i learned how to do screentones!

surrealistick  asked:

Hello! I've been following the development of Picture This from the very beginning and I can't seem to find a better guide to start a graphic novel. I want to start a graphic novel of my own and I was wondering if you and tyshea could do a more detailed tutorial of HOW to write a graphic novel or link me or tell me where I can find one. Please and thank you, it would really help me and probably a lot of struggling authors a lot :) I really love your work. I can't wait to read Picture This!

Hi! I’m really happy you like our project and that you’re inspired to start your own comic! I’m a little confused as to why you’d be asking me though…? We have literally nothing in our galleries in terms of comics because we’re still trying to feel out this type of thing ourselves, from writing it to planning it to drawing it, we’ve tried many different things and are in no way ready to share our experiences as solid advice when it it’s really not solid at all yet.

I wrote this a little while ago on how we were organizing Sam&Sara’s plot at the time, but the best I could offer is other people’s guides and tutorials on how they got theirs started, what their process is, tips and tricks etc:

How I Make Manga Part 1 x Part 2 by pandabaka

Getting Started by PunkSm0ker

Step by Step Comics by Marc-G

Tips on Drawing Manga by Luleiya

Sai Panelling Tutorial by purplekecleon

Quality Panelling in SAI by Veinix

The Making of Lindbergh by verticalfish

Camera Angels by deeJuusan

Lettering Tutorial by Zombiesmile

I would look these over and over, especially the scripting/conceptual phases with tiny thumbnails and dialogue pages, and organizing things into whatever segments/chapters/arcs you want to use. I’d also recommend some reading up/googling on things like “scripting a story” “storyboarding” etc.I googled basically anything I could think of, and often learned things I didn’t think about too. And these tutorials are just to show you things you can do- once you know how to do them you can absolutely break the mold and try something new. You don’t have to use a certain font, or screentones, or a special size paper…. don’t worry about fitting the bill flawlessly or you’ll never get any work done, trust me. Writing or drawing comics and how-tos can sometimes be overwhelmingly rigid and intimidating and you’ll question your talent a lot. So just look to these only for the things you like and don’t worry so much about the rest of it. You’ll get better at it/more comfortable with it over time. Just have fun telling your story, and let that come before everything else. That one sentence is the best advice I could ever give, seriously!