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Lightning Bolt Soulmate!Barry Allen x Reader Part Four

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin, Cisco

Word Count: 795

A/N: I know it’s been a long time and hopefully you guys don’t hate me after the long wait, but finally, here is part four.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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thetreesfullofstarlight  asked:

Hey! I was wondering what podcasts do you recommend?

oh my sweet summer child 

thank you for asking! podcasts are kinda my shit, and i love them. 

so here we go. 

2 dope queens: 

a stand up comedy podcast produced by wnyc and hosted by jessica williams (of the daily show fame) and phoebe robinson. very funny. very diverse. lots of women comedians, lots of comedians of color, lots of lgbt comedians. nsfw

the adventure zone: 

a podcast where three brothers (justin, travis, and griffin) play dungeons and dragons with their dad. you don’t have to be into d&d to appreciate it. you don’t have to ever have played before. i haven’t ever played (though i do currently have plans to start, because this podcast inspired me to). it’s hilarious, a lot of fun, and a great story. nsfw

ask me another: 

a comedy quiz show (think bar trivia) produced by npr. recorded live with a new celebrity guest every week. very fun, clever, funny, and you’ll learn fun things! 90% sfw, if there’s ever anything that might not be totally okay, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 


a true crime podcast put out by radiotopia. they tell a short story from the world of criminal justice every episode. this show is a lot less graphic and scary than a lot of true crime tends to be. short episodes. easy to digest. mostly sfw, if there’s ever questionable things, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 

dear hank and john: 

a comedy advice podcast about death hosted by john and hank green of the vlogbrothers. funny, sweet, informative, introspective. very enjoyable listen. 90% sfw

ear biscuits: 

if you like youtube and youtubers, you’ll probably like this show. rhett and link interview a different youtuber each week about their lives. very in depth, very interesting, very introspective. the people who’ve been on the show say it’s like coming in for a super intense hour long therapy session. mostly sfw, but not always. you will be warned ahead of time. 

game of owns: 

if you’re a game of thrones fan, this is a great podcast. the hosts, micah, zach, eric, and hannah recap episodes and discuss what happened. they talk about theories, give opinions, etc. very in depth analysis. when the show is in its off season, they read the books and discuss a new chapter every episode. nsfw

interrobang with travis and tybee: 

this is my new favorite show. i donate to this show every month because i love it so much. the hosts, travis (middle brother from the adventure zone) and tybee rant for an hour. they meander from one topic in the beginning of the show to who knows where by the end. they are kind, sweet, funny, smart, thoughtful, and i think really good people. enjoyable to listen to. some of my favorite people. i can’t recommend this podcast enough. nsfw, you are always warned at the top of the show about any possible triggers. 


a show produced by npr that discusses the unseen forces that guide and shape the way we live our lives as humans. sciencey, fun, ethereal. sfw


a show that discusses legends, myths, and folklore. the host tells stories about those topics, does research into the real events that inspired certain tales, and tells them in the perfect blend of spooky, fun, and informative. mostly sfw


the hashtag is silent. a show hosted by four millennials (laura, elysa, matt, and andrew) where they talk about pop culture, current events, politics, their personal lives, etc. fun, heated, funny. nsfw


i’ve been listening to mugglecast since i was in the seventh grade, before the harry potter series had really come to an end and there were still theories to discuss and questions to be answered. their latest episode was a review of the cursed child where andrew (also a host on #millennial), who saw the show gave a recap to micah and eric (also hosts of game of owns) and they reacted. let’s just say, no one’s very happy. smart, fun, funny, nostalgic if you’re a harry potter fan. sfw

my brother, my brother, and me: 

my second favorite podcast by a very close margin. the same three brothers from the adventure zone (justin, travis, and griffin) host this comedy advice show for the modern era. they take your questions and turn them, alchemy like, in wisdom. it is the funniest goddamn thing i’ve ever encountered. this show has genuinely had a big part in keeping my mental health relatively steady lately. listening soothes my anxiety and depression, makes me smile and laugh, and makes me feel at home and happy. super super nsfw. 

no such thing as a fish: 

if you like qi, the quiz show currently hosted by stephen fry, you’ll like this show. it’s hosted by the people behind that show. the ones who find all of the crazy facts you learn on qi. each week, they each bring their favorite fact from the past week and discuss! very funny, very informative. mostly sfw. 

oh no ross and carrie: 

they show up so we don’t have to. ross and carrie investigate claims of the spiritual, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. they’ve joined cults, gotten acupuncture, became scientologists, got their fortunes told, visited haunted ships, you name it, they’ve done it. very funny, very informative, very fun. nsfw

philosophize this!: 

if you’re interested in learning about philosophy and famous philosophers, this could be a good one for you. it’s like listening to a college lecture on the topic. sfw. 


another harry potter podcast that i’ve been listening to since i was 13. not a whole lot different than mugglecast. different hosts, different feel, same concept. 


formerly of npr, now of wnyc, radio lab is one of the coolest shows out there, imo. basically, take this american life, but all the stories are about science. super cool. super fun. super informative. sfw

more perfect: 

a brand new podcast from the same people behind radiolab. this show is about the supreme court. they tell us about some of the major cases that the supreme court has covered and get really into the nitty gritty. super interesting and informative. sfw

rose buddies: 

now don’t judge me. rose buddies is a bachelor/ette fancast. griffin (of mbmbam and taz) and his wife rachel recap episodes of the bachelor/ette. they know. okay? they knoooow. it’s a garbage show. but they, and all of us listening, like to roll around in that garbage every week and just laugh at the ridiculous people on tv. it’s amazing. i had never watched the show before, but after listening to this show for the last season of the bachelor, i decided to tune in, and ohhh my god. it’s so worth it. that show is a MESS. i love it. nsfw


a marital tour of misguided medicine. married couple justin (of mbmbam and taz) and dr. sydnee mcelroy discuss all of the horrible ways we’ve tried to help each other over our entire history. hilarious and educational! so much fun! sfw


c’mon. you know about serial. 


married couple travis (of mbmbam, interrobang, and taz) and teresa mcelroy talk about etiquette! manners, shmanners, get it? such a cute show! travis and teresa are so sweet together, and the jokes are funny and sweet. great! lots of good advice! sfw

still buffering: 

this is the last of the mcelroy shows that i currently listen to, but there are more. sydnee (from sawbones) and her two sisters rileigh and teylor talk about being a teenager. rileigh is currently a teenager, and her two sisters are both much older (in their early thirties, i believe). they talk about what was different when they were teens, they ask rileigh about all the crazy things that she and her friends get up to. super fun, sweet, insightful, funny. sfw

stuff you missed in history class: 

pretty self explanatory. hosts holly and tracy tell you about things you probably didn’t learn about in history class. very informative and interesting. sfw 99% of the time, you’ll be warned if there’s anything questionable. 

stuff you should know: 

from the same company as symihc, stuff you should know is very similar, but they cover literally every topic known to humankind. from hoola hoops to serial killers, they research and relay all the information they find. super informative and funny, hosts chuck and josh can make anything interesting. 

sword and scale: 

this is the other side of the true crime coin. scary, harsh, violent, dark, morbid. host mike goes very in depth with his research on real murders. he talks with experts, witnesses, family members of victims, etc. this isn’t exactly entertainment. it’s informative and a harsh reminder of the reality of our world. nsfw. 

this american life: 

everybody knows this show. 

welcome to night vale: 

i don’t have to tell you about wtnv, do i? 

i’m gonna post this for everyone to see, because there are several shows here that really deserve the publicity, and maybe someone else out there would be interested! have fun! let me know if you fall in love with any of these shows. i bolded my absolute favorites. 


Can you imagine a Night Vale/Star Trek crossover? Just think of the possibilities!

Captain Kirk is sent to investigate the disappearance of a small science team aboard the ship Curiosity, led by a skilled scientist named Carlos, who had orginally ben sent to investigate the mysterious moon known only as Night Vale (which had a strange seemingly sentient ship that glowed constantly orbiting it called- what was it, the Glow Cloud?) and had never returned or sent signal back.

They pick up signals circling the entire moon- and when they tune in find it’s some sort of new report- a very strange one. They mention a forbidden dog park, perhaps, or a smiling god. And the man speaking- wow, he has a nice voice, one yeoman notes- seems to go from ominous and menacing to squeaky and excited in .005 seconds. One second he talks about mysterious helicopters taking children or pterodactyls killing parents and teachers, the next he has an existential crisis involving his own existence or even the moon (do they have a moon? what?) or the endless void (for some reason the stars aren’t visible- or, most of them aren’t- and there is no scientific explanation for this, much to Spock’s annoyance) and the next it’s cute cat videos or- the floating cat in the men’s bathroom? Hmmm.

Then, he mentions his boyfriend (with perfect hair and an oaky voice, apparently) and he sounds very excited about a date? They’re all very confused about how he seems to jump from news to personal things to random things that don’t even make sense (The rabbits are not what they seem) and they’re all trying to figure out where to even start because they’re not even sure if they can beam down safely with all those earthquakes, although the man on the radio doesn’t seem effected or bothered at all by these quakes? And they’re wondering okay, what now? when he mentions the boyfriend’s name- Carlos. Carlos, a lovely scientist and once-outsider. Coincidence? Unlikely. As all previous experience with the moon they have been fairly hostile (not as hostile as the deceptively friendly neighbor moon Desert Bluffs- that had not ended well at all) they assume that he was likey kidnapped. After all, the man has already misused several terms such as a healthy meal including gluten-free pizza and absolutely no wheat and wheat byproducts so who knows how Carlos is really doing? Who knows what he sees as a date or boyfriend or whatever if he sees children bringing weapons to school is not only normal but recommended and librarians are evil monsters?

So they send a landing party, at first very concerned as the whole place seems rather dark and creepy and there is no sign of quakes despite what all of their instruments say, and they even pass a house that isn’t there! They can’t beam back up or make contact with the ship for some reason… They see some strange, tall beings of light that look suspiciously like angels circling an old woman, but the radio man (how can they still hear him? does someone have a radio turned on nearby?) cuts in as if he can hear exactly what they’re thinking and mentions that angels do not exist at all so they move on, still confused. They lose an intern redshirt to the strange forest whispering alluring comments and they’re generally very confused and freaked out. McCoy is muttering something about damn mysteries and Spock is trying not to look put off and Jim is torn between excitement at the adventure and anticipation because you know something bad’s going to happen, right? The man has been commenting on their actions for the past few minutes now- he mentioned new visitors in Night Vale and their strange clothing and how they better not be using time travel technology because hey, that’s against the law right now! But then he makes a comment about going to the Weather- which is odd because after that some strange music plays through but that’s it. A passerby seems to be nodding at the radio waves as if she understood exactly what it meant.

But they meet a strange man with- a third eye and tentacles? No species they’ve ever met- who seems rather threatening at first as he has a fanged smile and he asks in a low voice what do they want from Night Vale and Spock notes silently that this is the voice from the radio while McCoy makes some snarky comment at Kirk who makes a separate passive aggressively snarky comment at the three-eyed man. The man blinks, but still looks rather hostile but is proved harmless when, lo and behold, the missing scientist runs out, grinning, waving a clipboard and yelling something about science and maybe like gives him a kiss on the cheek (to which the radio host blushes, let’s be honest) and is like, “Cecil, guess what-!” and kind of pausing, looking at the landing party who look a little surprised to find him alive and he’s like “Wait, are these outside- I mean starfleet officers?”

And they’re not sure like is this stockholm syndrome or a misunderstanding or brainwashing??? I mean after that StrexCorp mess with those creepy smiling office workers on the other moon, taking risks is not advised, right?

So they reluctantly follow Carlos back into his lab, the man- Cecil, they learn, who is a ominous little marshmallow- goes back to finish off his radio show (After a kiss, right, because cecilos beautifulness is required)- and he explains what’s happened since, and hey, they probably haven’t got his messages yet, have they, Night Vale does have a strange time stream (when it has one, apparently, as they overheard one scientist mutter huffily, they cancelled Wednesday again last week, damn it) and just

Like, I’m not sure where I’m going with this but just imagine, you know?

Tamika Flynn, shooting down StrexCorp pilot fighters or something, and Cecil insisting they try some of John Peters-you know, the farmer-’s imaginary corn because it’s delicious and Carlos getting along surprisingly well with Spock while Cecil befriends Captain Kirk, and McCoy takes a liking to Khoshekh, ironically, and Cecil making some comment about Steve Carlsberg while Carlos rolls in his eyes in the background and Carlos mentions he’s stuck here so I guess you guys are too, sorry, and the scientists teasing Carlos about his and Cecil’s beginning so naturally Jim wants to hear all about this and finally Carlos and Spock find a way out of the forcefield so they can leave and Cecil is of course very worried because what if Carlos leaves??? but when they ask Carlos- none of them actually think he’s going to come- Carlos is like LOL nope my life is here, please bitch, I got Cecil and science and friends like I need normalcy or something pssh so Cecil (And the collective of Night Vale, honestly, if only because they all care about their precious Cecil and the loss of Carlos would effect him dearly) are very relieved

So they go back and the higher-ups are like so where’s that scientist anything we can use on that planet and they’re like well Carlos is fine and Night Vale isn’t a threat, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to send anyone else there

And maybe they press or something, who knows, but it would be a great adventure dear lord

hawkeyie  asked:

night vale!au where minho is the overly sarcastic newscaster and thomas is the new guy in town who came to study all the odd things that go on but he ends up being incredibly distracted by minho and wants to learn more about him instead of the town

you listen to wtnv omfg i am in love

  • Thomas not allowing his colleagues to have a radio in the lab because he can’t get any work done
  • Minho sighing on air about how maybe someone oh so smart like Thomas can figure out the scientific explanation as to why they seem so perfect for each other
  • Thomas calling up Minho about the strange occurrences at the library but instead of addresing the issue, he plays Thomas’ voice mail on air and declares that they’re practically dating
  • Minho complaining on air about how Thomas needs to make time for him rather than ””science”’  ”Listeners, sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend thinks it’s science that made him breakfast in bed yesterday morning.”
  • Also about how sometimes he feels that Thomas makes him feel less smart. “I just don’t get it, listeners! I am smart! I’m very science! I know about atoms and microscopes and things.”
  • Thomas insisting that “Minho, mountains are real. We’ve talked about this. Telling your listeners otherwise is - Please stop tugging on my lab coat like a child and listen to me”
  • Minho continues tugging on the lab coat until it comes off and he pulls Thomas into a kiss and they end up making out on Minho’s dashboard
[social sandbox] #beyondferguson, Twitter analytics, AMA on commenting sections

Howdy everyone,

Tonight Michel Martin will be holding a live conversation in St. Louis about race, law enforcement and more. Hashtag is #beyondferguson. Page to link to today is here. Follow @nprmichel and @stlpublicradio for updates. It will air tomorrow but you can follow the conversation as it’s taking place tonight between 6-8 PM CT with the hashtag #beyondferguson. 

Anyone can now go to https://analytics.twitter.com and see detailed analytics about your personal Twitter account, including who follows you. I learned that 34% of my followers also follow @TheOnion and 55% of them are guys. Who knew!?

Former NPR program director Bill Siemering sends along this project on climate change that’s building on its roots in public radio to involve citizen scientists on a national scale. 

WNPR’s Patrick Skahill now has a science tumblr

I found this blog about social media from Harvard Business School that’s really interesting.

Wright Bryan sends along this AMA on commenting sections from someone who studies commenting sections for a living. 

JuxtaposeJS is a new Knight Labs tool that allows you to see changes between images. It is still in development but was mentioned as one of the new tools in this interesting piece on Building Data Journalism Teams. Carol Ritchie sends along an example of before-and-after images from NOLA.com featuring images taken before and after Hurricane Katrina

See something? Let us know! 

Mel “nominates the Science Desk to do a story about ice cubes and the optimal temperature for ice cubes and the proper ratio of ice cubes / water for the ideal ice bucket challenge and the health risks involved and then would like the entire desk to take the challenge” Kramer 

[social sandbox] visual stories, tools from Knight Lab, structured journalism

Hello everyone,

I was at NLGJA last week and sat in on a session about visual design. I thought I would pass along some of the interesting takeaways and links. 

1. Here’s a list of visual stories that are unique in some way (curated by Gannett designer Tyler Chance.) Not all of them are journalism stories, which I think makes it better.

I particularly like this one called The Most Northern Place — and the way they integrated radio into the piece.

2. I learned there are a bunch of tools and projects from the Knight Center at Northwestern that we could take advantage of (via Miranda Mulligan

StoryMap helps journalists craft stories where location is key to the narrative (Think about field reporting trips!)

Soundcite allows reporters to seamlessly drop inline audio into a story (It was designed by our own Tyler Fisher)

Also of note:

3. What is Structured Journalism? (via former NPR-er Chris Amico) (A new listserv to join if you’re interested in structured journalism: library, I’m looking at you.)

4. I noticed two things this weekend. Buzzfeed has a version of the Quotable Tool that allows them to put words over images. (Vox has one too. Their code is here.) I love these, in part, because it makes it easy to socialize stories on Pinterest, Instagram and adds more info to a Facebook/Twitter post. 

5. Also: props to Eric Deggans and Madhulika Sikka for having a conversation on Twitter. I love seeing when people who work here converse outside of here on social. It makes us look human! Also: it lets more people know about us. Have conversation on twitter!