i laughed so hard i went into a coughing fit

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listn,, ok so i hav a folder of yoongi pics on my phone (as we all do) nd i was at a party and brought out my phone to show smething 2 ppl a guy next to me was like 'wait wahts that?' grabbed my phone opened the yoongi folder and flicked thru the pics... all of one guy... and it kept going and going and eventually i just grabbed my phone back and the way he looked at me...

this made me laugh so hard i went into a Literal coughing fit

so me and my mom and her friend were at the vineyard the other night and i said something about henry cavill on the tudors and my mom’s friend said “who?” and i googled a pic and she zoomed in and she went “oh. i’m gonna say this with your mom right here. someday, when you have sex, those are the kind of eyes you want looking down at you.”