i laughed for a good minute and a half

There’s a time when they were in college, just moved out into their own apartment, when Tooru tried to act sexy and seduce Iwaizumi.

It didn’t work, mostly because Iwaizumi was confused at what Oikawa was trying to do for a good five minutes until he had to laugh at the realization. He took Oikawa’s hand and tugged him close, looking up at him as he brushed his thumb against the back of that hand. Oikawa’s face was scrunched into a pout, decidedly looking to the side, as Iwaizumi asked, “Was that supposed to be sexy?”

A flush seeped through the pale skin along Oikawa’s neck, and Iwaizumi warmed to the idea that he was too embarrassed to retort.

Iwaizumi stood from the couch, wounding an arm to the small of Oikawa’s back, and leaned in until his breath brushed against his neck. He whispered, “Let me teach you ‘sexy’.”

He nipped right under Oikawa’s jaw and jerked him close, pressing their bodies together and sliding another hand down the outline of Oikawa’s body. He felt him still against him and smiled, a hint of a smirk in those curled lips. Iwaizumi spun them around to dump Oikawa into his seat and leafed his fingers through that soft, soft hair. “Watch me,” he said, a challenge in his voice and a quick flick of his chin, and stripped off his shirt from the bottom up.

[Then Tooru was seduced and frustrated and angry and so turned on.]

After that, Iwaizumi picked up a habit of whispering, “You’re sexy,” into Oikawa’s ear at times. It wasn’t that Oikawa wasn’t sexy at that time; it just wasn’t Iwaizumi’s “Tooru-sexy”. Because “Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s sleepily cooking breakfast in just his boxers and a loose T-shirt, and Iwaizumi can go up and hug him from behind to whisper into his ear just how disastrous his hair looks.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s just gotten out of the shower when Iwaizumi comes home, sitting at the couch with some trivial TV show flickering across the screen as he unconsciously nursed at his lips, the warm scent of soap floating in the room.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s tired from a day of work, said, “I’m home,” softly and didn’t even hear Iwaizumi welcome him back, because all he wanted was to hop in the shower and feel clean again.

Tooru doesn’t believe him when he tells him, and Iwaizumi isn’t about to argue with him on it any time soon, because it’s also sexy when he scrunches his face, eyes in slits because he’s pouting but wants it to be a glare, and just asking for Iwaizumi to tease him more.

Last Minute Romance

Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland
Rating: G, Word Count: 1561
Fluff, Valentine’s Day, Established Relationship, POV Jace

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For Jimon Week Day 2: Valentine’s Day

Jace loves going a round with the punching bag. He gets to do all the hitting, and he doesn’t need to think. He just lets his muscle memory do its thing, while his mind clears itself of any pent-up aggression and frustration.

‘I should watch you train more often. This is a good look on you.’

Jace smiles and huffs out a laugh. ‘Red and smelling?’ he asks, turning to his boyfriend.

‘I mean half-naked and sweaty,’ Simon grins. He pushes off the wall he’d been leaning against and is instantly by Jace’s side. ‘Hey,’ he whispers.


Jace leans in for a kiss, closing his eyes when Simon’s hands slide into his hair.

‘Ah, gross!’ Simon whines. He pulls his hand out of Jace’s hair. ‘I changed my mind. Being sweaty is disgusting, please take a shower.’

Jace opens his eyes to Simon grabbing the sweatshirt that’s lying next to Jace’s water bottle, and wiping his hands on it.

‘I did tell you.’

‘Yeah. Here,’ Simon throws him the shirt. ‘To wipe that smug look off your face.’

Jace pulls on the shirt, and Simon tosses him the water bottle next, just a little faster than necessary. Jace winks when he catches it without fumbling.

‘Any plans for tonight?’ Simon asks.

‘It’s pretty quiet out. Just standard patrols, and I’m not assigned to any of them, so no. You wanna go do something?’

‘That’s why I came by,’ Simon says. There’s a smile on his lips, but Jace can’t help but think it’s just a little bit too bright.

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So I had written this already but it had gotten deleted! So I had to rewrite this last minute I hope you can understand

You were playing drunken video games with the boy’s is Eric’s basement. After was all good until the boys got into an argument on Dylan cheating in the game. Truth be told Eric is just a sore loser. You laughed at the argument before you decided to end it.

“You fucking cheater. Play the game right or don’t fucking play at fucking all”
“I didn’t cheat Eric you are just a sore loserrrrrr”
“Alright guys chill out.”

You gave Eric his half empty beer bottle and directed his drunk self to the couch.

“Just shut up and drink Reb”

He didn’t even argue. He just sat down lazily and drank from his still semi-cold bottle. You turned towards Dylan and weren’t sure how to even approach him. You see with Dylan he is two very different drunks. Happy and easy going or angry and annoying.

“Soo did you really cheat?” you giggled a bit after saying that so he knew you were joking.
“No, why would you even say y/n”
“I was just joking Dyl calm down”
“You know something, we only hang out with you because you not like a real girl.”

Eric looked up from his spot on the couch. In his drunked speech mumbled something along the line of “Not cool V”. You stood slient and made your way upstairs with Eric following behind.

“You know he didn’t mean that y/n. The poor fool is just really drunk. Our argument made him mad”

You didn’t answer back but just walked out the front door afraid that he will see you cry. You called your parents to come pick you up.
You haven’t gone to school the past three days. You felt horrible about yourself and your body. You weren’t really sure what Dylan meant but it hit you like a ton of bricks. Eric comes over for a little bit pleading for you to just talk to Dylan but you couldn’t even face him. He has left you dozen of IMs and e-mails. He called but everything you see its him you just ignore.

You were in your room when your mother called saying one of your friends is coming to your room. You figured it was just Eric and didn’t flinch when the doir unexpectedly opened.

You were still covering your head with the blanket curled up in a little ball. You heard the heavy boots make their way to your bed as he sat down.

“Hey Eric”
“Huh strange I’m usually called Dylan”

Your heart stopped when you heard Dylan’s voice. You started to cry softly trying to hide it from Dylan. But he knows you too well and rubbed your leg.

“I honestly didn’t mean it. Eric had to tell me what I said when I realized you were ignoring me. I promise I dont think that. I think the completely upset.”

You snuffled under the blanket and looked at him with puffy, water eyes. You saw his face soften and he leaned in to kiss your forehead. That was his little thing everytime you were hurt. He did that once when you were little and you skid you knee. You were crying on the concrete sidewalk when he came up to you and kissed your forehead. Somethings never change.

You started to cry more.

“Why would you hurt me like that”
“I didn’t mean to y/n… You know I love you i was just drunk and mad.”

You sat in shock at the words that flew out of his mouth. He didn’t even realized what he had just said. You leaned and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too..”

He looked at you stunned and then he finally realize what he had just said.

“Finally jesus I’ve been waiting forever!”

You’re mother yelled this from down the hall and you both busted out laughing. You shyly grabbed his hand and smiled at him with your eyes closed. He gently placed his hand on the back of your head and kissed your forehead once again.

F**k i watched San Junipero and i’m still mind wrecked from everything. Like thats how you can do it! Its not that hard! @everywriterofmediaever 

Perfect sci-fi + perfect wlwoc story. I have to just sit down for half an hour now, ‘cause i cryed, laughed ecc more in 60 min than my whole life.

heaven is a place we’ll make on earth..” 

Day 1

Prompt: Let them tell their story

Tony bit his tongue hard, trying with everything he got to not laugh. He loved Steve, he reminded himself, he would not laugh. Steve was honestly affected, he would not laugh. Tony would be a good, lovely boyfriend in love and would not laugh.

“But look at this! Just look at it!” Steve brandished the magazine once again just in front of Clint’s nose, making him squint, trying to see the new photo Steve had fixated over.

“Two minutes! Two fucking minutes in a THREE HOURS SPAN. And they dare call themselves professionals!”

“Whoa” half whispered Bruce. “I think it’s the first time I hear him swear”

“That’s because in most of our missions it’s Hulk who hears all Steve’s glorious military training” answered Tony, feeling his face heated. He could bet he was red all over the face from trying not to laugh.

“Professionals!” kept ranting Steve. “If we acted like them we all would be polishing Loki’s balls!”

“I really didn’t need that mental image, thank you.” And with that Clint shook his head, walking again towards the kitchen as he had intended before being assaulted by Steve.

“Steve, love, really, let them tell their story, it doesn’t matter.” Tony got up, putting his hand on Steve’s arm, the same one still holding the magazine. “We know the truth, and that’s what is important.”

“But it’s wrong” insisted Steve, turning pages and pages over, unable to let it go. “It’s, it’s malicious, they are going specifically after you with this and…” He closed the fingers around the glossy paper, wrinkling it just at the same time the elevator’s doors opened. By the next second, he wasn’t anymore next to Tony, but next to the elevator.

“Natasha! Look at this and…!” He barely missed her punch, stepping back and holding the half destroyed magazine as a shield between them. Natasha didn’t react, walking past him as if she hadn’t almost broken his nose and towards the kitchen, where Clint could be heard cooking something, or trying to. Tony finally lost it.

“Oh Lord, you… you are lucky you move that fast” cackled Tony, holding his sides. Steve kept looking towards the kitchen, where Natasha had disappeared, with the wariest expression Tony had seen lately, as if he was afraid she would reappear just to actually kick him. “You shouldn’t have surprised her.”

“I… don’t think I did.”

Tony stoped laughing.

“Are you saying she almost-punched you to stop you from asking her?”

Steve just frowned harder, starting Tony’s giggles one more.

“I don’t know what’s so funny” complained Steve, crossing his arms. “You just helped that woman a moment while you were on a date with me. A whole date, with dinner and walking and kissing and holding hands. And you just offered some directions to her. So what the hell is this?” Steve shook once more the magazine, the titular of “Billionaire’s new play mate” still shining over the whole photo reportage of Tony talking with a woman in a summer dress and big sunglasses, Steve conveniently out of camera, even while he was just behind Tony, still holding his hand.

Tony grabbed the magazine, dumping it behind a sofa and forcing Steve to move until they were both seated on it. Steve didn’t lose a second, wrapping his arms around Tony and holding him tight against his chest and burying his nose in his hair.

“You’re my boyfriend.” Tony laughed again, just air without sound against Steve’s shirt.

“Yes, I am” he agreed.


20 Days 20 Fics! This is my challenge to myself to try and get to write again and force me to write fluff mostly (because I always jump straight to angst). Just a prompt and 24 hours to write something about it between everything else going on that day!
If all goes well I would like to do a 100 Days 100 Fics at the end, but eh, let’s start small. Feel free to correct anything or offer any way to improve (or prompts! I have a list of 20 of them, but I would like to keep going afterward!)

anonymous asked:

"shit... looks like the power's out everywhere in the city" (fandom/characters: whatever comes to mind!!!)

for the give me the first sentence of a fic askmeme. miraculous ladybug/ladynoir; aged-up. more than five sentences again. :/

“Shit, looks like the power’s out everywhere in the city.”

Crouched besides her on the rooftop, Chat shifts, the warmth of his side pressed against her own.

“Well, I guess we’re stuck for another seven minutes. Since we’ve got nothing better to do…” Chat trails off suggestively.

Marinette rolls her eyes so hard that it hurts, making a face for good measure. She feels Chat turn towards her, then the soft feathery fall of hair against her cheek as he leans closer; Marinette almost jerks back in response, but his half-lidded, acid green stare holds her in place.

“I saw that…I have night vision, remember?” Laughing, he vaults off the roof before Marinette can react, presumably in the direction of the akuma.


hoarous replied to your post “I’m laughing my ass off at people complaining that they can’t make…”

it was so hard to make a Shepard who looked Asian, but it was 100x worth it just for the five minutes i spent uglylaughing at that moment in ME3 when Hackett brings up the atom bomb in WWII as a comparison to the Crucible.


just focus on the bottom half of the face, then put a visor or helmet up top. Good enough for Kasumi and Kai Leng, right??

We don’t… we don’t talk about Keiji.

  • JM: So I was walking past his trailer with really long hair, and Ian went, "James, James, do come in. James! Mr. McAvoy?" And I came and I sat—
  • MF: [Imitating McKellen] Jaaaaames?
  • JM: And then Patrick was inside and Ian was sitting. And I sat on the steps just there, and they said, "Would you like some fish cakes, James?" And I said, "No, I'm all good for fish cakes, thanks." Anyway, so I sat there and I had a chat with them. And they were lovely—they've always been really lovely to me. But Ian just put his hands on my face . . . and kept them there . . . for a loonnnng time. And just stroked my face for about two and a half minutes. [Fassbender laughs] And I let him. I was just like—
  • MF: He's a knight!
  • JM: He's a knight, man, and he's Gandalf, and he's fuckin' Magneto, and he's amazing! And I could smell the fish cakes sizzling, it was all going on as he's stroking my face. And Patrick was just being quiet. It was weird.
  • MF: They punked you. [Laughs] They totally did. You left the trailer, and they cracked up.
  • Source (2014): http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/88205193.html

‘Free or dead!’ Jara Hamee yelled.

'Okay, I definitely like these guys,’ Rachel said. She kind of cocked her head and looked up at Jara Hamee. 'Free or dead!’ she yelled, just as loudly as the Hork-Bajir had.

Cassie and Jake and I yelled it, too. With slightly less enthusiasm. In my case, I’d been too close to being dead just a few minutes earlier.

'I’ll give you two-to-one odds on “dead,”’ Marco said grimly. 'And if we all keep yelling with a bunch of Taxxons half a mile away, I’ll make it ten-to-one.’

Rachel ran over, grabbed Marco by the shoulders and gave him a good hard shake. 'Come on, you big baby, say it - free or dead!’

'Yeah, yeah, free or dead,’ Marco said. Then he laughed. 'Rachel, you do know you’re insane, right?’

—  Book #13: The Change, pg. 109 (by K.A. Applegate)
Why I like Randy Cunningham: 9 grade ninja

I do not care if the series is for people half (or a third, or a quarter of) my age. I started watching it thinking it will be someting I will be soon disliking, and I was hooked instead. I liked it a lot. Why?:

  • It´s funny, colourful and with good plots to watch, even if you have just 15 minutes to relax and laugh.
  • It doesen´t take itself seriously. Breking the fourth wall is not uncommon.
  • The animation is lovely to watch, still and in motion.
  • The characters are not perfect: they make mistakes and pay for it.
  • The variety of the characters, and how all of them, even the extras who didn´t have a name, grow and have a life outside just being background characters.
  • Some of the characters and plots made me write some of my characters and plots. When my novels hit as hard as Rowling´s, I will mention it as a source of insipiration. And yes, I´m serious.
  • The way some of the lessons the Ninjanomicon give Randy can be used for childs or teenagers, today and tomorrow.
  • The staff. It´s evident they were in some fandom(s) before, ant they remember how did it feel when your admired creator notes you.
  • The way they (the staff) interact with their fandom.
  • All the love it caused. I found great artists, good people, and interesting ways to express some ideas I played with before. Because being part of a fandom, big or small, means learn to love each other, support each other, giving and reciving love, and grow as an artist, as a person, as something you want to became.

Therefore, if you haven´t watched the show, go and do it. It´s really worthy of your attention. And if you did and you didn´t like it, don´t worry, we, fanjas, understand some people have different tastes.


I took a lot of sporadic, one to two minute videos throughout the con, but I took video of J2′s entire hour long panel. This is the first half that only took about eight hours to upload today 0_o. I’ll try and get the second half up in the next day or two!

(It’s a little shaky and the visual isn’t the greatest, but I think the audio is pretty good. Side note, the voice going “Come on,” when people are having a hard time asking questions is *not* me–but you may hear my dorky laugh sometimes.)

Part 2

Think positive

Shannon and Cammie broke up was a shock to all of us that have fallen in love for their love story, for their chemistry and for those two wonderful human beings. We had the chance to see two young girls grow into two fantastic women, we saw them create their own business and most importantly we saw them help several people, including me.

They helped me and for that I will never be able to thank them enough. In those days I was sad I would just go to watch their videos and somehow in a couple of minutes I would find myself laughing for no reason and due to that they managed to turn my bad days into good ones.

They have been together for three and a half years and most of the time they lived together, they worked together, they spent almost 24/7 together and that isn´t good for anyone. Everybody needs their own time. Time to do what we love, time to be with the ones that we love, time to think and most important, time to breath.

So maybe thats all they need, Time. Time to miss each other, time to find themselves, time to understand what they want, time to think.

This two lovely ladies would never do this without give us some explanation but first they need some space. They need their space.

In the last younow they mentioned some projects for the future, they have Ripple Effect, they have Youtube, they lived together so someday they will certainly reunite to talk about all those things and find the best solution. Until then all we have to do is send them our good vibes and show them our love. They helped us getting through so many rough moments so the least we can do is help them now. They made me believe that anything is possible so let´s think positive and never lose hope.

It rains in August, too.

Has it been three years? I wanted to ask.

“It’s great to hear your voice,” you would say.

And I half laugh, “Its great to hear yours too.”

You were always so good at that, so good at appearing out of the blue with your old school jokes and the way you listen to the problems that cease to exist the minute I begin to allow myself to dig through the secrets I’ve kept and tell you. You were always so good at easing the pain the child in me harbors within her fragile, insecure hands. I was wrong to have doubted you couldn’t make it better after all this time. You did, somehow you always did.

I made a mistake of letting myself hold on to bitterness for too long. It was the only choice given to me back when I was eighteen and ready to take my future by a storm. I didn’t know love could turn on me like quicksand, ready to disintegrate into nothing right when I began to let my guard down. So there I was, walls up and afraid. Until you came along and untangled the knots I’ve tied just to keep people out.

Sometimes in this life, we grow apart from people not because we want to, but because we need to. And I needed to leave what we had because I wasn’t cut out to be anyone’s priority. I wasn’t cut out to be anyone’s reason to drop whatever life they’ve known just to be closer to me. At least, not yet. Because at the time I needed to fix myself and whatever was left cracked and broken in myself before claiming the responsibility of fixing another.

And somehow, you understood.

Somehow, you still listen through the static of the screen as the twenty-year old me sobs through whatever has torn through my walls again and say everything is going to be okay. You still remind me of my worth despite the tears I’ve shed for another person whose name is nothing close to yours.

“You’re not stuck. You’re not tied to a chain, and no one can every hold you down unless you let them. I still love you, and that counts right?”

Though I take comfort through your words, I know there’s always going to be a storm that lingers in my bones whenever they mention his name. But a part of me will always be thankful for our little rendezvous at 1am in whatever third space we’ve build through our once-in-a-blue-moon-phone-call.

Because somehow, though there’s still a little bit of rain in certain areas of my life, you’re still the same.