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Prank War Gone Wrong

request: Hey love! I really liked your first writing! Can I request a Sirius Black x reader? Something like when The Marauders are very close to the reader and they pull a prank on them, and usually they are very easy going but that one time they get really scared and start to cry and then Sirius comforts them and makes them laught? This got longer then I planed it to be, but I hope you can do it. ^w^ Have a lovely day! <3

hope you like it!! and hearing compliments on my other writings makes me so happy so thank you so much omg xxx

You had decided to skip lunch today, considering you had a major Defense test in the next two days and being distracted by all the food and loud noises wouldn’t help you pass the test. You stayed in the Gryffindor Common room with a fluffy blanket draped over your legs as the fire crackled loudly. 

You were reading through the textbook on the recent lessons, refreshing your mind of the topic which was Defensive Spells. Your wand was in your dominant hand and as you mouthed the words on the page, your hand was going in motions along with the pictures that your eyes were reading over. 

You heard the portrait swing open and your eyes glanced up for a split second to see who it was. Of course, it was your best friends. 

“Hey (Y/N), whatcha up to?” Lily asked, plopping down on the open sofa cushion at the end of your feet. You took a deep breath and closed the book.

“Defense. It’s so annoying.” You answered, running your hands through your hair. 

“You know (Y/N), you’re going to have to start taking some kind of blame for these pranks you keep making us do. I can’t even count how many detentions I have with McGonagall on one hand.” James exclaimed. You smiled.

“Yeah okay.” You answered sarcastically. “That won’t happen. I’m the Prank God.” 

All four boys broke out into laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“What’s funny is, is that you think your the best at pranks.” Sirius answered as he grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers. “It’s okay babe, you just have a big ego s’all.” 

You pulled your hand out of Sirius’ and gave them a confused look. “You said it yourself! That I have to have to stop making up pranks because it lands you four boys into trouble. It’s me making these plans, not you guys! Lily has more of a say in them than you do.” 

All four boys gave each other smirks before looking at you mischievously. “Oh no.” Lily muttered. 

“What’s that I hear, sounds like you want a Prank War, (Y/L/N).” Remus said, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Oh, you’re so on.” You stated, getting up with confidence before grabbing your books and heading to your dorm. 


The teams were you versus all of the Marauders. Pretty unfair in numbers but you knew you could beat them. Although, you’ve been paranoid the next couple of days. In every class, James and Sirius would send each other glances with their eyebrows raised and smirks on their faces, Remus would lean back in his chair with the same smirk and his arms crossed over his chest and Peter would giggle and try to compose himself. Needless to say, this put you on edge. But that didn’t mean you didn’t have any tricks up your sleeve. Whether it be putting a charm in James’ tea so whenever he would try to say the any of the boys’ names he would just yell. Or putting a stop to Remus’ bad knuckle cracking habit, that each time he went to do it, he would slap the person nearest to him; this didn’t leave any of the other boys happy as well. And much more. 

They did nothing to you so far. Yes, they would creep up behind you and scare you before breakfast or some elementary school type of pranks, but nothing Marauder-Style has happened yet. 

You were constantly on the look out. After skipping lunch for the third time this week to put in one last study session before the big test next period, you placed down your bag and searched for your book in your bag. 

“Where the hell is it?” You muttered to yourself, becoming frustrated. You didn’t want to lose anytime that you could be studying. You groaned and walked around the couch to go up the stairs to your dormitory to continue looking. 

You took one step onto the staircase and a split second felt like you were falling until you landed on a cold floor with a thud. You glanced at the area around you and didn’t see anything. The whole room was dark and you placed your hands in front of you to try and touch something a felt a wall. On all four sides of you, close together. 

Freaking out you began banging on the cement walls. You were claustrophobic, always have been and always will be. “Help! Anyone!” You yelled out. You weren’t sure how far down you were or ever where you were, you just hoped there could be anyone to hear you. 

Getting more and more overwhelmed and anxious, your baking becoming harder and your screams becoming louder, you started crying. 

“(Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice call your name.

“Sirius? Get me out of here please!” You cried out, crying hysterically and pushing against the walls to make any room but you knew that wasn’t going to happen. You weren’t sure what happened but when you opened your eyes, you were met with the familiar red room and four boys hovering over you. 

“I’m so sorry.” Sirius muttered over and over as he engulfed you in a hug. You hadn’t noticed that you were still crying. A part of you was still in shock. “We didn’t know anything like that would happen. We meant for it to be completely harmless.”

You finally got a good luck at the boys’ guilty and worried faces before gripping harder on Sirius as if he were about to let go. 

“We really didn’t know anything about you being claustrophobic. We’re really sorry. We really are.” Remus said in a soft voice. You just nodded, words not being able to form. 

“To make you feel better, you can hex me and the rest of the boys if you’d like to all have pink hair to the next week?” Sirius offered. You let out a laugh, smiling and wiped your eyes. 


(hope you enjoyed!! I’m sorry the title sounds like youtube clickbait, it was all i could think of)

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Uh-- why did you put anon asks back?? ;; Y'know,im kinda scared for you,the anons can be trolls,,

only for today, tomorrow I make them off, I want to laught for the insults, but at the moment people don’t say nothing

Zodiac Highschool Chapter #5: Taurus - Weird friends, deep conversations

-       Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! – I sang through the corridor of my flat after doing my eyeliner and dressing up.

I made my coffee and a toast.

-       You look happy today – said my mum who was drinking her cup of coffee in the living room, I didn’t realise but I put a weird face – Don’t look at me this way, today the boss told me to go an hour later to work. – She took the car keys from her pocket – So, today I’ll drive you to highschool.

I arrived really early and I put my headphones until the class was almost full. Then Gemini and Pisces came to talk to me. I like them ‘cause they are nice with everybody.

Finally, Cancer arrived and sat by my side, she said almost nothing when the boys were with us. She was so shy around Pisces and him with her. They’re adorable.

-       By the way, - Gemini said - Pisces’s, Libra’s, Aries’s and Scorpio’s band will make a concert at “Astrologg” on Saturday night.

-       You still haven’t named the band? – I asked Pisces surprised.

-       Yeah, we accorded to call us “Lost in time”. It was really hard to decide it.

-       It sounds cool – said Cancer shyly.

He smiled and said:

-       Well, I’ll hope both of you to come.

-       Of course, they will do. Or I would torture them with calls and infinite text messages. – Said Gemini – I’m going to post about this concert on every social media I have, I promised Libra. – After saying this Pisces rolled his eyes.

The bio teacher entered the class and Gemini panicked:

-       Shit! Pisces this isn’t our class! Bye girls.

Just when the two boys left entered Scorpio, late as usual. He sat alone and I stared at him. I remembered when I first saw Scorpio; with his flannel shirt and his cartilage piercing and I thought that he was probably the typical poser who pretended to be super alternative and that was for sure an asshole who thought he was cool. Time has shown me I was wrong. We like the same stuff, we are only children and we even live at the same neighbour. Lately, I can’t take my eyes of him.

-       … And I can’t do the class today because I need to go to the hospital. So, today you could start the project I talked you about on Monday remember it is in couples and it’s due is in two weeks. In a few minutes, another teacher will come to supervise you.

He left. I looked at Cancer and I said:

-       We should start then.

-       Can I do the project with you? – I looked up and it was Scorpio.

-       I was going to do it with Cancer…

-       I thought you were doing it with Libra. – He said to Cancer.

-       That’s right – she said – As you arrived late on Monday Taurus, I agreed to go with Libra, sorry.

-       Then I guess I’ll go with you – I said to Scorpio.

-       Cool – he said – By the way, Libra is ill today. What would you do Cancer?

-       I’ll do the job on my own I guess.

When the other teacher arrived we went to the computers. Scorpio started working really concentrated.

-       Scorpio, let’s talk a little – I told him.

-       About what?

-       I’ll make you questions and you answer.

-       No. I would make the questions.

-       Nope. Both of us will ask. But I let you start – I said shrinking my shoulders.

-       Do you tend to be sad?

The question hit me hard, it was a weird question to do to someone you know but still haven’t got so much confidence.

-       Yes. – I admitted quickly.

-       Me too – he said looking at me with a warm stare.

-       People say that damaged people are dangerous.

-       Then we are terrific – he said with a smile.

-       My turn; do you know yourself well? – I asked him.

-       That’s a weird question. – I looked at him raising an eyebrow, he quickly understood that his question was odd too – Okay, I know what I want and what I don’t want to become. As we, the people are always growing and changing it makes me difficult to completely affirm that I know myself. So… I guess I know myself pretty well, but not completely. And you?

-       No, I still don’t know who I am.

-       You will find it soon. – He told me – My turn! Do you find it easy to be with a boy? You know… romantically.

-       Mmmm… No? I have friends, but it is hard to start a relationship. Plus I don’t want to commit to anyone I don’t really love… it would be a waste of time and it would make me unhappy. – Answering that question made me feel uncomfortable, so I was looking on the ground.

-       For me girls are difficult too, you know, talk to them and…

I laughted at what he said.

-       C’mon, you don’t fool me! If you easily catch girls, everybody knows. – I winked at him.

He looked at the ground ashamed and then stared at me to finally say:

-       We are so alike.

-       Yeah, I think the same.

The rest of the day didn’t passed as quickly as that hour, but finally it came to an end.

When I arrived home I talked through Skype with my best friend, I missed her, we live so far away from each other… It’s not fair. I told her about Scorpio and she said me that he is really peculiar, like me. She told me about his boyfriend and how much she missed me.

After eating dinner I read something and led in bed, with my head on the pillow I thought about nothing, just sentences people told me came through my mind and I was too tired to analyse anything that my head was telling me.

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Hi~ I'm just here to tell you that i love your art (and your charms -i just found out you had a shop *___* <3). I really love your comics, like I laught everytime i read them. I also may have been faving and rebbloging your stuff... AHEM!stalkingyouAHEM!... and well, I've also read your FAQs but I'm not sure if anyone has asked you this... Could give me (us -maybe there's someone else interested too?) some tips on how to draw "realistically", please?

AW THANKS—anyway! some of the best advice i ever received was when i was like, 16. it was, and this is might sound a little dumb but, “draw what you see”

this was a real eye-opener for me, and helped me a lot with realism. a lot of the time, you’re drawing what your mind sees, or what you want to be seeing, or what you wish made sense. and normally for me that’s just the ol’ noggin’ going “it’s fiiiiiiiiine just a little shortcut!” but you really need to break it into smaller pieces before you can create one whole

but now this raises the question of if you’re talking realism or or just making things look like they could exist in the material world!

a lot of it is knowing what details need to pop, and what need to fade/blur to the back, so the audience knows what to focus on! for instance, with this:

the background is sorta just a bunch of blobs, but i really laser-focused on jensen’s face. you can tell the bg is the beginning of what could be realistic, but it wasn’t the focus. it helps his face seem more realistic and sharp, but the bg is really helping support that. he looks interactive.

however, with this! :

it was the lighting that did the assisting. the thing that gives it that “realistic” feel is the fact that heavy blacks don’t outline everything. if you want a piece to have a realer-effect, try to avoid being crazy-heavy on the use of black (well, you know, unless it’s a black and white piece, but you catch my drift!)

i know that it seems tough, but black is really only there to really accent the shading on a face to make it more intense for me!

but i’m self-taught with all of this stuff; these are all just things that i learned along the way that helped me personally!

BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR STYLE!! real things take so much time, but they are rewarding to work on in the long-run!