i leaned over and asked Roz if it was going to talk

“Bressie’s Girl” - Niall Horan One Shot

Disclaimer: I swear this is about Niall! He’s lusting after a girl who’s supposed to be set up with his buddy, Bressie. Lots of fluffy/awkward Niall then NSFW towards the end. 

Niall looked down at the buzzing next to him on the couch at his home in London. He sighed as he picked up the phone, seeing none other than Laura Whitmore’s name pop up on the screen. 

You coming tonight? She’d asked, referring to another wild get-together of the LIC. 

Was thinking about it. He responded vaguely. 

Uggggh. Come! You have to meet my new friend! Niall rolled his eyes at that message. Laura had been on a mission lately to get him to settle down with this girl or that. He’d been single too long, she claimed. He needed to meet someone before his heart shriveled up. 

Laura went on to explain that they’d met at a music festival and became fast friends. Mari was her name. Niall couldn’t think of anything more annoying than a girl whose name should end in a Y but she decided to be trendy and spell it with an I. But Niall could use a few pints, and the craic was always good with Laura. To hell with it, he was going. 

It didn’t take nearly as much coaxing to get Deo to go out as it had getting Niall off the couch. But Niall got ready and pulled on his paddy cap before walking out the door to the pub. He smiled as he hugged and greeted his friends when he arrived; a lot of people had shown up. Laura launched herself into his arms like she usually did and Niall laughed as he hugged her back tightly. 

“Come meet Mari,” she grinned and led him over to a booth. 

That’s when he saw the beautiful brunette sitting across from Eoghan. Chocolate brown hair fell in waves around her shoulders as her amber eyes lit up. She was talking animatedly about something, using her hands that showed her toned arms and olive skin. This girl couldn’t have been more perfect if Niall had cooked her up in a lab. 

“Hey, Mari! This is Niall!” Laura said as she slid into the booth next to her and Niall slid in next to Eoghan. 

“Which Niall?” Mari asked in a thick English accent as she looked up at him. “You’ve told me about multiple Nialls.” 

“The Irish one from Mullingar,” Niall responded sarcastically and silently congratulated himself when he heard the timber of her laughter. 

“Nice to meet you,” she smiled and offered her hand for a shake. 

“Likewise,” Niall nodded with a grin and shook her hand. Her small hand felt so smooth in his. He was already eager to touch the rest of her. “What are we talking about over here?” 

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Idk. Just more of the Newest Directions being a weird, silly little family.


           Jane loved both of her boys equally,but differently.

           With Roderick, it was easy. He was the friend she’d grown up with- figuratively, at least, if unfortunately not literally. Roderick was the shoulder to lean on, her favourite pillow, a steady, comforting presence that was always just there. Roderick was phone calls at weird hours of the night about performance jitters and math homework and the meaning of the universe and “What if turkeys know when Thanksgiving’s coming?”

           Mason was different. Mason was shy smiles and brushing hands accidentally and those stupid butterflies in the base of her stomach. Mason was glancing at each other from opposite sides of the choir room- she had learned never to look at him when she was singing, because sometimes he’d have this awestruck look on his face that had once thrown her off her game so much that Kitty had sent her outside to calm down.

           Ultimately, she wholeheartedly considered both of them her soulmates, and she couldn’t remember what she had done before she met them and she didn’t know what she would do next year when Roderick graduated. Both of them had become part of what she associated with the word home, as surely as Kitty and Madison had become what her mind flashed to when she heard the word sister, as much as the word happiness had always led her to an image of spotlights in her eyes and her favourite song on her lips, but was also starting to share its space with the regular booth at Breadstix and Mason’s warmth pressed against her side.

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