i laughed so loud at this bit!

so in trk when ronan tries to drop opal off with aurora and he tells her to stay she curses at him and he says “watch your mouth around my mother” 

but like imagine opal cursing??? she looks like a tiny human child and she is adorable but ofc she’s also a product of ronan’s mind so 

  • opal coming running up to adam and ronan like “GUESS WHAT I FUCKING FOUND!” all cheerfully 
    • adam chokes, ronan glares
    • opal is indifferent 
    • “watch your fucking mouth”
    • you watch your fucking mouth” she tells him
    • adam laughs for 59902 years
  • the three of them having breakfast at the barns and opal saying “pass the fucking salt please this branch is too damn bland”
    • “watch your mouth around your fathers, sphincter” says ronan irritably
    • “should you be eating that?” asks adam
  • “kerah the fucking deer won’t eat out of my goddamn hand”
    • “well i mean she did learn it from you, ronan”
    • “nobody fucking asked you, parrish”
  • ronan walks in on opal chewing on the toaster and just asks in a very faint voice “what the fuck are you doing?”
    • “this shit tastes fucking amazing” she answers
    • ronan wants to cry
    • “should you be eating that?” asks adam even as he laughs
  • “fuck” realizes ronan one day “i’ve become gansey”
    • “i like gansey” declares opal “even if he drives a piece of shit”
    • “you’re grounded” ronan tells her
    • “fuck you” she answers
    • “should you really be eating that?” asks adam as opal chews on ronan’s car keys
    • “fuck” groans ronan and officially Gives Up On Life
RFA + Saeran and V (added) imagines: New Year’s kisses (& a new tradition)

AKA the thing no one asked for but I’m throwing in your face anyway. Everyone has their own MC and they’re at a member only party. More under the readmore.


  • Staring intently at his watch to make sure you two kiss at the stroke of midnight.
  • Starts off giggly and innocent enough, but he’s a little drunk and a lot comfortable and it gets more heated.
  • You two only stop because Saeyoung yells “WHOO GET IT BOY” from across the room.
    • Actually makes you both jump and Saeyoung is laughing loud now how is he so loud he has the projection of an opera singer.
  • “Ah, sorry, I… got a bit excited. I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” the blushing mess says.
  • “Mmm, no, I liked it. We’ll pick up where we left off when we get home.”
  • He shook. Client Yoosung Kim is experiencing latency issues. Lag in the form of stuttering and nervous laughter.


  • Literally dips you into a deep kiss (this extra mofo)
  • Y’all get yelled at too but you don’t care, you don’t stop. Everyone else is like “okay…” and kinda go about the party around you two.
  • He only stops when he says he has to or he’ll become a beast and he wants to be a perfect gentleman for you.
  • Besides you look so beautiful tonight and he already smeared your lipstick (which he wipes so it’s neat again,) he wants to and does admire you the rest of the night
    • Admires in a different way when you’re home know what I’m saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Gentle kiss that becomes giggling and a bunch of little kisses while you keep holding each other tight.
  • You two are so cute and wholesome everyone else (but Jumin) might cry. Zen and Yoosung definitely cry a little.
  • She says softly in your ear that she feels so lucky you came into her life, she feels like you’re literally God sent. This woman is an angel. You tell her so. She is literally an angel.
  • Rare earth magnet strength attached to each other the rest of the night.
    • The rest of the night.

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Just Breathe... Rowaelin Oneshot.

Hiya, guys! I have been nearly dormant when it comes to fanfiction, so here’s a little oneshot for you beauties!
Prompt: Aelin has a stressful day.

   Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius didn’t glance up from his book as the door to their chambers swung wide, the oak of the door smacking hard off the wall.
 Smirking towards the fire, he murmured, “Bad day, Princess?”
His only answer was a loud groan and the slamming of the door.
 “If I ever see another snowflake again, I shall kill someone,” Aelin seethed.
Rowan turned in his seat and bit back a thunderous laugh.
Aelin was covered head to toe in snow, her hair plastered to her head, her deep blue gown soaked.
“One gods-damned sound, Rowan Whitethorn, and you’re finding another bed to sleep in.”
 Rowan saw the venomous glare in her eyes and the stress lining her body, and reined in his laugh.

   “I’m sorry, love,” he said as he stood, sliding a spare bit of parchment into his book before tossing it down.
Aelin frowned and swore colorfully as a large glob of melting snow sloughed off of her.
Suppressing another laugh, he crossed the room, stretching out his hands, “Let’s get you out of that dress.”
  Aelin heaved a sigh, then shivered violently, and Rowan closed the distance between them. Aelin looked at him gratefully, and turned. Brushing the dripping wet hair from her neck, Rowan silently began to unlace her tight gown. The strings were stiff, and Aelin was still shivering, despite the warmth of the room.
  After a few moments of silence, Rowan probed, “What happened?”
Aelin let out a long-suffering sigh, and craned her neck to look at him.
“I was talking to Yrene about the apprentices when one of the page boys came up to me, practically bleating like a lamb. He started rambling off nonsense about a stable hand and fighting and something else, so I went down to the stables,” she paused to help him shove off the gown, then turned to face him, her shift sticking to her skin.
 “It was simple really, two of the stable hands had had a row, the just scuffed each other up, really. I told them that if it happened again they’d be out on their ass.”
  She glanced down at herself and shivered again, “Why they asked me and not the damned Captain of the Guard, I don’t know, but anyhow, when I was walking back, I slipped.”
  Rowan glanced down at her again, assessing the amount of snow covering her, and her thorough soaking.
“Exactly how many times did you slip?”

 Aelin snarled, and began stomping away her boots squelching grossly as she made her way to the bathing room, her magic lighting the few candles around the large stone tub. When Rowan heard the gurgle of water, he chuckled softly and followed her in. She was already tugging awkwardly at the laces of her corset, and when he leaned against the doorpost, an amused grin playing at his lips, she snarled again.
 “Wipe that look of your face and help me.”
Rowan chuckled again, and gestured for her to turn, slowly beginning to ease the corset’s tight strings apart. Why females wore these torture devices, he didn’t know.
When he had finished, Aelin let out a deep sigh, pulling it off with a groan.
She turned to him and closed her eyes, reaching up a freezing hand to cup his cheek as she laid her sodden head on his chest. Rowan reached an arm around her waist, breathing her in. The stress lining her body began to ease, but he could tell something beside the whole “Slipping Incident” was on her mind.
   “What’s on your mind, love?” He murmured against her hair.
“Sleep. Tax on the nobles.” A little sigh. “What Lord Bryceon and the other lords said during our lunch today.”
  Rowan felt himself tense.
Lord Bryceon was a conniving little prick. Most of the other lords were semi-amiable.
But really, there were no other ways to describe him.
  Rowan had dealt with him enough to know that this was a fact. The man had always made Aelin uncomfortable, and he’d tried with all his might to be able to join her luncheon, but his duties had called him elsewhere.
 “What did he say, Fireheart?”
Aelin didn’t answer him. Instead she pulled away, her clever fingers finding the buttons of his shirt and popping them open one by one.
Aelin kept her eyes on Rowan’s as she finished with the buttons, running a hand up the plane of his muscled torso before shoving off the pale blue cotton. “Please— Just hold on,” she murmured.
Rowan furrowed his brow, but said nothing, only nodding. And maybe it made her a selfish, weak, bitch, but she stood on her tiptoes, brushing her mouth against his. “Join me, Ro’.”
  Rowan hummed and nodded against her. “I will, but you are going to tell me what is wrong.”
She knew she needed to, but gods, she didn’t want to tell him.
She nodded silently, and turned away from him, stripping off her breast band and undergarments. She felt Rowan’s heavy gaze on her as she stepped into the swirling hot water.
 As she sunk into the water, she heard Rowan’s belt hit the floor, then felt as Rowan stepped in.
She watched as he sunk into the water, those eyes of his boring into her. Aelin shifted her eyes away and plucked a vial of bath salt off the edge of the tub, dumping it in. As it swirled into the water, she glanced back to Rowan.
 “Come here,” he said into the quiet.
 Keeping her eyes on his, she turned off the faucet, and practically swum across the large tub. Rowan lifted an arm, allowing her to tuck herself into his side.
  An easy silence seeped into the candle-lit room, the strong scent of the lavender salts rising to her senses, the steady beat of Rowan’s heart calming under her ear nearly lulling her to sleep, Rowan’s calloused hand drawing slow circles on her shoulder… It was calm, lovely, a romantic evening they hadn’t had in months, but the memory of today’s events kept replaying in her mind.
 Heaving a sigh, Aelin angled her head to look at Rowan.
He was resting his head back on the tub’s lip, his neck and chest glistening with water, those eyes closed…
  “Rowan?” She breathed, and he cracked open an eye.
“Yes, love?”
 She glanced down at the water, the opaque water swirling as she pulled away from him and his warmth.
“They want me to see a healer.”
There it was.
  Rowan straightened slowly, taking his time before responding.
The word was a growl, low and deep, and she squeezed her eyes shut.
 “Because, I- I haven’t produced an heir yet, and they want to make sure I am able to bear. “For the good of Terrasen,” they said.”
 Rowan’s face tightened, but Aelin went on.
“I tried telling them that it would take time, I only stopped using contraception a year ago, and with my Fae blood, but they—,” she paused, and glanced down at her bare breasts. Faint scars from battles and terrors long since passed lingered there.
“They said that a queen should be able to have children. They said that I was just trying to keep the kingdom for myself.”
 It was all bullshit. Utter bullshit, but it seemed males liked to think they knew all about a woman’s body.
Rowan looked as murderous as she felt.
“They had no right to say any of those things.” He growled, and Aelin nodded.
“I know they can’t force me to have children, and I know it is my body, but I just feel so selfish when I say I’m not ready. I want children—gods do I want children— but not now, Ro’. It just seems too soon.”

   It had only been two years since the War. Two years, since she had died, only to be reborn. And she still awoke, screaming in terror, searching blindly in the dark for Rowan. He too, was still haunted by the events of those years, starting awake in the dead of night, gasps wrenching their way from his throat. And there were still bad days; days when she awoke, the hands of Cairn and Maeve tugging at her very soul.
 And gods damn her, but she didn’t want to have to explain to her child why they couldn’t sneak up on Uncle Aedion, or why their Mommy and Daddy had so any scars.
 Rowan slid his arm around her waist, not saying a word as he eased them back against the tub.

  “I don’t care if we never have children, Aelin, and I know your reasoning. And if those insensitive old pricks can’t get it through their thick skulls that we aren’t ready for children, that it is too soon, they’ll just have to deal with it.”
  Aelin laughed slightly, and kissed his chest. She wasn’t selfish for wanting to wait, she knew it. She was still young, she had thousands of years ahead of her, thousands of them to fill with children and laughter and families, but for now… Now she was content to sit in the bath, in the arms of Rowan. Just breathing. Just loving. Just healing.

Jack says I love you first. 

Bitty is halfway through telling Jack about the pie battle happening between his aunt and Mama when he hears a soft sigh on the other end of the line. 

“Jack? You ok over there?”

The soft sound that follows almost sounds like a little laugh before he hears Jack say, “Yeah, just… I love you.”

And Bitty feels that in his heart and across his chest and up his throat, all the way up through his sinuses. He clutches the phone a little bit tighter next to his ear and wishes he were holding a hand instead of a phone. 

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I learned so much reading your messages yesterday (and today). Momo wanted to get outside while I sat and scrolled. I learned that most of us share a love for animals. That you’re new mothers and expecting mothers. That you’re worried about the state of the world. That you’re upset about injustices. But also that you’re taking care of yourselves. That you’re taking time for yourselves. I laughed out loud and even cried a bit because you shared some pretty heartfelt stuff.
A friend reminded me recently about the taking care of yourself thing. I’ve been learning about and working on this for the past many months. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, how will we take care of everyone else? It really begins with you.
My biggest struggles have been letting go of bad habits and starting good ones. I guess the whole idea is to replace the bad ones with the good ones. Kind of like replacing that slipper your dog is chewing on with a bone or a ball.
Taking care also means to disconnect, to go for another walk. Write, read, rest, and rally. We need your strength to fight for equality, to not normalize hate. Talk to a stranger and listen to their perspective no matter how different it is. Start a project, join a project, join a march, and raise your voice. I’m there with ya every step of the way.


Scott about Tessa ❤

“But what I remember most about her is her energy and her laugh, even from a young age, her laugh was always so loud and she used to have this huge thunderous laugh and she was just this tiny little girl. Uhm but you know, super cute and it’s so funny because when I look back, Tessa’s changed.. now she’s like this beautiful young woman, that’s so nice, but still a lot of times her laugh is still the same like the 6 or 7 years old.”

“Tessa is inspirational, she’s driven, and she’s hilarious and nobody knows that. Lot of people know that she’s funny but not how funny she is actually. You only get see a little bit of Tessa’s funniness and I get to see it all so HA!”

“I was just going to say about Tessa she doesn’t talk about it enough, how much work she put into that jewelry line. People think she’s just lucky enough to you know work with Hillberg and Berk but she put SO much work into it. I sat there and watched her. And (Tessa giggles, “Scott had to listen to me choose even the pink tissue paper”) Oh my gosh over and over and over again but it’s this collection that’s so reflective of her so.“

“We are a little bit wiser than we were before but we’re starting to really understand just how special our relationship is. And it is, it’s crazy that we spend this much time together and we still like to spend more time together. Working with Tessa in every single part of our career is such a joy. You meet someone that’s so professional yet so much fun to work with and so inspiring and driven. So, it’s a, I would say it’s a little bit of a blessing I guess…don’t tell her that.”


The gravel crunches under your feet as you make your way through the pit to Eric, who is standing with a group of other Dauntless members. It is past 6pm, your favorite time of the day, the initiate’s training is over so you have finally time for your boyfriend.

“[Y/N]?” You stop as you hear a voice behind you and turn around. A tall, quite handsome boy is smiling at you. He’s one of your initiates this year, a transfer from Erudite.
“Oh, Michael, hey. Why aren’t you at dinner like the others?”
“You aren’t there too.”
You answer with a laugh, a bit too loud. “Well, I still have a few things to do. Is there something you need?”
“Yes, uhm-” He shifts from one foot to the other. “I wanted to ask if you could help me with my combat technique.”
“Your combat technique?” You’re a bit surprised, Michael is one of the best initiates, and he surely doesn’t have any problems with combat. But still, it is your job to train them, and if he thinks he needs help, then you don’t have any other choice – as a good trainer.
“Of course. But you should go and take a short break. How about we’ll meet in the training room in 15 minutes?”
“That sounds gre-” He suddenly stops talking and looks behind you. Just as you’re about to turn around, two arms wrap around your waist. You look down at the tattoos and smile.
“I’m waiting for you”, Eric says in a deep voice. He turns you around to kiss you, wild and passionately.
“Well, then you have to wait a bit more”, you say cheekily after you pull away and place another kiss on his lips before you turn around to Michael. The confusion is written in his face. “I’m going to edge in an extra training session.”
Eric steps closer to the poor boy who looks completely intimidated now.
“Four is still in the training  room. You can ask him for help. [Y/N] is busy right now.“ Michael’s eyes wander from Eric to you. That poor boy! You offer him an apologetic smile.
"See you tomorrow”, he says low-voiced and turns around to rush away.

“The hell was that?!”, you snap at Eric. “You scared the shit out of him.”
Eric grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him.
“His fault. He shouldn’t have flirted with you.”
“He wasn’t flirting, he just asked for help.”
“Oh princess, sometimes you’re so innocent”, he says and smiles. You wrap your arms around his neck to kiss him. Eric returns your kiss eagerly and you press your body against his.
“That’s not what you’re going to say tonight”, you tease and wink at your boyfriend. “And besides, since when do you show your affection in public? That’s not usual for you.”
“Well everyone has to know that you’re mine. ”
“Wait. Eric, are you jealous?” you ask, slightly amused..
“Come.” He takes your hand to lead you out of the pit.
“You’re hot when you’re jealous”, you chuckle. “Where are we going?”
“My apartment. We have things to do.”

Happy Birthday, dork!

The club was full of people. You barely knew half of them. It made you wonder about when your best friend had gotten so popular.

You scanned the room, trying to find his tall figure across the crowd. Before spotting him though, someone padded you on the back and pressed a brightly coloured cocktail into your hand.

“Y/N!”, Niall yelled over the loud music.

You smiled broadly. You could tell he had been here longer, his alcohol level was already pretty high.

“Hey there, Mister Irish Man! How are ya?”

Niall giggled. “I’m very well, a bit tipsy to be quite honest.”

“You don’t say.”, you stated, fake shock lacing your words.

Niall laughed his characteristic laugh.

“Have you seen the birthday boy?”, you asked, looking around.

Niall shrugged. “Not since I’ve walked in, which was a while ago.”

You grinned, nodding at him. “I think I’ll go find him, but let’s have a drink together later…when I’ve had time to catch up.”

Niall chuckled and nodded.

You made your way through the crowd, saying your Hello-s here and there and asking if anyone had seen Harry. Oddly enough, no one had in a while.

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Family: You still don’t have a boyfriend?
Me: *shrugs*
Family: What are you a lesbian or something?
Family: *laughs a little bit, but more out of confusion about my abnormally loud laughter*

Jo-Ann Fabrics
Cecil Baldwin, Meg Byashwiner, Joseph Fink(?)

Find out where your kids can get byack to school things, such as byags, fyalconry gear, and more!

I’ve listened to this bit five times now, and laughed out loud every time. 

anonymous asked:

Jane Elliot did the brown eye-Blue eye experiment several times with ADULTS. What happened? They reacted violently when they experienced a TINY amount of what poc experience all day every day. She was punched and assaulted for it. That's why I laugh out loud at the bullshit that is anything like, "Why do colored people act so violently at these protests?! White people wouldn't do that!" (And this is ignoring how protestors are harassed until they lash out.) We're timid, white people are violent

“Poc experiencing highly concentrated amounts of racism and sexism every day of their natural lives, and only having periodical bursts of violence is somehow deemed more monstrous than white people going through an hour long experiment, feeling a ‘tiny’ bit of what we do, and reacting violently immediately. Every time something we have to live with happens to them, everybody’s up in arms over the 'injustice, unconstitutional, unlawful’ treatment of the poor, sad white people. And they ignore us.”

yeah i mean look at all those riots because their favorite sports teams lost/won….. lol

anonymous asked:

What were your favourite things about jenas new fic????

ok well i’m a hoe for diggs and rafa and diggs/rafa threesomes so let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. 

honestly besides that my favorite things about it are the funny bits she slipped in. like i literally laughed out loud at some of the lines that rafa said. her characterization of rafa was A1, truly. loved it. 

also, the clipping lyric she completely fabricated. like wow. daveed diggs whomst.

Shopping with an angel.

Short imagine for your Sunday evening.

Imagine Cas helping you shop.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Originally posted by strengthcas


“What are you doing?”, Castiel asked as he looked down on you while you were browsing trough your newest fashion catalog.
You chuckled: “I´m looking at things I´m never going to have.”
He sat down beside you on the couch, his eyes scanning over the glossy pages: “Why aren´t you going to have them? They look reasonably pretty.”
Now you laughed out loud: “I know. I really want them, but they are way to expensive and I can´t exactly steal them either, so yeah…”
The angel frowned at you: “I´m sorry.”
“It´s fine, I´m used to it”, you said and then pointed at one especially expensive dress that was black but sparkled a bit.
It was really short but not so short that it looked slutty, the model looked gorgeous in it.
“I still want that dress though, I bet I´d look hot in it”, you joked but Cas immediately acted on it by nodding: “It would.”
You rolled your eyes at how sweet the angel was and at the fact that he flirted with you without even realizing it.

He then grabbed the catalog from your hand and turned it around to look at the back.
“What are you looking for?”, you asked but instead of giving you an answer, he vanished, taking your magazine with him.

“Great”, you mumbled and got up to get something to drink, when only seconds later you heard the familiar sound of wings behind you and turned around to see Cas standing there again, holding a huge box.
You grinned and shook your head: “What is this,Cas?”
He dropped the box in front of you: “I got you the dress you wanted. And a few other things that I thought would look nice on you.”
You couldn´t believe what you were hearing and raised your eyebrows: “You zapped over to that warehouse address and got me new clothes?”
He nodded, as if that was the most natural thing in the world.
Carefully you approached the box and opened it, immediately being greeted by beautiful dresses and skirts, shirts and pants.
“That´s amazing. It´s like Christmas”, you whispered and when you looked back up at Cas, he was smiling.
“Try them on, I want to see them on you”, he stated and you nodded, taking the box to the bathroom.

The next hour you spent trying on everything Cas had brought you and it was the most fun you had in ages.
Not everything fitted and some things looked strange on you, but then there were the pieces that were simply amazing.
This was every girl´s heaven and you just couldn´t stop yourself from thanking Cas for this every two seconds, but he would just keep on saying that seeing you happy and in this beautiful clothes was everything he could wish for.
You saved the black dress for last, anxious that it wouldn´t fit, but when you tried it on, it fitted like it was especially made for you.
When you got out of the bathroom for the last time, Cas eyes grew wide and he got up from the chair he had been sitting in:
“You´re absolutely beautiful”, he whispered and you smiled shyly: “Thanks.”
For a second there was silence,then he made a few steps towards you and took your hands in his:
“I mean it. You´re the most beautiful girl on this earth.”
You rolled your eyes but never stopped smiling: “Now you´re exaggerating.”
He shook his head: “No, I´m not.”
And then he kissed you, just like that, simple and perfect.
You got up on your toes to give him better access to your lips and when it was over, you remained standing only inches from him and his ultra soft lips: “Why?”
He frowned a bit: “What do you mean?”
You smiled: “Why are you interested in me? Aren´t there a lot of cute angels who have the hots for someone as powerful as you?”
“Because I never met an angel that was like you”, he gave back and then hugged you tight in your beautiful new dress.

Five Times...

So I don’t know if anyone actually cares right now, but I started another five times fic last weekend and I don’t actually know if I’ll get to finish it, but there’s one bit I really liked, so I wanted to share it somewhere. It’s pure Roblivion fluff - 100% angst free. Robert hasn’t done anything dodgy since… November, I guess??? And this is set in June.

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Hetalia Characters Being Tickled
  • Italy: Giggles, very cute. He's not super ticklish so he's not out of breath and fighting you off or anything, just laughing.
  • Germany: Actually really ticklish, and kind of flails when he gets tickled. It's bad, he might hurt you, do not tickle Germany.
  • Japan: Not ticklish. If you try to tickle him he'll probably just be a bit uncomfortable and ask why you're touching him.
  • America: He's so ticklish, and he's obnoxiously loud about it when he gets tickled. "Dude! Dude stop bro oh my god I can't breathe dude cut it out!"
  • England: If he knows it's coming then it won't affect him, but if you manage to surprise him then he has the funniest laugh.
  • France: Has a shrill, squeaky laugh when he gets tickled. Be careful though because he WILL tickle you back and he WILL think that's the funniest thing in the world.
  • China: Will cover his mouth to try and hide the fact that he's laughing with one hand while smacking you with the other.
  • Russia: Tends to curl up to try and hide his body from you. He also is one to seek revenge.
  • Canada: Cute, pretty defenseless, will try to escape. If he accidentally hits you trying to get away, he'll apologize for days.
  • Prussia: "I'm too awesome to be ticklish." He says, backing away slowly. He's actually super ticklish and will be on his ass, laughing and snorting and squirming in a split second.
  • Austria: Whiny, will try to push you away but with minimal effort. He tries not to laugh but his giggle is super cute.
  • Spain: Totally thinks it's a fun game. You tickle him, he tickles you, you're both laughing and having a fun time.
  • Romano: Swears, tries to squirm away. He also gets super red in the face really fast.
  • Hungary: Will accidentally kill you, don't do it. She honestly doesn't mean to attack but her reflexes are too strong.

thati27  asked:

Hello can I have a seventeen reaction to you almost getting out of the bathroom after showering and you see a gigantic cockroach crawling on the door so you scream really loud and run away letting your towel slip but you're too busy crying the life out of you to actually give a crap?This actually happened to me lol I shiver just to think about it ew Btw I love your blog so muchhhhhh

These are sorta assuming that you wouldn’t have been dating for too long..? How do you survive this kind of stuff tho omg just the idea makes us shiver 😱 Thank you for your love~ ♥

Hoshi would burst out laughing at your reaction, but there’d be a nervous hint to it. He’d tease you a bit about the loud screaming but internally he would be screaming, too. He’d really want to get rid of the cockroach but in the end he’d probably just lock the door and stuff something below it so that it can’t get out. Then he’d come to you and calm you down after wrapping a blanket around you. “Let’s just… not use the bathroom until Jun has come to kill that thing, okay? It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.”

Woozi would seem very calm on the outside but freak out on the inside. His cheeks would flush a little when he sees your naked body, but he’d hide it and confront the cockroach instead, as much as he doesn’t like those. While you’re hiding as far from the cockroach as possible, Woozi would probably kill it and while taking it out, take a quick look at you and mutter a rather embarrassed “You should probably put some clothes on” with a soft blush on his cheeks. After disposing the cockroach he’d sit down with you and probably take you into a somewhat rare, comforting hug.

Seungkwan would scream with you for two reasons: first because of the cockroach and then because of your naked body. He’d probably run after you both to get away from the nasty creature and to calm you down - win/win. He’d regret the hastiness as soon as he sees that you’re still naked, but he’d be quick to get you another towel, wrap it around you and try to take your mind off the cockroach with a song or something. Getting rid of it would be something he’d worry about later… Probably.

Joshua would spring up from his seat by the second he’d hear you scream. He’d think something really bad had happened or that you hurt yourself but when he saw you run out of the bathroom butt naked, he would probably chuckle and pick up the towel you left behind. He’d give it back to you, trying not to eye you up and down but I think we all know how that’d end up. He’d dry your tears and gulp loudly when hearing about the gigantic cockroach but somehow, he would get rid of it, assuring you it was gone for the next week. If you wouldn’t believe him, well, then he’d get a chance to shower with you often ;)

Mingyu would try to act calm and collected when you screamed that there was a cockroach in the shower. “Psh, it can’t be that big” he would comment but when he sees the very large bug on the door, he would let out a whimper and come out from the bathroom as quickly as possible. With his brows furrowed and altogether, terrified, he would come and hug you without realising that you’d be naked. When he would, he’d quickly separate from you and blush really hard. The embarrasment might be even worse than killing the cockroach so he’d just “man up” and get rid of the bug.

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There are so Many Things That I Love About You

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Request: Can you do 9 and 7 for eric or Peter

I was lying in bed, thinking about life, when I heard the front door to my apartment open up. I knew that it had to be my boyfriend, Peter, because nobody else has a key to our apartment.  My thinking was correct because, a few seconds later, Peter walked into our shared bedroom.
“Hey, Y/N.” He smiled at me, as he got undressed and into his lazy clothes.
“Hey, Peter.” I smile back.
He jumped onto the bed next to me, causing me to rise into the air just a bit. I let out a loud laugh as I fell back onto the bed. I continued to laugh, because I love my boyfriend so much. He’s just so amazing. When I stopped laughing, I turned my head to look at him. He was staring at me.
“What are you looking at?” I ask.
“You.” He responds as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Which it is, he was looking at me.
“Why do you love me?” I blurt out.
He blinked, and had a confused look on his face. “What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean. Why do you love me? Why do you want to be my boyfriend?” I repeat.
“Because, Y/N. You’re the most amazing person ever. You’re beautiful, brave, smart, funny, loving, caring, but at the same time can be ruthless. There are so many things that I love about you.”
I smile. “I love you too, Peter.”


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#happinessforchloe2kforever also tw: guns and also beer

“Are you sure about this? I really don’t feel like getting shot today, and I-” Chloe cut you off with a loud laugh, causing you to frown in frustration. “Don’t worry so much!” She practically yelled, taking a swig of beer, “Besides, I’m amazing at this! I know exactly what I’m doing.” 

You made a small humming noise, not entirely sure. You lifted your hands up gently, trying to position the gun. “You’re doing it all wrong! Here, let me show you.” She stepped up behind you, putting her hands on your hips to steady you. You smiled a little bit at her touch, watching her lay her head on your shoulder. 

“Alright, hold the gun out,” you obeyed, and she made a few corrections to you stance. “And… fire!” You pulled the trigger, listening to the satisfying sound of a bottle shattering. You smiled widely, and she clapped. “Nice! Alright, give us something to aim for!” 

You looked around the junkyard, before pointing out something random. She nodded and helped you reposition yourself. This time, her mind seemed to drift to other things, and instead of grabbing your hips, her hands wandered upwards. She squeezed your breasts gently, and you lowered the gun.

“How can I be expected to handle a weapon of death when I’m getting felt up by a super cute blue-haired chick?” you laughed, and she dropped her hands immediately. You turned towards her, putting the gun down on a nearby barrel. 

“You really think I’m cute?” You nodded, walking towards her slowly. 

“I think you’re the cutest,” you laughed, looking at her as her cheeks became dusted with pink. 

“Well I can think of better things to be doing right now then to be teaching you how to use a gun.”