i laughed so hard at these

egyptiansapphiredragons  asked:

*gulps* um, please Seto A5, Pharaoh Atem D6 and Mokuba in D5? ;w;. If it's too hard I don't mind having only one char!! xwx

They were all good faces, so I couldn’t resist making it a scene (and I’m not the only one about to make a scene probably. I can’t decide if surprise!birthday present for Mokuba or if Atem got the opportunity to babysit and didn’t waste it)

okay…. okay……. remember the other day when i said something was the “best feeling ever”? that was a complete and total lie.

the best feeling ever is actually getting stoned in the middle of the night, laying down in a dark room, and then laughing so hard you can’t breathe because the world’s cutest, sweetest chihuahua puppy is desperately licking every exposed inch of your face while you half-assedly try to fight her off.