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‘We’re learning about reproductive system in a mixed class.’
I think that’s good, I think that’s good. Honestly, schools that divide people via gender — it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, what are you trying to do there? Stop people being distracted from sex and romance? Firstly, non-straight people exist. Secondly, toxic masculinity in all-male schools and the horribleness that is girls being mean to each other in all-girl schools are probably worse than any kind of flirty distraction that would happen. And I think that, you know, people of either gender learning how the opposite sex’s bodies work is a good thing. You know, if more boys knew how menstruation worked and more girls understood how male puberty worked, life would be less confusing, especially as a teenager where everything is just horrifying and confusing.

part 1 // part 2

Never do I post pics on here and especially like these because of all the creeps on here but this year I’ve learned to love myself. For the longest time I would be ashamed of my thighs, butts, boobs, cellulite and stretch marks but not anymore I’m glad to be who I am and how I am. I understand that not everyone will think I’m beautiful or none at all but I love me and that’s all that matters 💜

(If you take this caption off too sexualize me I’ll hunt you down)


Mini and incomplete tutorial

I like to call this kind of body “anime fat” You see a lot of artists draw curvy or even what they call “chubby/fat” girls like this but it doesn’t…. even come close???? Fat does not just stay in the places where you think it’s attractive. Fat goes into arms, and the stomach etc. If you want to represent fat women in your comics, art, etc. then do it right, bc there isn’t enough positive representation out there.

Thigh gaps: Thigh gaps aren’t going to exist if your character is chubby or fat, it’s just not realistic to have wide thigh gaps

Big breasts/ass+ skinny eveywhere else: Fat girls can have big breasts and big behinds but not always. Fat people have different body shapes and each person’s fat goes to different places. So there will always be fat girls with small breasts and no ass

More than one chin: Fat people can have double chins it’s not an ugly thing and you should be able to draw it, it’s not that hard :)

Lastly, I don’t really care if you draw like the pic on the left, I’m just saying you should never consider that being fat. Also, as an artist who draws people you should always try to learn how to draw all sorts of people, not just the kind you find attractive; that’s how you really get better at drawing

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@harvestmoonpeoples asked for Bo helping Kuroo fix his hair with hairbands and hairpins and this might have gotten out of hand

every time I draw a comic about Kuroo’s hair I swear it’s the last one but I’m weak and it’s a lie

“Ok honey, let’s practice our yoga positions again before class, I don’t want you embarrassing yourself again like last week. Yeah, I know, all the girls look amazing in their tight pants and sports bras, but popping a boner is still not allowed. Now come on, let’s practice, that cage the instructor is making you wear is going to make things a little more difficult. How can I argue with her though? Do you remember what she said? With a caged mind and a free penis you aren’t thinking clearly, but with a caged penis and an open mind anything is possible. She’s so wise, we can learn a lot from her!”

Being Harry’s girlfriend would include:
  • Braiding his hair whenever you pleased
  • Him insisting to return the favor to you but halfway through it he abandons the idea and just puts it into a slightly crooked ponytail
  • “I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to braid better in case our future daughter want me to do her hair while you’re out.”
  • Harry always talking about the future and how he plans on having about 8 kids with you and getting married in Hawaii 
  • Waking up to find him baking cooking at 2 am because he couldn’t sleep
  • “These are so amazing, oh my god.” “That’s only because I used to work in a bakery, dear. Learned everything I know there.”
  • Adopting a kitten together after trying to convince you for a month now
  • Waking up alone and wandering into the kitchen to find him cuddling the lil kitten
  • Him making you help him strategically place things for the perfect instagram photo
  • “Wait, quick help me come up with a witty caption for my new instagram picture.”
  • Forcing you to take selfies with him so that he has a variety of photos to pick from for his background
  • Him trying out new pick up lines on you all the time
  • “Harry, you already got me. You can stop with these atrocious lines.”
  • You having to endure all his jokes but after awhile you get used to them and some of them actually become funny
  • Or just laughing at the awful jokes just to make his proud that he caused that laugh
  • Him literally wanting to eat you out all the time
  • “C'mon just a little taste, dear. Please?” “No, Harry you’ve gOT TO BE ON STAGE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Him pouting because you denied him but obeying you anyways though you were sure he wouldn’t give up the idea
  • Lot of forehead kisses and hand holding in public
  • Stealing each others clothes and getting annoyed that he can fit in your jeans and they somehow look better on him
  • Sharing hair ties since he always loses his and always want his hair in a bun
  • Cuddles all the time
  • Especially on colder nights when Harry doesn’t turn on the heat so that you’re forced to snuggle with him (not that you’d ever deny cuddling him)
  • Asking him what all his tattoos mean and most of his response are along the lines of “I just like mermaids so I figured why not get a tattoo of one.”
  • “But why doesn’t she have a seashell bra on like Ariel does?”
  • “Why does she need a bra?” *suggestive smirking*
  • Him dragging you along with him when he goes back home to visit his family
  • Spending more time with Gemma than him causing him to whine about how he “always knew you liked her better”
  • Harry saying he’s going to make you a extravagant dinner and tells you to dress up for it but you go downstairs to see he made grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • “What do you mean this isn’t fancy? I’ve seen this on some fancy restaurants’ menus.” “Yeah on the kids menu, Harry.”
  • But you both happily eat it while being dressed so fancy because it is pretty good
  • Marathoning Friends on your days off when you’re bored and wanna laugh
  • Going to LA with him and Harry enthusiastically showing you around helping you arrange your stuff in his LA house
  • “Just leave some stuff here babe that way you won’t have to pack so much stuff next time we come down.” “What makes you think I plan on coming back here with you?” “Be nice, you loser. I know you love it when I take you places you’ve never been to. ”



Hiccup and Camicazi from the HTTYD books :P

This is exciting for me because, while it’s the most basic thing I’ve ever seen, it’s the first time I’ve EVER coloured anything digitally and it DOESN’T look awful. You can argue it’s mostly block colouring so of course it can’t look abysmal but pfft…this is an achievement for me x3

Next step - learning how to shade!

Don’t remove the caption, or repost. It’s not cool, and unless you have my express permission (credit or not), it’s literally stealing. Just please be excited for me because I did a thing :P


these are from fetus seungri’s buddybuddy account (a sort of sns that elementary/middle school students used back in early 2000) 

1st pic) 

his id: “sunlight groom” (he talked about this before on their cultwo show appearance, and basically it’s where his ‘other half’ would be ‘moonlight bride’) 

his intro: “i grew up normally since i was little… but at 14… i met the wrong people… and almost walked down a bad road… before meeting a dance team… called ilhwa… and learning to dance… now… i’m your average 15 year old dancer… ^^”

2nd pic) 

the caption basically talks about how seoul is different from his hometown gwangju (”unlike gwangju, in seoul asics shoes are popular”, “if you look at how seoul middle schoolers dress.. i can only sigh..”, “in seoul even if you try to use seoul speech your satoori shows”, “seoul’s air is bad… but there’s a lot of things to see”) and ends with saying that it’s hard to get used to seoul

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It was definitely a headscarf similar to the one Gigi wore in her vogue Arabia spread.. I for one saw for what it was but didn't overthink and will not overthink it. I think she's being pretentious with her Arabic words and how she's been conducting herself recently. I hope Bella learns better before she does something that turns into major backlash

Yeah, she’s really only acting like this because she’s in Dubai which is almost more disappointing like she could try to conduct herself with better behaviour while she’s there. I don’t think much about her using Arabic words, she did delete the one caption though which I thought was so weird and that she’s doing because she’s in Dubai, too, but idk it’s not an issue the way the headscarf thing would be. I hope its not a hijab she’s wearing and if it is then I hope it’s a one-off that never escapes that instastory and she can go home without causing unnecessary issues for herself.

Lil Sis (Daveed x Reader) Platonic Pt. 2

Word Count: 1,507

Lil Sis Series

“Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to today’s Ham4Ham! Boy do we have a good show for you! This isn’t what I had planned for today, but yesterday I was asked if we could make a change and I loved the idea. We have a rap battle today!! In our first corner, from Oakland, California, is America’s favorite fighting Jefferson… Daveed Diggs!” Lin said into the mic, and the crowd cheered. Daveed gave you a wink, then exited the doors to face the crowd.

“In the other corner, making her Ham4Ham debut, standing at 5’ 9”, is our very own stagehand (y/n)!” You took a deep breath and stepped outside, hearing the crowd scream. Your breath immediately caught in your throat and you could feel the blood pulsing through you. You felt like you were going to fall over, and you almost did, but Daveed grabbed your hand and held it above your head, presenting you to the crowd with a sparkle in his eye.

“We all know techies prefer to stay behind the stage, and (y/n) is no different, so for moral support please welcome most of the Company!” Lin hit the door one more time and the rest of the company came out, filling in behind you or Daveed. On your side were the girls of the company, and on Daveed’s side, the men.

“Daveed, you can start us off,” Lin said, handing him the mic.

Daveed’s rap started out slow and safe, in a more Thomas Jefferson style. You knew he was giving you something that you could brainlessly jump off of until you found your groove. He started spitting words faster and faster, transitioning into more of a Clipping style rap. You knew it was almost your turn and you considered backing out until Daveed finished his rap with

You think you can out rap me Lil Sis,
But you could never spit words as fire as this,
” he dropped the mic, with Oak catching it like they do for the first Cabinet battle. Oak handed Lin the mic, who turned it over to you. You took a deep breath, then began.

Diggs, that was a real nice declaration
Thank you for the present but I’ll have no hesitation
I can rhyme just as perfectly as you
Probably even better, don’t get scared… Boo!
I got my girls behind me and I know they’ll never waver
Hey Can you help me out? I need a little favor
Daveed likes to think he can push me to the brink
Of rapping for a crowd, Is that even allowed?
Why are you behind him,
when you can always find him
Takin ‘shotsoutthegrammy’
I bet his hands are getting clammy
Don’t be nervous Big brother
Just because you’ve got another Rap competitor
And you sent Anthony as your messenger
My words gotta be too much for you to handle
Losing to a techie must be a scandal
” you finished, handing Lin the mic nicely. The crowd went wild. Daveed was grinning, and so was Lin. Jazzy pulled you into a hug, and Renee and Pippa both followed. You went back inside with the cast and started immediately preparing for the night’s performance.

After the show, Lin approached you, still half dressed as Hamilton.

“(y/n) there’s someone who’s asking to interview you. I know it’s late, so you can always tell them to come back at a better time,” he said. You nodded, gazing into the pile of jackets you were hanging up.

“Yeah, tell them just a minute. I have to finish this,” you said. Lin touched your hand.

“You don’t have to do everything, someone will finish,” Lin said, his kind eyes meeting yours. You put down the jacket and followed him.

“They’re in the house. I think they want you to sit on the stage,” he told you. You went out onto the stage, where the reporter was waiting.

You exchanged pleasantries, then sat down for the interview.

“How did you start working for the production?” She asked.

“Our stage manager, Jason Bassett, is friends with one of my dad’s friends. My dad was frustrated that I didn’t have a plan for after high school so he pawned me off onto his friend. He introduced me to Jason, who took me on a tour of the production. I fell in love with being backstage, and it helped that I liked the musical as well, so he hired me as a full-time crew member,” you explained.

“How old are you again?” the reporter asked.

“Only 19 but my mind is older,” you quoted with a laugh.

“So you’re the youngest out of the company and crew,” she inferred.

“Yes, by quite a few years, and they like to remind me of it. Daveed likes to call me Lil Sis, which confused a lot of people when they finally found out I was… well, me,” you said, gesturing to yourself.

“People are starting to know who you are, how did that come about?”

“I pranked Daveed by covering his dressing room with sticky notes. He tweeted a picture of it with the caption ‘thanks Lil Sis’. A lot of people thought he had an actual sister who pranked him, so he had to clear up the fact that I was just a techie. Since then, I’ve gained a ton of Twitter followers, and people always ask me about behind the scenes things, Techie perspective.”

“Tell us about the Ham4Ham show you did this afternoon with Daveed. Where did you learn to rap like that?”

“Just by listening and practicing. I listen to Daveed’s band Clipping before I go to bed, and I’ve heard Hamilton a million times. Lin likes to have freestyle circles in the wings, so one time I jokingly joined in. Since then Lin doesn’t let me go without rapping, and yesterday Daveed, Renee, and Oak decided I should do a Ham4Ham. Hence our rap battle,” you said.

“We’re sitting in the middle of the stage, an area you don’t normally get to go. Will you ever go onstage during a performance?” Her question was answered with a laugh.

“They’re trying to get me to fill in for Lin one night, but it probably won’t happen. I’m perfectly content backstage,” you said, stifling a yawn.

“I know it’s late, you probably want to go home, how late do you normally stay at the theater?” she said.

“This is home. I have a dressing room that I call mine. I never leave the theater most days. Too much work that I can get done here. That’s why the cast loves me. Things have actually gotten done since I moved in,” you joked.

“Can we have a tour of your room?” the reporter asked. You nodded, standing up and guiding the camera crew through the mess of dressing rooms to your own room. You opened up the door, revealing Daveed and a few other cast members lounging across your furniture.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to go home to?” you joked with him, momentarily forgetting the cameras at your back.

“Not before you do a Shot out the Grammy!” Daveed said, thrusting the gramophone into your hands. Oak reached over his shoulder, pouring your favorite liquid into the statue.

“Oh crap, don’t worry, this is only Orange Juice,” you said, turning to the stunned camera crew.

“Maybe this isn’t the best time. Thanks for the interview,” you added. The reporter nodded, turning away with the crew. You shut the door, still holding the Grammy, as Daveed started the Snapchat Video.

“(y/n) just won a rap battle, so she gets to take a Shotoutthegrammy!” Oak said. You took the shot of juice, wiping your upper lip with the back of your hand. Daveed put his phone into his pocket, then pulled you into a hug.

“You killed that rap, you had nothing to be nervous about,” he said.

“I’ll always be nervous in front of a crowd. Don’t go complimenting me to try to get me to do a show,” you told him.

“One day Lil Sis, one day,” Daveed laughed.

“I love you all, but can you please go home? I need some sleep,” you said, trying and failing at pushing Oak out the door.

“Good night (y/n)!”

“Love you!” you got all kinds of goodbyes as your friends left. Daveed was the last to leave, he had positioned himself at your laptop and opened Spotify.

“What song am I starting with tonight?” You asked as you pulled a pair of sweatpants off of a shelf and put them on.

Tonight. You liked that one, right?” he asked, mouse hovering over the play button. You nodded sleepily.

“I like them all Daveed, you know that,” you said as you crawled onto the cot you kept in the corner of the room.  

“Good night Lil Sis, proud of you” Daveed said, hugging you one more time before leaving you alone, with only his repetitive rap in your ears as you fell asleep.


happy birthday min yoongi! ♥

i’ve rewritten this caption so many times because i cant seem to articulate how much i respect and look up to this man? but uh 

more than anybody, yoongi inspires me to improve myself at the things im passionate about. i admire his work ethic and mannerisms and general everything so much. he’s someone i’d definitely be proud to call a role model.

im still learning, but i hope one day i get to show you the music you inspired me to create ♥

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Why do you feel the need to put captions on every fucking thing. It's seriously irritating like if someone really wants to know what they're saying then they can fucking get headphones or wait and listen to it later. This is so stupid and unnecessary and it's really annoying so just stop

I feel the need to put captions ‘on every fucking thing’ because d/Deaf and hard of hearing people deserve access to videos just as much as any hearing person.  Also, I find that people who are learning English as a second language benefit from it as well.  

I love how irritated you seem to be about something that doesn’t really hurt anyone.  It’s just captions. Little words at the bottom of your screen. Yet you seem to be in such a tizzy about it for some reason. How about you redirect your energy to something useful, like educating yourself on the meaning of the word ableism?

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ANON. ANON!!!!!!!!!!

listen isak going to pride has been the truest deepest dream of my heart since the clip “pride” bc just! imagine!! what it would reflect about how his own comfort levels wrt his sexuality as part of his self-identity and being public about it have changed! and now you talk about adding in my lesbian daughter vilde and i am! truly on fire!!!! like oh my god imagine them (and even, although i hc him as having been out for a while and been to pride before? so this wouldn’t be his first go and his feelings about experiencing it would probably be different) taking the tram to the city center together and they’re a bit nervous bc neither of them has ever done this before, and when they get there it’s overwhelming bc it’s just this explosion of color and noise and cheers and people. so many people?? like, they knew they weren’t the only ones, but also there’s a difference between knowing that intellectually and seeing for yourself that you’re so far from alone.

and yes omg imagine them meeting up with eskild! who is decked out in tights and mascara and glittered up, and isak doesn’t hesitate at all before hugging him. and maybe neither of them were comfortable wearing rainbows or face paint or anything different than what they’d wear normally, but that doesn’t matter bc they’re still *here*. they’re here, they’ve got their friends with them, they’re throwing themselves into having a great time. isak’s hand hasn’t left even’s the whole day and vilde is over dancing between eskild and a group of girls they just met, beads she picked up at the parade glittering around her neck, and they all take about 400 pics together throughout the day (maybe even one that isak posts to his insta with the caption 🏳️‍🌈), rainbows visible in the background of each one. maybe next year they’ll wear some of their own but even if they don’t that will still be okay, bc here’s the thing they’re learning about pride: no matter where you are and who you’re with and how you’re dressed, once you’ve got it, it never goes away.