i laughed so hard at this guy though


Do not liSTEN TO THIS SONG while picturing Will and Nico because you’ll probably end up staying up super late drawing them making DUMB TWITTERPATTED FACES AT EACH OTHER LIKE I DID.


Art by me

The stupendous Mcelroy brothers in all of their glory.

(A WIP, don’t worry, Griffin is in place-holder stage for now. I just rented a tablet for the first time and I’m slowly learning digital stuff, so I thought I’d doodle~)

Seriously though, these guys are amazing. I want to be friends with them, they make me laugh so incredibly hard and simultaneously wish that I could laugh and talk with my own siblings more. I hope that they keep on being happy and wonderful in the future! (Sorry again, Griffin, promise I’ll finish you soon, haha)

have a good one~

I’m kind of curious how many of you guys have Jimin as your ult?

I’d also like to know, what’s your favorite traits of his? Whether it be physical or personality wise.

Is it the way he smiles?
Or how he throws himself at the nearest person when he’s laughing so hard?
Maybe the fact that even though he’s one of the sexiest men alive, he still manages to be super shy.


*comments are back! many readers pointed out that comments add context and subtext. thank you for taking the time to send me your suggestions. sorry for letting my laziness get the better of me. (personally still prefer you guys’ comments though. a headdesking emoticon one on the ann coulter trumpgret made me laugh so. hard. god i needed that)

**retraction: a few readers have pointed out re: the florida post that most of the people living in the to-be-submerged parts of the state voted clinton. this is true and i apologize. but unlike with the carl reiner tweet i shall keep the post up this time, to remind me of my failings (but especially for the informative comments). i hope this retraction gives you some extra schadenfreude.

***thats the thing. i am just an ordinary nobody. i will continue to make mistakes. and hopefully you will continue to gently call me out on them. if i dont rise to the occasion then i am no better than some horrible twitter egg. (even the trumpgretters that i mock are better than i am in that sense.) there will be further retractions and corrections in the future; enjoy the extra schadenfreude!

****stay lovely

When Their GF Is So Short She Has To Jump Up To Kiss Them (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (Guys, I’m 4′10″ I have this problem legitimately)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: He’d try really hard at first not to laugh and tease you, but he wouldn’t last very long let me tell ya. Even though he loves, he thinks its the cutest thing in the world and loves it every time you hop up to peck him on the cheek or lips

DAESUNG: That shit is like aegyo to him. Sometimes he would perposefully stand as tall as he could so you had to stand on tip toes and practically climb him to kiss him (he’d never admit to it though)

TAEYANG: He wouldn’t be able to decide whether it was cute or sexy, but whatever it was, he loved it. His fav would be when you’d jump up an wrap your legs around his waist to stay up and kiss as long as you liked.

G.D.: This brat, he’d tease you hardcore. He’d high key stand as tall as he could so you had to either jump on him, climb him somehow, or beg for him to bend down. He’d just a little shit ok

SEUNGRI: This kid wouldn’t make you jump, he’d love attacking your mouth so I think he’d be happy to indulge you and come to you


I’m laughing so hard right now, Heiji & Conan (Shinichi)’s faces OMG. 

They’re just like:Oh, so not only did you guys cling onto him, he also started to whisper sweet nothings into your ears? That’s it. I’m gonna fucking kill him.

Nothing is more entertaining than watching these two detectives be absolutely jealous and protective over their Girlfriends. When they’re jealous it gives me life. 

(From Episode 408. Please do not remove this description and text on this post. I’ve seen it happen and I don’t want to happen anymore) 

Laughing Boy


Summary: Ari loves to laugh. Dante loves Ari’s laugh. Ari is ticklish. Dante loves tickling him. They have a good thing going on here.

A/N: I reread Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe recently and decided that it was time to give this book some love on here. It’s one of my absolute favorite books, but I had a hard time figuring Ari’s character out the first time I read it, which is why I haven’t written for this ship before. Now though, after rereading it, I’m a lot more confident in my ability to write them. I hope you like it! Please read the book if you haven’t. It’s wonderful.

Words: 1 030

“You laugh a lot.”

Ari looked up at him. “What?”

“You laugh a lot,” Dante repeated.

We laugh a lot.”

“That’s true.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“You laugh a lot for a guy who can get as sad as you get sometimes.”

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whydocowsfall  asked:

That was literally the funniest chapter I've ever read and I was legit crying from laughing so hard. HOWEVER it wasn't as good as you guys!! You are the best and I am so thankful that you are here to bless us with your translations ♡♡♡ You do them so well and they're just so so perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! ♡

yall make me blush!!!

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we’re glad u enjoyed the chapter though! :)

Will Herondale,” said Alec. “Camille mentioned him.” He took the notebook; the thin pages felt bumpy, as if Magnus had pressed the pen very hard into the paper while writing. “Were you … with him?”
Magnus laughed and shook his head. “No—though, there are a lot of Herondales in the pages. Will’s son, James Herondale, was remarkable, and so was James’s sister, Lucie, but I have to say Stephen Herondale rather put me off the family until Jace came along. That guy was a pill.” He noticed Alec staring at him, and added quickly, “No Herondales. No Shadowhunters at all, in fact.”
“No Shadowhunters?”
“None in my heart like you are,” Magnus said. He tapped the notebook lightly. “Consider this a first installment of everything I want to tell you. I wasn’t sure, but I hoped—if you wanted to be with me, as I want to be with you, you might take this as evidence. Evidence that I am willing to give you something I have never given anyone: my past, the truth of myself. I want to share my life with you, and that means today, and the future, and all of my past, if you want it. If you want me.
—  City of Heavenly Fire

“There will be no more conversating with my sister, she knows where her loyalties lie.”


“Y/N! I’m not a good guy, I’m not someone you would want to be with. I’m a monster!”, Klaus tried to explain and to add to the dramatics he got really close to you while he let his hybrid side show. You put up your fists in a jokingly manner, as if you were fighting.

“Oh yeah totally. You’re so bad”, you told him as if you were speaking with a little child and you had a hard time not laughing. Klaus didn’t find it as funny though.

“Why don’t you get it?”, he wondered in frustration. You put down your fists and smiled up at him while putting your hands gently on his cheeks.

“Don’t you know that I love you? All the bad included. I know exactly who you are and frankly I don’t care. Even though there is bad, there is also good. I know it”, you told him earnestly and saw how the veins on his face disappeared. He let out a small gasp as he looked at you with unbelieving. 

“How can someone like you possibly love a monster like me?”, he wondered, but more in a thankful way than in an actual question. You just leaned forward and placed a small kiss on his lips.  

Let's Play Minecraft 135 - Expanded Achievement City
  • Gavin: Ryan, I saw you at the party the other night.
  • Ryan: You did. I came out.
  • Geoff: It was weird.
  • Ray: You're gay?
  • Michael: Uhh, I wouldn't jump to conclusions, Ray, you were there too!
  • Ryan: Yeah, that's true.
  • Michael: Ray, you came out as well.
  • Ryan: Ray and I came out at the same time.
  • Michael: You guys came out together.
  • Ray: R&R Connection.
  • Michael: I was wondering why you guys walked in holding hands wearing rainbow t-shirts.
  • Ryan: That was just coincidence.
  • Ray: It was really weird walking in as like, a 69.
  • Ryan: It was like something out of Cirque du Soleil - we were just somersaulting.
  • Ray: It was pretty impressive, actually.
  • Geoff: You guys are cute together.
  • Ray: Thanks, man.

tfw you’re screaming over broccoli.


Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”? They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s someting about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you”.

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let me tell you bout this one punk ass white bitch at my school who supported trump even though he lives in the middle east ?? his toe looking ass called muslims "problem people" and this guy (who is the best honestly) just got out of his desk and pUNCHED HIM. it was the best day of my life when i found out he moved all the way back home to (you're gonna laugh so hard when i tell you where he went brace yourself) arkansas

This was a wild ride and I loved every single part of it

Lol what if on the day they announce the new president of the united states everyone up at the front has their Donald Trump t shirts on and hats and banners and shit and they announce it and its like “Our new president of the United States, Bernie Sanders!” And donald trump is all “what the hell?” and all those “donald trump supporters” at the front rip off their shirts and tear up the banners laughing hysterically and one guy is just like “You fuckin loser! I can’t believe you FELL for it! We were never gunna vote for you, you punk ass! lmao! You really thought!” and He just all “>:O” and everyones cheering and laughing their asses off because he got punk’d so hard. But then the electoral college cuts in and is all “DOUBLE PUNK’D! You were never even on the BALLOT you DIPSHIT! You really though we were gunna let YOU run for PRESIDENT!? This was all just a media stunt to have a lil fun, omg you fell for it!” And they’re just all high-fiving and shit and Bernie Sanders is president and everything is right with the world :)