i laughed quite loud

I know there was a lot of sadness in tonight’s episode, but I actually loved the whole thing! Like I thought they did the berena thing really well and I laughed out loud at Jac and Mo quite a few times ahahah 

idk I just really liked it AND THE HUG GOODNESS GRACIOUS 

taylormademediocrity  asked:

1, 4, 11, 24, 52, 58, 59, 92, 99 :p

1. What have you eaten today?

Oooooohhh, this is hard already… Umm, I made a batch of bacon for the fam and ended up eating the entire thing myself.  It was like 24 pieces of bacon.  And I ate it all.  By myself.  (#worthit)

Okay, but really.  There was the bacon, some cookies, and a pulled pork sandwich from which I just ate the pork.  Oh! And a bowl of ice cream because I just finished a big paper.  I’m not the best at eating, you guys…  Add that to the list of things I need to work on.

4. Who has made you laugh the hardest in the last week?

I think that would be you, you dweeb.  Your snaps are quality, and I’ve laughed out loud quite a few times because of them this week.  My personal favorite from the last 24 hours alone?

Other fan favorites include:


But it’s even more fun to hang out with you in person, as you’re not only funny as heck, but you’re also a freaking amazing friend who I trust and love.  So there’s that.

(P.S. This is exactly why I screenshot your stuff <3)

11. Are you happy?

Mmmm… yes?  I think I’m happy.  No, content is a better word, I think.  Life is fantastic right now.  I’m at a school I love despite never picturing myself there, I’m studying what I love and it’s worth all the work it takes, I have a family I love that I know loves me, and I’m privileged enough to see them fairly often.  I’ve found music I love and shows that I love, and most importantly, I have friends that I love beyond words.  I’m so freaking lucky to have all that I do.

But despite all that, I get scared.  When it comes to thinking of my future, the uncertainty scares the crap out of my.  And being in college and trying to figure my life out, that happens more often that I’d like it to.  But when that happens I need to remember to take a step back, breath, and be content again.  I need to remind myself of all the things I just listed and be more grateful for everything, whether big or small.  That’s something I’m working on: to be content and be happy with the small things in life that make life extra special.  

Sorry that that got long and probably off topic… My bad.  

24. What movie would you use to describe your life?

I have no clue…  I’ve been thinking about this the entire time I answered the other questions, and I honestly have no idea… I’ll tell you what I’d LIKE it to be like! I want to be as passionate as Leslie (Parks and Rec), as selfless as Sam (LOTR), as positive as Bob Ross (uh, Bob Ross), as dedicated as Dwight (The Office), as loyal as El (Stranger Thing), the list could go on.

52. What’s your earliest memory?

Okay, my memory sucks, so don’t judge me that I’m struggling to think back that far…  I’d say it was one of two times:

1) My mom took me to an Easter egg hunt at the ballpark (bright eggs on an open baseball field, so challenging, right?) when I was pretty young.  When the game ended, I returned empty-basketed (IT WAS HARD, OKAY?) to where I though my mother was, but she wasn’t there.  So I wandered around a baseball stadium for a while, lost, until this kind old lady stopped me and helped me look for my mom.

or 2) My brother and I were sledding, and I swung my sled out in front of him as he flew down the hill.  It was one of those hard plastic sleds, so he flew off his own sled and landed face-down in the snow.  I felt a little bad afterwards, so I tried to roll him over and shake him to make him respond to my apologies, but he didn’t respond.  When he finally did respond, I just wrote off his silence as him trying to prank me for smacking him in the face with a sled.  But a year or so ago we were all reminiscing, and I was like, “Hey, remember that time I hit you with a sled and you pretended to be unconscious (insert finger guns because they totally happened)” and he was like “nope.”  Long story short, I 100% knocked my brother unconscious in the dead of winter when we were outside alone and probs gave him a concussion. 

58. What top 5 things make you the angriest?

-rude people in red coats
-that time a guy told me girls are supposed to have long hair
-orange cheetos
-when people are rude or inconsiderate to my friends
-me when I’m not productive enough or mess something up

59. What top 5 things always bring a smile to your face?

-Snaps from you
-Thinking about the memories I have with the clan and the fam (*cough, cough* watermelon *cough*)
-My YouTube playlist of indie music (hit me up, bruhs)
-Curling up on a rainy day with a good book, a cup of tea, a cat on my lap, and my indie music playing in the background

92. Describe what you think of the ocean?

It’s pretty cool I guess, as long as I’m near the shore.  Near the shore is there I can slap ocean mud on my face and pretend to be an Uruk-hai (there are pics, it happened).  But once you’re out of view of the shore? FORGET THAT, ABORT MISSION, ABANDon, actually don’t abandon ship because then you’d be in the middle of the freaking OCEAN which is freaking DEEP and filled with freaky THINGS and FISHes and stuff.  

But pics are cool, I guess.

99. Odd or Even numbers?

I have no idea why, but even numbers.  Odds freak me out…

elliewatermelonlemonheart  asked:

Hi there! Loving your blog💕if by any chance you're not too overwhelmed, may I get a Marauders era ship?i am a girl and can i please get a male ship. I'm a 50% Rawnclaw (50% Slytherin in the streets and Griffindor in the sheets) , 5'3"(not too)skiny. I have long, brown in the winter, red in the summer(yes they change colour)hair and brown, dark eyes. I'm quite confident, probably laugh or talk too loud- sassy and I am the wild, weird, "bad" freind.I am aquarius. I like reading, advantures, food.

ERA: Marauders Era  ‖ Golden Trio Era ‖ Next Generation Era


WHAT THEY LOVE MOST ABOUT YOU: Confidence and sense of humour

HOW YOU GOT TOGETHER: You’d both burst out laughing at your own jokes at the same time and then your eyes would meet and it would be real cute

VALENTINE’S DATE AT: Hogsmeade ‖ The Astronomy Tower ‖ Quidditch Pitch ‖ Godric’s Hollow ‖ Room of Requirement ‖ Library  ‖ Y/H Common Room ‖ T/H Common Room ‖ The Leaky Cauldron ‖ The Three Broomsticks ‖ Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour

IT WOULD ALSO INCLUDE: Flirting containing of insults aimed at each other

YOUR VALENTINE’S GIFT: A Firebolt ‖ Fizzing Whizbees ‖ Flirting Fancies ‖ Chocolate Frogs ‖ Roses ‖ Daisies ‖ Lillies ‖ Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans ‖ A Nose Biting Teacup ‖ Cupid’s Crystals ‖ Amortentia ‖ Sugar Hexes ‖ Weasley’s Wondrous Wand 

YOUR SOPPY SONG: God Only Knows- The Beach Boys

YOUR DRINK FOR THE NIGHT: Butterbeer ‖ Firewhisky ‖ Rum ‖ Mulled Mead ‖ Pinnock’s Giggle Water ‖ Nettle Wine ‖ Champagne ‖ Water

WHO KISSES WHO: He kisses you!

WHAT YOUR CARD SAYS: You look wonderful terrible all the time.

The Supply of Power (La La La)
  • The Supply of Power (La La La)
  • The Front Bottoms
  • My Grandma vs. Pneumonia

Well they tell me drugs don’t pay, and they say that there’s no use.
But I’ve got a couple friends who say that that’s not true, and they’ve got wallets full of proof.
I needed the money. It was nothing more than a little self-centered, self-enhated youth.

And I know what he’s saying couldn’t have been that funny, but you seem to be laughing quite loud.
So I will sit and think of reasons that you think that it’s funny, but I will probably never figure it out.


Thoughts about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

- The Maximoff twins are an amazing addition to the Marvel cinematic universe.
- The relationship between the Black Widow and Bruce Banner is really pointless imo.
- Why did Quicksilver have to die????
- I really liked seeing Natasha’s backstory.
- Ultron is unbelievably scary but also really fucking funny.
- I laughed out loud quite often while watching this movie.