i laughed so hard at this i just

I'm laughing so hard I just got done talking to my mom about relationships and I was like what if when I'm studying abroad in Korea I meet someone and I start dating them.

my Mom was like I don’t know if I want you to be dating some Kpop idol because they travel a lot….I guess it would be okay. BAHAHAHHAA MOM NO





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We never see evak saying I love you directly :((((( but do you think they said it to each other but it just wasn't filmed???

i dont think it was in the script..not sure if theyve already said it to each other since s3 ended or not tho….it mightve slipped, when isak was trying to rap and he messed it up and they were laughing and even just said “fuck i love you so much” breathless ..and they both froze and were just staring at each other and even smiled hopefully but nervous and scared and isak swallowed hard and blew air out his nose and his heart squeezed in his chest and then he just started smiling and grinning and even was grinning back and they were just sitting there foolishly giggling then isak shyly looked up at even and told him he loved him and even grabbed his face and kissed him and they smiled in the kiss wow anywa y

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But Kaz... as a Disney Villain... with a sweet jazzy villain song...

you know what, when i got this i laughed so hard. i just didn’t know how to reply to it. i immediately thought of cruella de vil (even though i’ve never seen the dalmatian movies) bc he would literally be stealing her aesthetic. she’s already got the whole edgy hair, black and white clothes, pretentious air and gloved hands thing going on and for some reason i just imagined them glaring at each other over it

and now i can’t stop thinking about her theme song being used for kaz because the lyrics fit, his name just doesn’t rhyme asdfkhlahj i’m a mess

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ok so i was just doing some hp wikia readings and somehow i ended up on the sacred 28 page and it says that altho the malfoys are on the list they arent "extreme enough to inbreed, and are willing to marry halfbloods" which 1) made me laugh real hard bc almost all fics drop hints abt inbreeding with draco but apparently his dads side is clean.... who woulda thought.... but also 2) the mention of marrying halfbloods.... hmm, could this be hinting towards something.. harry, mayhaps ???

Imagine Draco telling Harry this and Harry’s like “…what the fuck is wrong with you purebloods” so Draco goes “inbreeding, probably”

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I just watched a video of a person ice skating in that T-rex costume (If you haven't seen it please go watch it omg i was laughing so hard i couldn't breathe) I can see Yuuri losing a bet or something with Phichit and he ends up having to skate in the t-rex costume. Phichit records it of course, it goes VIRAL, and Yuuri is glad that no one can see his face because THE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAL

I’ve seen it and I actually cried laughing!





Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my love! 

I just received our Adele tickets in the mail and I cannot wait to spend this amazing night with you! It’s so crazy how fast time flies, but then it’s so hard to imagine a time when you weren’t in my life. You make each day better with a laugh and on the days where I’m not 100% you give me your smile.

Thank you, Catherine, for not only being an amazing life partner, but you’re also my go-to person for everything. The day I said yes to you, was the day everything changed for me - it seriously did, in all the best ways. I feel so thankful and grateful. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.

I love you so much! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 💕 😘 😘

Request: About your father...

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Hiding a lifetime of anger and pain behind a smile never works…

“I’m fine.” You grinned, it was forced.
It was like you were glaring a grin into the leaders. You were trying so hard to be convincing. You wanted them to think that mentioning your father wouldn’t drive so much pain and anger.
“No…You’re not.” Caius said. “You’ve been distancing yourself from Felix, your mate?”
“Distancing for what?” You laughed. “Nothing is wrong. Felix is just over reacting.”
“(Y/N), you’re crying…” Aro pointed out and you slapped a hand to your face to find tears and quickly wiping them.
“I don’t know why.”
“Your father gives you so much pain.” Aro said sympathetically.
“My father gave me nothing, that’s the problem. I’m over it though.” You nodded as though convincing yourself. “I’m over it.”
“You’re struggling to connect with Felix because the man who was supposed to be in your life didn’t care.” Marcus said.
“And he is suspicious of it…” Aro added.
“No!” You suddenly yelled. “I would never let him interfere with my relationship with Felix. I would marry Felix in a heartbeat! I don’t need my father! I don’t ask my mother when he’s coming home anymore! I didn’t need him to learn how to ride a bike or on my first day of school! I had amazing birthdays without him and he wouldn’t even send me a damn card to acknowledge me! I DON’T NEED HIM! TO HELL WITH HIM!” The leaders stood in silence as you breathed heavily, tears building up and your voice quivering. “I never understood why he didn’t want me and I’m scared Felix will do the same.” You began to sob as Aro took hold of you. He didn’t hug you but he did put his hands on your face and pull you to him, putting your head under his chin. “Felix couldn’t leave you. If only you saw how he looked at you when you aren’t looking. It’s filled with so much love. If something happened to you…He’d break.“

The leaders remembered all the times that Felix wore his normal hard exterior and then you’d wrap your arms around him and he’d melt. His expression said ‘finally.’ as though he had been waiting for you the whole time.
“Speak to Felix about this. It’s important.”

“That’s it?” Felix finally spoke.
“No, I understand. That’s a big deal but it pisses me off (Y/N)!”
You looked at him confused but felt guilty.
“(Y/N), I love you. I cannot be without you now that you’re with me and you think that I could-” Felix slapped his hands to his temples, unable to finish his sentence. The thought silencing him. “I won’t- I can’t- leave you. I wouldn’t even want to. Ever.”

He practically drilled it into your head.
An hour and a half long argument. Finally, he had gotten through to you and understood how you felt. It was silence and Felix wore his usual cold expression. You slowly lifted his hand, interlocking your fingers with his. He looked at your hands. Only his gentle hold told you he wasn’t angry and actually wanted the contact. You lay your head just below his collar bone and looked up at him.

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Um so if you're doing the prompts (please ignore this message if you're not) could you do 91 and 36 from the most recent list with a character of your choice? (I'm just interested to see what you'd pick) Also, I hope you're having a great day! xx

36. “Shooting star. Make a wish.” (modified a bit)

91. “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

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“I’ve never seen a shooting star,” you admitted to Steve after watching a documentary about meteors one day, not really expecting much of a reaction from the super-soldier.

He slowly turned to look at you, pulling away from your snuggled up form to give you the most scandalized expression he could muster. His over exaggeration of a reaction had you annoyed, his constant questioning of “really?” making you want to plug earbuds in your ear and listen to loud music to drown him out.

His outrageous reaction soon turned into one of glee. Excited to finally see something before you ever did, but let’s be real. He had seen a lot before you, like a different decade, for example. So, his whole shooting star phenomenon wasn’t something he should be proud of. He should be proud of having experienced a different era and having knowledge that you most definitely didn’t have, instead. And what if you haven’t seen a shooting star? You live in a city where it’s impossible to see a cluster of stars, only satellites, and even those you could hardly see. Missions were another story, you were always too busy trying to to get it over and done with that you never take a moment to just look up at the sky and appreciate the view you might be getting.

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I need to share a Thing with y'all because I keep lauhing when I think of it. Ok so I was in church today, and there was this part where they went ‘not abundantly not even superabundantly, but MORE than superabundantly.’ So of course I turn to my sis and I go 'the poison for Kuzco, kuzcos poison’ and we were in tears laughing in the middle of church and I was sure that my mom was going to kill me. Just as we calmed down, they called on 'sister’ KRONK

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so i just stumbled across your blog (and i already love it so much i turned your post notifications on) and the whole time i was thinking you'd be good with hyungwon bc meme boi or kihyun bc i now have the sassy/savage pta mom image of him and i can totally see yall at a pta meeting and you constantly have to try and hold him back before he falcon punches someone in the throat for insulting your cooking or something 😂

falcon punches someone in the throat oh mY God anon i love you come here

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Laughing man and Nat told us in the update to say thank you for all your hard work and sorry that your wrists hurts.. ( please tell him I said this he said he would make me watch sucide squad again if I didn't say something nice <_< >_>)

Did they really just make that announcement?
What a bunch of nerds. XD

But thank you so much, I do appreciate it. ^___^

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I'm laughing so hard reading the comments on your 'don't you love the color of the sky' parody because people are taking it seriously and reblogging it with shit like, "Here's my nsfw blog that you can send it to. I'd love to see your guy's pics." And its just hilarious to me because it's clearly a satirical post.


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How often do u think Magnus uses his cat eyes to convince Alec to do something? Like "No Mags you can't adopt another child u have too many already..." *cue puss in boots impression* "... alright but only one and not Simon"

“Only one and not Simon” Anon you need to know that the first time I read this sentence I very literally laughed so hard I cried.

But, let’s be honest, Alec forced himself to Get Over the cute side of Magnus’s eyes real damn quick, for this very reason. Just imagine how weak he was the first time Magnus pulled something like this. He probably had no fucking clue he was being played. He probably didn’t realize it the second or third or tenth time, either. But once he realizes the pattern of “Magnus Does Cute Eyes ==> I Lose Any Semblance of Free Will”, you know he shuts that down ASAP. He’d probably go as far as to shut his eyes or hide under a pillow when Magnus tries it again. He eventually learns that it’s safer for him to not be able to see Magnus’s eyes at all, just in case. I imagine this scenario happening frequently:

“Darling, I have to ask you a favor.”

“Okay but you have to put on these sunglasses first.”

I was watching Voltron and my grandma looks at Lance and says, “Oh! Is that boy Mexican?”

And I looked at Lance and then at her and say, “Ya know, I don’t know, Abuela.”

And then she said, “If he’s cute, he’s Mexican.”

And I asked, “Is he to you?”

And she responded with a “Yes. So that makes him Mexican. You want to know how?”

And I asked how. And my grandma said (as she strokes her hair and bats her eyes;

“Just look at me.”

And I started laughing so hard I almost choked on my Sprite.

Puff and I

Watching Puff The Magic Dragon inspired me to write a poem.

He was Puff the Magic Dragon
Last night in my dream
And I was April Paper, to Honalee
We visited Puff’s kingdom by the sea

I made a shitty magic boat
Out of my boyfriend’s bed posts
We met a pirate so happy
Baking magic pies by the sea

He wouldn’t shut up in song
But it didn’t last very long
And I threw into the sky
A fallen star with all my might

I got a metal for bullshit
As I sunk the ship
We swam to tickling island
Laughing so hard we couldn’t stand

I could barely speak
But we sang in song
And rained away
All the wrongs

And I sewed the sun
Back into the sky
(Ps this wasn’t a dream
Puff and I were just fried)