i laughed so much during this part lol

iHeartRadio Recap

So I tried to type this out as quickly as possible while also trying to answer all my anonymous ask I have in my inbox. So I apologize ahead of time if things are jumbled or confusing or if my spelling/grammar is a wreck.

First let me say this; I know no matter what I say in this post, no Tayvin will believe me. It is what it is. But I can promise you that I did my absolute best to make sure the details are all correct. I will not lie to make our ship more convincing. I’m not making anything up, just recounting the events as they took place. I know this thing was televised so you already know what happened. I’ll focus more on what happened off camera.

I will also throw this disclaimer in there:


Like seriously, every clap and camera pan is rehearsed during the commercials. They yell at you before they come back and tell you to applause, when you can and can’t stand, etc. It’s very interesting to witness. Also, the celebrities literally DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. They all talk during the performances and half of them have no idea what is going on. Including the nominees. It was definitely interesting to watch.

So, I arrive and it turns out I’m sitting next to some huge Selena and Taylor fans. However, they also think Cowlick is a douche bag which was glorious. I was also in direct view of Taylor’s table and with my binoculars I could see every single facial expression.  Which is exactly what I did. Whenever there was a performance or they won an award, I watched their interactions instead of the stage. I missed some performances, but I saw the most important one (the stunt) so it was worth it.

·         Taylor walked in one minute before the awards started. She rushed in holding Calvin’s hand and the crowd went wild. When I saw ‘crowd’ I mean the fans that were standing in between the heart stage and the tables set up for the celebrities. Turns out Calvin showed up about 20 minutes before she did, which I found interesting.

·         If People Mag was correct, Calvin was actually in her seat and she was in his. From left to right it was Tree, Calvin, Taylor, Sereah (spelling??), and then Selena.

·         Jason derulo started the show and music was playing. He was dancing, went to dance next to Taylor’s table, and Calvin cracked a half smile. The bordum begins.

·         Also let me just throw in this tidbit. You guys see a bunch of meme’s of Taylor dancing at award shows. This. IS. Real. She literally dances to almost every song like she will never dance again. And Calvin just sits there. Looking bored of course.

·         Best Female artist was one of the first awards. Actually it might have been THE first. She won, gave him a hug (which he didn’t even stand up for) and gave her speech. He looked bored.

·         Tree suddenly disappeared from the table and was replaced by Kelly Osborn

·         Calvin alternated between talking to Kelly and being on his phone the entire time and Taylor talked to her friend Searyeah (someone tell me how to fucking spell her name!!!!).

·         Megan Trainor performed and Calvin didn’t look up from his phone once. He didn’t even clap when it ended actually. Still looking at phone.

·         Selena won and Taylor looked hella happy for her. Calvin didn’t hug her when she won. He texted during her speech.

·         Finally we get Tayvin action. Taylor loops her arms through his (his hands are clasped together with his elbows on the table (if that makes sense). There was a performance going on when this happened.

·         Commercial after performance and she dropped his arm immediately lmao

·         Calvin wins best dance whatever. He wasn’t paying attention at all because they announced his name as a nominee and taylor clapped but he didn’t even notice. When he won someone pointed at him and he said “me?” and then the camera panned to him. Cringe worthy hug again.

·         Taylor gives her faux heart eyes for the crowd. Trust me, they were faux. She knew the camera would pan to her. The whole crowd went ‘awe’ and I said ewe and everyone laughed. He didn’t thank her, but he has no problem thanking diplo which literally makes no sense because how did diplo contribute to his award? Who fucking knows.

·         Taylor disappears and Calvin is at the table with her friends. No interaction, he is on his phone.

·         Selena says a couple words to him, but still he’s looking bored and on his phone.

·         They are getting Justin Timberlake ready to present Taylor her tour award. This is when shit gets weird. They start playing New Romantics and the crowd thinks she’s either going to perform or the video will drop. Obvi that doesn’t happen lol. They were hyping the crowd up and kept alluding to something “big” happening, but nothing big happened.

·         Taylor gets her tour award. I didn’t watch her acceptance speech at all because I watched him the entire time. He wasn’t paying attention. No seriously, you guys only saw the half of it when the camera panned to his face. He literally wasn’t paying attention during her speech. And when they camera panned to him and still looked bored, gave his smirk, then went right back to being bored af when the camera panned away. I DID hear her stutter though and the couple next to me said “why did she stutter so much at the last part? Weird” and I was dying laughing inside. Also, when she said “adam” the ENTIRE crowd was like “who tf is adam?” not joking. It wasn’t just the internet that was confused lol.

·         When the show went to commercial Taylor walked off stage and tapped selena’s shoulder as she walked by back to her seat. Selena turned, grabbed her phone, and then taylor hugged douche lord from behind with one arm. Selena took a picture and then Taylor pulled away. It seemed very rehearsed. Selena just snapped a photo and went back to her conversation with the girl next to her. And Calvin, once again, looked bored.

·         They didn’t talk and were both on their phones. Taylor seemed reallllyyy into her’s and I thought for a minute she MUST be liking dumb shit on tumblr.

·         No talking lasted for several minutes until Taylor got up and disappeared. People were telling me she was liking things on tumblr when this disappearance happened. He looked bored at the table and didn’t talk to anyone, again.

·         Taylor came back and started playing with the led lights on the table (they were there for the previous performance. Staff handed them out). This is the point where I realized she very well may be drunk I had seen the waitress come to her table about 12 different occasions at this point. I started to pay more attention once I realized this.

·         I was watching her still play with the led lights and said to the couple next to me “taylor looks drunk. She keeps playing with those lights” and they said “We know! We were just saying that”

·         Not 30 seconds later Taylor wins most meme’able moment and gets caught with the damn led lights. Smh. You could tell when the camera panned to her she had no idea what she won. When the cameras panned away she kept asking everyone at the table what she won. She STILL didn’t know lol. Calvin was on his phone and didn’t even look at her when she asked him.

·         Taylor slams another drink. At this point I’m positive she is drunk. She is literally tipping the cup upside down trying to get every last drop.

·         Commercial break. Announcer says Zayn is about to go on and that’s when someone behind me yells “where’s Gigi?!” and someone yells back “probably with her girlfriend” it was fucking iconic lol.

·         Album of the year award is about to be announced. You can tell she knows she is going to win because she isn’t paying attention for the nominee stuff and calvin looks bored.

·         She wins. Awkward hug. Calvin is on his phone during her acceptance speech LOL.

·         During her speech she says “this may be my last award show for a really long time” and some fan stood up behind me and said “WHAT!” Literally the whole crowd freaked out when they heard that.

·         Iggy starts her performance and Tree runs out and grabs Taylor, Voldermort, and Seryeah. They leave.


Okay that was a long and probably unneccesary recap but I have a few more things to say.

First, Tree kept checking up on Calvin and Taylor multiple times throughout the night. In the 3 hour show, I saw her at their table on 6-7 different commercial breaks. I thought it was very strange and I just needed to throw that in there. She would come around for about 45 seconds each time, ask how Calvin and Taylor were doing, and then would disappear again. Weird. At one point she even stood behind their table with her hands clasped behind her back just chaperoning. It was very strange.

Secondly, the seating is very weird. I noticed how initially Tree was by Calvin, then it was Kelly, then it was some other random girl. So I asked the security guard in my section (she fucking loved me by the way) what was up with that. Apparently they have people who fill seats to make the tables always look full. I did NOT know this. They have people on standby that are dressed really well and sit in the empty seats to give the illusion that there’s a full house. I’m not making this shit up. After security told me that I googled it and its true. Like I said, this whole thing is made for tv.

While I was sitting there I tried INCREDIBLY hard to not be biased. The whole point of me going was to see the thing for my own two eyes to maybe understand it better. So I told myself tonight I’m not a kaylor fan, tonight I’m just a fan. That being said, I have never been more convinced in my life that this entire thing is a farce. Calvin looked like he wanted to scratch his eyes out the entire time. At first I thought that was just his personality. I thought maybe he just hates award shows and that’s his demeanor towards everyone. Guys, its not. He looked like he was having the best time ever when he was talking to Kelly Osborn. Some of his friends came up and talked to him during commercials and he couldn’t stop smiling his bright white dentures. It was only towards Taylor and the farce. I made no mention of why I was there to the couple next to me and they even commented on it. He seemed cold and just SO done. I dislike him with a fiery passion, but for a second there I almost felt bad for the guy. And it made Taylor look stupid. She looked like that 2013 version of herself and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

I tried to think about their relationship as if it were real. I put myself in that frame of mind and then looked at them. Then I cringed even more. Because if this relationship is real then he is going to shatter her heart into a million damn pieces. I have never seen someone look so disinterested in “the love of their life” until I saw the way he looked at her. No heart eyes. No sense of pride that his girl was winning all of the awards. If you didn’t know any better you would think he was sitting next to some no name escort, not Taylor Swift, international pop star. They didn’t kiss once, they barely hugged, and the most physical contact they had was either when cameras were on or when a fan next to the tables waved at her. She would grab his arm, wave back, and then let go. It was like clockwork. I just couldn’t believe my eyes because we knew it was fake, I just didn’t realize it was THIS fake. And not only that, I knew Taylor was in charge, but I didn’t realize Calvin was hating it this much. I know he tried to get out of the stunt 8 months ago, but now he looks like he rather just curl up in a ball and die. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The fame that she is giving him must really be worth it.

In conclusion, I stand by my previous statement that I have never believed that this shit is a farce more than I do now. This has nothing to do with me believing if Kaylor is real or not. This is just based off of the things I saw tonight. I didn’t give a minute by minute break down of this because you guys would’ve been as born as Calvin was. It was repetitive. They would speak one sentence and then he would go back to his phone. Repeat. He honestly just looked like he was getting a root canal the entire time he was sitting next to her. I honestly think he hates her. He definitely resents her. I just don’t understand why Taylor is dragging this out. It is painful to watch. And trust me, I would know, I just watched it for three damn hours. I thought I would be angry watching the stunt, but it was so pathetic that I just laughed. And then I felt sad. REALLY sad for Taylor. I spend most of my time angry and bitter towards her, but for a moment I felt sympathetic and empathetic. I think about what it would be like to have to put on such a performance like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hide who I am. And besides the obvious reasons, there must be some really deep seeded issue going on inside of her to drag this stunt out so long. I couldn’t imagine ever having to do something like that. I just wouldn’t be happy.

Feel free to send any questions to my ask box.  


[17’s Vernon] OMG IT’S MA BDAY

FAN: youre no longer 17
VERNON: nope. I’m ALWAYS 17
[T/N: Both were said in English]

FAN: Hansol oppa!!! It was my birthday yesterday!!!!!
VERNON: Oh, daebak *laughs* yesterday was also the birthday of a hyung i’m close to *laughs* happy birthday

FAN: Congrats on receiving an award yesterday and even more congrats on your birthday!!!
VERNON: thank you!!!

FAN: Do you like (the fan club name) Carat??
VERNON: Totally!! (it’s the) best!!

FAN: do you feel old?
VERNON: not at all~
[T/N: Both were said in English]

FAN: Happy birthday *laughs* have you had seaweed soup??
VERNON: *laughs* I have to eat it~

FAN: Carat has arrived (diamond emoji)
VERNON: sparkle

FAN: vernon how old are u?
VERNON: american age 18, korean age 19
[T/N: Both were said in English]

FAN: Oppa, right now i’m writing in my diary and also writing in my bucket list and wishlist… my wishlist includes getting a reply from hansol oppa… can i achieve one of my wishes today?
VERNON: yap *laughs*

FAN: Is there a song that you’re listening to recently?? If theres a good song, recommend it~
VERNON: alessia cara bbb

FAN: Eat cake and seaweed soup and also eat a bunch of stuff that you like!!
VERNON: *laughs* ah i’m definitely going to have seaweed soup

FAN: I’m also a 98 liner hansol-ah ㅜㅜ happy birthday friend~
VERNON: thank you friend

FAN: Today as well, I’ll sleep while not having been able to receive a reply….☆
VERNON: …tricked u~

FAN: I also want to have a attitude/outlook towards life that is like Hansol’s. There are no others like you.
VERNON: *laughs* kyang just enjoy yourself/have fun

FAN: hansol-ah do you see nuna’s mention

FAN: HBD for Hansol and DK.. wish you all the best. I’m CARAT from Indonesia always pray and support you… I love you. Fighting!!! ♡
VERNON: thank u so much! Should out to indonesia~~
[T/N: Both were said in English]

FAN: oppa if you see this, (reply to me) even if it’s just a dot..
VERNON: *laughs* just kidding

FAN: it looks like i’ll have to write in english only
VERNON: no no, I’ve been living in Korea for over 10 years *laughs*

FAN: How about (we go) to Hangang river during the night? (T/N: it’s his rap part from Fronting)
VERNON: that’s a bit meh.. ☆ (T/N: he used the word 별로 which can also refer to a star (별)… i guess he was making another pun or something? lol)

FAN: It is a test period now. *cries* Please give me a support message
VERNON: gd luck!!!
[T/N: Both were said in English]

FAN: oppa look at me ㅠㅠ it’s okay even if you don’t reply to me but don’t! get! hurt!! (T/N: It can also mean something like stay healthy or don’t get sick)
VERNON: I! got! it!

FAN: hey vernon i like u u like me? i don’t speak english (T/N: the message is english but the fan wrote it in Korean)
VERNON: aeeiyo, konglish is okay too

FAN: Carat *laughs* no matter how many times i hear it, i think of carrot *laughs* Korea’s first vegetable fandom
VERNON: heh carrots

[17′ DK, Vernon] Carats, thanks for wishing us a happy birthday!!!! 

TRANS © v-hansolchoi | Take out with full credits please!

[Trans] 151117 Love Flap with SHINee (Minho, Taemin & jonghyun)

1)  [151117 Love Flap] DJ’s Bias

DJ: SHINee is here! I really love them! I can’t stop loving them! Thank you very much!
Jonghyun: Do you really like us?
DJ: Of course…But today, two of you aren’t here.
Jonghyun: That’s right. Onew and Key aren’t here.
Jonghyun: Do you like Onew?
DJ: I…like Minho.
Minho: Thank you.
Jonghyun: Then, Taemin and I will go now, you can stay here with Minho.
DJ: I’d really like that you stay, LOL.
DJ: Anyway, please introduce yourselves one by one.
Jonghyun: I’m Jonghyun. SHINee’s Jonghyun. Please.
(t/n: he’s supposed to say yoroshiku onegaishimasu/pls take care of me, but only said onegaishimasu/please)
DJ: Today, Jonghyun is wearing a sweater, with a gray-blue feel. A turtleneck sweater. Then, Taemin, please.
Taemin: Please take care of us, I’m Taemin.
DJ: Taemin is just pretty! Taemin is wearing a gray sweater. And…what color is your hair?
Taemin: Ah..
Jonghyun: Pink!
Taemin: That’s right. It was pink, but it’s faded/changed so now I’m not sure what color it is!
DJ: It’s like a cross of pink and blond right now! And then, the one I like the most, Minho?
Minho: Everyone, good afternoon, I’m SHINee’s Minho.
DJ: Yaaaaay!!!
Jonghyun: Wait a minute, why is the reaction so different?
Minho: Thank you very much!
Jonghyun: The reaction is different!
DJ: No, I like everyone! Because you’re all in SHINee

2)  (Jonghyun kept “testing” the DJ, going “oh you really like SHINee?” and “oh you know our song?” often. The DJ would reply, “of course!”)

[151117 Love Flap] Minho’s “Warm” Rap ]

DJ: What kind of song is “Sing Your Song”?
Jonghyun: Sing Your Song, right? What kind of song is it, Taemin?
Taemin: Sing Your Song is a love ballad. It features an a capella part that suits our voices so please check it out, everyone.
DJ: *sings SYS*
Jonghyun: You already know it.
DJ: Of course! It’s very…ah it’s autumn nearing winter right now so it’s a bit cold, So it feels like it’s a warm song. It’s really nice.
SHINee: Thank you very much.
DJ: Chan chan! It’s really the best. With what kind of feeling did you sing this song? Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Since the lyrics are nice, The lyrics form a warm image, so when we sing it, we think of the bonds among the members and the fans.
DJ: What about Minho? Do you like this song?
Minho: I really like it so we sing it in a way in which it will sound “warmer”.
Jonghyun: Minho has a warm rap (in the song).
DJ: Ah, then please…
Jonghyun: Shinjiaou~
Minho: Ai no beautiful soul~
Jonghyun: Yeaaah
Minho: Futatsu no melody nasu Hormony
Jonghyun: Hormony~ Baby~ (t/n: Jonghyun teasing Minho)
DJ: It’s the best!
Minho: Thank you. LOL

3)  (Jonghyun: We’ll have a new JP album next year so we’ll have new stages…ah, wait, I said it…it’s okay to say it right?)

DJ: So you’re done recording? 

Jong: Yes, including the PV/photo shoot 

DJ: What kind of album is it? 

Jong: It’s a secret

Re: Album 

Jong: Sorry… 

DJ: OK! 

Minho: Sorry. 

DJ: Ah, um..it’s ok. Thank you… 

Jong: Your reaction’s really different!

(jonghyun’s pointing out how the dj gets flustered and mumbly when talking with minho compared to when talking with him, lol)

4) [151117 Love Flap] Valentine Concert]

DJ: You have a concert on Valentine’s day. In Korea, during Valentines you also receive chocolate right? It’s the same as in Japan. So will you have a Valentine-like concert?
Jonghyun: We haven’t really decided yet. So let’s decide now.
Minho: Okay.
DJ: Decide now?!
Jonghyun: Do you have any ideas to suggest?
Minho: Presenting everyone with a song?
DJ: Ah, yes, please.
Taemin: That’s right. Normally, during Valentines, the girl has to give a boy something. But with us, during our concert, we want to give something instead.
DJ: Ah, so you guys would give the girls a present. As expected (claps). Taemin, that’s really good.
Jonghyun: Something sweet.
DJ: Something sweet, I see.

[151117 Love Flap] SHINee Working Out

DJ: Our (corner) theme for today is about exercising. The three of you…
Jonghyun: Exercise? Gym? Yeah, we go to the gym. All of us do it.
DJ: You all do it? Like machine training?
Jonghyun: The three of us do.
DJ: What about the other two?
Jonghyun: I don’t know about Key, but Onew does it…
Minho: Occasionally.
DJ: Who among here does it the most?
Jonghyun: Minho works out all the time. Every day.
DJ: I see, well, he is a sports man.
Minho: Because I love exercise/sports a lot…
DJ: What exercises do you do? Machine training, or…
Minho: I do machine training, and I also do a bit of gymnastics recently.
DJ: Then among SHINee, who has the abs with the most…ah…how can you say it, like chocolate?
Jonghyun: Minho, of course.
Minho: Fufufu…
DJ: *lets out a breath*
Jonghyun: But the three of us…everyone once had abs.
DJ: Had?
Jonghyun: Taemin and I don’t have them anymore but we once had abs, too.
DJ: Then, where did your abs go?
Taemin: They’re traveling.
DJ: Ah, I see. As expected from Taemin LOL.

[151117 Love Flap] Tsundere Jonghyun

DJ: We’re looking forward to seeing you again so, when you’re in Japan next year please do visit Kansai again!
Taemin: Okay, we got it (LOL)
DJ: Do you promise?
Taemin: Yes.
Jonghyun: Promise.
DJ: …Really?
Jonghyun: It’s okay if only Minho comes, right?
Minho: LOL
Jonghyun: Right?
DJ: LOL. No, I would like it if everyone would come. Because I want (to see) Onew and Key, too…
Jonghyun: Are you sure? You’re laughing so much just now.
DJ: No, really, I would like it if everyone, the five of you, will come to visit us again.
Minho: Thank you. 

[151117 Love Flap] Tsundere Jonghyun Part 2

DJ: Then, will each of you give us some final words. With whom should we start?
Jonghyun: From Minho.
Minho: Ah, everyone, SHINee will continue to work hard so please always support us.
Jonghyun: Hai~
Taemin: Please come and see us during our tour next year and please listen to our album.
Jonghyun: Okay. From now on…this has been SHINee.
Everyone: ???? LOL
Jonghyun: Because what I wanted to say has been said already!
Minho: Sing Your Song…
Jonghyun: Ah, please listen to it. Even though you just listened to it a while ago…

Trans cr: keihissi  

(transcribed by ear; translations may not be accurate; wordings might be different. )  


BTS Derp Picspam (Boy In Luv!!!)

So right after I was done pathetically making inhuman noises while watching the MV for about 8284057 times, I got down to business and searched for derp pics! \m/ This is just part 1. I’ll edit and add more pictures, maybe tomorrow. :)

1. Let’s start off with the Derp King himself, Kim Taehyung, in his natural habitat. XD

2. This is so J-Horse. No caption needed. orz W H Y HOSEOK WHY DO YOU EXIST

3. Gawd. I laughed too much during this part XD

4. I don’t even know what do with these boys.

5. V-Hope should really be kept apart. Their derp meter is getting stronger the more they are together orz TT^TT

6. Jungkook expression is so intense but then I saw V. XD

7. V throwing a tantrum and bawling like a child lol

8. stfu he’s trying to do aegyo or something xD

9. V.

10. rapmon looks like the head bitch of some mean girl clique wtf


12. Big Hit needs to by more cloth for Jin I think (and Jimin too lol)


140429 D&E Sapporo | part 2
  • Before teenage dream Donghae took off his jacket and he was in just a white t-shirt and HIS NIPPLES. Donghae would occasionally stick his hand into his pockets and noooooooo that shouldn’t even be legal
  • So when Hyukjae showed the last picture of ‘handsome Donghae’ he said younger children should close their eyes. In the picture you could see a bit of Donghae’s chest sfshdjsmdkdnd anyway when Donghae came back from changing they started talking about having age restriction for the next tour. Hyuk: only fans above fifteen can come. Hae: it should be for fans under fifteen. Hyuk: we should do for ages seven and younger, we should change oppa oppa to appa appa..
  • Hae said everyone needs to dress up like a kindergartener for that tour, he wanted to say dress code but forgot the word (?) so he went over to Hyukjae and used his mic to say ‘dress code’ Hyuk said why did you come all the way over here just to say that and Donghae said ‘because we were far apart and I felt lonely’ Hyukjae just laughed
  • Anyway Donghae said that there should be a dress code on the next tour and he said the dress code he really wants is… wedding dress. Hyuk said ‘the dress code I really want’ he became shy and was like never mind and we were like tell us and he said lingerie in a small voice. They kept talking about lingerie after that (I don’t remember much) but when it was time to introduce oh no Hyuk said OH LINGERIE HAHAHAHA
  • Hyukjae was doing this thing (?) to calm himself down and Donghae told him that he was the one that needed to calm down lol when Oh No was about to start Donghae was on the floor laughing his ass off and they kept laughing during the song too. The part in Oh No where they go backstage to get their speakers Hyukjae acted like he was fixing his bra and Donghae did it too…during Oh No Hyukjae looked so embarrassed he ran around the stage for no reason and Donghae laughed and punched him for it
  • During Oppa Oppa, Donghae said ‘I say Donghae you say oppa’ and then ‘I say Eunhyuk you say lingerie’
  • Last night EunHae went to eat with the staff. They played bingo and there were about thirty prizes. Donghae wanted the electric toothbrush since he loves brushing his teeth. He got a bingo and he drew a raffle to decide on which gift he would get. He accidentally grabbed two so he asked Hyukjae to pick and he got the electric toothbrush just as he had wished \o/ before Donghae explained the pictures he said ‘let’s go to sleep. Close your eyes and push out your lips (like a pout)’ we all kept our eyes open and watched Donghae do this, saying awwwww. He said ‘why aren’t you closing your eyes!’ he got embarrassed and couldn’t stop laughing. Donghae also said if you turn around I will back hug you all.
  • When Donghae was explaining the first photo which was of EunHae brushing their teeth while shooting for the vcr the screen zoomed up in Hyuk, Hae said ‘Hyukjae looks like choco doesn’t he?’ but then got upset saying ‘why don’t you zoom up on me : c’
  • After ‘Ten Years’ Hyukjae asked us to sing. He thought we sang ‘ten years ago’ though the lyrics were ‘ten years after’ and he was like eh? You got it wrong, Donghae then said ‘it’s okay, we are human and we all make mistakes, you have me to help you’ Everyone was touched by how sweet Donghae was lol he made us sing again and said we were very good! Hyukjae was sulking and then left the stage saying bye
  • Hyukjae’s throat wasn’t well today and didn’t do so well during 君が泣いたら so after Donghae asked him ‘is there something stuck in your throat?’ Hyuk said his throat hurts today but Hae didn’t accept that as an answer, saying ‘you told the fans that they didn’t do well singing but you made a mistake as well’ Hyukjae was like but my throat hurts, Hae kept on bullying Hyukjae. We were asked if we could sing 君が泣いたら better than Hyuk. When everyone answered 네~! Hyukjae looked a bit hurt lol after we sang, Donghae praised us saying ‘elf are pretty and can sing well’ Hyukjae said ‘I had always thought pretty people couldn’t sing well’ Donghae then replied by saying ‘that’s why you should be able to song much better!’ OTL
  • cr ‏@xmep

blackhairyoongs  asked:

I just recently discovered Minjoon ship and omg they are sooo cute i'm in love (height difference ^^) What are your favorite Minjoon moments?

BLESS YOU FOR ASKING I LOVE MINJOON omg, they are so underappreciated (I LOVE their height difference too!) 

(x) the legendary moment when joon was dying of jimin’s cuteness aka yellow card jimin;

fansign moments!

Originally posted by woogyuforever

that Thing namjoon does where he puts his arm around jimin’s waist. urgh.

their date (fireworks and all) during ahl

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jimin acting cute for joonie

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(x) namjoon dropping the flag bc he got distracted by jimin

(x) trying to make jimin laugh by making fun of his own move? this whole minjoon part of that episode really.

bonus: namjoon being weak for jimin

i had to stop myself bc this was getting really long lol

10祭 Report

“Jussai Report”

It’s 1:30 in the morning here in Tokyo, Japan, but I thought I would write up a concert report while everything is still fresh in my mind.  I’ve never written a concert report before so I don’t know if there’s any format I should follow.  I did make a video report on 8sai when I went two years ago, so I’m just going to do what I did then: report everything I remember including highlights, skits, and songs.  Here it goes:

I went to the 10sai performance on August 9, 2014 at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.  A typhoon was supposed to hit during the concert (and throughout the weekend), so we were all prepared for the worst.  However, it didn’t rain a single drop throughout the whole three-hour show.  That’s probably what I was most thankful for, honestly. 

The concert started at 5:30 PM.  I was in arena seating right in the middle so we could see the stage but couldn’t really see their faces that well, so we relied on those huge screens on the stage.  The concert starts off with a video of a typical Japanese matsuri (festival).  We see each member doing something you would do at a festival.  Off the top of my head, I remember Okura buying Yakisoba, Hina making takoyaki, Yasu playing those fish games where you try to catch them with the net, Maru buying a mask, Subaru sleeping, etc.  Then, all of them see fireworks and start to walk together towards the screen down the matsuri path.  That’s when the intro to “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” starts playing and they all enter the stage on floats with lanterns in their respective colors.

After “Naniwa,” they go into “Zukkoke Otokomichi” and that’s when they all board floats that go around the stadium.  I couldn’t really see them since I was right in the middle, but again, I relied on the screens.  There was also a water mister that was attached to the float so they would shoot water at the crowds.  They moved to the back of the stadium where they had another stage waiting.  Then, they performed “Musekinin Hero.” They got back on the floats while performing “Monjai Beat” and returned to the stage to perform “King of Otoko.”

After “King of Otoko,” they say their greetings.  I remember Hina saying they were thankful that it wasn’t raining and Yasu said that he wanted to meet us, etc. 

Then, they said how they were thankful for Johnny’s jimusho that they would perform a special Johnny’s medley.  This was so much fun to see especially if you’re familiar with other johnny’s artists and songs.  The songs they performed were: Omatsuri Ninja (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Sushi Kuinee (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), SHE! HER! HER! (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), Kamen Butoukai (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Garasu no Shounen (Maru and Yasu. My relative is a big Kinki Kids’ fan so she really enjoyed this performance haha), Real Face (Hina. It was hilarious when he did Koki’s rap and tried to imitate Kame’s wink),  Seishun Amigo (Ryo and Okura…oh, Torn), Original Smile (everyone), weeeek (everyone), Venus (everyone), Ai Kakumei (Maru. I just know this as the song Takki always performs at the Johnny’s countdown only Maru didn’t fly around the stage.  He did pre-record the spoken part and had a wig on like Takki’s hairstyle lol), Andalucia (everyone), A.RA.SHI (everyone wearing those sheer jumpsuits that Arashi wore during their debut.  It was hilarious.  I think I laughed to the point of crying when watching Hina try to do the sakurap LOL), and Ee jyanai ka (everyone).  They, then, went into “Takoyaki in my heart”, which is such a fun song live since you just jump around screaming Osaka and pretty much the whole opening in general was just so exciting XD Then, they did another “SHE! HER! HER!” at the end of Takoyaki. 

After the medley, while they changed, a clip (trailer?) of Eight Ranger 2 started to play on the screens.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m not sure what it was supposed to be.  However, it was building up to the next event which was obviously the Eight Ranger skit.  They performed the Eight Ranger theme before going into the skit. 

I’ll try my best to describe the skit: Basically, it was about how Black had a confession he wanted to tell everyone but Nasu went to the bathroom while he was talking.  Black told everyone else that he liked someone and that he wanted to use this “cupid’s arrow” to get her to like him back.  He accidentally shot the arrow and, then, it hit Nasu.  Nasu then suddenly falls in love with Black.  The other ask him “what do you like about Black?” and the screen shows a scene with Yoko in drag and another scene showing his “cool side” beating up a bunch of gangsters. 

The next scene, we see Red who notices that the girl who Black likes is being attacked by someone in a bee costume.  Red uses the cupid’s arrow to hurt the attacker.  Then, we find out that the person in the bee costume is Yellow. Yellow is in love with Red now.  Red confronts the group and tells them what happened.  They all ask Yellow, “what do you like about Red?” and the screen shows Red lifting up his arms showing his hairy arm pits and the next screen shows Red cleaning out his ears with two Q-tips and how Yellow says he likes Red’s face when he cleans out his ears.  While all of them are wondering what they should do, Green comes clean and says he accidentally hit Blue with the arrow. 

On the screen, it shows that Green and Blue were going to find a four leaf clover.  Once they found the clover, the arrow was placed right in front of it.  Green threw the arrow behind him not realizing it hit Blue, who is now in love with him.  Then, all of them ask, “what do you like about Green?” The screen shows half-naked Green.  Then, half-naked Green biting onto a bathrobe he starts to put on and Blue says he likes how he uses a bathrobe, not a towel.  Then, we see various pictures of Green (probably just Okura lol) sleeping and Blue says he likes Green’s sleeping face.  Then, the screen shows Blue’s favorite picture of Green which is Green with the vegetable Okra (Okura and Okra picture). Orange, then, complains that he’s the only one that’s not in a couple.  Basically, everyone starts fighting and the members who are in love with other members start defending the members they love and Orange is caught in the middle (and with his free time, he uses it to do impressions). 

Orange remembers that there’s a magical cure (like fairy dust?) and he goes on a journey to find it.  So we see Orange on the screen going to find the cure while everyone else is on stage, circling each other with knives.  Once Orange comes back with the magical cure, he is caught in the middle of the knife fight and everyone accidentally stabs him.  He spreads the magical fairy dust on himself and is cured. Then, they use it on the people who are in love with the other members.  We find that Nasu is repulsed by the fact that they would even ask if he likes Black.  Yellow says he finds Red cool, but as a member of their group, not that he likes him that way.  Then, we find that Blue actually is really in love with Green.  He planted a fake cupid’s arrow near the four-leaf clover just as an excuse to be infatuated with Green.  Blue then hugs Green who immediately pushes him away (this action however got a favorable response from the crowd though lol). Then, they segue into playing “ER 2”.

While Subaru, Hina, and Yoko change, the other four promote their respective projects coming up (Yasu’s play, Okura’s 24 hour drama, Ryo’s new drama, etc.).  Then, they switch, and Subaru, Hina, and Yoko talk.  Subaru promotes that he’s doing well haha. Then, they all go into band mode.  It’s a more relaxed band this time since everyone is still sitting and Ryo and Yasu have acoustic guitars.  They all play the song that Ryo wrote for Maru from their Hohoemi Date batsu game.  Then, they all play the song Yasu wrote for a batsu game last year and everyone wrote one line (I’m not sure, since I didn’t get to see that yet).  After that song, they play “Omoidama.”

Then, they go into the “Hachi Fes” corner, imitating “Arafes.” The characters on the screen look just like the Arafes characters when they did the rankings.  The animation was adorable:) First, they did album song rankings.  The top 8 were: 8. “tte!!!” 7. Rolling Coaster 6. Ichibyou Kiss 5. Doribura 4. Eden 3. Juu nen ato no kyou no hi mo 2. All is well 1. Buryure (ブリュレ) (which they performed live). 

Then, they went into single rankings: 8. Tsubasa ni Koi, 7. Ai Deshita, 6. ER, 5. It’s My Soul, 4. Mugendai, 3. LIFE, 2. Yellow Pansy Street (which they performed), and 1. Osaka Romanesque. 

Next was coupling song rankings: 8. Eightopop!!!, 7. Aoi Shashin, 6. Bansou, 5.Fuseiyou Ribit (浮世踊リビト), 4. I to U (Yoko says he likes this song), 3. BJ, 2. Cool Magic City, 1. Heavenly Psycho (which they perform).

Then, the next part was also one of my favorite parts of the show: the Solo/Unit Shuffle! They dressed up in the same costumes and learned the dances of their fellow members.  Ryo and Subaru sang “Kicyu” (Ryo as the Yoko part and Subaru as the Yasu part), Yoko and Hina sang “Torn” (Yoko as the Ryo part and Hina as the Okura part),  Maru sang “Watashi Kagami,” and Yasu and Okura sang “Pan Panda” (which was so adorable and I was hoping that was one of the unit songs and sure enough it was!!).  Then, Hina came on stage as Babun Man and sang the theme song.  Then, everyone came out wearing the Babun Man costume and it was hilarious.  Usually the crowd yells “Shingo!” during the Babun Man segment, but since everyone was dressed as Babun Man, the crowd yelled “Eito!” instead. 

Then, they had another costume change into yukatas, this time, fitting with the matsuri theme.  They sang “Junjyou Koi Hanabi” and towards the end of the song, fireworks started to go off, which was beautiful.  It really felt like a festival at that point.  They even had the audience do the wave.

After the song, everyone said their thank you’s.  Yoko got really emotional and started to cry.  He couldn’t say anything at first because he was crying so much.  I really liked Okura’s speech when he thanked each member, saying that he wouldn’t be who he is today without their help (he wouldn’t be able to talk on variety shows without Hina and Yoko or he couldn’t sing without the help of Subaru, etc.).  They are all thankful of the staff that’s been with them since the beginning and, of course, all of the Eighters who supported them for ten years. They ended with “Osaka Romanesque.”

They had one encore where they got back on the floats and performed “It’s My Soul” and “Aoppana.”  Then, they returned to the stage, introduced the band and the back-up dancers, and, then, end their concert with what they do every time: hold each others’ hands (while the audience does the same) and bow. 

Overall, it was a great experience.  I’ve been to 8sai and 8EST at Tokyo Dome, but out of the three, this probably has been my favorite.  From the beginning where we were all excited and full of energy to the end where we were emotional, it was a beautiful event that I was thankful to be a part of.  Thank you, Kanjani8 for a wonderful concert.  Forever Eighter❤

If you got to the end, thank you for reading!!(^o^)/

EDIT: There was a camera flying over the arena seating throughout the whole concert so I’m pretty positive they were filming footage for a DVD:)

Neighbor Calum Part 3

Part One

Part Two

It becomes a thing, the late night music playing. You find yourself counting the seconds of the day and waiting in your bed for the music that seems to be getting quieter and quieter with each day as both your parents have complained on multiple occasions. If anyone asked you’d never admit that maybe you actually enjoyed being around your neighbor and talking about music until one of you was on the verge of passing out and on one occasion, the previous night to be exact, you’d stood up until the sun was out.

There was an annoying pulling at your heartstrings you tried sleeping off but still woke up with a stupid smile on your face. It was ridiculous really. You hardly knew him yet you felt like you’d known him for years. He was good with that, with making you feel comfortable and relaxed which made talking so easy.

You’ve stayed up talking more days than you can count yet you have no idea where he goes during the day or what he even does for fun. You do know he’s good at soccer since he’s always out kicking the ball around and showing you different tricks and you also know his three best friends’ names because he often has stories to tell about them but you’ve never actually properly met them which honestly shouldn’t annoy you as much as it does.


You’re just about dying of boredom, Calum apparently being gone all day. Or at least, you hadn’t seen him so you’re assuming he’s out. His shades are drawn and his soccer balls still laid in the center of his backyard where he’d forgotten it yesterday after he excitedly told you he had a new song to play you. It was amazing - obviously - but he wouldn’t tell you who it was by, saying they were just some local band, mates of his.

Honestly, this day apart shouldn’t be this hard. You shouldn’t be itching to see him and those big brown eyes of his, you shouldn’t be missing your backyard hangs to pass the time, you definitely shouldn’t miss him threatening to steal your dog and just generally shouldn’t be missing him at all. You’d spent the whole night with him, a few hours apart shouldn’t matter, it was good.

At least it should be, besides you were going to see him later that night at the neighbor’s barbecue.


You sigh, kicking your shoes off and flopping down on your bed. He hadn’t showed up to the barbecue which wasn’t fair because along with the late night music sessions and outdoor afternoons you two had gotten into the pattern of clinging to each other at whose ever barbecue it was that week and really, who else was going to make fun of everyone there and save you from awkward conversations with adults you hardly knew.

There’s a noise that sounds like a door shutting and you glance toward the window to see the light in Calum’s room shine through his shades. Your eyes then flick to the clock and you let out a huff because it’s late but still quite early for the two of you.

And because you’re about to jump out of your skin knowing he’s home and just across the way, you decide to get ready for bed, mainly to get your mind off the boy but also because you’re sure you’re about to pass out from lack of sleep any second. After you’re changed, make up free and minty breathed you head back into your room, surprised to find Calum’s shades and window now open as you dump your clothes in your basket and walk over to your window.

He’s laying on his bed, arms crossed behind his head, legs hanging off the side, and seeing him is like a breath of fresh air, like you’d forgotten how to breathe until now. His head snaps toward the sound of your window opening and he immediately breaks into a smile which definitely doesn’t send your heart fluttering along with the stupid butterflies in your stomach.

“Hey, you’re home,” even though you know he’s been home for at least 20 minutes now. “Yeah, just got back,” he sits up. “Same, did I interrupt your heavy thinking?” you ask lightheartedly. “No, was just wondering where you were actually,” he grins, walking over to his window. “Well, I was getting ready for bed, the real question is where’ve you been mister busy bee?” “Mister busy bee?” He raises his eyebrows with a small laugh. “It’s a saying okay.” “Whatever you say,” he hums. Then, “I had to do some stuff.”

“Okay,” you drawl, nodding your head at his vague response. “Well you left me all alone to suffer through Mrs. Huxtable’s terrible story about bruiser,” you say on a lighter note. “What was it this week?” he chuckles and you go on to tell him the story of the sick dog who’d apparently shit all over your neighbor’s home.


The next week goes by much like that day, Calum being gone all day or most of the day and coming back at night to hear all about your day but never talking about where he’d been, then listening to music until one of you gave in to sleep. You’ll admit maybe the sweet boy next door may have a hold on your heart, and maybe it was getting harder and harder to keep your cool.

“Whose crappy barbecue is this?” you tease, finding the tall boy in the scattered crowd of people in his backyard. “And you say you’re nice,” he says in mock-hurt. “But really the food is amazing, did your mom make it?” He smiles proudly, “We spent all day making it.” “We?” you cock a brow and he nods, still with that proud smile. “You helped cook?” “I might have,” he beams, “Does that impress you?” Your heart does that thing in your chest again and god this boy is going to be the death of you. “Pfff, oh yeah,” you give an awkward chuckle that earns you a wary look.

“Surprised you’re here,” you take a sip of your drink in an attempt to change the subject and hide your blush. “At my house? Why wouldn’t I be?” “Dunno, thought since you’re so busy lately you wouldn’t be in,” you shrug casually. “Yeah mum wouldn’t let me leave,” and then his mom’s calling him over and he’s looking at you with a questioning look as if he’s asking if it’s alright and you nod.

You get lost in the crowd of overly friendly, overly curious neighbors but catch sight of Calum stood across the way talking and giggling with a girl you don’t recognize. You’re pretty sure she doesn’t live on your block because she doesn’t look familiar but all you know is she isn’t you.

That’s your thing. You are the one who jokes and laughs with Calum during these stupid things.

You give it a a few minutes because maybe it’s just a quick, casual, chat and he’s going to go help his mom soon but no, it last longer than you’ve spoken to him today and when his mom does call him over it’s because his friends are there - the ones you’ve yet to meet - and they all leave together including the girl.

And no it doesn’t hurt, except for the fact that it absolutely does.

Next part is going to be so much better I promise, I already started writing it lol.


*Inhale* *Exhale* I’ll try to be as detailed as possible! A lot of the night went by like a dream… My friends and I were seated in the middle 103 section fairly close to the stage. The seats were spacious and roomy (though I doubt anyone really used them because we spent a good majority of the concert standing). 

When the concert began the whole sadness over the high-touch dilemma lifted instantly. The opening VCR began with news about sightings of UFOs and eventually the First Sensibility Intro started playing with the screen flashing lyrics from the song here and there. ALL THAT ECHOED THROUGH MY MIND WAS “THE KING IS BACK!” I SWEAR B.A.P WAS TRYING TO KILL US BECAUSE THE CONCERT STARTED OUT WITH A BANG! AND WHEN I SAY BANG I MEAN ONE SHOT FOLLOWED UP BY BADMAN AND POWER! The screen read “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 DALLAS ATTACK!” before being rained on by bullets and sounds of sirens. When One Shot began the cover lifted to reveal the six members. 

After those three songs were played, a cute VCR “What is Love?” went on the screen with Jokomato (Youngjae) and Totomato (Zelo) talking about what love was. It was really cute and funny with Totomato being completely clueless comparing love to spiciness because a person turns red, magnets, and puppies ahah! The VCR then ended with “LOVE IS…” and Lovesick started playing! After Lovesick a small cart was pulled onto the stage with a Matoki parody of the Starbucks logo reading “Starbabyz” instead. Daehyun was saying how he really wanted a drink and Youngjae was sipping on orange juice in the back. The members went around asking some people in the front row what kind of drink they wanted (orange juice, coffee, or coke). When Zelo delivered juice to a girl he did a little dance before and babyz went wild. Jongup also delivered a drink to someone. At this point a lot of the small talk conversations blurred in my mind for I was at the stage of being starstruck. And as you can guess…they soon began their song Coffee Shop! 

Don’t even get me started on Body & Soul after Coffee Shop. The boys stripped their blazers off to reveal their white undershirts, some loosening their ties a bit. BODY & SOUL WAS JUST…WOW…I have no words other than intense sensual dancing and I don’t even know what to call this but THEY DID THE THING. THEY DID THE THING. ALL THE MEMBERS WENT EAGLE SPREAD ON THE FLOOR WITH THEIR CROTCHES THRUSTED UP INTO THE AIR WHILE LITERALLY GRINDING AND OH MY GOD Y'ALL OH MY GOD. They then performed Punch and No Mercy after that and at this point I was screaming incomprehensibly and half choking on my blood curling screams and half sobbing over their amazingness. (Really, apologies to anyone seated near me). Bangx2 was played, then Rain Sound (DID I MENTION THEY SOUND SO PERFECT LIVE?), then Jongup’s dance solo WHERE HE SLAYED AYYY JONGUP~ I don’t exactly recall what was played after this baha…

Two members came out in these super silly horse masks for the VCR “Learn the Dance from Mato Planet” I laughed really hard when it said it would help us control our hormones. LOL.  A part of the dance involved turning to the person on either side of you and giving them a high five. I also laughed when it said even if there was no one next to you…do it anyways. The girl to my right was really sweet and we couldn’t help but grin widely at each other while doing it. In the VCR there were instructions of what not to do like keeping a sad/straight face on when high-fiving and the members were acting that out. Check On played in which the short choreo we learned was incorporated. It was so wonderful seeing everyone dance and laugh like that! Excuse Me was then performed, followed by SPY with everyone’s cute booty shaking. I really like the choreo to SPY, especially Youngjae’s parts! 

The roofs were then raised with Hurricane! It felt like a party the whole concert. B.A.P performs with so much energy and excitement it’s amazing. Dancing in the rain went on, followed by Stop It, and then Crash.

During the talk session Zelo said how there were only 4 songs left and Daehyun then said “shit.” LOL. Babyz seemed so confused at first and then we busted out laughing. I didn’t think that word could ever sound so cute coming from someone? Himchan was very soft spoken with his English but he looked pleased whenever we cheered him on. Youngjae went around asking what each member represented and when he got to Himchan he said “Himchan is…?” and babyz started screaming “SEXY!” bahahah! Youngjae then said “Sexy?” in an approving manner and when he asked us again what Himchan was we all screamed sexy and he shook his head with this hilarious expression of sass. When Youngjae got to Jongup babyz screamed 6-pack, chanting it in hopes of seeing his chocolate abs. (We didn’t get to see his abs then though) Youngjae was real pleased when he got to himself and babyz screamed “SEXY!” hahaha! They told us how they really liked Dallas and even went to the Rangers game! I believe it was Jongup who mentioned Shin-Soo Choo and the members started chanting “Choo! Choo! Choo!” while the babyz also joined in. Zelo beat boxed here and there and there was another moment where he was speaking and suddenly went “Choo! Choo! Choo!”. Yongguk laughed and ducked his head down, face palming. I also noticed there were a lot of Youngjae and Daehyun moments together.


Sometime nearing the end talk thing babyz kept chanting 6-pack so Youngjae and Daehyun ran up to Jongup and peeked under his shirt to check if his 6-pack was okay before revealing it to us. The members looked over to Yongguk (hehe, authority figure!) and Yongguk nodded in approval. Jongup was playfully refusing all the while. They brought him to the center of the stage and counted to 3 before LIFTING HIS SHIRT TO REVEAL HIS JAW DROPPINGLY DELICIOUS ABS OF HEAVEN OH MY GOD JONGUP IS AN ANGEL G00DBYE. Ahem. Anyways.

Their outfits during 1004 were my favorite. Beautiful white with glimmering jewels on their coats. They all really looked like angels! They left the stage for an outfit change to get ready for Warrior, telling us to count down with the timer displayed on the screen. (That thing cheated though because it paused every now and then to buffer.) I loved hearing the whistles during Warrior.

I don’t even know what to say anymore… B.A.P are wonderful performers. I think I missed a lot of details and jumbled some events out of order but it was so much to take in! What a beautiful night~