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This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.


  • Ok so I don’t think there’s an actual description of Katlyn in the books???
  • Other than the fact she’s a cheerleader and has long hair and is taller than Aaron??
  • So I give you
  • Redhead Katlyn
  • Think about it
  • Pale, maybe slightly tanned skin
  • Really big teal eyes
  • Slightly rosy lips
  • And like
  • Really red hair
  • That nice copper red??
  • And Aaron
  • Oh god Aaron is so smitten for her
  • No one thinks about it at first
  • Just “oh yeah she’s pretty they’re good together”
  • Cause Aaron doesn’t bring her around much
  • But I think once Andrew is more concrete with Neil
  • And they’re like
  • And established couple
  • Even though they’ll never admit it
  • They’ve been engaged for a month guys ok
  • They’re stable
  • And stubborn af
  • Anyway
  • I think once Andrew is more secure in Niel being there with him always being safe and not about to go walk himself down a plank
  • I think Andrew will tolerate Katlyn
  • And Aaron will notice this difference
  • Also I think Bee might talk them into spending more time together with her and the team
  • So then ta-dah suddenly Katlyn is around more often
  • And that’s when things get… noticed
  • How Aaron is like 2 or 3 inches shorter than her barefoot / in flats
  • And how he is blonde
  • And she’s a redhead
  • With blue teal eyes
  • Like… a certain other couple….
  • It’s Matt who notices it first
  • But doesn’t say anything cause he doesn’t want to die and he also doesn’t want to risk ruining this thing the twins suddenly seem to have??
  • But then Allison and Nicky notice
  • And Allison smirks, brow arched and goes right ahead with
  • “You two have really similar tastes”
  • At first everyone is like ?????
  • But then they look at the two blonde twins,
  • Who both have a redhead SO at their side
  • And it just
  • Clicks
  • “You two got a thing for redheads?” Allison continues, gesturing between them
  • Aaron looks at Katlyn at the same time Andrew glances at Niel
  • And Niel and Katlyn lock eyes cause shit just got real
  • Aaron looks at Niel
  • And he just
  • It clicks ok
  • And he regrets every decision he ever made
  • But like….
  • He just looks at Andrew
  • And Andrew gazes back
  • And they don’t kill each other
  • And Andrew doesn’t kill Katlyn
  • And the team are just lost
  • Thus begins Nicky’s “I wonder if other things run in the family…”
  • Aaron: “like what”
  • Nicky: “like liking guys”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “oh come on”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “not even a little-”
  • Aaron: “Andrew how the fuck do you say no for it to actually work”
  • Andrew: “either it works or it doesn’t - the person just has to learn”
  • Nicky: “….”
  • Team: “….”
  • Niel: *screaming internally*
  • Katlyn: *!!!!!*
  • Cause Aaron just genuinely asked Andrew for help
  • And Andrew answered honestly and openly
  • And everyone is kinda shocked they’re not killing each other ok
  • Well
  • Everyone but Niel
  • Cause Niel knows Andrew will always help Aaron
  • Whether Aaron realises it or not
  • Gahhh off topic
  • Ok
  • And like at games, Nicky always comments on how the two “redhead partners” should spend more time together
  • “Cause red hair must be really hard to look after and maintain so swap tips and ideas”
  • They laugh him off
  • But actually do end up spending more time together
  • And even though they’ll never be best friends
  • They get a bit of a…
  • “Gay emo cousin, floral bouncy cousin, who hate each other but get on ok”
  • Type thing going on
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyn advice for his hair
  • And after a while Katlyn suggests to Allison Niel would look great with like the sides of his head buzz cut while the middle bit is left to curl cause he has awesome natural texture
  • So Allison takes him for that haircut
  • And Andrew is
  • He is just so gone for Neil’s hair ok
  • That boy is gooonnnneeeee
  • And when Katlyn sees it she’s like
  • “Told ya”
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyns advice for his hair
  • He even buys the actual “redhead shampoo” she recommends
  • Andrew is a fan of the smell and how it just brings out all the highlights of Neil’s colours and how glossy it all suddenly is

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Hi there! I was wondering if you had any tips that could help an artist transitioning from traditional mediums into digital? I could use all the help I could get! Thanks in advance!!

Hi! There’s definitely a learning curve moving from traditional to digital, so don’t be discouraged if things feel kind of hard to pick up at first. My number one suggestion is to make sure you understand how layers function in whichever program you’ll be working in (know what different blending modes do, and learn the shortcuts for clipping masks and grouping to save yourself time!). Also, if you’re using a tablet, try using a felt nib in your pen. It’ll give the pen a lot more friction for that ‘scratchy’ feel like traditional pens/pencils on paper. I find it a lot more comfortable and natural to use, and it might make the transition less jarring for you. I hope that helps somehow!

there’s still wounds in my chest
even on the days my mind stitches them up
wounds and wounds from being too young
of regrets that never seem to shut up

and i’m trying to pretend they’re not there because
everyone’s lives are better when i’m not sad
and my life is better when i’m not sad
i fill my head with optimism, work ethic, friends
but the truth is growing up is stretching yourself thin
until the small things rip through your skin
growing up is shedding the armor you’ve always placed around it
growing up is not as glamorous as being grown up
it’s staying in your comfort zone until you literally can’t

and i don’t know what to do anymore
i don’t know how to make it not sting
i’m trying so hard to do the right thing
and i’m learning sometimes
growing up is a gamble of
choosing what’s hard
over what makes you happy
because hopefully one day it will be worth it
growing up is i think i am losing everything that i have
but i’m going to be better for it

—  stretch marks

I love drarry fics where…

There is Ron or Ginny bashing (or any Weasley)


I also love fics where the Weasley’s are so supportive of Harry and what he does.


Lucius is just such a bastard, and was abusive to Draco


I also love the fics where he is such a good father, and realizes the mistakes that he has done.


Snape is the most pettiest man ever. And he just hates everyone and anything


I also love the fics where he knows that he’s done wrong with how he’s treated people, and starts to become a better person


Hermione is the smartest witch and knows everything there is to know about everything


I also love the fics where there are just so many wizarding things that she has no idea about. There’s only so much you can learn from books.


I love the fics where narcissa is the most caring mother that Draco could ask for, and would do anything for


I also love fics where she is a ruthless bitch that cares for her son, just goes about it the wrong way.


I love all the opposites that fics have when it comes to characters. That’s what makes a good plot (at least to me).

And it hate when someone gets hate for liking a certain thing in fics.

If you want to to make Voldemort somehow be a good person, by all means go and do that.

That’s the beauty of fics. They aren’t supposed to be real.

Fics are what people use to voice their ideas for others to see in the form of writing.

And I for one think that’s beautiful.

So people shouldn’t care what others like when reading drarry fics (or any fic for that matter). Just let them like it and be done with it. It doesn’t affect you, so you shouldn’t care.

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I'm not trying to be a dick but how do u feel about books with these subjects in them? Should people never write about characters who have been victims of rape or abuse? Isn't free speech a thing? Can't we learn from these victims' stories & make the world a better place because of them?

nope, that’s not what i’m saying! i happen to be a huge fan of the game of thrones book series, which features quite a lot of underage/older relationships and rape, but the book isn’t JUST about that. when someone literally goes out of their way to JUST write rape fics to get their rocks off?? you don’t see anything wrong with that?

every single rape scene or sex scene in those books, they’re literally. maybe a page long? not even that half the time??? and george r r martin makes it very plain that it’s AWFUL. he shows how it horrifically affects the characters it happens to. HE WRITES HOW BAD IT IS! people can skip right on over it and have nothing about the actual plot change.

this achievement hunter author wrote what? 20 rape fics? i’m guessing more since they’ve been doing this for years??? maybe 5k, 10k, 20k words where they got to jack off to REAL. LIFE. PEOPLE. NOT EVEN FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. REAL LIFE PEOPLE. getting raped and got PRAISE FOR IT!! IS EVEN NOW BEING ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE WRITING THEIR RAPE FICS. their fics ARENT a demonstration of us “learning from victims stories”. it’s a way for nasty ass people to jerk their damn dick to rape which then normalizes it and makes young teens say “well if it was nice in this one fic i read, maybe it’s okay in real life!”

it just. it blows my mind really. tldr; there’s a way to write awful fucking shit and a VERY OBVIOUS WAY NOT TO.

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I was recently reading Sarah Lawless' blog and in one of her posts she says hedge-crossing is something you either can or cannot do, that it's an innate ability and you can't learn it if you're not born with it or weren't granted this ability by the spirits. Do you agree with this? And if not, why? Thank you.

Is that exactly how it’s worded? Because I believe the first part, but not the second. 
Though flying and hedge-crossing are two different things, they are similar in their inability to really be taught. And it’s incredibly frustrating. 
I’ve tried to help a few people learn it individually, but it’s difficult because I can only really describe it and how I do it, but it may not work for them. They need to find an emotion or feeling strong enough that they can fly on it. 

It’s something you either can do or you can’t, but that’s not limited to a lifetime. That’s limited to a moment. In that moment, can you? Have you been graced with the understanding of it? Have you acquired the feeling that you can fly on? Can you lift your own soul out? 

Hedge-crossing is taking that a step further. In that case, you have to find a way to break into one otherworld or another. Countless doors and gates are there if you know how to use them. Again, the know-how is something that comes with individual understanding. I can’t teach it. I can say how I do it, but that’s me. I can guide, but I can’t force them to understand. I could drag their soul out and across some ghostly gate, but until they can do it themselves, they won’t understand. 

Traditional circles maintain that power has to be acquired in some way, whether by being born with the gift or being given it. I certainly think that is true, but not really true for every single thing in witchcraft. I don’t think that hedge-crossing is necessarily one of those things. 

I know she’s spoken about people with the talent for it, always leaving their body without thinking, existing in multiple places at once. Of course there will be people born with the ability. There will be some who can fly without effort. There will also be people who absolutely cannot get the thought of flight through their head. For those folks, study and practice are paramount. I don’t like to think that things are impossible. Sometimes it’s true and they are. Isn’t it up to the person practicing to find out?

Which Hogwarts House Each JoJo would be put in

 Lowky hyped up for that new Fantastic Beasts movie coming out next year, so to celebrate I’m gonna do one of these things.

Jonathan Joestar- The guy is a straight up Hufflepuff. Hard-working in learning the ways of Hamon, FRIENDLY, loyal to most certainly all of his friends, and just. He is like textbook definition of the Hufflepuff. If there was any other house to sort him in, it would probably be Gryffindor due to his valor against fighting the vampires and Dio.

Joseph Joestar- Gryffindor due to his daring (almost to the point of being reckless) and determined nature. The guy freaking challenged Aztec Gods, and learned how to properly control Hamon in like 30 something days. He’s got balls of steel, he could also lean towards Slytherin with his cunning and resourceful nature as well (he used those weird balls as a weapon against Wamu).

Jotaro Kujo- He may not like one, but he’s a Ravenclaw in my eyes. He probably loves learning the ocean and dolphins and the magical, aquatic animals and mermaids in the wizarding world (especially the mermaids).

Josuke Higashikata- Hufflepuff, maybe, because of his loyalty towards his friends, and how friendly and nice the guy could be. Just don’t insult his hair. (Honey badger don’t care, honey badger don’t give a shit when you insult his hair).

Giorno Giovanna- Slytherin. This boi is the child of Dio fucking Brando, the Slytherin of Slytherins. I don’t care if Jonathan is technically his dad and he has some traits of kindness and goodness from the Joestar side, it still doesn’t change that Dio is his father, and ambition literally runs in the blood of Brando. Not only that, but Giorno is so. freaking. resourceful. and cunning. and so determined to become a gangstar.

Jolyne Kujo- Gryffindor. Fiercely determined and brave to a fault. After recognizing that her dad actually loves her, enhances those traits, and makes her more confident of a person.

Johnny Joestar-Slytherin. He’s really ambitious, and he cares for his own goals. He almost sacrificed Gyro to keep the corpse parts, but ended up giving them away to save Gyro. He’s a selfish person as well, aiming to better himself and get rid of his ‘negative karma’ (and like I said, almost sacrificed Gyro to keep the corpse parts he originally had), and then stole the corpse parts AGAIN to save Rina.

Gappy Higashikata- I’m split between Ravenclaw and Slytherin for Gappy. Ravenclaw because he’s a knowledgeable person, analyzes situations and creates strategies for them, and he’s an incredibly quirky guy (sleeping under a mattress, etc…), but a Slytherin because of his ambition to originally find out his past and now the rokakaka fruit

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I think your way of thinking is really unique Panda ! You always encourage people here to learn as much as they handle , I read often how they say " don't learn more than -insert number - of vocabulary " or " you need 7 years to be fluent " which is really limiting imo I know they are trying to be realistic but I think hard work can pay off and do miracles!! So I'm gonna be good at Korean faster than what those sites said ❤ 화이팅

Thank you! I’m glad someone noticed this. ^^ The thing is, i don’t really want to be in “a cage” made by my others’ expectations/limits. Beside, i hate when people tell me that i cannot do something because others couldn’t. I think everyone should discover their skills & limits and then try to be better. 

And a thing that i noticed in highschool, people who can’t do something, will try to make you think that you can’t either, even if you didn’t try it yet. Why? I’ve never found the answer to this question. There are so many possible answers and it’s kind of scary and sad. 

I hope you have a nice day! :3

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I'm a girl and want to join the fire department but don't know how to get started. I'm afraid im going to be weaker than the guys and it just really makes me nervous when I make up my mind to try to call them .

Just do it. Prove yourself by showing up. Call their line or look on their website. I can’t stress how important it is just to show up and ask them what you can do to help out and learn. People (firefighters especially) love to see interest in the things they teach. You can do it!

I think the hardest (and probably most productive) part about writing in first person pov is that you can never say “I did this because I was scared/ angry/ etc” because it’s from inside of their head and 9 times out of 10 people don’t know why they act the way they do until they reflect on it later.

So you have no choice as an author but to show their actions consistently over time to give your readers a sense of their faults and problems without saying it outright, while trusting your audience to understand the subtext.

Tbh I never took first person seriously before this. It always seemed like the lazy writer’s way. But seeing how difficult it is to do it well has changed my tune haha And helps me see what exactly some of my problems with the format were to begin with (ie seeing people not do it well)

my daddy just called me
and it’s funny, how it doesn’t matter old I am or how much of an adult I generally manage to be, he’s my daddy and I say “Hi, Poppa!” when I see his name pop up on the caller ID

And he is so brave, my daddy. He hears my voice, how happy I was to hear from him, and he knew the next thing out of his mouth was going to destroy me and he kept his voice so steady when he told me they’d found cancer. He was so brave on the phone, and I know he was doing the same thing as me - nearly sobbing in between sentences and keeping a steady voice on the phone - because I learned it from him. I learned so much from him.

It’s a small town and the radiologist had already left for the day and we don’t know how big it is or if it’s spread or how bad it might be, but we know it’s cancer and they had a space in the OR schedule for tomorrow and he took it.

He’d already called my brother and my sister. I’m the only one who wouldn’t have minded being the last to be told. I called my mom and woke her up because yeah, he’s her ex, but this affects all her children and she was glad I told her.

And Brian is a rock star and Mark immediately had my back and I have an amazing support structure and Brian was absolutely right when he told me we could do this. we can handle this. we can get through this.

and I know we can

I just don’t want to have to


Unfortunately since I haven’t read the whole manga I can’t go into this speech too much, but it is very interesting. Especially since Kaiba says nothing about winning as a reason for battle and I do of course know that the desire to win has always been a big part of his belief system. I think this probably reflects the things he learned over the course of the manga and how his ideas slowly started to change thanks to Atem’s influence.

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I really love how you light things! Did you primarily learn lighting through photos online or by setting up objects and lights in person?

thank you!! i’m actually not sure how i learnt lighting or if i’m even doing it correctly haha i’m pretty laissez faire with how i incorporate different lighting, shadows and objects in my scenes. when it works - great, but occasionally it doesn’t and thats pretty much how i figured out generally what to do/not to ^o^

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I’ve seen that you’re studying Japanese. The resource I’ve used is called Textfugu! It’s great. Starts differently than most, helps you learn a lot, quickly. ( ◠‿◠ )

I tried doing the first season of TextFugu for free and (a) I couldn’t figure out how to skip the stuff I already knew, which annoys me, because do I have to click through half an hour’s worth of stuff on hiragana to get to anything? and (b) I just didn’t like it stylistically. I generally don’t do well with things that have a set path and don’t let me skip around.

But obviously it works really well for some people, so it’s another resource for people who want to go that route.

Most resources are good for some people!

Except DuoLingo, DuoLingo in Japanese is TERRIBLE, don’t do it.

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Hi, I saw a post by you where you were encouraging students to communicate more with their professors. I'm wondering how do I get comfortable doing that? For example, one time I spent 20 agonizing minutes hovering outside my professor's office and in the end I couldn't go in. How do I get to the point where I feel confident I can talk to a professor without getting so anxious?

Dear Anon:

Thanks for asking! The first thing I’m going to tell you to do is not to wait for confidence. Like all forms of communication, this one is a learned skill, and it will get easier with practice. To help reduce your anxiety as you practice, I have a twofold suggestion. 

1) Email your professor ahead of visiting office hours. This isn’t strictly necessary, of course, but it gives you accountability to yourself, and makes them likely to poke their head out the door and put an end to your agonizing hall-hovering if you haven’t turned up. 

2) I recommend planning out what you’re going to ask, or what results you’d like, before going in. I formed the habit of doing this myself with my Ph.D. advisor. This will both give you a sense of control (hopefully anxiety-reducing) and will help the professor help you. I’m always glad when students come to office hours, but if they start off with a very general complaint, e.g. “I’m just… confused,” it’s hard for me to assess what the problem is. The complexity of local governance in the later Middle Ages? Unfamiliar source materials? My style of class leadership? Who knows! This visit-planning phase is also valuable work for you, as studies have shown that the act of reflecting on your work and your learning process actively helps you learn more effectively!

Best of luck!

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Sometimes when I hope for the best, I'm let down and left disappointed. This in turn results me being scared to hope for the best in fear of being let down terribly. How do I learn to maintain optimism?

Hoping that things turn out in a specific way is what sometimes causes the disappointments. But what if instead, we were open to the fact that everything happens for our benefit and hoped for a wonderful surprise? I view this as hoping for the best. When we are general, there is less resistance and thus, more chances for amazing things to happen.

Intend to make the best of your day, and you’ll let go of even more resistance!

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Seeing the both the ask and response about BPD was very comforting to me. My mom definitely had undiagnosed BPD, and I now also have BPD. It was nice to find another person with BPD so dedicated to self awareness and recovery. I’ve felt very alone in that journey because of how BPD is often portrayed. Your strong boundaries is really awesome to me because I struggle with them, so knowing other people are willing to be strong about theirs helps me to learn to respect others and reinforce my own

Honestly this was a very helpful response to me. I’m glad mine helped too. You are doing good work. I hope things get easier for you