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FeanorianWeek Day #4

·         Day 4- Caranthir - > Childhood, Betrayal, Lordship, Dwarves & Humans, Marriage, Appearance

 “You are a great champion of Men, are you not?” Maedhros does not even look up at him as he speaks, instead focusing on the papers strewn across his vast oak desk. Caranthir would suspect a deliberate slight if he did not know how utterly real – and really intolerable – his eldest brother’s concentration is.

Not to mention that if Maedhros glances up too quickly, his eyes look wrong in the light. And Caranthir has gone for his sword, instinctively, more than once.

 Maedhros takes care not to look at him much anymore.

But: “I am not,” Caranthir settles for saying. “I know nothing of Men, save Haleth and her kin.” 

If Curufin were here, he would make some snide remark about how well Caranthir must know Haleth. If Celegorm were here, he would laugh uproariously, jostling Caranthir in obvious collusion with his favored younger brother. If Maglor were here, he would toss up his hands and exclaim that he is done with the lot of them. If the Ambarussa were – well.

 But Caranthir’s brothers are not here, instead scattered to the corners of Beleriand on their own futile errands. And that is only if not dead, and doomed, and gone beyond reach…

“But you know them,” Maedhros says absently. “You have had dealings with them recently.” 

“Forty years ago!” Caranthir exclaims.

“As Arien goes, yes?” Maedhros waves a dismissive hand. “So, recently. And since when have you followed such a count of years, brother?”

Since we have lost any sense of how else time might be reckoned, Caranthir wants to say. Since the Trees that I barely remember and you cannot recall much better withered and died, and we are left at the mercy of Maiar and meteorology.

Since I realized I had no other option.  

Aloud, though, he only scoffs. “Since I first learned how, that is when, and by that accounting, forty years is a long time.”

“If so you claim,” Maedhros says, forgetting his company enough for long enough to look up. He must mean to show his skepticism but all Caranthir can see is the orc

 blood-red slit-eye monster-kind kin-killer

until, realizing his mistake – or the white-knuckled grip that Caranthir is keeping to the hilt at his side – Maedhros ducks his head back to his papers with a grunt.

 “But I will not believe, not for a heartbeat, that one of the Noldor can fall so far from our roots that he would actually hold to time kept by the Sun, of all things.”

 It matters not whether you believe it, and Caranthir knows this with all the surety of his bones. For we are all none of us the Noldor – the Eldar – the creatures – we once thought we were.  

 Aloud, though, he only scoffs, and idly wonders if this is the way that all their dealings must go from this day forward.

“Believe what you must to keep yourself functioning. And tell me more about this Ulfang you wish me to grant land in Lothlann.”


“I may not know from where you hail, but I am truly humbled to be in your presence. If only we met in an instance where I wasn’t on such a dire search… and someplace more befitting, not to mention dryer,” laughed Perceval.

The rogue-ish hunter flower looked up at Darina while remaining in his respectful kneeling position.

“… As for your assumption, you would actually be quite correct, Your Highness. I’m looking for someone out in this rain for a personal matter. A mission of sorts, one that, should it go successfully, shall see the safety and well-being of my family. On that topic… if it is not too much to ask, Your Majesty… you haven’t seen any other peculiar figures out in the rain, have you?”

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Is being called 'goofy' a bad thing or a compliment? I'm a woman, and yes I do laugh and smile a lot. It's just my personality. But recently, every guy that approaches me says that they did because I seemed 'cute and goofy'. I feel like they're calling me a 'cute dumbass' so they see me as 'easy' and it makes me self-conscious to the point where if I don't even like to smile or laugh anymore. Please tell me I'm just reading too much into this.

girl, you got yo eyeballs breaking thru the back side of the book… 🙄

being goofy is lit af. I’m goofy af. nigga i love my personality.

and being goofy is certainly not being a dumbass. tf

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Let's say there's a week in the life of the Avengers (more specifically, Clint) where everything is just ridiculous. No hurts, no death, nothing negative. Just ridiculousness. Think of it as for a week, Clint lives in a comedy :)

so this made me laugh way too much and for way too long…just…all the visuals and little scenes that popped up in my head lol. *sighs* that would be so much fun…maybe I’ll make a little snapshot about this lol

I think I speak for every writer ever when I say that Emi’s got to be hurting so badly inside.

Losing work - especially this way - sucks ass. It really does.

I’ve had week-long periods after losing entire documents (be they on the computer or in my notebooks) where I’m just exhausted by the loss. It drains you to your bones, to lose something you’ve put weeks, months, years of effort into.

It just hurts, so much.

But you put a smile on it. You laugh a bit, and maybe crack a joke.

Because it’s not supposed to be that important.

Just words. You can always write another (so why are you crying?)

so like not too long ago i said i wasn’t into drag race bc it “wasn’t my thing” and someone was like “yikes your internalized homophobia is showing” and like i laugh at the gifs but i just couldn’t fucking pay attention long enough to give a shit like……it’s just not a good show to spend that much time on imo and “it’s not my scene” is like definitely not a comment of internalized homophobia can you foucaults calm down for half a second 

Add just stared at him. The Mastermind didn’t even know or care why the hell is the emotion full angel is here in his room, bad move, in his laboratory. How did he get in there?

- Get out! - he stated calmly but with much anger that Ain nearly get scared. Nearly. 

- Aww but Apocalypse loves me… I don’t wanted to leave. - he laughed as the cube floated around him.

- … - Add looked at its cube, then annoyingly flopped his table off. - You fucking traitor… - Apocalypse did a funny move then just disappears. 

Ain made a face. Of course he don’t like his attitude, but this is why he is here. He wanted to see Add, be sure he is fine because the others, and Elsword, worried about him. Eve too and it became a real problem for them. His Eid’s suddenly flops out.

- Yes I know Mut, don’t tell me that…he is irresponsibly and egoistic.

-…are you talking with your crystals? - Add asked, not really impressed.

- Mr. Ancient! You talked with your Apocalypse last day! We saw it, that was the problem… 

- Why do you care? Its just a machine. Not like I am not already insase…haha. - Add smirked then tried to continue his work, but the blue Eid suddenly flopped there and jut circled around him. - Can you not…?

- But yes! - was the only answer. - You need a day off.

That was too sudden for Add, he nearly dropped all of his things from his hands.

- What…? Why the fuck do you care?

- Hmm… - Ain narrowed his eyes with the dismissive look he always show when he don’t like something around him, or someone. He suddenly clapped his hands together. -… then we need to go on a date! - the shinny eyes Ain made for him was the most horrific thing Edward ever saw. And the angel tried to get away with an answer, how annoying!

- W-wha—

The Erbluhen Emotion grabbed his hand and just pulled him out of the room.

- – STOP THAT! - he pulled his hand back. - Why the fuck do you care now? Its because that bratty boy isn’t it? I don’t give a fuck and because you have emotions it doesn’t mean you can do anything you want! So fuck off! - Add turned away and wanted to get back to his room.

- Mr. Ancient…- oh no it was bad. Ain was angry he can tell, but as he looked back unimpressed again, his face shown otherwise. Like he was angry but somehow only from his voice you can tell? - …

Add looked away and it was a bad idea because suddenly he floated up with a nearly red aura.

- Ah, thank you mut, good job~good job!~ Now bring him after me! We need to discuss about your antisocial behavior, Mr. Ancient. It’s not really great for the others and for you.

Add wanted to destroy him and his Eids, but do he have other choice now? He was truly tired and maybe he can have a great coffee for once…


Ain looked back to the tsundere boy.

- …I like latte, without sugar and much whipped cream. 

- Ahhh~sure sure~ we can go to the Eldery Coffeé shop. Great, great you are doing fine there, I will let you go if you behave for once!

- Whatever Priest brat… 

As Add thought, it wasn’t that bad.

ENFP cant take a hint

*INTJ, ENTP and ENFP sitting in the livimg room. ENTP talking as usual and ENFP is answering with way too much enthousiam. INTJ ignores the whole thing.

ENFP: Sooo INTJ, what do you think about xyz?
INTJ: *gives death stare*
ENFP: *starts to explain whooole thing*
INTJ: Oh dont get me wrong I got all of that, I just didnt wanna talk. In case you couldnt see that.
ENTP: *Laughing* Told you ENFP to let INJ alone! XD

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Consider this: Peribelle.

i’m actually laughing at that ship name because it’s oddly fitting for the tongue. peribelle.

i think at first maribelle would consider her much too childish? and, uh, if she ever learned that peri actually killed people… whoo boy. she might sympathize if she heard the whole plight, but maribelle is very much a “fair before merciful” kind of person and would punish someone for a crime, even if they had a legitimate reason for committing said crime.

although she was?? technically?? a child?? i think?? when she killed people, but i still have to think about what ylisse’s current laws for children defendants are (and how maribelle plans to change them).