
“Pringles?” Levi asked causing the other students to giggle.
“Well, thanks to Pringles, we are all going to begin today with a nice impromptu speech on our favorite hobbies. I want it to be two minutes long, no ‘ums’, 'like’ or uh’ or minus five points each time you use them.
The class groaned, some even turning to Connie.
"Don’t blame me, blame Pringles,” Levi said as he motioned for a shaking blond kid to step up to the front of the class.
“Thank you for volunteering, now begin.”

Hanji? Hanji Zoe? Is that you?“
Hanji turned at the sound of her name, she scanned the grocery store, her brown eyes meeting with the blue eyes of a petite woman.
The two women wove through the crowds and pulled each other into a warm hug.
“My goodness, Hanji, it’s been forever!”
“I know! Look at you! Still looking as fit as ever!” Hanji said as the friends now stood facing each other.
“Thank you. And what’s up the whole walking traffic cone get up?”
“Oh!” Hanji blushed, bringing her left hand to the back of her head, “This is my uniform.”
“As traffic director?” Rico asked.
“No, as park ranger!”
“Really? Hey do you think you get me discount on the tickets? I’m taking my history class for a field trip next month.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
Rico stepped aside to let a couple pass, “Hey are you going to the reunion next week?”
Hanji’s eyebrows furrowed, “There’s a reunion next week?”
“Yeah, the invitations were sent out like a month ago. Didn’t you get them?”
“No…I’m not sure.”
Rico smiled, “No worries, I’ll talk to party committee. Hey do you want to go get coffee tomorrow?”
Hanji nodded, “I’d love too.”

It was Friday, Levi’s favorite day of the week.
“I saw Hanji a few days ago.”
Levi’s ears pricked at the word “Hanji”. He stopped stirring his coffee and slowly turned around to see Rico, a history teacher, and Moblit, a kindergarten teacher, talking together.
“Really? How is she?” Moblit exclaimed.
“She’s doing great! She’s engaged apparently.”
Levi choked on his coffee and began to cough loudly, pounding on his chest. The hot drink burning his throat.
“Four eyes is engaged? Since when?!”
Rico and Moblit looked at Levi unsure what to say.
“Yes,” Rico slowly said, “She met him during one of her hiking excursions. They’ve been together for about three years.”
Moblit cleared his throat, “Is she coming to the reunion?”
“She lost the invitation.”
“Typical,” Levi muttered.
“Actually, Levi, do you think you can send her another one? She just can’t miss it. It’s been ten years already.”
Rico resumed talking to Moblit, ignoring Levi.
Levi dumped his coffee into the sink and quickly washed his mug. He left the teacher’s lounge without saying a word.
“Rico, do you think that after all these years, he still has-”
“Feelings? No. I don’t think so. He may feel jealous though.”
“Isn’t that the same thing?”
“Trust me Moblit, jealousy and love are too different things.”

Hanji spent the entire weekend cleaning her house from top to bottom. The invitation had to be here somewhere. There tucked in one of her desk drawers, was the reunion invitation.
“Found it Bean!” She exclaimed as she clutched an envelope with her name beautifully written across it.
She huffed, making her bangs fly out of her eyes, “Levi must have written this.”
Her fingers traced over her name. Hanji always found it funny how a man so coarse and rough had the most elegant penmanship.
Careful as ever she began to open the envelope. Suddenly the door bell rang causing her hand to jerk forward and tear the envelope.
“Fantastic,” she grumbled.
She shoved the envelope into her jean’s pocket and went to answer the door.
“Yes?” She asked swinging the door open. There stood Levi Ackerman on her front steps with a heavy scowl on his face.
Even though it’s had been years since she had seen Levi, her heart began pounding against her chest. He always looked good in his black leather jacket.
“Do you know how damn hard it was finding your stupid house?” Levi asked, annoyance coating his words.
Hanji couldn’t form any words, “Sorry…no?”
“Freaking hard! Who the hell lives so far away from the city? And why are dressed like a traffic cone?”
Levi moved passed her entered her home, leaving Hanji slightly confused.
She closed the door and followed Levi into her kitchen.
“Do you want water? Tea?”
Levi shook his head, “Look i just came to deliver this,” he held out his hand, “Rico, said you never got yours.”
Hanji blushed, “Um, yeah, thanks.” She took the invitation from his hand, their fingers brushing past each other’s. Hanji looked away as she set it down on her counter.
As Hanji found the right words to say, Levi looked around for any clues of her engagement, anything that signified she was taken. Bingo.
A lone black coat was draped across a chair. It didn’t match her style nor her house decorations. But he didn’t notice how Hanji was looking at him. He’s distracted, Hanji thought, admiring his side profile. “He hasn’t changed one bit.
"Before I go, why are dressed like that?”
Hanji was brought back to reality, “I’m a park ranger. This is my uniform.”
“Are you sure an orange jacket, a yellow, and khaki pants don’t scare away animals?”
“It’s so I’m found quickly during emergencies.”
His eyes met with Hanji’s and he was about to ask her about her engagement when his phone rang.
“Shit, I have to pick up Petra from the airport,” he pulled his phone out of his pocket, “I have to go, I’ll see myself out. See you next week Four Eyes.”
With a weary heart, Hanji followed Levi, saw him leave, and proceeded lock her door.
“Right…he’s with her.”
Dragging her feet, she plopped down on her sofa. She took a deep breath. Levi’s cologne still lingered in the house and it smelled good…or was she smelling the cleaning products she used?
Hanji rubbed her face and pulled out the crumpled invitation and began to read it.
“You’re cordially invited…blah blah…ten year reunion…blah blah…next Saturday evening at the school gym…. Formal attire?!”
Hanji jumped up from the sofa, “Shit, shit, shit! I have nothing to wear that’s formal! Bean! I’m going out!”

Hanji sat inside her car waiting outside the school parking lot debating whether or not to go inside. She saw one of her old friends and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

After a few drinks, Hanji had relaxed. She had found out Mike and Nanaba were married, Erwin had become a top military general (two things that were of no great surprise to her).
“So, where’s the fiancé?” Rico asked as she sat down beside Hanji. Hanji turned red and looked at Rico and the people at her table.
“Uh, he couldn’t come tonight. He’s too busy with work.”
Rico smiled mischievously, “Do you have a picture of him?”
Hanji blushed, “Yeah, but I left my phone in the car, let me go and get it.”
She excused herself and headed out, her heart beating loudly. Her little white lie had gone out of proportion. The loud music was making her head hurt, all the couple dancing, made her stomach twist into knots as bad memories flooded into her mind. Hanji pushed the gym door and stepped outside into the cool fall night.
“You haven’t changed one bit haven’t you Four Eyes.”
Hanji jumped at the sound of Levi’s voice.
Levi tossed his cigarette to the floor and stepped on it.
“You’re still wearing suits and ties to formal events.”
“Oh, yeah..I hate wearing dresses to events.”
Levi smiled softly, “I figured.”
“So, Moblit told me you’re teaching here.”
“Yeah,” Levi nodded, running his hand through his black hair, “I teach a speech class. Bunch of nervous wrecks.”
Hanji leaned against the brick wall, “I can’t see you teaching a speech class, let alone teaching.”
Levi rolled his eyes, “Thanks.”
They stood in silence, the loud upbeat music changing into a slower tempo.
“You remember when you asked me out to the winter dance?”
Hanji looked up at the moon, “Yeah. You said yes but then ditched me mid dance.”
Levi stuffed his hands into his pockets, “Can I fix that?”
Hanji glanced at Levi, “What do mean?”
“Shit, Four Eyes, I know you’re blind, but can’t you hear? I said can fix that?”
Hanji straightened herself and took Levi’s hand into hers. As he held her close, Hanji couldn’t help but ask Levi if he was seeing someone.
“So you and Petra…are together?”
“What the hell? No!”
“But the other day you-”
“She asked me to pick her up from the airport! Her stupid boyfriend is stuck in the hospital. He hit his face and is getting stitches.”
“Damn…poor guy.”
The two slowly swayed to the faint music, Levi realizing this would be his last dance with Hanji.
“So when’s the wedding?”
Hanji pulled away from Levi, “The what?!”
“The wedding with your perfect fiancé.”
Hanji let out a deep laugh, “Oh God, I lied to Rico. She kept pestering me about my romantic life and I made up a guy and a name. I’m single-”
Hanji was cut off as Levi dipped her and placed his lips against hers.
Hanji closed her eyes and cupped his face, kissing him back.
As they slowly pulled away, Hanji straightened herself, but kept her hands on Levi’s face.
“What the hell was that for?”
“I wanted you to shut up. And I owed you a kiss.”
“Ten years too late, Ackerman.”
“I was worried that was going to happen, so my plan was to just kiss you goodbye.”
“And since when are so freaking romantic? You ditched me to go dance with another girl all those years back! You left me as a fool with a broken heart that night! And when I saw you at my door last week I realized I still loved you, and now this?!”
Levi sighed, “I know. I am sorry. Believe me, that night still haunts me, I’ve felt like an idiot all these years. But, when I heard Rico say you’re we’re engaged I thought I had lost you and then I saw a black coat and-”
“Black coat?”
“At your house.”
“Levi, you pint sized idiot, that’s yours. It’s been at my place all these years. You left it in my car, my God you are stupid.”
Levi rolled his eyes, “Whatever.”
Hanji placed a kiss on his forehead, “Let’s go back inside, Moblit was telling me how you torture the kids in your class.”
“And what, I can’t tell you that in person?”
“I’ve missed Moblit.”
Hanji took Levi’s hand into hers, “Or, we can go get a drink. There’s like a ten year gap in our lives.”
Levi smiled, “That’s a much better idea.”
“You have your ID right? You look like kid.”
“Screw you Hanji.”
She laughed as they walked past the gym’s windows.
“I told you they still had feelings for each other,” Moblit said as he elbowed Rico.
“Pay up,” Erwin echoed as he held out his hand to Rico.



So, I got to the stadium at about 3:45, found my Queensland Swiftie squad and got all our cute photos. Waited for gates to open at 5 and made our way to the Taylor Nation booth. I was there with my gals just helping out like we did in Sydney until after Vance finished. Ali was an absolute babe as usual and so ridiculously sweet. I decided to head down to my seat a little bit before Tay came on so I could go find my girls Dani @theaustralianswiftie and Meagan @innocehnt AFTER THEY MET TAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I also went and found Jess and a few other chickas!

CONCERT TIME. I knew when she was coming on how many songs I had etc. etc. lost my mind at Feel So Close… my cousin was SO concerned. Now here’s the catch, I had told myself I would not touch my phone at ALL this concert. I was going to put it away and not touch it until the end. So I put my phone away and it wasn’t until around I Know Places where I had this weird feeling like I needed to check my phone. So I grabbed it out quickly and checked Twitter, Ali had messaged me on Twitter from the TN Twitter (HEART ATTACK I TELL YA), but she was just asking if any of us had left a merch bag at the TN booth. So I responded and said I would ask the girls. A song or two later I checked my Twitter again during a little pause and saw she had messaged me AGAIN, this time she had asked where I was sitting. THIS IS WHEN I STARTED FREAKING. I didn’t want to think anything of it, but I had no idea why she would be asking, maybe she just want to come dance with me? NO IDEA, but I was getting jittery! I responded straight away with where I was sitting and just kept going on with enjoying the concert and dancing my little butt off.

So then Taylor started singing Love Story. I love the new version so I was very much enjoying myself, and then Steph came up to me. She asked me if I was Lauren and suddenly I felt like my legs were about to give in. She asked me who I was with and I said I was there with my cousin and then Mik @redlipclassicstyles and Monique who were sitting right behind us. She paused and then looked at me and goes “Taylor wants to meet you after the show” COMMENCE THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT MOMENT. I honestly couldn’t believe that I heard those words, I never imagined I would be randomly picked for Loft, let alone have Taylor specifically request to meet me herself. Steph gave me the wrist band and the Loft pass, but only gave them to me. She told me where to meet at the end of the show and then left, which is when I BROKE THE FUCK DOWN. I started crying and shaking. I essentially fell to the floor. I was meeting Taylor. Taylor wanted to meet me. This one thing I had wanted for 7 years was actually happening. I text Hope, Lou and Darby, as well as my Santa and Squash Squads, but HECK NO WERE THEY TELLING ANYONE I was going to keep completely quiet about it publicly. Then basically everything was a blur and all I remember is dancing my little heart out as well as just randomly falling to the floor every now and then. So then a little later, Steph came back. She was asking me about Laura @taylorsno1fan and where she was so we looked on my phone at her tumblr to try and figure it out, and once we got a better idea of where she was she looks at me and says that my cousin Chelsea, Mikaela and Monique were going to come to Loft as well. I don’t think my heart has ever felt so happy. Seeing Mik and Monique get Loft made me SO FLIPPING DANG HAPPY I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT. The fact that they could come with me makes me want to cry right now, that’s all that I can say. I know how much it means to them, and I’m so glad they got to come.

So then it got to Wildest Dreams/Enchanted and I decided I really needed to pee because I really didn’t want to be worrying about peeing when I met Taylor Alison Swift. I ran to the bathroom and on my way found Meagan, showed her the pass and hugged and freaked out. Touched myself up a lil bit in the bathroom, found Hope @hopeyswift and the three littles, ran back down when Shake It Off started and found Dani. Hugged and freaked out, you know, the normal. So I got back to my seat and I wasn’t really sure if I was still alive but apparently I was. When she finished lets just say while we were making our way to the section I had approximately 5000 panic attacks. Lou @tinylou-13, the angel, gave me some paper, a sharpie and her camera. We sat down in the section with the other Loft people and it was so good to see Yasmina @yassyy from the Queensland Swifties there too!!!! THREE OF US GOT IN, WHAT!? So we waited there and then eventually Steph lead us backstage to Loft.

It wasn’t what I expected and I unfortunately couldn’t eat anything because #vegan but I appreciated the white brick wall backdrops (A+ Tay). We chilled for a little bit and then Erica came out and told everyone to line up. I decided to go separately from my cousin so we could get individual photos, so I grabbed the camera and my paper and sharpie and got third in line. The first few went through and then it was me. I could see Mik and Monique talking to her and say goodbye through the sheet and holy shit she looked so good. Then it was my turn.

So Erica opened the sheet and I walked in and went straight into a beautiful Swift hug. As I walked in she very enthusiastically yelled HEEEEEYYYYY at me, we hugged and then she goes “EVERYONE LOOK AT THESE PANTS” and then made everyone in the little room look at my butt. She said she saw them on tumblr, that it made her laugh, she loved them and needed to find me. We talked about how I did it because we low key ran out of tassel, but she said she just thought it was a “creative decision” so I was like, “well I mean, I can just say it was”. We kept talking about the costumes and I talked about how I came with Hope and the three girls dressed in the same outfit as me, and that she met Hope in Nashville on Red tour and she was sorry she couldn’t eat her cookie. I then thanked her for using my video in pre-show on tour and she goes “OH MY GOODDD YES” and I was all, yeah the Wonderland dance one, and she goes “YES oh my god it’s been playing all over, did you see it today?!” I told her I didn’t see it there but saw it in Sydney. She goes “oh well as long as you saw it!!” and I said thank you again and that it meant a lot to me. She then noticed the paper and sharpie in my hand and was all “I see this, what’s going on here?” and I asked her if she could possibly write out two lyrics for me, one from Wonderland and one from Our Song, any lyric that you want. She grabbed the sharpie and opened the paper, turned to the side a little and started going through the lyrics of Wonderland and Our Song. She took her time and kept saying that it was difficult and that there were so many good lyrics (like, duh Taylor, YOU WROTE THEM). She wrote down my Wonderland one and then wrote down the Our Song one for Hope. Then she goes, “okay let’s get two photos because I need to get one with these pants and a nice one too. Okay, a nice hugging one first?” so I hugged her and she put her cheek on my head and I died. Then she goes, “now one with the pants okay, like a sassy one.” So I turned around and we did the pose and I was so happy in that dang moment. They got the photo and afterwards she giggled a little and goes “this is great”. I said thank you so much again and hugged her again, she pulled me in and said “love you buddy” really softly to me (I felt like I was hit by a fucking truck I couldn’t even respond with I love you too I was in shock like the way she said it holy shit nope I CANNOT). So then I quickly mention how the music that was playing was great and that I was jamming to Fifth Harmony and then as I was walking out I looked back and was all I LOVE YOUUU with my arm out and she smiled really big and I almost forgot my camera, but bless the guy for tapping me while I was in my shocked state and handing it to me. I went back in to grab my stuff and waited for my cousin Chelsea.

I realised as soon as I left that I forgot to ask her the one thing I have wanted to know for approximately 5 years, WHAT IS HER FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE?!? I cannot believe I flippin FORGOT, but that’s okay, I will find out one day. ONE DAY TAYLOR, ONE DAY I WILL KNOW YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE. So basically after that we left and I found my gals and sat down and had some water and showed them the photos and died inside. All in all, I still cannot physically believe I actually met Taylor. I cannot believe SHE WANTED TO MEET ME. I find it utterly HILARIOUS that she didn’t even want to meet me because of my video, and that she wanted to meet me because of those dang pants. So when I went in she knew who I was, I was the girl with the pants that said “Taylor Swift owns this ass” not the DAHN-SING girl, not the girl who’s video plays pre-show, the girl with the pants.. at least until I reminded her. But either way, she wanted to meet me, and whether it was because she liked my video or just because my pants made her laugh, I cannot ever express just how thankful I am for getting this opportunity.

Taylor, thank you for everything. Thank you for introducing me to some of the absolute best friends I have ever had. Thank you for being my rock and for keeping me holding on when I need that little bit of strength. Thank you for making my friends happy, their smiles keep my heart warm. Thank you for being you, and truly you. Thank you for helping me kick my anxiety in the butt and let me make the friends I really needed this year. Thank you for last night and thank you for existing, that is all I can say.

Think of You

Think of You

Requested; no, just needed to clear my mind since I’ve actually grown to love this song (but I’m not into country) and it relates to me a lot

Cal x Reader

Your POV

I sat a table with 4 of my best girl friends, all of us wearing the tightest of clothes and drinks in hand. Usually I would be dancing and having a good time taking a few shots, but right now all I felt was heartbreak. This wasn’t any old girl’s day, it was my friends idea of getting me out of my sad phase after my breakup with the famous Calum Hood. It confused me how him and I ended, and I honestly never thought it would. We were the couple that everybody wanted to be. We had a love like a highschool couple, and all of our friends and family saw us being together the rest of our lives. But with rumors, lies, backstabbing, we fell apart. I was smiling at my friends trying to get me pumped up, but I kept waving my hand at them, telling them to dance without me. I pulled my phone out as they left and opened up my contacts scrolling for his name. It was still there, but it hadn’t been calling weeks. I was close to pushing the call button, but with every muscle in my body I shut my phone and put it down, taking the biggest gulp of my cup of Jack.


Luke was nudging me on to take 5 shots with him and see who could down them the most, and frankly I’m always up for drinking someone under the table, but tonight was not my night. I sipped on my first beer, shaking my head at him. He finally gave up and downed them with Ashton. He wiped his mouth clean and went to sit next to me at the bar, me not staring at him once because I knew he would ask me about her.

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somethin personal

I haven’t seen my ex since they dumped me over text in the fall and I’ve actively avoided places and events that I thought them or their new girlfriend (or worse, both together) would attend because my heart hurts a lot. this meant no going to my favorite restaurant (the only fully vegan place in town) and LGBTQ+ sorta events and club nights. Last night me and a couple pals made plans to go to a queer club night and I had a weird feeling about it but I wanted to go out and dance with some friends in a safe space for LGBTQ+ ppl. but sure enough I saw my ex n their gf they left me for for the first time since they broke up w/ me over text. I turned around on the dance floor and saw them and my heart dropped I think I actually put my hand over my gaping mouth lol. but u know what.. I went out for my pal to have a smoke, let my friends know, and they were supportive n we went back in and just danced our buns off for at least another hour. if this had happened even a month ago I think I would’ve passed out on the dance floor LOL. I feel very weird and sad today but I managed to stay last night and keep having a good time and just closed my eyes and kept dancing (like a complete goof obviously but o well) so if anyone took the time to read this n wants to send me some good vibes into the universe that’d rock. I’m a lil shaken up