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Doomed — Min Yoongi (04)

Words: 4210

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + fluff + angst + cliffhanger (because I’m evil :))

Description: Maybe dating a demon isn’t exactly what you thought it would be like…

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When you woke up, you were temporarily blinded by the sunlight that was shining through the curtains.

You were sleeping in your bed because a couple weeks ago, Taehyung told you and Yoongi that he was going to sleep on the couch, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Although there is a possibility that Taehyung was just being kind, you were almost sure that Yoongi was the one who convinced him to switch to the couch. You decided not to question it though.

There was an arm wrapped around your waist. It was Yoongi, and he held you closely, having his chest pressed against your back.

Since you were against his chest, you felt him softly breathing in and out. It relaxed you, even if you were already relaxed.

You put your hand on top of his and shuffled in the bed to get comfortable again, trying not to wake him up.

“Babe?” He called, his morning voice being heard. “I didn’t mean to wake you, sorry.” You apologized, turning to face him.

His eyes were half opened and his dark hair was almost covering his eyes. “It’s okay.” He muttered, pulling you close to him again.

“I love you.” He says, casually. “You don’t need to tell me that all the time.” You tell him, blushing.

“I know, but I want to tell you. I want to make sure you know how much I love you.” He speaks, eyes closed.

“Oh, look at that.” You giggled. “Min Yoongi, a demon, actually has a soft side.”

“I’m only like this because I know you love it when I’m soft.” He points out. “If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t hear these words from me.”

You smiled at him and moved his hair out of the way before kissing his forehead. “I love you too, Yoongi.”

You played with his hair for a bit until you smelled something coming from outside. “Do you smell that?” You asked Yoongi. The scent was very good.

“It smells like pancakes.” He comments, eyes still closed. “And bacon.” You added.

“Come on,” you say. “Lets go brush our teeth and then go see what the smell is. Taehyung is probably cooking.”

“Taehyung? Cooking? I don’t think so.” Yoongi chuckled. You raised your eyebrow, sitting up on the bed. Yoongi’s hand was still on your waist.

He opened his eyes a little bit before speaking. “Taehyung cannot cook. He couldn’t cook if he was in a cooking show and the prize was to keep his life.”

You giggled a little at his example before hitting his chest playfully. “Don’t say that. He’s your friend.”

“Yes, he’s my friend. That’s why I’m being honest. He can’t cook.”

“So who do you think is cooking out there? It’s not just some stranger.” You said, trying to stand up, but Yoongi pulled you back down.

“Can’t we stay in here for another hour?” He asks. You shook your head and he sighed.
“Let’s go.” You say, standing up and grabbing his arm so you could pull him off of the bed.

“Yoongi.” You groaned, not able to pull him off of the bed. “Come on.” You tell him.

“Fine.” He scoffed, standing up and walking with you to the bathroom.

You two brushed your teeth before walking into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, you saw three boys. They were each doing their own thing.

Hoseok was by the stove, cooking eggs in a frying pan. Namjoon was by the table in the dining room, setting up plates and utensils. And Taehyung was taking the pancakes that had been made and was putting them into the plates after Namjoon set them up.

You smiled at the boys before speaking. “I hope at least some of this is for me.” You say. “Nope.” Hoseok chuckles. “We just used your kitchen to make our own breakfast.”

You playfully rolled your eyes before Taehyung came up to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you into the dining room.

“Of course it’s for you. Why wouldn’t it be for you?” He smiles, ushering you to sit down in front of a huge plate of food at the table.

You took your seat and Yoongi took the seat beside you. “Thank you, but guys didn’t have to do all of this.” You speak.

“Yes, we did have to.” Namjoon smiles. “Today is your special day.”

“Plus, Yoongi paid us fifty bucks each to do this.” Hoseok added, laughing.

You looked at Yoongi and smiled. “Thank you.” You tell him.

“Happy birthday, y/n.” He smiled back at you. “Can you believe that we came face to face with each other a year ago?” He asked.

“It feels like it was just yesterday.” You say.

“You guys are so corny.” Hoseok groaned playfully. “Happy birthday, y/n.” Hoseok and the other two boys said at the same time.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled at all of them.

They all sat down at the table and you all ate and talked, having a nice breakfast. While you ate, you began to think.

These boys were like your best friends now. You can’t imagine your life without them anymore. They’re always by your side. It’s been a whole year with them, and you’re so grateful for all of them. You love them all so much.

“Aww! Y/n is thinking about us!” Taehyung says to everyone, looking at you. Everyone turned their heads and smiled at you, causing you to blush.

“What is she saying in her head?” Namjoon asks.

“She says that she loves us. And she’s grateful for us.” Taehyung informs them.

“Y/n is so adorable!” Hoseok says, excitedly. “Be quiet.” You tell him, looking down at your plate so they couldn’t see how much you were blushing.

“We’re grateful for you too, y/n.”

“And we love you.”

“Yoongi, stop calling me every five minutes.” You giggled, holding your phone to your ear as you walked through the aisles of the store you were in.

“I just want to hear your voice. I miss you.” He says.

“Aww you’re so soft. You saw me like ten minutes ago.” You laughed, picking up a shirt that looked pretty.

“I know, but I miss you. You know, you’re not supposed to leave your boyfriend when it’s your birthday.” He explains.

“You’re the one who gave me your credit card and said that I can get whatever I wanted.”

“Yeah, but I thought you were going to go online shop or something. I didn’t want you to leave.”

You playfully rolled your eyes, picking up a sweater.

“What store are you in by the way?” Yoongi asks you. “Victoria’s Secret.” You answered.

“Oh, really?” He asked. You could practically see the smirk on his face. “Don’t even think about it, Yoongi. I’m only in here to get some shirts and sweaters.” You told him, before he could speak again.

“Just listen to me. How nice would it be if you bought some lingerie? You know you would look so good in it. I just—damn. I’m picturing you in lingerie right now.” He tells you.

“Yoongi!” You groaned. “Stop. I’m not buying any lingerie.”

“Fine. But tonight when I give you your birthday present, you’re gonna wear that set I bought you last week.” He says.

“My birthday present?” You ask. “What is it?”

“What do you think it is?”

“The rent money, I hope.” You laughed.

Yoongi sighed playfully. You could tell that he was probably rolling his eyes. “You know what it is. It starts with an s and ends with all of our clothes on the floor.”

“Wow, you’re so romantic.” You rolled your eyes. “What can I say? I am a demon.” He chuckles. “How romantic can I get?”

After you got everything you needed, you went to the cashier to pay for the items with Yoongi’s credit card.

“How much money did you just spend?” Yoongi asked through the phone as you walked out of the store.

“A lot.” You said, giving him a vague answer.

“You know I can check, right?” He asked.

“Go ahead and check. I’m gonna hang up. I’ll see you later, okay baby?” You say.

“Hey! I’m not your baby! You’re my baby!” Yoongi said. “Whatever, baby.”

“Fine. I’ll see you later. I’ll probably call you in like ten minutes anyways.” He says. “Don’t.” You say.

“Okay, bye.” He said before hanging up.

You put your phone in your back pocket and walked into a different store. It was Hot Topic. The store was dark and had a lot of nice band merch that you liked.

While walking through an aisle, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around to see a tall boy with blonde hair. He was wearing blue ripped jeans and a black hoodie. He looked strong and muscular.

“Hey, you dropped this.” He smiled, reaching his arm out to give you something. You looked down at the object. Your phone.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that it fell out of my pocket.” You said, taking your phone from his hands. “Thank you.” You smiled.

“No problem.” He said. You were about to turn around when he spoke again. “You’re y/n, right?” He asked.

How did he know your name?

“Uh, yeah. That’s me.” You tell him, slightly nervous.

“You don’t have to be creeped out. I’m friendly.” He says. “I’m a friend of Yoongi’s.” He tells you. “He’s your boyfriend, right?”

You thought for a second. Should you tell the truth? Should you lie?

You remembered what Yoongi said to you one day.

“If you don’t know the person, make sure you don’t tell them that we’re together. It could be dangerous for me and for you.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You tell him.

The boy looked shocked by your statement. “Are you sure? I’m sure that Yoongi told me that you two were dating.”

“Well, were not.” You say. “What’s your name?” You asked him. When you get home later, you can ask Yoongi if he’s ever heard of this person.

“Wonho. Soo Wonho.” He answered.

“Okay, Wonho. I have to go pay for all of this stuff now, so…..bye.” You say, turning around to walk away from him, but he grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“Let go of me.” You said sternly while pulling your arm back, trying not to make a scene in the store. Wonho let go of your arm, but stood closely to you. You tried to look away from him, but you were unable to. He was looking into your eyes, just like Yoongi does, rendering you unable to move. “Stop it.” You tell him.

“You’re dating Yoongi, aren’t you?” He asks.

“I’m not.” You answered.

“You like to lie? You should know never to lie to a demon.” Wonho speaks. As he finishes his sentence, his eyes turned fully black. Your eyes widened and you tried to scream but no sound came out.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Let me out of here.” You pleaded to Wonho. You were trapped in a small room. You only saw him through the small window that was in the red door.

“I can’t let you out. Not yet. Not until they see you. Not until he sees you.” Wonho tells you.

They? He? Who is he talking about?

“Let me out!” You screamed, going to touch the doorknob that was on the door. As soon as you touched it, you felt scorching pain in your hand. It felt like your hand was on fire. You yelped in pain, pulling your hand away from the doorknob.

Wonho laughed, standing on the other side of the door. “Stupid human.”

“You were a human once, weren’t you?” You asked him while hold your own hand. You were still in pain.

Wonho continued laughing. “Me? A human? How dare you?” He scoffs. “Do I look like i used to be some filthy human?”

Wow, this guys sucks.

Although you didn’t respond to him, he kept talking.

“I can’t believe you thought that I was a human! Me! Has Yoongi not told you about me?”

“I don’t see why he would want to.” You tell him.

“You’re so lucky I can’t do anything to you from behind this door. If I could, you’d be on the ground, gasping for air right now.” Wonho tells you.

You rolled your eyes, although you felt like crying. You were scared. Who wouldn’t be? You were literally in hell.

“Why won’t you just let me go? I did nothing wrong.” You say.

“You’re dating Yoongi! You must know that it’s against the rules. He must’ve told you.”

“I’m not dating him! Just let me go!” You lied and said that you weren’t dating Yoongi so many times that you were starting to believe it yourself.

“Just wait until they’re done with you. You’re going to regret whatever relationship you had with him.”

“I never had a relation—” You started, but he spoke over you. “Do you really think you’re in a position to lie right now?”

Even though you didn’t answer, he kept talking once again.

“If it was up to me, you and Yoongi would both be dead. You, because you’re a filthy human and Yoongi for dating someone like you.”

By the end of his sentence, you were crying. Was it because what he said was true? Or because you didn’t know if you would live to see the end of today?

You were terrified. Hell was a place you never wanted to go to. It was scary. You heard the sounds of screams, which sounded liked they were coming from all different directions.

They were ear piercing, eardrum shattering, loud screams. They terrified you.

“I don't—” Wonho starts, but is cut off by someone’s voice ringing through your ears.

“Bring her to me.” The voice says. It was a man’s voice. His voice was very loud, and you heard it over all the screams.

As the man stopped talking, Wonho grinned before opening the door and immediately grabbing you, forcing you hands behind your back.

“Let me go!” You yelled, fidgeting while trying to get out of his grasp. He was stronger than you, so although you were relentlessly trying to fight him away, he easily overpowered you, taking you to a different room.

The room was huge and Wonho stood you in the center of it. In front of you, a man was sitting on a big red throne. There were two smaller chairs on each side of his throne. Sat in the chairs were two men and two women.

They all looked different, but something that was the same was that they all had jet black hair and red pupils.

The man on the throne smirked at you before speaking.

“Ah, so this is y/n?” He asked. “Yep.” Wonho answers.

“Let her go.” The man says. Wonho released your arms, and you didn’t dare try to run anywhere. You were way too scared to even move.

“So, y/n, how are you?” The man asked. How could he try to have such a normal conversation with you?

“Not good.” You answered.

“Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t introduced myself.” He speaks. “I’m Lehun. Soo Lehun.”

Wait. He has the same last name as Wonho. Were they related?

Your question was answered as Wonho spoke. “She’s a liar, dad. She kept trying to tell me that she’s not dating Yoongi, but we know the truth.”

Dad? Lehun was Wonho’s father?

Lehun chuckled before looking at you once again.

“Y/n, I’m only going to ask you once. Lie if you want to, but I’ll know if you do.” He tells you. “Are you in a relationship with Min Yoongi?”

You took a deep breath before speaking. “No.”

As the word left your lips, you felt a sharp pain on your left arm. You looked down to see scratches forming on your arm, blood dripping from them.

You yelled in pain, holding your arm as if that would stop it.

“You’re not a very good liar, y/n.” Lehun chuckles.

As he spoke, the doors opened, and some people came through. Although you recognized that faced, it didn’t make you any happier. It just made you more worried.

“Leave her alone.” Yoongi says, entering with Namjoon, Hoseok and Taehyung by his side.

“Would you look at that? Everyone’s here!” Lehun smiled. “Now we can really have some fun.”

What did he mean by fun?

Lehun looked at Wonho without saying a word, but it seemed like Wonho knew what Lehun wanted him to do.

Wonho grabbed you once again, forcing your arms behind your back and standing behind you.

“Get off of me!” You screamed, trying to wiggle yourself out of his grasp.

“Don’t touch her!” Yoongi yells, running over to you. When he get close to you, Lehun looked at him, and he stopped.

It was like he was unable to move. Lehun did that to him? Of course he did! Lehun was a demon, he had all the same powers as Yoongi, maybe more.

Wonho held you close to him, his grip on your arms getting tighter as he whispered in your ear.

“When I’m done with you, you’re gonna wish you never had anything with Yoongi.” He says.

What did he mean by that?

“Stop! Let go of me!” You yelled, still struggling to get out of his grasp. You suddenly stepped on his foot and you heard him gasp, releasing one of your arms. 

You took the opportunity to elbow him in the face, hoping that he would release you. Thankfully, he did, and you ran over to where the boys were standing. Hoseok healed your arm before linking his arm with yours, keeping you close.

“You little—” Wonho says, looking at you as he began to walk over to where you were standing.

“Stop.” Namjoon says, taking a step towards Wonho. Namjoon stood in front of you, blocking you from him.

Wonho scoffed before going to punch namjoon. Namjoon was able to back away before Wonho punched him. Wonho pushed Namjoon to the side easily, walking towards you once again.

Without hesitating, Taehyung stepped up, punching Wonho in the face. Wonho held his nose, which was now bleeding, before looking at Taehyung and smirking.

Wonho grabbed Taehyung’s arm, trying to pin it behind his back, but Taehyung fought back. They were hitting each other, getting in some good punches before Wonho wrapped his hands around Taehyung’s neck, choking him.

Taehyung was gasping for air while Wonho tightened his grip. Out of nowhere, Yoongi came running to them, pulling Wonho off of Taehyung before grabbing him and throwing him to the other side of the room.

Both Yoongi, Taehyung walked back over to where you, Hoseok and Namjoon were standing.

You all watched as Wonho stood up, walking towards you again.

“Enough, Wonho.” Lehun says, causing his son to stop walking.

“You should kill them. All of them.” Wonho speaks.

“You should shut up.” Hoseok finally says.

Wonho scoffed, not responding to Hoseok’s comment.

You all looked at Lehun, who had just got off of his throne and was now walking towards you.

When he got close, Yoongi stood in front of you, blocking him. “Leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve any of this.”

“I’m not going to hurt her. At least, not now.” Lehun says. Yoongi didn’t move, he stayed in front of you. “I should hurt you for dating her, shouldn’t I? You know that’s against the rules. You lied to me.” Lehun tells Yoongi.

“What was I supposed to do? Tell you the truth? You would’ve killed her in an instant. I couldn’t let that happen.” Yoongi says.

“That doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have lied. You know how dangerous it is to have a relationship with a human. What if—” Lehun says, but then stops his sentence to say something else. “Move out of the way, Yoongi.”

“No.” Yoongi says, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t want you talking to her. I don’t want you to touch her or do anything to her. Just leave her alone.”

“How dare you talk to me like that?” Lehun asks, grabbing Yoongi by his shirt. “I don’t want y/n having any contact with you. You’re not a good person.” Yoongi says.

“Why are you like this? Why don’t you listen to me? I should kill her right now, shouldn’t I? Would that make you more obedient?” Lehun asks.

“Don’t touch her.” Yoongi states.

“You know, Yoongi, I thought that after your father died, you’d come to me. You’d respect me and then I’d treat you like my son. Do you know how much privileges you would’ve had if you weren’t so damn stubborn? If you were my son, you could rule this place with me and Wonho. But you don’t want that, do you? You want to run around causing trouble with your misfit friends and act like you’re not the nephew of the most powerful man in this place. You could’ve been somebody, Yoongi. You could’ve been someone important like your father.” Lehun speaks.

“All you do is hurt people. Maybe if you weren’t so violent, I would join you.” Yoongi says. “I’m the leader of the demon council. What do you expect?” Lehun says.

The demon council? Lehun was the leader of it!That still didn’t answer most of your questions. What exactly is the demon council?

Lehun released his grasp on Yoongi’s shirt, but Yoongi still didn’t move out of the way.

“Why don’t you respect me? All I’ve ever tried to do is make you powerful. Stronger.” Lehun says.

“Just because you’re my uncle doesn’t mean I have to respect you.” Yoongi tells him. “And I don’t want to be powerful or strong if it means that I can’t have these three idiots by my side.” He looks at Hoseok, Namjoon and Taehyung before looking back at Lehun.

Wait a minute.

Lehun was Yoongi’s uncle? They were related?

Lehun scoffed. “You could do so much better than them, Yoongi.”

“I don’t want better than them. I just want them.” Yoongi said. Yoongi was tough, but he could act soft sometimes. This was one of those times.

“Whatever, Yoongi. But you know that it’s still against the rules for you to date y/n. So that’s still a problem.” Wonho speaks.

Yoongi turned to look at you. You looked him in the eyes before speaking. “If it’s putting you in trouble then we can break up. It’s okay.” You tell him. You unlinked your arm from Hoseok’s and took a step closer to Yoongi.

“Y/n,” Yoongi sighs. “It’s fine. Really.” You say. “I don’t want you to be in trouble anymore. If we break up, neither or us will be in danger anymore.”

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you knew that you had to. What else was there to do?

Yoongi wrapped his arms around you, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “I love you, y/n.” He admits. “I love you too, Yoongi.” You wrapped your arms around him.

You closed your eyes, feeling a few tears run down your cheeks.

“This is so corny.” You hear Wonho say.

“I’m so tired of you.” Hoseok says to the boy. “Me too.” Taehyung and Namjoon say at the same time.

“Who isn’t tired of him?” Lehun says, honestly.

It made you chuckle a bit. You pulled away from Yoongi, wiping away your tears. “I love you so much.” He says. “I know.” You slightly smiled at him.

A few seconds passed and you and Yoongi just looking at each other before Lehun spoke.

“Wait.” He starts. Yoongi turned around to face his uncle, wanting to know what he had to say.

He carried an expression on his face, but you couldn’t quite read it. He looked worried, maybe a little confused.

“What is it?” Yoongi asks.

“I hear something.” Lehun says. “What?” You asked, confused.

“He’s telepathic, like me.” Taehyung says. “But he has more—senses? Abilities? Something like that. I don’t know what to call it.”

“Of course, you don’t know.” Namjoon says, hitting Taehyung lightly on the back of his head.

“What do you hear?” Wonho asks his father.

Lehun looked around the room before his eyes landed on you. “It’s you.” He tells you.

What did he mean?

“What?” Yoongi asks, before you could say anything. “Yoongi, move out of the way.” Lehun says.

“No. What are you going to do? What do you hear?” Yoongi asks.

“Yoongi, move or I will move you myself.” Lehun tells his nephew.

“Yoongi, it’s okay.” You tell him.

Yoongi looked at you before sighing and reluctantly moving to the side.

Lehun took steps toward you. He looked at you, inspecting you. “You.” He says, walking in circles around you.

He stopped, standing directly in front of you. He turned his head to look at Yoongi, who was just as confused as the rest of us.

“You two can’t break up. Not anymore.” Lehun informs. “Why not?” Yoongi asked. “Did something happen?”

Lehun took a deep breath before speaking.

“She’s pregnant.”

Bts crying in their lovers’ arms

hello hello! this post was inspired by @narika-a‘s post (i loveee youuu) I tried keeping it as gender neutral as possible but please let me know if you want a specific gender next time! ♡ 


seokjin-  This day couldn’t have been worse; he constantly messed up the choreography, accidentally broke Yoongi’s headphones and he hadn’t eaten much. As soon as Seokjin arrived in your shared apartment, you ran up to greet him. However you didn’t even get the chance because Seokjin snapped when he saw you. 

“Aish you can’t leave me alone for one fucking minute?”

Taken back, you decided that you should leave him alone for awhile. But after around 2 hours you slowly approached the man.


When he turned around you felt your heart sink. A tear stained face looked back at you and without hesitating you held him in your arms as he quietly sobbed.

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yoongi-  The two of you were watching a movie when Yoongi got a call. Thinking nothing of it, you weren’t paying attention to him until you heard a stifled sob next to you. When you looked over you saw Yoongi crying in a way he hadn’t done before. 

“She’s in the hospital..” 

When he looked up to you he explained that his mother had fallen and that she injured herself. The rest of that day you spend listening to music and preparing for a trip to Daegu.

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namjoon- Stress. The only thing Namjoon could think of was finishing the album but he simply couldn’t. The past 3 weeks everyone was on his ass about how the album was supposed to be done by now, they didn’t even care about his mental heath. “those fucking assholes” he whispered to himself. Before he even realized what happened, there were tears rolling down his face.

 Right at that moment you walked in to give him his lunch, you worry about him a lot; knowing that he’s very stressed. Namjoon turned to you and hugged you, not showing his face.

“Let’s just stay like this, okay?”

he said as you felt warm tears on your shoulders.

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hoseok- There is no denying that Hoseok is an emotional man. He cries very often and he’s taken pride in it, telling everyone that he’s is just a thoughtful person. Today he was home alone and he decided that he wanted to watch a movie. While going through Netflix he saw that Inside Out was still available and thought that the movie looked very cheerful. HOWEVER in less then FIVE minutes the boy was crying. 

You walked in, back from lunch with your friends when you saw your boyfriend on the couch crying his heart out. When you looked at the screen you started laughing like a maniac, realizing that he was crying over a children’s movie. 

“Why are you laughing, this is sad!”  

he chuckled while wiping away his tears. 

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(lmao i know hoseok’s isn’t emo at all but i don’t want him to be sad so i went easy on him)

jimin- It was one of those days again, you saw it right away. Jimin greeted you with a smile but you saw right through him. You know how Jimin looks when he’s insecure.

“Hey, thanks for bringing my sweater, I really am a klutz aren’t I?”

he smiled but it wasn’t genuine.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

you demanded, already knowing the answer. That’s when he snapped, he walked away quickly with his eyes already watering. “no no no, not now” he said to himself but then he felt their arms around his waist hushing him and telling him that all was good. He suddenly didn’t feel as ashamed to cry.

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taehyung-  Taehyung had just released his new cover, a love song dedicated to you, and he was so happy with the result. In his foolishness he decided to look at the comments and the first thing he saw was “That bitch doesn’t deserve him, how can someone so ugly have someone like him”. He simply couldn’t understand how anyone could be so mean for no reason and in anger he read a lot more negative comments. He didn’t even realize that he was crying, it was when you held him without saying anything that he realized that he doesn’t need anyone else besides you.

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jungkook- “Keep strong, Jungkook” he thought to himself as he kept practicing. This new dance routine was going to kill him, it was so tiring and he just couldn’t get it right. It wasn’t good enough, he wasn’t good enough. A single tear rolls down as he hears your voice. He turns around but when he looked at you he didn’t see your usual happy face, no in fact you were crying. Seeing his most beloved cry absolutely broke his heart and his single tear turned into a ocean of them.

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Different | 01

Summary: You weren’t like them. You didn’t submit yourself to experiments, unlike them, you didn’t have a choice in becoming what you were. Now, years later Mr. Stark has sent you over to Queens to watch over one of his newest proteges in order to get your mind off of your sister.

Word Count: 4,953

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader/Spiderman x Reader

Prologue | 1 | 2  | 3 |

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my first author’s note. I really hope you guys like this chapter, thank you all for all the love in the Prologue, feel free to ask, request, or whatevs, and don’t forget to like, reblog, or comment! I appreciate what I can get from you guys! 

You stare back at the pairs of eyes trained on you, with only five minutes left of class, you fidget uncomfortably when a few catcalls are given while the teacher introduces you, “This is Y/N Maximoff, she’s just transferred here from a schooling program from Stark Industries, and just like our very own Mr. Parker, she’s also a part of the Stark Industries internship.”

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Babysitter Aaliyah

a/n: i couldn’t think of a good title so… 

request: Can you do an imagine where Aaliyah looks after your Toddler and somehting happens to him/her? X

“Um, I think there are some dino nuggets in the fridge, so you can just warm them up when she gets hungry, and um, there are some coloring books over-”

“Shawn,” You interrupted him, and Aaliyah gave you a thankful look. “Babe, this isn’t her first time looking after Leo.” You said, knowing Aaliyah had looked after your son a few weeks ago, while Shawn was in the studio and you got called into work.

“But this is the first time she’s watching him over night!” Shawn said, defending his thoughts.

“Bro, it’s all gonna go smooth. We’re gonna eat the nugs, and then watch a movie, and color, and then he’s gonna go to bed. And I’m going to watch more movies.” Aaliyah said, picking at her manicured nails. “I’m a good babysitter!”

You laughed, grabbing Shawn’s hand. “C’mon, we’re gonna be late for our reservation!” You said, dragging him towards the door.

“Text me if anything happens!” Shawn called, waving to his sister and son.

You two hadn’t even gotten your drinks when Shawn texted his sister. “Honey, I trust Aaliyah, she’s seventeen, she knows is something’s wrong. Don’t fret.” You smiled, thanking the waiter when he poured two glasses of white wine.

“I know, but I just can’t help worrying. It’s like when I go on tour, and Geoff literally takes my phone so I don’t call you every five minutes.” Shawn confessed, and your heart swelled.

“You’re adorable.” You said, twisting the ring on your left hand subconsciously. “Now pick what you’re going to eat, Mendes.” You nodded to his menu that hag been untouched.

In the middle of eating, your phone went off. Shawn’s head shot up, and you saw Aaliyah was calling. “Hello? Liyah, sweetie slow down, I can’t underst- oh, ok. Yeah, we’re leaving. Ok, see you there. Bye.” You hung up, and nearly laughed because of what Shawn’s face looked like. His eyes were side, and he was chewing on his lip, and there was no color anywhere in his face.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Leo was running to get some stuffed toy, and he knocked his head on the door knob. She said he was bleeding, so she brought him to the ER.” You said, and Shawn almost fell out of his chair.

You two paid for dinner, and Shawn pushed the speed limit to the hospital.

When you two got there, Shawn ripped the keys out of the ignition, and raced inside, grabbing the door for you. You saw Aaliyah sitting next to a fake fern, with Leo on her lap. She was holding an old wash cloth to his head, and the toddler was leaning into her chest, eyes red. “Hi, honey, oh, it’s ok, Mommy’s here.” You picked him up, rubbing his back as he started to tear up.

“What happened?” You asked, looking at the teenager. Shawn sat down next to her, looking at her.

“Well, we were watching Monster’s Inc., and he wanted to show me his Sully stuffed animal. And he was so excited to get it, he hit his head on the door knob, and I think the lock on the door cut his forehead. There was just a lot of blood and I didn’t know what to do, so I brought him here.” She said, looking at the ground. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Liyah, it’s ok!” You handed your son over to Shawn, and pulled the girl into your arms. You shushed her as she cried, mostly from the sheer fear of what the night’s events consisted of.

Eventually, a nurse came over and explained that, despite the amount of blood, Leo didn’t need stitches. “Head wounds usually bleed quite a lot, but he just needs a Band-Aid and some ice.” He pulled out a few designed Band-Aids, “What one do you want, Buddy?” He asked, holding them up to Leo.

The toddler pulled out the one with paw prints on it, and handed it to you. “Ok, Mommy can put it on. I’ll go get an ice pack.” The nurse went to grab a small ice pack, and you peeled the back off of the Band-Aid. You stuck it on top of the cut, and kissed his head.

By the time you all left the hospital, it was nearing midnight, and everyone was pretty tired, so you offered to drive Aaliyah’s car back to the house, and she handed you the keys, falling asleep in the passenger seat.

This Evergreen Love (Part 2)

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Summary: Enjoy World’s Best Dad? Check out the second part from Dean’s perspective…

This Evergreen Love Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Written in Dean’s POV…

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Prompt: “I don’t know if I’ve ever asked you for an imagine, but I came across this rare blog with star trek imagines and could I just have a Jealous Kirk? Pretty please?” - Anon

Word Count: 1,298

Author’s Note: I’m not used to jealousy, so I’m sort of winging it. Enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 47,258/50,000

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Inktober - Day 10: Gigantic

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Pairing: Todoroki Shouto/Midoriya Izuku
Rating: G
Other tags: Modern/Quirkless AU, Soulmate AU

Art by Kumi and story by Red.

This is the third part of an ongoing story! For more context, read Part 1 - Part 2 || Or, you can go to AO3 to read the story there!
Please, do not repost anywhere.

They were soulmates. Of that, Izuku was absolutely, one hundred percent sure. The dots adorning his arm, which everyone thought had believed to be freckles, changed colour slightly and lines appeared, connecting them, creating a constellation out of them.

So, yeah, he felt that very deep, strong bond whenever he was around Todoroki ever since their arms brushed against each other’s. He remembered how his heart had started beating like crazy, the butterflies in his stomach had performed jumps and dives and he had felt nauseous from all of the unnecessary activity within his own body.

He had never heard of such a strong reaction towards a soulmate before but he knew that, whenever he looked at Todoroki, his palms would get clammy. Whenever he spoke to him, he would start stuttering. And he could not even begin to describe what he felt whenever they accidentally touched if they happened to sit too close to each other during P.E. or lunch. Izuku’s entire being would light up, and he had been called out on his red cheeks quite a few times from concerned teachers who thought he had a fever.

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So I have these RNNs that I’m training to imitate song lyrics of various artists, but when I saw the post on here about the one for recipes, I laughed for like five minutes straight, so of course I had to start training a neural network to imitate recipe names, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed as a source of hilarity for me

So far, it’s given me delicious-sounding dishes like

kinetic bean yogurt
skin oat curry
fingers with beef sauce
squares coconut coconut
acid sponge lentil dip 
italian soup soup
pickled fiber
cookie swamp fingers
cold garlic and frosting
juice growth pie
chocolate stress carrot
hot ginger pain juice
cauliflower sinus 

Just a One Night Stand- Solangelo

fluff based on a post @disenchanted-rose sent me :)

Maybe it was because he was used to getting about five hours of sleep that he woke up so early. Maybe it was because he subconsciously knew he had to leave as soon as possible. Whatever the case, Nico’s eyes slowly opened and he took in his unfamiliar surroundings.

It was still dark, but that may have been because of the heavy curtain in front of the window. There was very little light streaming into the room, but Nico could make out everything around him. He turned over and bit his lip as he looked at the sweet, angelic face of the blond beside him.

They’d met at a bar the night before, and they’d began talking over something inconsequential, not even flirting. Somehow their conversation expanded, continued to other things, until they were both laughing with each other, smiling nervously, blushing. After enough alcohol, they began walking, still joking, still laughing, and always touching. A hand on the shoulder, or a hand on his arm, or the tips of their fingers- it didn’t matter, so long as they were touching.

Nico didn’t remember how he’d gotten the nerve to lean forward and kiss him. He knew neither of them were drunk, and they both knew what they were doing. Maybe it was the adrenaline of having him so close, of his touch, of his eyes like two sparkling stars on him.

Whatever it was, Nico had kissed him and before he knew what was happening, they were on his bed, fumbling to remove their clothes, his arms around Nico’s shoulders, Nico’s lips at his neck, and then finally…. Finally together.

Just the memory of the sounds Nico was able to coax out of him made him warm all over. He bit his lip and suppressed a groan. Because it had been a one night stand. And no matter how wonderful this guy had been, there was no way he’d want anything more to do with Nico. Because that’s what Nico was used to.

He removed the warm hand at his side and got off the bed, gathering his clothes and putting them on silently. He didn’t remember what time they’d fallen asleep, but it was only eight thirty in the morning. Thankfully, the blond remained peacefully asleep by the time Nico was dressed and ready to leave.

Despite himself, he couldn’t help but reach out and run his fingers over his freckled shoulder one more time before slipping out of the room and leaving the small apartment. He hurried down the hall and down the stairs before leaving the complex. Chilly morning air hit Nico and he momentarily wished he was back under covers with warm arms around him, legs tangled together.

He shook the idea away as he walked briskly down the sidewalk to hail a cab. Finally, one stopped for him and he got inside, giving the address to his university. He couldn’t help but reminisce about the previous night. Not only the sex which didn’t feel at all like a one night stand type of sex, but the talking. The laughing and the jokes and the smiles and closeness. Somehow one night with one stranger was better than every single past relationship Nico had experienced.

“Fun night out?” his roommate asked as he got back to his dorm.

“Yeah, I guess. Crashed at a friend’s.” His roommate nodded and returned to his computer. Nico got onto his bed and sighed, thinking about the little freckles he’d kissed, about the taste of his fingers, about the warmth of his body as Nico slid his hands to roam every curve and muscled area. He thought of the way he threw his head back, the way his eyes screwed shut and then opened only partially so Nico could only barely see the blue glistening. Of the taste of his skin, and the way his fingers dug into his back and-

“Dude!” A pen flew at his face and Nico sat up sputtering. “What the hell man? Did you hear anything I just said?”

Nico opened his mouth and closed it. “Uh. No.”

Percy rolled his eyes and frowned. “What are you thinking about, you looked… weird.”

“Nothing. Just tired.” Percy raised an eyebrow. “Anyway, what’d you say?”

“I said that Leo asked me to go see his mariachi class’ performance and I can’t go because I have class. I was hoping you could go for me.”

“Mariachi class?” Nico repeated, dread creeping into his voice.

“He said it helps him stay in touch with his Mexican roots. And I’ve heard him sing, he’s actually pretty good. You don’t have to stay the whole time.” Nico shrugged. “It’s at three in the main dining hall.”

“Okay, I’ll go. I didn’t know a class like that existed.” Percy snorted and returned to his laptop. Nico let out a huff of air and rolled over hoping to stop thinking about his one night stand.

About five minutes before three, Nico started for the dining hall and stifled a laugh as he saw Leo in a large mariachi hat. He was owning it though, standing proudly and wearing that trouble making smile that made everyone way of him.

His brown eyes skirted the hall and he perked up when he saw Nico. “Hey, man! I didn’t know you’d come to see the performance.”

“Percy couldn’t make it, so he asked me to come. Though I’m slightly offended you didn’t ask me yourself.”

Leo shrugged and fiddled with the brass buttons on his suit. “I had the feeling you’d tease me.”

Nico’s smile faltered and he sighed. “Hey, you’re my friend. I’m here to support you. And while I would never be caught dead in that suit, it looks good on you. Now, Percy told me you sing pretty damn well, so… don’t let me down.”

Leo narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, no pressure, right?” he muttered. “Okay, thanks for coming. I have to get back though.” Nico nodded and watched him get back to the small platform stage with the others.

He turned away to sit down and stopped dead in his tracks the second he did. Sitting at a table, staring at him with a confused, hurt expression was Will, the blond he’d left sleeping earlier that day. His entire body seemed to overheat, and he couldn’t remember to breathe. At least not until an instructor’s voice began to echo over a microphone.

He jumped and immediately took a seat at a table across from Will’s, his face flushed. But his eyes wouldn’t tear themselves away from him. Nico felt just as short of breath at that moment as he had last night, with Will’s bare body beneath him. His heart was pounding just as wildly. His thoughts raced and turned to mush.

Suddenly, the first song was over and applause pulled Nico out of his reverie. He clapped and saw as Leo stepped out of the line to the microphone to sing. The next song began, and Leo started singing. Percy was right, his voice was incredible.

But Nico couldn’t focus like he should’ve been. He was still too distracted by Will sitting just a few feet away. His blue eyes looked troubled as they looked at Nico, his eyebrows furrowed, his cheeks flushed. His hands were interlocked over the table, and Nico couldn’t help but think of them scraping down his back. He couldn’t help but recall the taste of his lips, the feeling of his tongue in his mouth, the sound of his panting breaths in his ear.

Suddenly he was too flustered to remain seated where he was. He stood as carefully as he could and ducked into the bathroom, splashing himself with cold water. He took a few deep breaths and ran his hand through his hair. Once he’d pulled himself together, he went back to his seat, careful not to look at Will so he could focus on his friend’s performance.

About an hour later, Leo and his classmates were putting their instruments up and Nico could feel Will’s gaze on him. He turned and his breath caught the second those blue eyes steadied on him. He started for him, sitting in the chair opposite him, feeling self-conscious and guilty. The hurt was so obvious in his eyes.


“Hey,” Will answered softly.

“What are you… doing here?” he asked.

Before he could answer, Leo came up to the table put a hand on both of their shoulders. “Hey guys! Do you know each other?”


“Thanks for coming, seriously. It means a lot.”

“You were great, Leo. I mean it,” Nico told him. Will nodded in agreement.

“Thanks,” he answered with a blush. “I have to get back, I have a class right after this. Thank you guys!” He raced back and followed his classmates out of the dining hall.

Nico turned to Will and raised an eyebrow. “You know Leo?”

“I showed him around his freshman year,” he answered tiredly. “I was a sophomore.” Nico nodded. “You left early.”

Nico’s cheeks flared and he cleared his throat. “I know…. I didn’t think I’d see you again.”

He heard Will scoff and suddenly he was standing and leaving the dining hall. Nico started after him, reaching him once they were outside. Just touching his hand made electricity zip through Nico’s body. “So what, you didn’t want to see me again? You didn’t even have the courtesy to say goodbye. If I’d known you just planned on ditching-”

“I did want to. I did,” he interrupted. “I just…. I’m used to not getting close to people. But all day, I haven’t…. God, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Not just… at your apartment, but everything.” Will clenched his jaw and looked away. “Will,” he whispered.

“I felt pretty stupid, you know? I don’t usually… go that far that fast.” Nico watched as his cheeks slowly turned red with embarrassment. “And to wake up by myself…. You hadn’t even left a note, or your number, or… anything. It was like you didn’t exist.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “If I can make it up to you… I’d really like to.” He reached out and touched his fingers, slipping his own in between them. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I thought that’s how you would’ve preferred it.” Will frowned and his eyes flickered to meet Nico’s. “Can I make it up to you?”

After looking at him for a few moments, Will’s face relaxed into that gentle expression Nico had woken up to. “Dinner. No sex. Just a normal date.”

Nico’s lips parted in surprise and he began smiling. He chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. “Okay. Yeah. That’s… it’s a deal. Dinner. Tonight.”

Will pulled out his phone and handed it over to him with a small smirk on his face. “Give me your number so I know where to pick you up. Or when you’ll pick me up. Whatever you want.” Nico took the phone and put his number in with shaking fingers. He handed it back to Will and smiled nervously at him. “I’ll see you later then.”

“Wait,” Nico said, tightening his grip on his hand. He pulled him back and into a kiss which he’d been dying to do since he saw him in the dining hall. A small sound of surprised rumbled in the back of Will’s throat and he kissed Nico back, his warm hand placed gently on the side of his neck. When Nico pulled back, he opened his eyes and saw Will’s small, dreamy smile playing on his lips. “I had to.”

“I’m glad you did,” he whispered, opening his eyes. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Nico nodded and watched him walk away. Maybe. Maybe this would be different. Maybe Will would be better. Just maybe.


Request: Can I have a Hoseok imagine where he finds you dancing alone and he is amazed, with lots of fluff and and cuteness :)

Words: 1.4k

Ahhh, this was a super cute request, it practically wrote itself xD

Originally posted by btsleepy

It really wasn’t the kind of thing you usually did.

You were definitely more the sort of person to laze around, only moving when it was completely necessary. Hoseok was the dancer out of the two of you obviously, he would dance with a carefree glee, hips moving fluidly with the beat of whatever song was playing. All the while you would sit and watch him happily, drinking in the way his body moved with such perfection, you never really thought to join in and dance yourself.

Yet, here you were, alone in your kitchen with the radio turned up to full blast carelessly moving to the quick beat. You were aware that if anyone were to walk in right now, you would look completely crazy. You lack any sort of rhythm, your legs move randomly and you throw your arms around haphazardly, almost knocking over various ornaments several times.

But once you started, you couldn’t stop.

You were no dancer by any means, especially not compared to your boyfriend, but perhaps you were starting to see why he loved dancing so much. There was something so liberating about moving like this, putting your everything into each tiny movement.

The food in the pans slowly boiled away, long forgotten as you became lost in the heavy drum beat. The music echoes throughout the whole room and you were sure your neighbours would complain about the noise tomorrow, but you can’t bring yourself to care. You just keep moving and moving.

You aren’t sure how many songs you’ve gone through or how many minutes have passed by the time you finally stop. Your hair sticks to your sweaty forehead and you can feel the extreme warmth of your skin as you quickly breathe in and out in a struggle to catch your breath.

After turning the radio down you turn your attention back to the food, giving it a quick stir and breathing a sigh of relief when you see none of it had burnt during your impromptu dancing session.

You look at the clock. Hoseok should be home by no, he’d promised 6:30. Just as you sadly return to stirring the food you hear a quiet little coughing noise coming from the doorway of the kitchen. Upon quickly jolting around you find Hoseok standing there, a smile that could outshine the sun itself gracing his face. Every single time you see that smile, your heart melts like butter. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how used you are to his company, that smile never fails to get to you, it’s possibly your favourite thing in the world.

“Having fun?” he asks, a laugh escaping from his beautiful mouth, you always take your time to remember every single one of his laughs, everything from the pitch of his voice to the way it seems to brighten up the whole room.

“What are you talking about, I was just cooking” you insist bashfully, pretending to suddenly be very interested in the food in front of you. You fixate your vision on it, pretending not to notice as he moves closer to you.

“I’ve been here for like five minutes Y/N, I saw you dancing” he says, moving so that he’s standing behind you.

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Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 3

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 2.4k

Part 2 <<< >>> Part 4


The first rain drops began to fall from the sky and Peter knew in his bones that he hadn’t anything to do with this for once. It was her, whether she did it on purpose or not, it was (Y/N). (Y/N) who kept her feelings, be them positive or negative, bottled up until the cork popped and a storm broke. Peter feared the day she would channel all of her anger and sorrow and direct it all at him – a tsunami of unleashed emotions she had little to no control over would wash over Neverland and destroy everything in its wake.

That was the cost for breaking a girl’s heart. He didn’t know how he’d done it but he felt it. In the air, in the earth, in his chest.

“Here,” Peter called to Felix who he sensed was looking for him. The thinking tree appeared to the Lost Boy. “I recall asking you to leave me alone today.”

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anonymous asked:

shush friends 4 or 5? Also, why do you call them shush friends?

“Shush friends” comes from this post.

5. A kiss that was never given

Shouto sat alone in a waiting room, dreading the sight and sound of his father. He still smarted from the last fight, and his fading burns from Bakugou’s quirk still stung. His head still swam with the same syrupy fog that had kept him from calling up fire. He probably could have won, if he had. Or at least he could have given a better account of himself than that mess.

The disorder in his mind played merry hell on his attention, which was why he didn’t notice that he wasn’t alone until Midoriya was already sitting down next to him.

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Broken Nose

Request: hey!!! I love your work omg do you think you could do one where you’re out to lunch with Shawn’s whole family (Karen, Aaliyah, and Manny) and you get a call from Shawn who tells you that he was coming home to surprise you guys, but he did something stupid at the airport when he got home and now he’s in the hospital?? thank you!

a/n: i have been waiting to write this one when i saw it pop in my inbox omg this sounds like something Shawn would actually do omg

Your name: submit What is this?

It started off as a regular Saturday, you were sitting on the couch in your living room as your mom mindlessly walked around the house talking on her phone.  You were scrolling on twitter off your computer, laughing a new meme that showed up, but was interrupted when you felt your phone vibrate.

You picked up your phone and saw a picture of you and Aaliyah pop up signaling an incoming call from your boyfriend’s sister.  It wasn’t unusual for her to call you, so you thought nothing of it.  You didn’t go to university too far from home, you loved home too much to go far away, so sometimes you would even help Aaliyah with her homework if she called you for help.

“Did they give you homework over break?”

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Wings [Part 10] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (Ft. Hoseok)

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - A day you began with plans to spend an evening with your classmate for a date he had been bugging you for, soon becomes a reality you had never thought you’d witness, making you think about how strong Hoseok actually was.

You watched him walk into the darkness surrounding the house before driving away. The reality of his life stung your eyes, as his contagious laughter rang in your ears, competing with the harsh bitterness of his world.

Prologue ; Pt 9

You were awake to witness the sun peep through your window blinds. Tossing and turning all night, you found it impossible to go to sleep. Nevertheless, you still loved the feeling it gave you; the debonair fluttering of butterflies in your stomach and the memory of the kiss.

You brushed your chapped lips with your finger tips and felt a smile creep up your face, along with red tints on your cheeks. Although you had barely gotten any sleep at all, you were in an exceptionally good mood which was very much needed for the classes you would have later today.

At the table for breakfast, you were in a very chirpy mood,  something which Jin hadn’t witnessed in a very long time. Either you would usually just ignore him trying to make you laugh with his puns, or get extremely annoyed with him for doing so in the first place. He rubbed his eyes, and he knew he wasn’t mistaken as he saw you with your mouth open, just after he had cracked a joke - a very lame one - eliciting laughter from you.

‘Is the apocalypse approaching?’ He quirked an eyebrow at you. You giggled, before you looked at him with a belied look.

You scoffed, 'What? Why?’

'You never usually laugh at my jokes?’ He stated it more like a question, as he still looked at you, eyeing from top to bottom and shoulder to shoulder. He was genuinely concerned.

'I don’t?’ You asked to which he shook his head and took a bite off his toast, as you sat there with an incomprehensible face, 'Um..last night went good, so-’

'He kissed you, didn’t he?’ You saw Jin’s lips lift into a cunning smile, and you felt the food stop midway down your throat, making you cough rather violently before you had chugged down the glass of water, looking up at him with an accusing look, similar to the day before.

'What? How- how did you?’ You didn’t bother trying to hide the fact he was right, since your face was giving it away anyway, your hand at your chest as you punched it lightly.

'Hmm..I may or may not have spied on you both~’ He mused, an innocent look resting on his face but the mischievous glint in his eyes told you otherwise.

'I can’t believe you actually kept an eye one me- I’m not twelve, Kim Seok Jin.’ You grumbled, gathering your bag, and taking the last toast in your hand glaring at him, while he continued to stare at you.

'I’m just taking care of you, Y/N. I didn’t ask you to stop seeing him, did I?’ You knew he had a point the moment the words came out of his mouth. But it would have been too embarrassing for you to surrender yourself - you had some pride too - and so you turned around with a huff, leaving a chuckling Jin behind.

It didn’t take you long to get over the rendezvous of that morning, and you were already sighing in content from the memory of last night that just simply refused to go away, you blushing as red as a tomato when you walked into your campus.

'Somebody’s happy,’ you heard a familiar voice, and turned towards the direction it came from. You saw Hoseok walking towards you with raised eyebrows, you giving him a smile before walking ahead towards your class, him striding beside you.

'How are you?’ You exclaimed out of the blue, startling him. He stared at you blankly, stopping in his tracks for a second before walking in front of you, blocking your way.

'Did you just ask me how I am?’ He held your shoulders, keeping a distance of an arm’s length between both your bodies as he watched you keenly. You nodded, the smile not leaving your face.

'Y/N…stop smiling like that. You’re creeping me out.’ He lowered his voice, and your smile faltered. You were about to ask him why when he beat you to it, 'It’s just creepy.’

You scoffed, your pride very much hurt, first he complains about how I don’t smile and when I do it’s creepy. You rolled your eyes before shaking his hands off and walking ahead, hearing his chuckle ring in your ears. He walked up beside you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, him telling you some random scenarios of the different people at university.

You barely acknowledged it, your thoughts already wandering off to what was now a harbored memory.

'So, Hoseok, you want to have lunch with me today?’ You began packing your bag as you got ready to leave, your classes over for the day, giving some room to relax. Work was still quite manageable compared to what you had to learn at class.

'Don’t you have work, Y/N?’ he looked at you from his phone. You nodded, 'I do, but you’ve been bugging me about that “date” so I thought why not today,’ You slung the bag over your shoulders and stood in front of him.

'You’ve actually been considering it?’ He asked, confusion and astonishment written all over his face as you both began walking. You hummed in response making him stop dead in his tracks for a second before joining you by your side again. He had been stopping too many times that day. You didn’t bother waiting when he did it over and over again, finally speaking when he got the hint.

'You mean, you’ve actually thought about me?’ He pressed on, a small smirk itching it’s way onto his face. Of course, you had just fed his humongous ego.

You turned to him, and looked dead in his eyes, 'Walk along before I change my mind and break your legs so you won’t be able to dance anymore.’ You threatened making him widen his eyes.

'You- you will WHAT? Y/N! He screeched in English, running after you who had long sprinted away, knowing you had just hit his weak spot. You couldn’t stop giggling as you run down the flight of stairs and onto the path that led to the gate, a wailing Hoseok following you desperately trying to catch you. Although he had the legs to dance, you were much faster than him. Finally stopping in front of your car, you leaned against it, as you tried to even your breath which came out in small huffs. Just as you had regained your strength, Hoseok made it to the other side of your car, his face flushed and sweaty.

'Okay,’ He gulped, his throat dry from running across the campus, 'Where is the ride?’

You raise a curious eyebrow before looking down at your car and looking back at him, an expression on your face that spoke for itself. He followed your line of sight and looked down as well, now it being his turn to raise curious eyebrows at you, 'That-’ He pointed accusingly to your car, 'is your car?’

'I’m not sitting in that thing,’ Hoseok huffed, crossing his arms across his chest as he looked somewhere else, acting like an arrogant kid. When you had nodded to his question, he began laughing like a maniac, and only stopped when he saw you weren’t joining him. It took you another five minutes to actually get him to understand that this was your car. Rich people problems, is what you would have said, but you knew Hoseok was nowhere close to rich. And you didn’t mind.

'That thing, is my baby, so if you could please respect it, you’d probably not lose your legs,’ You said as your leaned your body against your car again, placing a protective hand over the bonnet.

'I can’t believe they still sell these! I mean, I would even ride in a Cooper, but a Beetle? No way, Y/N, you’re not making me sit-’

Hoseok groaned again as his hand rubbed against the bruised spot that had formed after you had kicked him square in the shin, 'What course? Kung Fu?’

'Karate,’ You corrected him, smirking in triumph over your successful dominance. You heard him scoff, your smirk disappearing to throw him a distasteful look. Bickering was the only way you both would ever get through to each other. If anybody would’ve asked you if you enjoyed it, you’d probably give them the same reason to hold their legs in agony.

'Where are we going- Oh, Mom?’ Hoseok squeaked, and with your peripheral vision you saw him answering the call. He kept his voice soft and barely audible, while you tried hard to focus on both what he was saying and driving straight.

You heard him converse over the phone with his mother before he spoke to you, 'Guess you’ll have to report early to work today,’ He said in a heavier voice than before. You quirked an eyebrow.

'What? Why?’ You asked, briefly looking over at him.

'Stop over there, by the bus stop, I’ll take one home,’ He pointed towards the approaching bus stop. You increased the speed and he held on to the door handle as he expected you to stop. You sighed, knowing he was going to be his secretive self again. If that’s what you got for bring a friend, you might as well be a better one and drop him home yourself.

'Y/N-’ He said but you ignored him and sped away from the stop. He looked at you, and opened his mouth to speak but you were quicker, 'I might be rude, but not rude enough to let you go home alone. I’ll drop you there, just give me the directions,’ You turned to him and smiled, letting him know that it was your final decision.

He directed you towards the South side of the town, where it was know for those people who could just afford the rates of houses and rents. Your heart beat quickened as you noticed he wasn’t asking you to stop anywhere nearby, and you went deeper and deeper into the new part of the town. You had never been to this area, and the deeper you drove in, the more worried you got. It seemed like the outskirts of the city since there was nothing but barren land just a few meters ahead.


'There, right there.’ He pointed and you noticed a green letterbox, almost falling out of the ground, barely standing it’s ground. You drove ahead and stopped, looking to your side to see a very shabby house, most of it in ruins; the roof looked like it was to ready to give away and the paint peeling off like it was nobody’s business. You saw Hoseok struggle with the handle and you reached over to help, unlocking the door. You were about to speak again, when you noticed how much of in a hurry he was, you reconsidering the thought.

’T-thanks,’ He stuttered before scurrying out of the car. He closed the door and waved a bye, while you rolled the window down and yelled, 'Take care!’ You had known he could barely afford the tuition fee of college, and how he was lucky enough to get in because of scholarship. But he had never even once mentioned to you about his living conditions, or what he did to support his family. If he ever talked about them, it was just to say that either his mother or his older sister - whom you had met quite a few times, was sick.

You watched him walk into the darkness surrounding the house before driving away. The reality of his life stung your eyes, as his contagious laughter rang in your ears, competing with the harsh bitterness of his world.

And he just smiles all day long, like he has everything he could ask for.

[Part 11 on Thursday]


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You and Yoongi were over, anything you’d once had was long gone. But now he’s back, standing in the doorway of your apartment and you have no idea why.

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

A/N- This is based on a music video called “I’m Young” by Taehyun from Winner. I recommend you watch it if you haven’t, but be warned it will probably leave you in tears.

You were sitting by your dressing table when it happened, the familiar sound of the doorbell rang through your small apartment making you jump. You weren’t usually this skittish but you had been sitting in such silence that any noise breaking it was enough to give you a fright.

You sighed, slightly annoyed that someone was interrupting your alone day. You liked to have days by yourself, to do nothing but reflect upon everything, you found great solace in being alone.

It was probably just one of your neighbours asking to borrow something, it shouldn’t take too long. Reluctantly you moved from your seat and dragged yourself towards the door. You didn’t exactly look your finest today, you hadn’t showered and were wearing a ratty old sweatshirt but it wasn’t like you had anyone to impress.

You unbolted the door and turned the handle, putting on a slight smile so you didn’t completely terrify the person behind the door with your grumpy expression.

But as soon as you saw who it was, your smile fell. You held your breath, almost feeling tempted to reach out to see if this was really, that he really was standing right in front of you.

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My favorite six seconds of all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation

Even If You Are Trouble

Quicksilver (Post X-Men Apocalypse) x Reader

Word Count: 1438
Plot: Super fluffy fluff feat. Kurt being Kurt, an apple, and a cute silver-haired hero we all know and love.
A/N: If you like this, please subscribe! I’ll happily take requests or prompts, especially if it’s Quicksilver stuff, and if you’re keen on this, I’m definitely keen to write more fluffy Quicksilver fic.

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The rain had finally slowed, allowing the sun to warm the spring glass around the mansion. Students flocked outside to study in the midday light; wanting to make the most of the day while it lasted.

Peter flipped on his walkman, ruffling his silver hair to remove the spatters of rain that had fallen into it. Leaning against the tree, he took a bite out of his apple, sitting back and letting the music wash over him. It’d been a long few months; his leg had mostly healed, and he had finally gotten his cast removed so he could return to his usual mischief - he’d spent the best part of the morning speeding through the school haphazardly, drawing unsightly pictures on the blackboards and, unfortunately for Scott, taking him on a wild goose chase to find his shirts around the school. Payback for Scott and Kurt deciding to teleport off with his walkman last week - it never tasted sweeter.

Kurt jogged up to him, books clutched to his chest. Kurt’s mouth was moving, but Peter couldn’t hear any words - he’d become so lost in the music, he’d completely forgotten he had his headphones on.
“…I told her she was being a little dramatic. Your thoughts, Peter?”
“Bro” Peter began “For the last time. Head. Phones.” he pointed unceremoniously at the headphones now dangling from his neck “I’m in my zone. Getting my grove on. Relaxing.” he hissed the x for emphasis.
Kurt threw his books onto the grass and sat facing him “sorry Peter. I often forget you have those on your head. Could it be the hair?”
Peter narrowed his eyes at the attempt at humour “you need to stop spending so much time with Scott. He’s rubbing off on you - and I thought it was Jean he was supposed to be rubbing off on”
Kurt looked abhorrently at him “Peter, are you sure you are not the bad influence?”
Peter blew air from his bottom lip “I give up, you got me.”
Kurt picked up his biology textbook, skipping through the pages as he did so “I asked for your opinion earlier. Now that we have verbally sparred, can I ask you-”
“Morning!” (y/n) appeared from behind the tree, scarring Peter almost half to death. “What’s up?”
Kurt smiled politely. “Peter and I were just discussing our most recent assignment. Or at least, I was discussing it to him.”
Peter shuffled awkwardly, his heart stuttering slightly. “Sup. I hear X gave you a permanent jacket.”
(y/n) grinned. “Turns out I’m useful for something after all. Who knew? I guess now I get to punch Gods with the rest of you.” Taking a seat next to Kurt, she pulled her hair back from her shoulders and set down her backpack. “Although I have no idea when I’ll catch up on my readings if we’re too busy saving the world.”
Peter shrugged, his silver jacket suddenly feeling heavy and warm on his shoulders “You’ve got a permanent get out of jail free card now. If you run up and give X a kiss on the cheek, he’ll give you a free pass on the homework.” Peter leaned in, his breath cooling her cheek “that’s what I’ve been doing, anyway.”
(y/n) laughed. “How’s that been working out for you?”
Peter took off his jacket in a flash, readjusting his black shirt. “Not so good. I think he likes brunettes. We should get Scott to woo him and see how we go.”

(y/n) leaned into her bag, pulling out her notebook and stretching her arms above her head. Peter felt the warmth flood to his face. The spring air was getting to his head, no doubt.
Kurt was awkwardly shuffling. “I should go - I have…Jean said…she needed someone to help her with her biology homework, and I am…yes, I am going to go and find Jean. To help her.”
Peter saw his chance and took it.
“Helping Jean with her biology homework?” he whistled “Kurt, is there something you want to tell us, bro?” Peter could see what was happening here; Kurt was looking for an exit to leave Peter alone with her.
Peter had no idea how Kurt knew. He thought he’d been careful. He’d been avoiding Jean for weeks so that she couldn’t stumble into his mind and see what was going on in there.
For someone so fast; there was a lot he couldn’t run away from.
Kurt didn’t respond, and Peter gave him a desperate look. Don’t leave me here alone with her.

Kurt apologetically shrugged. Sorry.

“You’re leaving, Kurt?” (y/n) asked casually “but I haven’t even shown you my doodle collection I told you about yet.”
Kurt smiled “I’ll be free later this afternoon; maybe I’ll drop by after class and take a look.” He bowed at them both in a way that made Peter habitually roll his eyes. “Later, dude.”
Once Kurt had left, the air suddenly felt different. Peter heard his heartbeat in his ears, and suddenly, the apple core he was holding became the most important apple core he’d ever held. He twirled it in his fingertips, swallowing hard.
“Does the apple have some sort of secret information that needs extracting?” (y/n) asked, her hand scrawling at the inside of her journal, keeping her eyes lowered on her project as she spoke.
Peter looked over at her, his eyes drifting to her lips unintentionally. He shifted, using his palms to support himself as he leaned back. The sun was drifting through the leaves of the trees; his hair was glowingly white in the dappled light. He always hated that.
“Apples are all treacherous. I need to see to it I protect you all from their whisperings” Peter twiddled his fingers in the air, emphasising the evil nature of the fruit. “Eeeeevil.”
(y/n) laughed, and the sound suddenly shot like lightning beneath his skin. “Of course, Peter. The fruit is going to start an uprising against us.”
Peter grinned. “Fruitpocalypse.”
(y/n) furrowed her brow, scribbling at her notebook furiously. Peter was curious, and in a daring move, rushed over to her side.
“Sketching my godlike figure? If you’d told me, I would have taken my shirt off and struck a pose for you.” Peter crossed his legs, and as he sat beside her, he noticed her shoulder bumped against his. Butterflies felt as though they were fluttering beneath his skin, and as he leant in to see her work, he noticed her hair smelled of strawberry shampoo and long walks in the woods. He savoured the thought for a second, before snapping back to reality. If he convinced himself he wasn’t thinking of her; was he really thinking of her at all?

(y/n) turned her journal towards him, and on the page was scrawled a variety of drawings; all of them of leaves and trees. “I’m not what you’d call an artist” she said, flicking her pencil in the air with an exaggerated flourish “but I feel like with practice I could become the Picasso of our generation.” she said in an overdone, mockedly-posh accent.
Peter chuckled “You are the best artist I’ve seen in the past five minutes, bar none”.
(y/n) gave him a mocking shove, and her eyes lingered on his, making his whole body shiver with anticipation. He saw the blush flood to her cheeks, and he realised that the silence had lasted several seconds too long. He was almost about to break it with some light humour, when she interjected.
“You do make me laugh, Peter” (y/n) said, quietly. “Even if you are trouble.”
Peter felt his centre of gravity shift; he felt as though stars were moving in front of his eyes. “Moi?” he jokingly whispered in her ear “Trouble?” he placed his hand on his chest in mock offense “I have never been so insulted.”
He knew what he wanted to do. He knew what he needed to do. But every time he looked at her; he felt as though his blood was burning through his chest. He couldn’t think straight.
“I…” Peter sighed, running a hand through his hair “I need to go. But I have to give you something first.”
“Oh?” (y/n) smiled, clicking the top of her pen and attempting to act nonchalant.
Peter leaned in, and in a split second, gave her the lightest kiss on the cheek. His whole body burned with the motion, with desire and embarrassment and pain, and then grabbing his jacket, he was gone in the blink of an eye.

Peter, you moron.

A/N: Want to read more? Part 2 can be found here.

Out of the Crowd

Summary: Stuck in a crowd at vidcon, Dan has a panic attack and Phil has to get him out of there. Comforting and hugs take place in a private youtuber lounge before they are due on a panel. Fluff.

Phan status: can be taken as either platonic or in a relationship

Warnings: anxiety attack, crowds

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: This is just a load of fluff with not a lot of plot. I really needed to write something and had no inspiration for any of my other fics, so this kinda just flew out my fingertips without any planning. Also, the symptoms of anxiety vary for different people so the ones I’ve used in this are just what I’m familiar with. Also the method of counting which they use (breathe in for four seconds, hold breath for seven and out for eight) I find works really well.

Phil’s POV:

“Stand back,” I yelled into the crowd around us, “Please. Give us some space.”

Dan was hunched in on himself, hands over his eyes, crying. Crowds made his anxiety particularly bad and we’d just been mobbed by a bunch of fans. We loved them, but being surrounded and crowded by that many people would be too much for anyone. They moved back a little, giving me space to move a little, but not enough space to move and I really needed to get Dan out of here.

It was far too loud for me to hear how he was breathing, but I could see from his rapid chest movements that the answer was not well. I needed to get him out of here, to speak to him, to tell him everything was okay.

“Guys, you need to move,” I yelled a bit louder and I saw Dan flinching at my words, “He’s having an anxiety attack. STAND BACK.”

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First Date - A Trio’s Era Preference


Harry took you to Hogsmeade, it was a standard clichéd first date but it was so much fun. He refused to let you pay for anything and pulled your chair out for you when you went to the Three Broomsticks for drinks. While you loved being an independent woman, it felt nice to have someone be so gentlemanly with you. Throughout the date he asked you if you were all right and if you were cold before offering you his jacket and you thought he was absolutely adorable.


Ron decided that the perfect first date would be pigging out at Honeydukes and he was right! You both had so much fun trying the different sweets, even the disgusting ones. You had bought a massive box of Bertie Botts and chose different beans for each other to eat.


Neville planned the date for days before he too you out on it. It was a picnic at midnight on the Astronomy tower. He had a telescope set up so you could look at the stars and a blanket laid on the ground so you could look up at the beautiful nights sky. As you laid on the soft blanket Neville slowly slid his hand in yours before pulling it to his lips and placing a soft chaste kiss on it - it was the best date you had ever been on!


You and Draco went on a broomstick ride in the middle of the night. You swooped above the school and the Quidditch field where he had left food that he had gotten from the kitchens. You both ate the delicious sandwiches that the House Elves had prepared and then took a walk on the Hogwarts grounds, hiding behind trees when a Professor or prefect walked past. 


Fred took you to Madam Puddifoot’s assuming that that was the sort of thing you liked. You didn’t. You saw the way his face scrunched up to form a look of disgust the second you walked into the flowery tea shop “Can we please go to the Three Broomsticks? I think I may throw up” You had said and Fred sighed with relief “Thank Merlin, let’s go” And five minutes late you were sipping Butterbeer and laughing at the jokes that Fred told you.


Your first date with George was actually a double date with Fred and Angelina. George was so nervous he was shaking. He had liked you for such a long time and didn’t want to mess anything up and he assumed that if his brother was there then the conversation would run smoothly and there would be no awkwardness and thankfully, there wasn’t and at the end of the date George received a kiss on the cheek which caused his cheeks to redden like a London bus.


Cedric took you on a date at a small diner like restaurant at Ottery St. Catchpole. You ate the Muggle food that you were used to and had great conversation. You learned a lot about Cedric’s background and his family and he learned a lot about the Muggle world. There was never a moment of awkwardness and the conversation never stopped. It was the first of many dates.


Dean took you around London for your first date. You guys went to all the tourist attractions, Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum and London Dungeons. You both had so much fun and had taken so many pictures on some disposable cameras that Dean had brought with him. You then went and got the pictures printed and years later the two of you would sit together reviewing the pictures and reminiscing.


He took you to Hogsmeade and spent the whole time in the Three Broomsticks just getting to know each other. It was simple yet sweet and you absolutely loved it. You got to learn a lot about him and he got to learn about you and at the end of the date he asked you out again an you readily and gladly accepted.


He had gotten the location of the kitchens off of Fred and George and had asked the House Elves, very nicely, if they could make a special dinner for the two of you. He then brought the food with the two of you and took you out onto the Quidditch pitch so you could stare at the stars as you ate, talked and got to know each other.