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I now ship SassySansy :3 I has no shame~

“I doubt it will happen. He too full of himself.”

*Sansy laughs at the thought of it.

“Just between you and me, She does talk about him a lot.”

Proton whispers hoping Sansy didn’t hear.

(Sassy) Fashion Sans - @novirp13

Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass.

i hate when customers at work hand me a 100 dollar bill and then scoff when i check the watermark. like, lady, i will break out the counterfeit pen. i’ll draw your god damn portrait over benjamin franklin’s before i make a ruling. i’ll get a second opinion from a coworker on the opposite side of the store. i’ll call the mint like, “heyy…it’s daniel…you guys print any hundreds lately? i got a lady here with a hundred, just making sure it’s one of yours…haha cool just checking. so how are the wife and kids?” the people that make a fuss are always like, obviously rich too and you know that’s why they have a problem. like the nerve of me to doubt a rich person’s money. how dare i lump them in with a normal person with a hundred dollar bill. eventually one of them is going to let it slip. i’ll take the bill from them and go to hold it up to the light or feel it between my fingers or something and they’ll laugh and go, “oh, no, no no no i’m wealthy.”


Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Smut. Just. Yeah. 

Originally posted by xoxoeddie

His lips were gentle on yours. The soft feeling of his teeth tugging at the tender flesh made your skin prickle. Your hands looped around his waist, fingers digging into him and dragging him closer. 

The breathy moans that escaped your lips encouraged Newt to kiss harder. Newt’s hands slid down your legs, underneath your thighs. 

The small whimper that escapes your mouth makes Newt tighten his grip on you. “Tina or them could walk in at any moment,” you managed to say, curling down and hiding your face in the crook of his neck. “I doubt it,” he replied, tilting your head up and kissing your jaw.

“You think I’d make the same mistake twice?” he said with a laugh. You couldn’t hold back the smile on your lips. 

Newt peered into your eyes, pulling back his mouth so that your foreheads were pressed together. “Do you…I’m not meaning pressuring you into-”

You pressed your mouth to his, stopping his words. “You’ve never pressured me,” you assured him. “I do. Newt, I want this.”

Each time it happened, Newt always feared that he was pressuring you into it, even when you initiated him. You didn’t find it annoying or odd. You loved it because it was his way of showing that he cared so deeply for you. 

Newt’s hands ruffled up the skirt of your dress, skimming your thighs again while our fingers tugged at his belt and buttoned shirt. 

“Newt, I want you forever,” you added dreamily as his hands quickly undid the fastenings of your silken dress. 

Once you were only in your slip, you smiled at him. “Your turn,” you tell him. Your hands slid over his chest and up his shoulders, fingers hooking onto his opened shirt and pulling it off. 

“You’re beautiful,” Newt whispers, playing with the thin strap of your slip. “How did I manage to catch your eye?” he asked, sliding the hem of the slip up and over your body. 

“You’re magnificent,” he told you, his eyes drinking every inch of you. “I’m nothing special,” you replied, curling your fingers through his honey hair.

He leaned you down against the soft grass; the case’s “sky” above was deep blue velvet, decorated with shimmering stars, though they couldn’t begin to compare to his unique eyes. 

“You are the most exquisite creature I have ever beheld.”

Your bodies pressed together and you huffed out a moan, back arching upwards to meet him. 

Newt bowed his head down, kissing your chest and collarbones while he rhythmically moved. 

In the midst of the high, you cried out his name to which he gladly responded. 

“You,” he breathed between movements, “are my exquisite [Y/n].” 

Top 10 Comics of 2016 (Objective Facts)

Welcome to the top 10 comics of the year, these are comics released in print in single issues. There is several comics I wanted to read that I had not got the chance to read in single issues so they won’t be included on this list. These are 10 damn fine comics I read this year and I hope if you haven’t read them you give it a look.

Squirrel Girl:  A sadly declining star for me, last year Squirrel Girl was no doubt at the top of my lists but this year I feel a bit less engaged with it. This is actually pretty common around all of Marvel with Civil War 2, relaunches, universe changing event after universe changing event it makes it hard to feel attached. Still Squirrel Girl is full of laughs with some stand out stories that came out this year like dealing with Doctor Doom from the past after being sent further into the past. We also had the stand out choose your own adventure issue where subtly Koi Boi is revealed to be a trans man and that is super awesome!

Wic/Div: This comic is the serious, it is not tonely the same as the others but I adore it.  We have gods walking among us on earth, mystery, betrayal, queerness, action, great designs, and a great book. If you want a story that is crafted masterfully and can invoke a wide range of emotions then The Wicked + The Divine is for you.

Space Battle Lunchtime: When Oni Press announced their new lineup this was the title that stuck out to me the most. Turns out my gut feeling was right as this book transports the reader to this new world of aliens that is fascinating to watch unfold. One creator managed with help from editors and what not to do the art, colors and storytelling for this epic cooking show in space. This is one of the most fun energetic books I have ever read. The only problem with this series is it goes by so fast but with only one issue left getting them all together is a great idea. If you want to watch a funny space cooking show and a cute lady on lady romance then come here.

Backstagers: This wasn’t a title I was expecting to even buy. I mean all boy lumberjanes sounds cute but I generally, as you’ll find on this list, don’t read stories about dudes. However, this book is fantastic, fun, queer, and all the great things that Lumberjanes is. I think Backstagers does an amazing job of dispelling the toxic masculinity present in much of male lead media. The creative world backstage is fantastic, it has such a great visual style and everyone who works on this project has everything in them in it.

Jem and the Holograms: The truly outrageous gift that just keeps giving. I love the story, Sophie is like my favorite artist and even with her leaving we have had some solid people taking over and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this series. I do worry about future placement but I am very excited for Misfits and this year is all about this year. With stand out scenes like Blaze coming out, the misfits and holograms working together, the cuties of a 3rd rival band, and more all in play this year I am at the front hoping they will let me on stage.

Princeless: Princeless is a modern classic, a series that every volume is great for all ages. This year I read a lot of Princeless, my little sister adored reading volume 1 for the first time.  More then that I adored reading all the volumes and the short stories of Princeless. This is one that works for the whole family and manages to really go over a ton of great stuff. We have our hero learning new perspectives, saving people, exploring the world, she is a fantastic protagonist.

Kim and Kim: Kim and Kim the queer bffs that do that bounty hunting thing. They have amazing chemistry and are the kinds of loser badasses I love. They screw up a lot, they can be kind of an asshole but their hearts are in the right place. We follow them in one journey this year and it’s a fun journey to follow. Also like it has a trans writer and latnix gals on the art team so that is pretty badass too. This stories only problem is an ending that feels a bit rushed.

Jonesy: This was the biggest surprise for me comics wise in 2016. I saw it and was automatically charmed by the art. I decided it was worth risking wasting 4 bucks on. So i did and haven’t looked back since. The funny world, the endearing characters, the general feeling that this comic is different without trying hard to be. Jonesy is queer,  she’s latnix, she’s funny, she’s a bit of a loser but in a way that makes you feel okay to be a loser too. Jonesy is a story that makes me happy whenever I read it, it’s always at the top of my stack, it’s a book that I can count on. The fact it isn’t number 1 but might be in my top 10 series of all time just says how great comics have been this year.

Raven the Pirate Princess: Raven the Pirate Princess is that book that no one really talks about but should be a staple of everyone’s pull. It’s so fun, funny, illustrated so well and it feels like a massive breath of fresh air. Amazing comedy, a bunch of queer ladies, women of all sizes, skin colors, and we even have some varying ability. It’s great to see so much diversity threaded into this epic scaling tale of a women trying to get what was stolen from her by her brothers. 

Angela Queen of Hel: Angela Queen of Hel is one of my favorite stories of all time. It joins the hallowed ranks of other classics in my mind and despite a few issues moves far past them. The series being canned on issue 7 means so much potential was thrown away and we lost. This story is the most compelling romance I have ever read and it’s such a badass story too. Conquering hell to get your lesbian love back is super cool and then the follow up story is an awesome cap to show their relationship past the climax. No matter what Marvel does to the pair we will always have this story to look back on and cheer for.

Seventeen as shit that my mother's side grandpa has said to me
  • S.Coups: I once had to put you on a leash, cause you just wouldn't stay put!
  • Jeonghan: You're my favorite grandchild.....don't tell the others tho
  • Joshua: //hands me a baby chick// meet your new pet! It's gonna stay here tho, cause I doubt you have a place to put it (I named the chick Lucky)
  • Jun: So....any boyfriends yet? No? You're gonna end up alone with 50 cats at this rate //laughing the entire time//
  • Hoshi: //starts dancing an old mans dance// when you\re getting married this is going to be your husband
  • Woozi: If people are annoying you (mostly boys) just flip them off and smirk....always worked for me
  • DK: //just laughs...he has a weird laugh which made me judge him// where do you think you got your witch laugh from? //continues laughing//
  • Mingyu: //hands me fishjercky// come ooonnnn it's goooooddd, especially with beer.
  • The8: //to my mom// HA! You just got roasted by your own daughter!HAHA!
  • //I tripped over literally nothing and landed face first into the dirt//
  • Seungkwan: //laughs at my misery//
  • Vernon: //tries to cook// I think I just burned water.....you know what lets just eat bread, yea lets do that until grandma comes back...
  • Dino: WHO WANTS'S CAKE!?! //hands me the biggest piece of cake//

I’m not good at taking care of myself
but I’d make you baths filled with flowers
and I know I’d treat you well.

I don’t know how to deal with
my own emotions but I’d hold you crying
in my arms, and I’d laugh with you
till the sun rose.

I’m not good with mess,
and I hate uncertainty, but I’d clean
up your dishes and sweep up
your doubts about everything.

Maybe I’m not the best person —
I’m unsure of myself and I often think
living is so cruel that I’m not
sure if I want to keep doing it.

But if you were to grab my hand,
I wouldn’t let it go.
We could do this together.

—  take my hand // r.e.s

This episode was amaziiiiiiiiiiiiingggggg!!!!

And I’m still laughing :v because I was screaming and hyperventilating like:

“T-This was a kiss, right?……RIGHT?!?!? A FUCKING KISS!!!!!!”

And my mom super serious was like:

“What’s wrong with you?… Kiss… Who?… Boy x Boy? *laughs*

"Yeeeeeeees!!!! Kiss between 2 men moooooooom!!!! THEY ARE CANON AND IN LOVE AND MARRIED!!!! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎♥♥♥ ”

*serious again* “Ok… repeat the scene.”

*repeats the victuri kiss*


You know, something that helped me survive some of the worst days at college, when I was on the brink of anxiety attacks and when I was being bullied and misgendered constantly and didn’t feel like I could go on, was thinking about Hux, and about the First Order. I’d imagine myself to be a part of that - efficient, strong, untouchable - and it would help give me strength and support to keep going just that little bit longer when I had nothing and no one around me. No doubt most people will laugh at it and think I’m stupid and pathetic, but you know what? It helped. I got through. I finished that course.

I don’t know if it might help anyone else, but you could think of Kylo, or Rey, or Leia, the Order, the Resistance… whatever. Draw the symbol somewhere on you, wear your favourite Phasma t-shirt, etc, and even when people around you are being total dicks, remind yourself that you’re not a part of that <3

Invisible - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Hi sweetie, can I request where the clumsy!reader is in hight school and she have a major crush on Damian but he flirts with everyone but her and it’s like he don’t see her at all and one day she stumble in the hall and all her stuff like fly everywhere and all is laughing and she’s embarrassed and Damian come and help her and she’s like “omg you know my name?” and some super fluff?thank you I love you really really <3 <3 (requested by anon)

“I just wish he would notice me.” You complained to your friend as you walked down the hall.

“Don’t you guys have a ton of classes together?” Your friends asked.

“Yes.” You groaned. “I doubt he even knows my name.”

“Uh … [Y/N] … Don’t panic now but he’s walking this way.” You friend told you hesitantly looking over your shoulder where she spotted Damian, your crush, walking down the hall towards you.

“Oh my god. Hide me!” You cried trying to hide behind your friend. She doged you and patted your shoulders comfortingly.

“Not a chance. Have fun!” She said before ducking into her next class.

“Jerk.” You swore under your breathe. You turned around to make a beeline to your class but in your haste you ran into the one person you didn’t want to. You were absolutely mortified.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, Damian. I wasn’t watching where I was going. I swear it won’t ever happen again.” You apologized profusely. Damian who usually appeared cold and distant gave you a ghost of a smile.

“It’s fine [Y/N]. Don’t worry about it.” He said.

“Oh my god. You know my name?” You asked, not really intending the question to leave your lips but there it was. You couldn’t take it back now. He chuckled slightly and smiled a little wider.

“Of course I do.” He replied. “See you in calculus [Y/N].” He said before walking in the direction of his class.

“Oh my god. He knows my name.” You whispered to yourself in wonders as you watch his retreating form.

Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass.
—  Daniell Koepke
Yuri on Ice ep 10

I don’t even know how to say how I feel right now.. I just need to put it all out

Last wednesday after the preview, we probably all thought about a wedding ring but also “ha lol wedding ring.. ain’t gonna happen, I mean kissing and getting married is certainly not the same level, it’s still anime we’re talking about !!!”. Deep down I really wished for it to happen but I was resigned. 

And now episode 10 is here… It was an emotional roller coaster : I was (overly) excited, I laughed, cried, screamed, and loved every moment of it.

So I want to say THANK YOU to the creators who made this incredible show happen, it’s honestly one of the best out there. 

THANK YOU for taking the leap that so many others were too scared to take. 

THANK YOU for bringing us this beautiful relationship. 

I am so grateful. I’m sorry I doubted you and again.. THANK YOU FOR YURI ON ICE.


Requested:  Hey, please can I request something? :3 Please can you do number 11 with taehyung? Is it also ok if you make it really fluffy? I really want a fluffy taehyung rn :3

This will be in Taehyung’s point of view :) I hope this was fluffy enough for you

Originally posted by yoongichii

Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 376

“I think you’re beautiful.”

She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness. Her skin was completely flawless. I doubt she used face masks or expensive products, that really wasn’t who she was.  She was all about simplicity, making things easy, helping those around her to relax and be happy with what they have. Her inner beauty lit her eyes and softened her features. When she smiled and laughed you couldn’t help but smile along too, even if it was just on the inside.

She was truly beautiful, her eyes would always sparkle and a tint of pink would appear on her face whenever she was complimented. I still don’t understand how I got so lucky. She very well could have any guy that she wanted but she wanted me.

I can’t help but stare at her, she wasn’t doing anything extraordinary. She was simply folding clothes. Her eyes focused on the cottons that were in a pile while her hands worked to fold each shirt that she grabbed. It really wasn’t anything special but she looked amazing anyways. It amazes me how everything she does makes me fall in love with her even more. 

I’d see the other boys trip over themselves in her presence, she was that beautiful. I never actually fell over my own two feet over her but I guess that’s why she liked me initially, I treated her like a normal girl not someone on a pedestal. No one saw it coming, her taking interest in me, like I said she could have any guy she wants and there were a few boys I thought would be the ones to have the pleasure of capturing her heart, but those were the ones she took no interest in. 

Just thinking back on it, it warms my heart. She is the love of my life, she is the woman I plan on marrying one day and in the moment I wouldn’t wish anything to change. 

My thoughts are interrupted once I notice that she’s staring at me, hands waving from the spot she’s at. Her brows are knitted together but her features only show innocence.

“What are you staring at Tae?”

“Nothing, I just think you’re beautiful.”


kyungsoo, you are so important to so many people: your family, your friends, your members, and your fans. for many people, you have given them hope, a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, a reason to believe, the will to live. whether you’re dancing passionately, singing your heart out, laughing to your hearts content, or acting silly, you give things, invaluable things, that make you so special.

no matter how much you doubt yourself or your abilities, there are so many people out in the world who believe in you. you deserve nothing less than the most finest and precious things in life. you’ve come a long way already but you’ll be going much further in life as your talents continue to improve and grow right before your eyes. i, along with every other person in this world, am so proud of you and we know that you will continue to do great things.

happy 24/25th birthday do kyungsoo, never stop smiling and never stop being you ❤️

I’m sorry you never know about the apocalypses that happen under my skin. i’m sorry you never get to see the roads give way and the cracks grow deeper. i’m sorry you never hear the screams. i’m sorry you only wake up to the aftermath; the dead bodies and the doubt hanging onto me by my teeth. to me, miles away, to an entire world upturned between us,

i’m sorry you wake up to the wind knocked out of us, to the oceans half-spilled onto the bedroom floor, to the earth crawled up onto the walls and reaching for the sky.

on nights like these you look like every old lover and every new one. on nights like these, already you carry their faces. already, you carry their voices and their laughs. already, you touch like them and hold like them and smell like them in the space between your neck and your shoulders. already, I can see you leaving.

i see you in far-away airports and the beds of warmer bodies. i see you with people who won’t run at the mention of alone, with hearts that aren’t so heavy.

i’m sorry that you taste like every last time my heart sounded its own siren, forced its own self to break. i’m sorry you never get the chance to run. i’m sorry you wake to all this hurt.

—  Reena B.| i’m sorry for the ways i broke you to fix myself.

You look up from your book just in time to see Matt shut the front door of Nelson and Murdock behind him. “Good morning, Matt.”

He smiles softly. “Good morning. You’re here early.”

Even though he can’t see it, you shrug and smile. “I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I thought I’d come in and  get some paperwork done.”

“And did you?”

“You doubting me, Murdock?”


Laughing, you sit back in your chair and continue reading your book. “There’s a new case on your desk if you want to take a look before Foggy arrives.”

Matt nods and sets his cane by the door where he normally does before walking into his office. Smiling to yourself, you stand up and follow him into his private office. You didn’t get here early this morning to do paperwork: You moved all of his furniture a couple of inches to the right to mess with him. You read about it online, and so you figured you’d try it on Matt.

But when you peek in the doorway, it’s only to see Matt walk around his desk and sit in his chair, without bumping into anything. He just sits there calmly and starts reading the report, fingers moving quickly over the braille. You frown confusedly.

As if sensing you, Matt’s fingers falter on the page and he tilts his head up in your direction. “(y/n)? Do you need something?”

“N-no. Everything’s fine. I’ll just … be at my desk.”

Walking out of the office, you leave and sit at your desk by the window, frowning to yourself. How did he not run into the furniture?

All I Want For Christmas Is You (M.C.)

A/N: So sorry that this didn’t go up on Saturday. I spent the majority of the day in an airport and on a plane so there really wasn’t much of time to write. As for Luke’s for this coming Saturday, the same thing will most likely happen. Anyways, enjoy! :)

Masterlist || Ask

Ashton || Luke || Calum



I turned away from my locker to see one of my friends sprinting towards me. I smiled at him. “Oh. Hey, Luke. What’s up?”

He bent over and rested his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

I turned back to my locker and continued to switch my books for the next class. “I highly doubt you were running that much to be that out of breath.”

Luke lifted his head up to glare at me. “Mind you. I’m just very unfit.”

I laughed. “I’ve noticed.”

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Let Me Ruin You (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request: Can.i get a number 7 kiss with Peter maximoff (From this prompt list)
Word Count: 1054 Words
Warning: Swearing, lil angst, fluff, sexual themes 
A/N: I’m not even sorry for doing friends to lovers okay I’m a weak egg for this shit lemme be. 
Tagging: @stovehairington @notsoprettykitty​ @sparklyspikes​ @writing-rogue 

Originally posted by quicksilver-gifs

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

               You laid on Peter’s bed as he gave some lecture about music to you. You often made fun of each other’s music taste and Peter was hell bent on converting you to the dark side of the moon as he put it. You rolled your eyes at his over dramatic actions, and laughing when he casually threw stuff at you to grab your attention. There was no doubt that when Peter was passionate, he was beautiful. “So as my best friend you need to like my music.” He concluded his little argument with, before flopping beside you. “Pretty convincing, but I think you forgot that I’m your only friend.” You laughed, before sliding off of his bed. Peter mocked hurt, grabbing his heart before dramatically passing out. “Y/n how could you do this to me? I always loved you and here you are, breaking my heart.” He joked, laying on his floor, staring at you with his stupid puppy dog eyes. “Shut up Maximoff, I’m just being honest.” You said, lying beside him.

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like to cassia

me as your enchanted swan song,
me with a cloudful mouth.

im brandished and birdtorn.

this is the part where
i sing songs for you,

then i lose my confidence, and
doubt the color blue.

is it an autocrave
or a fauxphish?

im running in tight sand circles.
my arms are out to the side.

i hydroplane, then
fall down, laughing