i learned how to do a thing

also:gonna try to knock out two birds in one stone (forgive me for that, pertaining to my last reblog) and i think i’m gonna try to make a markiplier fan game.

i desperately want to and with teamiplier in existance, it gives me much opportunity.

many goals have been reached being in this community. and i must keep going.

i’m ready to start this new journey.

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One of my coworkers has OCD and there are certain things that really mess her up (sometimes for the entire day). Most of us are decent and go out of our way to make sure it doesn't happen or fix it before she has to deal with it but one of our ASMs does it on purpose to mess with her. I called him out on it and he said 'this is the real world she just has to learn how to deal'. HR says they can't do anything unless she filed a complaint but I don't want to tell her he does it on purpose...

It would be better if she did know. That way she can file a complaint and get it to possibly stop. The chance that it wouldn’t happen anymore is better than hurt feelings since he’s affecting her mental health multiple times a day. -Abby

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How do U memorize and study EVERYTHING ur given in med school?

I don’t! No one I knew did! We all just did our very best. 

Studying in med school is very different from studying in undergrad. As a graduate student, you learn to pick out what’s important or the overhanging themes that unite the topics you are learning. A lot of things also do not become about memorization but about understanding the logic or physiology behind phenomenon. That said, the first and second year of med school are still a lot of memorization. 

Another thing about med school studying is you accept that it’s a lot and you just try your very damn best. As the adage goes, it’s like drinking out of a fire hydrant. It’s overwhelming. But you will be learning the same body of knowledge and building on it over and over throughout med school and your entire career. Therefore, learning doesn’t stop in med school, it’s your entire career. 

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first vikings now MERMEN how do you know all my favourite things, and also draw them so gorgeously, thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day


UtA was basically the result of a bunch of my fave things mashed into one. 

naemn  asked:

I think your style is cute, also for how long have you been drawing? Idk if you've already answered this question, I'm on mobile. Thanks friend!!

hey thanks bud!!! Umm I’ve been drawing since I was 3 ahaha but I guess I started thinking art could be… an actual thing I could do in the future (hopefully) when I was 14. Got my first tablet when I was 14 too! And then I started learning anatomy and really tryna improve my art since then (๑˃ᴗ˂)و

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Yo. What was/is the hardest thing about learning korean in your opinion?

Oh boy where do I begin? Currently, I’m struggling with my listening. Natives speak too fast and I’m not able to get a lot of practice in (not to mention I’m not confident which is a HUGE problem when it comes to speaking). 

Language wise, I think I have a problem with sentence endings. There’s so many ways to end a sentence, you know? It’s not just the degree of formality but you can say the same thing like five different ways and I still don’t know how and when the best time to use each one is. But this is the case for any language. You can say the same phrase in English a bunch of ways and that’s difficult for a learner of English, too.

Learning a language is SO hard. And while I’m disappointed I’m not at the level of proficiency I want to be at yet, I just keep tackling the language head on and try my best everyday. 


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So something that I really struggle with is how to borrow things from various belief systems without appropriating them. Do you have any tips?

Well biggest one is to not take from closed cultures. If someone within the culture says no, don’t do it. Thats super easy.

If you want to use something thats from an open belief system or culture, make sure you honor it fully and don’t water it down. Learn about it, respect it. Why are things done this way and why is this belief like this.

With witchcraft, it can actually be pretty easy, as long as you aren’t taking from different cultures and just taking from different witchcraft practices. For example: you can take a bit of weather magic, green magic, or tech magic and have an eclectic practice and not have to be appropriative of any cultures.

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☕️ ❤️

☕️ = shade someone  &  ❤️ + what would you do if you were dating me

@historicalsimslife offers to feed your fish and then does it - but not the way you do and your fish secretly resent you when you get home.

@ddeathflower is actually a live flower who can play the sims with her leaves. She is also a man eating flower I think. Can’t confirm.

@literallywhothe is literally the who that’s the joke.

If I were dating you I would learn how to make you the sushis you like and braid your hair until you were like ‘wow stop braiding my hair so much’. 

When your back hurt I would take you for walks in a fancy cleopatra riding thing but tbh we’d need like 5 dudes to carry it and both of us (i don’t skimp, ok and I’m not walking) so like maybe we just take a carriage or something. 15/10 would respectfully woo and probably not keep up with you in the bedroom.

No More Asks! I promise!

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hope u werent asked this b4 but i want to learn to make gifs so i can make stimboards for myself but ive tried many ways that other ppl recommended (like ezgif, instagiffer, etc) but im kinda slow n its hard for me to do things w/o a visual guide i dunno why but also w/ tumblr's size limit n framing (whatever that means) it's hard for me to understand how to get the gif right. do u or ur followers know of any guides or anythings? thx!

I looked around but I couldn’t really find a visual guide anywhere? And the ones that I found on google are for programs I’m not familiar with, so I wouldn’t be able to explain it very well! So I made one that describes the way that I do it! ^^ It’s long bc of the pictures, so I’ll put it under a readmore!

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Happy birthday to my baby bun Haneul @fetus-jungkook who just turned 14 ❤❤❤❤ My baby sister , my daughter , my smol bun 💙 You’re a beautiful young girl with so many aspirations and goals 💓 Sometimes I look at you and ask myself : “ wth was I doing when I was her age ? #I was watching Naruto while eating cheetos meanwhile Haneul is an artist who knows how to play musical instruments,sing,write stories and has outstanding grades ”. You’re fun to talk with and I always have so much fun learning more about you everyday ~~♡♡ You somehow remind me of jungkook ;) You have that inner meme that is waiting to come out when it’s the right moment 💚 You tend to keep things to yourself and I really wish you could share more with me :) but I’m willing to wait for you , no matter how much time it takes 💕 You have a kind and beautiful soul 💓 You always send me those super sweet asks and I just melt like ice cream everytime I read them , because you’re literally the sweetest being ever. You’re also so mature for your age 💕 sometimes I don’t feel the age gap (or maybe it’s because I’m too childish and you’re too mature😂😂😂😂). You’ll grow into a beautiful woman , I’m sure of it 💜 Stay Healthy and happy bby ❤ ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF 💓💓💓💓💓 DON’T LET STRESS GET YOU 💛💛💛💛 I love you 💕💕💕 AND NOW I’M GOING TO SPAM YOU WITH EMOJIS ~~~


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Hi sorry for so many questions but how long have you been drawing,what inspires you,where did you learn to draw, and any tips/advice on how I could get better at it?

I don’t mind the questions at all, no matter how many. ♥

I have been drawing for as long as I remember, ever since I was a little kid.

What inspires me is good writing, with deep, interesting, captivating stories and characters. I try to represent this in my art (and my boyfriend is amazing at it, just letting you know, and I’m doing my best to capture his writing. It’s so inspiring!) Things visually appealing — aesthetics — which varies. I always end up looking at Prince’s pinterest boards and my inspiration blog. Also, music. Find music that fits your art mood, not your default sitting-by-the-train-station-and-waiting-for-the-time-to-pass mood

I’m self taught, so I didn’t learn to draw anywhere specific. Sure, we did art in school and I went to a hobby club when I was little — but the teachers disapproved of my art development and tried to discourage me rather than encourage me — save for the last teacher I had the remaining two years. I learned mostly by observing, by giving myself lessons and challenges, studying medical books for anatomy, how to draw books for guidance and understanding, and concept art books for further inspiration and insight.

As for tips and advice, I’d recommend reading this link about exercises you can do and this for improving and learning. I hope that helps.


Lovely Caroline, @gabrielledelacour tagged me to make my personal aesthetic moodboard. Thanks, babe! <3

So, I could probably make moodboards every month and they’d be completely different but this is a moodboard of what my life looks like now, the aesthetic of it. I’m trying to go further, challenge myself and do the things that share me shitless. But I’ve also learned to let go and surrender. I’m growing into these bones and I am happy with how I’m progressing. :)

But alas, I am still a hen floating in a rusty bucket in the sea, so there’s that, too.

Now I’m gonna tag a few cuties but you are all free to do this! (and tag me) It’s super fun! :D

@tempestaurora @ravenclawpianist @ravenclarke @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @nefarioustortellini @dragonchristianlady97 @katchyalater 

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Is there side effects that people permanently have after having a brain tumor removed, cause there are things that I did as a little kid well before the brain tumor that I have trouble with now.

Oh yeah, definitely.

Any time you do surgery on the brain, there is a chance of side effects. The side effects are highly dependent upon how big the tumor was, where in the brain it was located, and the type of surgery they had to do. Some people could lose cognitive abilities, like memory and language, and have to learn how to speakl over again. Some people could even have a change in personality or lose their ability for impulse control. Other physical changes could be the loss in how to walk or perform basic motor skills. 

Some changes are temporary. They come back in time or you can relearn them to the point it isn’t a problem anymore. Other changes may in fact be permanent and never come back. It’s hard to tell because every person is different. You just have to learn everything you can. 


I’m looking for advice on how to make a new long distance relationship work and how to strengthen the bond.

The New Guy and I have known each other for about 6 weeks and things moved pretty fast. We both have SEVERE crushes on each other. He’s like, a near perfect human tbh. While we’re both already talking about the long term goal, we’re at that stage where we’re still learning each other’s quirks and pet peeves, and it’s led to a couple petty arguments.

So I’m curious about your experiences. Have you also gone through this awkward stage? How did you handle it? How do you tell the person “this thing you do bothers me” without hurting their feelings?

And also any general advice or encouragement you have regarding long distance relationships would be appreciated!! Thank you cuties!!!

Random Story Time

So this is the story of how I decided to cut all of my hair off and thus began the process of learning about accepting the agender aspect of my identity.

Which is a super important and awesome thing
Like this was a huge turning point in my life
Boosted my self confidence the whole sappy shebang

The story of how I came to this life-changing decision is:

I was 15, a freshman in high school. I’d had long hair my entire life. Like halfway down my back long hair. Always wore it up in a ponytail bc it was an annoying mane of hair and that was all I could be bothered to do with it.

It was also time for me to get braces… but I had to get my wisdom teeth removed first.

So while I was high as balls on Vicodin and anesthesia after getting my wisdom teeth surgically dug out of my jaw, I was struck by the inexplicable desire to cut all of my hair off.
My mom was like, “… We’ll see how you feel about it when you’re sober”.

One week of vicodin and week of recovery to fully sober up bc I weighed roughly 90lbs and that was a lot of drugs for my tiny body, I was still enamored with the idea of cutting my hair off and was like “I want like a pixie haircut” and my mom was like, “let’s cut it to your shoulders and then go shorter from there” which is fair bc I guess most people get really upset/sad and I was like… “nah I’m good cut it shorter” so you know a month later I have a pixie and strangers start calling me “he” and I get some flirty looks from girls who thought I was a cute boy. And I never went back.

So here we are… Like 8 years later.

Bonus info:
It turns out I have an adverse reaction to pain killers or something? Like they’re supposed to make you tired and drowsy, right? I went into hyper overdrive and was bouncing off the walls and refused to lie down for until two hours later (and promptly passed out when I did). I distinctly remember the nurse being unsure what was happening bc she was supposed to take me out to the parking lot/car in a wheelchair but I wouldn’t stay in the wheelchair and insisted on walking so she just kinda followed like “wtf is this child" I’m pretty sure she was amused tho. But also concerned. But it was fine. Didn’t die once. 

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how do you start making themes?

honestly i just .. go for it .. whenever i get the coding bug, even if i don’t have some theme studies/drafts in the wings or a clear idea of how i want it to look like, i fiddle around with my coding and just experiment til i like the final result. if you’re looking to learn how to code, i recommend going through my html help tag, there’s a lot of random resources that might assist you. this is a good site to learn how to code and i usually just google things whenever i’m stuck in a rut or if i want to learn a new trick. i find that for beginners it’s always easier to start with a foundation, so click here for a theme base code masterlist that might help you with that. i’ve also previously made a guide of sorts on how to make an effective theme here and i find that this is a really good tutorial as well. here’s another tutorial for tabs, and if you have any other questions you can just shoot me a message and i’ll try and help when i can !

might have told a family member that i barely feel anything anymore, and that was interesting

took it better than the being bi thing, what a champ


in other news, i am being made to do a 3day course on ‘how to find a job’ by the agency i was forced into… it is the most basic, simplistic thing (common sense) but also it covers a rudimentary form of something they taught us for four years at uni in relation to interpersonal communication

so… basically i keep getting stuck in a cold aircon room, listening to common sense… today we learned how to write a cover letter, by reading a menu…

and tomorrow, oh tomorrow is the pride and joy… we do resumes!

[ignoring the fact i have them, and they have gotten me interviews recently - the main hangup is retail is wary of my degree… and social work prefers ‘senior practitioners’ instead]

and friday, oh, that’s a SURPRISE


i just… want… death… please

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Hi, Firez, I've been following your work for years now, I love your work and some thing I always see when I see one of your paintings is "it's by firez," no matter what I can tell who made them. I just made 2 paintings and though I learned a lot doing them, I'm frustrated because they turned out to be carbon copies of the things I studied and I have no idea how to make my own interpretation of things. Should I be stressed out about having a style or... how do I approach this? Thank you.

Hi anon

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate letting me know I have a distinctive style

This may sound contradictory but I never cared about it. I consider style a byproduct of my approach towards art. I want to convey mood, state of being, something that rings true. So in that sense trying to fit into a style seems counterproductive to me.

I also wanted to be surprised, make something out of the fundamentals that I could tweak in an easier way since it is the product of my own pursuit.

I know this isn’t everyone’s case but imo you should not stress at all about style.

You mention that your studies are carbon copies but I wonder if this was said to you or it’s your own conclusion. In any case, I think that whatever approach you employ to do your studies will be beneficial in certain aspects of your craft. For instance, trying to match a piece by painting by the numbers will be great to learn about rendering. If you try to match the lines of other drawing you might not learn a lot about form but you will probably understand at some level why those lines are aesthetically pleasing, why the composition works so well, etc…

Please don’t be discouraged, improving takes time and effort but as long as you keep working you will definitely notice it.


Re: that post on using references; it is such a *sensible* thing to do. I honestly don’t see how you can learn if not from reality. I know several artists (who I highly respect) who take selfies in different poses so they can figure out if and how they work for real life humans. It’s good practise!

As for myself; I am really not a visual person (auditory person presents!), so I need to actively put visual references in my writing to create the feeling my written people live in a sort-of real world. I’ve used The Sims 3 to create real visuals of both people starring in my work and for houses to make real sense. This kind of thing doesn’t come naturally to me as a gift or something. Also used it experimentally to see how certain personalities would do together tbh, but I take that a lot less serious.  

/tl;dr research is not cheating and I consider using references a form of research