i laughed so hard during this was it even supposed to be funny

EXO Reaction to them farting during sex

I’m laughing so hard right now! So this funny one will be the last before I go to bed. I hope you guys like it! Admin A~
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Chanyeol: *Stops and doesn’t know what to do* “Was that me.. I’m sorry Jagi.. what’s with me..”

Kris: “No… no it couldn’t be me.. no..” *Really ashamed*

Sehun: *He continues and hopes you didn’t hear it because of the moans*

Tao: *Laughs like there was no tomorrow* “I farted… I can’t believe it!!”

Kai: *Can’t deal with his life anymore* “How am I supposed to look at her… it was terrible…I can’t go in public anymore…” *Really embarrassed*

Xiumin: *He is so into it he doesn’t even notice* “Oh baby! You are driving me crazy!!”

Baekhyun: *Depressed* “I ruined it… I ruined the moment… I shouldn’t eat chicken before going to bed..”

Luhan: “It smells terrible! Let’s get out of here!” *Disgusted by it*

Chen: “My image is ruined… my sex god image is ruined… I screwed things this time…” *Depressed* 

Kyungsoo: *Mentally breaks down*

Lay: “What was that sound Y/N? Was it your stomach?” *Tries to hide the fact he did it somehow*

Suho: *Dies everytime he thinks about that night* “I’m so sorry Y/N!! I know.. it was kinda funny…” *Embarrassed for life*