i laughed myself silly over this

An Aquarius looked at me, and smiled. She places a hand on my cheek and said, “I’ve watched people come and go out of my life, and here I am hoping you’d be different..”

An Aries looked at me, she slowly inched herself closer to me. Planted a kiss on my lips and said, “I hate you’re so damn emotional. I hate you for reading me like a book, but my god, you make me so damn vulnerable.”

A Cancer looked at me and smiled. She slowly sat up and placed herself ontop of me, looking down at me. She grabbed both of my hands and squeezed it softly and said, “You’re the one. I can feel it, and I’m serious…”

A Capricorn placed her cigarette back in the ashtray and looked at me, she slowly grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her and scooted herself closer and smiled at me and said, “I would never want you to let go of me.. Got it?”

A Gemini rubbed her butt on my crotch. A smile on her face. She turned around and asked for a kiss, then suddenly she pushed after it got heated and said, “Promise me, you’ll only look at me. Even when I’m distant, come and find me.”

A Leo looked at me and gaze into my eyes and said, “You’re always listening to me talk about myself. How about you start tonight because I’ve been dying to know about your day. Let’s start about our secrets. I’ll go first. I hate being a Leo..” She laughed at how silly the secret was and she kissed me and said she was just playing, and was going to tell me a real secret. We laid and talked, and we opened up a new level in our relationship. Trust.

A Libra came crawling to me and placed herself between my legs, she falls over and rests her head on my chest and smiled at me. We stayed like this for minutes and we talked about her work and how her day was, and did nothing but talked the whole night.

A Pisces laughed and slowly sat up, she sat ontop of me and grabbed my hands and kissed them softly. She smiled down at me, squeezing my hands in hers. Suddenly tears rolled down her cheek, but she laughed softly and said, “I don’t know what to feel around you, but they’re good. They’re good feelings and you.. you bring out the best in me.”

A Sagittarius rubbed my back as we laid in silence. Then suddenly she lets out a sigh and played with my hair and said, “I don’t know what to do with you. You make me think too much, and I can’t stop. You make me crazy, you stupid fool.” She laughed and continued to play with my hair.

A Scorpio turned to me one night and whispered enough for me to hear, “I love you. I know I don’t say it to you as much, and I know you. You need reassurance every day, and I’m sorry that I don’t know how to express myself like you want me to, but.. I love you, so very much. I just want you to know that you’re the best gift life has given me, and I appreciate you. I love you.” She then leaned down to kiss my cheek and then slowly punched my back playfully. “You asshole..” she giggles.

A Taurus rested her head on my chest as I played with her hair. Suddenly she began to talk about how we met, and how she saw me and fell in love with me completely. How she was eager to show me into her world and bring a part of me that no one has ever seen out. She laughed and slowly inched closer to kiss my chin, and continued on talking about us. The Past. The Present. And our future together.

A Virgo pulled away from my arms, a soft smile on her face. She looks at me and then settles back into my arms and we stared at each other for what seemed like hours. She kissed my nose and said, “You only get to feel this once. Different in forms, but this, this is only once in a lifetime and you better not let me go, you hear me?”

—  Pillow Talk
You’re My Favorite

In honor of H’s 23 birthday, enjoy this little one shot! :) 

Plot: What to get to the man who has everything?

Warnings: None. 

Three weeks to H’s Birthday:

“Baby,” Harry groaned exasperation. His eyes rolled back and he let his head drop for a moment, appearing to be completely and utterly done with the subject I had been bugging him with for a few hours now as well as over the past days.

Harry’s birthday present.

And still, he was being close to no help. His eyes met mine and I whined, wanting him to take me seriously, because even though we (admittedly) had been discussing this topic a bit too long now, he somehow still didn’t understand my point.
Birthdays were something I took very seriously, especially Harry’s. It was the first time for me to celebrate his birthday with him given that our relationship was only a few months old and all I wanted was him to be showered with love and spoiled silly. I wanted to make him happy.
Planning his day wasn’t the problem, it was easy. I would spend the night before with him, mainly so I could make sure him being spoiled would start early in the morning already (breakfast in bed, maybe some sex) but most of all I wanted to stay with him because I knew how Harry didn’t like having to sleep and wake up alone. It made my heart ache a little bit and fall even more in love with his sensitive and gentle soul and so I liked the idea of him not having to do that on his birthday, too.
Later, we would have lunch with his mother, sister and step-father so we would be able to exchange gifts quietly and just in the presence of his immediate family. Harry absolutely adored them and I knew he’d love being able to be with just his family for a while, before his friends would join us for a dinner at his favorite restaurant. It was a simple plan and wouldn’t entail too many surprises for him, but I knew that would be what Harry enjoyed most. All of his life was always extravagant and a big deal, so I imagined him having simple family time would be just what he’d need.
What had been giving me a headache for a while now was the most difficult question I’d ever had to ask myself. What makes a good present to a person who could buy the world?

“You are so difficult sometimes,” I argued quietly, nudging Harry’s hip with my own.

We were standing in my tiny kitchen and cooking dinner together, well, less cooking and more arguing about his upcoming birthday. The pans were still empty and the table wasn’t set either. Three weeks. I had three weeks left to get him the perfect present and I was absolutely clueless.

Harry laughed. “Says the one who’s been worrying herself silly over a present for a birthday who’s almost a month away.”  

I rolled my eyes. “Maybe I just shouldn’t get you anything then. If I’m just being silly.”

My body turned and I went to reach for two wine glasses, almost dropping them when Harry startled me by wrapping both of his arms around my waist. His chest hit my back and I squealed when his head buried itself into my neck, releasing puffs of hot breath, making me squeal.

“You wouldn’t do that,” he murmured quietly, sounding like a little boy who’d been denied… well, his birthday present.

“Oh wouldn’t I, Styles?” I giggled, squeezing his wrists through the thick material of his grey jumper.

He shook his head, lips ghosting over my skin and I relaxed into him. “Don’t think you would.”

And of course I wouldn’t. But I really was lost. In my imagination, I could see his face lighting up with that beautiful smile of his and his pretty eyes would sparkle in surprise and happiness. I wanted that image to be reality, had seen him wear the expression on other occasions before and I wanted to be the reason why he wore it on his birthday. And the one bloody thing needed for that to happen was missing. An idea.

Two weeks to H’s Birthday:

In my desperate situation I’d called up the only person I could think of, who knew Harry better than anybody else did. His mother. Anne and I were sat in a small cafe just around the corner of where Harry lived. I held my mug of hot chocolate tightly and listened eagerly to the stories Anne had to tell, all of them involving a much younger version of Harry. Anne waved her hands in the air, mimicking Harry’s desperate attempt of rollerblading and I laughed out loud.

“He sounds like he was an incredibly clumsy child,” I giggled.

“Oh he was,” Anne smiled with a nod, “Still is, really. You’ve seen how he used to stumble around on stage. Even broke his foot once, the silly boy.”

“Oh right, I forgot about that!”

Anne chuckled and kindly offered me some of her cookie, which I happily accepted.

“So,” she began, handing me a piece of her desert, “I’m sure there’s a other reason behind you summoning me, other then hearing stories you can mock my son with later.”

I laughed gently and nodded. “Though, I could listed to those stories all day, I did call because I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with.”

A small frown took over Anne’s kind features and she set down her cup. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing too serious,” I quickly assured, not wanting her to worry, “It’s going to sound silly to you, I’m sure. But I just can’t come up with a good idea for a gift for Harry.”

My eyes met hers and I sensed that she was about to ask if I was kidding, because of course it sounded stupid to anyone else, and so I carried on quickly.

“His birthday, is coming closer and closer and I can’t figure out what to get him! That man has everything and if he doesn’t, then he buys it the next day. And even when I finally find something he hasn’t seen before but would love, it costs so much more than what I have! It’s so frustrating ‘cause all I want is to make him happy and surprise him with something nice but I can’t even get him something as simple as clothing! He came around with a cardigan just yesterday that cost £5000! I don’t even own anything that expensive! That piece of clothing he loves, is worth two months of my rent.”

Anne bit her lower lip, her expression serious again and I sighed. I felt so whiny and like an uncreative child, but I really was at my wit’s end.

“It’s the first birthday I get to spend with him and I’m going to fail him completely.”

My eyes lowered to my mug and I tapped the porcelain lightly, feeling defeated.

“Sweetheart,” Anne said kindly, “Harry will love whatever it is you get him. He adores you.”

A small smiled tugged at my lips and I blushed at her words. “I don’t want him to like it simply 'cause it’s from me, though.”

I raised the cup of chocolate to my lips and took a sip, then decided to just come clean with my greatest worry.

“The women he’s been with before me,” I began quietly, avoiding Anne’s patient gaze, “were rich enough to get him the world. What if he realizes that I’m just not… I don’t know. Suitable for his standards?”

The worry sounded stupid when it’d come to my mind the first time, but it’d stayed. Kendall Jenner, the last girl Harry had been involved with before me, was probably just as, if not even richer than he was himself. Same counted for Taylor Swift. They could go wherever he wanted to go, dress just as expensively and rent entire venues for him to host his party. Me? I had to scrap anything I had together every single month so I could afford my tiny apartment in London. Harry of course was aware that I couldn’t afford the same lifestyle as he had, but sometimes, especially when he came around with a £5000 cardigan, I wondered if he was aware how much money he actually had compared to what ordinary people earned.
When I dared looking at Anne again, she surprised me by wearing a bright smile. Both of her hands reached over the table and she took hold of my own, squeezing my fingers in a comforting gesture.

“Him thinking you aren’t suitable for him is absolutely and a hundred percent impossible, Y/N. Believe me.”

“You think so?” I asked timidly.

She nodded, still smiling confidently.

“The women Harry was with in the past,” she shook her head, pausing for a moment, then she continued, “were lovely, sure. But they never stayed around long. They never mattered to him as much as you do. He never brought one home, only introduced them casually over a dinner or sometimes not at all. Trust me, sweetheart, you are the first one he’s let get close to his heart and I can see it every day. You might not notice it because you’ve never seen him without it, but since you’re in his life, there’s an extra sparkle in his eyes and his smile is just a tiny little bit wider. He told me he’s been getting more sleep and that he even learned how to cook. That’s your influence on him, I know that. You’re taking care of him and that means the world. So trust me on this, you give him enough of what he couldn’t get himself every day. No birthday present could ever make you a failure to him.”

“Oh, Anne,” I almost squealed, blinking away the tears forming in my eyes. I squeezed her fingers in return and sniffled, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.

She squeezed my hands once more and just like her son, her comforting aura was enough to ease me.

“And besides,” she continued in a giggle, “if he thinks I’m getting him anything even remotely close to £5000, he’s gone mad.”

H’s Birthday:

My lips lingered on the warm skin of Harry’s cheek and I giggled when I felt his smile beneath my lips. Harry’s hand found mine on his knee and he interlocked our fingers, humming quietly in appreciation. I could hear Gemma snicker at our interaction and I pressed another kiss to his jaw, then I withdrew. Harry’s eyes found mine and I could read his surprise in them. Normally I wasn’t as touchy feely with him when his family was around, but today I couldn’t help myself. My Harry was officially 23 years old. I couldn’t believe it.
We were sat on the couch in Harry’s living room, Gemma, Anne, Robing, Harry and me. There was cake and coffee on the small table along with the presents we’d bought for him. So far, the day had gone neatly and after the chat I had had with Anne, I felt confident about my choice of present, too.
Harry seemed so happy, relaxed and like he was enjoying himself. Just like I had intended to do, I’d been showering him with love all day long, waking him up with kisses and embracing him every few minutes. For breakfast I’d made him pancakes, bacon and eggs, making sure that the only healthy thing he got was a smoothie. And the sex well, had been mind-blowing.  
I squeezed Harry’s fingers tightly and blushed when he pressed his lips to my own cheek for a moment, as he wasn’t too much into PDA himself either, then he turned to engage in the conversation his family was leading.

“Harry,” Robing began, “I know you’re not a kid anymore, but do you want me to initiate that it’s time for you to get your presents?”

“That would be great,” Harry laughed, letting his arm rest around my waist in a loose hold.

I smiled at him lovingly and felt my stomach flutter when Harry pulled me even closer into his side, sharing his warmth with me. How did he always smell so good?
The first present he opened was Gemma’s. He let go of me and got up to hug her in thanks and joked about how it was the exact same thing he’d been thinking of getting her only weeks ago and she giggled, muttering a “liar” under her breath. Next came Anne and Robin’s present, then came mine. My fingers itched and I swallowed. Though I wasn’t worried about Harry not liking my present, I was very eager to see the excited expression on his face.

“S'big,” Harry said, giving me an impressed glance when he picked up the box I’d wrapped neatly with blue wrapping paper.

He carefully began to pull at it with care as if the paper wasn’t actually meant to be ripped apart and I giggled, resting one of my hands on his shoulder to squeeze it. He was so adorable.
Once finished, he began to tap the cartoon box as if expecting a noise and I giggled at his comedic and silly behavior. Anne shook her head at him but the smile plastered on her face was a big enough sign that she was just as delighted to be here with her son as I was. With careful fingers Harry continued to open the box and my heart squeezed when he smiled instantly.
Since I hadn’t been able to decide on one present for him, I’d gotten him several.
The first item Harry revealed was a bottle of massage oil, his favorite with the soft smell of almond mixed with vanilla. I’d remembered the many evenings where I’d found him on his couch, face a grimace of pain and exhaustion where he claimed nothing could ease and soothe him better than my fingers massaging his tense muscles. Though I was tired on most night when I came home after a long day, I’d always given in. Seeing Harry unhappy was enough of a persuasion to make me help him.

“For when your back is acting up again,” I murmured quietly, allowing my hand to run down Harry’s back in a soothing gesture, “Won’t even complain about it, I promise.”

He chuckled and nodded, setting the bottle to the side before sticking his hand back into the box in search for the next item I’d gotten him.

“Oh I wanted to get that one myself!” Gemma exclaimed when Harry held up the navy blue nail polish.

“Do you think I can pull this color off?” Harry asked me, a smile on his face. “S'a bit flashy, don’t you think?”

“It’s blue, Harry,” I laughed, “Pink would be flashy. And of course you and pull this off. There’s nothing you couldn’t, really.”

The next and last item Harry pulled out of the box was a small journal, similar to the one he already owned.

“I saw yours is almost full,” I explained when Harry smiled at the new journal.

It had the same leather cover as his other one did and since he’d decorated it with small stickers and words, I’d allowed myself to leave my own small message to him. A tiny inscription saying you’re my favorite right at the bottom of the right corner. I’d scraped it into the leather, making it a permanent decoration so he’d have something to remind him of me when we were forced to be apart.

Harry actually blushed when his thumb stroke over the words and he momentarily leaned into my side. My heart hammered in my chest.

“Open it,” I whispered quietly.

He glanced at me briefly, then he opened it slowly. At first he didn’t see it, but once he turned some of the pages he noticed that some of them were already used. And once he began to read what I’d written, he teared up. The grin on his face grew, revealing his loveably dimples and his widened.

“Y/N,” Harry sighed and shook his head.

His fingers kept on running over the paper and he swallowed visibly. He looked as if he found it difficult to believe what his eyes were reading and one of his hands found mine.

“What?” Anne asked, leaning up so she could catch a peek as well.

“They’re just some notes about us,” I explained.

But they weren’t really, not just some notes. I’d filled the pages with small texts and short sentences, all of them about Harry and me. They were tiny stories about us, remembering our first kiss, the one we’d shared standing on Jack’s balcony while all of our friends were celebrating and partying indoors. The second paragraph I wrote about how I’d felt when I’d first met Harry, how excited I’d been and how I hadn’t stopped thinking of him since then. I even admitted that I’d fallen a tiny bit in love with him already.
Harry’s eyes were still teary when he read a few more pages, then he closed the book.

“I love it.”

The words were whispered to the journal, his head held low. His hands clenched around the item and he sniffled noisily. My fingers squeezed his hand and I pressed another kiss to his arm. This was better than having wearing a wide grin. The present, one that I’d gotten him for a reasonable price, had actually made him speechless.

“I’m glad, Harry,” I giggled.

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"I Know You Love Her" Part 2 (Ethan x Reader)

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(not my gif) 

 Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader 

 Warning: Cursing? (Barely any, but its whatevaaa) 

Word Count: 1,725

Prompt: Part 2 of “I Know You Love Her.“ 

 A/N: Enjoy!  Sorry for the wait xx

 You spent the whole night crying into your pillow; all of the unspoken words were now put into tears, falling freely from your eyes instead of your lips. You had wanted to tell him how you felt from the very beginning, but now seeing how things played out, you wish you could have just kept your mouth shut instead of acting so impulsively. More so, you just wished that your feelings would disappear for Ethan. 

Everything would have been perfect if you hadn’t fallen for him, but then again, you couldn’t help it. Ethan Grant Dolan was everything you’d ever wanted and more. He was the one who put your heart back together after the countless amount of boys crushed it. He was the one who made you laugh until tears jerked at your eyes and your stomach hurt; he was the one you talked on the phone with late at night, having conversations with him that went on into the early morning. He was the one you confided in with everything, the one person who’s opinion actually mattered. He was the one who could make you feel every emotion possible all at once, or nothing at all. 

Practically numb is how you felt right now, the dull sensation engulfing your body besides you heart, leaving you to feel the aching pain in your chest. You heaved out another sob when you heard your phone start blasting your alarm. You wiped your eyes and your eyebrows knitted together, finding it mind blowing that you managed to stay up and not fall asleep. You decided to stay in bed though. You knew for a fact that you weren’t ready to see Ethan. Once glance at him, and you’d break down. Things weren’t going to be the same from now on, and you’d be surprised if you guys would ever be friends again. You clutched the blanket closer to your chest, shutting your eyes as you heard your mom’s feet padding towards your door. 

She knocked twice and entered, a frown etched upon her face. "Hey sweetie, you don’t feel well?” Your mom asked, shuffling over to where you were laying. 

 She pressed the back of her hand to your forehead before gasping. “Y/N! You’re burning up, love. Try and sleep, and i’ll grab you some aspirin for when you wake up.”

You nodded, thankful for the fact that your mom was so lenient and that you were in fact coming down with something. You shut your eyes, and let out a deep sigh before somehow managing to fall asleep.

 You didn’t know how long you’d been asleep for, but when you woke up, your mom’s face was mere inches from yours, smiling gently as she stroked your head. "Hey honey, I’m sorry for waking you up. I’m heading out, I have work. But I invited Ethan over to keep you company." 

 You immediately shot up, "No, mom. I’m alright, really. I don’t need any company. I’m totally fine by myself, Ethan doesn’t have to come over.” Your heart was pounding in your ears, you weren’t ready to see him again. You needed time. 

 Your mom laughed, “Oh don’t be silly, Y/N. He’s already on his way here. He seemed a quite eager to get here, too.” She winked, “But I have to get going. I love you, call me if you need anything.” She kissed your forehead and walked out of your room, leaving you spastic. Your mind was racing along with your heartbeat. You skimmed your brain for any plausible ideas on how to escape this situation. 

By the time you came up wth a plan to avoid Ethan, you heard your front door open and close, along with Ethan calling your name. Your eyes widened and your elaborate plan immediately went out the window as you dropped to the ground and crawled underneath your bed. Your bedroom door opened and Ethan walked in.

“Y/N? You in here?” 

Silence. The room was dead quiet for a few moments until you heard Ethan sigh and watched him walk towards your bed. The mattress dipped as he sat down on the edge of your mattress, practically right above you. Your lips immediately trembled as you saw Ethan’s worn out, written on vans shuffle into view. Your eyes stung as you saw the faint, purple ink on the inside of his left shoe, ‘Y/N and Ethan forever! <3’

You let out a shaky breath that you didn’t know you were holding in, resulting in you clamping a hand over your mouth as you felt the bed shift back in place and watched as Ethan’s feet were now planted firmly on the floor. 

He heard you, there was no doubt about it. You watched as he knelt down slowly, his head peeking under the bed to find you, hand over your mouth with tears in your eyes. He felt his heart clench. If there was one thing Ethan absolutely could not stand to see, it was seeing you cry. When his beautiful honey colored orbs met your tearful ones, that’s when you lost it. 

You started to cry. You laid there under your bed, hair unruly and knotted, eyes full of tears, cheeks wet, face flushed and lips quivering as you poured out all of your emotions. 

Nonetheless, he still thought you looked absolutely beautiful. 

He reached under the bed and grabbed your waist and arm, trying you pull you out from under you bed. Once doing so, he got off of his knees and sat down, pulling you onto of him so that you were cradled in his arms. You placed your head in-between the crook of is neck and sobbed. He shh’ed you quietly, rubbing your back. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead and pulled your body, that was adorned by one of the many sweatshirts of his that you had, closer to him. He’d never admit it, but seeing you in his clothes drove him absolutely insane.

Your cries died down after a while. You hiccuped and breathed in the familiar scent of him, which calmed your nerves greatly, but also sent your mind into overdrive. Not even an hour or two ago you were thinking of how you never wanted to see him again, but right now, all you craved was him, even if it wasn’t in the way you hoped for. You craved to be in his big, comforting arms; to feel his body pressed against yours as he held you tightly to his toned, muscular chest. To feel the tuffs of his soft, dark hair between your fingers, or to feel his hot, minty breath fan against your neck. It didn’t matter how you had him, you just needed him. You needed Ethan.

“I’m sorry,” You stammered. “I-I shouldn’t have told you off like that. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad about you and Meredith. I just got so winded seeing you two be all mushy all the time. I should be happy for you..”

“Y/N.” Ethan mumbled against your forehead. You hadn’t heard him though; you were rambling on with the sincerest apology you could muster up, even though it hurt you to say it. 

You were blubbering, feeling the tears come rushing back, “And the fact that I wasn’t being supportive of you and Meredith’s relationship just shows how terrible of a friend I was..”

Ethan’s mind was elsewhere, not giving it a second thought when he mumbled, “I broke up with Meredith.” 

You still continued, “It shouldn’t have mattered about what she was saying to me in the pool about me needing to get over-”

You stopped talking and you both turned to each other in shock, not believing what was being said. 

“Wait, what?” You said simultaneously, concern laced in his voice, disbelief present in yours. 

“You guys broke up?”

“What did she say to you?”

 He looked at you sternly, as if telling you to explain first.  

You bit your lip and averted your gaze to the floor, “She was just telling me that I needed to get over you because you would never like me and stuff. That’s what got me going last night in the first place..”

His clenched his jaw, causing waves of emotions to ripple through you. “Are you fucking serious?”


The room was silent for a few moments, the air grew thick. 

“Well she was wrong.”

You immediately snapped your eyes back up to his face, to see him looking straight forward towards your wall nonchalantly giving you a quick glance.


“She’s wrong, Y/N. I do like you. Fuck, I was trying to tell you that in my truck last night, but you wouldn’t let me talk. I’ve liked you for so many years now. I just never thought you’d like me back, which is why I started dating Meredith in the first place. To try and get over you. But when you told me all of that stuff last night, I realized how fucking stupid I was.” He said exasperated, his cheeks a bright red.

You both held each other’s gaze, your faces incredibly close together; so close that you could feel his breath hitting your face.

You didn’t think you were hearing him properly. Perhaps you were still asleep, dreaming. He liked you. He always had liked you. 

“Fucking hell, pinch me. I must be dreaming..” You mumbled.

He let out a small laugh, before his eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips. “I can do something a lot more efficient than pinching you to show you this isn’t a dream, sweetheart.” 

With that, he closed the remaining space between the two of you as his lips captured yours in a much needed passionate kiss. You immediately reciprocated the actions, kissing him with everything you had in you.

 You both eventually pulled away, gasping for air as you pressed your forehead against his. Your eyes fluttered open to see him already looking at you, grinning.  

“Be mine.” 

You looked at him, not fully processing what he had said as you felt your chest swell.

“What did you say?”

“Be” He muttered, kissing your cheek. “Mine,” he whispered in your ear, pressing another kiss to your jaw. 

Your head rolled back, basking in the feeling of his lips hot against you skin.

“Of course.”

You gave him another sweet kiss on the lips before getting off of him. 

“Now, let’s take a nap, crying takes a lot out of a girl.” You joked, jumping in your bed, wrapping yourself up in the covers.

He smiled and got into bed with you, cuddling you from behind. “Anything for my princess.”

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Happy Easter: a Brendon Urie imagine

Y/N: Here’s a little Easter fic for you guys! :)

“Brendon,” you narrowed your eyes. “You have to get dressed.”

“I am dressed,” he insisted.

“Church clothes,” you rolled your eyes. “Come on. It’s Easter.”

“Fine,” he sighed. “Is a suit too much?”

“Just put on some nice pants, a dress shirt, and a bowtie,” you insisted, watching as he changed out of his casual t-shirt and jeans. You had worn something a bit fancy for the occasion. “You’ll look just fine.” Your parents had invited you to bring your boyfriend over to their house to go to Easter mass and get brunch. You hadn’t been too thrilled with the idea, especially since you and Brendon weren’t particularly religious or well behaved, however, it wasn’t like you could decline. It had been a while since you had brought Brendon to see your parents, and a family breakfast was a bit overdue.

“Do we really have to behave?” Brendon whined like a little child. “Can’t we have a little fun?”

“Maybe just a little,” you admitted. “But please be on your best behavior for my parents?”

“You know I always am,” he rolled his eyes and placed his lips on yours. “Now come on, let’s go get some Jesus.”

“Don’t start singing your Jesus Loves Me More Than He Loves You song,” you laughed. “I don’t think the pastor would enjoy that.”

“I’ll try to control myself,” Brendon joked.

Surprisingly, Brendon was well behaved all throughout mass. Well, except for the occasional silly faces he shot at you or when he’d sometimes change around the words in the hymn in an attempt to be funny. But he sang nicely and was reverent, and after mass was over, both of your parents were smiling at him. When you went to the restaurant, your parents were already there, having ordered coffees for all of you, menus placed at your seats. “It was nice of you to go to Church with us this morning,” your mom beamed at Brendon. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“It’s been a while,” Brendon nodded, obviously nervous. “Christmas I believe.” It was funny to see him so shaken up. With a big ego and never-ending confidence, you’d think there was nothing that could scare him. However, your parents seemed to do the trick every time. You held his hand and gave it a squeeze, watching as he relaxed his shoulders.

“Oh my,” your mom widened her eyes. “It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

“It’s okay,” you dad reassured. “We’re just glad to have you here.”

“How have you guys been doing?” you wondered.

“Good. How about you?” your mom asked. “Brendon?”

“Uh, I’ve been doing good,” he swallowed uncomfortably.

“Still doing the music thing, I assume?” your dad raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yes,” Brendon gave a weak smile. Your parents knew him as a singer, but only saw the jazzy fancy side of him. They never knew about the sexy punk rock singer who got up and headbanged on stage every show. Instead, they saw the piano playing, tuxedo wearing, smooth singing, Frank Sinatra loving gentleman who performed live music for weddings or private shows.

“We saw your new music video,” your mom grinned. Brendon froze. “Death of a Bachelor? Right?” He instantly relaxed his shoulders.

“Uh yeah,” he replied. “That’s the one.”

“Very nice,” she answered. “I like it.”

“I’m glad,” he responded. God that could’ve gone so wrong. You stifled a laugh, probably thinking he had thought of Emperor’s New Clothes or Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time. “It was a lot of fun to record and sing.”

The rest of the meal went nice. You ate and chatted with your parents, and Brendon talked about some old musicians with your dad and some favorite wines with your mom. When it was time to go home, you both relaxed while driving home, turning on the radio and singing along. “Wasn’t too bad, right?” you inquired.

“What?” Brendon asked, confused.

“My parents?” you reminded. “Was it bad?”

“Oh, not at all,” he laughed. “I was just, I don’t know, frazzled I guess. Nervous.”

“You did fine,” you reassured.

When you got home, Brendon took off his shirt, yawning and walking into the kitchen, laughing when he saw the bowl of boiled eggs on the kitchen counter. “You made eggs?” he chuckled. “What are we going to do? Decorate them?”

“If you want,” you suggested. “I’m going to.”

“You’re silly,” Brendon shook his head and giggled, picking one up and taking a Sharpie into his other hand. You sat beside him, picking up a Sharpie and an egg as well, trying to think of what to draw. Instead you doodled little swirls all over it.

“What are you doing?” you narrowed your eyes. “Drawing a dick probably.”

“How did you know?” he laughed, showing you his egg and you rolled your eyes.

“So mature,” you smirked.

“Yours looks cool,” he raised his eyebrows. “I guess I don’t have the artistic talent like you do.”

“They’re just swirls,” you shrugged.

“Doesn’t mean it doesn’t look awesome,” Brendon pointed out. He added some finishing touches before setting his egg down on the counter. “Viola! What do you think?” You stared at the poorly drawn dick on the egg and sighed.

“I hope that’s not a self-portrait,” you teased.

“Hey!” he cried and you both laughed.

“There we go,” you smiled, finishing your egg and capping your Sharpie. “Happy Easter.”

“Speaking of,” a moment of realization came to his face. “I forgot I bought you something!”

“Really?” you narrowed your eyes. “Come on, it’s Easter. Nobody gives Easter presents.”

“Still-” Brendon insisted. He raced to the room and then came back holding a box of Peeps, a bag of jellybeans, and a chocolate bunny. “What do you think?”

“I think I love you,” you giggled. “Thank you.”

“Happy Easter baby,” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I love you.”

I’m watching Bonds, and this Zero Tails monster is trying to piss Naruto off and make him go into rage Kyuubi mode. He takes over Amaru’s body and attacks everybody. He even hurts Sakura really bad right in front of Naruto. 

And I’m thinking to myself “Noo, that’s not how you do it. You have to say the S word.” 

See? It’s not working. Use the S word!

Silly Zero Tails, that’s not a way to do it.

It’s not working at all! Use the S word, seriously!


Aaaaand there it is. Now you’re gonna see some serious rage.

Dirty harry imagine (praise kink)

It’s been about a year since Harry and I had started dating and although we’ve been intamite a few times there were still some kinks of mine he didn’t know about. You see When I first met him I was very shy when it came to that kinda stuff but he slowly made me more comfortable with it breaking down my walls. “hey babe tell me a kink you have that I don’t know about” Harry whispered in my ear hovering over me and placing small kisses on my neck I whimpered tilting my head to the side giving him better access. Apart of me wanted to tell him that I had a huge praise kink but another part of me was afraid he would laugh and think it was silly. When I said nothing he sighed “fine don’t tell me it’ll be more fun to try and find out myself anyways”. “Harry why is this such a big deal?” I asked and he shrugged “just wanna know what gets that pretty little cunt soaked” he breathed and I gasped at his filthy words feeling myself start to become wet. Slowly riding both of us of our clothes a groan fell past his lips when he spread my legs and saw how wet I already was “you must want me bad huh baby girl?”. “Please just do something” I begged in no mood to be teased with that he brought his tongue to my heat licking a strip from my entrance to my clit causing me to tangle my fingers in his curls. “N-need your fingers to” I choked out making him tisk “greedy little thing ain’t you Y/N” all I could do was let out a moan as he slid two fingers into my entrance while his tongue focused on my swollen nub. “Fuck don’t stop” I cried out as he soon sped up the movements of both his mouth and fingers making me teeter dangerously close to the edge but before I could cum he stopped pulling away and I whimpered wanting my release so bad. “Sorry love wanted to be inside you when you let go” I nodded and he lined himself up with me before slowly pushing in inch by inch wanting me to feel all of him. It didn’t take long for Harry to find a rhythm fast and rough just how I liked it “such a good girl you always take my cock so well Y/N” he growled making me become even more wet if possible causing a wicked grin to appear on his face. “Oh is that it hmm? is that what makes this pussy soaked? me telling you what a good girl you are for me” I bite my lip and nodded unable to form proper words “why didn’t you just tell me you had a praise kink that’s so hot baby”. “God I’m so close” I whined and he brought his hand between us rubbing my clit in figure eights that’s all it took for me to let go. “That’s my good girl” he praised me nuzzling his face into my neck and I could feel the cocky smirk on his face him being amused and proud of himself for finding out about this kink of mine. “Don’t get cocky Harry next time I might have to find out a kink of yours” he chuckled and winked before bringing his lips to mine “looking forward to it babe”.


I’ve wasted much time trying to fit in and be part of the crowd, making sure I felt “cool”. For a time, I lost what I loved to do and my old self. The one that wanted to run everyday, be outside, and laugh over silly shit was not shining through. I’ve learned that I need to focus on myself and stop trying to make sure I look a certain way. Be happy! Be weird! Love Yourself!

Sooooo tomorrow is Zelda day! I will probably close myself playing at it, trying to avoid all the spoilers and damns and crying over it for the rest of the month.

Question: would you like to get a ticcy plays breath of the wild, spoiler tagged, under cut rambling and probably me embarassing myself at the games I should be good at?

Not sure about how to tag the spoilers chapter after chapters tho, I will figure it out. (of course I think it would be better to read after you have played that part, so we can all laugh together about how silly I am) ?

Loki x Asguardian!reader - Green Eyed Monster

A/N - So this is set before the first Thor movie, I wanted it to be teen Loki but I think I prefer writing normally for now. I feel like this needs a part 2 so definitely let me know if you feel the same and I’ll get to it. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Angry, upset Loki

Plot: Reader is asked to describe her crush, it’s all fun and games until someome gets upset.


I walk alongside Loki in the gardens, an old past time of ours. We did it when we were younger, and we still do it now. Our walks in the gardens are something that won’t ever be forgotten about.

I bite my lip and look up at him, he’s been tense all day, it’s clear to see. His stiff back, his eyes staring no where but forward, the fact he’s been walking faster than usual.


Thor is to become king in two days. I know he isn’t too happy about that, but what can he do? All he can do is accept it.

I sigh, taking a chance, “Loki… would you like to talk about it?”

He turns to face me and scoffs, “Talk about it? What is there to talk about? That oaf is being crowned king and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Except remain in his shadows. Second best as always.”

I frown, “Don’t speak of yourself that way. You’ll always come first to me.”

He narrows his eyes, “But does coming first to you change the fact that my brother is to be king? No, it changes nothing, Y/N.”

I press my lips together, trying not to tear up, trying to look as though his words didn’t hurt me. But in reality they hurt like hell, stung and burned me. How could he say such a thing, in such a cold manner? Does being king really mean this much to him?

I look up at him, letting out a shaky breath, tears threatening to fall.

His face turns from that of a harsh glare to a frown, as he steps closer to me, taking my hand, “Y/N….you know I didn’t mean that, I just feel…cheated. As if what my father has been telling me was all a lie. That Thor was always destined to get the throne and I never had a chance. I truly am sorry for my words.”

He pulls me into a hug and I immediately feel myself melting against him, my arms wrapping around his torso, burrying my face in his chest.

I feel him take a deep breath moments before he lets go, he offers me a small smile and I return it before he speaks, “Shall we sit down?”

I nod and follow him to a small patch of grass, sitting opposite to him.

He speaks after a minute of silence, “How about we play a game?”

I nod in response, “What did you have in mind?”

He bites his lip, “Maybe a game that involves answering truthfully. One of us asks a question, the other answers with the full truth.”

I chuckle, “But you’re the God of mischief, how would I know you’re being truthful?”

He smiles a little, “I’m always truthful with you.”

I grin at him and nod, “As am I with you. I’ll as first, if that’s fine with you?” I get only a nod in response.

I think for a moment, “hmm, was it you or Thor that cast the exploding spell on the dwarf in Nidavellir?”

He lets out a soft chuckle, “it was me, but Thor seemed so excited that I stood back and let him have the glory. It’s my turn now, yes?”

I nod, awaiting his question, wondering what exactly he could ask me.

He smiles, “Do you have your eye on anyone romantically? And if so, who?”

I hesitate for a moment, “Well, there is someone…”

He raises his eyebrows, “But who?”

I sigh, “I’m not going to tell you who, but I’ll describe them, yes?”

He nods in response and I take a deep breath, “Well, he’s kind and caring and when I’m upset he always knows how to to put me in a good mood. His sense of humour is…unique, but his laugh brightens my day without fail. He has the most gorgeous long hair, beautiful eyes. He’s strong, a good leader-”

He stands up abruptly, a scowl on his face, “I always knew you’d end up falling for my brother.” And with that he storms off, not giving me the chance to speak.


I rush through the palace, trying to find Loki. It’s been an hour since he stormed off and he was no where to be found.

I bump into someone, looking up to see the face of Thor.

He frowns, “Lady Y/N, what’s troubling you?”

I sigh, “Have you seen Loki?”

He nods, “That I have, but I would not cross his path for a while. He seems upset. He’s in his chambers, but I would speak to him in the morning when he has calmed.“

I nod, “Yes, Thank you.” I smile at him and continue through the corridor.


(Sad, angry baby Loki’s POV)

How could she? I trusted her when she said I always come first. But now I know the truth, I know it was all an act.

To say I have feelings for her is an understatement. I’m completely in love with her, but now I have to forget. She wants my brother. Thor always gets what he wants.

I stand up, my fists clenched, my teeth gritted. I yell as I punch the wall, leaving a crack there.

“How could she?!” I let the tears fall as I crumble to my knees.

“How could she….”


I’m sorry if I get too excited about little things like a cute dog across the street or the thought of making brownies at midnight. I’m sorry if I scream while running to hug you even after seeing you from yesterday because I’ve missed you. I’m sorry for laughing too loud at dumb things in public. I’m sorry that I get really emotional for silly situations and my heart can’t handle it. I’m sorry I fall in love too easily with little bits of beauty I find everyday and I’m sorry I over express myself at times. That’s just who I am. I just can’t help myself.

Drunken Actions Pt. 1 - Grayson

Warning : Drinking, drunk people? Some smut?

Author’s Note : Let’s just pretend the twins are old enough to drink alright?




So you know those bunch of twins that bring you along to everything? Yeah well that was happening to me right now. But I so happened to also drag my friend along. You’re welcome Y/bff/n.

“Wear this.” She said pulling out a black tight dress out of his closet. I cringed at the sight of it. “I don’t want to get laid. I just want to hang with you guys.” I explained bringing my legs to my chest. “Right you don’t like any of my clothes anyway. Let’s see what you have in your closet.” He commented picking up her keys. “I mostly wear leggings and jeans Y/bff/n.” I explained. “Fine okay I know the perfect outfit for you then.” She said placing her keys back down.

She disappeared into his walk-in-closet and returned with a skater skirt and a dark plum crop top. “So?” She asked. I let out a sigh and got up grabbing the outfit and going to her bathroom. I quickly changed and put back on my black and white chuck taylors. I  walked out and she groaned at me. “Really no heels?” She said. I nodded. “Fine, what time are they coming to pick us up?” She asked starting to undress and put her dress on.

“In like…. Ten minutes.” I said checking my phone. “What! Y/n why didn’t you tell me!” SHe whined rushing now. It was funny to see her like this freaking out and rushing. I laughed as I heard a honk right as she was about to curl her hair. “Y/n!” She whined. I laughed and quickly ran out of his room and ran down the million flights of stairs and ran outside to see my best friend leaning against the car. “Where’s your friend?” He asked as I pulled him into a hug. “Rushing.” I laughed.

“Hey Y/n.” Ethan greeted from in the car. “Hey Ethan.” I replied. I opened the back door and hopped in and pulled the seatbelt around me. Grayson jumped in beside me and placed his on himself. “Now we have to think. Who’s going to not be drinking?” Ethan asked turning around to look at us both. Me and Grayson looked at each other and smirked. “Y/bff/n.” We both said at the same time. “Y/bff/n it is.” Ethan laughed.

We waited a couple minutes before Y/bff/n came down running out of his house somehow looking hot with such little time. She got in the front and sighed putting on her seat belt. “And let’s get going.” Ethan said starting to drive down the long driveway.  “So we decided as a trio that you would be the momma today.” Ethan said to Y/bff/n. “What?! Why?!” She shouted. “Because you took the longest.” Grayson laughed. I cracked a smile and turned to look out the window was we got onto the main road and started to drive through the city towards the club.

“Hey Y/n.” I turned my head and looked at Y/bff/n. “Don’t drink too much please.” She begged. “I need this Y/bff/n.” I frowned. “I know but I don’t want you to do something dumb.” She said. “I already did.” I frowned. I felt Grayson wrap his strong arm around me and pull me into his side. “Come on Y/bff/n way to ruin the mood.” Grayson said rolling his eyes. “Don’t let her drink more than six.” She said to Grayson who wasn’t paying attention.

“Alright alright. All of you shut up. We’re here.” Ethan said pulling the key out of the ignition. I jumped up and pulled off my seat belt and rushed to the entrance where I was stopped. The bouncer looked at me up and down and nodded allowing me in. I walked in and the smell immediately hit me. Smoke, drugs, and alcohol. I headed right towards the bar and placed my money down.

“Give me the strongest thing you have.” I said. The guy nodded and started to make the drink. “Rough day huh?” He asked placing the drink in front of me. “More like rough week.” I groaned drinking some of the alcohol. “My dog died? And I blame myself.” I answered. “Rough.” He commented going to serve some other people. A couple more drinks later I was hammered out of my mind.

I was on the dance floor drunk dancing my heart out. Was I very good at dancing? Not right now. “Those are some pretty good dance moves you got there baby.” A guy said. I opened my eyes and looked in front of me and saw a guy around his forties. “I have a boyfriend.” I responded well continuing to dance. “Sure. Just like every other girl here.” He said getting annoyed. “No really I do.” I responded. “Uh huh and where is he?” He asked. I looked around to try and find Grayson but couldn’t. Tears started to fall from my face.

“I-I don’t know.” I cried. “Jesus emotional much.” The older guy laughed and walked away. “You okay?” I looked up and saw Grayson. Or at least I think. “Grayson?” I asked sniffling. “Nah Ethan. Grayson went to the bathroom.” Ethan responded. I nodded and went towards where the bathrooms were. As I being a stupid drunk self. Yes. But I walked into the male’s restroom and GRayson turned his head.

“Y/n? What the hell are you doing in here? This is the guys room.” He said quickly finishing off what he started. I didn’t care though. I was to drunk too. I fell to the messy disgusting ground and cried my heart out. “Sh t Y/n. Hold on let me wash my hands.” Grayson hurriedly said as the water started to go. The next thing I knew was that I was being picked up. Grayson picked me up and walked me out of the club and we went outside and we went towards the car. He placed me on the floor and sat down besides me.

“What’s-” “I love you. I love you so much. I love you. I. Love. You.” I said crying towards him. He shushed me and pulled me against him. I laid my head against his chest and grabbed onto his shirt. “I love you too Y/n.” He whispered kissing the top of my head. “I’ll get us an uber.” He said. I nodded and he grabbed out his phone. “A couple minutes.” Grayson said. I hummed a response.

“When we get back your going straight to bed.” Grayson whispered in my ear. “No.” I responded. “Why?” He asked. “Nightmares.” I responded. “You have nightmares? How come you haven’t told me this before?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “You need to tell me these things Y/n. I’m your best friend come on.” Grayson sighed. I nodded but didn’t really understand.

The car pulled up and Grayson picked me up placing me in the car and sighed. He closed the door and put on his seat belt and held onto me as I lazily laid across the back seat. The car started to move and I couldn’t stop staring at Grayson. Such a beautiful human creature. I placed my hand and traced his jawline with my finger. He continued to look forward. I played with his jawline and then turned over and pushes myself off his lep and headed towards his zipper undoing it.

“Y/n.” He hissed mumbling, pushing my hands away. I smirked at him and smirked reaching through to his boxers and went through the hole where he pulled me away again. “Y/n. Stop it.” He warned. I smirked and started to pull his cock out. He pushed me away and pulled his cock back in his boxers. I whined st him and he grabbed my hands and held them together and placed them under his armpits.

“Eww.” I said. He chuckled at me and the car stopped. He took off his seat belt. “Thank you.” Grayson said to the driver who head nodded at him. He picked me up and carried me towards the building he opened the door and kicked it closed. He continued to walk to the elevator and pushed the floor number. Once we got to the floor we went to his room and hr flipped me over his shoulder and unlocked his door. He opened it and pulled me in kicking it close and threw his keys in the basket and we moved to the bedroom.

He placed me on the bed gently and went towards his closet. I started giggling and sprawled out on the bed. “Here put this on.” Grayson said handing me a shirt. “But wait till-” He was staring at me as I was pulling the shirt and skirt off me. “I was going to say wait till I left but okay.” Grayson said heading towards his day. “Wait don’t leave pwease I can’t get my bra off.” I whined. Grayson sighed and came over and unclipped my bra in a second. “Thank youuu.” I smiled and pulled the shirt over me and then stood up.

“I like this shirt.” I smiled hugging myself. “Why?” He asked laughing. “It reminds me of the guy I love.” I smiled. “Who’s that guy?” He asked. “You silly duh.” I smiled starting to jump on the bed. “You’re going to crash so hard.” He chuckled. I fell down on the bed and smiled. I lifted my hands under my shirt and cupped them around my breasts and looker down at them. “Are they small?” I asked. “What?” Grayson asked confused. “Are my boobs small?” I asked. “No.” He answered. “Give me your hands.” I said holding my hands out. He held his hands for me and I grabbed his wrists and pulled them down and placed them on my breasts.

“They are a nice size right?” I asked. “Of course they are.” He commented and pulled is hands away. “Now go to sleep.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Sweet dreams Y/n.”

Our True Love - Chapter 1

A/N: I was inspired by the fanfictions I read here, so I wanted to try this out myself. I have written fanfictions before but not one with Bucky, so yeah. I’m not a native English speaker, but I tried my best. I apologize in advance if there are grammatical errors in my stories. I hope you enjoy, nonetheless! 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 
Warnings: Angst, heartbreak
Word count: 941
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade? 

★ ★ ★

I sit by the table out on the balcony by myself, smelling the scent of jasmine flowers. They are growing out from the little rows of pots hanging on the railings of the balcony. A little gesture of appreciation towards nature by Tony. Though, it was my idea for him to plant them out on his balcony.

Thankfully, Pepper helped make the scene look better than Tony ever could. He was a man of logic with no sense of romance. So he wouldn’t know how make the flowers appear aesthetically pleasing like Pepper could. I have to say, this very scene is the reason why my heart doesn’t feel as broken.

I hear the laughter burst from inside of the living room amidst the loud music. I swallowed the last few gulps of plain water from my glass. Alcohol is probably more reliable in making me forget my pain, but I’d rather not go down that path. I watch the night sky fly over the Stark tower, bringing along the blanket of stars that is hidden away by the illuminating light of the city.

I miss being able to go out in country side and watch the stars; getting lost in the never ending beauty they bring from billion miles away.

“You’re not joining us?” Steve’s voice startles me, knocking down my empty glass on the table. I pick it up before turning my attention towards him. I manage a small smile.

“Nah. I’m tired from work. Needed some time alone.” I say, twirling the glass around in my hand. Steve pulls out a chair next to me before resting himself on it. He fiddles with his thumb, staring out in silence.

“I know you’re hurt, Y/N.” He starts again. I look back at the jasmine flowers.

“The flowers are beautiful, are they not?” I say in response. He knows how hurt I am. But I’d rather not confirm that with him. Steve looks up from his thumbs to follow my gaze at the flowers. He nods slowly.

“Yes, they are.” He answers softly. A small sigh escapes from his nose.

“You don’t have to hide it from m—“

“Steve, please. I’d rather not. He is happy. So am I.” I answer while looking at him. Pity emanating from Steve’s eyes. I run my fingers through my hair softly, pushing it backwards out of my face. I can feel the tears well up in my eyes.

Bucky had just announced of his engagement with Rosaline. A HYDRA agent who was in charge of maintaining his mental status back when he was an assassin. He met her during a recent mission and convinced her to leave HYDRA. A month later, they are happily engaged to each other. She is a lovely girl, really cares about Bucky and loves him sincerely.

The thought made my chest tighten and stomach twist. A small tear finally escapes my eyes. I wipe it away immediately, taking a deep breath. They are perfect for each other anyways. So I should be happy for him.

“Y/N…” Steve calls out, holding my hand in his. I let out a small gasp before pulling my hand away gently. I shake my head, mustering up a smile.

“I’m fine. A little sleepy.” I say quietly.

“Steve!” Bucky calls out as he appears out of the balcony door. I look away immediately, unable to face him.

“Oh, Y/N. You’re here too? Come on in! We’re about to crack open the champagne. Rosaline is also sharing some stories about HYDRA.” He calls out to me excitedly. My heart twists at the tone of his voice. I’ve never heard him that happy before.

“We’ll be there. Just need a fresh air.” Steve says, saving me from talking to him. Bucky nods at us before disappearing back into the living room. I grip onto my jeans, trying so hard to control myself from letting more tears escape.

“Y/N. You should tell him.” Steve says. I look at him surprised.

“I can’t do that, Steve! I’ll ruin our friendship. I’ll even ruin his happiness. I…” I choke back on the words.

I didn’t want to be the reason to ruin Bucky’s new found happiness. Three years of knowing him is nothing compared to the eight years they spent together before. Yes he was a brainwashed assassin, but he still remembers her nonetheless, even after ten years of no contact.

Steve reaches over to hold my shoulder. Clearly feeling sorry for me.

“Y/N, it is going to poison you. You need to tell him at least. He’ll understand.” I laugh quietly behind my tears. I didn’t realize that I had been crying.

“I was silly to think I can make him happy. When he said he had been wanting a family. Someone to come home to. Someone he can love, I thought I could be that person. But I was wrong…” I wipe them clean off, forcing myself to stop crying. I stand up from my chair, startling Steve.

“I’ll be fine. I’m going home. Good night, Steve.” I say quickly, leaving him alone just before he could process what I have said. I rush through the living room, avoiding anyone’s view.

As I approach the elevator, I catch a glimpse of Rosaline and Bucky slow dancing with each other to the music. I can hear the crack in my heart at the sight of them. The rest are laughing and singing along by the couch, already drunk.

After I walked into the elevator, I see Bucky’s eyes move up to me. From far, I saw his lips call out to my name. But the door had closed then.

★ ★ ★

A/N: Let me know if you enjoyed it or not. I would love to hear your inputs in this story. Also, let me know on the things I need to improve on and I’ll gladly listen to them. Thank you for reading! I’ll post the next chapter soon. 

Sleep With Me- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warnings: Just lots of fluff!

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve written any Percival so here’s a drabble for your aching hearts <3

I leaned against the banister, fighting a losing battle. Near my feet, I could feel my cat rubbing his furry face against my shins.

“No, Ollie. I already fed you.” I murmured tiredly, letting my eyes close.

I felt myself sinking, becoming deliciously warm and cozy despite the fact that I was currently using my carpeted staircase as a bed and the wooden banister as a pillow. But it was the fourth night in a row that Percival had been working late. The owl he’d sent around dinner time had crushed me a little, though I knew it wasn’t his fault. This is what I’d taken on by falling in love with the Director of Magical Security and having him fall in love with me back.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been feeling kinda off today and I was wondering if you could cheer me up with some fluffy blitzstone head cannons? Thanks!

hey sorry i couldn’t answer this yesterday,,, i hit post limit? but i hope this makes you feel better friendo!! i am here for you!

- blitz makes it a life mission to make hearth smile & laugh more

- it is in the course of this mission that he discovers that hearth is v ticklish and hoo boy is that useful information

- sometimes they like to sleep in and just kind of cuddle in bed instead of getting up. it’s on one of these days that they get engaged, on accident. they’re having a deep conversation in bed at like eleven in the morning (but it sucks bc to talk they can’t really be holding each other. they manage tho) anyway they’re talking about what life would be like if they’d never found each other & hearth signs but now we get to spend the rest of our lives together and blitz is just kind of stunned into heart-eyes silence for a few seconds & then he asks did you just ask me to marry you? and now hearth is blushing really deeply but he answers, i guess i did. what’s your answer? And blitz just laughs and signs of course, you silly elf! and smooches him,,,,,, wow i got myself emotional here

- sometimes hearth comes up & hugs blitz from behind & puts his chin on top of blitz’ head. blitzen pretends to be annoyed but he actually loves it

- blitz loves making hearthstone blush, so he compliments him often

- blitz & hearth arguing like an old married couple over literally anything. wait that’s canon,,

- some of the people they knew on the street hear about Blitzen’s Best so they come to see for themselves. they’re all very pleased to learn that hearth & blitz are getting married soon. some bitchy middle-aged people complain about blitz having homeless people in his high-end shop, but blitz says his store is always open if anyone needs a place to get out of the cold & he often makes clothes for people on the street, especially warm coats

- hearth really likes kisses on the cheek even if he pretends he doesn’t (and he does)

This Is Why We'll Never Work (LI x MC)
Holly Ashton
This Is Why We'll Never Work (LI x MC)

Summary: Sometimes friends just stay friends because they choose to be so.

Author’s Note: This is my entry for #ChoicesCreates Round 8. The prompt is “friendship.” I imagine this as a Mark x Dani piece, but you could also put in your favorite are-we-friends-or-what-ship. I’ve uploaded it as both an audio post and a written post. I wrote the piece first, then recorded it. There were some lines that came out when I was talking, lines that weren’t in the original written piece (which I have edited into the post). Pretty interesting process. Tagging our supreme overlord for this round @firefly-hwufanficwriter.

This Is Why We’ll Never Work (Mark/Dani or LI/MC)

There are moments when I look at you — playing games on your phone, laughing at a silly video of a cat falling into a teacup, staring into your watercolors intently, lost in a  maze of shades and hues. It is during these moments of stillness that I feel a surge of love for you, a love I know could be romantic if I intended it to be so. But I choose to watch you, a little over your shoulder, and always, always, by your side.

But then you grin and your eyes sparkle just a little bit… and I fall. I fall into what-could-be’s and what-should-be’s. Riding the train together to a surprise destination. Watching the sun rise on the opposite end of the world. Painting the picket fence white. Picking out baby names. It’s the future-forward in a split-second of falling.

I imagine that the shared swig of the seventh beer would lead us to bed — yours or mine, it doesn’t matter. We’d be entangled in the sheets, skin on skin, pleasuring each other in ways never before felt with other lovers. The awkwardness of our first time together would give way to amazing as our thirst takes us beyond the bed and into various places, spaces, till we’re drunk on each other’s breath and skin.  

A split-second is all it takes to fall…. Is all it takes for me to fall. It takes another to bring me back to what’s real.

That the shared swig of the seventh beer would lead us to that bathroom, with me massaging your back as you throw up the night’s liquor. That the only baby names we’ll ever pick are for the ships we ship together. That there is no picket fence. That sunrises and train rides will be taken separately, never together, unless it’s when I need to see you home to make sure you don’t throw up again. The what-could-be and what-should-be give way to the what-is and what-are.

And I’m okay. I tell you I’ll wait for you at the bar, and we could catch up when you’re done. We’ll tell stories and laugh, the way we always do — the way friends do.

But then later, as you enter the bar, the air shifts.

There are moments when you look at me — me playing games on my phone, laughing at a silly video of a dog chasing his own tail, me looking into my beer mug, lost in thought. It is during these moments of stillness that I feel your eyes on me, a smoldering gaze that penetrates the wall I’ve built from the fall just before, protecting myself from being pushed over the edge again. I feel a love I know could be romantic if you intended it to be so. But I choose to wait for you, looking over my shoulder just a bit, and always, always, wishing you’d get sooner to my side.

And then you say something sweet and your eyes sparkle just a little bit… and I fall. Again. But this time I know I’m not the only one. We see it in each other’s eyes - both of us falling into a well of what-could-be and what-should-be, then silently cursing fate separately for the what-is and the what-are.

I’m okay, you tell me, as you sit beside me at the bar. We begin catching up on the day. We tell stories and laugh, the way we always do — the way the best of friends do.

Then there are moments when we look at each other — at the same time, at the same moment, and we know. This could be romantic if we intended it to be so. If we intended it to be so.

On that shared swig of the seventh beer, we catch ourselves — shoulder to shoulder, faces closer than usual, pondering if the next step out of the booth will lead us down the path of what-could-be or the path of what-is.

We sit at the booth, unmoving, side by side, waiting for who will make the first move tonight.

A Clean Plate

“Magnus? What are you doing here?”

Magnus froze. He must have forgotten to cast a warning spell for anyone coming towards him, and he could curse himself for it now. Luckily, it seems like the person who caught him was his own darling Alexander. He quickly pulled his hand back from the vertical row of stacked plates resting on the counter in the Institute kitchen.

“Oh! I was just looking for a glass of water, you know how thirsty enforcing the wards can make me,” Magnus said in a breezy tone.

“Couldn’t you just summon a glass of water…?” Alec asked, confusion written all over his face. “And you were just… stroking the edges of the plates.”

Magnus laughed, “stroking the plates? Oh, you young people- is that slang for something?”

Alec raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

“Fine,” Magnus said resignedly, “a long time ago, when The Accords were still being written I was invited to an Institute to help. They served us food, and drink- but after it was over they threw out every single item that had been touched by “dirty Downworlder” flesh… So now, when I find myself unaccompanied in an Institute, a rarity I assure you… I…”

“You touch the plates,” Alec said with understanding in his voice.  

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Luviatsu + Hot Tub drabble for @lucyheartfiliavevo

I’m laughing idk what this is… leaves so many questions unanswered… also why @ me w the feet thing

Lucy’s laugh is bubbling up into the night sky, her hair slicked back with water. Juvia is murmuring softly, seated in Lucy’s lap, the ruffles of her frilly bikini floating along the water. The light from the hot tub makes their faces an iridescent blue-green, Lucy’s arm slung around Juvia possessively.

Natsu pouts, sinking a bit lower into the water. “That’s not fair, guys. You’re all over each other and I’m over here all by myself.”

Lucy looks at him, still out of breath from laughter, and says, “Aw, are you lonely?”

“I mean, that’s literally what I just said,” Natsu grumbles.

Juvia smiles softly, and whispers, “He’s grumpy.”

“No shit,” Natsu confirms. “Is this because I boiled off all the water last time? Because I thought we agreed that was an accident.”

Lucy shakes her head. “Don’t be silly. I just can’t help it if the Little Mermaid crawls into my lap.”

Juvia gives a laugh, the tips of her hair dark as the water laps at her back. “No fighting,” she says, and shifts on Lucy’s thighs. She turns to sit forward, stretching out her legs and reclining until her feet sit in Natsu’s lap.

“Better?” she asks, and Natsu tries not to scowl.

“Lucy still gets an armful and I get feet in my lap.”

Lucy is grinning a little, enjoying the teasing. “Don’t be ungrateful now, Natsu.” Her voice is slightly muffled by the thick wave of Juvia’s hair cutting in front of her face.

Natsu gives a “hmph,” but allows himself to settle into the hot water anyways. It’s still lukewarm at best for him, but he’s heard boiling your partners alive is generally bad taste. He sighs, tries to relax, looks down at Juvia’s pale feet and curled big toes poking into his thighs.

Juvia is humming softly, and she sinks further into the water. This pushes her feet into him; he straightens quickly as a jolt goes through him, and he coughs. Only Juvia’s head remains on Lucy’s shoulder, the quiet girl’s eyes closed, her eyelashes dark against her fair skin. Natsu glances at Lucy, who’s looking down at Juvia as well.

You’d think the girl could be asleep, but the ball of her foot is pressing insistently at Natsu and shows no sign of letting up. Natsu wants to squirm, but he’s awfully sure that would only make it worse; he swallows and feels the water against his skin raise at least two degrees.

“We should get out,” Lucy says. “Don’t want to get pruny.”

Juvia sighs, stretching and shifting to sit up, her toes trailing along Natsu’s thigh as she does so. “Already?” she asks.

Lucy stands, clad in her pink one-piece, and helps Juvia to do the same. They wade over to the stairs, and Lucy turns back to look at him.

“Natsu?” Lucy asks. “Aren’t you going to get out?”

Natsu clears his throat, going a bit pink. “I uh– I kinda–”

“Boner,” Juvia says pointedly. She always was rather straight-forward. Maybe to a fault.

Lucy gives a laugh. “Aw, Natsu, was she torturing you?” Lucy reaches out to pet his hair. “Well, you can’t walk like that, can you?”

Natsu looks up in response, just as Lucy leans down; and picks him up, bridal style.

“Luce!” he complains, going full tomato-faced now. Lucy giggles. She hoists him up higher so she can start descending the hot tub’s steps, and Natsu wishes he could fume.

“This isn’t fair,” he says, arms crossed. “Now you’re just trying to make me look stupid.”

“Oh, honey,” Lucy laughs, showing no sign of physical strain, “you don’t need me to do that for you.”

Juvia smiles, and kisses him in the forehead.

Hugs (A Mino Fluff)

Originally posted by afangirl247


Personal fic.  Character was requested by @britbybrit Thank you for requesting dear!!!

Something that just came out of my potato mind.

Characters: Song Mino (WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Genre: Fluff

Length: 3,150 words

Plot:   You started to develop feelings for your best guy friend and as much as you wanted to avoid it, you know you cannot get away with it especially if your friend is becoming extremely close to you as well.

A/N - This will be in first-person POV. edited:  The C word removed ;)

I helped myself lift the bottle of beer in my hand to chug the liquid down my throat.  I was trying to have fun in this shit of a party that my friend organized, but, really, I am super bored.

Though I know a lot of people here, my college buddies, work buddies, and some high school friends, but I am just not in the mood to talk to anyone.  I do not really know why…

…or maybe I know why.

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Always.. [Bard x female!reader]

My long-winded drabble for:

Imagine being Bard’s best friend, and he invites you over while his children are away at his sisters, only to tell you he loves you and make passionate love to you

This is fluffy and warm, but I wrote two endings..One completes the imagine but the other is well… more descript. I couldn’t decide between them so posted the more NSFW one as separate link.


You stepped in the house, thankful to be out of the miserable rainstorm. Springtime in Dale was supposed to be nice, but not when the usual trickle of a rainstorm turned into an all out torrent. This was one of the few times you were thankful not to be back in Esgaroth, your childhood home that had since gone up like a matchbox. Everything had always been wet in Laketown, never able to escape the damp. But the sturdy stone structures of the ancient town of Dale did not have that problem. The heat from the fire washed over you as you threw off your sodden cloak.

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