i laughed my duck

The Lady of Shallots, John William Waterhouse, 1888, oil on canvas (with slight modern additions).

I just made an art history/produce pun, which means the potential audience is like, one person. and that person is me. 



from the girl who is trying to cleanse her soul




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I wrote something based on this video featuring @mrsmarkson

… Enjoy…

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150626 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray

Warning: Insults thrown left and right by Tablo and supported by Simon D. Main target is Gray, as usual. This is also really long, like EXTRA LONG!

  • They sang ‘happy birthday’ for the 1 year anniversary of the Weekly Ssam D corner
  • Mithra almost couldn’t be a regular guest because he was boring at first
  • The corner originally started with Simon D appearing once a month and with no Gray
  • Tablo said at the start of the corner, Gray had no presence and Gray said he still doesn’t (Tablo and Ssam D disagreed and said he was like MSG, a necessity)
  • When asked why out of aaaaaaaaall of AOMG he chose Gray, Ssam D said it was because he saw potential, that Gray was a person he loved and wanted to do shows with him because he knew he’d be busy (and doesn’t get to see him much lately because he’s so busy)
  • Ssam D had predicted he’d feel lonely and would want to see Gray so he chose to have him on Weekly Ssam D so he could at least see him once a week
  • Tablo says Gray is good at speaking on broadcasts now and is now an entertainer (Ssam D called him a “radio star”) because he seems awkward as a musician. Tablo says his “gray” whisper in his produced tracks sounds awkward and even appearing in hip hop music videos he doesn’t seem to fit in (because he’s like an entertainer)
  • Gray’s response was that from next week UD (is that how to spell his name?) would appear as a joke

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