i laughed so hard at this part tbh

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It's your secret santa again - thank you so much!! I think this will help :) Don't worry about it being too much, it was really fun to read! I laughed so hard at the parts with Sakakura xD I don't know if my gift will be anywhere close to finished on Christmas Day, but I'll do my best to get it to you by New Year's!! Happy Holidays~!

you’re welcome~ and haha okay! tbh i was worried if i said too much and too few at the same time, idk if it’s even possible dfkghdfhsoid but no need to rush to finish on christmas, i can wait! :DD

Happy holidays!!!


for munday, i’m just going to toss up some of my favorite pics i’ve seen of our little star wars group at the convention in my city this weekend! ( especially since i still look like shit afterwards )

the first is one took at the very end of our unofficial shoot when we wanted an aerial shot of the lightsabers from the second floor. the second one is the skywalker family photo ( excluding chewie and anakin since there wasn’t anyone cosplaying them, and including a sith padme who walked around with me ) featuring me as padme comforting my grandson who was getting hopelessly picked on.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-01: favorite siblings/in laws relationship

( Rose x Loren )

I’d like to return to when I was just ten and tell myself that this loathsome neighbor boy would always be a part of our lives. Loren Hale would always be one of us. Maybe not a Calloway sister, but the closest thing to one.

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33 34 45 47 50 53 !!


33: do you think anyone has feelings for you?

potentially a work colleague, but they could also as easily not have feelings and i could be overly optimistic. it’s very hard to judge (not really mixed signals, but idk how they act around any other female, so) but i hope so because they’re very cute and they make me laugh a lot ;w;

34: has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

yeah actually!! they are my most complimented asset for some reason, i do like them more than any other part of me tbh ;3;

45: do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

nah, i’m not a shoe person tbh lmao. skirts and socks are my #1 items of clothing

47: would you ever go bald if it was the style?

catch me dead before i go bald honestly. nope nope nope. i love my thick hair too much

50: top 3 web-pages?

apart from the obvious social media, i don’t really browse ‘web pages’ as such too much….i like the tv tropes site, it’s really interesting to read and i could do it for hours tbh; i guess other sites like mangastream and amiami for manga reading + merch buying count???

53: are goodbyes hard for you?

yes, so so so difficult n when my ex flirted w/ the idea of getting back with me and then blocked me for 5 months it killed me inside and i didn’t attend school for weeks on end bc of how hard i took him saying goodbye. i have huge abandonment/seperation issues especially bc i get attached so easily, and i usually just wish i could be surrounded by the right people all the time, so saying goodbye to certain people - or being forced to - is my worst fear ever and i wouldn’t wish the feeling it gives me upon anyone. ;;

ya’ll wanna hear a secret

when i watched the 2003 series (at least i think it’s the 2003 i watched that and brotherhood close to the same time tbh) and there’s taht scene with Hoho and Trisha the covers all naked (or implied naked) i was in high school and i got so embarrassed by it i told my priest about it

(There meant to be other, more serious dialog bubble from Sans’ side, but my hand slipped) 

That hilarious scene from Chapter 7 of “Never a Lovely So Real” by @kaesaaurelia
There were cops, there was Undyne and now it’s Mettaton’s turn.
“Assume a round Sans…” I was laughing so hard at that part :D

Today I finally managed to take time and read the last two chapters and wow wow wow holy cow! Aaaaaaa. It’s like. I wasn’t expecting that. Really cool. Love it.  
Next time I’ll definitely draw some Soriel. 

guys you don’t understand how much I love Frank Iero. Like ?? first of all he is AMAZINGLY talented and works SO hard??? Like ?? GREAT dad to 3 kids. Great husband with a BEAUtiful wife. Super cute, super smol. Like RLLY smol. CUTEST LAUGH ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. And his cute lITTLE HAND MOVEMENTS WHEN HE TALKS. His hair??? Oh my god his hair. Love it. 100%. So caring and nice. I haven’t even met him yet and every part of me trusts him with my life. frANK IERO IS SO AMAZING I LOVE HIM AND I HOPE HE KEEPS HYDRATED AND WARM DURRING COLD NIGHTS.