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hey anna, i hope you don't mind me asking this question, but have you ever dealt with the fear of the end? the end of a friendship, a relationship or even just life in itself? how do you deal with such moments? sending you loads of love, Anna!

All the time. It’s scary to feel like you’re nearing the end of anything, but for me personally it also is a blessing. Because it makes me put everything into perspective and is a positive lesson for me. Like, if my relationship was ending, why and how did it get to that point? What can i do to better myself and what have I learned? As for life, I’ve realized that it’s the best thing anyone could ever ask for, and I know whenever it’s over, I’ve lived a pretty damn good one ha!

Then Vs. Now

Things I didn’t know back then, but I do now:

  1. To draw hair is not to draw all the different strands of hair. Hair is ONE entity, to be drawn as one shape.
  2. If you don’t get the proportions in your basic drawing right, no matter what you do, your final output is going to be awful (see left.)
  3. Smudge sticks are your best friend, USE THEM MORE THAN YOU USE PENCILS!
  4. Cheeks have shapes too.
  5. Draw shadows, not objects.
  6. Use the darkest, softest pencil you can get your hands on.
  7. 70 GSM printer paper DOES NOT last.
  8. Use a camera which doesn’t add a red coloured time stamp to the picture.

Hopefully, I’ll keep learning more :)

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What do you think of William Shakespeare?

Either I have a very interesting bot or follower who enjoys learning my opinion about things…….

William Shakespeare is my bro; he is lovable but also easy to hate, because of how he twists his poetry and the little flourishes of literary genius (not pretentious genius, but rowdy avant garde meme genius) he adds to his work.

I spent nearly two years studying him, and since coming to Melbourne I’ve been attending as many Shakespeare plays as I can. They just recently had a run of Richard III that was absolutely amazing!!

In customer service you learn several things:

  • How to say “no” in several different ways without actually saying “no”
  • How to say “fuck you” in several different ways without actually saying “fuck you”

For example, if someone says do you have something and after pretending to search in the catalog for something you know you do not have (someone wanted to know where we sold computers and I work in a library) you tell them another way to get that item such as “The people at I.T. work on the computers, they can help you,” or “Here we don’t own this specific book but let me help you get it from another library.” Or if you for some reason have a customer that won’t take you’re carefully worded no’s for an answer and start getting belligerent, a 6 foot 1 security guard with a taser tends to get the message across just fine.

Let me give you an example of how I say “fuck you” to unruly customers. I’ve once had a brony come in and hit on me, would not leave me alone, despite the fact that my managers came up and made it painfully clear not to hit on us desk clerks. That wouldn’t even get him to fuck off. What did get him to fuck off was the 6 foot 1 security guard that walked in with his taser. 

Another example is a woman who literally wanted me to give out other patrons personal info. Not only would she not understand that despite threatening me that I would lose my job if she didn’t get that info right then and there, that I would have lost my job anyway and faced several lawsuits. You want to know what she did understand? A 6 foot 1 security guard with a taser.

Moral of the story: when you’re up against a wall with a crazy ass customer, call security. No need to put up with that shit.

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Ohhhh about the shaving thing, does Alex and Laf ever go with John to waxing appts and are like whyyyyyy? Because whenever my bf goes with me he's like why do you do this?

Same!? My husband is like “you’re paying this woman to torture you!”

Alex would be mortified. I’m sure Laf would think its sexy, want to learn how to do it so he can do John’s waxes himself looooool

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Did you take an artclass or somenthing?? Your drawings are really cool!!

When i was little but it wasnt so good, they “taught” me stuff that i had already learned and the teacher didnt paid atention if your proportions or shading were good and shit, the only thing i learned a little is how to paint on canvas with oleos but I was shit at it anyway.
The mayority of stuff that i know its from books that my dad has and things that he helped me. Also watching speedpaints, tutorials and the things i have telling you guys to do if you want to improve.
I dont give those tips if im not sure if they work, my dude.

Yeah ok so tumblr did something to my activity page and I have no idea how to reply to replies anymore, it won’t let me, so forgive me for this method.

Honestly though. There really isn’t much more they can do with Yurio at this point. He got everything he wanted except for the FS world record (and if they take that away from Yuuri too I’m going to set MAPPA on fire). I mean he certainly has room to growth as far as his character goes. You know, learn humility, compassion, respect, sportsmanship, all the things he could have learned if they had followed an Agape arc. But even going forward with that (and I doubt they will), it will be too little too late because yeah, Yurio basically has everything he wanted at this point. 

God I know. Just…just let Yuuri win gold and marry Victor. Give him all the things he deserves and been robbed from.

Eh, it’s not super clear. 

Yurio is Kubo’s creation and the first character to be named and designed. But before Kubo came along for the project, Sayo had already come up with the characters of Yuuri and Victor. Both Sayo and Kubo have said that Sayo always intended Yuri on Ice to be about the bond between a Japanese skater and a foreign coach, so Yurio could never have been the main character. Yes, Kubo saying that Yurio wouldn’t work as a main character does imply he was considering to be one, but everything we hear about the early project contradicts this. So unless they had considered taking it in a different direction at some point, Yuuri is and always has been the protagonist. And a big reason YoI got the attention and praise it received, even early on (especially early on), is the fact that Yuuri is the protagonist. So maybe MAPPA should, you know, go back to focusing on him and actually start treating him as such >>

5 things I like about myself

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1. I’m very independent. As in like, I’m good at being self-motivated to do things and I learn things really well on my own (en français, je suis très autonome I don’t know how to say that in english lool)

2. I have really nice skin, like, no acne, rarely any pimples ever (even though I almost never wash my face ahaha)

3. I can walk in 5 inch high heels for like 10 hours and be fine lol

4. I’m very over affectionate. Like, I always tell people I love them and I’m a huge hugger/cuddler

5. I make friends super easily. I always say I don’t like making friends and that I’m an introvert but tbh I’m not I love talking to people and making friends and meeting new people

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5 Things Tag

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5 Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

  1. phone
  2. chapstick
  3. earphones
  4. wallet ofc
  5. tissues

5 Things In My Bedroom:

  1. my beloved himalayan salt lamp
  2. a Levi doll
  3. my cat
  4. too many childhood pics
  5. the poo emoji plush

5 Things On My To-Do List:

  1. worrying less
  2. starting to appreciate my art and myself
  3. a trip to Asia
  4. learning how to cook bc……yes
  5. be more social and outgoing like pls u need friends,,

Five Things People May Not Know About Me:

  1. im lazy af 
  2. i love ppl playing with my hair. it calms me a lot
  3. i can’t sleep in a bed that it isn’t my own
  4. im weak to compliments and pet names *sobs*
  5. English is not my first language, i’m from Italy yo

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I understand how difficult it is to be dealing with the stresses and concerns of OCD and anxiety (I've been diagnosed with both) but I just wanted to pass on the most important thing anyone told me. My brother said to me "If you can fix it, fix it. If you cajr, let it go." Now it's not going to be night and day but I just wanted to let you know that after 4 years of coping and struggling it does get better and you do learn to accept things with time. Much love and I hope this helps!!!

Thank you, honey ♥

I try to remind myself that there are things that are just out of my control and it’s not worth it to panic over them, but my brain doesn’t always comply, you know?

5 Things

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5 things you can find in my bag

  • wallet
  • keys
  • minimum three snacks at any given time
  • a squishy green ball for bored kids to play with 
  • a gazillion pens

5 things you can find in my bedroom 

  • makeup that never gets used 
  • my collection of fancy boxes
  • a whole shelf of owl figurines
  • butt-loads of clothes I don’t fit anymore
  • probably the cat

5 things I’v always wanted to do

  • learn how to play guitar
  • have the courage to go skydiving despite being afraid of heights
  • pet a jungle cat
  • travel to Ireland or Scotland
  • be able to say i truly changed someone’s life for the better

5 things that make me happy

  • reading/writing
  • my friends both on here and irl
  • my family
  • candy
  • singing to music really loud

5 things I’m currently into

  • Naruto. duh.
  • finally watched Yuri on Ice and i loved it
  • teaching myself something as a surprise for someone (shhhh)
  • currently obsessed with Outside Xbox videos on Youtube
  • thinking i might start dabbling in bad poetry again

5 things on my to-do list

  • like…for today? laundy
  • go to work later
  • i should probably eat lunch soon
  • start the next Soulmate Collection chapter
  • clean my desk off

5 things you might not know about me

  • i have kids. twin boys. :)
  • i used to write CSI fanfiction under another name on FF.net
  • i have never broken a bone or been hospitalized
  • i am missing one tooth
  • i really only started watching Naruto a couple of years ago

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I WANT to change and learn!!!!!!! I WANT to be a better person!!!!!! I started out waaaaaaaay behind on most social things and im trying so hard to catch up! 

But if ppl don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong and talk to me about it, how am I ever supposed to know? I shouldn’t have to find out through rumors about me. Please PLEASE just tell me! I want to get better. Please.


It was at this moment when I first read this comic that I realized the potential of Kory’s character

[Teen Titans (2003) #13]

“I’m turning thirty in July.  And I’m still working out a lot of childish things in my dating life.  I’m learning how to communicate.  I’m learning to ask myself: ‘What do I want?’ instead of ‘What can I take?’  I’m learning that another person can never ‘complete me.’  And I’m learning that in certain moments it’s OK to not like somebody—even if you love them.  It’s taken me longer to figure this stuff out because I had to hide my identity for so long.  I know that nobody ever fully arrives, but heterosexuals definitely have a head start.”

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I'm super ashamed and embarrassed of being/identifying as bisexual because of all the biphobia I've witnessed. It's really fucking with my mental health and idk what to do. It's to the point where I just want to identify as straight, but I know that giving into biphobia and heteronormativity aren't the answer. I'm just lost. Our sexuality is always trivialized and I can't complain about it without being mocked. How do you guys deal with this?

I feel this. Biphobia is the largest cause of creating what is known as The Silent Majority - Bisexuals being the largest percentage of queer people and yet the most misrepresented.

I deal with it by surrounding myself with people who accept Bisexuals, people who cheerlead Bisexuals, and people who love me for me and for my Bisexuality. Aside from it being a good way to maintaining a positive self-image in regards to your own personal Bisexuality, it’s a good rule to live by in general. I also deal with it by educating and stepping in when I see Biphobia.

Spreading information to those otherwise unaware to Bi stigma helps! That’s why it’s always important, for those who aren’t Bi and care, to be a good Bi ally and educate people on the effects of Biphobia, including studies showing, for example, Bisexuals suffering from more mental health issues like depression and anxiety than their Gay/Lesbian counterparts. When we see biphobia existing in general cishet society (where we’re facing homophobia on top of biphobia) we turn to our safe spaces, our queer spaces, but in our safe spaces as well we’re not as safe as we should be. We desperately need these spaces especially since studies show Bisexuals face more sexual violence than their Gay/Lesbian and Straight peers. So when this support system we should have gets taken away for who we are - that’s Biphobia. And it does real actual harm towards Bisexuals. 

“No one is hanging you for being Bi, Biphobia isn’t a thing!” well that’s the interesting part! In addition to dealing with Biphobia, which has its own ugliness as briefly mentioned, Bisexuals also deal with homophobia! (internally and externally, as previously mentioned). So in these moments, when we retreat to our safe spaces to recoup, and we’re forced to behave differently or be not what we truly are, or constantly questioned in regards to the validity of who we are, it does damage! It’s a cycle of violence and further reinforces this notion that, in LGBTQ+ spaces - despite being a very present letter in the acronym, queerness is conditional instead of something inherent. Bisexuality is inherently queer, has its own unique queer experiences, is a marginalized identity through and through, deserves better treatment, and deserves equal support. 

This being said, cause these things need to be said, understanding that these concepts are present and being able to live a happy life are possible. What helped me out of my internalized biphobic/homophobic rut was coming to terms with the fact I wanted to be happy. My bisexuality wasn’t going to change, so I knew the only thing to do at that point was to accept it and learn to love it. There are also SO many Bisexual allies out there! The real world isn’t Tumblr discourse 24/7 I promise you and I can’t tell you how many times my gay and lesbian friends stop me whenever I start thinking biphobicly and step in to reinforce I’m queer and worthy. Bisexuality is beautiful. Your bisexuality is beautiful. It may be hard right now but I promise you it does get better.

Let’s talk about the elements!

I’ve written a lot about the seven classical planets and celestial/cosmic witchcraft. I think it’s time to bring things a bit more down to earth, though!

This is a new two-part series! It will focus on the natural elements as understood by the Western Magical Tradition.

In today’s article, I’ll be explaining a bit about the history of these concepts and how I see them. I hope you find this interesting and informative!

Thinking About the Elements

Elements are one of the first concepts I learned when beginning a journey into witchcraft. 

But! How do we view the elements as concepts? Lets consider how they relate to us and the whole universe. Here’s my views!

Some believe the elements are simply words for natural phenomena.
In other words, Fire is fire - the burning of a campfire or candle, or another flame. Water would always be something like a stream, the ocean or other liquid. I don’t see it this way. They’re far more complex than that!

The four elements stem the observations of ancient philosophers. These thinkers guessed that these substances were the building blocks of physical reality. Of course, they were wrong! In reality, atoms comprise matter. Matter and energy, then, make up the physical universe. 

We could associate four classical elements with the four states of matter. These are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. They’d correspond to earth, water, air, and fire in turn. This is a very simplified view, though!

These concepts were fundamental to the ancients. A wealth of lore has developed around them. They have grown into complex metaphors for aspects of the human condition. The physical manifestations of the elements have become potent symbols. 

They represent various mental and emotional phenomena. Symbols are important in witchcraft. The way I see it, all tools of the Craft are symbols used to connect with larger forces that work within the universe.

The elements themselves, and their attributions, are in fact, somewhat arbitrary. This means that each of us will have a different idea of what each element represents!

There’s nothing wrong with this, though. The point is to use them as symbols. What they symbolize to you is your own business!

Qualifying the Elements

In the Western Magical Tradition, there are four core (classical) elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  

Some traditions do posit a fifth element called the quintessence, also known as Spirit or Aether. This fifth element stands apart from the other four, as it doesn’t behave in the same way.  

I’ll be focusing on these four, not on the quintessence. Spirit as an element is a very large topic best suited for its own series of articles.

Alchemical thinkers have placed these four into categories. . They’re quite useful for understanding the system. 

Each element is either “hot” or “cold,” as well as either “dry,” or “wet.”

This doesn’t describe the physical qualities of the phenomena in question. Rather, these terms are metaphors. They refer to the roles taken by the concepts each element embodies.

Hot and Cold Elements

Hot elements are active in human existence. 

They stand for concepts that penetrate and alter the world around them.
An outdated way of putting this would be to describe them as “masculine.” This comes from historical stereotypes about gender. I tend to use the term “active” to describe hot elements. That’s Fire and Air.

Cold elements are passive and receptive. 

They represent concepts from which we draw nourishment. They are the structure or substance that forms our mental landscape. The hot elements tend to be the essence or organizing principle. 

Cold elements are often stereotyped as “feminine.“  They are Water and Earth, both of which play a nourishing role in human existence.

Wet and Dry Elements

Dryness as a concept within the Western Magical Tradition refers to a fixed state. In other words, the dry elements are things that don’t often change. These elements are full of stability. 

The key feature of a dry element is lack of intense motion. We can depend on the stable parts of our existence, represented by these elements.

The dry elements are Fire and Earth. It may seem strange to call fire stable, but it is a reliable source of warmth to us. It represents a constant feature of human life.

When we speak of wet elements, we mean the two elements that aren’t fixed. In other words, elements that flow ,change and transform. It is the concepts associated with these elements that drive the changes. They are reliable, but only insofar as change, itself, is something to rely on! 

The wet elements are Air and Water. Both are natural features that shift and flow through our lives. The inclusion of Air as a wet element shows that these are metaphorical, not literal terms.

Much more could be said about how people have described the elements throughout time. The above image shows the alchemical view of how the elements can combine to create secondary principles. 

As you might guess, “fixed” and “volatile” here stand for what we’ve been calling “passive” and “active.” If you want to know more about these further topics, I recommend Robert Bartlett’s book, True Alchemy. 

The entire concept of the elements is a metaphor, though. It’s a metaphor that can work for you. It can help with your Craft, and help you connect with the universe. I’ll be posting the next article tomorrow! In that, I’ll be discussing each element in detail.