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The Holmes - Request

Requested by anon:  I have a request: could you do a one shot in the episode when Sherlock parents come to visit him and when you come back from work you meet them but they think you’re dating him but you’re just friends and they invite you to dinner.

Summary: Everything from above.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,344

Warnings: None.

A/N: I couldn’t help my self and made it extra fluffy.


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221B was loud that afternoon. The clients – whoever they were – had talked about a lottery ticket for almost thirty minutes straight. (Y/N) was impressed that Sherlock hadn’t shut them up and kicked them out already.

“Is he sick?” (Y/N) whispered to Mrs. Hudson. They were huddled outside her flat’s door listening.

“Uh… I think you should go up and figure it out.” The old woman suggested and sneaked into her flat without leaving any time to argue.

Mrs. Hudson had always shipped John and Sherlock, that until (Y/N) appeared and so her ship changed. “Unbelievable what Twitter can do to a woman like Mrs. Hudson” Watson had said, but he was inertly please because he also liked Sherlock and (Y/N) as a couple.

The girl fixed her clothes and got upstairs confidently and ready to pretend she hadn’t heard the whole conversation. She opened the door slowly.

“Did you find the lottery ticket?” Sherlock asked. He looked bored, but he wasn’t acting like usual. Instead, he was sitting at his seat while the two clients – an old couple – sat at the leather couch.

“Yes, turns out he had it on his back pocket.” The lady giggled, “So we had time to…”

“(Y/N)!” Sherlock cheered as he saw the girl appear behind the door. He jumped out of his seat and rushed over to her. “Kill me.” He mouthed jokingly. (Y/N) chuckled in silence and Sherlock winked at her. The old lady cleared her throat, capturing Sherlock’s attention back.

“Am I interrupting, Mr. Holmes?” (Y/N) inquired, using her professional voice tone.

“Not at all, my dear.” Sherlock said, “They were about to leave, right mum?”

“Mum?” (Y/N) gasped.

“Yes, sorry.” Sherlock dragged her to the leather couch as the couple got up. “Mum, Dad, this is (Y/N).” Sherlock introduced them, “(Y/N) these are my parents.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” (Y/N) smiled warmly.

“The pleasure is ours.” Mrs. Holmes said. She had a strange look on her face, and same look was shared by her husband. Both of them alternating their gaze between Sherlock and (Y/N).

“You came, you talked non-stop, you met (Y/N), and now you leave.” Sherlock urged to say, “Tell Mycroft I say hi.”

“But Sher…” His mom tried to argue, but Sherlock was already pushing them out. His mother stopped right before she stepped on the hallway and Sherlock couldn’t help but to stop pushing them due to the authoritarian look on her face. “Dinner, at eight today.” She said.

“I’m working on a case.” Sherlock argued.

“The victim is already dead, however we are not.” Mrs. Holmes snapped back, “Dinner at eight today.” She repeated and then looked at (Y/N). “Bring her.”


“William Sherlock Scott Holmes, you better be there with her or else…” She threatened.

“Yes, mum.” Sherlock nodded.

“Good boy.” She palmed his cheek and then left. Sherlock stood still, frozen in place until (Y/N) walked closer to him.

“I’m afraid you have to come as well… She can be scary when she’s mad.” He mumbled. (Y/N) giggled, guiding him to his seat.

“It’s fine; I’d love her to answer some questions for me.” Sherlock chuckled, finally relaxing from his sudden terror.

“There’s a list, she knows it by memory.” He commented.

“A list about common questions about you and Mycroft?” She inquired.

“Oh no, just a list of me.” Sherlock explained, “Mycroft’s got a whole file… She still doesn’t memorize it.” (Y/N) laughed loudly and Sherlock soon followed her.

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Boyfriend Tag- Ashton Irwin Imagine.

Requested: Yes! 

Summary: Ashton and Youtube star, Y/N have been dating secretly for 5 months and they are both finally ready to make their relationship public. What better way than to do it in a video?

Word count: 2298


“Are you positive you want to do this, Y/N?” Ashton asked from the doorway of your recording room as you set up the camera in front of the couch. 

You glanced over him with a nervous but reassuring smile. “A hundred percent, babes.” You beamed at him as he walked towards you with his own nervous smile. He wrapped his arms around your waist, towering over you but making you feel cutely small in his embrace.

“No matter what the response is we’ll get through it together.” He said softly, pecking your lips gently before resting his forehead on yours. “Just you and me, baby girl.”

Your smile grew at the sound of the nickname and you gave him another kiss but this time letting it linger, making him smile and hum into your mouth. “Us against the world.” You pulled back with a smile, backing up to take hold of his hands and give them a little squeeze. “Ready to do this?” You asked and he gave you a small nod before letting you rush over to the couch.

“Just tell me when, love.” He whispered before the beeping of the camera turning on filled the room. 

“Hello everyone!” You cheered and gave a bubbly wave at the camera. “For my new lovelies that happen to drop by I’m Y/N and welcome to my channel!” You paused and reminded yourself to had some beat filled music. “And for all my oldies this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.” Your eyes snapped up to Ashton who was making a funny face at you and you broke out into a laugh. 

“Will you stop that? I’m trying to introduce you.” You giggled into your hands before composing yourself and looking back at the camera but not before seeing his wink. “I know in many videos I’ve mentioned my boyfriend A. Cue montage.” You snapped your fingers and made a note to add in the small video you made for this part. “So without further ado please welcome my boyfriend!” You started to clap your hands and glanced up him with a smile. 

He stared at you for a second, not sure if he should go out yet and quietly whispered. “Do I come out now?” You let out a loud laugh and nodded you head at him. “Oh.” He chuckled and walked in front of the camera, sitting down next to you. “Hey guys!”

You shook your head and looked up a the camera. “I thought he was a fine piece of ass.” You started and cut your eyes towards him with a smirk. “But turns out he’s a fine piece of dumb ass.” You teased and giggled once he rolled his eyes playfully. 

“Yeah but I’m your dumb ass.” He grinned and you let out a little awe before kissing his cheek making him give out one of his famous Ashton giggles. You guys stared lovingly at each other for a good thirty seconds before you remembered you were filming.

You snapped your head back at the camera and gave out a awkward giggle. “On to the questions.” You exclaimed while pulling up twitter as Ashton made funny faces at the camera to entertain the viewers. Once you found your tag you looked up and saw what he was doing, a laugh leaving your lips. “What are you doing?” His funny face broke off into a look of happiness as he let out a soft laugh.

“I was entertaining the lovelies.” He cutely giggled and you could almost hear the sound of your subscribers screams of joy. “Stop judging me and get on with the questions.” He shoved you playfully and you let out giggle before glancing down at your phone. 

“Dork.” You muttered before reading the first question. “This one is from @Y/n_slay_queen and she wants to know where/when did we meet?” You smiled fondly at him as the memories flooded your head. “Love the username by the way.”

“She is a queen, isn’t she?” Ashton grinned at you and giggled once your cheeks lit up in a bright red. “Should you start or should I, your majesty?” 

“Go head, babes.” You beamed and smiled down at your hand once he linked his with it. 

“It was about…five months and six weeks ago when we first met. Well, more like the day I laid my eyes on the most beautiful girl in this whole world.” He said and a ear from ear smile grew across your face. “We were at a coffee house that I just happened to stop at.”

“More like he saw me through the window and rushed in.” You interrupted making his cheeks flush. “And he was so nervous to talk to me that when he was walking over to the table I reading at he tripped and dumped tea all over my bag.” You laughed at the memory.

“Well you try staring at someone as beautiful as you and walking at the same time. I bet you’d spill tea too.” He said and you let out a shy giggle. “But let’s not forget about how nervous you were to talk to me and you fell out your chair trying to stand up and shake my hand.” He added and you hid your face with a groan.

“I swear everyone laughed when that happened.” You mumbled, sticking out your lip in a pout. Which made Ashton laugh a awe and pull you in a hug.

“Well it made me feel a lot less nervous knowing that you were as much as a klutz as me.” He chuckled as you rolled your eyes. “I mean I’m almost positive if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have worked up the courage to ask for your number.”

“So I had to bust my ass for you to ask for my number?” You asked and gave him a funny look.

He nodded with a shrug. “Basically.” You stared at him for a few seconds before both of you busted with laughter. “That’s one of my favorite memories.” 

“Mine too.” You smiled before scrolling for another question. “Alright this one is from @DominatedbyAshonly94.” You paused and glanced up at the camera. “Girl me too.” You smirked and laughed loudly once Ash chocked on the glass of water he was drinking.

“Y/N!” He gasped and looked at you with a shocked and flustered face. You shot him a wink before continuing on with the question. “Little tease.” He muttered and you prayed it didn’t pick up in the footage. 

“Her question was what is our favorite activity to do together?” You read and you both looked at each other before raising eyebrows at the camera with a smirk. 

You reminded yourself to add sexual music in the background before you both erupted with laughter. “Okay next question!” You both giggled and the video went from there.

Sooner than the later you were on the second to last question and this time Ashton wanted to to pick one. “Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.” He hummed as he scrolled through your twitter and you shook your head at the camera letting out a exaggerated yawn.

“Any day now, slow poke.” You teased and he stuck his tongue out at you but never glanced up from the phone. His face suddenly lit up and gave you cheeky smile. “What?” You gave him a skeptical look and he began to read the question.

“@Little_Lovelies96 wants to know when where our first I love you’s?” He smiled and you felt your cheeks warm up. The thing was that you guys hadn’t said I love you but you definitely were ready to. Just could never find the right moment. 

“We…uh…haven’t said I love you yet.” You tried to say as calm as possible while the words bubbled up in you throat. “But…” You trailed off and he raised and eyebrow at you as the three little words began to form in his throat too.  

You had found your moment. The moment to say those three little words that meant so much to the both of you. It wasn’t everyday you were announcing the best relationship you’ve ever had to the world. With the little drummer boy you were so hopelessly in love with. So either go big or go home. 

And he had found his moment as well. Watching you record was different than doing it with you because your positive energy always flowed into him and he loved everything about that. He loved the way you were so happy with the little life you created and the fan base you managed to gain and love. He loved how you didn’t run away like everyone else when he asked to keep the relationship secret. He loved that you were sticking by him while you made it public. He loved that it’s you and him against the world. He just loved…you. 

 “I love you.” You both said simultaneously and your hearts fluttered at the sound of hearing each other say it at the same time. You both gave giddy giggles and pressed foreheads together. 

“One more question.” He whispered as your eyes dropped to his lips and your smile continued to grow as the words floated in your head. His eyes glanced down at the phone but he didn’t move away from you. “@LoveMeLongerY/N says. Oh my god I hope you see this and I just want you to know that I love you so much and you always make me smile. I’m really excited to finally see who A is and if you do see this will you please kiss on camera? Thank you! xoxo.” He read in a high pitch voice, making you giggle which sent your minty breath washing over his lips. And he only craved your lips even more at that smell. 

“Thank you @LovemeLongerY/N.” You giggled before he pressed his lips to yours in a heartfelt kiss. You both smiled into the warm embrace and moved your lips together perfectly, putting every ounce of love you felt into it. He cupped your cheeks and pecked your lips multiple times before pulling way for air with dopey smiles.  

“I love you.” He beamed with a fond look. You pecked his lips with a bubbly smile and felt butterflies soar around in your stomach.

“I love you too.” You giggled before glancing over the camera. “Oh hi guys!” You grinned and waved slightly. Ashton chuckled and leaned back against the sofa, messing with a pillow as you did your goodbye. “I hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are and I’ll see you real soo-” You broke off into a gasp as a pillow smacked against your face and Ashton let out his famous giggle.

“See you guys later!” He waved goodbye before rushing out of the room to find a hiding place, knowing you would be coming after him as soon as you finished. You stared at the camera with now messy hair and a mischievous glint. 

“And we’re done!” You gave a wave goodbye before running out the room screaming. “You are going to get it, drummer boy!”


Your phone buzzed with a text as you were cuddle against Ashton a few hours after you posted the video. It was your best friend telling you to check tumblr instantly and she’ll send you screen shots from twitter. “Babes, can you hand me my laptop?” You asked Ashton as you sat up from your spot. He nodded before grabbing it and giving it to you.

“Whatcha doing?” He yawned as he leaned his head on your shoulder, watching as you logged into tumblr. 

“Y/F/N wants me to check tumblr.” You said right as your dashboard loaded and gifs of the video filled the screen. “Oh my god.” You giggled as there were so many of your fans posting pictures and talked about how cute you guys were together. “Babe, listen to this.” You beamed as his own smile formed once his eyes roamed the multiple pictures of the two of you. “Honestly if I don’t ever have a relationship as cute as Ashton’s and Y/N I’m going to jump off a cliff.” You read and a soft chuckle slipped from his mouth.

“Look at this one.” He said and pointed at a gif of you guys staring lovingly at each other. “The captioned says excuse me while I go adopt a thousand cats. Like how do you even compete with this kind of cuteness?!” You giggled before scrolling down.

“This one says my new pick up line is will you be the Y/N to my Ashton?” You broke off into a laugh. “They made us into a pick up line. Ash.” You smiled down at him and he responded by kissing you gently with his own smile. 

“They love us.” He grinned and it was like music to your ears. “I love us.” 

“I love us too.” You pecked his lips quickly and your phone buzzed next to you. You unlocked it and let out a excited laugh. “#Y/N+Ash=Otp is trending on twitter.” You exclaimed and glanced down at Ashton  who was staring down at his phone with a smug smirk. “What?”

“Luke just texted me.” He said and you gestured for him to continue. “#Y/NisAshslittletease is also trending on twitter.” He said proudly and your mouth fell open in embarrassment.

“I’m going to kill you.” You screamed playfully and climbed on top of him, ready to attack with tickles but was stopped once his hands captured yours and he pulled you down for a kiss. You let yourself melt into it and soon found yourself in a slow make out session with your little drummer boy.  

He pulled back to give you a sweet smile and linking your fingers with his. “Together?” He asked and you pressed another slow and tender kiss to his mouth before replying with one simple word that meant the world. 



A/N: I love this so much! It was so much fun to make! And the fact that I just had a dream like this but with Luke made it even better!  Send in Request!

That Time Jensen Broke the Internet

Each post is as maddening as the last. How could he have not seen this all before? In a vague way, Jensen knew there was hate out there. Hate for him, Danneel, Vicki, Misha, Jared, etc… Endless female cast members included. But he’d never gone and actually looked at it.

He feels sick to his stomach seeing some of the things that people have written, or half-botched plans to actually do some wrong. He realizes that this is why getting Twitter was a bad idea. Because he wants to vent to the world, say a round of fuck you’s to various people.

Which, from a PR standpoint is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Instead, he sits angrily against the pillows and tries to come up with something that he can do that is as much a fuck you as it is a totally acceptable response that won’t get him yelled at by his agent, or employers.

It’s dark now, nearly three a.m. Misha is sound asleep beside him.


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