i learn nothing in america

Mark Zuckerberg getting into politics: Like, I have nothing against him personally, but if America should have learned anything by now it’s that electing inexperienced billionaire businessmen over qualified politicians won’t end well.

I get people are in love with the “rebellious outsider who shows up and shakes up elitist Washington” idea.

But, in real life, you actually do need people with proper legislative experience who know how bills work. Otherwise nothing ever gets passed.

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That privilege about poc and privilege was actually really helpful, I've literally only heard discussions about these topics from an American or European perspectives, and since I'm from America it's all so centered around what happens here... your perspective is really interesting!! God we learn nothing about South America here it sucks

Ah, i’m glad i helped, though you shouldn’t take everything i say as gospel, i am from latinoamerica and ive had some experience regarding activism, but i obviously dont know everything.

discussions are always america-centered, and it’s not only you, but people from here also like to equate the discussions and use america as a model, which is embarrassing. one of our conservative candidates is literally going for the “anti-immigration” angle, right after the trump election. like that’s the level of stupidness this kind of discussions reach.

there’s this concept called decoloniality, which implies the idea of retiring the structures that have been put upon us as a continent by modernity and western imperialism, and even if i don’t really commit to the concept and movement 100%, sometimes it’s good to stop and analyse your context, your historical roots and understand the differences between us and other sides of the planet, specially from europe and america.

And don’t worry, WE dont even get proper South American history, I believe i only got one module in my senior year of highschool, that only humanities mention students got to really learn about argentinian dictatorship, faulkland islands, cuban revolution, nicaragua revolution, and so on. It was like, literally maybe 3 weeks that we brushed upon that. I know most of what i know because i studied history later in a university that is known for its activism. 

so there’s that.