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Fruits - Peter Parker

request -  hi! i was wondering if you could write something about a peter x fem!reader where she’s homeschooled and doesn’t have friends and then she meets peter and they become close ? thanks!! 

a/n - i changed the request up a bit, and made the reader tony’s daughter to give it an even more ‘fluffy’ feel to it and i think it failed horribly BUT thank you so much for 1k!!! i can’t even believe all the love i’m getting for these fics, it makes me so happy to know you guys like them :) don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I sat at the dining table just across from the living room, headphones in as I watched a math lesson that was just uploaded onto my school’s website. It was just around 10 AM when my school day started, a bowl of freshly cut fruits on the table as I took notes in my small book, sometimes glancing around to see if something more entertaining was going on.

Being the kid of a billionaire had it’s perks, but some downsides to it as well. Sure, I was able to access anything through money, but I was stuck at home a good 99% of my life, hidden away from the public eye at the request of my father. I’ve never been able to go to school and have a ‘normal’ life, with my only friends being the middle aged people the world calls the Avengers.

I paused the lesson and took my headphones out, heading out to the kitchen counter to pour a cup of coffee for myself, only to hear the door opening.

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Please please please PLEASE do a fic where betty runs after jughead. It would mean everything to me

I’m definitely gonna do some more fluffy requests after this, but of course I had to get all the feels from the episode out of the way first! 

“Jughead, wait!” Betty’s voice cracked as she called after his retreating figure. He paused at the top of the steps leading from the school, eyes glancing frantically in every direction as he decided how to get away, where to go. She reached for him, fingers swiping empty air as he slipped further from her grasp.

“Leave me alone.” His voice wasn’t hard, he didn’t shout. It was broken, coated in the betrayal of a young boy who’d been hurt too many times before, icy coldness seeping in around the edges. The look he thew over his shoulder as he began to descend the steps sucked all the air from her body, chest aching with rejection. He looked disappointed, resigned… unsurprised. A fresh wave of tears fell from her eyes as she realised that, however deep down he tried to suppress it, he expected something like this to happen. Even from her, she thought as an uncomfortable prickle of shame crept down her spine.

Her legs were frozen, feet planted firmly on the concrete as she watched his outline get further and further away from her, disappearing into the darkness as he sprinted from the people he used to consider friends. Betty’s fingers curled in on themselves as her eyes remained, unfocused, on the last place she saw him, nails poised to break the skin. A warm hand on her frost-nipped shoulder pulled her out of her reverie.

“Betty,” Veronica’s soft, pleading voice reached her, muffled by the sound of her heart, pounding in her ears. Betty wrenched herself from Veronica’s grasp, turning to her with a look of disgust etched on her features.

“No! How dare you?” she accused, voice quiet, barely piercing the still night air, but with a deadly venom dripping from every word. Veronica visibly flinched, Archie’s hand coming up to rest at the base of her spine. “I have to find him. I need to-” she choked, no longer addressing the couple before her, commanding herself to move. She narrowly avoided tripping over her own feet as she began to walk on numb legs, pace picking up until she was running after Jughead, full force.

Where would he go? Where would he need to be right now? Her mind flew through every possibility as her feet pounded the pavement, breath billowing in white clouds before her as her lungs burned with every inhale of frigid air. She thought about Pop’s, but with a stab to her gut she realised that it would no longer seem like a safe place to him. She had taken that from him too, corrupted it with soft declarations of warm feelings, promises of forever, and whispered confessions about every hidden corner of themselves, for their ears only. The red vinyl of their booth was seeped in the blood of his open, wounded heart, pulled out with her own hands and left, barely beating, on the sticky tabletop.

The drive in was a mess of crushed rubble and memories lost, something new being built atop the old before the dust even had time to settle, scabs unable to form over the cuts. It was merely one more strike in the column, one further pair of hands shoving Jughead towards the ‘you are now leaving Riverdale, please come again soon’ sign. Betty could feel each passing second tap against her skin, gnawing at her like an irritating insect that kept coming back for more, no matter how many times you swatted it away.

By the time she’d reached FP’s trailer her legs were cramping, feet aching and bleeding inside her heels, dark lips outlined with blue. Her chest swelled with hope as she saw the torn down police tape, the thrown open door. As quickly as it had risen her heart plummeted. If he was inside what would she say? She wasn’t sure she could handle further accusations from him, already cracked and broken too much from everything passed. She couldn’t feel the wind around her, the floor beneath her, her vision tunnelled as she crept into the darkened doorway.

Her eyes widened at the state of the trailer, upturned furniture and belongings thrown haphazardly about the place. He’d told her, the morning after he went to visit his dad with coffee and doughnuts, walking into the Blue and Gold office with a comically misplaced smile, about how FP had cleaned up, not only himself but the trailer too. It resembled the fading memories Jughead had of his childhood home more than ever, cushions plumped, flowers in the vase by the front window. He could almost feel his mom’s presence slipping back into the trailer, unwilling to push down the hope of a reunited family any longer. Now it looked as if a hurricane had swept through, upending everything once more. She almost missed his hunched figure as her eyes flew furtively across the room, tucked against the counter, fading into the furnishings.

“Jug?” He stiffened as her whisper broke through his shuddering sobs, straightening up in an instant. He didn’t turn to look at her. She could see his uneven breaths unfurling before him. Her face crumpled as she dropped to her knees beside him, fingers desperate to touch.

“I’m so sorry,” she whimpered, hurrying to continue at his disbelieving huff. “I know that will never be enough, but you have to believe me. I didn’t want to hurt you, I never meant to cause you any pain…”

“Intention and execution are two different things,” he murmured, voice hoarse in the aftermath of his tears. Betty nodded, eyes cast downwards on her clenched fists, resting on top of the wrinkled satin of her dress. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, chewing on it anxiously as she awaited his goodbye, hoping to let the tears slip silently down her cheeks without the accompanying wail that threatened to burst from her lips. A heavy silence settled over them, and every moment he didn’t break it, didn’t make to move away from her, she prayed it would last just a minute more. She had a thousand things to say, rolling about it her head, pounding against her skull until it ached. But she was terrified that even one word would be the final trigger in sending him away for good. Her fists tightened as she began the first story that came to mind, just to speak.

“When I was seven Mom told me we could get a pet. I was so excited, I’d been pleading with her for months and months. I spent ages pouring through magazines and looking at all the posters in the window of the shelter looking for just the right addition to our family. Then an advert for a tiny ginger kitten appeared and I knew that was the one. I cleared out a little space in my room, filled it with cushions and blankets because I was so sure that this would be where it was going to sleep. When I went to tell Mom that I had chosen and we should go and shop for things before we picked the cat up, I told her I was going to call it Caramel, she had just had a huge fight with Dad. I didn’t know what about, but all I remember is her looking down at me and saying she’d changed her mind. Just like that. I cried and cried but she just told me to stop being such a baby, to grow up. I was so inconsolable that Dad went and bought me a stuffed toy, a ginger cat with the name tag Caramel. I was so furious with this replacement that I screamed until I made myself sick.” Betty let out a humourless laugh as she remembered her behaviour. Neither one of her parents had shown her any sympathy after that. She took a breath.

“I know it’s not even close to what is happening now, but I know what it’s like to have the rug pulled from under you. I remember what it felt like, at seven years old, to feel betrayed by the people you thought loved you the most. And I promised myself that I would never make anyone I… I would never make anyone I love feel that way if I could help it.” She didn’t notice the way his breath stopped at her confession, liquid blue eyes glancing over to her from his peripheries. The scarlet drops of blood pouring from her clenched fists, staining her dress, seemed to escape her notice, but not his.

“The thought that I made you feel like that breaks my heart,” she continued, her voice nothing more than a high-pitched, shaky whimper as the dam broke. “And I’d do anything to take it back, to just tell you what was-” Her breathing was too fast to continue the sentence, heart pounding against her rib cage as all the oxygen left the room.

His warm hands covered her fists. She pulled in a deep inhale, air rushing to aid her lungs as his fingers unfurled her own, revealing the fresh, deep wounds in her palms. Her face flamed crimson as they both stared down at the damage she’d done once again. His sigh washed over her skin, lighting it up with tiny flames, as he lifted her hands to his lips, cradling them in his own as he placed a delicate kiss against the back of her fingers. He wiped away the blood with his thumbs, smearing it over her pale skin. When she tucked her head into the crook of his neck he didn’t pull away, didn’t stiffen. Instead he raised his hand to the back of her head, fingers tangling in the golden, silky strands, anchoring her against him.

It wasn’t a sign of acceptance, it wasn’t a sign that all was forgiven. But it was still a sign. It was a sign of hope.

WiP Wednesday

He slams the doors on whatever cheerful single entendre Christophe is about to say under the guise of being helpful, then leans back against them, eyes falling shut. For just a moment, Victor allows himself the luxury of feeling his own heart roar in his breast, of relearning the pathways his blood takes to pool and pound in his ears, of giving into the compulsion to clench his fists around the hilt of a broadsword, or a neck — all familiar on the field of battle. Enduring it all now without the bloodthirst is awful.

Exhaling shakily, he opens his eyes and finds he is not alone.

Lounging on Victor’s bed, sprawled out as though he were still the greedy brat from years ago demanding Victor read him another story before being kicked out in favor of sleep, Yuri gives him a black look over the edge of the parchment clutched like prey in his hands.

There’s no sense in delaying the inevitable, so Victor smiles and waves his hand; an invitation. “All right. Let’s hear it.”

Yuri clears his throat so loudly that it feels like an expletive, then begins grandly, “His royal highness, Viktor Maxim Ivan Vladimir Karl Alexander Sergei Nikolai Ilya H —” Yuri pauses, then barks a laugh. “‘Hermann’.”

“Hermann,” Victor confirms, sighing. There’s one in every family.

… Pyotr Gleb… is giving a ball.” Yuri sneers, teeth bared like a tiger. How anyone could believe him to be a spectre born of ice and swan’s feathers is a mystery lost to the ages. “’… All eligible lords and ladies are invited to attend…’ I hope you aren’t under the impression that I’m going to be present for this farce.”

“Will you not support your brother in his time of great need?”

Yuri gives an inelegant snort. “I’ll be too busy moving my things into your room. You won’t need it after the unwashed masses finish tearing you to shreds in hopes of claiming a piece of you. I think my bookcases will look splendid against the wall over there.”

“You really won’t go?”

“I’d rather be drawn and quartered.”

In the face of Yuri’s familiar mulishness, the urge to shout I am not a prize —ever since his mother turned upon him a chilly stare and announced he was to sign his life away to a stranger by the ball’s end or she would find a suitable spouse for him (”If you do not do this, my dear, your father might actually deny you the crown and live forever just to spite us both, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction.”)— ebbs like the tide, and Victor relaxes into a real smile. “That is too bad. I hear the good Hero of Kazakhstan means to attend.”

Yuri goes still and says, flat as sword and twice as sharp, “Prince Otabek is coming.”

“So I’ve been told.” Victor shrugs off his jacket with not a little relief. Despite the slide of summer into autumn, the sun shows no sign of relenting its heavy hold on the kingdom. “Last we spoke, he was all talk of you… insomuch as he talks, which isn’t very. You must have made an impression at the trade negotiations, but if your aim is to be elsewhere the night of this idiocy, I will send along my apologies so he does not make a needless trip —”

There’s a sudden flurry of movement as Yuri rolls off the bed and spills to the floor, and Victor can do little except step aside as his brother blasts by and kicks the doors open. 

“So… shall I expect to see you there?”

Yuri sniffs and tilts his chin up just a bit in a bid to look aloof. All it serves to do is catch the light on the red flush in his cheeks. “I suppose I can find it within me to witness our dear parents set you upon the auction block, if only so I can laugh myself sick when some country bumpkin covered in pig shit wins you.”

Victor grins. “Otabek will be pleased to see you.”

The flush deepens to scarlet. Yuri turns his face away, but not fast enough to hide the small smile there. “I hope they give you to an actual pig.”

I just bought my first full length mirror for my room (like ever in life). And im so used to looking at myself head to chest (or just my face) that I look really foreign to myself… like i really really dont recognize myself and its fucking me up. Like damn i know im tall and skinny but fuckkkkkkkkkk I cant believe this is what I really look like! This is what other people see! This is so fucking unreal! I dont like it!!!

Remember what I said about Shinichi catching the scent of roses and smoke off KID… Yeahhh…. Idek idec X’DD

They both always walk away from these encounters thinking the other is a pervert… (KID thinks the Crown Prince has a maid fetish and Shinichi thinks KID has a fetish for dressing as maids HAHAHA)

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and to add on to the ask about hashirama coughing up flora stuff when he gets sick, i started laughing to myself imagining obito doing the same thing in the middle of a battle. coughing after he gets beat up a bit, just hacking up flowers and leaves and vines and stuff, and everyone around him is like ???

xD I cannot think of a better way to throw the enemy off guard, tbh. 

Nothing’s more amusing to me than watching Barbie Swan Lake in the background while working bc it’s like

  • Every time I look over there’s some incredibly bad CG animation going on and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you animate any horse let alone a unicorn
  • Pretty terrible storyboarding that I never really thought about as a kid but looking at it now I’m just like “oh god… this could’ve at least been storyboarded and designed so much better”
  • It’s awkward as heck that the prince has the same name as my cousin
  • Kelsey Grammer making “KA-CAW!!” noises
  • True Love is described like a Two for One special
  • And also rare so of course these two strangers have it after one date
  • and
now you see it all (part 2)

(part 1)

The trip back into town was quiet and slow. Slower than it necessarily needed to be, actually; Wendy knew from experience that the rickety old van could go pretty fast under the right circumstances, but she suspected that Soos was taking the bumpy road out from the Shack especially slow to avoid jostling anyone’s sore spots. She could appreciate that; she felt like one big walking ache, and she hadn’t even been particularly injured, as far as things went.

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Episode 9.  Saionji gets a third try.  What a special boy!

Kendo is not a good way to prepare for an actual swordfight, particularly one where the goal is to knock a rose off of someone’s chest rather than to cave their skull in.  No wonder the fencer (the one who isn’t 12) never loses.

The action proper opens with Saionji yelling at the monkey whose body had until recently housed his soul.  He shows Chu Chu his true power [again, kicking] and talks smack with Utena for a while.  Saionji is awfully sweary for a student council nerd.

We learn that Touga is Saonji’s shining thing (or eternal thing, as he styles it), although due to Saionji’s overwhelming masculinity this manifests itself as a competitive rather than a carnal desire.  Saionji is laboring under something of a misapprehension re Touga’s access to eternity, but let’s put that aside for now: Touga was still a brave enough boy to push open a coffin and get the girl, and Saionji wasn’t.

If that’s not a recipe for a lifelong inferiority complex, I don’t know what is.

Utena doesn’t get a face in this flashback, which is probably because Saionji doesn’t know that she was the coffin-dweller, but – if you’ll let me reach – it’s also because there’s no humanity in her at this moment, for him. She’s pure symbol, Girl in Coffin. Getting the girl out of the coffin is a magic trick, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Saionji wants to be magic, and he wants to use people as his talismans, as the symbols in his thaumaturgical alphabet.   That means that he can’t see that Girl in Coffin and Irritating Tomboy are the same person, even though there’s nobody else for miles around with pink hair.

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*Vanellope voice* There she is, Lickety-Split!

This little lady’s a waitress, if I’m remembering rightly, and she wants to be bonded to a mech named Lightyear. If you click the link on her TFWiki page, it redirects you to a page with a transforming Buzz Lightyear toy. I readily admit that I laughed myself sick when I saw that.

Anyway, this was supposed to have motion lines, but I canned those when they weren’t exactly working the way I wanted them to.

I’m open for commissions~


I laughed myself sick.

We All Try, Part 3.

Thiago’s POV

The familiar chime ringing out from my iPhone caused my eyes to flutter open. My eyes didn’t immediately roam over to the iPhone sitting on my nightstand by my side but instead to the position I lay in. I realized my arm was draped over Y/N as she slept, her head nearly on my chest and I wasn’t sure how or when we had got in that position. I slowly slid out of her hold and grabbed for my still ringing phone, rushing my steps to the bathroom in the room and shutting the door behind me to not disturb her sleep.

I answered the call, a FaceTime from Daniela who lit up the screen with a smile as soon as her face appeared on it. “Helloooo babe,” she sang out.

“Hey.” I gave a weak smile, half from the fact it was early morning hours and half from the fact I felt a pang of guilt for just having shared a bed, and possibly a cuddle, with my ex while she seemed so happy to see me.

“I’m sorry I woke you up. I forgot I’m some hours behind you. Why are you in the bathroom?” Her eyes squinted with skepticism as my mind raced to find a suitable excuse. “Uh…better lighting in here,” I smiled again. It seemed to be a decent enough reason for her.

“Ah, got it. Well how is the visit from the family? Everyone doing well?”

“Yeah yeah. Everyone’s doing great. My parents said they wish you were here.” On the inside I was wincing after my lie. They hadn’t even mentioned Daniela since their arrival, too smitten with my ex to care about my girlfriend’s absence.

“Awww. Tell them I wish I could be there but work calls. Well, hey. I’ll let you get back to your sleep. We’re going to head out for a few drinks.” I could see then in the background a few of her friends and fellow models pop up behind her, waving towards me. I waved back. “Don’t miss me too much!” She insisted with a giggle.

“I’ll try. Have a good night.”

“Goodnight, Thiago.”

I hung up the phone and headed out of the bathroom. I was expecting to see Y/N still asleep but I instead saw her propped up on her side and scrolling her phone. I silently walked to my side of the bed before questioning, “Did I wake you up?”

She ignored the question. “Does she know?”

“Know what?”

I was now back on my side of the bed and she then turned to look directly at me, dropping her phone to the sheets carelessly. “That I’m here right now or even about the other night.”

I gulped nervously and slowly began to shake my head no. It was then that she gave off a gentle scoff, pushing the blankets off of her and beginning to raise from the bed which caused me to hop up and rush to her side to prevent her from going anywhere but the place where she stood. “I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have called you that night. I shouldn’t have come today and I definitely shouldn’t be here right now. I’m making your relationship difficult.”

I held out my arms to prevent her from moving anywhere. “No! You’re fine.” I wanted then to admit that even through my initial cold exterior, I was glad I was one of the first people she called and that she had come to dinner today but I didn’t. “It’s fine,” I repeated.

“It isn’t. This isn’t right. I’m going to sleep downstairs.”

“I’m not letting you sleep downstairs. My mom would kill me if she woke up and saw you sleeping on the couch.”

“I’ll tell her it was my decision,” she shrugged. “I’m not sleeping up here.” Her stern tone of voice was followed by her steps towards the door even in the midst of my small protests. Nothing seemed to work as I was now watching her walk down the steps and all I could do was mutter a curse under my breath before practically slamming my bedroom door out of frustration with my own stupidity.



The loud yell startled me as I woke up from my slumber, adjusting my eyesight to realize I was on the sofa and Valéria was standing next to me, her hands on her hips as she looked to the steps. The rush of footsteps could be heard as I saw Thiago descend down the steps in a hurry. “Yes?”

“What is she doing sleeping down here?” She pointed to me but kept a stern glance on her son.

I could tell he was scrambling to find an excuse but I didn’t give him the time to. I spoke instead. “He didn’t know I was down here. I moved down here while he slept. It wasn’t his fault.”

She looked between the both of us before Thiago spoke. “That’s not true.” My eyes widened, realizing he wasn’t going to let me take the fall for this. I was urging him to let this story stick with my facial expressions but he kept looking towards Valéria. “She thought she was being a burden on me and my relationship and putting me in an awkward position so she moved down here.”

Sympathy formed her features as she turned to look down at me. All I did was drop my eyes to look at my hands in my lap. “Thiago, go help your sister with whatever it is she’s trying to cook in the kitchen.” He silently nodded and quickly scurried away, probably glad to not have received a slap to the head.

She sighed before dropping to a seat next to me, now smiling towards me. I sat up, giving her my full attention though I was unsure of what conversation was to follow.

“You’re always looking out for him,” she continued to smile, giving my leg a gentle and encouraging squeeze. “But sometimes, I think you should look out for yourself.”

My eyes narrowed in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“It’s so obvious you two still have feelings for each other. The other day I was on the phone with Thi and he mistakenly said your name instead of Daniela’s. He thought I didn’t notice but I did and Rafa told me about what happened the other day and it all made sense why you were on his mind.”

I dropped my gaze sheepishly to my lap as I continued to listen to her speak. I could tell this was more of a listening session than a conversation and I welcomed it. “He misses you. Just as much as you miss him. Don’t let your own pride block your blessings.”

She got up, giving me one more of her classic smiles that said all they needed to without a word being spoken, before she headed off into the direction of the kitchen. I sat there for a few moments longer, pondering all that she had said before I got up and headed in another direction which ended with me running into Rafinha who seemed pleased to see me.

“Just the person I wanted to see,” he said with a smile before he draped his arm around my shoulder and began walking alongside of me.

I playfully rolled my eyes. “What is it now, Rafinha?”

“Ohhh, nothing. How was your sleep?” A boyish grin spread his cheeks as he looked to me, still continuing to walk us forward.

“It was normal. I know why you’re asking and nothing happened.”

“Ay yi yi, querida. What did I tell you? You’ve got to start taking risks.”

My eyebrow raised. “And how should I do that?”

“Express your feelings! Go up to my brother and admit all of that that you’re holding in. It’s so obvious that you two are still in love with each other.” This was the second time I had heard this today. “Thiago’s too stupid and stubborn to admit it and you’re too afraid.”

“He’s in a rela—“ My words were cut off by a now serious Rafinha who stopped walking and took my shoulders under his hands. “He’s trying to pretend to be happy in a relationship. Sure, Daniela’s cool even though I will never text her like I text you. She’s a model and she’s pretty and she has nice legs but that’s about it. She doesn’t connect with him like you do. She’s just entertainment so he can continue to lie to himself enough until he believes he’s actually over you.”

A giggle escaped my lips. “Since when did you become a love therapist?”

He chuckled as well. “Since my brother was trying to get rid of my sister-in-law. You’ve gotta speak up and hey, maybe I’m wrong and I’m making up these feelings in my head but if you really do still love him like I think you do, you have to tell him. If you don’t you’ll only hate yourself for it later.” Rafa then placed a kiss to my forehead before running off to the sounds of Bruno yelling his name.

I turned and walked in the direction of the kitchen. Was I really doing this? As I got closer, I could see Thiago and Thaisa laughing amongst each other.

“You’re not even doing it right! You can’t cook.” She laughed.

“I can cook! I used to make you breakfast all of the time!”

“That explains why I was sick so much as a kid.”

I laughed to myself before stepping forward, making my presence known. “Uh…Thiago?” Crap, I was really doing this. His eyes darted from the bowl in his hand and to me. “Yeah?”

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Yeah. Sure.” He put the bowl down on the counter and playfully hit his sister’s head. “Don’t mess it up.” I began walking back up the stairs and toward his bedroom, wanting to make sure we could have our conversation completely in private. He followed suit silently before we got to the room and he shut the door behind him.

“What’s up?”

Crap. I can’t do this.

My mind faltered and I forgot what it was I was going to say, feeling my cheeks begin to heat. His eyes bore into mine, searching for a clue on what it was I was looking to say to him. “I really enjoyed spending time with you yesterday.”

His lips formed into a smile and I wasn’t sure if he realized but he looked…happy. “I enjoyed spending time with you too. Is that all you wanted to tell me?” It was as if he was pushing me into saying what I had been hiding deep within my heart, like he knew exactly what was coming next.

“I’m sorry for last night too. I just didn’t want to put you in an awkward position.”

He shook his head. “You weren’t. Being around you was…” he rerouted his statement. “…It made me come to terms with a few things.”

“Like?” It was his turn to fess up and I gladly welcomed the idea of him being the one to lay it all out on the table first.

He sighed and began walking over to the bed, pulling me along with him until he sat on the edge of the bed and brought me between his legs where I stood now holding both of his hands. He looked directly up at me as he spoke. “Like the fact that I still love you and not like an ‘Oh, I love her but it’s not like that’ sort of way. I’m still in love with you. I’ve tried to use Daniela to blind me to that fact but…seeing you the other day showed me that I wasn’t doing as great of a job as I thought I was. I can fight the feeling but it never goes away. I guess I was just scared to admit it to myself, and still am, because I don’t know if you feel the same way.”

I fervently nodded. “I do. I’ve been doing the same thing as you only not in a relationship. I thought I’d go through the normal motions of a breakup and eventually I would be back to being me. The me who could get any guy and who could move on from their ex.”

He decided to correct my observation. “You still are that woman who can get any guy. You just don’t want to.”

A flattered smile broke my lips. “I just want you.”

I saw his eyes distracted as he stared at my hands, his fingers rubbing gentle circles against my soft skin and I welcomed his touch. I yearned for it even in the smallest ways. “And you know I want you too.” He now looked up at me, those handsome eyes causing me a flurry of emotions and enough of an emotional whirlwind to get me to lower my lips to his as he pulled my bottom lips eagerly between his. I practically fell on top of him as the kiss deepened, both of us lost until he broke it apart before it could go any further.

“I can’t do this,” he breathed out. “I’m still technically in a relationship.” The realization, or at least remembrance, that he was still a taken man made me shut my eyes in an attempt to reject the bitter feeling.


Before I could relax out of his arms, there was a knock at the door and Rafinha’s yelling from the other side. “You two aren’t in there having sex, are you?”

“Yes! Now go away!” Thiago yelled in response but that didn’t stop the door from slowly creeping open, revealing the peaking heads of Jonathan and Rafinha. They took no more time to send the door open and come running in like maniacs, jumping on top of us and pulling us all into a large group hug on the bed which had me in a fit of laughter.

“I take it you two have fixed things?” Jona questioned while squeezing Thiago tightly with a wide grin on his face.

Thiago playfully groaned. “You two are annoying.”

“I knew my love advice would work,” Rafa beamed with pride.

“I didn’t even use your advice,” Thiago responded.

“Wait, he gave you advice too?!” I looked between Thiago and Rafinha who was now peeling away from the group.

“Oh, look at the time. Better go check on that food.” Jonathan soon followed as the laughing pair found their way out, leaving me on top of Thiago who was staring at me.

“If I were to kiss you right now would that be considered cheating?” He asked with that smirk playing his lips.


“Oh.” He took his hand to my hair, sending it behind my ear. “I’m going to tell her everything as soon as she lands. I’d rather do it in person. I’ll sort everything out. Just…give me a few days. Can you do that?”

I gave a small nod which he accepted with a smile. “Thank you.” He placed a kiss to the corner of my lips rather than my lips directly though my body yearned for yet another like the one from earlier. I would just have to wait.

I began to get up from where we lay, readjusting his clothes that I had worn to sleep. He did the same before looking over at me, holding out his hand for me to take. “Ready?”

I slipped comfortably into his hold. “Ready.”