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Never do I post pics on here and especially like these because of all the creeps on here but this year I’ve learned to love myself. For the longest time I would be ashamed of my thighs, butts, boobs, cellulite and stretch marks but not anymore I’m glad to be who I am and how I am. I understand that not everyone will think I’m beautiful or none at all but I love me and that’s all that matters 💜

(If you take this caption off too sexualize me I’ll hunt you down)


‘We’re learning about reproductive system in a mixed class.’
I think that’s good, I think that’s good. Honestly, schools that divide people via gender — it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, what are you trying to do there? Stop people being distracted from sex and romance? Firstly, non-straight people exist. Secondly, toxic masculinity in all-male schools and the horribleness that is girls being mean to each other in all-girl schools are probably worse than any kind of flirty distraction that would happen. And I think that, you know, people of either gender learning how the opposite sex’s bodies work is a good thing. You know, if more boys knew how menstruation worked and more girls understood how male puberty worked, life would be less confusing, especially as a teenager where everything is just horrifying and confusing.

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Mini and incomplete tutorial

I like to call this kind of body “anime fat” You see a lot of artists draw curvy or even what they call “chubby/fat” girls like this but it doesn’t…. even come close???? Fat does not just stay in the places where you think it’s attractive. Fat goes into arms, and the stomach etc. If you want to represent fat women in your comics, art, etc. then do it right, bc there isn’t enough positive representation out there.

Thigh gaps: Thigh gaps aren’t going to exist if your character is chubby or fat, it’s just not realistic to have wide thigh gaps

Big breasts/ass+ skinny eveywhere else: Fat girls can have big breasts and big behinds but not always. Fat people have different body shapes and each person’s fat goes to different places. So there will always be fat girls with small breasts and no ass

More than one chin: Fat people can have double chins it’s not an ugly thing and you should be able to draw it, it’s not that hard :)

Lastly, I don’t really care if you draw like the pic on the left, I’m just saying you should never consider that being fat. Also, as an artist who draws people you should always try to learn how to draw all sorts of people, not just the kind you find attractive; that’s how you really get better at drawing

Ok to reblog. Do not repost or remove captions


Petition to change captions 2.0.

YouTube, I know you are not going to listen to me and thanks to Mark & Ethan I now 100% sure know you are not going to listen to your creators, and even less so to your fans..

Why are you like this YouTube?? Why don’t you see that people are being so terribly ableist.
Examples I’ve seen for the past weeks
- Excess use of some emojis and people being proud of using them
- Septiplier in the captions (  you are a gross disgusting being if you do this )
- People saying throughout the video, things like “ My captions were messed with im sorry i tried to fix it “
- Use of Zalgo Text ( a glitch font ) in captions.
- Selfpromotion
- Own commentary in brackets after the original captions ( seriously get that shit out of there, put that in a comment section )
- People claiming to it being okay to put bullshit captions in if there is no talking going on ( You know that, a deaf person wouldnt, because surprise surprise, they dont know when someone is talking or not. )

I know you are meaning well, but thats not going to fix it.

I have realized that there is no way I’m going to be able to reach out to YouTube itself and tackle this problem there. So instead I’m taking it to the ones who can really change this. The creators.

So here comes my tag list of people who can hopefully change this system for the better
YouTube is not going to change its own system.
So here is my idea on how we could do this: Hire people to change your captions correctly. Some of you might be happy with the idea of captioning being a community based thing, and I know for a fact there are fans out there, who are able to do this professionally. Or people who would be willing to learn how to do it professionally.
Captioning works educational aswell for therapeutic.
I’ve always said I would take a job in captioning in a heartbeat, sadly some companies are really strict on stylesheets and their own rules.
I wish YouTube and its creators would realize how many people out there wish to do this as a freelance thing.
Simply as video-editors, there can be video-captioners.

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A Little Web Series Love

Hello there! Here are some cool web series (webseries?? Ugh I can’t decide if it’s one word or two. The struggle continue) that you should watch! Here’s the what & the why: 

Middlemarch: The Series: 

“Middlemarch: The Series” is a modernized vlog-style web series adaptation of George Eliot’s “Middlemarch.” 

This show is a delight. It has an innovative format (vlog + documentary), it is beautifully filmed with a gr8 aesthetic, and it’s a story you can really sink into. Right now I’m hearing Billie’s words about how it’s difficult to define what you like about a piece of art. I’m trying here! There’s also a lot of ANGST and FEELINGS and I’m LIVING for it. 

The Emma Agenda

“The Emma Agenda” is a modern adaptation of “Emma” by Jane Austen, created by Quip Modest Productions.”

This is a real fresh and fun take on Emma! I don’t wanna spoil it but the way *certain things* are being adapted is fantastic and it’s charming and cute and I can’t wait for the Emma/Jordan relationship to really blossom. Eep! Plus, I mean, it’s another series by Queen Jules. So. 

Away From It All

“A modern web series adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’, told in a multimedia format.”

Okay I am definitely biased because I worked on this show but it has a special place in my heart, ok?? The setting of fictional Weatherbury is its own characters in the show; it feels like a real place that you can visit just by watching Liddy’s vlogs or Gabe’s Facebook videos to his friends. The characters are wonderfully flawed and interesting and if you’re looking for a wee bit of drama, you’ll find it in AfitA. 


“Horizons is an original young adult web series created by the collaborating young creators at Betwixt Productions.”

This. Show. The writing is TOP NOTCH, the romance is sweet, the characters are funny and complex. While it feels like a YA dystopian novel, the issues that are discussed are (unfortunately) very relevant to real life right now. Basically, Horizons made me feel all the feels. Plus the costumes and makeup are really cool! 

The Adventures of Serena Berg

“A new LGBTQ+ literary webseries based on Cyrano de Bergerac.”

Roxanne is an adorable nerd and I love her and if you watch the show for anything watch it for Roxanne. Or Serena, who describes herself as “your favorite transgender asshole.” As you can tell, she is sassy AF which I always appreciate. AND it takes place at college which is my fave setting. Bonus: the closed captions are a hoot. 


“ELLIPSES is an original sci-fi webseries about love, friendship, and the scientific method, told through the main character’s in-universe vlogs.”

This is such a fun (and funny!) original series. Science + time travel + feelings = love. (This is not a proven statement. I don’t know how to do the science good. Sorry, Dot.) I’ve learned a lot of science-y things while watching this, and Dot is one of those characters you want to slap/shake and hug at the same time. 

The Better Strangers

“The Better Strangers is a web series adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It and is the sequel to ‘A Document of Madness’.”

So I know this is a sequel to ADOM, but I actually haven’t watched that one yet! Still, this series stands on its own. It’s fun and college-y and also touches on important topics like abusive relationships. Rose and Orlando are unabashedly my faves, and I wish Orlando’s vlog wasn’t fictional. Plus: lightsabers!!

I’m still so behind on my web series watching from being in production on Merry Maidens so I’m sure there are lots of lovely shows I am missing, but I hope this lil’ write up has INTRIGUED you. Now go watch internet shows. 


@harvestmoonpeoples asked for Bo helping Kuroo fix his hair with hairbands and hairpins and this might have gotten out of hand

every time I draw a comic about Kuroo’s hair I swear it’s the last one but I’m weak and it’s a lie


I thought I was a lucky one. I believed that if I could heal people, everyone would be happy and that’s all I ever wanted. I saved countless lives, but I knew I could do more. If I could bring dead flowers back to life, then maybe, just maybe…
Then, everyone saw me as a monster who messed with fate. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I did cross the line. If you’re listening to this, it means I never learned how to heal myself…and I’m so sorry…

Me, a (sort of) hard of hearing person:

  • Sometimes will not even attempt to listen to things, because it’s way more effort than random shitaudio deserves
  • Puts closed captioning on everything, even if it’s bad captioning
  • Will pat my ear with the flat of my hand anytime I’m trying to signal that I couldn’t hear something
  • Will pat my ear and look really apologetic anytime I can’t hear someone with an accent, so they maybe hopefully don’t think I’m an asshole American
  • Can sometimes hear really random stuff, but it’s just easier to not draw attention to it because otherwise the Hearing people will make assumptions about my general capabilities
  • Have learned how to give a social laugh if someone says something low and fast and then looks at me in a hopeful, conspiratorial manner
  • Have learned how to make interested noises when conversations pause and/or end with an upward inflection
  • Will sometimes speak quietly enough that I can’t actually hear my own speech, because I’m worried I sound too loud to everyone else
  • Wear headphones even when I’m not playing anything
  • Will say that I’m “hard of hearing” rather than “have an auditory processing disorder” because at least Hearing people have a vague clue

I said I was taking a break, haha I didn’t lie it’s just that I just heard about a contest, and I want to enter Siklo in; I’m all pumped up!

The GUI is finally taking shape as I settled on a style for how I want things to look. If I’ve learned something about making GUIs is that clean and functional is always the top priority.

See the captions for some snippets about each screencap ;)

Once I am done with all the GUI element including battle GUI, busts, faces etc, I can start with maps and sprites!

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I HAVE A REQUEST! Sorry, I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance...Anyways! I was wondering if you could have and MC that's a wannabe hipster. She plays Ukulele and where beanies but, in reality is completely emo trash(wahhhhh totally not me). Thanks beautiful :P

God, you’re adorable, anon.

-“No, we’re not getting a pug.”
-“____, we’ve already had this conversation when you asked for a shiba inu.”
-In all seriousness, he thought it was funny that you tried so hard to be hip.
-Being the supportive boyfriend he is though, he will encourage your style and compliment you endlessly.
-He doesn’t understand a lot of it, but of it’s what you’re into, he’s all for it.
-He’ll buy you hipster-y clothes and graphic tees from Forever 21 and all that.
-As long as you’re not pretentious like stereotypical hipsters, he will love it.

-He thinks the way you dress is super cute, especially your beanies. You have about fifteen in different colors. He even buys one too so you can match.
-And you are also super odd.
-Like when you start living together, he really notices.
-“____! Why are you on the roof?!!”
-“____, why are you putting flowers in my hair?”
-*whispering* “A e s t h e t i c”
-Did someone say ukulele?
-He loves your ukulele. It’s so nice sounding he could listen to it all day. Except you only play Twenty-One Pilots but he gets used to it.

-She finds it charming.
-You tend to take a ton of pictures around the cafe of various coffee-related objects. She even caught you dripping coffee onto paper and drawing pictures in coffee foam. She asks why and you tell her it’s for your blog.
-She actually finds your blog to see what you’re talking about and sure enough it’s a lot of abstract photos with odd, deep quotes as captions, as well as the coffee pictures with justgirlythings tier captions. Also an amazing amount of hashtags on every post.
-I mean whatever makes you happy.

-He doesn’t really understand?
-Okay, he seriously does not understand?
-He doesn’t know what any of these things mean? Please explain this to him?
-You tell him what all the different terms you use that he has never heard before mean and he listens closely. He loves learning new things about you.
-Honestly though he is so confused by it. He calls it a strange commoner fashion which is kind of rude not gonna lie.
-Does love how you dress actually, like really loves it. It’s quirky in an endearing way.
-Your style grows on him.
-He tries to use the new phrases you thought him in chat and it’s so cringy but you love him for trying.

-Bout to roast you my dude
-Just kidding
-But he laughs when you call yourself a hipster.
-He knows more about hipster culture than you do so he gives you pointers to stop being “emo trash”.
-Saeyoung does think the way you dress and act is adorable, plus he’s impressed that you can play the ukulele.
-He buys matching clothes for you both as an excuse to try out your style.
-The clothes suit him so well you almost have a heart attack.
-Jokes on him, you buy him more clothes in your style and beg him to wear them.
-It’s so hard to say no to you.

-He’s so accepting that he doesn’t even think you’re try-hard-hipster style is strange.
-He would love to take you shopping and see what kind of clothing sticks out to you. He feels like it’s a good way to get to know you. It actually kind of is.
-You take a lot of his photographs and put various filters on them with italicized helvetica text on them and upload them on social media and he doesn’t even mind. He doesn’t really get it but he doesn’t mind because it seems to make you happy.
-He’s glad that you have a style/subculture you identify with. It’s very lovely to him.
-So innocent he doesn’t realize you’re “emo trash” lololol

-He didn’t even notice that you acted and dressed differently than average people.
-Highkey loves when you play the ukulele though. He finds it relaxing.
-He’s actually stolen your beanies before and claimed it was because he didn’t want to bother washing his hair that day.
-But you don’t even complain because it’s really cute on him.
-If you don’t hide your beanies, he will find and steal them. Sometimes he’ll find them even if you do hide them.
-“_____, have you seen-”
-He stares at the beanie on your head.
-Then he nonchalantly walks to you and pulls it off of your head, messing up your hair. “There it is.”
-“Saeran, the hell? Give that back.”
-He puts it on his head and walks away. “No.”
-You’re lucky you’re cute or I would rip that off your head, Choi

Being Harry’s girlfriend would include:
  • Braiding his hair whenever you pleased
  • Him insisting to return the favor to you but halfway through it he abandons the idea and just puts it into a slightly crooked ponytail
  • “I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to braid better in case our future daughter want me to do her hair while you’re out.”
  • Harry always talking about the future and how he plans on having about 8 kids with you and getting married in Hawaii 
  • Waking up to find him baking cooking at 2 am because he couldn’t sleep
  • “These are so amazing, oh my god.” “That’s only because I used to work in a bakery, dear. Learned everything I know there.”
  • Adopting a kitten together after trying to convince you for a month now
  • Waking up alone and wandering into the kitchen to find him cuddling the lil kitten
  • Him making you help him strategically place things for the perfect instagram photo
  • “Wait, quick help me come up with a witty caption for my new instagram picture.”
  • Forcing you to take selfies with him so that he has a variety of photos to pick from for his background
  • Him trying out new pick up lines on you all the time
  • “Harry, you already got me. You can stop with these atrocious lines.”
  • You having to endure all his jokes but after awhile you get used to them and some of them actually become funny
  • Or just laughing at the awful jokes just to make his proud that he caused that laugh
  • Him literally wanting to eat you out all the time
  • “C'mon just a little taste, dear. Please?” “No, Harry you’ve gOT TO BE ON STAGE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Him pouting because you denied him but obeying you anyways though you were sure he wouldn’t give up the idea
  • Lot of forehead kisses and hand holding in public
  • Stealing each others clothes and getting annoyed that he can fit in your jeans and they somehow look better on him
  • Sharing hair ties since he always loses his and always want his hair in a bun
  • Cuddles all the time
  • Especially on colder nights when Harry doesn’t turn on the heat so that you’re forced to snuggle with him (not that you’d ever deny cuddling him)
  • Asking him what all his tattoos mean and most of his response are along the lines of “I just like mermaids so I figured why not get a tattoo of one.”
  • “But why doesn’t she have a seashell bra on like Ariel does?”
  • “Why does she need a bra?” *suggestive smirking*
  • Him dragging you along with him when he goes back home to visit his family
  • Spending more time with Gemma than him causing him to whine about how he “always knew you liked her better”
  • Harry saying he’s going to make you a extravagant dinner and tells you to dress up for it but you go downstairs to see he made grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • “What do you mean this isn’t fancy? I’ve seen this on some fancy restaurants’ menus.” “Yeah on the kids menu, Harry.”
  • But you both happily eat it while being dressed so fancy because it is pretty good
  • Marathoning Friends on your days off when you’re bored and wanna laugh
  • Going to LA with him and Harry enthusiastically showing you around helping you arrange your stuff in his LA house
  • “Just leave some stuff here babe that way you won’t have to pack so much stuff next time we come down.” “What makes you think I plan on coming back here with you?” “Be nice, you loser. I know you love it when I take you places you’ve never been to. ”




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xD In all seriousness though, I feel Seán’s pain during this! I’ve done that before on this map. Honestly I think the 2nd hardest thing to learn how to do while playing D.va is figuring out the right time to use the bomb. :P

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A lot of people don't realize that the words they're using are slurs because they've become mainstream. And language adapts like that. I honestly don't see what's wrong with using mad or stupid.

Lee says:

Someone can say something offensive unknowingly, and it’s still offensive. Even though a lot of people don’t realize they’re using slurs, the words are still slurs even when someone uses it without the intent of dehumanizing and oppressing people with disabilities. 

A lot of people are uncomfortable with this kind of language, myself included, and it may be triggering for others, which is why we tag it. For a lot of people with disabilities, although not all, these words are associated with some pretty negative things. I’d suggest you go through the links below to learn more. 

Ableism/Language: Words to Avoid and AlternativesThoughts on Ableist Language and Why It MattersAbleist, Homophobic, and Racist Words and Phrases We Need To Stop UsingAbleist Language: How It Hurts And How To Stop Using ItWhat I ❤ :Ableism + Allyship (Youtube video w/ captions)More alternativesAbleism and Language

Oh. Him? He’s no one. Just the jerk er I mean nice young man I decided I wanted to make the what’s the word, heir, for gen 4! (Insert unenthusiastic confetti) My best friend and I had a nice little story planned out for Reeding Rainbow here, but I often get bored of my stories ,but I still love this family. Soooooo i’ma just keep doing that thing where I take an obnoxious amount of screenshots and use captions that only I find funny and yeah. That’s it. Uh… Bye! ^_^

One Colour - Neil Hilborn & Ollie Renee Schminkey

((This is a group piece so it was quite difficult to transcribe, I haven’t ‘scripted’ it because I think that’d just make it unreadable, that said it might make less sense if you haven’t heard the poem being performed already.))

My school was fairly progressive -
They even taught contraception in our sex ed class.
When I was fourteen my dad handed me a box of condoms and said
“You know how to use these, right?”
We were taught which preventative methods were the most effective,
I was in Texas so dads with shotguns.
And where to go if something broke, what to take,
How to fix this mess you’d gotten yourself in.

We were taught about Herpes and Gonorrhoea and Syphilis ,
And how to keep all your fluids to yourself.
My friends taught me which clinics wouldn’t tell my parents,
Which ones handed out free condoms.
But I was never taught that there are worse things that could happen
Than a baby or a disease.

Yeah we learned about roofies,
We learned to respect when a woman says no,
We learned about protecting your drink, carrying pepper spray,
We learned what to do when a woman is assaulted,
But not that this could happen to me.

I was a virgin when I was raped for the first time.
When it happened to me it was 10 AM and my parents were home.
My textbook hadn’t described the way I wouldn’t even try to fight,
There was no paragraph for how to stop her without making a scene,
There wasn’t a worksheet for how to stop him
Without waking my sleeping parents,
There was no correct answer to her threats of suicide
When I wasn’t in the mood,
There was no manual for the polite victim.
You know, it wasn’t like they said it’d be.

I was sober, he was sober,
We were 17,
They didn’t teach me that I wouldn’t know how to protect myself,
That my lungs would close up and
We would make pretend husband and wife -
Make pretend love.
The thing about pretend is that it flattens everything to one colour,
It makes it too simple,
It makes it one syllable
And that syllable is always captioned as a “yes”.

They didn’t teach me that I could want to be with someone
But not always want them,
That being curious about sex doesn’t mean I was asking for it.
What I learned is that I was supposed to want it,
I was supposed to feel stolen,
I was supposed to feel like less of a human being.
I learned that if you don’t scream no one will listen to you,
They don’t write about the ones that got away.

I learned that foundation comes in 14 different shades,
No one wants to hear that your skin is changing colours,
They only ask how you’re doing to hear you say “fine”,
I’ve learned I was supposed to feel fine,
We were lovers after all,
With a love like that you hardly have to ask, right?

I don’t want to blame my school.
I don’t want to blame her.
I don’t want to blame my church or my mother or even the boy,
We were just children,
But this is preventable so someone must be responsible for preventing it,
We can teach this better.

Some paintings are built from a thousand points of colour,
If you stand too close a sunset becomes just a series of red dots.
We teach that rape is always a man in an alley,
Always a clenched jaw and a closed fist,
Always a stained white shirt,
But I never used my pepper spray,
I never had to worry about an uncle or a locker room.
Do not confuse one story for all stories,
Do not stare at a red dot and say the whole painting
Is just one colour.

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A couple days ago a former friend of mine posted a windmill with a swastika design on Snapchat, the caption was "finally a mill that produces white power" and when I confronted him, he got pissy and blamed me for being offended. He then said that he was half-Jewish and that he has Jewish friends so it was okay, and that I need to learn how to take a joke. I blocked him on everything.

ok so first off that’s disgusting, but second i doubt he knows the 1st thing about Judaism or being Jewish, especially if he makes white power/nazi jokes

edit: also even mixed Jews can be antisemitic if they don’t id as Jews (@ my brother, who could be a literal clone of my goy father)