i laughed by myself in the lecture

college au otp prompts that i may or may not want to write, based on my own recent experiences:

  • we’re in general bio discussion and the topic is meiosis and… uh… why is the graduate student instructor telling us that we’re going to act it out? and assigning us all chromosome numbers and telling us to find our homologues for crossing over…? oh hey homologous chromosome, you’re cute.
  • i was sitting in the student union doing a long, boring reading and daydreaming when suddenly it was like something exploded so i looked up like holy shit and you were standing there staring at the bag of chocolate that you just used way too much force to open, and i couldn’t help but laugh at you
  • you were sitting behind me in the lecture hall at 8am and i was looking up pictures of cute puppies and i heard you go awwwww!!!
  • …are you wearing a homestuck hoodie? and do i dare compliment you on it and thus mark myself as homestuck trash too?
  • i’m a forestry major and you keep calling me a forest-tree major and iM GONNA EITHER THROW SOMETHING AT YOU OR KISS YOU TO SHUT YOU UP. haven’t decided which one yet.
  • i walked into the deepest recesses of the library to study for my math midterm and found you crying behind a bookshelf, are… are you okay?
  • we have a mutual friend who sometimes never stops talking about technobabble and we met when we went to dinner with them and you and i kept making eye contact and instantly bonded over our vague smiling and nodding as our friend kept talking. (it’s cool that their stuff makes them happy but we both have no idea what to say)
  • a group of us agreed to go stargazing in the field in the center of campus but wow uh it’s cold out at night, wanna cuddle?
  • i’m at my desk doing homework and you were on my bed doing homework but you fell asleep and now it’s 3 am and i don’t have the heart to wake you to send you back to your dorm, so i’m just gonna get in bed and deal with the awkwardness in the morning because right now i am too tired to think more than three minutes ahead
  • it’s raining and you forgot your umbrella so i offered for us to share but this was a mistake because you’re tall and i am not and the wind is blowing water in my face and goddammit get down here

My mom hates my septum piercing. Every time I drive up to my parent’s house, I always end up getting lectured about how it shouldn’t be on my face and that it looks stupid and people will think badly of me because it’s in my nose.

I don’t think she quite remembers when I was growing up, how she’d pinch my nose in an effort to get to straighter and pointed. My elders would comment on my flat nose, laughing ignorantly while forgetting they shared the same phenotype. I learned to hate myself, my face, my own damn nose when I was young. They worshipped the aquiline nose of the whites that conquered us, brainwashed the young to think the same.

But said enough. This septum piercing was my way of taking back my nose. Claiming it as my own, instead of sinking back to the Eurocentric standard.

I love my flat, wide, brown nose. Should my children bear the honor of inheriting this nose from me, they will feel the same, I’ll make sure of that.

Does anybody else find themselves smiling fakely when other people start to laugh at something? Like in class students will laugh at what the lecturer says, even if I don’t find it funny, I still find myself automattically fake smiling cause my brain is like “SHIT fucK FIT IN!! qUIcK! SMILE aND ACt NORMAL!!”
Best Worst Plan Ever(Tony Perry~Y/N)

Tonyturtleperrylovee asked: Tony perry imagine please where I’m jaimes best friend + jaime introduces me to the rest of ptv aka mike vic and tony and tony tells jaime that he really likes me but is too shy to ask me out so jaime locks tony and me in a room together thankuuuu x

Written By: Lauren

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Inside the minds of the GMW characters during Isadora Smackle's Health Class Lecture...
  • Isadora: "BlahblahblahCOITUSblahblahblahdiblahdiblahhhh..."
  • Zay: "Ooooh...Uhhh...Waaaaiiiitaminute...I have a question...Nvm, I don't wanna know...Oh, wait...She answered it...Uhhhhhhhhhh...Yikessss..."
  • Lucas: "Ohhhhkayyyy...This is awkward. I wanna laugh, to make this less awkward, but I don't wanna draw attention to myself. Just look away...just look away..."
  • Maya: "THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING LESSON I'VE EVER LEARNED IN SCHOOL, TO DATE!! Yeeeeahhhh, Smackle - HIT IT HOME! SEXSEXSEXSEXSEX...OH! Better take notes! Psst...Riley! Hey, Riley! Stop covering your ears and pay attention! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!"
  • Riley: "Lalalalalaaaa...I can't hear you, Smackle. My innocent little ears and mind should not be privy to this information...Lalalalaladidadidadidaaaaaaaaa...Leave me alone, Maya..."
  • Farkle: "...Graphic...TOO GRAPHIC! Smackle, wyd?? Wait...Does she expect me to...???" *short circuits*
Sar(ah)castic: Old questions & Modern Medicine

On the Sar(ah)castic Series I’m ironically writing about topics that busy myself. Don’t take them too serious … or maybe you should? Enjoy ;)

At our med school we have to take an annual exam which comprises all lectures & topics we were thought by profs in two semesters. We are all very busy during the school year & when suddenly the summer months arrive, we get stressed like hell: HOW SHOULD I MANAGE TO STUDY THIS AMOUNT?

The majority of my fellow students see a solution in old exam questions. They pass the exam, celebrate the semester ending & forget their medical “knowledge”.  Isn’t it sad? 

When I’m talking to the “grown up” doctors they tell me stories about the frightening Pathology Exam or the “Bone’s Coll” … This generation actually had to learn facts & terms and demonstrate their knowledge under the watchful eyes of the Profs. 

And us? We’re just sitting in front of old questions, trying to combine a “Finasterid” with a “5-alpha-reductase inhibitor” … well, let’s get to next old exam question


i want to understand.

Old questions may be the easiest way, but in my opinion not the right one. They may save your butt to pass the exam, but they won’t save your patient. 

Rest in peace Justice Scalia, friend of RBG.

Ginsburg: I have known Justice Scalia since the days that he was a law professor and I was so taken by his wit and his wonderful sense of humor. I heard a lecture that he gave. I disagreed with most of what he said, but I loved the way he said it. Justice Scalia is a very good writer. He cares about how you say it. And he’s a very amusing fellow. When he sat next to me both on the D.C. circuit bench and now not this configuration but when Justice O’Connor was with us I was sitting next to Justice Scalia, he could say something that was so outrageous or so funny that I had to pinch myself so I wouldn’t laugh out loud in the court room.

Brian Lamb: So it’s humor.

Ginsburg: It’s that, and because we both care about family and about each other’s families.                                          

these guys behind me in lecture are talking about taylor at calvin’s set because apparently they were near her and one guy was like “yeah she looked hot as fuck but she was going crazy and i was like ‘what is wrong with her?’” and his friend is like “isn’t calvin harris her boyfriend?” and he goes “her boyfriend? i thought they just got engaged, isnt that what they had a cake for” 

it’s honestly taking everything in me not to pee myself laughing so hard right.

When I was in high school, my theatre professor was kind of old and daffy. Brilliant, but… he would drop chewing gum wrappers everywhere and leave food in his moustache.

His lectures were super boring. He’d just ramble incomprehensibly about Shakespeare for an hour and a half. I took to amusing myself by pulling the most cartoonish faces of horror and fear while he spoke, until he finally noticed. He’d point at me and shout “His face!” but was too distracted to articulate what he was laughing about beyond that. As soon as everyone else turned to look at me, I’d wipe the expression on my face and just look around, confused. No one could figure out why the professor was just shaking his finger and yelling at me in the middle of class.

In my psych class we had to write down weird desires anonymously on paper and the prof is reading them out loud and some of them are really sad and make me worry about the person and everyone is laughing at them. And there was one that said “I want to kill myself” and another one said “I wish that I was a boy” and almost everyone in this big lecture of 300+ people laughed and I’m just really losing faith in humanity.