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My first ever commish! This was so fun to do!! I love the wind haha, this is my commish for 606nebula

Advance haapy new year guys! 

Lets be happy and be excited for the new year to come! (/^▽^)/

I’m so very excited! I finally say good bye to this terrible year lol

It wasn’t all bad I guess, Mob happened (oh so thankful!) and… …it seems it’s all the good I see haha ah! yeah I learned how to make gifs and and I didn’t shift to a new course (not sure if it’s good or something but at least I didn’t give up haha) 

Yeah, not so bad xD I hope you guys had fun too! Lets be happy together weee!

Cult Generator

Need a cult? 

I can think of numerous applications for a procedural cult generator. Maybe you need a group to summon a procedurally generated demon, or maybe your Trail of Cthulhu campaign could use help with plot inspiration. 

While it’s not the only source of generated cults, what’s unique about this one is that it’s implemented in Twine. It’s a good reminder that you don’t need fancy technology or elite coding skills to make interesting procedural generation projects. Start with the tools you know how to use. Learn new things as you need them. Make stuff.


Is everyone as awkward as me when they’re trying to thank their followers, I wonder? Seriously, guys. I made this blog on a whim last summer as I was rereading ASOIAF and remembered how much I loved Alys Karstark. And here I am, ten months later, with over 1,100 followers !!! Since I am awful with cute and sweet words, I’m going to show my appreciation in a way that I actually can. I made a present for you, and I hope you like it :)


I learned how to code from scratch very recently and I owe it all to @octomoosey‘s tutorials. Go check out her tutorials if you are interested in coding, because they’re the best.


Feel free to change it as much as you’d like. Make it unrecognisable, if you wish. All I ask is that you don’t remove or move my credit, since I worked really hard on it and went through dozens of tutorials to make it look the way it does. If you spot any glitches or problems, please let me know and I will gladly fix it to my best ability. I’m still pretty amateur with coding, so be nice.

Please like or reblog this post if you intend to use my base code. It’s not a requirement but a nice thing to do (◡‿◡✿)

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We all know that we make mistakes and learn from them, only know success if we have experienced failure and all that, but how can we actually proactively learn from our errors? As exam time nears, there is no better time to fix up all those slips than now, so here are some ways I like to learn from my errors:

1.      Blooper books

  • Basically a notebook you use to record your mistakes so that when you have some time, you can flip through and see what you shouldn’t do ever again! (I bought a pack of five Muji books for about $5 - yay bargains - perfect for me to have one for each subject).
  • You can lay it out however you like, but my ones are ordered according to the test that my mistake appeared in, so as soon as I get a test/sac/worksheet back, I go ahead and fill it in.
  • You can either write the whole question with the correct solution in, or a self-reminder not to do a certain thing. In my languages ones, I also put in some vocab or some grammar that I tend to forget.

2.      Vocab cards

  • A specific place where you can record the vocabulary you always forget and carry around with you anywhere to revise them.
  • Whilst some people like using flashcard apps, I prefer having physical cards, especially these vocab cards I got in a pack of 4 from Daiso, since if I’ve got them in my pocket I’m more likely to pick them up, but I might get distracted by other things on my phone.

3.      Exam sheets

  • During exam time, we’ll all be doing countless numbers of practice exams, so if your blooper books get too full, I like having separate sheets of reminders/mistakes I made in that exam.
  • It can be a loose leaf of paper stapled to the front cover of the exam, or if you don’t like having loose leaves flying around, you can have a separate book just for practice exams.
  • If you want a more specific version, last year my bio teacher made these exam sheets that include the score of each section and the topic each question goes under, so that you can see more clearly where you can see which topics you need more work on!

I hope that helped you all! Feel free to add any of your own suggestions!

Kate xx

🔥❤️ Happy Birthday, Portgas D. Ace ❤️🔥

“Doesn’t a girl like that scare you a bit, Mr. Scamander?” 

Newt gave the man a peculiar stare, “A little.” 

“Then why in God’s name would you be with her?” 

“Because I’ve learned that if something scares you a little bit, then it’s probably a good thing to try, sir.” Newt replied. 

“At least she’s got beauty to her, then.” 

“Being beautiful has nothing to do with looks, sir. It’s all how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. I could care less about [Y/N]’s looks. All I know is that she makes me want to be a better man despite what she may say about me being a good man already. She makes me feel as if I hadn’t known what taking a breath was truly like until she stole mine. You see, sir, sometimes its good to be scared because it means you still have something to lose.” 

This year, I learned the true meaning behind loving and forgiving, and how everything in life is intertwined, and each stitch isn’t accidental, that every patch on a quilt is woven with purpose. I’ve learned that you can swallow your pride for love, and just because someone hurts you it doesn’t mean they don’t care. People make mistakes, some worse than others, but people should also forgive as often as they make these mistakes. I’ve found that trusting someone is tougher than it seems, but I’ve learned that people surprise you when you give them a chance. And when trust is betrayed, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. If broken hearts can be mended, foundations of trust can be rebuilt. I’ve realized that as a person who craved the exceptional, once in a lifetime kind of love, I am also the first one to run when God hands it to me. Out of fear? Probably, but not because I am scared of loving. I am more scared of being loved and then one day, not being loved at all. I am terrified of loving so hard and falling so deeply that there’s not a way out for me, and this person can leave anytime. With this, I’ve also learned that love isn’t just about two people who feel a lot about each other nor is it going to be perfect. It takes work. It takes a whole lot of work. It’s more than just four letters or a couple of dates and long nights of staying up, talking to one another about life. It’s not just butterflies and kisses in the rain or spinning in a new dress. It’s arguments. It’s tears. It’s bitter. It’s raw. It’s screaming at one another. It’s hurting like hell then learning to heal, but with each other. It’s forgiving, not forgetting. Forgetting is easy, but forgiving takes courage. It’s being brave enough to walk away from the past and into the present and future. It’s being fearless enough to say sorry even if you don’t want to. It’s the storm. It’s the rough sea. It’s losing yourself, yet, learning more about yourself each day. It’s choosing this person after every single altercation. It’s staying when the only thing you want to do is leave, but knowing that if you leave, regret will hang on to you like you want to do to love. I’ve learned that love isn’t a choice at first - you don’t get to decide who you want to fall in love with or meet, but when you do, you get to choose if you want to continue to grow with this person. Despite all the times you wish you could have walked away and saved yourself another argument, and the moments you wish you could erase, you choose love because this person is its definition. Maybe at the end of the day, you cannot define love with words, but a single soul that makes you feel it all. And to think that I questioned the events that happened in my life.. I truly believe that every heartbreak and every relationship truly pushes you in the direction you are meant to go. Sometimes, you know where you want to go but it takes a while for you to get there and so, we all need a helping hand and that is what unfortunate events do for us. I look back on the past few years that led me to start really writing about my emotions - about all the pain, the anguish, and the heartbreak and I am thankful for what it’s brought me.. the love of writing and the love of my life.

Don’t think like I’m doing nothing all this time

Because I’m doing THIS. Kinda nervous but still

I’m planning to do a small comedy short as an animation practice for me. Still a rough sketchy thing with no proper timing, details, motion (and shape) stabilization and no warframes’ scenes yet, but this is something I want to share with you already. >W>

(learning animation without anybody who can give you some helpful tips and advices of how to make animation better is the road full of pain. I know I make a lot of mistakes so I also will be thankful if anybody will be nice enough to give me some constructive critics about this small piece because I have no idea how to fix it and make it better.)

O L I C I T Y | A r r o w  5 x 16

“You just have to trust me, on this one.  Okay?” - Felicity Smoak

“Okay.” - Oliver Queen

Chapter 2    Part 1

“So how did you get the obscurous?“ Newt asked watching Y/N’s every step.

“Well back in America Jacob touched the obscurous’s sheild and released it. Some how it was able to make me it’s host. I’m not entirely sure how it happened or how is possible but it is.” Y/N explained putting a plate of casserole in front of Credence.“ Eat honey.”

Credence looked down shyly as Y/N combed her fingers through his hair fixing it. His hair was longer than it had been back in America.

“If we learn more about the obscurous than we can help others. We can save children.” Y/N said voice coming to a whisper.

Newt took Y/N’s hand giving it a squeeze letting her know he was here for Y/N. Y/N smiled at him.

“Why don’t we go feed the beasts.” Newt said opening up his case. Slowly they all entered the case and into Newt’s sanctuary. Newt handed Credence a bottle and his glowing octopus who wrapped herself around him.

Credence walked away smiling.

“You’ve become very fond of him.” Newt pointed out hugging her from behind.

“Are you jealous because you have no reason to be. I love you.” Y/N told him turning around. Y/N kissed his shoulder as they rocked back and forth.

“We should go on a date. Tonight. Just there two of us.” Newt suggested slightly flustered.

“I would love to.” Y/N told him. Y/N hugged him closer.


“Okay if you need anything just think of me and I’ll be here. We’ll be back in a couple hours.“ Y/N said kissing his forehead. Y/N turned around linking arms with Newt.

“You’re really in your element.” Newt pointed out.

“I’ve really bonded with Credence. He’s been so abused. He was so frightened. We are definetly navigating this together.” Y/N explained.“ Besides what more could I want. I’ve got you the man I love. I’ve got Credence my only other known species and of course all our little trouble making children.“

“Well when you say it like that.” Newt whispered shielding part of his face with his side fluffy hair.

“You’re simply adorable when you do that.” Y/N told him.

Newt blushed furiously looking away. He stopped setting their blanket down on the ground before sitting on it. Newt held his hand out to help Y/N onto the blanket next to him.“ How did you get that?” Newt inquired looking at her ankle.

“I’m assuming the obscurous gave it to me.” Y/N said looking down at the tendrils around Y/N’s ankle. Y/N laid down ear pressed to Newt’s chest.

Newt smiled kissing Y/N’s head. He knew that Y/N could hear his rapid heart beat.“ I love you Y/N.” Newt whispered.

if you want more just say

I’m back!

I know it has been a while since I posted.  After bariatric surgery it took me a while to get focus to really be able to create something.   I am sure you all know how that can be.  Big moments that throw other things out of alignment.  With the new year I have set some major goals for things that I want to achieve. 

1: Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be devoted to Gif making.  hopefully this will mean at least 1 new entry each week. 

2: Its time to work on a more marketable skillset, so Thursday, Friday and Saturday are devoted to learning Javascript, HTML and CSS.  


3: I really want to learn to make music, though this is a lower priority, so I am giving Wednesdays to that pursuit. maybe one day I will be making music to play behind my gif’s Who knows.  

I want your feedback on this gif and anything else you wanna talk about? 

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NARUMIYA MEI ♔

Narumiya Mei used to be my most hated character in the series. I stopped watching when Seido lost because of Inashiro but after re-watching, I don’t know why but I’ve come to love this man. Probably because I learned a lot from him like how luck doesn’t matter, if you want something you should earn it through hard work and even if you fail, then you just have to make up for it by working even harder. He is not a perfect ace and I think that is why he uses his confidence to boost everyone’s fighting spirit. His arrogance is his defense mechanism so that if he loses, no one would feel sorry for him. His pride and competitiveness mirror his passion for the things that he do. While outside the field, he is the most bubbly and carefree. He might seem selfish but he’s actually good at understanding and reading an individual though his pride prevents him to show his feelings. He is also very straightforward when needed. I think of all the characters, he is the most realistic and to some extent, I relate to him. He will be forever my king. Happy birthday, Mei ♥

4. Laugh and Cry with Stacey McKenzie

I’m excited that Stacey made it to this iteration of NTM. I’ve been a fan since she was a judge on Canada’s Next Top Model a full decade ago. Her personality is as odd as her appearance, and that’s to say very, very odd. She quickly fills the runway coach void left by Miss J with her own brand of crazy.

Leave it to Stacey to show up with a trio of sassy voguers to show a bunch of amateur runway walkers how to… well, I don’t know that they walk any better, but they’ve certainly learned how to make fools of themselves and get laughed out of their next casting.

Her critiques of the girls’ walks consist mainly of pointing, snapping, and grunting in approval. Stacey loved the shit out of this move by Cherish:

which I think tells you all you need to know about how useful her feedback was.

But Stacey didn’t just show up to to drop knowledge. She also came to drop names. Did you know Stacey worked with Jean Paul Gaultier? Well you definitely know that fact now - she mentioned him more than CoryAnne referenced her supermodel mother. Stacey also twice mentions working with fellow “Vogue” expert, Madonna. It’s all part of her “believe in yourself” lesson - if you believe in yourself, you can meet celebrities. Like Zendaya, for example!

It’s not all fun and games for Stacey, though. Like a Top Model semifinalist, she comes prepared with a sad story from her past. Did you know she was rejected by multiple agencies before signing with one in Paris? And that she met her boss while wearing a $1 dress?!

At this point in the story, the models are literally sobbing in unison. Maybe the editing is wonky here, but the models seem devastated that Stacey met someone important while wearing a cheap dress.

The story does go on to get a little sadder: the agency head suggested that Stacey was too ugly to hire as a model. It’s not quite a live feed of Syria like you might expect from all the girls’ tears, but sure, that’s awkward.

No one seems more moved by Stacey’s story than Krislian, who says she can relate because when she goes to agencies, they always tell her that she’s “too sexy and too commercial.” Yup, that’s totally the same thing as being told that you’re too ugly. The struggle is real, Krislian!

On her way out, Stacey leaves the models with some surprisingly violent advice:

Sounds like a good way to end up with prison! But with any luck, you’ll wind up with a cellmate as cray as Stacey.

4 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 2

YOOOO!! hi everyone

It’s my first time doing a follow forever so please bear with me lol. Anyways, HELLO FRIENDS! This blog is fairly new compared to the OG VIXX blogs out here but I just want to THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for following and supporting this blog❤️️❤️️. This blog has changed so much since its conception™ (aha my first PUN) and I want to thank you all for staying With Me™. 

I made this blog as a joke but the more I watched VIXX, the more I fell in love with these 6 amazing dorks. I tried to learn how to make gifs (and I’m still learning) as a way to capture their artistry (wow such big words, AC) and to show that VIXX really does put 110% in whatever they do. I know I’ve been slacking with my usual “funny” content (sorry) but I’ll try my best to make up for it.

A group is nothing without its fans, and VIXX has some of the best fans I have ever met. These people run some of the best blogs filled with amazing art, quality memes™, and blessed gifs™. I hope its okay if I tagged you guys and once again, Thank you for being born™!!

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There’s something special about you black man and woman rise up depend on the African ancestors for spiritual power you being here is the proof of their power not too acknowledge trillions of African ancestors and the great power of the collective would be like not acknowledging the mighty Sun as it shines down on your head and provokes you to build a roof and grow food we are connected to this planet we have the most ancestors on this planet the most people on this planet the most remains of civilization we have given the most humane ways of assisting humanity we have contributed the most to humanity Africans have sacrificed whole branches of our tree to continue the plight of our creation I call on you descendants of Africa to reject all we have learned from white people and re calibrate are ideal of justice we do not share the same interests no matter how good they make it look the abuse of Africans has become a supplement to the benefit and survival of white people as a race and as a group

Took too long, but I DID IT.



There are mistakes in the animation but I just want to learn how to animate faster while making the animation more consistent. I’ll get better the more I do it. I’m aiming for posting finished animations once a week if things go well.

Animation done in flash

Cleanup/Color done in photoshop

Original Post on deviantArt:



For people complaining that undertale art is cancer, the same people sure love to download a terminal illness to repost it. Maybe it’s not that painful, then. Or they have a messed up fetish and are projecting. I’m not one to judge.




How to Properly Blur the Background of an Image in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re gonna learn how to blur the background of a photo. This is useful to know if you want to make the subject in the foreground pop, eliminate distracting elements in the background, or put text over the image.

I’m gonna use this image of cute puppy Sam because it’s adorable, and because blurring the background would make it easier to focus on the adorable golden retriever in the foreground. This image is a particularly good candidate because there are multiple faces in the background, and faces are especially distracting (because your eye is drawn to them).

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  • Incomplete by James Bay reminds me of Ziam.
  • This is so pointless but I wanted to make this.

I breathe in slow to compose myself
But the bleeding heart I left on the shelf
Started speeding round, beating half to death
Cause you’re here and you’re all mine

So I press my lips down into your neck
And I stay there and I reconnect
Bravery I’ve been trying to be perfect
It can wait for a while

Scared of hope in my head it’s been making me sweat but it turns out
You’re here with your head on my chest
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete

I breathe out now and we fall back in
Just like before we can re-begin
Let your lungs push slow against my skin
Let it all feel just fine

Gone is the emptiness
We just take what’s best and we move on
All that the hurt gets left
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now, it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

How’d we go without
I don’t know it’s look like we’ve made it again
Tell me you’ll never look down, down

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incom…

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the cloud
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the clouds
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete