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Okay, what happened?

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I know that this is 100% a cat trait but like when cats do the fluffed up sideways crab walk and they're all arched and it's so funny to watch well that but for some reason when derek gets startled in his wolf form he does the thing and stiles falls over laughing because wtf even is that derek omfg

this is way too cute and made my day ahhh imagine the amount of floof with a wolf

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((i can’t write but here have this? this got way out of hand, idek))

Okay but I love this so much because we have that grumpy cat picture with Ty and because I do see Derek as more of a cat person and I don’t even remember why right now (I know I had a proper explanation for this) but I see it. I see Derek being the special wolf who is liked by cats while they hate everyone else and Derek is PROUD of this, he is, and he will flaunt the cats and use them as his guardians because they will immediately hiss at any other kind of were around. Not to mention that if we go with kid!Sterek AU and Derek sneaking stray cats into his room as his loyal companions, they will keep his family out of his room but they won’t mind Stiles coming in and hanging out with him - and my mind is totally leading to a cat lady Derek Hale thing right now, Derek taking in strays all over, sick kitties that he nurses back to health and then finds good homes for, even convincing the sheriff to take an older cat home who then becomes John best buddy when he sits in front of the tv in the evenings drinking his non-alcoholic beer

Aaaanyway, Derek definitely picks up on the cat mannerisms and it actually helps him finally beat Laura in play fights for once, at first simply out of surprise, then because it makes him quick on his toes and agile. He gets teased a bit of course because “YOU’RE A WOLF DEREK ACT LIKE ONE” but he doesn’t care, he’ll take anything he can get because Laura has a few years on him and an automatic advantage, plus his cats are AWESOME okay and he loves them and everything they do is awesome

Also, picture Derek always with a cat on his shoulder – at all times, he lets them climb up his clothes, resulting in lots of holes in jeans and shirts which Talia is NOT happy about

Sticking to that growing up together au idea (because I love them as best friends so much), imagine Stiles does not know about the Hale secret, but of course he suspects, and he comes up with the wildest theories, including a werewolf theory because he has heard them mentioning the full moon, and where is that dog that they seem to have but also not have??? Derek’s not allowed to tell but he jokes about it and Stiles kinda believes it, because it all fits, Derek is really sensitive to scents and always makes that scrunchy face when he smells something Stiles can’t, and the collective hearing in the whole house is so good Stiles has learned not to ramble when he’s there, and Derek actually kinda growls when he’s angry and he totally has puppy dog eyes, but as Stiles grows he doesn’t believe in magic anymore and he gets more and more into the idea that humans invented all mythology unprompted, wanting to blame evil creatures for all the terrible things mankind does. Derek is nothing like the werewolves in the movies and in his online roleplaying game after all. He might be super strong sometimes and very playful and wild at certain times but he’s cute and has a dimpley smile rather than a toothy leer and he’s the first one to jump up and tend to any cuts or scratches Stiles has rather than trying to tear off his head in crazy blood thirst

Eventually at some point later in their teens, when there have been multiple close calls of Derek almost wolfing out in front of Stiles because puberty is messing with his abilities and control, and because he’s learning the full shift – there’s probably one VERY close call where Derek is shaking and panting and Talia and Peter have to swoop in and escort him away, leaving Laura to tend to an insanely worried, teary-eyed and panicking Stiles – that they decide to tell him. It’s all very nonchalant. Stiles is very clingy and careful with Derek and doesn’t leave him alone, and goddammnit he wants to know what’s happening, Laura promised he would get to know, so Derek has him over to the Hale house after school the next day and leads him to the kitchen where Derek makes them sandwiches while Stiles catches up with Talia. They sit down to eat and right before Derek takes his first bite he goes “By the way, you were right, we are werewolves” and then he just munches on his sandwich as if they were talking about the weather, and for a moment Stiles has flashbacks to his mom((idk why I keep going for alive Hale AUs but stick to Claudia’s illness, I really don’t know)) and he thinks oh god, Derek is starting to lose grasp of reality and will get sick just like his mom. A look at Talia immediately calms his nerves though because she’s still smiling, as calm and bright as usual.

“Um, what?” Stiles asks, dropping his sandwich to stare between them. Derek should’ve known not to bring this up before the food because there’s no way Stiles can think of his appetite when there’s something like this at hand. Talia just gestures to Derek to let him tell the story, but she stays for support. Not that either of them really need it because Stiles is absolutely thrilled and actually jumps off his chair in excitement when Derek flashes golden eyes at him. He proceeds to poke at Derek’s cheek when he refuses to chow him his fangs at first. Derek’s a little shy about it because he’s so used to keeping it within the family but the more questions Stiles asks and the more he raves about it, the prouder and more cocky Derek gets about it

Obviously from then on Derek has no qualms flashing his teeth when he playfully growls at Stiles and he’ll use his claws as can openers just to show off. Laura rolls her eyes at them, and blames Stiles for flattering Derek too much and letting him get a big head about it, while Peter keeps trying to intimidate Stiles and tell him not-so-fun stories about being a werewolf, and Cora just tells Stiles that if he thinks Derek is so cool he should just marry him, Derek cares for Stiles like a mate anyway

Needless to say they’re only just growing into their feelings and both decide to pine obliviously for a while

There’s one thing Derek doesn’t do because he claims he’s not that good at it though, and that’s show Stiles his full shift. Stiles has seen just about everyone’s full shift, Peter is always eager to show off his but Derek refuses is and Stiles is honestly kind of hurt because by all other means he’s basically part of the pack now, like Derek’s two year younger human brother and Laura’s twin. He knows everything he can get out of them all about the supernatural world, and Peter’s partner, who is some kind of druid, is also happy to share information about the more magical side of the world, along with the special currents running through Beacon Hills and the history to it. So yeah, he’s included in everything but Derek’s full shift and Stiles just doesn’t understand why

So one day he’s dealing with a particularly skittish and troubled kitty and he shifts to try and make her more comfortable that way and he’s fully focused on her. Stiles’ scent and heartbeat are so familiar that he isn’t consciously aware of them growing stronger, if anything it subconsciously calms him, lessening his worry about how much difficulty he’s having with little Cinnamon. He’s got this. He just has to-

“Oh my god, Der!” Stiles’ exclaims in excitement and Derek JUMPS. The abrupt movement startles Stiles in return for a split second but the wolf is staring at him wide-eyed, back arched into an impossible curve, his fur is puffed up all around him, especially around his neck, where he has the most fur, and he’s padding sideways with a sort of hop in his step. Stiles bursts out laughing, doubling over with the force of it, because he has never seen something as unexpected and cute as this.

“What are y- do wolves even do that?” Stiles chokes out between laughter and Derek stops moving as he realizes that there is no danger. But Stiles is basically falling into the floor laughing and Derek wishes he could hide. If he wouldn’t be completely nude after shifting back, he would’ve done so right away, but hell, that would make this so much more embarrassing for him so he pouts in his own wolfy way, pulling his ears back with a grumble. Stiles is trying to contain his laughter at this point, coming closer as he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of cat/wolf hybrid?” Stiles asks, plopping down right next to Derek, who steps back unsure. He’s not built as strong as Peter, doesn’t have sleek midnight black fur like Laura and doesn’t possess the natural grace his mother has. He doesn’t feel as much wolf as they are, which is only strengthened by the tie he has with the cats. He’s totally comfortable with his fangs and claws in his human form but sometimes he feels like he might not fit into the family as much as the other do.

But Stiles doesn’t hesitate to reach out and bury his fingers into his ash-colored black-ish grey spotted fur, running them up to his tucked ears.

“Oh my god, you’re so fluffy,” Stiles tells him. “I can’t believe I had to sneak up on you to get to see you like this. I mean, I wasn’t trying to sneak up, I thought that was impossible with you guys but hey maybe I do have some kind of spark… do you think I could also learn magic?” All the while Stiles is running his hands along Derek’s fur and he finds himself relaxing into it. By the time Stiles mentions how cool his fur color is Derek can’t remember what he was ever self-conscious about. He settles in for an hour of belly rubs and scratching under his chin and ears, eventually ignoring Stiles comparing his low satisfied rumble to a cat’s purring. Cinnamon the kitty even comes out when she sees that the two boys are calm and distracted.

Cinnamon of course ends up trusting Stiles first, and Derek is NOT jealous, he just likes nipping at Stiles’ ankles for fun – as well as revenge for the picture Stiles took of him in bed in his wolf form, a bunch of cats piled up all over him.

((Also this ask reminded me that so called werewolf cats are a thing soooo secretly Derek has a favorite breed, even if he always says breeds don’t matter since there are so many mixed strays, but he has a special fierce love for the werewolf cat even if he’s never met one because they are rare. He doesn’t let anyone call them ugly and will protect them to his last breath. One day in the future to celebrate 20 years of marriage or something, Stiles gets them a werewolf cat whom he dubs Lycaon just for the fun of it – Derek gives him an exasperated look, but his fondness shines through, and Derek forgets to hate the name within 5 seconds))

After Flash Back, they let Hartley out of the Pipeline to help with Evil!Wells but a part of Cisco just can’t get ‘Holy Harry Potter’ out of his head.

He has to know how deep that wells goes.

He enlists Barry’s help and together they stage of ‘discussion’ within Hartley’s hearing range.

It starts innocently enough, talking about the books and movies and what not, but they keep getting things wrong. It starts off with little things but start escalating to bigger things - mispronouncing Hermione’s name, calling Molly by Holly, etc, before moving onto the ‘Ron was totally a death eater or was going to be one’ and “Snape and Lily should have been together’.

As it goes on, Hartley becomes visibly pained and very determined to try and ignore them.

Then Cisco says ‘The plot to Cursed Child totally made sense.”

Hartley loses it, all but jumping from his seat and starting a rant that lasts 10 minutes, correcting every single thing Barry and Cisco had gotten wrong as well as how much that play makes absolutely no sense but Albus and Scorpius should have gotten together and how dare they.

Once he’s done, he just sits back down with his head in his hands and bemoans that ‘he’s worse than Cisco’.

Cisco has never been happier in his life and if he just so happens to have a HP movie marathon and invites Hartley along, well, that’s his business, isn’t it. its not a date stop laughing barry


UM FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKK???????????????????????????????????

There are only ten chapters left until the finale—and yet they’ve won—what the fuck is going to even happen for the next ten chapters tbh


when natsu did his “flames of wild emotion” or whatever the translation was attack

I was like

“dude literally all of your attacks are the flames of “burning emotion” who are you even kidding”

And that shot of Natsu bleeding and shit—that probably the legit goriest panel in the entire manga, at least I personally think so. Like, congrats Mashima, you have levelled up to lvl .5 gore.

Anyway, I don’t have much of an opinion anymore—but the hate beneath each ft update in the comments on all the different sites is literally so savage, idek whether to laugh or to cry

Anyway, just hanging in there for my ships—they better fucking legitimately get together or I’ll join the whole “We Hate Fucking Fairy Tail And Still Read It” fanbase (as much I don’t want to)


that’s fairy tail this week


I had to constantly remind myself that I do not ship them while drawing this.

Doing so was an absolute pleasure though, thank you for the request I hope you like it!

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Okay so my favorite thing about Sid is his like goose honk laugh and it's?? So?? Cute??? It must be protected?? And Geno is there just staring at Sidney when he laughs with this like doe eyed look and says "he has cutest laugh" and idek where I'm going with this just. Sidney's goose honk laugh and how much geno loves it (and the man who produces the atrocity of a sound of course)

geno loves his soft, noisy husband

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Since you were asking, I'm a girl ENTP and basically I've fallen head over heels for this guy INFP, and idek why I like him so much, but we haven't been able to stop talking for days and he's just the sweetest person I've ever met and like he has this amazing laugh and AHH I just cannot deal with him. And like he teases me a lot about some of my habits which turns me bright red and I adore his voice because it's just so cute and like he's so easy to embarrass because all I do is compliment him.

Awww this reminds me of my old relationship with an INFP. They are soooo sweet aren’t they?? Thanks for sharing!! Yeah, the INFP x ENTP attraction can be rather strong !!

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i cant help but to think of klance in your farmers au bc i love it so much. like i thought of lance having to leave the farm bc of school and he's so depressed bc he's away from keith but then after the first few days, he finds keith waiting for him in the parking lot on his motorcycle with a spare helmet and lance it just BLOWN AWAY and nearly knocks keith over with the motorcycle and is literally in tears bc he missed him THAT MUCH and keith says "i hope you're ok with helmet hair" :D


tbh im laughing like i dont even have this fic thought out to the end like god,,, i just WING IT idek what’s gonna happen next LIKE IDK WHAT CONTINIUITY IS I ACTUALLY DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I HAVEN’T BEEN CALLED OUT ON IT MORE?? I JUST ADD THINGS AND HOPE IT’S NOT TOO OUT OF LINE FROM THE LAST CHAPTERS HA


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if we get ANYONE other than sana or elias tmrw istg i will ewiogfnriugbtrug idek what i’ll do but SOMETHING BAD 

Rajigaze Leader’s Birthday

Reita: Good evening everybody, it’s Reita from the GazettE…and today is the day we have all been waiting for…the most important day in the world…the day where all of human kind come together and join hands – (starts laughing) Allow me to introduce to you…our special guest.

(fucking trumpets)

Reita: The leader of the GazettE…Kai-san.

Kai: (laughing) Hello

Reita: The day has come.

Kai: The day has come.

Reita: Today, we will be doing a one-hour special for you.

Kai: Oh, really!?

Reita: Yes.

Kai: How long is it usually?

Reita: One hour.

(both laughing)

Kai: Ah, I see. I see. Hmm….

Reita: Okay, then. First of all, the Halloween live has just finished.

Kai: Oh, it’ll have finished? (*when this is airing)

Reita: Yes, so how was it?

Kai: ….Wait what? (laughs) What? Uh…How was it?

Reita: Yes.

(the trumpets only stopped now btw) 

Kai: But we haven’t even done it yet.

(both laugh)

Reita: So, when did we bring out the cake?

(*he’s referring to last week bc Kai was making fun of him for asking Kai when he wanted the cake bc it takes away the surprise)

Kai: When did the cake come out, huh? …Well, I think I know. I knew it even before it happened. (giggles)

(Rei says something about Kai having a second PSX idek what that is tbh)

Reita: No, but really…happy birthday Kai-san

Kai: Thank u thank u (clapping)

Reita: I supposed u’ve lived a good life

Kai: (laughing) A good life…? Well, I’m thirty-something… 

Reita: Mhmm.

Kai: Do I even need to hide my age?

Reita: Well not really

Kai: Yeah eh.

Reita: Everyone pretty much already knows so

Kai: They do, huh.

Reita: Ye

Kai: Yeahhh, well anyway….before I turn forty, –

Reita: Leader.

Kai: Hm?

Reita: Look behind you.

Kai: Ahh–!

(Reita and staff start singing happy birthday while Kai claps and giggles and oohs and aahs)

Kai: Thank u!!!!

Reita: Happy birthday!!!

(everyone claps)

Reita: We brought u a cake

Kai: Ooh a cake. Thank you. I’m gonna take picture.

Reita: You look like you’re dead inside tho

(Kai giggles)

Reita: Seriously, are you okay? Where did your emotion go?

(both laugh)

Some girl’s voice: Kai-kun, happy birthday.

Kai: Oh –what is this!? (laughing) What is this??

Girl: Your voice, your smile, and your cool drum performances all help me make it through.

Kai: What is this? Who is this?

Girl: Thank you! I’m so grateful that on the 28th I’ll be able to be there for both the GazettE’s first Halloween live, and Kai-kun’s birthday. Really, thank you so much.

Kai: Huh–? Who is this?

Girl: I’ll keep supporting you forever and ever and ever. the GazettE is the best!

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: Ye

Kai: What is this?

Girl: Oh…also, Kai-kun –

(both laughing)

Girl: I love you. I want to eat your pasta sauce again! KAKATTE KOOOOOOOIII!!!!!!!!

(both die laughing)

Girl: Thank you so much! Happy birthday! 

Kai: What is this, what is this?

Reita: Well when Ruki and I were doing the radio, we thought of playing voice messages from the fans.

Kai: Ahh~

Reita: Cause we were like, if we don’t make a big deal out of Kai’s birthday he’s gonna get pissy and dip halfway through the show

Kai: (dying) Like, I’m going home! I can’t last an hour!

Reita: So we thought of this as a way to butter you up.

Kai: Thank you, thank you.

Reita: So, people have sent in some messages.

Kai: Ahh, I see, I see.

Reita: That part about the pasta sauce was kinda sketchy tho

Kai: (laughs) This is fun!

Reita: Right? We actually got a lot.

Kai: Ooooh.

Reita: We thought people would be too shy to send them, but surprisingly we got so many that we’re actually not gonna be able to play them all. If we played them all we’d have to not talk for the whole show. So we just picked out a few to play. But you can listen to them all after.

Kai: Do I have to?

Reita: EXCUUUSE ME?!!?!

(Kai bursts out laughing)


Kai: (can’t breathe) But I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

Reita: Stfu you’re such an asshole…

Kai: Anyway can I blow out the candles now?

Reita: Ok

Kai: Okay here I go!!! *blows* …YEEEEEYYYYYYYY


Reita: Hbd hbd

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: So anyway what were you saying before?

Kai: Uhh, what was it…oh yeah, well I’m thirty-something now, but before I turn forty…uh…uhhh….oh yeah! Until I’m forty…the most important thing for me will be to keep going hard on the drums.

Reita: Okay.

Kai: …I guess that’s it! To be able to keep giving it my all on the drums behind the four of you without hurting myself…that’s what enriches my life the most.

Reita: ….u can hurt urself tho it’s cool

(both laugh)

Kai: Shut up

Reita: Anyway, happy birthday!

Kai: Thank yoooou!

Reita: So, the theme for October is “Your Manifesto.”

Kai: Yaayyyyyyy.

Reita: Yes. Something you think should change, like “We should have this,” or “Things should be like this”…or like, “Kai-san’s birthday should come twice a year”…

Kai: Ooooooh nice one!!!

Reita: We’re taking all kinds of messages. We also have a Dark Side Segment – you know we should really focus on this one instead.

Both at the exact same time: The Dark Side Segment.

Reita: Yes

Kai: Muhuhu

Roses are red

You can dye flowers teal

james and lily never died au headcanons
  • When harry writes home in second year about draco calling hermione a mudblood, lily sends an owl to mcgonagall to set up a time to have tea with hermione. Later that week she floos to hogwarts one afternoon and she and hermione have tea in mcgonagalls office. They talk about how hard it can be to be muggleborn. How unfair it is to be discriminated against. How difficult it is when your parents will never really understand. Lily shares her experiences: how she was teased too, how she let it motivate her to out perform all the purebloods, how she’s succeeded in her career and how she knows hermione will too because harry always talks about how smart she is. Lily ends the tea by telling hermione to send her an owl if she ever wants to talk and hermione is so grateful that from then on she idolizes lily potter and they talk like once a week 

  • Harry expected his first flying lesson to be boring. After all he’s been flying for years, taught by his dad and sirius. But then malfoy steals nevilles rememberall and harry isn’t just going to sit there and let it happen. The school’s broom is slower than what he’s used to but he still catches the remembrall and lands safely on the grass. When he sees mcgonagall crossing the lawn he knows he’s going to be in trouble and when she says she’s going to owl his parents he’s like oh shit. Then she introduces him to oliver wood and offers him the seeker position on the gryffindor quidditch team he’s confused but pretty excited. When james and lily arrive in mcgonagalls office later that evening, harry’s still worried he might get in trouble and as mcgonagall tells the story he can see his mom starting to get ready to lecture him about listening to teachers. But then james is just grinning like “you made that catch on a cleansweep four??? I have the coolest kid ever. Wait til i tell sirius.” And when mcgonagall asks if they’re alright with harry being gryffindor’s new seeker james is like a five year old on christmas. And harry finally realizes he’s not getting in trouble and gets really excited and lily’s grinning at the two of them and even mcgonagall is smiling

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My friend and me had a conversation once over Chanyeol recently because of all the new comeback vapps amd forgive me, especially with how much I fudging adore him, I was just so amused with her because idek she kept mentioning how she felt bad because it seemed like no one laughed at Chanyeol's jokes or found him funny and how much of a loner he is. I mean, I adore her but where did she get that from? Isn't Chanyeol like exo's happiest little social butterfly times a million?

hmm, i really don’t know, maybe she just got that vibe and thinks that’s the reality? i mean a lot of things in kpop are fake, especially friendships or at least that’s what i think, because i can’t imagine that everyone in every group always gets along. so maybe she caught a moment in a video where it seemed like that and just assumed that’s the way it always is? you should ask her about what gave her that impression, i’m really curious now wowie ~ 

(let me know if you ever find out ok? and enjoy all the new chanyeol stuff thrown your way by this comeback!! <3)