i laughed so hard when i first watched this

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so this is my first time watching Martin's Interview when the interviewer asks "..why do you think they love each other" (I mean, I saw it couple of times in gifs) but OHMYGOD I'm laughing so hard. He explained everything about 'ppl with the same sex being attracted to each other' etc for a few moment and then it mixed up with friendship and then I started losing it when he did the *TAKE A DEEP BREATH* "yeah.. I dont know..I dont know.." 😂 like, I just cant..

I love that interview, it’s just priceless.
Like, you can see how he starts to freak out in the exact moment the interviewer asks him “ why do you think they love each other so much?”

then he starts to ramble about how two same sex people can be super best bros forever like

then we get to the best part  –> Martin I AM JUST IN IT Freeman. His face at the end is just…

He just wants to run and hide from that question forever. Look at the poor thing.

this is really random but i know some people have ~ issues ~ with anyone above the age of 25 (or sometimes just 20 which…wtf) watching dan and phil and first if all that’s ridiculous but also i just remembered - when i went to dapgoose i was sat next to this woman and idk how old she was but she was far into her 20s or maybe even early 30s, and she was there all alone and she was literally one of the most enthusiastic people in the crowd like she was laughing So Hard at everything they said and it was really nice so like. yeah. age doesn’t matter lol watch what you want


Ok I still laugh so hard during this scene. I broke it down so you can just take in the ‘essence’ of this scene. Watch every ones change in face and just-

Shiro: / The first to notice lmao poor space dad /
Keith: / Close second and Lance only smirks when he says he hears it too /
Hunk: / Poor sweet naiive bae trying to investigate the source of the sound /
Pidge: / Ok I get is a girl but how you the last one to know what a fart sounds and smells like? /

Lance: / ku ku ku kuuuuuuu~ Waiting for every one to notice. /

When I watched Trollhunters with my parents yesterday, my mother poked me during the scene where Jim is talking to Strickler in his office and asked: “That’s a bad guy, right?
I was surprised, since you didn’t had seen anything yet that would make you guess he is an antagonist. So I laughed and said: “Yes, how did you know that?” And her answer was: “He looks like an evil guy.”
I got quiet after that. And I pondered, does Strickler really look like an evil guy? I mean, he doesn’t look that much of a typical villain or? (And especially doesn’t like one at first, especially since he cares so much for Jim.) When I started watching the show I already knew he was an antagonist, so it’s hard to tell.

How do I forget?
Our first date when I felt something I never had before.
The first time you said that you loved me.
Carving our pumpkins that turned out awful.
You holding me when I was sad.
When I cried because I loved you so much.
When you told me I was the love of your life.
When we laughed so hard we cried.
How my stomach sank when you told me you didn’t love me anymore.
How I watched you crying as you told me.
How I cried for 4 hours straight and gave myself a pounding head ache.
How I miss you so so much.
How the pain in my chest was too much to handle.
How all I want to do is sleep but my mind won’t let me.
How when I found the old note you wrote me and trashed my room screaming you were a liar.
I have all these memories that are driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do with them.
—  Chapters from my life

@benlaxton said: One of my favourite Carisi moments was when Fin and him went undercover in that prison and he was mopping the floor… I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard

I gotta admit I don’t remember this scene much from when I first watched it, except that it was kind crazy but after watching it frame by frame, I’m literally dying. D.Y.I.N.G!! Can we pause for a moment and talk about the awesomeness that is the Scanavino? LOL!! Who else on this show has done such crazy shit as this?? WHO?

My bb works so hard. lol.

Thanks for this!! I have a few more in the ask box to work on…anyone others to request?? Drop me an “ask”.

army tag~

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im tagging no one since its pretty hard to think

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?

Taehyung, when i saw him in the ‘Boy In Luv’ MV i thought, i like the guy reading the book…

2. Who is your current bias?

hmm, Yoongi

3. What is your favorite bangtan bomb?

the ‘Just One Day’ practice (appeal ver.), i died first time watching it bc they laugh so much. and whenever i watch it now i have the brightest smile on my face

4. What is your favorite BTS song?

recently it became ‘Not Today’, it’s just the bass like wow i really like it and whenever i listen it with earbuds my ear peep after

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

Jimin, for a sec when my bias changed to Yoongi it was Yoongi but Jimin will always be my biaswrecker 

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?

none…. i cri

7. What is your favorite BTS MV? 

‘Run’ and ‘I Need You’, they can make me cry so hard and ofc i want to add ‘Spring Day’ bc i dont even have to see the video to cry my eyes out

8. What is your favorite BTS choreography?

‘War of Hormone’ and ‘Fire’ 

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often?

every part that i know the dance of doesnt matter what song ive seen every dance practice so many times that when i listen to the song i can see them dance

10. How long have you been an army?

11 feb. 2014 my cousins showed me the ‘Boy In Luv’ video short after and i loved them, and i only listened to that song at the time, then i had a time i didnt listen to them or kpop at all but i stanned them from when i saw them

11. Which album track list is your favorite?

화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, it really calms me down and yeahh…

12. Which album is your favorite?

You Never Walk Alone

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

none, i would want them to be my best friends tbh. imagine how fun that would be, some of my own friends and them and it would be so fucking fun

this is so funny to do tbh

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2,3 and 13? 👀

2. q: who is your favorite character and why? (has your fave changed since you started watching the show?)
a: Mac! he has always been my favorite and i think its just because i can relate to him the most. i actually really hated dennis when i first started watching the show (almost the entirety of my first time watching it) but now here i am
3. q: what are your top 3 episodes?
a: i suck at answering this bc its soooo hard but as of right now i would say 1. dennis and dee go on welfare 2. mac’s mom burns her house down and 3. the gang gets quarantined mostly just because i need the laughs
13. q: which cast member is your favorite?
a: i love them all so so much but everyone knows that this is a rob mcelhenney fan account and i’d die for him

thank u so much! :-)

Okay so I’m just feeling really emotional right now thinking about everything I’ve been through with this band, and this fandom. I know directioners get made fun of all the time for being “obsessed” but people just don’t understand. And it’s so fucking hard to explain. I know I’ve never met them, and I don’t know what they’re like away from the cameras and spotlight, and I might never ever know them like that, but what I do know is, the very first time I heard those five boys on the radio singing what makes you beautiful, I felt so connected. It felt so good to just hear them singing those words to me. So I had to look them up, and that’s when they really clicked for me. I watched their video diaries and I had never laughed so hard. They made me grin from ear to ear with their stupid jokes and smiles. I watched them over, and over, and they never got old. Whenever I was sad, I could just think about one direction, and I’d feel so much better. It hurts that I’ve never met them cause they’ve had such a massive impact on my life and I wish I could tell them just how much they really mean to me. As they’ve grown and got more mature, so have I. I’ve been here through all the tours, girlfriends, albums, new hair cuts, drama, new tattoos, interviews, talk shows, twitcams, everything. I’ve watched those young boys who used to goof around on the video diaries wearing onesies, grow into strong, powerful, handsome men, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s so surreal to feel this close to people you’ve never met before, that you might not ever meet. It’s crazy how after so long, I’m still here, writing about them and loving them even more then when they first started. Those five boys will always mean something special to me. And I’m even including Zayn, because even though he left, he taught me just as much as the rest of them. Zayn taught me that you have to do what’s right for you sometimes, even if it hurts other people. Sometimes, you have to put yourself, and your well being first, and that’s okay. Louis taught me how to laugh at myself, and that you don’t always have to take life so seriously, he taught me how to joke around but how to also be kind, and give, without expecting anything in return. Liam on the other hand taught me how to be serious, and take care of the people close to me. He taught me how to stand up for the people I love, even if I get looked down on for it. He taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being serious and having fun, Liam taught me how to be courageous. Niall taught me how to be confident. I remember when Niall first auditioned for the X-factor, and he just radiated confidence, he taught me how to laugh and be myself, without giving a damn about what anyone else has to say, Niall taught me that my friends are important, and to keep them as close as family, and love them with all you’ve got. Harry taught me how to love myself. He taught me that no matter what sexuality, race, gender, or weight someone is, they’re beautiful and deserve to be loved. He taught be how to be accepting, and that I was worth living, and waking up everyday. Harry taught me how to smile, even when things get rough, but it’s okay to break sometimes, he taught me that not everything has to be for the public, that I can keep stuff to myself sometimes, and lastly, he taught me all about falling in love with myself, before I can fall in love with another person. So I don’t want anyone to ever tell me that one direction has never taught anyone anything, or that they’re just a “"stupid boy band” because through one directions words, songs, actions, and looks, they teach me something knew every damn day, and they helped save my life. No matter how sad I ever am, about anything, thinking of them brings a smile to my face. And yeah, it sucks missing people who you’ve never met so much, but one day, I hope I’ll get to meet them, and if I could tell them a little bit of how much they meant to me, I’d be happy. So fuck all you assholes who think it’s cool to make fun of one direction fans, because if I made fun of the band that saved your life, it wouldn’t be to fucking funny, now would it?

There’s a funny thing he did that makes me laugh every time i think about it.
When we were away with the choir, we went to a swimming pool with a wellness area. I saw him going into the sauna area with the other teacher but he didn’t say anything or even saw that i saw him. So when the group met again at the exit, i approached him to say something about another student and the first thing he asked was “why didn’t you go to the sauna area with us?” And he said it very quietly and softly, even sounding a bit sad. I had a hard time not to laugh because it was really funny that he seemed so concerned and disappointed that I didn’t follow him without being asked. He must have thought that i watched him all the time or that i somehow else knew he went to the sauna. I said i didn’t know he went and he said he was sad i wasn’t there. At this point i nearly burst out laughing, it was so absurd. Back then we were close friends but not so close that i would be comfortable to follow him without being asked, especially when it comes to something as revealing as a sauna. To this day, i still don’t want to invade his privacy if he doesn’t say he’s okay with it.
He wouldn’t let go of that topic for days, repeating how sad he was that I wasn’t there over and over again and so we finally went to a sauna back in his town just a week later. He found his inner peace again that night. 😂

a few thoughts about the super bowl, in no particular order:

  • i’m more of a baseball fan, so i almost never know wtf is going on when i watch football. first down? touchback? what? but i can still cheer when somebody catches the ball
  • i am eternally impressed by slo-mo replays of perfectly spiraling throws. that shit is so hard to do but all these pro players make it look effortless
  • t-mobile needs to go to church for making the whole country sit through those spoof bdsm ads. i was like “omg nooo”
  • whose idea was it to make cgi mr. clean so sexy? i had tears in my eyes while laughing
  • most unexpected team-up of the evening: christopher walken and justin timberlake for bai antioxidant drinks. bonus nostalgia points for invoking “bye bye bye” when i haven’t thought about that song in years
  • nintendo switch commercial with the new zelda game looked really cool. “believer” by imagine dragons was a nice choice for a backing track
More Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#21: Zuko rehearses joining the GAang in “The Western Air Temple.”

“Hello, Zuko here.” Until now, Zuko has been the emo teenager bad guy that we were all desperately rooting for. We watched him struggle through angst and confusion, confront his father (and survive), and emerge on the other side.  But that leaves us wondering: who is Zuko if he is not defined by his rage?  

He’s an extremely awkward but hilarious dork:

I absolutely love Zuko’s impersonations of Uncle Iroh and Azula in this episode, and voice actor Dante Basco NAILS IT by incorporating tones from Mako’s and Grey DeLisle’s voices into his own.  The body language is totally spot on, too.

I remember laughing so hard when I first saw this scene for the first time. Who knew Zuko could be such a comedy star?


Then I watched the first episode of Star Wars over and over again. I loved it as a kid. It was a bit funny to be paid for it. I’d say to my wife, “I’ve got to go and watch Star Wars again, Sorry. I just haven’t quite got it…” Brilliant.

I owe Rhett and Link my life.

about 8 months ago, I was going through what I was hoping to be my last run with chemotherapy. I was struggling with cancer treatments for the better part of a few years and this was just going to be the last “go” at it. I’ve had about 5 surgeries and several rounds of different types of treatment, so I was really putting my life in fate’s hands with this one.

I was in treatment one day just watching funny videos on youtube trying to make the hours go faster when I was suggested a video with this thumbnail:

first reaction was: what in the world, second reaction was: I love sriracha so why not.

clicking on that video changed my life drastically. for the rest of that session, I watched and watched all I could and every other session after that I did the same. I used to be miserable going to my treatments and then I found myself laughing so hard I was in tears or anxiously awaiting a new episode. 

When you’re told you have cancer, you always hear “You gotta stay positive because it will speed up the healing process” and I always thought that was a load of crap… until I found Rhett and Link. I’m cancer free now and I believe I have them to thank. My mythical healers allowing me to be my mythical best. 

So, Rhett and Link, I truly believe I owe my life and well being to you and how you’ve helped me through the roughest time in my very short life. I just can’t thank you enough.