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you take me all the way

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Written for CS AU Week Day 3 which is CS in Another Realm.

Now, I’ve never been to New York and Killian I bet had a hell of a time navigating it so I figure to him (and to me) it would classify as an entirely different realm. So.

May I present to you, CS in New York!

This is set after the Snow Queen’s defeat and the Frozen Gang’s return to Arendelle. In this AU, Gold never took Killian’s heart and this is their fifth date within that blissful six weeks before the QOD arrived.

Title taken from the Maroon 5 song, “Love Somebody” which is totally what they’re dancing to in the fic!

Sexy times ahead ;)


“So this is your world’s version of a tavern.”

He has to shout to be heard and she gathers by the look of bewilderment and irritation on his face that he doesn’t like it. She chuckles anyway and adds, to further annoy him, “We’ve upgraded a bit.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it that seeing as an upgrade would suggest an improvement upon a previous standard. This…” He gestures to their surroundings using his prosthetic hand with a mild expression of displeasure.

She takes that same hand in hers and tugs him towards the bar.

The Snow Queen had been defeated thanks to her and Elsa’s combined magic. Cheers and celebrations were abundant in Storybrooke that night and very well into the following day. Emma couldn’t turn a corner without a citizen either congratulating her, patting her on the back or waving at her during the subsequent week and while it was great at first – a tight-knit community never something she was accustomed to growing up – it became quite tiring after a while. People skills weren’t exactly her strong suit and having to greet so many people as she walked down Main Street had, inevitably, gotten to her nerves.

Her mother noticed, of course, and suggested she take a night out for herself. While Emma would usually reject the notion, a night off sounded oh so appealing after the week she had had. Emma would also usually bask in some solitude after spending day and night with her parents and some days with her son in their cramped apartment but there’s one person Emma hasn’t had the opportunity to spend much time with despite the festivities and so she opted to take him with her on her night off.

A night off that entailed blowing off some steam.

With her pirate.

In a night club.

Yeah, she thinks, this is my life.

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