i laughed so hard at these


one hundred days with naluday twenty-two‘that better not be what i think it is…’

reihyan  asked:

me shouting at the end of that chapter: JESUS NO DON'T DO IT TAAKO ///cringes away from the keyboard in despair

kravitz: listen i want to help you. we need to help each other. just make sure you absolutely do not even think about going these two VERY SPECIFIC places, okay? it’ll be really bad if you do just trust me i want to help you

taako’s dumbass at the first chance he gets:

yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao

“There was one time when we were children he transformed himself into a snake. And he knows that I love snakes. So I went to pick up the snake to admire it. And he transformed back into himself and he was like ‘ABLERGH IT’S ME!’ And he stabbed me. We were eight at the time.” -Thor, on his great relationship with his little brother