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this might be a bit weird but what are the funniest asks you've gotten?? i always think you get some really funny ones like omg

oh man i literally spent a day looking for this (link), i got it when i first started this blog and it made me laugh so hard. i’ve had so many weird messages i could probably go through and make a whole post about them lol. here’s another good recent one (link)

this post is charged with the most positive of vibes & a menthol marlboro

⭐i hope u all have a beautiful day today.
⭐i hope you get to smile more than you can count on 10 fingers
⭐i hope you touch something you love and feel at least one positive emotion.
💗i hope you can forgive urself a little bit. breathe in and out. things are temporary, it is better to cherish than to lament. letting go entirely is hard. so just give yourself a small break today and breathe.
💛i hope you can have fun a little bit. maybe you spin in a circle and feel the wind brush past your ears. or you hear a stranger tell another stranger a joke on the bus and you tell it to your friend when you get to where youre going. you find a really beautiful pic on tumblr. watch a vine compilation. there is always a lot to do, and one of them is smile. you should always try to put a few laughs in your day.
💚 i hope you can learn a little bit. what is your managers daughters name? how do you make a dress? whats on the menu at the restaurant downtown? its good to keep your mind open to new information and explore your interests. sometimes you have to stumble upon your interests.
💙 i hope you can grow a little bit. understand something you didnt before. smile at a stranger, you dont have to make eye contact. take those baby steps towards your big ideas. you dont have to do everything at once.
just a little at a time.
💜 you are loved.
💜 you are important.
💜 you are here.
🌞thank you


You’ve been studying really hard, you’ve just been putting your head down, trying to get your O.W.L.s, or whatever they’re called - and you know, getting house points, and then Dumbledore just goes: “Oh! By the way… um, I’ve got some extra points to give out. Five million points for Gryffindor!” at the end. What’s that about? I’d be pissed off.

I know I’m a bit late with this, but the senpai trio as first years just melted my heart ;–; So I had to doodle them being all happy and giggling at… something.
I really hope to see more of these tree!

Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

BTS Reaction to their s/o imitating them in their songs

Remember, as of now requests are open. Please check my Request Guide to know what I write and for who I write! :)

I changed it a bit, so I hope you don’t mind it. Since I gave them all a different song each, and to some I even gave their own song and not the groups.~Admin Soul~

Seokjin- You would be imitating Seokjin in ‘Just One Day’, you would stand onto your sofa, picking up your dog, smiling really hard and singing his part. He would be dying from laughter ‘‘Why are you……,’‘ he would find you so funny and adorable at the same time, I feel like after he would be done laughing, he might even join you.

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Yoongi- You would be trying so hard to rap his song ‘Agust D’, yeah it would end with you mumbling every word, not being able to keep up. Yoongi though, would find it absolutely adorable and hilarious ‘‘Hahaha, you’re so….haha,’‘ he would find it so cute how you would be trying to rap at all, since you’re obviously not a rapper. Expect yourself to not be able to talk afterwards, maybe trying to imitate his voice was a bad idea all along.

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Hoseok- You knew this was a bad idea from the start, but I mean hey, it would be fun to try ‘Blood Swear and Tears’ right? At the moment it was extremely funny, with you trying to sing, rap and dance, not knowing all of the moves perfectly was even better. Hoseok would be trying to help you ‘’Y/N…haha, you got it wrong again,’’ by dancing with you, but it would only make it funnier with you not being able to remember all of the moves. Afterwards though, you would be so exhausted.

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Namjoon- You were trying to prove to Namjoon that you could rap, at least to some point. So he would’ve told you try rapping ‘Joke’, you knew you would fail, but I mean at least you’d make it fun. Well it certainly was fun, half of the stuff you said weren’t even real words, the only thing you succeeded in was making Namjoon die from laughter ‘‘Y/N….wow……..you’re on another level hahaha.’‘

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Jimin- You would be trying to do ‘I Need You’, since you knew you wouldn’t be able to do it seriously, you decided to exaggerate everything. From the faces Jimin would pull, to the moves and singing. Poor Jimin though would find it really cute, but at the same time he would be thinking if he exaggerates stuff that much as well ‘‘Hey! I don’t exaggerate stuff THAT much, hahaha.’‘

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Taehyung- You and Tae would always find some silly ways to have some fun and this would be one of them. This time you decided to imitate him in ‘Dope’ and boy was it fun for you. Just like in the Jimin one, you’d be exaggerating everything. Poor Tae would get a bit flustered and shy ‘‘Y-Yah, Y/N-ah….that’s really……,’‘ but nonetheless he would find you absolutely cute and funny.

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Jungkook- We all know that Kookie is a big goofball, and with you even attempting ‘Fire’ would set his weirdness off. He would definitely join you, even poking fun at some of the things he does on stage, you should expect thing like these to happen when you’re both together, with the two of you together people would think that both of you need some mental help, while in reality you are just having fun.

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Words (Blurb)

First baby’s first word being something Christmas related.


“See the tree? See the pretty tree, baby? Can you say ‘tree’?”

Your little girl turned to give her father a bit of a confused look but then broke into a big grin and began to bounce in his arms.

“She’s not going to say ‘tree’, Harry,” you laughed, coming in from the kitchen with a mug of tea in your hands, “‘T’ sounds are hard for babies. Keep working on ‘dada’; that will probably be more successful.”

“She’s gettin’ close,” Harry protested, “She’s really tryin’; I can tell.”

You giggled as you watched Harry with your little girl. He had insisted on getting her to wear a little snowman onesie that he had bought a few months ago, excited that it finally fit her. He had put a little santa hat on her head, but it had gotten pulled off within seconds and she attempted to stick it in her mouth. Harry was now currently trying to distract her by showing her the Christmas tree. 

The two of you had been trying to get her to say her first words for a few weeks now. Mostly, her progress had been things that sounded like “baaa” and “mmmm”, and she did a lot of pointing at things she wanted. You were anticipating the day that she actually said her first real word and Harry was apparently determined to make that word be Christmas related.

“How about ‘lights’? Can you say, ‘lights’?” Harry asked, partially joking.

You laughed again and went back into the kitchen to get Harry his own mug of tea.

“This is a ball,” Harry continued, pointing to one of the colorful decorations that you had hung on your tree.

“Baaaa!” your daughter cooed, excitedly, trying to reach for the glass bulb.

“No, no, no, my love. S’not for babies,” Harry corrected, taking a careful step back which caused your daughter to whine and try and reach for the tree once more.

“Baaaa!!” she cried again, a bit more desperately this time.

“I know, it’s very pretty. But s’made of glass. Daddy will get you a ball that you can play with.”

She continued to fuss and whine as Harry walked further from the tree. He rubbed her back, attempting to sooth her. She reached out behind her in the direction of the tree and announced what she wanted, very loud and clear.


Harry stopped in his tracks and held her out in front of him.

“Ball? Did you just say ball?”

“Ball!” she whined again, pointing at the tree.

“You said it!” Harry cried, grinning wide, “You said your first word!”

Your daughter did not seem at all concerned about the fact that she had just spoken; she was bound and determine to get herself back to that Christmas tree so she could grab the shiny object that Harry had showed her.

As happy as Harry was, he could tell that his little one was getting upset and he didn’t want that.

“Okay, baby, okay. Daddy will get you something to play with, don’t cry my love.”

He walked with her back over to the Christmas tree and picked off another round decoration that wasn’t quite as fragile. Her whines stopped as soon as he handed it to her and she babbled happily while she held it in her hands.

“There we go,” Harry said, pressing a kiss to her cheek, “S’all you wanted, isn’t it?”

“Ball!” she announced, holding it up so Harry could see.

“That’s a ball,” he nodded, “Such a smart little girl I have.”

She continued to look at the decoration in her hand and curled her head down against Harry’s shoulder. Harry gave a sigh of satisfaction and continued to press kisses to the top of her head.

“Love you so much, my little snowman,” he whispered, “An’, in the New Year, we’re gonna work on you sayin’ ‘dada’ next.”

@by-mirai replied to your post “i like seeing you laugh”

Isak actually says, “I like seeing you laugh again”. Tarjei has a habit of uttering barely audible words, so the “igjen = again” is a bit hard to hear, but it is a consensus among Norwegians that that is what Isak said. They’ve been through a few really tough days and finally Even is smiling again. ❤

Oh, I hadn’t heard that, that’s super interesting! I do wonder what little details I would never hear, not speaking the language (I love that they really let them whisper??). It doesn’t alter the sentiment too much but that does change the immediate meaning.

Off the top of my head, I can remember another one. In “Dette er Even”, right before Magnus hugs Even, he tells them, “Kos dere” = “Enjoy yourselves/have a good time!” to which Even replies, “We always do”. Which is so sweet. 😍

Whaaaaaaat, that’s CUTE. I’m HURT that I didn’t know that detail previously! If you think of any others, you should pass them along~ Maybe make a post if you’re up for it! I’d be interested to know what Norwegian ears are picking up, even if they’re little debatable things!

Day6 Reaction to You Pulling Away From Kissing Them


He would smile and laugh at how flustered and blushy you got all over trying to initiate a kiss between the two of you. He’ll probably tease you a little bit about your cheeks only making you pout and look even cuter.

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He would probably try to play it off like he wasn’t expecting you kiss him but he wouldn’t be able to hide how disappointed he got all that well because his voice would give it away. Poor cutie was really excited to have you kiss him.

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He would laugh so hard because you were so ready and then you didn’t. I mean, he would try to tell you that you were adorable with your flushed face and little pout but give him a few minutes before his sentence is coherent again.

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He would try and encourage you because it was really cute that you tried and failed to initiate a kiss between he between you two but he also wanted to help you feel more comfortable doing it more often.

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(You’re Wonpil) He wanted you to do it but the moment you ran away he had to take sometime to stop giggling at you before he went to call you cute for trying.

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- Admin Sunshine

so here’s my commentary for the first dub episode of MHA

  • little Izuku sounds like he inhaled way too much helium 
  • little Bakugou would sound adorable if he wasn’t beating the snot out of little Izuku
  • i really enjoy Izuku’s teen voice 
  • not sure what to make of Kamui Wood’s voice yet, but i suppose it fits
  • lmao i always laugh when Mt. Lady fucking steals Kamui Wood’s spotlight 
  • Mt. Lady has some sort of accent? it kinda adds to her character a bit
  • Bakugou sounds like such a little shit i can’t not laugh at him whenever he talks
  • no really i’m laughign so hard with every bit of dialog this kid speaks
  •  oh my god you’re not that cool Kacchan sit down
  • ”I’ll be more popular than All Might himself!!” not with that attitude. my poor, delusional son
  • ok what the fuck Bakugou literally blows up Izuku’s desk and threatens him and the TEACHER DOES NOTHING
  • like goddamn the entire class mocks and bullies this kid and the teacher just stands there and says nothing 
  • fuck you you shitty teacher
  • i really like All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god Bakugou sit down you’re not that cool
  • i love my son but by god he is a dick in the beginning
  • even Bakugou’s lacky friend is like “man he’s got an ego”
  • ”My dreams have turned into fish food.” #relateable
  • little Izuku’s voice is super cute
  • Inko sounds super duper sweet i love it
  • Izuku imitating All Might’s laugh is the most adorable thing ever
  • the scene where the sludge guy tries to take over Izuku’s body will always and forever be disturbing and horrifying on many, many different levels
  • kinda wonder if we’ll ever see the sludge dude again. idk
  • All Might has just the right amount of hilarious hammy bravado in his hero form
  • All Might sounds so fucking dorky i love him
  • ”Stand back!!” All Might says, as Izuku clings to his leg
  • ”WE’RE FLYING!! IF I LET GO NOW I’LL DIE!!” “…….. OH. THAT’S A GOOD POINT!” god i love you Toshi, you fucking dork
  • god i love the music during the scene where Izuku asks if he can still be a hero even without a quirk
  • too bad his dreams are about to be crushed. i can already hear the record scratch

anyway apparently only the first dub episode is available for free streaming on FUNi’s website so i guess this is the end of my commentary for now

As horrifying as this would be, Connie’s reaction is making me laugh pretty hard.

Guess she also learned a little bit about biology.

Eeeeeey I really like that look! I hope he gets to use the shirt on future episodes.

It’s okay buddy, no one blames you for what happened. It’s understandable that you would want to grow up like a normal human.

Who knows, that still might happen.


Okay okay, last one, I swear.

Holy shit I love these two so much.

My Heart

My girlfriend and I have this tradition every year.

I set her down on the couch, I hold her hands in mine, and I ask her what she wants for Valentine’s Day.

She laughs, kisses my cheek, and whispers in my ear,

“All I want is your heart.”

We’ve been dating for five years this summer. We met at a college party. I was a mathematics major and a loner but one of my friends insisted on dragging me to this house party. There was over ninety people in this tiny ass house and I really just wanted to go back home.

But then I met Sonya.

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You’re Important

Hi could you do one where the reader has lots of problems with like nauseousness and dizziness and the reader hadn’t felt sick in a while but then one day she gets really dizzy so Reid rushes her to the doctors and the reader has to get her blood drawn (which she hates) and he just helps her through it. Then they go home and the reader is still a bit nauseous and phsically and mentally drained so Reid just puts on a movie and gives cuddles and kisses to her until she falls asleep and its cute <3

A/N: Hope you like it, I had a hard time picking the title! :(

It was another night spent on Spencer couch, laughing, watching movies in languages you didn’t understand, and junk food, lot’s of junk food.

You reached for the popcorn bowl; frowning when you realized there was no more left “I guess it’s my turn” you sat up from the couch, and made your way to the kitchen.

You kept your hand along the wall, and hung on the table, when Spencer heard the bowl drop, “Y/N” he called out your name. He laughed thinking about all the times you’ve fallen, and just how clumsy you tend to be. But this wasn’t one of those times, he didn’t hear the usual response “Y/N” he said concerned. After a couple of seconds he got up the couch, to find you sitting in front of the kitchen cabinet. 

He kneeled down next to you “Hey, are you okay?” he said brushing the hair from in front of your face. You wanted to say yes but it didn’t look like you we’re okay “I think so, it’s nothing”

“It’s nothing? You’re on the kitchen floor right now how is this nothing?”

You didn’t want to listen to his speech again, “We’re going to the hospital” Spencer said getting up from the floor. “No I don’t need too”

“I wasn’t asking if you needed too, I’m telling you we are”

It had been a long time since you had felt this sick, your head was still spinning as you laid on the hospital bed.

The white hospital walls, the smell, the lighting, the bed, the monitor constantly beeping. You couldn’t figure out which one you hated the most.

“So your vitals are all good, we are just going to take some blood, run some test make sure everything really is okay” the smiling nurse said looking through the drawer getting the supplies ready.

“Blood, no that’s okay, I don’t need blood work” you said alarmed.

“You mean you don’t like blood work?” Spencer said looking at you. He was right, as always, you hated blood work. The nurse reached out for your right hand “I promise I’ll be quick” you unwillingly gave her your hand.

“Hey” Spencer said calling your attention to the left, “You want to see a magic trick?” he said with a huge smile on his face. You felt a like a little kid refusing to go to the doctor, refusing to get blood drawn, and now being distracted with magic tricks. But he always went above and beyond to make things better for you. 

With a big smile on his face he pulled out the deck of cards from his pocket. He shuffled it a couple of times, “Well go with a classic, this is going to be your card, remember this card” you shook your head amused.

His hands moving too fast for you to keep up, but you never took your eyes off of his. Before he could even finish you heard the nurse say “All done, well have the results back in about thirty minutes. 

Spencer kissed your forehead “See that wasn’t too bad.”

The blood work had come back normal; they released you with the only instruction to rest. “You know this doctors visit was completely unnecessary” you said taking a seat on the couch. “It was not, it had been a really long time since you’d felt like that” 

Your eyes began to fill with tears, today had been to long. “I’m fine” you said through your tears. “Well I needed to make sure, you are way to important, I can’t be with out you” Spencer said wrapping his arm around you, your head rested on his chest as he played with your hair.

“Thank you for being there”

“I’ll always be here” he said kissing your forehead.  

He un paused the movie where you had left, and continued to play with your hair until you fell asleep.


“That guy was just pissed you’ve been getting better grades than him anyways…” Wally said with a low chuckle before glancing toward you. “Pretty girls tend to make us do stupid things… Especially when they’re smart.”

“Okay…” You laughed, nudging him with your elbow hard enough to make him stumble a bit. “So, now I really am starting to think you’re flirting. You went from class hero to heartbreaker in two seconds flat… So, which is it?”

With a smirk, Wally tucked his hands into his pockets and glanced at the coffee shop across the street before offering, “I’ll buy your drink if I can get out of answering that…”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being in the Same Engineering Class with Wally and going to Jitters after He Stands up for You*

Request: How about Wally and the reader are in the same engineering class and a few guys making comments about her being the only girl in the class and wally stands up for her, which the reader is thankful for and they end up going to jitters for a coffee

BTS Reaction To You Having A Touchy Male Friend Who Is Actually Gay

Request: Can you maybe write a scenario/reaction (you can decide) about the boys (bts) girlfriend having a male best friend and being really touchy with them? But it turns out in the end that the best friend is gay.

Namjoon: I feel like he would embarrass himself by saying something to your friend along the lines of “that’s a little much. Stop touching my girlfriend like that” and your friend would just laugh so hard. Confused, Namjoon would talk to you, a bit upset and you would explain to him that your friend is gay and Namjoon would just be so humiliated and feel super guilty for scolding him.

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Jin: He would glance at your friend and would immediately know. By the way you let him touch you and just picking up on little hints and how he spoke to you about boys, Jin would already know and would have no problem with it.

Originally posted by hohbi

Suga: He would be super surprised so see your guy friend being so touchy. He would be uncomfortable but wouldn’t say anything until the two of you were alone. He would hint at it at first but then straight up tell you that he didn’t like it. You would laugh and he would just get angry. Then you would explain to him that your friend was gay and he wouldn’t talk for the rest of the day because he feels bad for reacting the way he did.

Originally posted by sugagifs

Hoseok: I feel like he would be thinking that your friend was gay with the way you let him touch you but he wouldn’t be confident about his assumption. Once your friend was gone, he would ask you and would just be relieved once his assumptions were confirmed.

Originally posted by ho-seok

Jimin: He would be the most jealous and upset about it. He would glare at your friend all the time and would never even think about him maybe being gay. It just wouldn’t cross his mind. He would speak to you about it and just be really upset but once you told him that your friend was gay he would just shrink and be embarrassed that he got so upset.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Taehyung: He would be oblivious at first. If your friend just continuously did it and made it super obvious then he would eventually notice but wouldn’t be too bothered by it unless he made you ignore Tae by being so touchy. Then, Tae would say something to your friend but then he would tell him he’s gay and Tae would just become friendly again and be unfazed. 

Originally posted by kths

Jungkook: He would be really uncomfortable with your friend touching you so much but wouldn’t know how to bring it up. After a while he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet anymore and would just ask you why the two of you were touchy. His feelings towards it would show and you would ease his mind by telling him your friend was gay but lets be real Jungkook would still want him to stop so that he could hug and hold your hand more around him.

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I wonder how...

Jerome would react to someone with a nervous laugh? Weird question I know but imagine if a girl on that school bus or in the ME room at the gcpd when Jerome wakes up and started giggling or laughing because of the nerve recking/tense situation. Hey, it happens…seriously it happens to me all the time especially during a serious situation. Get some really weird looks but it’s something that’s a bit hard to control at times.

Week 28

(+3 Days)


The achy pelvis is not something I was expecting, its constant. I’ve turned my pregnancy pillow around so the part that usually goes at your head is between my legs, so even if I straighten my legs there is still a pillow there, I think that is helping. I’m having some difficulty falling asleep at nights, mainly because I’m finding it hard to get really comfortable. Heartburn is also a real bitch right now. I’ve taken zantac almost daily my entire pregnancy, and I’ve had to increase it lately. Last night I had to take two and drink some milk before I was able to actually lay down. It’s horrible.

My boobs are leaking a bit, which is fucking insane. Like the most natural thing in the world, but also super freaky at the same time. Bill made a gross face when I told him and then we laughed. Then later when I asked him to get me some milk for my heartburn he said “Just get some from your boobs” and we laughed some more.

We picked out our rocker glider today. Its fucking amazing. I can’t wait to sit in the bitch and take a nap because it’s so comfortable! My dad bought it, and boy am I glad he bought it because it was way more than we would ever be able to afford, but it was a super important item to me and I know we will get a lot of use out of it. Bill was really funny at the store because he kept pointing out things we need, and I’m like “yeah I know.” I created my registry over a year before we got pregnant and have buying things for a reason lol. He was AMAZED at the mamaRoo and is like insistent on getting one now. It’s funny because now he is noticing these things, when before he could care less.  

Bill finished construction on Kennedy’s room. It looks amazing and I am in awe of all the work he did. I say construction because it was literal construction. He took out the carpet, ripped down all the plaster walls, filled in a window, replaced another window, replaced all the electrical outlets and moved the light switch, insulated the entire room, put dry wall up, finished the walls with dry wall mud, painted, put in wood flooring, and installed trim around the entire room. It was a massive project and the room turned out amazing. We started putting the furniture in yesterday and I almost cried. We bought this furniture 3 years ago and it’s finally getting used.

I just want her here. I’m willing to wait until she is ready, but every day I get more and more excited to bring this little miracle home!

satanicsterek  asked:


Other Request:

maybe meeting him in la for the first time after dating him over skype and text for a year?? if you do write this thank you v much 

Thanks for these requests! Sorry this took so long, I’ve been really busy and had a wonderful mental meltdown so finding time to write was a bit hard. Anyways, sorry that it isn’t super good, but I hope you still like it!
(Read it on AO3.)

You sit in the waiting area silently with your luggage by your side, compulsively checking your phone. 10:57 am…he should have been here by now… You tilt your head back against the wall and sigh. The airport around you bustles with life; some people chat and laugh with each other while others simply grab their luggage and go.

“Lucky fucks…” You mutter, checking your phone again. Nothing, still no messages from Ethan. “Oh, come on, Ethan!”

Almost on cue, your phone buzzes in your lap.

Incoming Call: Ethan<3

“Finally!” You exclaim, picking up the phone.

“I. Am. So. Sorry! I’m almost there, I promise! Traffic was all backed up and Mark needed me to do something for him…I hope you aren’t mad…”

All irritation drains from your body when you hear his voice. “You’re fine, baby, just get here safe, ok?”

“Of course!” You can nearly hear the smile in the tone of his voice. “I’ll see you in about five minutes!”

“Ok, bye.” A sigh slips through your lips as you slowly grow anxious. This is it, it’s the day that you and Ethan finally meet in person after a little over a year and a half of long distance. After all of those late-night calls where you only wished he was there in your arms, it’s finally possible. So why are you so nervous? This is what you wanted, right?

Your teeth tug at your bottom lip as you fiddle with your hair. “It’s going to be ok… It’ll be fun.”

Your phone buzzes again.

From: Ethan<3
I’m here!

You take a deep breath and send back a reply.

From: ____
On my way to the front now

Your nerves are buzzing as you slowly walk to the front of the airport with your luggage in tow. Soon the front doors are in sight, and Ethan’s car is parked right in front. Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm… Ethan’s eyes light up when he sees you and he hops out of the car.

“Hey!” He exclaims, reaching out to grab your luggage and put it in the car. You grab his hands and pull him into an embrace instead.

“Hey.” You say back, voice muffled by Ethan’s shoulder. “I’m so happy to see you.”

All tension melts away as Ethan’s arms wrap around your waist and pull you close. “I’m happy too…so, so fucking happy.” He gently pulls back and pecks your forehead, reaching for your luggage again. “Let’s go get some lunch, you must be hungry!”

You smile brightly at him and help him with your bags. “Yeah, food would be great!”

“Well, decide what you want and we’ll eat it there before we head home.”

You push the last of your bags down into the trunk before leaning in to kiss him. The kiss isn’t long, but it’s full of feeling and longing. Ethan hums into the kiss before pulling back, breathless. You lean back and smile brightly at him.

“Sounds good, babe.”

You finish off the last few sips of your drink as Ethan’s car pulls into the driveway. His fingers are still intertwined with yours, reluctant to let go even though you still have the rest of the week together. Ethan turns of the car with his free hand, but stays put in his seat.

“Well, here we are.”

“Yeah…” You reply, mind still trying to adapt to the fact that Ethan is right here, and the warmth in your hand if radiating from his.

“What do you want to do now?” He asks, looking over to you. Your eyes meet with his and your heart skips a beat.

“Can we watch a movie?”

“Whatever you want, beautiful.”

The movie is barely started before you and Ethan forget that it’s playing; you’re both lost in conversation, laughing and kissing and basking in the feeling of being able to reach out and feel him…His fingers are intertwined with again, but it’s not enough, so he slowly leans back and pulls you down with him, laying you down on top of him.

Your head nuzzles into the crook of Ethan’s neck as he pulls you impossibly closer, fitting your bodies together like puzzle pieces; perfect. His fingers fiddle with the fabric of your shirt before slowly smoothing it back out. He kisses the top of your head gently.

“This is so nice.” He mutters, voice slightly muffled by your hair.

“Yeah…so nice…” You breathe out, allowing yourself to completely melt into Ethan’s warmth. “I never want to leave…”

“Then don’t.” He replies simply, fingers still playing with your shirt. “Stay with me.”

You look up to him, surprised. “Wait…really?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s been a year and a half…I mean…I’d really love it if we could live together.” He bites his lip and tries to gauge your reaction.

“Ethan…I really, really want to…but everything I know-”

“Is back home, I know. I don’t mean now, like, tomorrow or anything…just-”

“Sometime in the kinda-near future.” You finish for him. He hums in reply as you drop you head back into the crook of his neck. “In that case, I’d love to move in with you, babe.”

Ethan’s arms squeeze you tightly as he presses another kiss to the top of your head. “We’ll get it all figured out some other time, so for now, let’s just focus on this week. Sound good, baby?”

“That, my love-” You lean up and peck Ethan’s lips lovingly. “-sounds wonderful.”

Preview for Frustration Part 2

@oddlyfamiliar convinced me…I’m hoping to have the full part up tomorrow…

“This kitchen isn’t really big enough for morning sex,” she laughed, but wrapped her arms around his neck anyway to pull him toward her body.

“I think we can improvise…” He brought his hands up to her thighs, and pushed her back on the shallow counter to press her against the breakfast bar. With a wink, he dove in to anchor her hips to the marble and suck at her pulse point easily. Ginny keened backwards and brought a hand up to tug on his hair, probably a bit harder than was necessary. But that was the point, right? She could be as hard as she wanted…

She got so lost in the sensation of Mike’s mouth on her neck, his solid body pressed flush against hers, that she almost didn’t hear the chime of the cell phone beside her. But could anyone blame her? A shirtless Mike Lawson was enough to drive any girl to distraction. But she did hear it, the telltale beeps of the Mario theme, and she knew that ring.


Mike looked down at her phone before she could grab it, seeing Noah’s face emblazoned across the screen. Ginny froze, not sure about proper etiquette here. What was the right thing to do when your boyfriend called while you were still touching your one night stand/team captain?

A one night stand/team captain who gave you the best sex of your life last night, and was well on his way to making it a two-day stand.

She stayed frozen as Mike pushed up to a standing position and stepped away from the counter. She instantly missed his touch, his breath, his lips. Where his face had been light and teasing just moments before, the storm clouds had taken over, though he was trying to hide it behind a wide grin.

“You should probably get that,” he gestured to the phone. The smile didn’t meet his eyes. “Wouldn’t want to keep a billionaire waiting.” And he retrieved his shirt from the floor, tugging it over his head before grabbing his leather jacket from where it had dropped in the entrance the night before.

Ginny hopped off the counter and lifted the phone, but didn’t answer, her eyes trained on Mike. “Mike, I…”

“It’s cool, Baker, we’re good,” he flashed the smile again, and a wink that almost seemed sarcastic, though she was sure he didn’t intend for it to. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And he was out the door before she could respond, her voice caught in her throat. Another chime of the phone broke her from her reverie, and she swallowed hard before lifting it to her ear.

“Hey Noah!”