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Not so secret now

Anonymous asked: Hi!!! I love your blog so much btw. I was wondering if you could do something with either Justin or Montgomery, where they’re like keeping their relationship a secret and then some of the other jocks start noticing hickies and marks on them and the reader. Thanks, if you can’t that okay. Xxx

Ship: Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

Words: 718

Trigger Warning(s): Swearing, degradation of females (*cough* bryce)

A/N: I chose Montgomery because I feel like Monty needs more love, am I right or am I right !! Thank you so much xxx

“Monty… What the fuck mate… did you get attacked by a bear or something? Holy shit.” Justin called from the other side of the changing room. “No… what do you mean?” Montgomery questioned, shouting back. “Your back man… Scratched as hell,” Zach inputted.

“Oh, nah, that’s nothing, don’t worry.” Monty said, hastily putting his shirt back on to stop all of the Jock’s stares.

“Fuck off is it nothing. Someone had a lot of fun on Sunday night if you know what I mean,” Bryce interjects, laughing looking around to the rest of the boys. “C’mon, tell us who was it? Anybody we can share?” He added. 

That comment set Monty off, “Just because you think women are pieces of meat to chuck around doesn’t mean everyone else does Walker!” He raged, shoving Bryce against the lockers, fists gripping the front of his shirt in anger. “Treat them with some respect and then maybe you’d get one, instead of them just being in your dreams.” With that statement, Monty released Bryce and stormed out of the changing room, not wanting to deal with anyone’s comments.

I was shocked when I was pulled into a store closet, and went to let out a squeal, until I saw it was Monty, my ‘secret’ boyfriend.

“What can I do for you today, nothing too long, I have class in 10 minutes,” I ask flirtatiously, Monty has a tendency to want to make out in our break time, and who would I be to deny him?

“The boys know, they’ve seen the marks,” He states, looking at me seriously. “Ohh… Um… So do the girls?” I reply cautiously, all I get in response is a curious stare. “Jess saw the hickey you left on my collarbone…” I say, pulling down my shirt slightly to show him the bruise. “I didn’t tell her it was you, but if everyone knows you’ve been hooking up with someone, and so have I, I’m sure it won’t take them long to figure it out.” I pointed out, I was surprised to see Monty not getting angry.

“Perfect, then we need a plan I guess,” He suggests, with a smirk. “A plan?” I question, confused by his actions. “Yeah, a big reveal or whatever, before they figure it out.” Now I was definitely shocked, Monty had always been the one for keeping our relationship a secret, and suddenly he wants to tell everyone?

“Okay…” I agree, “But I don’t understand, what’s changed? Why are you acting like this without any warning? You’ve never said anything about this before,” I query, I was certainly not complaining, but I was trying to comprehend the situation.

“Because I’ve realised something in these past couple of days…” He pauses, “I think I’m in love with you y/n.” Without a doubt, I was not expecting that, who could’ve known previously super-aggressive Monty could experience love?

I looked up into his brown eyes, which were full of admiration and said “I’m in love with you too,” The look on his face was priceless, nothing felt better than making the one you love so happy.

He peppered my face in excited kisses as I asked “So, what’s the plan?”

We had decided to expose our relationship at Jessica’s party that weekend. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.

It was about an hour into the party, everybody was a little buzzed, but nobody was off-their-face drunk yet. Monty and I were just chatting ‘as friends’ it would seem, outside where the majority of the people were.

I laughed quite loud at a fake joke he’d made and purred “You’re so funny!” staring into his eyes, to get some people’s attention. In response, his hands came up to frame the sides of my face, and I leant into his touch. “Just kiss me, enough people are watching now,” I whispered, “Are you sure?” He replied back, with a voice just as faint. “Mhmm,” I hum, wanting him. As my arms went around his neck, and our lips met, all we could hear were cheers in the background.

I tugged on the hair at the nape of Monty’s neck, and he opened his mouth slightly. All of a sudden, I couldn’t hear anyone else, Monty and I were in our own little world.

My story of being drugged to shut me up

Creepy encounter by reddit user blckxnxbrkn

This took place the winter of 2005 in rural Iowa, I was 18 years old and attending community college.  I have always been an outgoing and talkative person and managed (in my youth) to make friends quite easily.

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hi :) do you have any current hq fic recs? i'm looking for more iwaoi and kagehina to read, but it's kind of daunting going through all the fics available on ao3... i hope this isn't too bothersome!

OOhhh i’ve read a few recently!! All iwaoi, though.

Conquering the Great King  very long. very nsfw :>

we shine like diamonds  ANGST AND 26K!! HAS EVERYTHING I EVER WISHED FOR. MY CHEST HURT SO MUCH AT SOME MOMENTS AND ITS JUST THE BEST FEELING IM IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC. (it contains homophobia though, so be careful with it)

when you wish upon a star BODYSWAP AUS MAKE ME SO EXCITED!! This one is cute and funny and I laughed out loud quite a few of times:”D On going.

You can always go in my fanfiction tag though, I’ve posted quite a few before soo…if you’re in need, you can check it out too^^

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) 💋


  1. The way I laugh (it’s loud and quite weird which is why I like it)
  2. The fact that seem like a really cold person irl so people don’t really approach me
  3. My fingers
  4. I have a pretty good memory
  5. The mole on my left ear 

Y’all are going to get this on anon because this is a side blog and my main one will show when I send it otherwise 

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Yooo ship please??? I am a smol bean (5'1). I spend my free time reading and writing and being in the internet. I am sarcastic af and I have a very dark sense of humor. I am quite introverted and I have anxiety, especially in public. However, with friends, I act really hyper and crazy. I can also get quite loud. I laugh a lot too. I like cats and laying in bed. Thanks!!!

Hey man! Love your blog!

Oh my gosh Darry. Darry would put his elbows on your head and smirk at you. Usually you follow with a sharp remark. You guys both have that sharp dark sense of humor. You guys work at the same place. While on he job, Darry doesn’t have time to read, so you’ll read whatever you’re reading out loud to him. Darry appreciates it. Darry also thinks its kinda hot when you call him Darrel, especially sarcastically. He insists he loves dogs but secretly… hes planing on getting you a kitten, but you didn’t hear that from me. He also loves dancing with you. (i watched dirty dancing again today lol its on my mind) When your anxiety gets really bad, he’ll stroke your hair. It usually works. 


Title: Peggy Carter’s Granddaughter (fem! Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: The reader goes off on a wild goose chase to find a certain Star Spangled man, the last piece to the Peggy Carter puzzle.

Word Count: 1754

A/N: wow okay I didn’t know I would become SO ATTACHED to this imagine like all I want is for Steve to be happy OKAY?! I hope you love this, cuties. Happy first day of Fall! Requests are open! Enjoy!

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10 Things I Hate About You

*This is a mix of the move and TV show b/c i love both*

Niall doesn’t know what to think when Harry Styles first starts talking to him. 

The boy has a reputation, much like Niall’s, except the brunette’s has a lot more sex, drugs, and alcohol in his than picture-perfect, straight edge Niall Horan’s. 

People don’t like Niall because he’s the opposite of normal. He doesn’t obsess over girls, or boys for that matter, and he doesn’t bother pretending to be nice to people. He’s rude and blatant and brutally honest, and nobody really appreciates that in high school. 

But Harry is different. He’s big with broad shoulders and long curly hair, like he’s some kind of rock star. He’s got a broad accent and a deep, articulation that makes most of the girls in the grade fall at his feet. He wears combat boots and tight jeans and everyone thinks he’s so cool– well, everyone except Niall.

 “Are you stalking me or something?” Niall asks with narrowed eyes as he glares at the tall boy leaning against the door of his car. He had caught the rebel staring at him for the past few weeks and was beginning to get annoyed at the boy’s blatant interest.  

Harry scoffs, tilting his head in a way that Niall hates to say is unbelievably attractive. “Of course I am.” He jokes, smiling boyishly at Niall. “Hey, c’mon. Most people would pay for me to even look at them, you should feel honored.”

Niall’s eyes narrow. “Oh yeah, Harry Styles, the boy who’s killed a man and left him for dead in a parking lot, the boy who’s slept with 27 girls as well as their mothers and let’s not forget that gorgeously fake accent.” Niall spits, making Harry’s eyes widen as his grin grows. “You’re right. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.” He recites, rolling his eyes before shoving the brunette away from his car. 

“Hey, hey wait!” Harry says, grabbing onto Niall’s arm, “C’mon, Niall hear me out.” He pesters and Niall rolls his eyes, crosses his arms and stands in silence, allowing Harry to speak.

Once given his change, the brunette runs a hand through his hair and looks away, “I heard you like James Bay, yeah?” Harry asks, digging through his back pocket. “I happen to have two tickets to his concert tonight.” 

He flashes the bright, thin strips of paper to Niall, who grabs onto one in a blink, analyzing it very seriously before raising an eyebrow at Harry. “You want me to go with you?” The blonde asks, suspicion clear on his face. 

“Very much so, yes.” The taller boy says, looking down at Niall with his signature “look” and Niall immediately looks away, wavering slightly. 

“Okay.” Niall says, allowing himself to smile just slightly. “I’ll go. For James, not you.” The blonde says, taking Harry by surprise as he jumps in his car, not sparing him another look. “You can pick me up at 6!” 

Harry stands, dumbfounded in the road moments after the boy has swung out, wondering what the hell he got himself into.

* * * *

“Dad!” Niall calls the moment he walks through the door. 

Niall’s father, Bobby, is a busy, but extremely loving man, who had been both Niall and Louis’ only parent for 7 years. Being a single father, Bobby had strict, stern rules about the boys, specifically dating. He was a doctor at a planned parenthood clinic which meant he spent too much time around somewhat… troubled kids, which only added to the man’s overprotectiveness. See, Bobby had implemented a rule of sorts just a year earlier when Louis entered into high school and wanted to start dating.

~~ ~~

“Dad! This is not fair.” Louis cries, eyes tight and jaw clenched.

“Rules are rules, Lou, when Niall gets a date, you can date.” Bobby says, shaking his head at his younger son.

Louis huffs, “As if that’s ever going to happen! Look at him!” 

“Louis!” Bobby says when Niall’s head jerks up in offense, shouting, “What the hell?!” 


Bobby, who was previously starting dinner in the kitchen, yells back, “What, Ni?”

Niall bounces into the room, trying his best to be devoid of emotion, but unable to completely stop himself from being at least a bit excited. “I’m going out tonight. On a date.”

Bobby drops a frying pan, and both family members flinch as the metal clatters against the ground.


“Yeah, We’re leaving at 6, have a good dinner, dad!” Niall says, quickly running up the stairs before Bobby could protest. 

“Wait, Niall, what’s her name? What if you get her pregnant?” Bobby shouts up the stairs, feeling the need to tear what’s remaining of his hair out. 

Niall smirks as he yells back, “Oh don’t worry about that, dad, his name is Harry!” 

“If Niall’s going on a date tonight, then so am I!” Louis adds excitedly from his room

And after that, Bobby’s sputtering is the only noise that reverberates throughout the house.

* * * *

It’s at the concert where Niall realizes that he’s not as happy with his single life as he thought he was prior. 

Harry picks him up in a range rover, sleek and much too expensive for most high-schoolers, but Harry shrugs off Niall’s impressed look. They don’t talk much, to the point where it’s semi-awkward but at the very least, Niall finds himself humming along to the rock music Harry has blaring– something by McBusted. They walk into the venue with one another, Harry’s hand brushing against Niall’s, to which the blonde rolls his eyes and moves away from. 

The concert is amazing and every bit as perfect as Niall knew it would be, and although he would never admit it out loud, he kind of liked the way Harry looked at him during James’ performance of “Let it Go.” Endearing and sweet– a side nobody really got to see from the resident bad boy was all Niall got that night. 

Even after the concert, Niall found himself having a good time as Harry puts some of the many rumors floating around his name to rest. It’s a mutual annoyance between them, rumors, because both are constantly being judged for the way they look and act. Surprisingly enough, Niall finds himself relating to Harry. 

He also finds himself liking Harry, which could turn out to be a problem.

* * * * 

2 dates later, Harry begins to like Niall Horan back.

They’ve gone to a concert, dinner, and now laser-tag, and Harry hasn’t had this much fun in a long time. He and Niall understand each other, as fellow people who are commonly misunderstood. Harry begins to realize that Niall isn’t the heinous bitch that people describe him to be just as Niall realizes that Harry isn’t the player that everyone thinks he is. 

In a really weird way, they work.

And Harry’s heart is heavy as he feels as if he’s holding onto some huge secret that he’ll never be able to properly explain. He knows it’s going to come out soon enough, whether Louis says something or Niall finds out himself, but he can’t force the words from his mouth. The money Louis gave him is dead weight in his pocket and he doesn’t want to continue on lying. 

But with the way Niall’s looking at him during this date, he knows the blonde feels as strongly as he does. He knows that emotion has grown and he wants to continue it. 

But the truth always finds a way to reveal itself– that’s what scares Harry. 

* * * *

Harry drops Niall off in front of his house from their third date a little past 10, and the blonde finds himself hesitant to leave. 

“Y’know, none of that stuff is real.” Harry says, continuing from their previous conversation.

Niall turns in his seat, secret smile appearing onto his face as he raises an eyebrow at the opposing boy. “The state trooper?”

“Fallacy.” Harry says, holding back a laugh. “What about… the dead guy in the parking lot?” 

Niall rolls his eyes, “Rumor… the accent?” Niall asks, tilting his head minutely and Harry grins. 

“Real, I lived in London for 10 years before coming here with my mom.” He answers, and Niall raises his eyebrow and nods accordingly. They both laugh lowly and their eyes meet, allowing the silence to beat for a moment before Niall looks down. 

“Tell me something true.” He says, looking back up to find Harry much closer than he was before. 

The brunette scrunches his nose in thought. “Something true?” He drawls, inching closer. “I don’t like peas.” He says, as if in confession and Niall throws his head back in laughter, pushing Harry away by the shoulder with  crinkled eyes. 

“No!” Niall protests, “Something real, something no one else knows.” 

Harry keeps the grin on his face, lazily staring at the blonde in front of him. “Alright.” He allows, pulling Niall close by the back of his neck. “You’re sweet…” He says, kissing down the column of the blonde’s throat, “and sexy…” he continues, kissing behind Niall’s ear. “And completely hot for me.” he says, making Niall laugh, a bit breathlessly. 

“Am I?” The irish boy challenges, not moving away despite how close he is to the other boy. 

Harry doesn’t respond, instead choosing to pull Niall in by the collar and kiss him, hard. Niall doesn’t bother stopping Harry as his hands roam down the expanse of Niall’s back, fingers digging into the fabric.

“Wait, I don’t get it” Niall says, pushing Harry away and leaving the boy dazed. 

“W-What?” Harry asks, shaking his head and attempting to regain his bearings. 

Niall shakes his head as Harry tries to lean in closer. “Why me? And why now? We’ve been going to school together all year and you just suddenly decided to like me?”

Harry’s heart beats to a stop and he flounders for a second. “I mean… you know..” He mumbles, which makes Niall’s eyebrows furrow. “I was nervous!” Harry blurts. Niall’s eyes widen and he covers his mouth, quite obviously trying not to laugh out loud. “I was too nervous to do it and.. your brother encouraged me to do it. Said that he thought it was a good idea so I decided to go for it.” Harry lies, heart still pounding against his chest and holy shit. He didn’t know that he cared that much.


Niall just giggles, says something about it being cute and he leans in again, allowing Harry to kiss him. And of course Harry does, but he does so this time much more slowly with more fervor and intensity. Who knows how much longer he’ll be able to keep this up?

* * * *

Niall ends up staying up and waiting for Louis to come home. 

He’s late and if Niall wasn’t in such a good mood, then the blonde would’ve surely told their father all about this break of curfew. 

When Louis sees his brother waiting for him in the living room, he’s terrified. He knows about Niall and Harry’s date and he hopes to god that the idiotic punk didn’t break their deal. He’s expecting tears, maybe yells and probably a lot of rude name-calling, but none of that occurs.

Instead, the second Louis walks through the threshold, Niall is jumping into his arms and giggling loudly

Louis lets out a little yelp of fear before he realizes what’s happening and hesitantly hugs Niall back. “Um… hi, Niall.” He greets tentatively and Niall just laughs, hugging Louis tighter. 

The brunette brother can’t help but crack a smile. It had been along time since he and Niall had actually gotten along and even though he didn’t really understand what was happening, he allowed himself to enjoy this, hugging Niall back just as tightly. 

The two spend a few minutes hugging before Niall breaks off, still jumping a bit excitedly. “Lou, I just wanted to thank you.” He says and Louis’ heart jumps.

“Uh, for- for what?” He asks nervously. 

“Harry told me, don’t worry.” Niall says and relief finally shrugs off Louis’ shoulders, maybe Niall wasn’t mad, maybe everything worked out for the better– “Harry told me how you encouraged him to ask me out. He just needed a little push, yeah?” Niall says, still all giggly, completely unaware of the weight that was back suffocating Louis.


Guilt had been building up over the past few weeks as he saw Harry chasing Niall and Niall enjoying every second of it. He knew what he did was wrong but he had to go to prom. This year, he was nominated for Prom King. He had to get Niall a date to prom so he could go. But it felt so wrong. 

“Ha… no problem, Ni.” He says uneasily. 

Niall, taking his brother’s discomfort for something else, takes Louis’ hand in his. “Look, I know we haven’t gotten along for a while, but maybe that can change, yeah? I love you, Louis.” He says, squeezing the brunettes hand before skipping up the stairs, looking genuinely happy and Louis hates himself.

His brother’s going to get his heart broken and it’s all Louis’ fault.

* * * *

“So, let me get this straight,” Harry had inquired, a month prior, giving the two boys in front of him a sinister look, “You want to pay me to take some twink out on a date?

The boy with blue eyes clenched his jaw, “Some twink being my brother, yes. And not just one date. A few dates and then prom.” He had said deliberately, looking around frantically as if the conversation itself was illegal, “So, will you do it or not?” 

Harry furrowed his eyebrows, contemplating his options. “Why?”

Louis’ sighed heavily. “My dad won’t let me go unless he does, alright? Come on.” 

Harry smirks, “Let me see him.” He orders, sitting back in his chair. 

Louis had huffed impatiently, pulling out his phone and scrolling through his pictures before showing Harry the first picture he comes across. It’s a picture they took for their dad’s birthday, just over a week ago and Niall actually looks happy for once. 

Harry takes the phone in his hands and begins to feel even more confused. The kid was fit, for sure, with dyed blonde hair and bright blue eyes and a gleaming smile. It didn’t make any sense that he’d need help getting a date. “Alright.” Harry decides, smiling widely, “I’ll do it.” After all, he could use the cash. 

“Alright?” Liam asks, astonished. They had asked nearly 10 guys before this one and each of them had basically run screaming. Then again, the one was new to their school… he had yet to really get to know Niall and his “different” personality. 

“Yeah, why not? You said $100 for every date, yeah? I’ll do it.” Harry confirmed, getting up with a shrug. “You’re not allowed to get mad when I break his heart though, yeah?” He laughed as Louis rolled his eyes. 

“Niall doesn’t get heartbroken. Good luck.” He said, waving a hand behind him as he had pulled Liam away from the chuckling brunette. 

And later, when Liam had dropped Louis off from school with a peck on the cheek and a flirtatious wink, saying that he couldn’t wait until their date, Louis couldn’t bring himself to feel bad that he had literally just bought his brother a date. 

* * * *

Niall figures it all out at prom. 

He was actually happy to be at a dance, dressed up in a ridiculous suit and hair done up all fancy. He was happy with the “bad boy’s” arm around his waist, giggling at stupid jokes and humming to an off-tune song. 

He and Harry are dancing to some slow song, talking lowly, when Louis tugs the brunette boy backwards. Niall’s face scrunches up and Harry shakes the younger boy off in confusion, fists clenched and face angry before it morphs into shock and fear. He shakes his head rapidly but Louis pays no mind.

“Harry, I can’t do it anymore. It wasn’t worth it– it’s not worth it.” He says and Harry can feel Niall’s eyes blazing through them. “Niall, I’m so, so sorry.” His brother says and the blonde shakes his head, confused as he looks between Harry and Louis.

“What?” He asks, face blank and devoid of emotion, as if he knows he’s about to get hurt and he’s shielding himself. He’s shutting down.

“I… shit, Niall, I paid him to take you out. I just wanted to go out with Liam and you know dad wouldn’t let me unless you got a date and Harry was there and…” Louis rambles, watching as emotions overflow in Niall’s eyes. Hurt, betrayal, pain, and heartbreak.

Niall stammers, obviously unable to think of the words to respond, looking from Louis to Harry in one of the most pained expressions Louis had ever seen. “It was all fake?” He asks and Harry finds himself shaking his head against Louis’ nod. 

“No it was not, Niall, It just-” 

“It just started that way? Great. Awesome.” Niall says, nodding his head and Louis can see the walls building back up. The pain is away from his eyes, replaced by burning anger that looks like it’ll never burn out. Harry steps forward, reaching out to grasp Niall’s arm, to help explain– anything, but Niall flinches back like a scared animal. “Don’t ever touch me again.” He warns, voice quivering with hurt and anger. “And you–” he says, gesturing towards Louis, “You’re not my brother anymore.” He spits, turning away from the small crowd that they had gathered and ran through the room.

Louis stands, unable to process what really just happened, simply leaning against Liam helplessly as tears began to gather in his eyes. Harry, never one to give up, runs after the blonde. 

But he’s too late. No matter how much he calls after Niall, no matter if he even could catch up with the blonde, it’s too late. Niall knew and he’d never forgive him. The one person he thought he could trust, the one person who actually understood him, was just faking it. It was over. 

* * * * 

What makes it worse is that Niall isn’t shy, ever. 

He isn’t shy about his happiness when he wins a class debate and he isn’t shy about speaking his mind when he feels antagonized, and he definitely isn’t shy about his pain. 

He wasn’t afraid of speaking about how much it hurt when his mother left, and he certainly wasn’t afraid of speaking about how much Harry– and Louis, for that matter– hurt him. 

Harry wishes he hadn’t come to class the day he did, but he just had to see Niall. The blonde refused to see him and his father simply glared and snarled when the brunette attempted to go to his house. Niall looked as bad as Harry felt. Dark circles under the eyes, and tousled, unkempt hair. He glanced at Harry woefully, turning away quick like it would shield himself from the pain that Harry saw gather in his eyes. 

The brunette isn’t even paying attention until he sees Niall clambering to the front, thin piece of paper in front of his face.

The blonde lets out a shaky breath before he begins, in a small whisper,

 “I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. 
I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you’re always right, I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh… even more so when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate that I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

And Harry can’t take it. Harry can’t stand the way Niall’s voice breaks throughout the verses and the honest to god hurt that the blonde is holding. He watches with weary eyes as Niall flees from the room, wiping away tears and forgoing his bag. The teacher calls after him, but Harry’s stopped paying attention. He knows he has to do something, anything that would fix the mess he made.

* * * *

Niall’s playing footie, a bit overaggressively, shoving another boy to the ground as he sideswipes the ball from underneath him when he hears it.

“You’re just too good to be true… can’t take my eyes off of you…”

The blonde stops in his tracks, as does the rest of the team as they stare up at the speakers surrounding the stadium. But Niall knows that voice, he knows that figure as it stands at the top of the bleachers. 

“You’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much” Harry sings, making a complete fool of himself as the multitudes of students look on in chuckles. Niall’s frozen at this point, eyes glued to Harry as he makes his way gracefully down the bleachers. 

“Pardon the way I stare, there’s nothing else to compare..” He sings, dancing around in his skinnies and casually avoiding rogue students as they duck away. “But if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it’s real.” 

Niall’s eyes are watering, that’s for sure, and he could blame it on the small laughs that are leaving his mouth, or from the fact that one of the oldest security guards ever is attempting to capture Harry, but the true reason is obvious. 

Narrowly avoiding the guard, harry hops over the fence, running rather hard at this point, so his voice is a bit off-kilter as he sings, “I love you baby and if it’s quite all right, I need you baby to warm the lonely nights.” And his voice is completely muted as the guard finally catches him and grabs the microphone, ripping it away ferociously, but Niall can still see Harry’s mouth move as he’s being pulled away, yelling, “Oh baby, oh baby!” 

And Niall can’t help but to let out a loud cackle when Harry winks at him as he’s being dragged off of the field.

* * * *

Harry gets suspended for a week and Niall gets a detention for skipping school, as well as a lengthy lecture from his father, but it doesn’t matter. Niall finds himself forgiving Louis and spending more time with his little brother and soon enough he says yes when Harry asks him on a date. They go on one date and after finding out that the spark was still there, that the feelings hadn’t fallen away and that their kisses still felt like fireworks and explosions and absolute  perfection, they finally end up together.

The brunette still hums silly love songs in Niall’s ear and they still dispute the rumors that are attached to their names and yes, of course, they still terrify their peers as an all knew, horrifying power couple. 

But Niall was happy and Harry was happy and so were Liam and Louis and, well, Bobby wasn’t thrilled but he was working with it.

And every now and then Niall may bring up a couple of the 10 things he hates– strongly dislikes– about Harry, but it’s much more often that he brings up the 10(+) things he loves. 

Whew that one took me a while :\ I hope the ending was alright and I hope it was consistent because it took me so long to complete I spent a few days to make it. I think I may have a few more fics coming up buut I gotta worry about school first yada yada yada. Sorry about not posting so often, but I thank all of the kind messages!!! 

Prompts are open! I do any Niall-centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5s! You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.

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"no, pee is broken" this is why I come to you with my naked cuddling and laughing and chest kisses thoughts. You give them life and make them beautiful and funny and just wonderful. I quite literally laughed out loud when I read it. ❤️

Oh thank youuuuuu ♡♡♡ I do have to give my son some credit, though. “Pee is broken” and “not available” are both his, and let me tell you that it is very hard not to laugh when you’ve got these big brown eyes staring at you and saying things like that. So you wait and you go in another room and then you laugh, just like Louis did after Freddie said those things to him. And you lose it again later when you’re telling your partner all about it and they lose it too, just like Louis and Nick. :))))

And I am so glad that you liked it and continue to send me more thoughts so I can think about them too. :))))

The Supply of Power (La La La)
The Front Bottoms
The Supply of Power (La La La)

Well they tell me drugs don’t pay, and they say that there’s no use.
But I’ve got a couple friends who say that that’s not true, and they’ve got wallets full of proof.
I needed the money. It was nothing more than a little self-centered, self-enhated youth.

And I know what he’s saying couldn’t have been that funny, but you seem to be laughing quite loud.
So I will sit and think of reasons that you think that it’s funny, but I will probably never figure it out.


@chronicopheliac I finally did it! Hope you like!

Bite Me

Adam didn’t know if it was polite to ask for things sexual if Nigel never expressed wanting them himself.

So he enjoyed their mutual give and take, happy to be with Nigel at all.

The words came by surprise without Adam even having to ask.

They were laying together after sex, sweaty and loose limbed, and Adam lay curled in the crook of Nigel’s arm. He nuzzled closer still, feeling the happiest he’d ever been.

“I think that was…”

Nigel kissed his cheek, “The best fucking sex we’ve ever had?”

Adam smiled, “Maybe. There was that time in the bathroom at the department store.”

Nigel laughed, “You hated that, Star. Reprimanded me for nearly a week afterward though I do distinctly recall having to carry you out on my arm?”

Adam pressed a kiss to his cheek in return, “It was very satisfying.”

Nigel moved so quickly Adam barely had time to process it, now flat on his back and staring up at Nigel whose expression was almost horrified.

“Satisfying? Darling, you wound me.”  

Adam frowned, “I’m sorry.”

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Omg I love the Drabble game ! Can u do number 66 with bobby please?. I loveeeee this blog, keep up the good work!!

Bobby + 66
“Stay over.”

You didn’t know if it was the rain hitting the windows or the beating of your heart that was almost deafening to your ears. It happened in only in a span of five seconds, it happened too fast and you didn’t know how to feel about it. Your mind was still processing what just happened, going through every little thing, trying to find a flaw and realize that it was all your imagination making everything up.

“Y/N,” Jiwon whined, rubbing his belly and pouting at you, “I’m still hungry! Can I pretty, pretty please have a slice of your pizza?” The way he smiled at you and the way he was practically begging you was enough for you to give in immediately. The way he smiled at you and the way he was practically begging was also enough to make your heart flutter in your chest, so saying no wasn’t really an option either. Though you enjoyed your pizza, one single slice wouldn’t hurt.

You handed him the slice and he thanked you a good amount of times, before he finally sunk his teeth into the pizza. It was a normal night for you guys. Having been friends for over five years now, it was almost a tradition for you to have a Pizza and Video Games Night (or what Jiwon called a PVGN, though it was too hard to pronounce) once a while.

The pizza had arrived later than expected, hence it was already dark outside. All videos game had been played already and once the pizza was eaten, Jiwon was bound to go home. You weren’t going to let him go, though; it was already dark, plus there was a huge rainstorm going on, too, and you didn’t want to be the cause of his upcoming cold. You could already imagine Jiwon screaming and demanding to be taken care of.

Jiwon helped you clean up the mess you both made (candy wrappers, empty bottles and cans, blankets and pillows, and the pizza boxes), and once everything was spic and span again, he smiled sweetly at you.

“I’d better go now,” he said and pointed his thumb over his shoulder towards the door. As he took a step backwards to walk towards the door, you immediately stopped him by grabbing his shoulders.

“Jiwon, it’s raining..” you said quietly, hoping that was enough for him to just stay.

“I heard,” he deadpanned, “it’s quite loud, Y/N,” he laughed, “I’ll be alright, though. It’s only a ten minute walk!”

You sighed and let your arms slide down his arms, and grab his hands in your own, and said with what you were hoping was a more serious and convincing voice, “Ji, seriously, it’s raining pretty hard, so why don’t you-“

Jiwon shut you up by chuckling, and slipped his hand out of yours to put his finger over your lips, “I’ll be alright, I said.” You pushed his finger away and heaved out a sigh.

“Just, stay over,” you said and crossed your arms sternly, “You could fall sick if you walked home in this rain.”

“And I could fall in love if I stayed over.”

It wasn’t your imagination, though.

So last night, I caved and went to go see The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! The world knows that the SpongeBob TV show hasn’t really been good since season three (which ended in 2004, God do I feel old.) and that the past decade of episodes were hackneyed cash-ins on the already mega-successful franchise.

Sponge Out of Water; though a bit silly at times, was a truly enjoyable experience from start to finish! Judging by the trailers, I had figured that the film would mostly center on the series’ ensemble of characters and their CGI/Live-Action antics on the surface, which to me seemed really gimmicky. Much to my surprise, the “Out of Water” scenes don’t really happen until the film’s final act.

What truly hooked me in was the film’s comedic pairing of the titular sponge and (oddly enough) the series’ primary antagonist, Plankton. Their dialogue together never seemed forced, and I found myself laughing out loud quite frequently!  I was relieved that the film wasn’t another buddy comedy of SpongeBob with series regular, Patrick Star (though Patrick is certainly featured in the film). I am actually conflicted in whether I enjoyed Sponge Out of Water or The film’s predecessor, 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie more. The sequel tends to take liberties in both visual and artistic style outside of the TV show, and that was a big plus for me.

If you are not a SpongeBob fan, I wouldn’t advise you to go see this movie in theatres; however, if you grew up watching the original Nickelodeon series, I’d say that The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is well worth the ticket price!

Chapter 1

It all began that Wednesday, in a small studio where the auditions for Carmilla would be made, a lesbian series of vampires. It would be the first meeting of Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman.

Natasha had made her audition for the role of Carmilla and had already act with two “Lauras” when Elise came… a dazzling smile, smooth and golden hair, an unusual energy. The two made the scene and went out of the room, beginning to talk about the series.

- Hi, I’m Natasha. Elise, right?

- Yes, nice to meet you! What did you think of the auditions?

- I thought it was super cool, something unusual, you know?

- I laughed for hours reading the script!

Natasha could not stop thinking that if she got the part it was with Elise that she would like to act with. The two returned home, waiting until next week to have the outcome of the audition. Natasha shared room with a friend who was also an actress, Elise had just moved into a small apartment in the city center with a woman who was also in the acting business.

The week slowly passed, both were eager for the outcome of the audition. Natasha was the kind of tough woman, did not show her feelings easily, she even laughed at herself because she could not cry. Elise was the opposite, completely open, devoted to her feelings, a very easy girl to live by her charisma and joy she brought to all.

The next Tuesday, Natasha received an email asking for her attendance the next day in the studio. She got super anxious so she asked her close friends to go up to her house for a “cheese and wine” to calm her anxiety the next day.

- Hey guys, thanks for coming. I’m a nervous wreck! Will I be chosen? - All her friends calmed her down, saying that of course it would work, and asked for more details about the work. - Well, it’s webseries about vampires, and I’m a lesbian - and gave a loud laugh - it’s quite funny actually, I fall in love with a human and there are several crazy situations, it will be really fun - and everyone wants to know about the rest the cast - Well, the girl who is my love in the series is called Laura, and I really hope that Elise has got the part, because Oh my God, she’s beautiful and has a great energy.

The night passed quickly and the next day Natasha arrived at the studio one hour before the combined and waited for someone to come open the door. She sat on the sidewalk and began to read a book from one of her favorite authors “Eckhart Tolle”. It took about 20 minutes and she could barely believe it when Elise stopped the bike right beside her, she looked up and said:

- Elise, how nice to see you! - And began to rise from the ground.

- Thank you, how are you? I ate all my nails! Will we be chosen? - She got off the bike and took off her helmet.

- Well, I really hope so! - And put the book in her bag. - So you’re into bikes? - Elise laughed and replied.

- Well, when not below 0 degrees, I always useit for transportation - and laughed out loud - Well, what about you? What do you usually do in your life besides get hours early in your commitments?

Natasha was delighted with the charisma of Elise. - Well, I sing, I make theater, opera, commercials, whatever comes, you know, right? But at the moment I am barista so I can pay my rent. And you?

- Well, the same as you, but I do not sing! - Elise could not stop smiling - I waitress to pay the rent, that’s all.

“Why I can not stop wondering if she is gay? I will not ask this, do not do this Elise! ”

The two were exchanging conversations about the weather, what they did in the acting life and other ordinary subjects of life, until 10 minutes before the scheduled time, the director came and found them sitting on the floor laughing.

- Hello girls, I’m glad that Carmilla and Laura are already getting along! - And he gave a strong laughter shaking the hand of the two.

At the end of the interview, the director asked for both of them to read part of the first season script to make a “table read” the next day, because the shooting would start in a week. Leaving the studio, Elise asked Natasha if she did not want to read together, cause it would be easier for them. She accepted and suggested they go to her house which was not far from here.

- My roommate works all night today, so no one will annoy us.

Bauman could not deny that there were some sexual tension, looks, talks, something there was a sexual hint, but she barely knew Natasha.

- Natasha, this apartment is amazing - she said entering the living room - and you have a great taste for decoration.

- Well, I can’t really deny it, I’m a collector! - She replied laughing and sitting on the couch - Shall we start? We’ll have a long day.

Professionalism was the most important part of the day, the two were very focused on entering the characters and give their best for the series. Around 6 pm they’ve already made it through the entire script, and Elise decided to return home.

- Thank you very much for your help, Elise.

- Thank you, Natasha, the day was very productive.

- Hey, give me your phone number so we can keep in touch - Natasha asked.

- Well… there is just one problem, you’ll have to call me or send me a text - she took out of the bag a very old Motorola phone and Natasha began to laugh out loud.

- I think you’re the only person in Canada who does not have whatsapp, Elise.

- Yes, I’m sure of it, but I will end up losing or breaking these expensive and technological phones - she also burst out laughing and gave a farewell hug in Natasha - see you tomorrow.

They met in front of the studio and Natasha gave her a hug. Elise was completely casual as always, wonderful. Natasha was accompanied by her faithful accessory, the hat.

- Elise, let’s take a picture to mark this beginning, shall we? I am beginning to convince you to buy a decent phone! - She opened the Instagram and clicked – It’s great – and she wrote “Table Read? Check ”- Perfect, let’s go Elise!

From this day on, everything started to go very fast. There was a lot to memorize, a lot to film and many people involved. The first days of filming were extremely fun, everyone was getting along and the scenes were really nice to be filmed. Ellise and Natasha had to record an interview about Laura and Carmilla as additional content to the channel.

- All right, that’s good. I’ll ask the questions and you will answer. There is no secret, just be ourselves.

They had met three weeks ago, but did not have much time to be together, were always busy or late. The interview was a moment of rest for them, just sit down and talk normally. They were side by side, sitting on a bench and leaning against a table. Elise could not take her eyes of Natasha, she was beautiful. Every question, they were approaching more and more as if the touch between them was necessary… proximity. That was something that none of them could contain.



During the weeks of filming, the two of them were getting along better and beter, always full of jokes. Once again, they would need to read the script and memorise it for the following week.

- Hey Nat, would you like to read the lines together? Today the day is just beautiful and we are done for today here in the studio… What do you think of that?

- Hmmm I don’t think I can deny it. There’s a park near here, what do you think? - Elise put her sunglasses and her purse and answered yes.

They sat on the floor. Elise was always fun and full of life. She kicked off her shoes and lay down on the grass.

- Don’t you love this? - Elise asked.

- The nature and the sun? Or be here with me? If the answer is the latter, yes, I love - she laughed and lay down beside her. Elise turned sideways looking at her and laughed too.

- Well, I was talking about the sun, but I also love being with you.

Natasha sat with butterflies in her stomach and said - Let’s start? We have only 80 pages to decorate.

Elise did not seem to care because she embarrassed Natasha, she was like that, did not regret speaking what she felt. After 30 minutes reading and rereading, Natasha got up and took a picture of Elise.

- Heeeeeeey I did not let you do that - she protested.

- Well, my dear, you’ll go once again to the instagram! - Natasha said, sitting again at his side. - Well, you cannot even protest, because you are totally gorgeous. - And showed the picture to her.

Elise laughed and said - Maybe you’re starting to convince me to buy a nice phone like yours!

A few hours later, Natasha asked Elise if they could continue reading the lines in your home, because it was the night that her rommate work overnight.

- All right, I’ll go home to shower and leave my bike and jump over there. You want me to bring something? - She asked putting her helmet.

- Well, m'lady, I already have everything prepared it at home - and gave an evil laugh.

- I imagine the amount of wine you have stored at home, Nat - and laughed jumping on the bike.

- See you soon, little monkey.

Elise could not choose what clothes to wear, and she was feeling an idiot because she was only going to Natasha’s house to memorise lines. “It’s nothing, just choose some clothes,” she tried to convince herself. Tired, she chose a pair of jeans, a white blouse V-neck and a leather jacket. She puts the first shoes she saw and sped off to catch the taxi that was already honking at the door.

Elise sighed and knocked on the door with a hand holding the script and a bottle of wine. Natasha opened rigth away and gave her a hug.

- I brought wine - Elise lifted the bottle. Natasha laughed and asked her to come in.

- By my count, we now have 5 bottles of wine to survive the night - she said taking the wine off Elise’s hand and putting the bottle in the refrigerator.

Bauman took off her shoes and sat on the couch. There were already two glasses of wine on the table and Natasha came bringing an open bottle.

- I can not memorise my lines if I am drunk, Natasha.

- Do not worry, wine is good for the heart - she said starting to laugh – did you took a look at the last pages?

- No, after we stopped reading it in the park I did not look over at it - she took a big sup of wine and took the script to read it - what’s on the last page?

- Well… - Natasha started laughing - it’s something we’ll have to practice, you know? - She points to the page in the script of Elise, she reads it quickly and bursts out laughing.

- Practice? – Elise rises from the couch and sat down next to Natasha.

- Well, I would say that for the sake of the scene, this would be a sensible and reasonable thing.

Elise paused, took a sip of wine and sighed.

- Yeah, you’re right, but there are still 25 pages until the page 78. Let’s start?

Natasha made a sound of annoyance and Elise laughed. After two hours, the two had already read almost the entire script (they were a little faster than normal) and stopped at page 71 when Natasha decided to ask for food.

- What do you think of asking a delicious salad of lettuce and tomatoes, Elise? - And she laughed out loud, a sign that the two bottles of wine already had effect.

- Heeeey not make fun of my vegetarianism - she gave a push in Natasha - Why don’t you ask an arugula pizza?

- Okay, that sounds nice - she types a few things on the mobile - ready, it will arrive in 30 minutes. Heeeeeey you know what it reminded me? I’ll post one things on Twitter - and gave an evil laugh.

- Naaat, what will you do? - Elise leaned her head on Natasha’s  shoulder and stared at the phone. She opened the app and wrote the text that made Elise laugh for five minutes.

- I really hope you do not mock my diet - she laughed some more and lay on Natasha’s shoulder again - Hey Nat, I don’t know if I can longer continue reading this script for today.

- Are you trying to escape from page 78, right? - She looked at Elise and their eyes met. Natasha smiled and kissed her forehead.

- Actually I don’t want to run away from this page … - Elise lifted her head from Natasha’s shoulder, not one centimeter away from her face and started approaching, she stopped so close to Natasha’s face that they could feel the warmth of each breath. Nat closed her eyes and wrapped Elise’s waist. Elise put her hand on Natasha’s face and pressed her lips on hers. From that moment, everything changed … everything that was just a suspicion fell through, the two kissed for minutes and they could not stop. There was definitely some feelings involved.

The magic’s still here

I’ve just seen Fantastic Beats and I have a LOT to talk about, so here’s a non-spoilery review:

I was worried I wouldn’t feel the magic and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I did when I watched the original movies, I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. Listen, they played an ersatz of Hedgwig’s theme at the very beginning and I was DONE. I was home. They mentioned Dumbledore’s name and I was nearly crying. I just missed it so much, I can’t believe I actually get to say I saw another (sort of) Harry Potter movie. The fantastic beasts were awesome! I mean, I knew most of them by name already, as I own the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” book, but there were some I was not familiar with, and they’re all amazing. The CGI was well done, you can see that they’re not real creatures, but that’s not what I wanted. They look surreal, and that’s what they should look like, in my opinion, so that the magical world stays… well, magical.

There’s a LOT of humor, funny bits and lines. You can just feel that JK Rowling wrote this, it felt like the books again. Because, let’s get real, they left out most of the funny bits in the movies. Not here, though. NOT HERE. I laughed out loud quite a few times. JK’s sense of humor always gets me. It’s ridiculous in the best way. It’s insanely British too, and I loved it. But the movie also knows when to be serious and there are also a lot of moving scenes and a lot of darker scenes. 

I also understand a lot better why they’re making 5 movies, I feel like I know where they’re going with the story. There’s a lot more to explore about this world, and I want to know even more than we already know.

It was weird to see the movie without knowing what the storyline would be like though, for the vast majority of the HP movies, I had read the books beforehand, I knew what would (mostly, they made changes, but still) happen, so it felt unnatural to be watching something brand new. But it was a good feeling, and I enjoyed it.

If you’re like me and you’re a bit too obsessed with the HP universe, you might freak out when they mention things you already know or see something familiar. I swear I felt like Hermione during class, wanting to shout “OH I KNOW WHAT THIS IS” as if the movie was quizzing me about my HP knowledge. I think I passed. Might have been fan service, though, but I was too darn happy about it to care.

TL;DR: it’s awesome and I want to watch it again and again. GO SEE IT. 


Thoughts about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

- The Maximoff twins are an amazing addition to the Marvel cinematic universe.
- The relationship between the Black Widow and Bruce Banner is really pointless imo.
- Why did Quicksilver have to die????
- I really liked seeing Natasha’s backstory.
- Ultron is unbelievably scary but also really fucking funny.
- I laughed out loud quite often while watching this movie.




1. My name is Sonja.
2. I’m 18 years old.
3. In less than three months I’ll turn 19.
4. I don’t want to turn 19.
5. After the summerholidays my final highschool-year starts.
6. I want to be a teacher.
7. I’ll go to university in Denmark.
8. My subjects will be German, Danish, and English.
9. I’m so excited already.
10. I have blue eyes.
11. My natural haircolor is blonde/brown.
12. I like my dyed hair BUT it pisses me off to dye them new so often.
13. So I’m trying to get my natural haircolor back.
14. I feel kinda sad about it.
15. My favorite band is Coldplay.
16. I hope to see them live one day.
17. I’ve seen many other bands live though.
18. I’ve been at “Wacken Open Air” last week, which is the biggest heavy metal-festival in the world.
19. I’m going to see The Script live in September.
20. And The 1975 in April next year.
21. These two are one of my favorite bands, too.
22. I love John Green.
23. I haven’t seen “Paper Towns” until now but I will next week.
24. I love chocolate, if you want to make me happy, buy me chocolate.
25. I don’t like tomatoes or ketchup. Neither in combination with chocolate.
26. In December I’m going to travel to the Dominican Republic with my dad and two of my aunts.
27. I’ve been there before and I’m so excited!
28. We will celeberate Christmas and New Year underneath the palmtrees.
29. I suck at math.
30. People say I’m a good writer.
31. I’m on my best way of my recovery.
32. I cut myself for more than 4 years.
33. Today, I’m clean for 1 year, 3 months and 24 days.
34. I am proud of myself.
35. I’ve had a really hard time.
36. My mother died when I was 10.
37. My best friend died when I was 12.
38. I got bullied at school.
39. I’ve been in mental hospital 2 times.
40. I’m going to meet with some of my friends from there this summer.
41. I like drawing but I suck.
42. I like singing.
43. But I also suck at singing.
44. I have A+ in music-class, which makes me proud af.
45. I’m not so active on Tumblr anymore.
46. And I don’t know how to feel about it.
47. Btw, I know German and Danish as first tongue.
48. I live in Germany but I’m on a Danish Highschool… In Germany.
49. I live 7 minutes (by car) away from the German/Danish border.
50. Denmark feels like home to me.
51. I can’t see very good in the dark, which pisses people off.
52. I love flowers.
53. I need money, a lot.
54. I’m hungry right now, just as always.
55. People say I’m helpful.
56. I can burp… Very very loud, long and it’s quite disgusting.
57. I laugh a lot.
58. I like going for looong walks.
59. I love living close to the seaside, the ocean feels like home, too.
60. I’m very loyal.
61. And I hate lies.
62. I’m not a good liar.
63. My favorite animals are cats.
64. I’m quite funny - sometimes.
65. Other times I’m just annoying.
67. I’ve never been in love.
68. I want a baby someday.
69. I still like chocolate.
70. Most of the time, I’m very organized.
71. I have 16.000 songs in my iTunes-libary.
72. I’m music-obsessed.
73. I have my own car.
74. I love driving.
75. I’ve visited some countries in my life, which are: Germany (obviously), Denmark, Austria, England, Spain, Greece, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Egypt.
76. I like taking smaller photos (for Instagram).
77. I love to help others.
78. I’m a good listener, but only if I’m in the mood.
79. I only have a few friends, but they are the best I could wish for.
80. I have the most wonderful favorite person in the world.
81. I don’t have any siblings.
82. I’m a lefty.
83. I have a fat cat called Leo.
84. Some people like me, others don’t. There’s mostly no in-between.
85. I thought finding so many facts would be harder.
86. I’m proud of everyone who struggles with something or not. I’m proud of EVERYONE.

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Imagine Steve telling Bucky about his and Peggy's first kiss

They’re sitting on the couch, watching some new show that Sam had recommended, when Bucky asks “You ever get anywhere with that Agent Carter?”

And just like that Steve’s blushing, scrambling for the remote to turn the volume down. “Um, well, I–”

Bucky laughs, not quite as brightly as he used to but still loud enough to make Steve’s ribcage crack open. “Stevie, you dog! C’mon, spill.” 

“We kissed, that’s all.” Steve is very pointedly not-looking at Bucky. The carpet, he decides, really is an interesting color.

“That’s all? Christ, leave it to you, Rogers, to somehow snag the best woman in Europe and then just–”

“It was right before I-before I fought the Red Skull for the last time. I thought I–” I thought I wasn’t ever going to see her again. And he’d almost been right.

Bucky pauses for a moment, seeming to realize the seriousness of the moment. But then he says “Christ, Rogers, leave it to you to only kiss someone at the most dramatic moment possible–”

Steve chuckles, partly to hide the ache and partly because Bucky knows him way too damn well. “Yeah, leave it to me.”