i learned how to make this and im really excited

some quick random thoughts about the last chapter:

  • naked guan shan is a sight to behold, and it’s not like we didn’t know since old xian loves to draw him in various states of undress (which is still hilarious to me), but d a m n, he is hella build
  • he also looks gorgeous in those white pants
  • actually he looks gorgeous full stop, like srsly sometimes i can’t believe how beautiful guan shan is, his character design is so good
  • guan shan looking up he tian’s horoscope is THE MOST. ADORABLE. THING. EVER. and it clearly shows that guan shan has been thinking about he tian and wants to learn more about him, wants to understand him, and im just!!!! so excited because guan shan’s feeling have been slowly shifting and turning into something more, and seeing his journey into falling in love with he tian is so breathtakingly beautiful HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL
  • “your partner is very tender, soft, sweet, and understanding, will look after you well” [muffled screaming] OKAY LISTEN he tian’s horoscope is making me so emo because he actually is all those things, we got to see it in the way he constantly cares about guan shan, and we didn’t really need a confirmation but im still very grateful that old xian spelled it out like this
  • WHAT IS HE TIAN’S ZODIAC SIGN THO @old xian you can’t have guan shan look it up and not tell us I NEED TO KNOW
  • ….i honestly don’t want to say that guan shan was about to jerk off thinking about he tian but it sure looked like it and my brain short circuited for a while there………….
  • ..was…………was he tian waiting on guan shan’s balcony while guan shan showered and then hiding there until he could make the perfect entrance GOD DAMMIT HE TIAN
  • okay but guan shan’s mom making he tian wait for guan shan in his room and he tian looking around it to learn more about guan shan and then stepping out on the balcony and turning around when he hears guan shan walking in but stopping in his track because guan shan is SHIRTLESS and that wasn’t in the plan and HE NEEDS A MINUTE idk about y'all but im considering this canon
  • i fucking knew he tian was smart as hell, and the fact that he just showed up at guan shan’s house to help him study is making me feel stuff because !!!!!!!!!! he cares!!!! about guan shan!!!! so much!!!! he wants guan shan to stay in school and succeed and be the best version of himself because, unlike she li, he knows guan shan has potential and deserves so much more than being used as a scapegoat and he tian just loves him so much IM SHOOK
  • (i honestly want to make an analysis about he tian vs she li so badly, i wish my brain could just work sigh)
  • those last three panels are just so???? cute???? i don’t know, he tian looks adorable in them and their banter feels so comfortable and light-hearted, and i just really love it (im lowkey laughing at guan shan’s punches feeling like a massage to he tian THESE DORKS)
  • (guan shan not looking at he tian in that third to last panel is interesting tho, i wonder if it actually means something or if im reading too much into things as usual)
  • i really REALLY need to see guan shan and he tian studying together and then guan shan’s mom inviting he tian to stay for dinner and the three of them just interacting with each other, it would be SO GOOD and have so much potential to learn more about he tian and guan shan @old xian IM BEGGING YOU (……am i being too greedy??)
  • guan shan’s mom is gonna become the number 1 tianshan shipper just wait for it

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So I'm just a humble follower of every bts blog may it be all about pics, edits, imagines, crack ( which is you, I love u for that) and all that jazz. 2 of the blogs(kimtrain and btssmutgalore) that im following are pissed right now because of people reposting from them which they did not have permission so I checked out the site I may have seen some of your works so uh yeah

Russian sites translating things..this is golden :DD idk if they reposted mine things and frankly I don’t care…as someone who started to ‘stan’ ppl when I was 12ish I depended on these sites that would translate things cause I knew nothing in english…I understand that ppl who do art are mad when their stuff gets constantly reposted. I understand that reposting is shitty but on the other hand im not really that hyped about ppl writing memberxreader imagines and things like that so i can’t really feel for them as much (also i think anyone with at least a little knowledge of what ppl will like can write shit like that…same as anyone could learn how to do fake subs..you dont have to be genius for that:D except for bang-tan..but yeah) 

I’m not super excited about reposts when I see them but I mostly just make fun of it…but I do what I do to make ppl laugh and when someone reposts I try to think of it as my work fullfilling its purpose even more…(DOES NOT APLY TO FAN ART, EDITS AND FANFICTIONS YOU FUCKERS)

i sent an ask on anon a little whileago about being scheduled outside of my availability and being told not to come in on those days.

i was fired for a nc/ns.

turns out the general manager changed my availability without letting me know. my availability was 3 days out of the week. it was like this because im a high school student with another job. all my managers understood this and worked with me… except for her. and the only reason i was fired was because it was on her shift (so ive been told).

the other managers have been super understanding and trying to get my job back because they know how much i love it and i was always early, always kind, always hardworking, always ready and excited to help and to learn. and they keep telling me to keep my chin up, it’ll be ok. i love them so much. they asked me to please keep coming to eat because they love seeing me and whenever i come in theyre so nice and so happy to see me, and always make sure to ask if im ok, because im not very good at hiding the fact that i want to cry.

it really hurt because i really really loved that job and was abt to draft my two weeks notice at the other one so i could work there more often. but i might wind up with my job back. my depression has honestly spiked and i know it’s stupid because i was only there for a month but it was the only place i was actually happy to be. i used to dread going to work but when i got that job i loved it and they were always so good to me.

the worst part? it was the day before my birthday.

namjoon wanting to learn classical guitar makes me so unbelievably happy im such a huge fan of classical guitar guys you have no idea so GUESS WHAT im gonna start posting classical guitar recommendations daily bc yall gotta get with it !!!!!!!!!

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Do you have any plans to make your own manga? Im really curious😁 also u inspired me to make my own zine for fun😊 i learned about fanzine's from creeping on your twitter account😂😁

Ahhhh for now not really but I´d like to try it out at least once in my life :D I had this idea for a long time now - chill, mellow, maybe short stories that have a similiar vibe like my rainy gifs..I want to create a manga that is perfect for relaxing! aödfj talking about it makes me excited to draw it now hahaha and wah how cool you´re trying out your own zine!! good luck with it! 

i really wanted to hold off on uploading until i was done with all of my charm designs, but she just turned out so cute!!! By request of a dear friend, i will be making a tiny tombo to go along with her ❤

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You are such an amazing artist and author!! Only I've never really noticed how well you draw!! I always knew that you were a SUPREMELY talented writer but omg your drawings are really good too!! I love that gif you made of Dean and Cas from your stories!! It's so cute!! (Sorry for the excessive amount of explanation points im excited lol) 💖✨

YOOOO you mean this gif??? AAH THANK YOU!!! ouo

in terms of drawing I’m still learning, and I find it much tougher to illustrate than to write, but I do enjoy what I make. my biggest challenge is being consistent between drawings. I haven’t nailed my art style yet, but I hope to get there someday. I appreciate your encouragement SO MUCH ;u;

(!!!!! excessive exclamation points of excitement are welcomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

my art // my Destiel fics

hey !!! i hit 300 followers yesterday n i want to say thankyouthankyouthanku !!!!! this isnt my Official 300 followers post because im actually gonna DO something & im really excited !! ive been learning how to make tattoos because i think its a simple piece of cc to start with so i was planning on putting some up for download !! so i just wanted to say a quick thanks & look out for the official post in maybe a week or so?? im still working on it ok thanks :~DDD

Does anyone else remember Code Lyoko?

Well, was watching Miraculous and a thought hit me like “huh, you know what else was a super cool French show? CODE: LYOKO”
I mean, I was super obsessed with this show when I was a kid. It was MY childhood. I wanted to be Yumi so bad and begged my mom for fans. Ulrich was like my first boy crush. I drew the Xana symbol everywhere! I learned how to play the theme song on my violin. And I totally swore to myself that I would name my daughter Aelita one day (oh you know Im still doing it). This was just a big part of my childhood and it makes me really excited but sad if forgotten. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only fan. So I just want to know iF aNYONE REMEMBERs THIS SHOW! :D

@the-buttoned-one :

Hiya! I am one of your patrons and from your tutorial I tried to draw a sans…… It didn’t quite come out like I’d hoped and he looks a lot younger than he’s supposed to and I don’t really know how to fix that??? I just thought to show you because I am really excited to learn from you!


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you're learning Russian?? that's super cool omggg!!

YESSSS OMG I LOVE IT I THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME AND IM SO EXCITED HEY WAIT THE ASK BOX looks different i guess they changed something… anyway, YES RUSSIAN ! i’m learning it on memrise, which i found out about from a post @smilingsweetlyonwards reblogged, actually.  i have so much fun making all these mnemonic devices to help me remember words and im really excited about actually being able to understand some things when i hear russian wow even though i know not very many words yet. but its exciting to be able to read russian writing (even if i dont know what im saying) because the last two langues i learned used the same alphabet as english, this is the first time i’ve something totally different. it took me a while to figure out how to get a russian on-screen keyboard working…. i thought you probably use something similar to be able to type in arabic !

now i have the russian on-screen keyboard setting but i still have a regular american physical keyboard so i’m learning to type from memory where the russian letters are and actually picking it up more quickly than i thought. i guess when you CAN’T look at the keyboard it speeds things up. XD

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how do i get over working really hard on smth, finding out the camera wasnt recording, doing it over, and then finding out that it wasnt recording AGAIN bc i didnt have enough storage left, trying to move the files that had saved from the camera to my computer, and it not working at all? i gave up after that and just deleted it. my first youtube video in a while, i was rlly excited for it, and now im just dissapointed and upset.

I’m so sorry – I know how hard that is. I once recorded four REALLY tough videos with Emma, basically taking up an entire Saturday, and about five minutes after Emma left I realized I’d never plugged the microphone in. 

Just use what you learned the first time around to make it better. Eat some chocolate if you need to first, but then re-awesome it up.

My 2016 New Years Resolutions
  1. to eat healthy: if my dream of playing volleyball in college comes true, starting to take note of what I eat daily will be more helpful than ever (plus, staying healthy is good in general)
  2. to write everyday: I want to get better, cause frankly my skill level right now is pathetic in my eyes and I can be so much better if I put in the time 
    1. my goal for the whole year is 50,000 words. let’s see if I can do it
  3. to draw every day: for the past few months now I’ve been really interested in improving my art skill and I know that practice makes perfect (well, near perfect anyway) so I know that a this is as good of a place as any to start
  4. to dress like a badass and actually learn how to do makeup 

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I just saw your pic girl and omg you look ecstatic!! BTS is my fave group and you having the ability to be so close with em must have been awesome! what was being around namjoon, hoseok, and jimin like? they're my faves in the group so I'm super curious to see hear how they were like with you ^^

argghhh i am so sorry for the late reply! ive been very busy! haha i feel so bad :( ahh thats so cool! bts is also my fave group! it was mind blowingly awesome! i cant believe there real people!

namjoon oh my god hes my ultimate so being able to talk to him was unreal ! hes a very good listener! he always looked me in the eyes when i talked to him! he was so focused! hes so genuine and really cares about his fans! i talked to him the longest out of bangtan! he couldve been resting or doing something else! but he took the time to talk to me! maybe because he could tell i was a huge fan of him! hes also a very funny and carefree guy! he likes to make people laugh! when he was filming for the mv he put on some green glasses and started doing flailing his arms doing a wierd dance! hes a blast man. he doesnt care what others think! i remember i tought him how to do the bro handshake that all the guys do in la ( you know what im talking about lol) he was so excited to learn it haha . were both like “wassup”! haha hes really open to learn new things! he’s a cool laid back guy! even nate said so himself when i talked to him! he said namjoon was the coolest haha. he was so thankful i was a fan haha! he was surprised when is showed him my album for him to sign! he was like “wow thank you so much” i was so happy , he was also very curious! asking me things like “how did u find out about bts?” ” how do you know kpop” haha it was amazing overall hes a very sweet fun guy! he’s everything i wanted him to be and more! he makes so happy i wish i could be with him every single day! so overall he’s very chill when he wants to be , but he has a goofy side wich i love ( oh and btw he says ” OH REALLY” alot lol i noticed that when talking to him! hehe ) btw hes really fucking tall and his body is like sex on a stick OH LAWDDD :p

jimin is a cutie! hes very cute and dorky ! even thought he doesnt look like it he definetly is! i didnt get to say much to him because his english isnt very good :( but he tries his best! :) his engrish very cute! he seemed sorta shy around me ! but he was very nice! i think us fans have alot more to learn about jimin! :) overall i would say he was very sweet and tried his best to talk in english! and when i spoke korean phrases to him he was surprised! haha they all were! to me he likes to listen! he likes his hyungs alot! he shows alot of affection its sweet , tbh hes way more obedient than kookie faaar more actually haha  so overall he was very cute and sweet , but shy ! kookie was in his own little world sometimes hehe actually when they had a break to stop filming , ther was a floatie in pool and kookie got on it and layed out in the pool on it FULLY CLOTHED MAY I REMIND YOU and he just layed there , he couldve fell in fully clothed but he didnt really care lol everyone was laughing the staff tried to help him out of the pool haha hes so silly! he almost fell

hoseok oh my god this kid , hes actually really good at english! woah man! he’s seemed really excited to talk to me in english! he was surprised i knew about kpop! i complemented him on their performance of tvxq’s something! he was very happy i watched! he said ” oh wow thats cool! very hard dance dance is hard” HAHAHA HIS ENGRISH IS THE BEST OMFG he really seems like how he is on tv very goofy and upbeat! he was so cheery the whole time i talked to him! hes definetly not a shy guy! he likes to talk alot! haha hes goofy and thats what i love about him hes so positive all the time! i remeber when i talke to him i said ” jhope! your my hope! ” and he pointed at me and said ” OH YEAH HOPE I AM HOPE ” hehee his eyE SMILE IS LIFE OMFG. i told him my favorite song from the album was just one day! and he was like “oh haruma! oh yes!” then we both started singing it! haaha he laughed after words ! talking to jhope was so much fun! he really a great person to talk to! i would say hes the happy virus of the group! he really likes to make people laugh and feel good! he’s such an amazing guy! so overally talking to jhope was the most fun! i ( their all fun and amazing tho dont get me wrong) so overall he was very talkative and funny !

thanks you so much for asking this question! feel free to ask anymore if you would like! thanks so much! <3333 sorry again for the late reply! 


one time in 3rd grade i was at a playground with my older brother and his friend and his friend pointed to something carved into a pole and said “hey read that” so i was so excited to show off how good i was at reading i said it really loud and thats the story of the day i learned the fuck word

also these look better if u click em and make them bigger

Okay but I’m so fucking excited for that episode description because 

1) its a Garnet episode

2) WHY did Garnet take over a dance studio?? The Gems don’t really interact with humans so im just imagining that Steven hears the plight of the owner of the dance studio and he’s like ‘GASPS,  I Know a great dance instructor!! *scene cuts to Garnet standing impassively* *dance instructor is unsure then Garnet busts out soME MOVES GURL*


4) Peridot’s here so maybe THIS is how she learns more about fusion??



I started animating at 12, with little notepads and stickynotes. after I saw Unknown-Person’s stuff on Deviantart, I became a little more serious, but no big projects came out of it. In fact every time I tried to start, I always ended up petering off and abandoning it. To my eyes it was just failure after failure stacking up, so I gave up trying to make big projects–working on small, short animations here and there and my basic drawing skills.

So this animation project I’m working on is kinda my old nemesis back from nearly a decade ago! I’m more experienced, more organized (I think) and once again I’m determined to conquer this beast >:)

so I’m really excited to finish this hs music project. it’ll be my magnum opus in this fandom and the very first Big project I’ve ever finished!  I really gotta learn how to really focus and kick myself into gear to finish it!

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so my boyfriend just broke up with me yesterday and its been pretty rough but on friday im going to disneyland by myself (my sister will be at a cheer competition) any tips you have so i make sure that i don't start feeling lonely and start crying or something? :'( im excited but this really put a dent in my excitement..

I am sorry to hear that friend, but if there is one thing I know it’s that you should be able to have an amazing time regardless. CAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO FRIGGEN DISNEYLAND! :D SO wanna know how to have fun solo and learn and enjoy your time with yourself? EASY. Well you’re going to a park by yourself, which means YOU DECIDE THE AGENDA OF YOUR DAY! THAT BEING SAID I SHALL GIVE YOU SOME TIPS!


GET THAT PIECE OF DISNEY MERCH YOU’VE BEEN WANTING FOR A WHILE NOW. Whether it’s a pin, a cute hat, phone case, plushie, whatever get yourself something nice cause you deserve it! 


You love cinderella, ariel, tiana, mulan, whomever but sometimes the group doesn’t wanna do meet and greets. BUT YOU’RE GOING SOLO CAUSE YOU’RE AN AMAZING SWAN WITH WINGS OF SUNSHINE! SO visit WHO YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT, AND AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re flying for one today! More often than not they do cool interactive stuff when they hear that to make your day even MORE special! And don’t feel shy to ask for a hug! As everyone at Disneyland loves warm ones.

(they are not there anymore but I thought the hug picture was cute.) 


WANNA RIDE SMALL WORLD 40 TIMES? COOL YOU CAN! WANNA JUST DO ALICE IN WONDERLAND 59 TIMES? DO IT! Almost every ride at Disneyland I hear manages to bring a smile to anyone’s face! But the blessing of being a party of one is you get to schedule your time. Go see every inch of innoventions! Walk around fantasyland and admire how pretty it is! Go on the Mark Twain at night and admire how beautiful the popcorn lights reflect in the water! Take a stroll through sleeping beauty’s castle and feel like your in the story as it’s happening! You really have the freedom to schedule your day. And what a strange freedom that can be! Just make sure to get your fastpasses! 




And best of all reveal in the beauty that is Sleeping Beauty castle at night, grab a comfy seat for yourself somewhere on Main Street and just watch the fireworks go by.

I hope your trip is a good one, I hope you don’t let that break up bring you down, and I hope your time at Disneyland is a beautiful memory! Treat it like a Cinderella moment. You’re going to the ball, meaning the Disneyland magic can only last you until you go home! Might as well make your time there a good time :)  And I have a feeling it will be.

Hope this helps!