i laughed while writing the description

When Fate Intervened

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: Day one of the hamwriters write-a-thon! This is actually not the fic I have had written for this day for like a week and a half. No I wrote this last night and this morning because this was a better idea than my other one. Also I’m posting this now because in my time zone at least it’s the right day for this so here we go, enjoy!

AU: Soulmate AU

Warnings: nothing? 

Word Count: 1,700

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A world without color has never particularly bothered you. Sure it would be nice to see colors the way your sister can, but really it’s never been a big thing. You watched all through high school and college as the people around you desperately tried to find the person they were destined to be with but you never really tried to look for them. You’ve always believed that when it’s time to meet your soulmate, fate will be there to make sure it happens.

“Y/N… did you know that when you reach 26 your chances of meeting your soulmate drop dramatically?” Your sister asks as you pull your gloves and scarf on in preparation for the cold winter morning air you know is waiting for you outside.

“That is bullshit. People in their 60’s meet their soulmates all the time. Not everyone get’s to meet them in the first grade like you” you grumble.

Your sister has always been like this, she’s younger than you by three years and likes to bother you about meeting your soulmate at every chance she get’s. Why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with her and her soulmate you have no idea.

“Goodbye” you call out, not bothering to turn around to face her as you grab your bag and make your way out of the apartment.

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We love in blood and madness and the flash of teeth. A protective, churning love that fills my lungs with sighs like ghosts and wailing things too ravaged to be separated.

I want to love in peace. In softness and in sanity, security, sweet dreamings…to lay down arms and protection because in safety there is nothing left to guard against. I am sick of battle cries and longing. Let us rest together for a while and laugh. Isn’t that what we fought for?

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Do you have any non-shippy fic recommendations?

Oooo, that’s a hard one cause like… I read a lot of shippy stuff. I’m a humungous sucker for romance, especially the unrequited variety. You have made me realise that I haven’t kept a very comprehensive list of what I’ve read either… Anyway, here are some that I’m enjoying/have enjoyed! If any of my followers have other suggestions could you add them as well? I would be super interested in seeing them too~

A Breach of Trust, one of the most well known, for very good reasons.

Tomorrow isn’t always another day, I laughed a lot in this one, the tone is much more light hearted. This one makes me want to draw Reigen hahaha

And There Were Daffodils in Her Eyes, more angst, I’m finding this one interesting to read and I like Minori.

Temporary Accommodations, I only just started ready this one but so far I am enjoying it, I like the way they write Reigen

Tangled Roots, I actually read this while I was sick… the descriptions are very accurate lol

Hmmm, I really wish I had more to share, I need to diversify my reading. I’m having a lot of fun reading fanfiction, so many talented writers!

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wait what's the tumblr con thing i don't get it

all right young whippersnapper here we go

the year was 2014. the plan was a convention for tumblr users in some random-ass city in illinois. what started out being marketed as tumbl-con usa soon became the disaster we cringe to think about today: dashcon. it was supposed to be a fun, cheap event, with panels and celebrities from multiple fandoms. it was supposed to be the largest gathering of tumblr users for new friendships to be forged and internet friends to meet. alas, it was not meant to be.

picture this: the first night of dashcon, you’re surrounded by people who are just as obsessed with tumblr as you are. you can barely contain your excitement. nothing could ruin your night…or so you thought. suddenly, organizers start to ask for, nay, demand, money. they need $17,000 by 10 pm or the con will be shut down. you start to sweat nervously. you paid ahead of time for this and it’s going to be shut down unless the unexpectedly low amount of attendees can cough up a buttload of money? you check the time on your phone: 9 pm. why on earth would they only have an hour to collect that much money, you ask? the organizers claim that hotel management didn’t like them. instead, it’s just because they had miscommunication with the hotel. trying to stay hopeful, your fellow tumblr users turn to their fandoms, doing the three-finger salute from the hunger games and singing songs from high school musical (most notably, “we’re all in this together”).

after this whole ordeal you think you’re done. the rest of the weekend will be amazing. surely this was the only mistake? oh, how wrong you were.

unbeknownst to you, guests checking in for your beloved panels are experiencing difficulties as well. they were told the con would be paying for their rooms. as a result, some panelists cannot attend. panels are dropped. when this news reaches you, you’re devastated. the organizers quickly try to control the situation: “no worries! you’ll be reimbursed!” you don’t get your money back. instead, you get various rewards and: AN EXTRA HOUR IN THE BALL PIT. sounds fun, right? except the ball pit was open to everyone. at any time. so your extra hour meant nothing. and look at this ball pit. it has seen things that should never have been seen.

poor thing. it probably needed therapy.

considering this was a convention for tumblr users, most everyone in attendance was liveblogging it. we other tumblr users watched in horror. but like, the laughing kind of horror. because we were so glad we weren’t there to experience it. but we were glad we were able to make fun of it. and so, memes were born. some posts circulated for months afterwards. after a while, it eventually faded out of popularity. new tumblr users had no idea what a dashcon was. but those who attended can never forgive. and we who laughed about it can never forget.

Mint (Lafayette x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- uggh this is so hetero it’s gross

Bye Bye Birdie reference

 dentistry tools??? idk what triggers people anymore

Major warning for the song though, you’ll understand in a second

Request- “Hey can you do a short and fluffy imagine in modern times where the reader has to go to the dentist and is nervous and stuff so Lafayette comforts them and whatnot. Really weird and specific but ya know…………..”

A/N- (So I went to the dentist today and then I come back like “Okay time to write what’s next on the fluff li….oh.” Also, guess who’s really chipped their teeth and broke their jaw…


Song- What You Need – Bring Me The Horizon (so this song is actually about not killing yourself and it has some very vivid descriptions that i sometimes find hard to listen to so be careful, but it made me laugh when it came on shuffle while I was writing because I can just see Laf taking dental hygiene this seriously lmao)

Words- 2,376

Salut, I grabbed your mail for you.” Lafayette said when you opened the door. You smiled gratefully and took it from him, leaving your door open for him to walk through. “I may have read some of it too.” he mumbled. 

“What the fuck dude?” you scolded, but there was a smile your face. Lafayette grinned and plopped down on your couch, putting his feet up on the table. 

“There was nothing that seemed important. Except perhaps the dentist reminder…thing.” he said. You hummed in response and moved his legs out of your path as you went to get something on the other side of the room. Lafayette furrowed his brow. “Are you gonna make an appointment, mon amo-a-amie.”

You glanced up at him and nodded. “I’ll make one later.” You returned to fake cleaning your apartment.

“You should do it before you forget. I will not mind.” 

You waved your hand in the air. “I won’t forget.” 

Lafayette gave you a stern look. “You forget everything. You almost forgot Aaron’s birthday last week.” 

You rolled your eyes. “I promise I won’t forget. Can we drop it now?” 

Lafayette pursed his lips and stared at you. You rolled your eyes, again, and turned away from him, bending over to pick up a few blankets off the floor. Lafayette cleared his throat a few times. You gave him a confused look over your shoulder. 

“You’re acting strange….come sit.” he said after a moment. You straightened and put your hands on your hips, facing him. 

“I am not acting strange.” you defended. Lafayette stood up and grabbed your wrists. 

“You’re acting strange, come sit.” he repeated, pulling you over to the couch. You sat down next to him and sighed. “You’re hiding something.” Lafayette pressed. 

“I’m not hiding anything.” you reasoned quietly.  Lafayette just stared at you. “I’m serious!” 

Mentuer. Tell me.” 

You glared at him and shook your head. He lifted his hands up and wiggled his fingers, signaling that he was definitely, 100%, about to tickle you.

“No, no Laf please don’t.” you begged, backing into the arm of the couch.

“Then tell me.” he said threateningly. You shook your head and tried to run. He grabbed you around the waist and pushed you back down onto the couch. He held you in place with his knees and his hands instantly went to your stomach. 

“Laf!” you squirmed underneath him, and he grinned wider. “Laf please!” you begged between gasps. “Please stop!”

“No. You have to tell me.” he said simply. 

“It’s embarrassing!” you whined, trying to push his hands off of you. He stopped and he stared down at you with eyes suddenly full of emotion. 

“You know I would not judge you for anything.” he said softly. You nodded and stared back, your mouth going dry. He shrugged. “So tell me then.” His fingers started moving against your stomach again. You squealed and gasped. 

“Yes! Okay! I’ll tell you. Just…please! Stop it!” you cried. His fingers stilled and he lifted his hands up. “Get off me.” you ordered. He shook his head. 

Non, not until you tell me.” 

You sighed and looked down. “I’m afraid of the dentist.” you mumbled. Lafayette frowned and moved off of you. You sat forward wth a groan. 

“You have nothing to be afraid of there.” He put his arm around you soothingly. 

You sighed. “I’ve had a lot of mouth trauma, okay?” 

“Y/N, I know Kyle was not a good kisser but-”

“Laf no not that!” you giggled. 

He winked at you before becoming ‘serious’ again. “What do you mean then?” 

“My front two teeth?” You opened your mouth and tapped them with your fingernail. “They’re half fake because I chipped them. And if that wasn’t enough, when I broke my jaw and chipped three more.” Lafayette nodded in understanding. “So I don’t really appreciate people making me hold my mouth open, which makes my jaw hurt, while they poke around in there. They take the little metal tool and they scrape it around and it makes that awful noise. You’re so relieved when they’re done but then they come at you with that grainy toothpaste that gets stuck in between your teeth, and then what do they do to get it out of your teeth? Oh yeah! They scrape you with a metal tool!”

Lafayette sat still for a moment to make sure you were done talking. You sighed and leaned into his side, putting your head on his shoulder. His arm tightened around you. 

Belle, you have to go to the dentist. What if you have a hole or something?” he said seriously. 

You sniggered. “A cavity, you mean?” 

“Yeah that.” 

You put your hands over you face. “I know I have to go. I just hate it so much.” 

“I’ll go with you.” You looked up at him. He smirked and grabbed your phone off the coffee table, holding it out to you. “But you have to call first.” 

You glared at him but slowly took the phone from his hand. 

The day of the appointment came, and you sat anxiously in Lafayette’s convertible sports car. You stared down at your hands that were fiddling in your lap. Lafayette placed one of his own gently on your thigh. You looked up at him, and he smiled. 

“Don’t worry. I have got a plan.” 

You threw your hands up in frustration. “Well, that doesn’t make me feel better!” 

Lafayette laughed and stepped out of his car. As the two of you walked into the office, Lafayette’s hand rested casually on the small of your back. At first, you thought it was an effort to comfort, but then you realized he probably just didn’t want you to run away. You grimaced as he pushed the door open with an eager smile. 

“Y/N L/N.” he said to the receptionist.

She nodded with a sympathetic smile toward you. It took everything you had not to scowl back. “I let them know you’re here, sweetie.” she said. You nodded and walked over to the large leather sofa, picking up a month old magazine. Lafayette sat next to you and bumped his shoulder against yours.

“Play nice.” he whispered. You glared at him and turned back to your magazine.  

Five minutes into an article about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, your name was called. Both you and Lafayette stood up. You gave him a confused look. 

“Is it alright if I came back also?” he asked the small woman sweetly. The hygienist smiled. 

“Of course, people get nervous about this stuff all the time.” 

You opened your mouth to protest, but Laf was quicker than you. “Non, it is not that. Dentistry is very interesting here. Very different than France.”  

The hygienist looked down at Lafayette and met his eyes again with a sly grin. “Of course, you can come.” 

You furrowed your brow and looked up at Lafayette’s face. He smiled slowly at her.

She turned to you with a grin much faker than the one she’d shown Lafayette. “I’m Rose, and I’ll be your hygienist today.” You nodded and shook her hand with a smile that was probably more of a grimace. She motioned for you to followed her down a hallway. You took Lafayette’s hand in yours…because you were nervous. 

“So Y/N, is this your boyfriend?” Rose asked, her hips swinging as she walked. You glared at her back. 

“No.” you confirmed. 

She shrugged. “That’s a shame.” She turned a corner and gestured to a large tan chair. You released Lafayette’s hand and sat in it carefully. He moved to sit in the other chair next to the TV playing home improvement shows.

“So, you’re from France? I don’t think I got your name.” Rose said to Lafayette. 

Oui. It’s Gilbert but you can call me Lafayette.” 

Your head snapped towards him. It had taken you ages to squeeze his first name out of him. He looked at you and shrugged. You huffed and leaned back against the chair. 

“Is mint okay, Y/N?” 

“Fine.” you said. Lafayette squinted his eyes at you, and you glared back, crossing your arms. Rose tipped your chair back and handed you some sunglasses. 

“The dentist will be here in a bit, kay?” Rose said.

You took a deep breath, fighting the urge to mimic her perky ‘kay’.


Laf scooted the chair closer and rested his head on your shin, looking at you from the side of his eye. You smiled and gave him a thumbs up before scowling again. He snorted and looked forward.

Sure enough, the dentist soon walked in and woah.  Dimples. 

“Hi Y/N, I’m Dr. Peterson. How are you doing today?” he asked with a grin full of white teeth. You mentally kicked yourself. Of course, he had good teeth; he was a dentist, but that didn’t mean you appreciated it any less. You smirked. 

“I’m doing great, Dr. Peterson. How are you?” you said cheerily, taking his outstretched hand and shaking it. You felt Lafayette’s head lift off your legs, but you didn’t look at him. Dr. Peterson dropped the files into his lap and looked at you without letting go of your hand. 

“You know, not many patients ask me how I’m doing.” he said, amazed and glanced at Rose. “You can call me Al, by the way.” He slowly let go of your hand.

“Well, Al, how are you?” you asked, looking from his dark hair to his shining eyes. 

“I’m doing wonderful, thanks to you.” You smiled and leaned back in the chair. Lafayette coughed loudly, and Al looked towards him quickly. “Who’s this?” 

“Oh that’s my friend Lafayette.” you said quickly before Laf could utter a word. He looked to you, offended. You shrugged just like he had and turned back to Al. 

“Shall we take a look inside?” he asked, with gloves now on his hands. 

“You’ll have to buy me dinner first.” you remarked with a smirk. Lafayette gave you a shocked look. 

What was really shocking was the way Al smirked back. “I just might.” You heard a crash from behind you. Al smiled and looked over your chair. “Everything okay, Rosita?” 

You heard a choked ‘yeah’ and furrowed your brow. Al smirked and turned back to you. 

You opened your mouth slowly. Your fists clenched when you saw the glint of metal. Rose asked Lafayette some question about France that you couldn’t hear over the blood rushing in your ears.

You felt warmth over one of your hands and glanced down to see Lafayette staring at you, his head back on your shin and his hand on yours. You loosened your fist, and he laced his fingers through yours with a small smile. 

You focused on the feeling of his hand in yours instead of the feeling of metal scraping against your teeth. It was a nice thought really. Your hand in Lafayette’s. His presence there was more comforting than you thought it would have been at first. You opened your eyes and looked at him again. He had his cheek pressed to your knee, and his eyes were closed softly. You suddenly had the conflicting urge to put your hand in his hair, but you didn’t want to let go of his hand. 

“All done!” Al announced. You blinked several times. How long had you been staring at Lafayette? “Looks great. You have a good mouth, Y/N.” he said. Lafayette’s hand tightened around yours. 

“Oh um thank you.” you said quietly. 

He nodded and smiled. “I’ll see you next time.” He stood from the swivel chair and left. Rose quickly replaced him. 

“Don’t worry he says that to everyone. Let’s get on with cleaning” she huffed, pulling out the small circle of paste. You raised an eyebrow and looked to Laf. He was stifling laughter into your leg. You smiled and looked back to Rose, who did not look nearly as happy as before. 

“How much are you willing to bet they fucked in a closet after that?” you giggled as Lafayette held the door open for you. 

He smiled down at you. “Oh I know they did.” You threw your ‘goodie bag’ on the floor of his car and climbed in. 

“I can’t believe they used us to try and make each other jealous!” you exclaimed. “And you wondered why I didn’t like Rose.”

“You did not seem to like her even before the doctor even came, though.” 

You scoffed and picked at your nails. “You seemed to like her a lot.” you said casually. Lafayette was silent, and when you turned to look at him, his face was inches from yours. You swallowed hard. 

“Well, you seemed to like ‘Al’ a lot.” He said the doctor’s name spitefully and tilted his head to the side ever so slightly. You parted your mouth, trying to think of a comeback, but you couldn’t stop looking at Lafayette’s own lips. “Everything okay…belle?” he said darkly. 

“No.” you said firmly before pressing your lips against his. He responded quickly, bring a hand to the back of your head and holding you against him. You gripped onto his bicep tightly moved your lips with his. Your stomach filled with a whole new kind of nervous energy, but you liked this one better. You pulled away and smiled, pecking his lips one more time before resting your forehead aginst his. His hand traveled from your hair to cup your cheek. 

“Hey Y/N?” he breathed. You hummed and open your eyes to look at him. He smirked. 

“You have a good mouth.” 

“God, shut the fuck up.”

I found a diary while I was out hiking in New Hampshire. I have to admit, I’m thoroughly creeped out by what was written inside.

by reddit user iia/ tumblr user unsettlingstories

The diary was from a while ago; 21 years, according to the dates. It was sealed really well in plastic wrap and stuffed in a watertight bag. If I hadn’t hit the thing with my shovel when digging a hole to take a dump, I never would’ve found it. I wish that would’ve been the case because I can’t stop thinking about the stuff I read. I’m only going to share the fucked up parts, but all I’m leaving out is the lady talking about how she and her husband were spending the month camping and having a good time. There, I just saved you 5 pages. Here’s where it got weird:

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Part 1: I need help with writing how different characters act while drunk. I imagine the MC being giggly, doesn't think about what she's saying, and kind of forgetful. I imagine another character (the MC's bf) being a bit harsh while drunk. I imagine the third character (the MC's male bff) being sort of used to alcohol, therefore having little effect on him. Could you help me come up with dialogue with how these characters would act/speak while drunk?

Part 2: I am also struggling with writing this particular experience while writing under the MC’s POV. Does she know she’s drunk and slurring her words and just not care? Or is she oblivious to it all? I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

Hi there! Your description of how the characters are while drunk seem pretty legit according to movies/books I’ve seen/read.

• “Hey, I like you. Do you know that?”

“I’m your boyfriend, so I hope so.”

• “Your hair is so nice. Did you dye it?”

“It’s been brown for three years, Jessica.”

• Laughs at dumb jokes or at anything really

• Can no longer walk in her heels

• “This is my favorite song!”

“You hate rap.”

“Don’t spread your negativity here.”

• “Ughhh, I wish I could party every day, but it’s Monday tomorrow. Stupid school.”

“It’s summer.”

“Oh yeah.”

MC’s bf:

• “Jessica, calm down. That was an awful joke.”

• “You’re not funny.”

• “He’s acting like he just won the lottery. It was ping pong for God’s sake.”

• “This music is a combination of what my 12 year old cousin and redneck uncle listen to.”

• “Even I can make better nachos than this.”

• “I love her outfit!”

“Cheeta print should stay in the 80’s.”

• Not really participating in activities but frequently being passive aggressive or saying negative comments// broody, judgemental

MC’s bff:

• just write him like his normal self if he isn’t affected by alcohol

• laughs at the drunk people making fools out of themselves

•"I didn’t know Kevin could be tolerable when drunk.“

• tries to take care of and keep track of the MC and her bf

• "Jessica, if you get on that table, you will fall, and I won’t help you.”

• basically the sober mother hen

As for part 2 of your question, I honestly have no idea because I’ve never been drunk before. I can’t even begin to guess.

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Could any of my followers help?

i’m laughing so fjucking much, i reblogged the tarot reig with “oh it’s going to soon hit 1K” and chrissy comes in and BLAM 

didn’t think it would come to this, but i shouldn’t have underestimated how much people around here like their tarot 

welcome to skellies and serirei and occasional unironic edge, new peeps! the art tag is linked mobile-friendly in the blog description as “arty farty”, tho i’m about to settle down for some writing instead for a while… 

also, ty for following, i’m only 30 followers behind my bestie. i’ve promised to bake them a “formerly most followers in this household” cake when i surpass them

I just read this amazing fic!

Okay I’m being honest here when I say over the years in reading fan fiction I have never cried while reading one. I guess it all depends on the ones I read you know? I have laughed until I cried but never actually full blown angst and sadness cried. Well I just read this Supernatural Fic called Through the Looking Glass by @impala-dreamer I sat down for several hours reading all 10 chapters…I CRIED LIKE A BABY AT CHAPTER 10! Just go and read her fic cause guys…It’s amazing and wonderful I love her way of writing and her descriptions. I’m legit still crying as I post about this damn my feels! 😭

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☆*・゜゚ 3Majesty & X.I.P’s Group Introduction + Member Profiles ゜゚・*☆

Heyho gals~~ has anyone done this before? Hope not LOL
Presenting to you our precious boys’ profile and groups introduction which we can see on Tokimeki Channel. ˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Btw, since I can’t edit the words plastered on their profile picture, I’ll just write them here :

Shin : I’m reaching… to your heart.
Tsukasa : I’m here for you.
Kaito : Thank you for your support, I’ve received them all.

Kento : Anyway… nice to meet you.
Kyoya : All of your* love, give them to me.
Toru : You want to listen, right? My voice

(*) “your” here, refers to all of his fans he’s such a ladyman like usual

It’s my first time translating so please excuse my rough translations. As much as I had a hard time, I also having a lot of fun! I can’t stop laughing while translating their group’s description, the lines are so cheesy LOL If you find any kind of mistakes please tell me, I’ll fix it right away ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

*Sexy stories…So, you wrote a collection of smut fantasies? Mhmmm*

N: Hot jokes. Expect a plethora of his hot jokes. If he finds your stories, then he is going to read them. N wouldn’t let you live these stories down, and he would tell you how flattered he is that you can write such wonderful stories about him even if they’re…sexual. “I’m hot. You’re hot. It’s understandable why you would want to write such things and use me as your muse.”

Leo: Leo would be really surprised that you wrote stories to such an extent and he would feel a little embarrassed. A good embarrassed though. He wouldn’t continue reading them if you freaked out on him and would respect your wishes if you tell him to never read them. Even though Leo may be shy, you’d see the flattery written all on his face. “*blush laugh thing while putting his head down then goes make a sandwich* Like this.

Ken: Ken will read your sexy story collection because you wrote it and he’s the main character in them. Like N, he wouldn’t let you live the stories down, and he’d seriously ask you if this is what you expected from him. In other words, if you ask him to, then he will definitely deliver. DearlyB: Oh gosh.“Oh! So, this is what you want? I have to start living up to your expectations now! Keke.” Slap him.

Ravi: Ravi would be a little surprised at first, but he wouldn’t be freaked out by it. He’d ask you why you never shared this with him before, and compliment you on how well written they are. However, once he’s done praising your work, he would give you his creative opinion and give your stories alternate descriptions. Eep! “Woah. This is some great stuff. But I think I would have chosen the pool table rather than the kitchen counter.”DearlyB: I AM SO DONE WITH YOU CHEEZY

HongBin: HongBin would just laugh while he reads your sexy stories. It wouldn’t be a “haha these are funny” type laugh, but a more “my girlfriend writes sexy stories about me in compromising positions and places and my brain can’t tell my face to be flustered or blush from embarrassment”. He would stop reading them immediately if you asked, and he’d apologize if you mistook his reaction. “Uhh…I…the first story was really…yeah…”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be similar to HongBin. He would be a little embarrassed, but he would laugh because he thinks its funny. He would ask you where your inspiration comes from, and what made you want to write such stories in the first place. “Okay, so this is what you do in your spare time? Why? You got the real thing right here!”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

Reminder: Please use the Guidelines and Post Directory before requesting! Thanks! :)

Comments and Criticism - Topics to Thaw Brain Freeze

I’m writing this, belatedly, at the request of Electrasev5n, and in response to a question Tozette asked a while back.

Okay, you’re reading a fanfic, and now you want to be a responsible denizen of fandom and write a review. After all, the writer’s not being paid, and this fic is pretty good, so kill two birds with one stone and give them affirmation and increased stats, right?

As soon as you get to that blank box at the bottom of the screen, your mind goes just as blank. What do you say? The only things that cross your mind sound so generic and trite that you’re too ashamed to even bother.

It’s true that something is better than nothing. Even a “Great chapter, can’t wait for the next!” is better than a yawning chasm of silence from readers. That said, receiving the same comments over and over again will hardly serve as effective positive reinforcement over the long-term.

Our goal is to come up with strategies anyone can use to figure out something to write in reviews. Here are some basic concepts that can serve as topic inspirations:

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Imagine lazy afternoons with bestfriend!Woozi, where you guys just chill on the couch in the living room, having casual conversations about random stuff and laughing out loud with each other while the television plays a rerun of some show in the background.

Day 5. What’s your favorite Joshifer fanfiction?

Since joshifer fanfiction is sort of our thing we thought we’d take advantage of Joshifer Appreciation Meme - Day 5: What’s your favorite fanfiction.

We’ve asked a few of our followers and mods what their favorite stories were and why. Here’s what they said:

Top Ten Joshifer Fanfictions (in no particular order)

Ball Collection by hutchhitched

“It’s intense. Smutty. Angsty. And brilliantly written.”

The Winter of my Heart by jamiesommers23

“The characters are fully realized and you can actually see them living this life.”

Tell me you Know by areyouserial

“The moment I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Everyone had been talking about how great it was, and I finally caved in and read it. They were right. It’s definitely one of the best out there.”

You can Always Come Home by burlesonspride

“There’s something special about this story. The way Josh and Jen are portrayed make me actually believe this could have happened. Even after all this time, and all the fics written about Josh and Jen, I still consider this story one of the best.”

Stay by joshs-left-earlobe

“It’s cool because she uses real life stuff and mixes it in with scenarios that are really fun. The sex in it is perfect as well.”

Suck it up, Princess by jamiesommers23

“It kept me guessing. And while it was entertaining, it also hurt my heart.”

“All of Jamie’s stories have a realistic quality to them, but this one in particular feels like it did or could happen in real life. I laughed and cried throughout the entire fic. Sometimes at the same time. The best piece of fanfiction I have ever read.”

Let’s Take a Ride by myusernamehere

“I’m just so enamored with that story. The writing style is absolutely gorgeous and everything is so descriptive. It paints entire worlds through the use of words basically. The story also has a perfect pace, and the personalities for Jen and Josh are shockingly accurate. Not to mention that the smut is a wonderful treat. I just can’t stop reading that one-shot.”

Lose Me / Find Me by youarebeingridiculous

“It’s fun and playful and well written. I think she captured their spirits. Also, smut.”

Betting on the Infield by jamiesommers23

“Where do I start with that story? From the very first chapter I was hooked on that fic. I wasn’t sure I’d like a turn of the century story, but it’s so addictive. The story surprises you when you least expect it. And you really can’t go wrong reading Jamie’s smut.”

The Agreement by burlesonspride

“Mel needs to finish this story right now. Even if she doesn’t I’d still love this story. It’s so easy to get lost in her writing. It’s bittersweet and steamy. Everyone should read The Agreement.”

And there you have it. Just some of the outstanding fics to be read.

Do you have a favorite fic that wasn’t featured here? Feel free to let us know which ones you like and why.

For those authors that didn’t have a banner for their story, we just threw something together for you. We suck at it, but we didn’t want your title to get lost in the crowd.

Now go enjoy some Joshifer stories!


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Never Never Land

“But you must be Wendy,” Sherlock told him seriously. “You will always be Wendy and I will always be Peter. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“I could be Peter if I wanted to be,” John pressed and Sherlock laughed.

A Peter Pan themed fic? What a time to be alive! This was truly a joy to read. It has vivid descriptions that aren’t too heavy, beautiful writing, John and Sherlock are characterised splendidly, and the mixture of heartbreak and happiness was perfect. As a child, John is obsessed with Peter Pan–he wants to get away from his broken home and never grow up. He meets Sherlock in primary school, and John realises that it’s actually Sherlock who’s Peter Pan, while John is Wendy, dashing after him on a mad adventure. The story follows them from kidlock to teenlock to parentlock, and the pacing is perfect. The Peter Pan theme plays in beautifully and adds to both how poignant this fic is and how downright fucking sad it is. The highs of their relationship serve to both alleviate the pain and make it so much worse by comparison. The amount of emotional impact the author manages to evoke is amazing, considering the length of the fic. When John falls in love with Sherlock and spends years trying to suppress it, it’s physically painful. The author also throws in some beautiful syntax, like this sentence, “That had closed the book on any chance John’s snowball might have had in hell.” If you need any further convincing, just read what I chose for my favourite quote. I actually had trouble picking one because there were so many parts of this that were so beautiful and so sorrowful. Like this one right here: “He told me he was getting clean,” he whispered and Mycroft just shook his head and John realized where Sherlock learned his you are all idiots expression.” I just reeeeeeally loved this, and you lot will, too. I’m going to cut this review short before I end up quoting half the fic. Read it. You won’t regret it. Though it may destroy your feels.

Pairings: Sherlock/John, John/Mary Morstan

Rating: General Audiences is what the author said, but I’m calling this one a Teen and Up. Read the warnings for why.

My Rating: A

Warnings: bullying, bad parenting, broken homes, off-screen violence, pining, drug use, overdose, mentions of sex and wet dreams, asexual!Sherlock, fluff and angst

Word Count: 7,217

My Favourite Quote:

They split their time between the swings in the park and behind the library shelves. Sometimes, if John was really quiet and handed things nicely to Sherlock when he asked, Sherlock would read to him, on the floor between the biographies and the non-fiction. Sherlock’s voice had a soft sort of rumble to it that made the world come alive in his mind, made the characters dance before his eyes.

Everyone told Sherlock he’d have a beautiful voice when he was older. John never told him that when he finally learned to read, he read things with Sherlock’s voice in his mind.

Read it here, by Shay_Fae.

Thanks to archipelago for the submission! (And for also being a really awesome teenlock author. Go check them out.)

What movie were we watching?.. A 5sos smut

Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton were finally home from tour, they are your best friends from a few years back. You had a flirtatious relationship with them, also it was very hands-y, meaning they grabbed your ass a lot. You didn’t mind after all it was all fun and games.

You haven’t seen them much since they got that life changing call from One Direction and went on tour with them; but now they are home and its movie night. These nights are your favorite, each of you would pick a movie, some snacks, and a spot to get comfy in. What could be better?

You dressed casual, in some sweats with a pajama shirt and bunny slippers then headed over to their shared flat. When you arrived you heard their loud voices and laughter from down the hall making you laugh at their craziness. You knocked on the door and waited listening to the noises on the other side of the door.

You heard a crash, like a lamp falling, you heard Luke and Michael racing to the door, and Ashton and Calum yell about the snacks. You jumped back when the door was pulled open and four bodies came tumbling out in a tangle of limbs and laughs. “Hey Hannah! How are you?” Ashton was the first up to greet you with a tight hug and a smack on the bum. “I’m good Ash, ow that’s my bum!” You smacked his arm playfully glaring at him. He chuckled and the other lads hugged you, repeating Ashton’s actions.After greeting them and setting up the snacks you all settled down to watch Mean Girls, you sat between Luke and Calum on the floor.

At first it was uneventful till Luke “accidentally” grabbed your boob while trying to switch his position, which made no sense. That was followed by Ashton rubbing his hand a little to far up your thigh. You looked at them both as they pretended to be lost in the movie, watching them as they both rubbed a little to high on your thigh. You decided to move places and sat between Calum and Michael on the couch, catching them smirk at the other two. What was up with these boys?

A little while after sitting between Michael and Calum they both laid down using your lap as a pillow, they do it all the time so you thought nothing of it. That was till you felt Michael’s hand on your center rubbing slightly every now and then, and Calum’s hand working its way up your shirt to your bra. You jumped up knocking them to the floor and looking at the four boys staring at you confused. “Ok what’s up with you four?”

Luke stood up and walked to you before leaning down and kissing you, it took you a moment to respond but when you did its not the way he was expecting. You pressed your body against his and deepened the kiss while wrapping your arms around his neck. The other lads watched as Luke picked you up wrapping your legs around his waist and carrying you to the bedroom. A few seconds later the lads walked in as he was laying you down.

He sat up and began removing your clothes as Calum kissed you keeping you in your current daze of lust and want. You moaned into Calum’s mouth when you felt Luke kiss his way up your stomach to your bra, kissing the top of your breast as he unclasped your bra from behind. Tossing your bra aside Luke kissed down the valley between your breast before sucking one of your nipples into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it, moving to do the same to the other nipple. He continued kissing and sucking a trail down to your navel circling it with the tip of his tongue as Ashton and Michael sucked on your neck and breasts.

Luke quickly removed the rest of your clothes and got on his knees between your legs, he slowly spread your legs reveling your wet center. He slid a finger along your slit before slowly pushing his finger inside you making you moan and clench around him. You looked at the four boys and wondered what their plan was exactly, how were they all going to get pleasure from this? “You all have to much clothes, its not fair.” You pouted slightly looking at them as they chuckled and stripped naked. You gasped at their erections, they were all so big, bigger then what you’ve had before.

Not letting you think much further Luke got between your legs and pushed his entire length into in one swift thrust. Your moans were cut short when Michael rubbed the head of his dick on your lips, silently telling you to suck him. You licked your lips and opened your mouth wide enough for him to slip in, he pushed as deep as he could before you gagged then he started thrusting slowly. Hollowing your cheeks you rubbed your tongue on the underside of his dick as he pumped in and out, making him moan louder. Luke was still as he watched Michael start thrusting then he started to slip in and out at a fast pace. Speeding up as your moans got louder, Michael couldn’t take the vibrations from your moaning on his cock and swiftly came. Once he finished he pulled out and slumped on the bed, he was quickly replaced by Ashton who was slowly pumping his cock. “Open for me baby?” He asked softly as he put his dick near your mouth, seeing you take another cock was it for Luke causing him to blow his load inside his condom and join a tired Michael at the head of the bed.

Calum pulled you off Ashton’s cock and flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees before slamming into and pulling on your hips going as deep as he can. You quickly took Ashton back into your mouth and began bobbing your head while softly rubbing his balls. Calum fell into a fast and hard rhythm moaning how good you felt around him. Being on your hands and knees and leaning down to suck Ashton gave Calum the perfect angle to rub your g spot with each thrust making you see blurry as your climax approached fast. You pulled off Ashton’s cock moaning you were close then returning to sucking Ashton as he came undone by your soft lips. He trembled lightly as he hit the back of your throat and came from the feeling of you gaging on his sensitive cock head.

Feeling Ashton cum mixed with Calum rubbing figure eights on your clit pushed you to the edge and over. You relaxed then tensed up as the tight ball of fire in the pit of your stomach exploded and rushed through your body. As you rode out the intense orgasm you felt Calum slam into you and hold still, slightly grinding his hips into you as he came spilling his load into the condom. Once you both calmed down you collapsed on the bed with the other three, trying to catch your breath while still feeling the after tingle of your climax. “So erm what movie were we watching again?” They all burst out in breathless laughs at your question, making you wonder what was so funny.

Lets just say after that movie night nothing was complete with out a little bedroom fun. ;)


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if you want a ship send in a description of your personality and of your appearance and I will do my best.

I had one of the worst classes of Literature today. I think I need to start catching a bit more sleep, I started to fall asleep while I took notes and when I noticed I was writing about nachos… nachos! Like– I was writing about the beginnings of the figure of the womanizer during the Baroque and ended up writing about nachos… Plus, keeping my eyes open was literally painful and I’m pretty sure the girl sitting next to me laughed whenever I nodded off. I kinda want nachos now though…

anonymous asked:

Matt/Foggy, "you work in a dvd rental store and you’re so so so cute and i finally mustered up the courage to go in and say hi, so i was browsing around without really looking at the dvds and you came up behind me and asked me if i was getting something so i hurriedly grabbed 2 dvds beside me and handed them to you anD OH YM GOD THEY’RE PORNOS" AU? I found it in your tag and thought it'd be fun either way, if Matt was the one working at the store or the one grabbing the embarrassing shows :p

(My deepest apologies for the porno titles. They contain gendered slurs, for anyone who wants the warning before they hit the read-more.)

It’s not like Matt really watches movies.

On the rare occasion he takes a night off from studying, he listens to records or the city, reads books or listens to them, sometimes goes in search of a new podcast. Finding a movie with an audio description that isn’t intrusive or silly is a chore, and Matt doesn’t bother when he can help it.

He still ends up in what must be the last DVD rental store in Manhattan at least once a week, and it’s all Foggy Nelson’s fault.

Foggy took a poli sci class with Matt last semester on the Bill of Rights, and Matt noticed him on the second day of class, when Foggy dismantled a classmate’s argument about the second amendment when he started getting belligerent, sounding like he had a smile on his face the whole time, and then turned the class back over to the professor. For the rest of the semester, he and Matt talked the most, to the point of annoying some of their other classmates, and there was a rapport there, even if they didn’t talk much outside of class.

It was just chance that Matt heard his voice in the DVD store and realized that Foggy works there. He was talking to some customers, an older couple who wanted something to watch on their date night, and thanks to Foggy, they walked out laughing with the perfect movie and some snacks. It turns out that Foggy is sweet and friendly as well as smart and funny, and Matt lingers around the store until he can’t deny that he’s doing it anymore.

Keep reading