i laughed so hard i cried omfg

I’m wondering if whichever admins answers this (or all three of you!) can list off your absolute favorite fic for each one of the ships? (Like… all of them 😋) also, Admin Talia, I love your writing!! ❤️

asdfghjkl THANK U SO MUCH CMERE SO I CAN GIVE U A HUG *attacks u with love*

and this is a hard one whew, so I’m gonna do what admin nana did and list ones that come to mind first but theyre also ones that I’ve either read more than once or considered rereading, which for me, is a Very Big Deal as I’m quite picky :)

Namjincolor my heart (like that red sunset) by sophia7 [T, 9k]]

Taegibecause fries and mixtapes by hoars [NR, 6k]

Namgithe lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck [G, 12k]

YoonjinSing For Me by resonae [T, 2k]

Yoonminbecause you’re you by bullwolf [NR, 10k]

Yoonkookthe garden of eden by xiajin [T, 13k]

Yoonseokkit-kat, kitty cat by sweetlyblue [M, 15k]

2seokVending Machines and Bad Ideas by smiles [G, 5k]

Taejinthe first and the last by shrdmdnssftw [G, 7k]

JinminThe Golden Rule of Love Curses by smiles [G, 16k]

JinkookForever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] by numberts (numberthescars) [T, 32k]

Namseoka hollow tune by ienveeus [M, 15k]

JihopeShaken Up by jvante [T, 6k]

vhopeThe Days We’ll Never Get Back by fluffyjimins [T, 41k]

junghopeLionheart by nivo [T, 2k]

MinjoonSnowflakes by pornographicpenguin [E, ongoing]

VmonAcrylic Skies by busan_brat [T, 4k]

Rapkookiefollow by darling [NR, 6k]

Vminif i wanted to (i do) by kaythebest [T, 41k]

Jikooki like how desperate you seem (in the way you look at me) by fatal (cumrich) [E, ongoing]

TaekookYou Were My Versailles At Night by seikou [E, 20k]

this was so hard to do omfg, but yeah, I cried/laughed/clutched my heart multiple times while reading these fics and I hope u enjoy!!

-admin talia

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*whispers* Spegg


@ anon - i love you so much dear!!! i love that i can be here for everyone and i’m so glad you feel the same way! this fam warms my heart every single day and idk what i’d do without you guys ✨⭐️💜

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@lovelygasmasks i use photoshop to make my posts! thanks so much for stopping by! 💜

@ pidge anon - awwww omg right????? honestly yall have melted my heart like 67 times tonight alone and i’m so happy i could cry god bless 😍

@rivoletta OMFG THIS IS SO CUTE THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY CHILD 💜 kocham Cię!!! (i hope that’s correct omg)

@ anon - omg please don’t apologize you aren’t bothering me! and listen, i’m sure they miss you over at msparp but everyone understands that life happens!! everyone gets busy and you shouldn’t feel bad! we all love you and support you no matter what, so don’t feel obligated to do anything unless you want to and it makes you happy, alright?? ✨⭐️💜

@larytello i legit was laughing so hard i cried, no joke lmao… your brother was hilarious and we loved talking to him hahah. make sure to get some rest, spacedad was definitely right!! xD we all love you so much and love hearing from you on the server!! 💜

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@ bumbooga - listen my dude, the most important thing is to make a blog about something you’re super interested in and passionate about! when i started this thing, i had exactly NO IDEA whatsoever if anyone would even like it, ya feel? i just did it because it made me happy. if your enjoyment shows through to others, they’ll probs like whatever you’re doing that much more if that makes sense?? ily and good luck!! 💜

@ anon - ok next guesses are…. spacey? or WAIT IS THIS HAM???? 👀

@rockyroadkylers lmao you are THE MOST TALENTED ILYSM 😂



@ swoofla - you aren’t annoying at all, my dear!! we would love to see you in the discord chat but i totally understand your anxiety!! only join if you really want to and we won’t ever pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with! also, you might not know anyone when you first go in, but legit like the SECOND you say hello, there’s a huge group of loving people ready to accept you and be your friend!!! that’s what’s so great about this spacefam!! everyone is so great and friendly and i love them so much so please don’t be scared to come in and make friends! we all love you so much already! 💜💜

@quichekolgate lmfao quiche….. you legit always bring in the best stories i’m rollin dude i legit read this story out loud to a friend and we laughed for so long ilysm 😂💜

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Thank you for the previous prompt! It made me laugh so hard I cried! With the holidays coming up there are always those people that surprise their families with baby news. I was wondering what the Voltron Family would do. You can pick who.

OMFG this is waaaaay into the future but alright since it’s in time with the holidays XD 

It’s the 23rd of December and The Voltron Family were once again spending their Christmas in Japan on the 25th. So, they were having a Christmas dinner at home first with everyone’s partners before heading to Asia. The three little kids are already adults and have partners but only Hunk was married to Shay. Lance had a different lover this time going on their first year and Pidge, well, Pidge was still with Lotor because it turned out they were great with each other. They were eating dinner in the dining room when Hunk stood up.

Hunk: *clears his throat* I’d like to have everyone’s attention please.
Keith: *looks up at Hunk* *confused*
Hunk: *looks at everyone looking at him* Excellent. *smiles*
Nyma: *looks at Lance in question* Do you know—
Lance: *shrugs* Dunno. Guess we’ll have to find out.
Hunk: Okay, so… I thought it would be perfect to announce this. Shay and I are… having a baby!!! *hands in the air excitedly*
Shiro: *blinks at Hunk*
Keith: *jaw drops* 
Lance: HOHOOHOOHOHOHOHOHOH! *claps* *stands up to hug Hunk* CONGRATULATIONS YOU BIG GUY!!! *hugs Shay* And you too, sweet thing. *kisses Shay on the cheek*
Shay: *laughs* Thanks, Lance.
Keith: *whispers to himself* *squeezes Shiro’s hand* Too young. My baby is too young. *looks at Shiro helplessly* Hunk is too young!!
Shiro: *shakes his head in amusement* *chuckles* Hunk is already 30, Keith.
Keith: TOO YOUNG!!!!! We had kids when we were 33, Shiro!!
Shiro: Keith, relax. It’s perfectly the right age.
Keith: Hunk is 3 years early!!
Lotor: *whispers to Pidge* Your Daddy’s having a breakdown.
Pidge: *looks at Keith* *smug* Oh he’ll be fine. *turns to Hunk* Dude, I’m so happy for you!! Can’t wait to be the best Auntie!
Lotor: Congratulations, Hunk and Shay. *smiles*
Pidge: *whispers to Lotor* Ew, they totally did The Thing.
Lotor: *chuckles* *squeezes Pidge’s hand* I know. Gross.
Hunk: *eyes Lotor and Pidge* I can see you guys, you know. *frowns*
Keith: *defensive* Are you saying there’s something wrong with Lotor and Pidge, Hunk? Do you have a problem with your sister—
Shiro: *stops Keith* Relax. *looks at Hunk* Your Dad and I are happy for you, Hunk. You and Shay will become perfect parents.
Hunk: *beams* I hope I can be like you guys!
Lance: Awwwww, that’s so cute, Hunk. But I don’t think neither you nor Shay can perfect Daddy Keith’s scowl.
Keith: *scowls at Lance*
Lance: Pffftt!! See what I mean!
Nyma: *shakes her head* Forgive, Lance. He’s upset he wasn’t able to get the limited edition of the new Assassin’s Creed game.
Lance: Hey! Don’t you just expose me like this, Nyma! *pouts*
Pidge: Ever thought of a name yet?
Shay: *smiles* We still don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy actually.
Pidge: Might I suggest Pidgeot?
Hunk: *gasp* What the? W H Y?
Pidge: Because I’ve always wanted a little Pidgeot with me. So you gotta produce it for me since I obviously won’t do it.
Hunk: Oh my god. Unbelievable.
Shay: *smiles at Pidge* You’re definitely something else.
Pidge: *smiles* Thanks! It’s a deal then.
Keith: *smiles at Shay and Hunk* You better let me carry that baby, okay? And I still want to be called “Daddy Keith” by my grandbaby. So Hunk you can be like “Papa.” No arguments.
Lance: *snorts* How selfish is that! *laughs*
Keith: *sniffs* I just want to be—
Pidge: Oh noes. Here comes the waterworks.
Shiro: *chuckles* *hugs Keith* Awwww, there, there, cupcake. *kisses Keith on the forehead* *turns to Hunk* I’m still “Daddy Shiro” to your kid.
Hunk: Oh my god. *laughs* Fine. *looks at Shay* Guess we’ll be Mama and Papa then. 

i think this is the second time i’ve drawn him in uniform