i leave my brain alone for five minutes and this happens

One Night Only - Chris Evans

It has been exactly two months, fourteen days, twenty-one hours and forty-five minutes since you saw him. Since you felt the warmth of his touch or heard his voice.
Away on a press tour, Chris hasn’t had much time for you. Leaving you alone and cold in the large apartment made for two.
Until late last night when you were about to drift off to sleep, alone in the king size bed, again. Your phone rang, expecting it to be your favourite cupcake. Your heart started to race, fingers running through your hair as you saw the name flash across your screen.
“Seb? Is he okay? What happened?” You panicked, answering the phone.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down little lady, Chris is fine. I just wanted to ask you a favour.” Sebastian laughed, calming your nerves a little. “You know how it’s Chris’ birthday tomorrow? Well Mackie and I have been racking our brains trying to think of something cool and exciting for our Evans and thought, why not fly you over for a night?”
You heard the laughs of Anthony Mackie in the background as he made a few jokes about Chris finally being able to get some. Rolling your eyes, you sighed and thought about their proposition.
“I can’t just pack up and leave, Seb. What about Doger? I don’t even know where you guys are at the moment.”
“It’s us, you know we’ve got it all planned out. We’re in Chicago for the premiere tomorrow night. Bring something sexy to wear to the event, that’ll really surprise him.” Mackie answered.
“Fine. But you boys owe me.”
“Believe me, with the amount of fucking you and Chris are gonna do - you’ll end up thanking us.”
To say you were nervous was an understatement. Why? That was still a little unsure. You knew Chris would be surprised, and he loved when you wore your slim red dress that showed off the better parts of you.
Sebastian and Anthony had came and picked you up from the motel and hid you from the press as you entered the red carpet, ensuring no one would leak that you were here to Chris.
They talked to the event management team and asked for you to be seated next to Chris, making sure the surprise would be even funnier if it was half way through the movie.
You were currently standing outside the theatre, waiting for Sebastian’s signal to enter the room. As Seb stepped outside, pretending to go to the bathroom he winked and wished you luck.
The movie theatre was dead silent. Everyone watching the action film, everyone watching your beautiful boyfriend kick ass.
As you found him, you noticed the spare seat beside him and thanked that no one thought to sit there.
You make your way down the aisle and quietly sit beside Chris, who pays no attention to the sudden person beside them.
You use this to your advantage, swallowing hard and resting a hand on his thigh, watching closely as he tenses up. You lean in closer to him, being able to smell his cologne for the first time in months, and whisper in his ear.
“I’ve missed you, cupcake.”
You squeeze his thigh a little harder, abd nibble on the bottom or his earlope - something you know turns him on.
You can hear the giggles of Sebastian and Anthony from behind you but you ignore them, watching as Chris turns to face you, his mouth forming an “o” shape.
“Oh my g-gosh! What are you doing here?” He whispers. The smile on his face reminding you how much you missed him.
“Blame the annoying kids behind me, Happy Birthday Babe.” You winked.
Chris took you by the hand and lead you out of the movie theatre, proceeding towards the bathroom.
“You can’t just turn me on like that, babe. You gotta follow through with it.” He says, pushing you against the bathroom door as it opens.
“I’m only here for the night, Evans. Make it count.”