i laughed so hard at this part tbh

Behind the Scenes AU

-Behind the scenes of BNHA, there are just a bunch of actors and actresses attempting to look like they have superpowers and sometimes failing miserably at their own stunts. Their love for each other is still the same though. c:

-Every time Izuku disappears in the makeup artist’s room, a small crowd of the other actors and crew form outside. After sometimes an hour or two (prob more tbh), Izuku will stumble out with exaggerated limping and show off his “mangled” body parts. He’s had to break his bones so many times in this series, he’s used to the amount of makeup they have to put on him. The others always laugh and suggest ways he might’ve hurt himself this badly in real life.

-Izuku: “I dunno, it’s gotta be hard to hurt myself like this without a power. …maybe get hit by a train. Five times.”

-Kiri gets made fun of because his sharp teeth are actually real. The first time they met him to read through the first script, he smiled all wide and five people gasped.

-Ochako asked him if he filed them that way or if he has a hard time brushing his teeth. Izuku wanted to know allllll about his crazy dentist experiences. And Denki just walked up, stuck his fingers in Kiri’s mouth and went “HOLY SHIT THEY’RE SHARPER THAN I THOUGHT!”

-When he’s not playing his explosive, angry character, Katsuki is actually one of the most loved actors in the whole group. He’s super friendly and playful, and helps everyone a lot. (He’s still an overachiever and he still swears like a sailor though)

-The oddest thing for them to watch is the transition from a bullying scene to when Izuku and Katsuki fall out of character. The minute a scene is over, Izuku will laugh and say something like “you had me scared for a second, Kacchan!” or “great job, I really thought you were gonna kill me for a minute.” Katsuki always grins and ruffles Izuku’s hair, before asking for water because “i am going to destroy my fucking voice if i have to shout at someone one more time.”

-As actors, Izuku and Katsuki are best friends, and they meet to read scripts a lot, or discuss ways to act through scenes. They get along really well and aren’t above hugging each other or showing up in each other’s clothes on set. (Not that they’re like dating or anything lol theytotallyare ANYWAY) There have been times when Izuku had to comfort Katsuki after a particularly harsh scene, because it hurts Katsuki sometimes to say such awful things to Izuku.

-Out of character, Shinsou is basically Aizawa, minus the sleeping bag. He has shown up near-late to read-throughs, in pajama bottoms, with a blanket, coffee, and muttering, “when can i sleep again” He naps all the time. He can fall asleep on anything, anywhere. He doesn’t know how to explain why he likes it so much, they’ve just accepted that if you can’t find Shinsou anywhere, he’s probably hiding in a place where he can sleep.

-Places Shinsou has fallen asleep: slumped over his dressing room table, in a chair, during read-throughs, on car rides, in Izuku’s lap, on Katsuki’s back while he was being carried, leaning against a wall, on the floor. The boy has no shame.

-As an actor, Shouto is the quiet one of the group. But he still strangely doesn’t mind getting into any of the ridiculous pranks or funny situations with the other actors at all. And he can be hilarious too. He is accidentally sarcastic with people. He doesn’t mean to be, but it comes out that way.

-“Shouto, Kiri told me I look ugly in this, but I think he’s wrong.”
“……what do you want from me”
“Tell me how it looks!”
“Oh. …..I thought Kiri already did.”

-Shouto also has a strange way of not practicing too much, but then going out, winging it, and acting like he’s freaking become the character. He’s made the other actors and actresses cry while watching his more emotional scenes. It’s very adorable to praise him after this, because his quiet mask breaks into a little smile and he just mumbles “thank you.”

-He has a not-so-tiny crush on the Wonder Duo, but refuses to tell anyone or admit it out loud. But he always hangs around them and when Izuku and Katsuki started talking to him, he lit up. He isn’t nearly as quiet or cold with them, he loves talking to them. Izuku and Katsuki love it too; Shouto will talk a lot with them, but his voice is still soft and it is the most endearing thing. Shouto blushes like a fool whenever they compliment him and could spend hours discussing the intricate details of Izuku’s eyes or Katsuki’s hair.

-Kiri: “Okay, new challenge! Everybody trade characters with someone else and be that character for the rest of the day! You can’t break character! Winner gets this chocolate bar I stole from Aizawa. Got it?”

Katsuki: “You wanna trade, Izuku?”

Shouto: “Can Izuku even become that mean?”


Shouto: “….oh my god.”

ciuucalata’s klance fic rec list

part 1

Right To The Core by BleuSarcelle

(The one that it’s based on a short cute angsty video from tumblr and I couldn’t help myself to make my space gay suffer.)

listen here. this fic! this fic!!! it destroyed me but i love it so damn much. the angst is amazing and… god i am crying just thinking about it now. please read it and i promise you won’t regret it.

Dancing With Bluenette by BleuSarcelle

(The one where Keith wants to propose to his boyfriend and almost has a heart attack.) (Then the other one where Lance proposes back and Keith cries.) (The following one where they both cry because wedding make you cry.) (And that last one where they adopt.)

if you’ve read that angsty af fic and you need something to heal your heart and soul please read this because it’s so damn fluffy and domestic it’ll make you tear up. and when you finish this please read the whole series bc it’s so fluufy and good!!!!

Kiss by coralreefskim

“Keith,” Lance slurred, so it sounded more like he was saying Keef instead.

“What,” Keith said flatly, not really asking, as he jogged over to Red, eyes glowing yellow into life.

“You have stars in your eyes.”

Keith choked. “What?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” Lance murmured.

ft low key mutual pining and bad pick up lines

i loove the way the author wrote keith and all the other characters. it felt so in character to me and the dialogue is soo good!! the fic is really cute and it made me smile so much

Please Don’t Go by Lxie

“Please don’t go.”

“Sorry, Lance." 

okay i know this is angst too but i promise you it’s really good. i loved the writing so much! like the biginning hit me hard and i fell in love with it instantly. and there’s also a second part!!! and lxie promised me a happy ending so there’s also that

Hello Meithman by archaicsextoy

Red escapes from Keith’s apartment only for his super unfairly attractive neighbor to bring her back. 

this was so cute!!! keith worrying about his cat was adorable and there were parts that made me laugh out loud tbh. this fic made me smile so much and i just love it!!

high tide, incoming by kojondo

It starts like this:

They’re sitting across from each other at a table in the local burger joint, tossing casual banter and the occasional insult back and forth. It’s familiar and comfortable, reminiscent of every other conversation they’ve ever had, until out of nowhere Lance leans forward and says with a mouth full of fries, “Let’s date.”

okaty okay okay the beginning of this fic is really really good. and pining keith is always a good thing. and the ending was just so damn soft. and the comparisons to the ocean were so well done. I LOVE COMPARISONS

Butterfly Kisses? by waffle_walks

"Butterfly kisses?" 

this is so damn soft and fluffy. *soflty* what the heckie? it had me squeeling so much and smiling so hard. please please read it. i promise you you’ll be smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt

You’ve Been Added To Space Nerds by bespectacledoikawa

Space Daddy™: Children,
Space Daddy™: please.

( or that one fic where voltron meme squad is formed by various college kids all over japan and keith is slowly falling head over heels in love with the kid with freckles on his face and stars in his eyes )

listen here. this fic is everything, it’s one of the firsts group chat fics that i ever read and i absolutely fell in love with it. i loved the ending and the pining was soo good. but mostly the interactions between everyone were the best. and coran is also present here which is always a bonus

Barbie Girl by shipstiel

Soulmate AU—Everyone hears the occasional stray thought from their soulmate—more of a glimpse into their mind than anything else. Unfortunately for him, Keith seems to have gotten the strangest, most irritating soulmate ever and seriously who the hell sings Barbie Girl at three in the morning, what are you twelve? Get some fucking sleep. 

soulmates aus are always the best thing ever no mater what. and this one is too. it was so funny and i loved it so much!! the ending was the best. and there’s also a second part from lance’s pov so make sure to read that too

Must Have Done Something Right by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“So that was…”
“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.”
“Okay, that’s fair.  But you got a lollipop!”  
“That you stole from pediatrics.”  
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.

this is the first part of True Love or Something and i just started reading it but i am in love with it. cneiurnhcr wish i could talk more about this but i am only at the seventh part but i promise you this is an amazing series and you should read it

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which sleepless night is your fave? the second one is the one i always go back to, tbh

yES same!!! that one is so fucking lovely. there are so many individual things i love about it omg

  • he looks so sleepy and rumpled at the beginning and it’s cute as fuck!!!! 
  • the bookshelf tour is so so nice, i love the details we see there like his framed photo with his family and the blobfish stored on the shelf and the photos from the tatinof afterparty
  • the whole interlude of him making snacks is so cute :( i laughed so hard at the editing on the part where he’s making tea and just staring at the pot and waiting for something to happen and then ofc he burns himself on the crumpet AND burns his mouth on the tea like the actual ridiculous dork that he is
  • dan is gone and he’s just re-watching the video where they created dil and even says he is feeling nostalgic :(
  • when he’s gonna go take his contacts out and he’s like ‘wish me luck’ *leans in really close* ‘or you can come with me. wouldn’t that be an adventure?’ 
  • honestly why the fuck is it legitimately heartwarming to see him take out his god damn contact lenses and change into glasses? how does he turn something so mundane into something so lovely??? probs bc he wants to make a nerdy superman reference but just bangs his leg on the door and laughs at himself … i love phil :( 
  • the dan and phil cactus plushies kinda sorta holding hands on the windowsill
  • his commentary over the ‘relaxing games’ is so genuinely funny and the way he’s situated the camera angle to evoke a sense of intimacy like we’re all chilling w phil on his bed while he tries to make himself sleepy ,,, genius filmmaking right there. also he’s cute: 
  • and then the Actual Cutest camera angle of all time and the way that his voice has gone kind of sleepy soft by the end :( sdfskldfsldf fuck 

also all of the context around this video was just fun to think about. he made it and released it all when dan was away on holiday with his family and ppl rightly pointed out that phil stayed up to the hours when it would be morning in sri lanka, so perhaps they wanted to skype or talk on the phone soon after dan had woken up ,,, or maybe phil uploaded the video in general as a way of indirectly giving dan smth cute while he was away ,, i mean it is sappy af but im Here for all of that speculation tbh ahahaha. whether it was partially meant for dan or he was just in a particularly tired/relaxed state when he filmed it, this vid was probs one of the warmest things phil has ever uploaded (which is obviously saying something for phil) and i treasure it dearly hahaha <3 


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1168
Warnings: aaaaaaaaangst (surprise)

A/N: when my favorite human wants a song inspired fic, that’s what she gets. ❤️ I love you more than vanilla ice cream. @golddaggers



Originally posted by teen-martinski

I fell fast and hard for Stiles Stilinski. Maybe it was because he was the funniest person on this planet, maybe it was because he was incredibly clever or maybe because he wrinkled his nose so unbelievably cute when he laughed.

From the first day I met him, I knew that he had the biggest crush on the fabulous Lydia Martin. Plus, even if Scott hadn’t mumbled to me when she walked by us during lunch break that the brown haired boy had strong feelings towards the strawberry blonde since the third grade, I would have known nonetheless. It was the way he looked at her. Like the way you look at the first flower you see bloom after a long, dark winter. Stiles looked at Lydia as if she put the stars up in the sky.

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So dan looked nice but... part of me thinks he looks like a waiter tbh

the cute waiter that u tip nicely even tho he forgot ur drink seven times but he told a funny joke and u laughed a little too hard and he gave ur little sister a free cookie and u don’t know if that is restaurant policy but it’s nice anyways and for the rest of the night u think about him and how good people can be

Teacher/Arsonist!Zayn and Fireman/Human-Puppy!Liam from These Inconvenient Fireworks, because that was one of the most perfect things I’ve ever read in my entire life.

Please click here and zoom in for a bigger size  ^u^

trashnori  asked:

Do you remember your bias-defining moment for any of your biases?

i started biasing jin casually after seeing we are bulletproof (the leather jacket got me real good) but it was american hustle life that made me absolutely adore him - everything from his humor, his silliness, and his humble nature. he’d take care of members, do his best to communicate in english, and just worked so god damn hard that my heart would just flutter when i saw him on screen!!
and then he and hoseok did the iconic laughing bit which made me realize oh gosh,,,he’s goofy,,,,,i love him,,,,,,i think. there was the part where he got hit and had been trying to make things right with that dude who was on their team - trying to get him to see his side as well as yoongi’s and tbh,,,,like i felt it in that moment that i could see a part of myself in jin because he’s always stepping up when no one else can and then takes the backseat most of the time without complaint. i think,,,,,he lives to support others and help them shine and is so self-sacrificing that it makes me love him even more because i want him to know that there’s someone out there,,,,,that would do that for him. do anything for him. also bare faced jin made me ascend to another level honestly


Some while ago I got an ask on my personal blog to help with this and because I had a lot of stuff with school and because I’m soo lazy, I didn’t do it straight away, but here we are! None of the pictures belong to me.

Let’s start with the eldest, shall we?

JINHO - Okay, so, Jinho used to be an SM trainee, but he left them, and honestly I’m so glad bc SM lost a gem. He’s the main vocal and even though he’s the eldest, he’s the shortest ;-; he has this adorable smile when his eyes crinkle *cries* fyi if you watch ‘Gorilla’ he’s the one in the Nirvana shirt 

HUI - our brave leader and main vocal! He takes care of the members but also loves joking around. You’ll easily recognize him by his fluffy hair and such plump lips, like damn. And when he smiles, oh my God… He has that eye smile and it’s the purest think ever.

just look at him omg

HONGSEOK - has some serious visuals, main vocal, hard worker. Was under YG, was in that reality survival show where iKON was formed and he did’t pass, so he moved to Cube and he’s ours now ^.^ He has such pretty eyes and plump lips and a unique face so it’s easy to recognize him, intellectual, a bit darker skin than the others, A B S

E’DAWN - main rapper, dancer, on the shorter side of Pentagon, basically a big ball of weirdness, kinda reminds me of G-Dragon with his rapping, usually parts his hair down the middle. Sang with Hyuna on her “Roll Deep” performance, fellow gemini,

SHINWON - tbh, the first time I saw him, he reminded me of Chanyeol (??) He’s the sub vocalist, tall as fuck and loves to joke around and laugh. He hangs out a lot with the rap line, visual, can play the piano, cuts paper with his cheekbones, in their latest Vapp video, I noticed that he likes unbuttoning his shirt 

YEO ONE - Lead vocalist, so pretty he puts Taeyeon to shame, seriously he’s so beautiful. He’s a hard worker and really talkative, has a cheerful personality. He’s very good at dancing and acting, he actually appeared in a web drama

YANAN - Another tall member, Chinese, sub vocalist never had a girlfriend, so soft-spoken and gentle with the cutest smile ever. yes, bias >< can look like a bad boy or an angel, there’s no in between

YUTO - Sub rapper, Japanese, acts like he’s emotionless,has a poker face a lot, but he’s actually a huge softie, tall, when watching their mv’s he’s the one with an insanely deep voice

KINO - Sub vocalist and lead dancer, he’s seriously a dancing machine. Has a very bright personality, loves to smile and just overall a nice person, very talented, maknae line loves to joke around. He’s only like 8 months older than me, I can’t believe *cries*

WOOSEOK - When I saw the Gorilla thumbnail, I was like “Kris?! :O” I’ve also heard of people comparing him to S.Coups, or a mix between those two. He’s the maknae and the main rapper, likes anime, the tallest in the group, looks like a bad boy but he’s a cutie :3

Basically half of the group are my biases and the other half are bias wreckers 

-admin Ella ♣

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Re-reading 'reverse' and, srsly, Kat. I laugh so hard I cry every time I get to this part. Only Naruto... XDXD ----- “Oh!” Naruto wriggles in sudden, utter excitement. “Kurama-nii, Kurama-nii, guess what? We caught a geezer!”

One of my favorite bits, tbh. :D



oh my gosh ! i can’t believe that over 700 of you willingly subject yourself to mine and kal’s nonsense on your dashboard on a daily basis — it’s absolutely incredible. first and foremost, i just want to say a huge and profound THANK YOU to everyone who does follow me and has supported me on this blog. it means the world to me to know that so many of you enjoy my writing and enjoy kal as a character. for those of you who have been there since the beginning, I AM SORRY ! and to those who have just recently followed me who are realizing the enormity of your mistake in following me, I AM EQUALLY SORRY. hah. you all are so incredible and amazing and to all of my mutuals, i can’t wait to rp with you in the future. one of these days i will build the courage to overwhelm you with love … hopefully. okay, i’m sure you’re getting tired of me kissing ass so lets get to the promo part ! ((’: p.s. — every section will be listed out in alphabetical order !



@bloodiedsaints MY LIL KIWI ((’: i think we first met around two years ago ? and tbh, i’ve adored you ever since then ! you were just so sweet ! little did we know that in that two years, WE WOULD STILL HAVE YET TO ACTUALLY HAVE A SHIP. it makes me laugh because we always try so hard to plot and we get so close to finishing and then we just get swept up in ooc nonsense lmfao. also, i don’t think i’ve met anyone who understands my love for paul wesley better than you do xD and i love that we can just talk for hours about our insatiable THIRST for him. honestly, you’re the most flawless lil bean and ilysm <3

@comctaJAZ, JAZZY, JAZMANIAN DEVIL. don’t even get me started on you. you amazing me, in all honesty. you’ve been there since the beginning — the days when my writing was absolute trash, i couldn’t make a graphic worth two pennies, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PHOTOSHOP WAS, and coding was a myth. you were there through it all and, yet, you still decided that i was worth roleplaying with. that level of genuineness is just so rare and it exemplifies you so perfectly. and i adore you so much because of it. people as precious as you are so hard to find and i hope you know that i’m NEVER LETTING YOU GO, OKAY ? i know that there is always a shoulder if i need one in you and there is nothing more comforting than that. we’ve had so many ships and i miss and love every single one of them — they bring me so much pain in so many different ways. i just ! NEVER LEAVE ME OK ? I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH JAZZY.

@damgaedMY MARIA, MY MARIO, MY BING. i just … i love you so much. i hate to say it but i honestly have to thank adri for the blessing that you are in my life ok. indie would’ve never been the same had we not met and it definitely wouldn’t be as special to me ! you are my partner in crime, especially when we wanna gang up on adri and call her out for her SHIT. but, tbh, half the talk, we just send each other gifs and memes and tell one another how much we love one another and its so fluffy and i love it. i love you. you are the chandler to my joey, the mario to my luigi, the maria to my victoria. we could talk about nothing literally all day and i would never get tired of it. MOST OF THE TIME WE’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER WE HAVEN’T EVEN HAD A SHIP, we just love talking to each other and that warms my heart the most — that we just love each other’s company that much. never change. never leave me. ‘cause i wouldn’t be the same without you and adri and i could never be the THREE AMIGOS without you <3

@dctrimentalsMY DUDE, MY BRO, MY ONESIE. i’m gonna attempt to keep this short because, lets be honest, i could write a damn novel about you and how deeply my love for you extends. i haven’t met anyone in roleplay who i’ve gotten as close to as you. i mean, YOU LITERALLY CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN FOR ME. not only did you cross the atlantic, but you also endured two hours of airport customs officers HARASSING YOU for me. like, who tf would deal with that for my annoying ass ? you just amaze me, ok ? you are so special to me and i don’t even wanna think about how my life would be without you in it. the three weeks you were here were the most amazing three weeks. to say that my family absolutely ADORES you would be a damn understatement. you put up with my zayn obsession and i put up with your justin and liam obsessions.every day i look forward to your call, even tho YOU FILL MY HEAD WITH INSANELY ANNOYING SONGS THAT ARE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. you are the best to my friend, okay ? i love you so much <3

@deardosesMORGAN, BBY ! i love you so much, ok ? we haven’t known each other all that long but indie became so much more enjoyable to be a part of when i met you. you liking that random starter call was the best thing that could’ve happened — even though our children give me HEART PALPITATIONS. it will never cease to amaze me how we went from being all CUTE AND KISSING EACH OTHERS ASS to calling each other out on our shit in such a short period of time but tbh, it just shows how comfortable we are around one another. i know that when push comes to shove, i always have a friend in you. I LOVE YOU, LOVE <3 ((’:

@hholysSATAN ! honestly, you are satan personified but words can’t describe how much i adore you. two and a half years ago you liked a random starter call i posted and ever since — i’ve clung to you like a koala. half the time, we are just yelling at each other for our stupid ass decisions regarding our children. but the other half, we are supporting each other when it counts and laughing at each other when it doesn’t. every single ship that we’ve ever had never fails to slaughter me ESPECIALLY DYLAN AND KAL. they are one of those few ships that i’ve had since i began rping that just STICK with me as one of the top otps.  they ruin me, you ruin me, i’m just constantly in PAIN ‘cause of you ! but i love you so much. you and maria are always the first people to attack me when i come back from hiatuses and i don’t know what i’d do without either one of you. I’D BE NOTHING WITHOUT MY FELLOW AMIGOS <3

@khcleesis MY LIL SQUISHY ! we haven’t known each other for too long but, tbh, it doesn’t even matter. you are the purest of the pure ok. i don’t think that there are any words to accurately describe how much i absolutely adore you. timezones cockblock us nearly every day but i love when i pull all nighters and you just pop up like a lil ray of sunshine and make my night all that much better. you never cease to bring a smile to my face. i love hearing about your day or what’s on your mind AND I KNOW I CAN ALWAYS COME TO YOU AND DO THE SAME WITHOUT SECOND THOUGHT. you make my heart melt. the best day will be the day we cuddle and watch game of thrones together ok <3

@untilwebleedsANDREA, MY LOVE ! listen, i don’t … even know where to start when it comes to you. i just … i think we met about two years ago and ever since you have just been KILLING ME EVER SINCE. half the time, i question if you are real, tbh. not only does your writing inspire me like no other, you’re just as much of an aesthetic hoe as i am. and i love knowing that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SUFFERING xD whenever i’m lacking in muse or inspiration, you are honestly the first person i go to. you’re graphics make me weep and you’re writing turns me into an absolute WRECK. there is just no one like you. we have had like five hundred ships and every single one manages to destroy me in different ways — especially when we just sit and headcanon with one another until we are BLUE IN THE FACE. and don’t even get me started on all the characters you’ve had and how amazing you are at executing them. i just … i love you so much for so many different reasons. you are an angel and the devil all in one and i love you because of it <3



@cvquette, @honeymoonavcnues, @kyukcn@lostcontrcl, @louqor, @midnvghts, @ofcataclysmic, @ofplaceholders, @valxindies, @wstedd



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It's your secret santa again - thank you so much!! I think this will help :) Don't worry about it being too much, it was really fun to read! I laughed so hard at the parts with Sakakura xD I don't know if my gift will be anywhere close to finished on Christmas Day, but I'll do my best to get it to you by New Year's!! Happy Holidays~!

you’re welcome~ and haha okay! tbh i was worried if i said too much and too few at the same time, idk if it’s even possible dfkghdfhsoid but no need to rush to finish on christmas, i can wait! :DD

Happy holidays!!!

nadehzdia  asked:

ok so santi, lou and fiona are legit the hottest fam i've laid my eyes upon like??? LOOK AT THEM FUCKIN GET IT SIS LOOK @ U WITH YOUR MAN, LOOK AT YOUR MAN!! also freakin fiona looks like she just threw on her regular get up, classic, never change bbygirl. gigi and roo-roo are very cute ok just i fAVOUR MY FIRE REDHEAD FAM, REDDIES STICK TOGETHER!! santi if u hurt my honeys i will come after you istg

REDDIES AHJDJSHBFHKJSD SAME i just needed to publish this message because i laughed so hard, LOOK AT UR MAN, NOW BACK TO ME

that’s exactly what fiona did tbh it’s the fanciest dress she owns

that last part tho…g2g

levisflatass  asked:

I am pissing myself going through all your posts and just completely dying at all the "you should have come to shiratorizawa" I literally barked laughter every time, my family is so weirded out but I cant handle it


( a lot more answered questions under the cut! )

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Okay, so this isn’t a good thing, but I’m actually laughing pretty hard.

Today someone who works for our apartments came to the door and said that we weren’t allowed to have storage containers on our patio. I stood there politely talking to him as the storage container that he was talking about contained a full macerating horse head.

The fully part is, no one complained about the smell or anything, just that our patio looked “messy” (and tbh I thought I was keeping it really neat but apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Sooooo idk where I can macerate the horse at 😂 I might have to try and shove it in the patio closet but I’d have to lift it quite a ways and that’s super hard to do while it is full of water. Sooooo idk 😂 tbh they can’t see into our patio because of the bush in the way so I wonder if I just leave it… if they’ll even notice?

Also I think regulating the shit on our patio is super shitty? Like he gave me a note of “appropriate” things to have on our patio and said that “Anything other than these things are not allowed to be left outside” but like… you give us no storage space IN the apartments sooo???

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I love how the members have a soft spot for baby bun bun like he can stab them in the chest and they'll be like "DAWWWWWW who gave you that little knife sweetie? Come on, let's drive to the hospital before I bleed to death and we can go get icecream after" :,)

I LAUGHED SO HARD OMG “who gave you that little knife sweetie?” I CRIED and the ice cream part LET ME LIVE THIS IS GREAT But tbh, their soft spot for him is so massive we can’t even see the borders. He has them pretty much wrapped around his finger.

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When i read the update to LL and there was that moment where Blade was saying that he remembered Rodimus going door to door to show everyone his rollerskates i was like MMM YEP THATS SASHA’S BOY


god……….i love my shitty son……..i love him so MUCH!!!!!!!!