i laughed myself silly over this


                              Happy Birthday @zenathered!

You’ve easily turned into one of my best friends here and I am so very honored to call you a dear pal of mine. Thank you for the laughs, for the jokes, for the nerdgasms over Lord of the Rings with me. Thank you for being my confidant, to help me up when I have fallen, to always have my back and cheer me on. I hope that I do the same for you, to bring a smile on your face when you’re feeling blue, and make you laugh with all my silly antics. Thank you, for allowing me to be myself, and opening up to me!

                     I am so blessed to have met you and here’s to another year as buddies! 

                                                 Welcome to the thirties. Its not so bad. <3

I said my goodbyes to the ocean yesterday. I’m always sad to leave it because it feels like home.

I already miss the terrifying and amazing moment when a wave crashes over my head and I get a split second to feel completely immersed. The world muted and roaring at once. The taste and sting of saltwater. The shifting seas and sand beneath my feet. I squeaked when I accidentally disrupted a school of fish and felt them brush against me. I said a quick apology before laughing to myself at how silly it was and turned my face to the sun. There were even dolphins a ways away. The closest I’d ever been to them. Timing the swell and sway of the waves and knowing them to be as true and constant as my own heartbeat.

Floating back to shore. The first heavy, uncertain steps of a body left too long the churning calm of the water. The burn and prickling of sand underneath my feet as I turn my back to my Mother and return to the solidity and routine of life on land, trading my mermaid dreams for reality.

I’m watching Bonds, and this Zero Tails monster is trying to piss Naruto off and make him go into rage Kyuubi mode. He takes over Amaru’s body and attacks everybody. He even hurts Sakura really bad right in front of Naruto. 

And I’m thinking to myself “Noo, that’s not how you do it. You have to say the S word.” 

See? It’s not working. Use the S word!

Silly Zero Tails, that’s not a way to do it.

It’s not working at all! Use the S word, seriously!


Aaaaand there it is. Now you’re gonna see some serious rage.

Notes from the show: Scorpius & Albus

Alright so I went to see the play again this weekend (so at Saturday 15/10 and Sunday 16/10) and seriously I could ramble about this play for centuries but here’s a very quick recap of some of my favourite assorted Scorpius/Albus moments over the weekend:

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Party ~Josh Dun Imagine~

Hello humans! Here is a Josh Dun imagine as requested. I hope you enjoy it! :)

*Not My Gif*

“Well, Joshua you do throw a good party if I do say so myself.” Y/N laughed as she took a sip from the cup.
“You helped, silly.” Josh laughed.
“True, but you’re the reason everyone is here.”
“Oh, is there anyone particular you’re happy to see?” He questioned.
Y/N took another sip of her drink and tried to avoid the question.
“Well….to be honest..When I was younger I listened to Panic! At The Disco a lot and may have sort of had a crush on Brendon….but it was just a young fangirl thing. It’s totally over now.” She laughed.
Josh shifted and put on a fake laugh.
“That’s funny.” He muttered.
“What about you? Anyone you’re happy to see?”
“Well…” He started to say, but was cut off when Tyler, Brendon and Dallon walked up to them.
“What are we talking about?” Tyler questioned.
“Nothing important.” Josh mumbled.
“Hey, I’ll be back.” Y/N said as she hopped off the bar stool and headed up the stairs.
Brendon turned his head and watched her walk up the stairs. He then turned back and smiled at everyone.
“She’s a cutie isn’t she?” Brendon smirked.
“Yeah, she’s got a cute smile.” Dallon smiled.
Josh stood uncomfortably and looked at the floor.
“What do you think, Josh?” Tyler asked.
Josh glanced up slightly before looking back down again.
“She’s cute, I guess.”
“You guess? Look at her! She’s beautiful.” Brendon exclaimed.
“Okay, okay. Can we just talk about something different please?” Josh asked, growing annoyed.
“Why? Is someone jealous?” Dallon smirked.
“You like her don’t you?
“Why are you lying?”
“I’m not!”
“Then admit you like her.”
The room fell silent as Tyler, Dallon, and Brendon all stared at the staircase where Y/N was now standing.
When Josh turned around and met Y/N’s gaze, his heart sank to his stomach. She smiled lightly and glided over to him, connecting their lips in an instant. Josh melted and kissed her back.
“It’s about time.” Brendon muttered with a smile.
Josh chuckled causing their lips to break apart.
“Yeah..it is about time.” Y/N agreed with a smile.

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Just the entire fact that Bruce missed out on his child’s life. Never got to see him walk for the first time. Never got to see him laugh over silly things. Never got to teach him how to read. Never got to put him on his shoulders, go to the zoo, etc. Just. :’(

And instead of a little boy, he got a soldier. And Damian doesn’t understand, doesn’t know what his father wants. :’(

So they both grieve something they can never have, get in their own way, and just end up lashing out at each other because it’s like “why am I not good enough?” 


SNL makes a Reylo joke

So I was watching the bonus footage released today from those Star Wars skits and this scene came up:

“Emma Stone, Javier Bardem chemistry test”

Also: Let me point out that in the corner it says “AOO3″ which reminds me of Ao3 aka the well known fan fiction site, i don’t know if I’m reading into this too much but it’s pretty suspicious to me

So we see this ^^^ and IMMEDIATELY my reylo feels come out and I think to myself “why was this taken out of the actual episode?!”


If the first republic (lmao who?) takes over the galaxy, then everyone you love is doomed” 


“James”: “And now we have the sex?”

Emma: *is very confused* What?!

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So now I’m laughing because of the silly impersonation plus the implication “James” made

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But also questioning why they didn’t put in the episode still, Did they realize ahead of time people were going to be controversial on the whole Reylo topic? Did some person from Disney view it and took it out themselves?

i don’t know, but the video is very entertaining with a load more actors/actor impressions and it’s funny so give it a watch:


Itty bitty Obi-wan
This is just a little bit of silliness inspired by this post by @leechbrain. I wasn’t 
going to write it, but then @sithshenanigans reblogged my tags and I couldn’t
help myself. Also on ao3.

Ahsoka sighed with relief when she finally saw Rex and Cody up ahead. She was sent to find them and Master Kenobi for the next strategy meeting. As she got closer she realized that both of the clones were hunched over and seemed to be arguing rather strongly, but not with each other. Which seemed rather strange since Ahsoka couldn’t see anyone else in the area. She could feel that Master Kenobi was close, but she couldn’t see him anywhere. She shrugged and cleared her throat when she got closer to the two officers.

Both of them whipped their heads around to face Ahsoka. Ahh, well, that would explain why she could feel Master Kenobi, but not see him. He was standing about 20 cm tall in the palm of Rex’s hand.

“Ah. Hello Ahsoka, I would try and explain, but I am not entirely sure that I can.” Obi-wan sounded almost the same, his voice didn’t seem to be any higher, just smaller.

Ahsoka put up her hand, “You know what Master, it’s fine. I think we will just finish this mission on our own.”

Cody muttered under his breath “Thank gods, finally.”

“Oh I don’t think so Ahsoka, I think you will need all the help you can get on this one.”

Rex’s eyebrows got dangerously low when he looked down at the tiny jedi, “No sir, we discussed this, you will get trampled, or hit, a blaster bolt would blow you to bits!”

Cody cut in,“Not to mention what about the predators on this planet? They could carry you away and we wouldn’t even know what happened.”

Obi-wan looked up at Cody and Rex respectively, “Yes, well I still do have use of the Force, I can still commune with animals, and if I can keep a falling building from crushing me I think I can handle someone’s misplaced foot.”

Ahsoka could tell they had been having this argument for a while now. “Okay, well, how about we just bring this to Master Skywalker and take it from there.”

“Oh I’m sure this will go swimmingly,” Obi-wan snarked as Cody and Rex gave each other a look over his head.


Obi-wan was leaning against Cody’s shoulder antenna with his arms crossed while Anakin was practically crying with laughter.

Both Rex and Cody were completely unamused. Ahsoka just wanted to get this mission over with and hopefully fix Obi-wan’s height issue in the meantime.

When Anakin finally seemed to be losing steam, Obi-wan asked, “Are you quite done yet?”

Anakin sighed and wiped tears from his eyes, “Yes Obi-wan, I think I’m good.”

“Good. Now I do have hopes that this will wear off in a matter of time, but we need to get this base secured, and we don’t have time to wait for me to get back to a normal size.” Ahsoka watched both Rex and Cody tense. “But I don’t think I’m going anywhere without these two.” They both eased, just a bit. At least Obi-wan realized he wasn’t going anywhere without an escort.

“So you two will  infiltrate the base, put the shields down, and we will keep them occupied out here while you do. Then we will sweep in after and secure the base after.”

Anakin was still smiling, but was actually taking the mission seriously. “Alright Master, that sounds like a good plan. Contact us if you need anything.”


The mission went about as well as could be expected. Obi-wan alternated between Rex and Cody’s shoulders. At one point Rex thought he got shot off his shoulder and panicked until he realized Obi-wan fell into one of his blaster holsters.

Rex huffed a laugh while shooting down another battle droid, “Comfortable General?”

“Oh yes, quite. Though I don’t think I’ll be of much use down here.”

Rex looked down with a smirk that couldn’t be seen, feeling, for the first time in too long, capable of making a joke. “Oh I dunno sir, I could probably think of a few things you could do.”

Rex could practically hear the General’s eyes roll, “Not now Captain, we have a base to secure.”

Later Cody almost had a heart attack when his worst nightmare happened and Obi-wan was snagged off his shoulder by this planet’s species of tooka. Cody almost got shot twice, while frantically looking for the kriffing thing. Luckily, Kix was able to cover him until Obi-wan sauntered up riding the back of the tooka looking about as smug as he ever had. Which, frankly, was rather impressive.

“Please sir, don’t do that again,” Cody asked tightly.

The smug look falls off his face, “I am sorry, Commander, if I caused any distress, but I did tell you I would be fine.”

“Yes, now that everybody is fine, can we keep fighting these seppies? I’d prefer to get this done sooner rather than later.”

“Of course Kix, we do have a plan to adhere to after all,” Obi-wan agreed as he rode the tooka into the middle of the fray.

Cody put his head in his hand for just a moment, then grabbed Rex and ran after their miniature General.

Anakin and Ahsoka took out the shields with fewer problems than usual, and the rest of the team was able to sweep in and clear the rest of the droids out. Luckily Rex had convinced Obi-wan to get rid of the tooka, he appealed to him with the well being of the feline. It worked like a charm. Rex stuck him back into his blaster holster and let him give orders from there. Anakin almost fell over in his laughter after he saw that.

They all decided they could use a day of rest before leaving a contingent of clones behind and head back to Coruscant. They set up camp out on a hill with a good view all around.

Later in the evening Anakin sent Ahsoka to check in on Obi-wan to see how he was getting along. She knew he was probably curious, but she also knew he just wanted to talk to Padme alone. He was not as subtle as he thought he was.

She knocked as best she could on the tent flap but didn’t hear anything, so she peeked in anyway. She was confronted with the sweetest thing she had ever seen. Rex and Cody were curled up on the bed facing each other and mini Master Kenobi was nestled on the pillow in between them. She pulled out her holo recorder, she had to get a vid of this. After all, Master Plo would be severely disappointed if she didn’t get any evidence to show him later. She smiled as she quietly backed out of the tent to leave them be. They had earned the rest and they deserved to have it together.

If at some point in the night a strange sounding *POP* was heard, and then subsequent joint relieved clone sighs, no one said anything about it.

Okay this is arguably one of the most cliche things to happen in a film/book ever but-

I can’t help but laugh myself silly over a ‘what if’ situation when Kylo Ren is confronting Rey and Finn and they’re at a disadvantage again, and KR tells Rey, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t lightsaber you to death”


Rey: I’m pregnant!

Kylo Ren: *pauses*

Finn: You are??

Rey: With his child! *points at Finn*

Finn: Wait, what? Since when did we…


Finn: not have relations? Yes. We totally…got it on. Too many times to count.


KR: Whut

Poe: *coming out of nowhere* Back away from them, you bastard! How dare you…why are you just standing there?

KR: Apparently this scavenger got knocked up by this traitor

Poe: Wait, what? You guys…

Finn: *desperate eye signals*

Poe: …totally did. Yes. And you were really loud too.

Rey: *runs hands over face*

KR: …well that was nice. Congratulations. *waves lightsaber* Still gonna kill ya.

Finn: You would kill a pregnant lady? The mother of my child, no less? Oh hell naw dude, how evil are you

KR: So what my grandfather killed younglings and he turned out okay

Rey: Your grandfather died regretting his evil ways!

KR: I bet you he regrets being dead more.

Poe: There is no getting through to this guy

Finn: Nope


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But there! Finally got around to it. Have these pics of me *throws at you*

When I was a little girl
My father used to kiss me on the cheek
And I would giggle and complain and try to wipe off the kiss
And He would laugh at me and say
“Silly girl kisses don’t come off, they stay there forever”
And I would wipe at my cheeks more and more
As if I could prove him wrong

And now I find myself sitting here in the dark
Tracing my fingers over my lips
Thinking that maybe if I just keep willing our past kisses away
The ghost of your lips on mine will leave.
My father was right,
Kisses stay forever.

—  “Silly girl kisses don’t come off, they stay there forever”

I’m sorry if I get too excited about little things like a cute dog across the street or the thought of making brownies at midnight. I’m sorry if I scream while running to hug you even after seeing you from yesterday because I’ve missed you. I’m sorry for laughing too loud at dumb things in public. I’m sorry that I get really emotional for silly situations and my heart can’t handle it. I’m sorry I fall in love too easily with little bits of beauty I find everyday and I’m sorry I over express myself at times. That’s just who I am. I just can’t help myself.

Fuck Boy

Why do I crave their attention…? Why Am I always trying to catch the focus of their eyes?
It’s clear they’ll never be able to capture the beauty I truly possess with dirty lenses…
I’m tired of modeling to be on the cover of “late night cravings and curious thoughts”…
Touching themselves to thought of trying something new or worrying about what my mouth can do…
It’s funny because…
In daylight I laugh and talk as if friendship was a actual thing
But by night… I’m being told that a late night fling is a causal thing…
I find myself
giggling at they’re childish minds
And curious eyes…
I Laugh at they’re boring conversation and shallow minds… But I
Scream at the fact that they think I’m made of copper…When it’s clear I shine….
Every night Whispering out my thoughts…
“Why is he so hard to find?…”
I feel silly searching for diamonds through this coal mine…
having to watch my step as I tip toe over land mines…
I fucked up and tripped over good morning messages..
Setting off explosions that I thought was a signal for romance…
But I remember you were never brave enough to take a risk let alone a chance…
Or maybe I was stupid and mistook your emojis for charm when it was just modesty…
I’m Confused…
A little hurt, and worn out…
Fighting a war that’s set up for me to lose…but
I rushed in with no plan of action
Never knowing how strong fuckery could be or the attraction…
But I must say..
Job well done

today is my 18 months with my boyfriend

I have been blessed with the most perfect, wonderful, handsome man in the entire galaxy. the past year and a half with him have been the happiest of my whole life 

I’m crazy happy all the time. I smile from ear to ear every time I think about him. when i’m drivin in my car on my way to his house, i try to get there as fast as possible so I can hug him tight & kiss him all over. i have the best orgasms (i never even knew sex could feel so fuckin amazing). i am fully myself around him. i can be silly & he’ll laugh his ass off wit me, he acts silly too & makes me laugh even harder. we have deep convos about everything. we always treat each other with respect. we have nights when we just bone for hours & i fall asleep wit him spooning me. we have nights when we binge watch our fav shows while eatin a shitton of popcorn, drinking tea, and cuddling on the couch. we have nights when we play games together. throughout it all, we’re both laughing, bonding even closer every day, & kissing each other every second. 

now, this is probably going to make you guys giggle but I swear it’s true - the first time I saw my man naked, I knew I was going to marry him. he’s so fucking beautiful, and each conversation we had, every time we were together, every time I got to know him more and more - I knew that my gut-feeling was right the whole time. not once, did I have that doubt in my heart if he was the one. I knew ever since that he was the one - i aint ever question it. he’s made me stronger, i’m more vocal about my opinions in public, I stand up for myself more - he taught me to be a fighter. he taught me to be smart. he showed me that he’s always going to be there for me. he’s always going to make love to me, to snuggle me tight, to make breakfast for us, to help me with anything and everything i’m going through - and I promise to forever do the same for him. he’s my everything, my soulmate, my best friend - my husband. i love him so much