i learned so much making this holy shit

is there anyone you can call? have you got nobody left at all? your back’s against the wall. is there no place else you’d rather be? did you give it all up just for me?

All right, who do I complain to about the lack of canon Bart childhood information?

Bonus simple transparent running Bart for all your shenanigan needs:

my school’s multimedia lab gives students access to the entire adobe creative cloud (and a bunch of other stuff, like final cut pro and poser and gamemaker and all sorts of neat programs) and today i was able to try editing with premiere pro and with final cut. usually i use imovie for my editing projects, and i gotta say i expected to like FC more than PP because supposedly it’s imovie on steroids. but…. premiere pro….. is so smooth…….. once you know how parts work it makes so much sense…….. and it’s compatible with the rest of the cloud. so i got to try out after effects too!! holy shit, in the four hours i spent in the lab i learned how to do like half the things that i always saw in my favorite YT videos and wanted to try. it’s way easier than i thought. (that said, of course there’s a lot of nuance and of course i’m not great yet and of course i’m not 100% on how to integrate after effects projects into premiere yet and of course there’s a lot of stuff i haven’t even tried. but i pulled up the tutorials that adobe links to on their own page, and following that + dicking around i was able to do a lot more than i expected i could do in such a short time. god i love after effects i’m so excited to be able to do a lot of way neater stuff with it)

and so of course i was super excited about the whole adobe suite (since photoshop -> after effects -> premiere pro is a really common workflow from what i can tell) so i got home and decided to try and make some photoshop stuff? and holy crap, i’ve been using photoshop for about a decade, and there’s really basic stuff i only just realized i could do, because i thought “hey, i can do something related in the other programs, wonder if that’s feasible here.” AND IT IS, BECAUSE ADOBE IS AWESOME.

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holy shit!! it makes me so happy to know that one of my fav artists is deaf!! do u only use one hearing aid or do u have two ? and do u know any asl?

aaa this is so cool! its only the one though, my left ear is pretty much useless but the right is mostly fine which is how i manage without wearing my aid most of the time lol. i only know the alphabet unfortunately lmao, ive always wanted to learn the rest but havent had a chance yet! i used to plan on being an audiologist, so id need it, but i still plan on taking a class even if i dont do that :0