i laughed at some of these for a really long time


I’m going away on a big group larp trip this summer. Since I’m going alone I’ve been chatting with some of the people, making friends and what not. So far so good, everyones really nice.

I started talking to this one kid a couple weeks ago…and honestly I’m kind of blown away. So far he’s kind of perfect. We have the same personality, the same hobbies and love of RP, and so many similar life experiences. Hes like a male version of me. He’s stupid funny and goofy, super attractive, has the cutest smile, has this amazing sexy voice and does hilarious impressions (which I laugh at way too hard). Best of all we’re never lost for words. We’ve skyped a few times now and each time I’ve stayed up all night until 7 in the morning without even realizing. 

Anyways, I’ve learned he’s a Daddy Dom, and we share all of the same kinks. Like, even kinks I’ve never shared with anyone due to embarrassment. 

I feel this stupid connection with him. I was instantly so comfortable with him. And he says he feels the same way about me. But we both just went through really shitty complicated break ups so were TRYING to be chill and take things slow. But its hard when you have this instant intensity with someone. We’re trying not to put any pressure on each other since we live on opposite ends of the continent and  will be meeting for one week at this event in August, and maybe not ever again. I mean I’m not really a fan of long distance, but damn I really like this guy! It just came out of no where and is so exciting and fresh and makes me feel so good.

I’m trying not to let this be a rebound. I don’t really know how to feel about this whole thing right now. It feels so natural and organic that it scares me a little. I have a habit of projecting “perfection” onto people and getting hurt. But, due to the long distance circumstances I should just relax and have fun. No expectations and all that. This should be easy. I’m mostly scared that we’ll meet in person, have a fantastic week together, and then never see each other again. 

Idk I’m ranting at this point. Just thought I’d let you all know whats up with me :3

We had to say goodbye to this sweet angel this morning. She brought us smiles and laughs up until the end. When she saw us she immediately started to wag her tail and love on us but after awhile you could tell she was tired and ready for a nice long nap. It doesn’t seem fair that we only got her for five years, she was so full of life it’s hard to imagine she may have been sick for quite some time. I don’t really know what to do anymore, I thought I would get to spend so many more years with her, she was supposed to be at our wedding meet our babies. It doesn’t seem fair

Okay but Rogue One and how they’re hugged and how they hug back headcanons. Hug headcanons. I live for platonic hugging, anything I like must have headcanons or fic for it.


  •  Baze hugs Bodhi by picking him up and squeezing him super tight.
  • Chirrut holds his arms open and waits for Bodhi to come over. (The first time, Bodhi was a little unsure. “What? What are you doing? Is this some Jedi guardian thing?” “It is a hug so come here already. Are you really denying a blind man, I can’t see you to hug you so get over here.” Baze laughed and laughed and laughed.)
  • Jyn hugs Bodhi like she wants to be covert. She’ll hug him fiercely and quickly and then act like she didn’t just bruise him.
  • Cassian pats Bodhi on the shoulder first, like a warning, and then gives him a one armed hug.


  • Baze just puts an arm around her shoulders and lets her turn into him for a hug. Chirrut usually shows up a moment later to make it a group hug. (If she shrugs them off at first they’ll let her be for a little while before trying again.)
  • Chirrut just tells her to hug him when he senses she’s nearby. (“Come here little sister, and give me a hug.”)
  • Bodhi hugs her nervously. He’ll do it impulsively and then stammer and try to explain until she tells him he doesn’t have to explain wanting to hug her.
  • Cassian hugs her like he never wants to let her go. Even when its just a one armed hug he holds her tight.


  • Chirrut just leans into him mostly. Or drapes himself over him.
  • Bodhi is too scared to straight up hug him so instead he pats Baze on the back or shoulder. (And then Baze grabs him in a bearhug.)
  • Jyn just leans against his side, puts an arm around him.
  • Cassian, much like Bodhi, is a little unsure about hugging Baze and usually waits until Baze is sitting so he can squeeze his shoulder, or prop his elbow on him and just lean on him. (Cassian also gets bearhugged.)


  • Baze just leans against him. Unless he did something that made Baze scared for Chirrut’s safety, in which case he wraps his arms around him like a shield and hugs him tighter than anyone else.
  • Bodhi always asks first if Chirrut wanta a hug, and then hugs him gently. (At least until after the first couple times Chirrut hugs him back with more umph than Baze. After that Bodhi just hugs him normally.)
  • Jyn does the same thing to him that he does to her; when she sees him she tells him to give her a hug.
  • Cassian hugs him briefly and reassuringly around the shoulders at random.


  • Bodhi hems and haws for so long before hugging him that Cassian hugs him instead.
  • Baze and Chirrut always tag team Cassian and hug him from either side. They usually do it because he’s overworking or stressed so they make him hold still and breathe for a moment. (He doesn’t actually mind.)
  • Jyn likes to hug him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her face into his back.


  • Hugging him is irrelevant to him since he can’t feel and uncomfortable to the humans because he’s made of metal. So instead they pat him or, in Jyn’s case, rap their knuckles against him. Eventually he starts patting them back too, sometimes.

*Bonus* Group hug:

  • If Chirrut and Baze are hugging Cassian, Jyn will squeeze in to hug him too and drag Bodhi along. When K2 walks by and sees them he sighs, and points out to Cassian that “the odds of this happening every day keep becoming higher, you know.”
Rude behavior at tatinof

I just got back from the first TATINOF show in Stockholm and it was amazing. I laughed so much that my bronchitis came back. That sums it up pretty good. Dan also asked Phil if he wanted him to choke him, warned him not to say thicc and they dabbed in synch, Phil did the sexy endscreen dance and left the stage in embarresment while Dan almost fell over laughing. Yes, those things happened and it was glorious.

To the subject I want to talk about - really rude fans in the audience. I personally don’t care who is dating or not dating who - as long as they’re happy. I do however think that some phan jokes can be really funny - in the right settings. TATINOF IS NOT THE PLACE OR TIME TO DO THAT.

I sat next to several girls who constantly screamed that they wanted Dan and Phil to fuck, to kiss, to makeout, and that is not okay. Dan and Phil obviously don’t want to talk about their private life when it comes to those things and that should be respected. So here were our two favourite guys on stage, giving their all to make us happy and some of the audience is thanking them by being… rude. I was actually offended - I was there to have the best night and they disturbed that by making me angry. Not to mention that they spent time on their phones (texting) and by constantly talking to eachother about other things. Tatinof should be fun, full of laughter and joy. Don’t take that away.

Please - be respectful of Dan and Phil. Everything they do are them trying to make us happy. They wanted us to have a great night, with a great show. Yes - they make phan jokes but there’s a line. Please do not tell them to fuck eachother, to makeout, to be sexual. It’s not okay.

shoutout to the kpop fans who translate vidoes for us who don't speak korean

Y'all are the real mvp and should be proud of yourselves for showing the world that multilingual ass of yours.

I know translating videos or adding subtitles are hard work, especially with timing and making sure what you’re translating is what they’re saying, I really appreciate all of y'all. And the sad thing is y'all don’t get enough recognition in this kpop world, I feel like all of y'all should receive some type of Grammy shit to award you on your hard work.

Staying up til 3am just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of EXO’s interview. Skipping homework just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of Mamamoo’s latest fan meet.

I truly do appreciate you guys out there, without any of you I wouldn’t be laughing at Jooheon when he falls over, I don’t get to cry with Namjoon when he tells us he loves us, I don’t get to tell Chanyeol he’s a stupid little shit for thinking the green chilli was capsicum. Why? Cause I wouldn’t understand what they were saying.

So thank you. Thank you a million times for existing and taking time out of your daily lives for us non-Korean fans.

Thanks to those kpop fans who also upload Vlive+ videos for us who can barely afford food on the table. I don’t care if it’s seen as illegal, to me it’s seen as you helping out a die hard fan falling asleep at night with a smile on their face by watching the videos they can’t afford to buy.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Ten Years (Part 7)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,212 (excluding flashback)

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Cue the drama. PS - some of your comments on the last chapter had me screeching, I love ‘em!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Are people seriously saying that Raven is a better parent than Taiyang because he made a joke some people here found offensive but Yang didn’t? A joke she laughed about and Taiyang who knows Yang better than anyone else wouldn’t have made if he thought it would really hurt her? Like… guys, what the hell is wrong with you. Don’t you think you’re overexaggerating a tiny little bit? I mean one could argue if that joke was good but even if Yang didn’t take it well, it still wouldn’t make Taiyang a worse parent than Raven ‘I left my daughter with my ex and saved her live once but next time I’m going to let her die’ Branwen.

painted scales

the beginnings of a mermaid au because i’ve been up since 4:30 am and am no longer thinking straight.

bs title because i was up at 4:30 in the morning helping my friend paint on scales a;dlkjfdlksfj;lkjs

The first time she sees him, she’s six years old.

Marinette meets his large green eyes with a surprised look, still reaching for the same seashell he is. She glances down to his hands. His fingers are long and slender, which she thinks is weird, and there’s green…webbing of some sort that comes up to his first knuckles. She thinks that’s weirder.

The hand snatches up the shell and is pulled away.  She looks up just in time to see him vanish under a wave.

She tells her parents that she saw a boy swallowed by the ocean. Her father laughs and says he’s ready to help her with that sandcastle she wanted to build.

The next time she sees him, she’s nine and five months. So close to nine and a half.

This time, she doesn’t look away from him. She stares him down, nearly glaring, because she’s sure he’s the same boy she saw years ago. She remembers his eyes.

Marinette leans over the edge of the rocks and narrows her eyes at him, leaning as far forward as she dares.

His hair floats around his face and he looks mildly terrified.

She tumbles over the edge when she fully takes in his tail and loses her grip on the rocks.

She gasps she hits the cold water, squeezing her eyes shut to try and keep the salt water out.

Marinette knows how to swim. It’s something you pick up when growing up by the sea. But her clothes and shoes are heavy and she can’t tell if she’s getting closer to the surface.

She doesn’t know where the surface is.

She yelps as she’s grabbed around the waist. She inhales water in her surprise and starts coughing as her head breaks the surface.

She’s so focused on remembering how to breathe that at first, she doesn’t realize that she’s not the one keeping her floating.

Marinette stares at him as she breathes heavily.

He has strange slits along his neck and the ends of his ears are slightly pointed. She searches his face for another moment before her gaze darts down to the clear water.

A green tail slowly swishes back and forth where two legs should be.

Weren’t her fairytales supposed to be just that?

“Can you get back to shore?” he asks.

Her eyes go wide. “You can talk?”

He glances over his shoulder to the horizon. “Be careful,” he says, letting go of her waist. He makes sure she’s treading water before he dives back under.

He’s gone before she can even consider stopping him.

Marinette lies to her parents and says she tripped. They chide her for being so close to the ocean without adult supervision, but their hugs assure her that they’re more concerned than mad.

She spends the night flipping through books on her floor. The next chance she gets, she checks out as many books from the library on mermaids that she can. 

《Tracing the Stars》Saeyoung X MC

Okay, so for starters, I’ve had this headcannon where I imagine Saeyoung with freckles and omg okay let me just get started.

After a long day out, laying down was definitely something you were down for. Saeyoung and you had spent almost all day out and about, running from store to store, and walking around. It had really been a tiring day. The hot sun definitely didn’t help, either.
You stared up at the plastic glow-in-the-dark stars that adorned the ceiling. You gazed carelessly at the neon blues, greens, pinks and yellows that dotted the ceiling. You noticed that some of them were fading and losing their glow, and made a mental note to pick up some more at the store next time you went. It was always good to have back-ups.
You looked over to Saeyoung, who was fidgeting with his phone, but what else was new. You laughed a bit and flipped over to fully face him.
“What’s up?” He asked.
You feigned shock, “Why, do I need to have a reason to look at my wonderful boyfriend? Can I not admire you?”
He took a moment to think, “Hmmm… Nope.” He said with a joking tone.
“Fine. Well… Then I’ll just do this!” You said with a laugh as you scooted as close as physically possible to him until he had to scoot back. Then you noticed something. Something that you had never noticed before. It was a small tan-looking dot peeking out from under the bridge of his glasses. It was tiny, actually. You would’ve never noticed it had you not been so close.
“What is it?” He questioned, “Is there something on my face?” As you continued to examine every millimetre of his face, you noticed that more small dots were peppering it.
“Seriously, (MC), what is it?”
“You have freckles!” You announced triumphantly.
“What? Oh. Yeah. I do.” He mumbled.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, sensing his change in mood.
“It’s nothing. I never really liked them much. You used to be able to see them all the time when I was younger because I was always the one who ran the errands and so I was out in the sun. That’s the only way you could see them,” He explained, “ but now you don’t because I’m always in here. I guess since I left the house earlier and spent most of the day in the sun, you can still see them.” He finished.
You were shocked, “You don’t like them? Do you know what I would do to have freckles? They’re so adorable!”
“Not really,” He interjected, “they’re kinda annoying and if I get tanned or something they just get darker.”
“Aww, c'mon. It can’t be that bad. I think you look super cute with them!” You admitted.
“Are you saying I wasn’t cute before?”
“Not at all! I’m just saying that you’re even cuter now.” You answered passively as you began to examine his skin again.
“What are you doing now?” He asked. You couldn’t tell if he was starting to get annoyed by your fervent searching or if he was just tired from all the walking you did. It definitely wasn’t easy when all the both of you did was sit around most of the time on any other day.
You talked as you lifted up the sleeves of his shirt, “Looking for more.”
“Why?” He questioned, utterly confused.
“Because they remind me of little stars. I’m trying to find constellations. Like here. Look! It’s the big dipper!” You exclaimed with a laugh.
“Where?” He lifted his arm and began to look, but just glanced confusedly up and down.
“Hold on.” You said as you got up and walked to his desk before you snatched a marker from it. “Let me just do this…” You marked from freckle to freckle as you finally drew out the whole constellation. “Right here.” You let out as you admired your handiwork. You couldn’t really call it that, though. All you did was trace the makeshift stars across his body.
“Woah!” He said in amazement, “Good eye.” He breathed out as he laid his head back down on the pillow.
You crawled back over to him as you draped one leg over his waist as you sat on his stomach. He looked at you quizzically as you looked back at him with a mischievous smile on your face.
“What are you up to..?” He trailed off.
You smiled at him, “Oh nothing.” You answered as you lifted up his shirt.
His expression did even take a second to change, “H-hey! Seriously, what’s up?”
You let out a small laugh, “I already told you.” You paused, but when he didn’t reply, you continued, “I’m tracing the stars.”
He laughed and pulled you down towards him, “You’re so cute” He muttered before he began to kiss you. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Times like this weren’t necessarily rare, but since Saeyoung was always so busy, you came to treasure the times when you were together like this. Whether it was just being silly, sitting in the same room and just enjoying each other’s company in comfortable silence, or times like this when it’s a little more intimate, you always enjoyed it.
As you pulled away, he pulled you in once more and pecked your nose. “What was that for?” You questioned.
He gave you a grin, “Because I love you.” He replied.
You sat up and clutched your chest, “My heart.” You said as you rested your hand on his shoulder, holding yourself up, “It’s too much.” You continued as you dramatically flopped over onto the bed.
“Oh, come on, (MC). You act like I’ve never said that to you before.”
“No, I know you have,” You replied as you sat up, “but I just love hearing you say it.”
“Fine. Then, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.” He shot back at you.
“And I love you too, I love you too, I love you too, I love you too!” You replied before you both unravelled into a fit of giggles.
As you lied down in his arms, you quickly fell asleep. Little did you know, in your deep sleep, that your boyfriend was rummaging through your makeup bag.
The next morning, you woke up because the blankets had fallen from your side of the bed. As you got up, yawning, and stretched, you heard Saeyoung call you from the kitchen.
When you saw him, you noted that his freckles were long gone. When you got to work on breakfast, you noticed that Saeyoung couldn’t stop smiling on you. Every time you asked why he just answered that you were beautiful and that was all. Frankly, you just decided to stop asking.
However, the next time you caught your face in a mirror, you noticed that you had small dots drawn over your nose and cheeks in brown eyeliner. In your mind, it’s not like it was a secret.

// Im replaying Jumin’s route for the first time in so long and I forgot how cute he is when you laugh at or enjoy his jokes oh my goodness


- He doesn’t go on youtube too often, but he does have a channel that he’ll update sometimes. It’s not too big, around thirty thousand subscribers but still! Totally would have more if he uploaded more.

- Which is why he doesn’t recognize you at first, so you’ll need to show him a few of your videos.

- He thinks they’re really funny and it’s pretty amazing you have so many subscribers?? Damn he has some competition with all those fans.

- With video games hes not amazing, but he’s not bad either. He’d love to be in your videos with you if that’s okay!


- What is a ’ Lets-Player? ’

- You’ll need to tell him what that is, he doesn’t get how people find entertainment from it but he’s fine with it.

- Play Grand theft auto with him!! He likes that game.

- He doesn’t really like to be in your videos too often because he feels like he ruins them with his “monotone personality” but he’s adorable to watch, the little pout he gets on his lips when his character gets wasted is adorable and your fans think so as well. He enjoys playing with you too.

- Spoils you with really nice equipment and lighting.


- AAA!!


- He’s seen your videos before thats you?!

- A nervous wreck honestly, he loves video games but you’re a master at them! He’ll be too shy to go on your channel at first but eventually he’ll open up and come on sometimes, even starts his own channel doing LOLOL tips and tricks.

- It’s not as popular as yours but he fanboys over you a lot, even in the relationship. You’re basically a celebrity, he’s dating someone famous?! Never in a million years would have thought he would.

- He loves doing challenges with you!! Like the chubby bunny, drawing challenges, photobooths. They’re always really fun.


- He knew since he hardcore stalked you did a background check on you and binge watched your videos that night instead of working.

- Will LOVE making videos with you, especially playing horror games. When you squeal he thinks it’s the cutest and promises to protect you from the scary virtual monsters.

- He’s such a meme in your videos it’s highly requested that he makes his own channel.

- If he did it would be bullshit memes like we are number one but every single one is replaced by carl wheezer

- or the bee movie in 7 minutes because he thinks things like that are hilarious


- He mainly watches cooking tutorials on youtube so he doesn’t recognize you at first

- But he’ll watch some of your videos and comment on what a cutie pie you are, no wonder people love to watch you as much as he does.

- If you’re an american youtuber it’s hard for him to be in your videos because speaking english is hard for him.

- It’s not that he doesn’t know it, he can write it and everything it’s just his accents rather strong and when he speaks sometimes he’ll get his words jumbled up.

- And he’s not the best at video games but it’s fun to see him try his best!! He has a really nice time and he’s great around a camera so he doesn’t act stiff at all which your fans like to see.


- He’s watched people on youtube play horror games before but he’s never heard of you whoops

- He thinks your videos are rather cute, when you play horror games your reactions are funny and adorable.

- Prefers to not go in your videos often, but sometimes he will.

- If you’re American he’s a lot like V, his english speaking isn’t the greatest but he tries!!

- He doesn’t even jump at horror games more of less cringes at lines or graphics half the time.

- If it’s a really well made horror game he’ll be a little scared, says he’s not but you can tell in his reactions that he’s is a bit jumpy at everything but he’s pretty good at hiding it.

Recent Reads Rec 2

Just Breathe by Anonymous 

(50k, smut and love) for the Sub Harry Fic Fest 

Louis pops his head into the kitchen, “You alright?”

Harry smiles shaking his head, “Just my clumsy arse at it again,” he says laughing.

“I oughta put you over my knee and give you a good spanking,” Louis mutters, chuckling.

Harry freezes. His pulse races so hard he can feel the blood rushing fast and hot throughout his body, like a livewire, zinging through him in a delirious rush. His mouth goes dry, and his eyes are wide. And when Louis turns around to look at him after being silent for so long, it’s like Louis just knows. He understands. Harry loves him so fucking much.

OR the one where Harry and Louis are on a journey through life together — one that includes discovering dark, hidden parts of themselves that only the other can find.

My Song Has Not Been Sung by suspendrs 

{ @fukcinglouis } (2k, protest fic)

The boy looks completely in his element, wrapped in a rainbow flag with pink paint smeared across his face. He’s jumping and twirling through the street, tossing handfuls of glitter on bystanders, screaming his heart out and clearly loving every second of it. He’s everything Harry was hoping to capture on film.

Or, Harry is watching a protest from the sidelines until a boy with a rainbow flag and a pretty smile drags him right into the middle of it.

Divine Intervention by awriterwrites 

{ @a-writerwrites } (5k, strangers to lovers) for the Wordplay Challenge

Harry turned on his heel and started walking toward the east side of the building. His boot scraped across the loose gravel littering the concrete floor and cut through the quiet that had descended all around them. He called over his shoulder, “I’m here to check the foundation.”

Louis was next to him then, warm body emanating a nearly impossible heat in the biting cold. Harry glanced at him and could see a pale pink blush cresting his high cheekbones. “Foundation?”

God, his voice was so sexy. Coming out of that pretty pink mouth of his…tiny sharp teeth and a wet, lush tongue…Harry shook his head, trying to stay focused, on task.

Louis cleared his throat next to him. Harry realized they’d reached the far end of the building and were standing near the elevator bank — or the would be elevator bank. It was just a shell right now. A hollowed out promise of what was to come. Harry shuddered as he looked down the inky black tunnel. A sick twisting feeling rippled through his stomach.

“Foundation?” The man asked again, cutting through Harry’s chilled reverie.

Harry needs a little help moving on.

Screwdriver by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

{ @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee } (5k, strangers to lovers, handyman)  for the Wordplay Challenge

“This bloody house is falling apart,” Harry murmured, tightening the hinges of the kitchen door. “I tightened this door, like, a week ago.”
“Awful,” Louis said, watching Harry from behind and smirking.
“I noticed you’re still allergic to clothing.”
Louis scoffed, walking over and leaning on the doorframe, popping his hip out and smiling wickedly at Harry.
“I can put some clothes on if it’s bothering you.”
Harry tightened his grip on his screwdriver as he looked Louis up and down. “You’re alright. No need to on my account.”

When Niall’s mate Harry comes round to do a few odd jobs, Louis takes a shine to him and resorts to dishonest tactics to get him back round again.

Last Best Option Universe by juliusschmidt

{ @juliusschmidt } (multi-part, famous/not famous)

Harry skyrockets to popstar fame through his performance on the X Factor. Louis, a friend from his drama club back home, remains close to Harry throughout his rise to success, offering encouragement, kisses, and, occasionally, a little ass.

Were We Ever This Young? by letsjustsee

{ @letsjustsee } (17k, harry potter ‘verse)

“How did it go?” he asked, still not having gotten any hints from Louis’ face.
“Obviously it went amazing, Harold,” Louis said, reaching for Harry’s hand, “Was there any doubt I would smash it?”
Immediately after finishing his sentence a young girl burst out of the classroom behind Louis, pushing through her peers, sobbing her eyes out.
Harry and Louis both took her in, watching as she rushed through the crowd and disappeared behind the many bodies. Harry looked at Louis in confusion, about to voice his concerns before Louis cut him off.
“Teenagers, am I right?” Louis said casually, “So bloody sensitive. You hungry? Let’s go.”
And with that, he pulled Harry through the groups of students by his hand, Harry too shocked to utter a word.

Hogwarts AU in which Harry and Louis both return to give talks to seventh years about the ‘real world’ with slightly varying results. Inspired by the Chilton scene between Rory and Paris in the new Gilmore Girls.

Sweet Cheeks

↳ day 4: food

Pairing: Jace/Simon
Word count: +4k
Rating: M (heavy making out, no explicit smut)
Summary: Simon might have a tiny crush on Jace. Just a tiny one. But most of all he just really enjoys his company. He loves coming down to the bakery after a long day and sinking onto a bar stool and pouring out his problems to Jace’s patient ears.

Some days, when Jace laughs particularly loudly at one of his jokes or when his eyes drift to Simon’s lips as he speaks, Simon almost thinks the attraction is mutual.

or, the one where Jace owns a small bakery and Simon is a regular customer who may or may not have an enormous crush on the owner of Sweet Cheeks.

read on ao3

All Time Low Starters:
  • “I think some dude just grabbed my junk..!”
  • “The truth is I’m such a dick.”
  • “Somebody call the police!”
  • “Merry Christmas, kiss my ass.”
  • “I need a friend..”
  • “Do you really need to see an ID?”
  • “I feel like a bad joke.”
  • “I take a drink ‘cause the truth is hard to swallow.”
  • “You make me wanna tear my fucking hair out.”
  • “Don’t you think it’s kinda crappy what you did this holiday?”
  • “Better suck up your pride.”
  • “Take my hand.”
  • “I’m losing hope.”
  • “You’ve gotta let me be.”
  • “I’m a waste of chances.”
  • “Long live the reckless and the brave!”
  • “Does your lack of conscience tell you everything’s all right?”
  • “You can try on my clothes.”
  • “Little brat must be crazy.”
  • “Aren’t you sick of sleeping alone?”
  • “Who’s laughing now?”
  • “Tell me what your best friend knows that I don’t.”
  • “There’s nothing surgery can do..”
  • “I’m calling that bluff.”
  • “You were never a friend to me.”
  • “Do you want me or do you want me dead?”
  • “I’m a walking disaster.”
  • “I swear, I never meant to hurt no one.”
  • “This love was accidental.”
  • “I was never good enough.”
  • “I’ve got a watch, but I don’t have time.”
  • “Like.. what if we’re aliens?”
  • “I’ve got my hands full of unhealthy obsessions.”
  • “Pass me another bottle.”
  • “There’s a monster standing where you should be.”
  • “Please stay.”
  • “She’s pissed that she had to wait.”
  • “I’ll take you out, though I’m hardly worth your time.”
  • “When will the princess figure it out, she ain’t worth saving?”
I miss you when...

I miss you when something really good happens,
because you are the one I want to share it with.

I miss you when something is troubling me,
because you are the one who understands me so well.

I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.

I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake
at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those are some of the best times of my life.

150906 Jin’s Blog Post - Jin makes food after a long time: Smoked Ugly Duckling chapter

We’re going with a smoked duck we ate in the dorms that we don’t even know when was made and some seasoned chives 

A duck is smoked.
It’s a food that’s cheap and will be finished just by heating it up

This is the old kitchen we can’t see anymore since we moved
Get out of my sight

Sand eel fish sauce I really received from the owner of the restaurant in front of my house

Galaxy s4 that disappeared after a half-body bath in water… Now that I’ve used the ice cream phone, tonight I begin to miss you. Come back galaxy

?? Why am I laughing?
It’s been so long since the picture was taken that I don’t remember

Doing this and that, it’s plausible for you to make marinated chives

Look at my arm muscles, girls will probably fall for me

?????????????? Jimin took some really detailed pictures for me

An alpaca eating grass

An alpaca acting handsome while eating grass 2

The chives are done after mixing them with your hands

Why are you smiling? I’m in a bad mood now
You’ve been following along well until now, right? It’s super easy
There’s not even anything to follow, but…

As expected, cooking is smoked food

Why…? This seems like it was some months ago what’s the reason my body look so much better?
I’m even handsome too

My mom always told me when I was young, “you’re handsome, you’re handsome”
It really seems like my mom wasn’t wrong once. Mom’s words are the truth.

It’s nice that my face is handsome but the omelette as expected is a cheese omelette.
Don’t be stingy with your cheese. Splash splash let’s just throw some cheese, so Rapmon won’t know let’s throw cheese


Ah, so this is why the kids lean on me and sleep

The first dish my dad made for me was an omelette.
When I was in elementary school I probably made it for my dad as a drinking snack.
I have a memory of how proud he was and how he gave me an allowance of 10,000 won (~$10)
That’s probably why I have memories of just making omelettes over and over
I wonder if it was since then… that my father stopped eating omelettes…

I don’t know what this is but I think it was a concept of cooking with both hands. Now that a few months have past I do wonder why I did that…

The biggest bowl is some kind of pot/jar… I’m in the middle of decorating so it looks nice

You said the bowl looks like it’s slanting?
You just saw it
This picture is just before it flipped over
Yes. It slanted and fell right over
That’s probably why I remember lost my affection and didn’t post it
The picture suddenly reminds me of the children’s book “The Ugly Duckling”

I want to say this is visually appealing because it’s made by the handsome Kim Seokjin, but to be honest it’s just okay
It doesn’t really pull at your appetite

Bald super mario

Cooking is smoked food
Dip it in some mustard sauce and eat it
Seasoned chives are delicious but they’re more bothersome than I thought

The time when I didn’t know I’d be posting Eat Jin…
Kim Seokjin working very hard eating to show in the picture how good it was

Who is the owner of that hand?
The people who guess it right are our true armies
Tonight we’re all eating smoked duck for dinner

It looks like lasers are coming from my eyes…

It’s been a few months since I wrote a post.. It’s hard
It was really fun but it’s a shame I don’t remember the situation well (sobs)
Anyway me from a few months ago was really good-looking
I think I did a diet for a few months but my body looks so much better than now… My face was handsome too and it’s been a while since I looked in the mirror and lost confidence.
But you are me. So don’t disregard NONO

Handsome Kim Seokjin, the end

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Season 6, Episode 25: The Seeker

Can we take a moment to appreciate this part of the scene? So many times we see similarities between Red and Kitty and Jackie and Hyde where we see Hyde and Red having similarities and Kitty and Jackie having similarities. But here we see something a little different.

Neither Red nor Jackie seem to want to see Hyde doing any crying.And their responses while they make me laugh, I’m pretty sure aren’t very true. IF Hyde had cried in front of them, I really don’t think Red would have told anyone and Jackie seeing Hyde cry wouldn’t make her love him any less. They just say these things because they don’t want to see Hyde cry and maybe to annoy Kitty a bit.

And then there’s Hyde and Kitty. Not a huge similarity here but just look at the way they both look back at their significant other. For some reason I just love that! if you watch this gifset long enough you can see them doing it at the same time!


Five month photos didn’t go *so* well the other day, but Antonio fell in love with a bunch of them and had some printed out for his grandmother, Giovanni and he framed several for the wall. 

They really are five months old, it’s wild. 

They’re teething, they’re trying to sit up on their own for longer periods, they laugh all the time {Elena makes you work for it though}, they reach out for toys, and bring them to their mouths {of course}, they are responding to us, and they’re beginning to notice one another, and things they see regularly like their bottles, or some wraps we use the most at home. Elena sleeps through the night, Santino still wakes once or twice. 

They have not breastfed in almost a week. My six plus year run of breastfeeding seems to have ended, I will most certainly be getting something to commemorate breastfeeding all of my children, for however long I was able to do so. At this point they may start solids in January, at seven months old, they’re not really showing interest in food and aren’t too close to sitting up without assistance for long enough for it to count towards that important pre-solid milestone.

 No rush. They’ll get there when they get there. 

They’re still amazing. I love them so much. 

81 Days

Well, I just found this fic in my phanfic folder from quite awhile ago - it’s not my best by a long shot but it’s also not my worst and I figured someone might enjoy it.

Word count: 1.1k

Warnings: swearing

Summary: It took 81 days for Phil Lester to be in love with Dan Howell.

A/N the more I think about the more I am against the idea of posting it so I’m just gonna do it and stop thinking about it

Day 1 was when Dan finally realized how head-over-heels in love he was with his best friend Phil, although if he was perfectly honest it was a long time coming. They were sitting on the couch and laughing at some absurd things on Tumblr when he looked over and that feeling he’d felt all week finally made sense. Butterflies were kicking up a storm in his stomach. Nothing was different about Phil, really, except that Dan was in love with him.

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