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‘Reverie’: Jessica Lu & Sendhil Ramamurthy Cast In NBC’s VR Drama Pilot
Jessica Lu (Awkward) and Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy have landed series-regular roles opposite Sarah Shahi in NBC’s drama pilot Reverie, from the Extant team of creator Mickey Fisher and Amblin …
By Denise Petski

Jessica Lu (Awkward) and Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy have landed series-regular roles opposite Sarah Shahi in NBC’s drama pilot Reverie, from the Extant team of creator Mickey Fisher and Amblin TV.

Penned by Fisher, Reverie is described is a thriller about Mara (Shahi), a former detective specializing in human behavior who is brought in when the launch of an advanced virtual reality program has dangerous and unintended consequences. Lu will play Alexis Barrett, who has started her own company, Reverie, based on her own fully immersible, customizable virtual reality program, with which clients can have the VR experience of their lives via a simple neural transmitter. Working with security adviser Charlie Ventana and several investors, Alexis is very proud of her program but has to do damage control when some initial users become reluctant to return to their reality, and their unused bodies have gone comatose. Ramamurthy will play Paul Hammond, who works with Alexis on the Reverie project as the Chief Oneirologist, or dream specialist; he designs the factory presets and training levels for the users of the VR program.

I have some reservations about the Extant creative team but the cast for Reverie seems to be shaping up nicely with Sarah Shahi as the lead with Jessica Lu and Sendhil Ramamurthy as co-stars! 

I’m only a teenager. I’m watching
Blue is the Warmest Color, or
Boys Don’t Cry, or
Brokeback Mountain.
I’m still in the closet, because my father
does not believe in bisexuality, and so
I do not believe in myself.
From the television, I’m learning that people like me
don’t get happy endings, that queer cinema isn’t so much
a genre as it is a fashionable body count. Because
the straight masses only love us when we’re martyrs,
or tragedies, because we’re less sympathetic
when we’re not being punished.
Skip to now.
Halfway through June of 2016 and seventeen
lesbian characters have been killed on mainstream television.
Most of them, in brutal, graphic ways and in the wake
of dead lesbian number eighteen, my girlfriend texts me
to ask if we get to be happy.
And I don’t feel safe.
I’m struggling to pay rent and another lesbian dies on television.
I get a new job and another lesbian dies on television.
I ask my girlfriend to move in and another lesbian dies on television.
So how much longer can they calls us beautiful tragedies
before they admit we’re a cautionary tale? A warning
that women who love women have no right to their own futures?
A boogieman to keep queer little girls up at night?
Queer cinema evolved to be reactionary—
to challenge the prettily packaged clichés of straight romance,
to tell the gritty parts of our stories that straight audiences refused
to look at directly, but my existence is not for straight consumption.
Now, when heartbroken little kids go looking for someone, anyone,
who looks like them, they get to see themselves as
blood in the bathtub,
secondhand smoke,
a teenager in a body bag.
We need the dream of the happy ending.
We need the promise of a future.
If I wanted to watch queer people being slaughtered en masse,
I’d turn on the evening news. What I need
is hope.
The other day, I finished this book and the ending was so
sugary and unrealistic and horribly cliché, but
more than half the main characters were queer and
it was just so good to exist, even for a moment, in a world
where we were all happy
and no one died.
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Name: Angel
Age: 21
Country: USA 

Hey, I’m Angel! I’m not super great at talking about myself so I’ll bullet point:

- I’m from the American midwest and have never really left it (though I plan on changing that someday).
- I’m an undergrad student at a teeny liberal arts college, where I’m studying history. I love to learn and exchange ideas with others.
- Likes: movies/tv, being outdoors, music (especially from the 80s), cooking, and getting way too excited about sunsets. I also love reading and talking about books!!
- I drink unhealthy levels of coffee and my ultimate weakness is a giant bowl of pasta.
- As for languages, English is my first and only fluent language. I can hold a conversation in Spanish, and I have a little Italian as well.
- I’m fine with either snail mail or talking via the World Wide Web, I’m not picky. I’m just out here looking for someone new to talk to and maybe become friends with!

Preferences: I’m fine with talking to anyone, just so long as you’re 18+
I’m also bisexual, so if you wanna be my pen pal, you gotta get with my LGBTQ+ identity :)

I agree with Mon-El

The reason why I agree with Mon-El isn’t because I love him and Kara together. The reason I believe him it’s because from what I’ve learned from every book, TV show, and fanfiction out there is anyone that comes back after being with the enemy most times they end up working for the enemy. For example the 100 when the Grounders returned Murphy they returned him so that he could kill off the 100. Another example is when district 13 got Peeta back so easily and it turned out he was hijacked, oh another example Terra from Teen Titans so people should listen to him.

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this post is going to be like half an outline for a fic i want to write and half a hope it’ll inspire someone else to write it instead but ive been thinking about how dirk must have learned more basic life skills. he can cook (or ‘cook’), has a place of his own, and presumably do laundry, among many other things.

while it’s entirely possible the CIA taught him some of them that seems a) unlikely for the age he’s implied to have been when he left and b) unlikely in general because lbr, the CIA sucks. so i suggest that just as the universe puts food in bart’s path when she needs to eat, it put people in dirk’s path to teach him how to survive. 

imagine him ending up in the yard of a lonely old woman who takes an immediate liking to the strange, skinny, scared, english boy in her garden. after practically dragging him inside and forcing him to eat, she starts complaining about how the young these days never have enough time for their elders and she’s been waiting all week for her grandkids to come over and help her with housework. dirk realizes this must be why he’s here and eagerly offers to assist. he knows next to nothing but that’s alright because he can follow directions and at the end of it he can change a lightbulb and clean dishes like a pro.

the next mission (as he has taken to calling them) isnt so easy. a troubled high school senior has vanished from her foster home in the middle of the night. the missing girl’s older sister doesnt understand who dirk is and why he cares, but she’s just glad someone does, the police have’n already written her baby sis off as a lost cause runaway. she let’s him crash on her couch for a week and feeds him what she can spare; in return by the end of the week he finds the girl and get’s her back relatively unharmed. turns out the girl’s (much older) boyfriend had kidnapped her and dirk experiences someone pulling a knife on him for the first time. but hey, he learned how to kinda cook and rent an apartment.

the early days are the easiest even tho he has no clue what’s going on (even more so than later). the people he meets are more kind and receptive than they’ll ever be again and getting involved in cases aren’t such a struggle. a few years down the line while he’s happily cooking in his kitchen, alone but free, he recognizes what the universe did for him to get to this point.

if he didn’t feel like such a pawn he’d almost be grateful.


na11stuff  asked:

Can lesbians be cis? I'm a cis lesbian and I'm often called transphobic. Why am I transphobic because of that? I actually support trans people and it's very hurtful. (Sorry if this isn't the right blog but I am upset)

(i was gonna answer this privately but then i realized i may have said things that aren’t right so if any of my trans followers want to correct me, please feel free to, and i’m sorry. (also sorry if theres a grammar issue bc english isnt my first language and i learned it from songs and tv shows))

i’m probably cis (not sure tho, but for now i id as a girl) and a lesbian, so yeah its a thing. not every cis person is transphobic, but we’re still cis so sometimes we say shitty things and if someone calls us out on it, we need to learn from our mistake. our society is extremely transphobic and that gets inside everyone and we will probably never get fully rid of that.

its just like straight people; they will always act straight. even the best ally wont understand how we feel, bc they’re straight. its the same thing with cis people. no one’s completely not-transphobic, just like no one’s completely not-homophobic. the difference is that some cis people know that transphobia is wrong and want equality. and when you’re one of them, if you say/do something transphobic and a trans person corrects you, you just learn from it and dont fucking do it again.

for example: my mom openly talks about gay rights and defends it a lot. she knows that homophobic people are shitty, and that lgbt people deserve the same things as straight people. however, as a lesbian, i told my mom one day that something she said was homophobic, and instead of saying “i’m sorry, i’ll stop saying that” she wanted to discuss with me about it. like, “why would it be homophobic? of course it isnt!!” and i explained it to her, but she kept saying that it wasnt and that i was wrong. the thing is shes straight. she cant fucking think that she knows more about homophobia than me. she doesnt. she shouldnt try to speak over me on that subject. i dont consider her homophobic, but sometimes she says homophobic things, and her problem is that instead of trying to change, she cant admit she made a mistake (shes getting better tho)

basically, what i’m trying to say is: being transphobic =/= saying something transphobic. if someone tells you that something you said was transphobic, understand why they’re saying that, and learn from it. stop saying it. bc you dont have the right to tell them “hey i think youre wrong and what i said wasnt transphobic”. and also, you cant let other cis people say or do the wrong things that you used to say or do. you should use your cis privilege to help trans people, thats really important.

i’m not saying you’re not transphobic tho, bc some people (like my mom) are really transphobic but actually think that they arent. and if you are, you have to start changing.

ToMco Week, Day 6: St. Patrick’s Day

I do not know much about this celebration, only that it is from Ireland and is celebrated in some places, even in some parts here in Mexico. The only thing I’ve learned from “television” is that almost most people drink beer and use green to avoid being pinched, am I correct?

Notes and Warnings: Hangover?

Kiss Like A… ?

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“Sho-kun’s drawings too, I like it! If I was a girl I have no doubts that I would be charmed by that. Because whenever I see those drawings I always laugh from the gut.”

“Sho learned to draw at the TV show corner sometimes ago, but he can’t give any soul to his creation, can’t be captured.”

-Ohno Satoshi

/huh??! What soul Riida? That isn’t needed! Sho’s drawings are masterpiece! 😀😀

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A pentagrams associated with good energy or bad? I've only know them to be associated with bad, but that is what I've learned from movies, tv, and propaganda.

Hello there friend.

Pentagrams are a symbol of protection and force of good, as well as a representation of elements. There is nothing bad about them, unfortunately they have just been used by those who don’t understand their meaning in order to incite fear of ‘occult’.

With luck, Magpie.

I don’t cry often
But I’m really just coming to terms with my conclusion, that I’ll probably never be good enough for my parents. I feel like with all I do, it’s not enough and it’s never enough. I’m realizing they don’t even know me that well. They don’t know my favorite song or things I like to read or places I like to go or things that make me happy other than the basic things the American teen enjoys. I think all I’ve wanted from them the past few years was to just ask me about who I am. They have this preconceived idea about my entire life based on who I was at 15. Most of the stuff I’m good at I had to teach myself. Most of the lessons I learned in life came from stupid TV shows and watching peers. Pretty much from the age of 10 my parents sorta just left me there to police myself, to teach myself and to improve on my own. I’m thankful for everything they’ve done for me but I really wish they tried to be more curious or involved or something. I don’t know the words. I don’t know if you understand it. I don’t know.

My experience with death is that apart from a lot of people hugging at funerals, it seldom brings people together. It actually tears them apart. And I had always learned from TV that death made everybody stronger and better and learn about themselves. And my experience was that an important piece had been taken out of the puzzle … and there is no glorious payoff.
—  Joss Whedon on ‘The Body’
Predictability, Subtext & Tropes: Why swanqueen will make or break A&E's career.

Okay I was thinking about how writing works well from my experience as a writer as well as a reader and tv watcher as well as from what I learned in collage and from reading articles on literature.

A&E have been known to at least consider changing plot lines if fans figure them out before their big reveal… and I thought why?
In everything I know about writing and tropes the basics are that predictability is key in good storytelling. Humans like to guess whats going to happen and be right most of the time. You can only change one thing in a trope and get away with it or it doesnt work.

How does this relate to swanqueen? Well because it fits perfectly into these basic rules.

A&E should be happy if fans figure it out as it means their main text and subtext align perfectly with the nerrative they are telling. You can easily tell if subtext does not align with the narrative and what that looks like if you go watch Xena. Now im not saying Xena is poorly written so stay with me here…
In the first few seasons of Xena you can tell the lesbian subtext isnt beyond that. It doesnt align with its narrative. Sure they play arround with it like when Gabrielle gets married and they do a shot where it looks like her and Xena are going to kiss at her wedding none less! But the narrative doesnt fallow that…we go into gabbys husband being killed and it tying to Xenas past catching up to her. In its later seasons however it falls inline with it. They bring the lesbian subtext directly into a well known trope when Xena has to wake Gabby from a sleeping curse as her true love. This is a huge change for what the show started as.

In Once Upon a Time however, the narrative and the tropes and subtext have always been in alignment. From the very first episode OUAT sets the premise up. Henry imediatly has two mothers, and not for the sake of a plot twist but as the very basis for the overall conflict of the series. OUAT does not change this either as youd expect from a show that means to stay within a straight fairytale world. Every important narrativly driven plot point for the overall plot that effects all characters, and every time something happens that is truly character driven for emma and regina it involves them together with henry.

A&E should not be upset it was figured out early as it shows they have mastered how to use tropes, subtext and how to count on peoples expected predictability to create such a stunning storyline. For all that mastery to be valid and for it to work they have to do swanqueen. And im not saying this to toot my own horn, the simple fact is the way its written demands it.

If A&E do not end it this way it will destroy their careers and the faith people have in thier writing capabilities. It will show that they do not know a lick about even the basics of storytelling. With tropes, you change just one thing, and you have to, or its boring and tired….you use enough of the trope to satisfy peoples need for predictability but thats it. Which leads me to the only thing they could truly change about the whole true love fairytale thing which is to eliminate the prince from the equation entirely. And they have, at every turn. When did Robin or Hook ever truly fullfill a fairytale trope that was meaningful to the grand scheme of things? Never.