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Tutoring (13 Reasons Why Zach Imagine)

Description: Zach tutors you in biology and becomes very interested in you.

Zach Dempsey x Reader

RequestHeeeey I’m back lol with a Zack Dempsey request woohoo lol. Could it be where the reader needs help with biology and she’s given a random tutor who’s is none other that Zack Dempsey himself? Also maybe he could tutor her at his house and his little sister starts to bind with her and he’s just hopelessly in love with it. Thanks so much for your time.

A/N: I’m sorry this is like ten million years late. I don’t want to make excuses, but I really don’t like that I haven’t been updating recently. I’m really very sorry. I’m also sorry that this is so short.

“I have to go, Coach. I’m really sorry.”

“What’s more important than practice?”

“Tutoring. I really need to keep my grades up. I’m sorry. Now was the only time my tutor was available.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow. Come early. You can make up the sprints.”

“Of course, Coach. Thank you.”

You ran to the locker room and grabbed your things. You turned on your phone:

Hey, where are you? I don’t have all day.

This is ridiculous. I can’t be late to practice. Scouts are coming to the game on Friday.

You rolled your eyes at the many messages. Of course, this guy thought his time was more precious than yours. You told him you didn’t want to meet during your practice, but this guy decided it was the only time he was available which you knew was an utter lie. You finally made it to the library and saw the only table with an open seat. “(Y/N)?” he said bitterly until he finally looked at you. “I’m Zach.” He stood up and shook your hand.

“Yeah, sorry I’m late. It was hard for me to get out of practice.”

“N-No problem,” he stuttered. “What do you need help with?” he sat down and pulled out his pencil.

“Bio. I’m basically failing,” you mumbled. “If I wanna stay on the team, I need I C average.”

“Makes sense that they called me then.”


“I’m hoping to major in bio in college…marine bio, but it’s all pretty similar.”

“Then this high school stuff must be a breeze to you,” you laughed.

“Yeah, sometimes,” he smiled. You pulled out your packet and grabbed your pencil case. “Photosynthesis?” he asked you. “I can definitely help you with this.”

“Thank you so much,” you sighed.

After about an hour, he quizzed you on the equations. “Ugh! Zach, you’re literally the best. I’m gonna ace the test tomorrow. Thank you so much,” you smiled.

“Of course,” he laughed. You were packing up your stuff when he caught you off guard. “Can I ask you for something in return?”

“Anything! I’ll literally do anything! I’m not gonna get kicked off the team, and I’m gonna ace the-”

“Will you maybe go on a date with me?” he blushed.

“I’d really like that,” you smiled.

Sometimes It Just Happens

Set directly after the last scene in Alex’s apartment 2X6. Kara plays wingman and finds herself a girlfriend in the process.

@kevlarknight94 requested some Sanvers and this is what happened

My first attempt at Supergirl, so let me know what you think!

She held Alex until the tears finally stopped coming.

Her shirt was soaked, and Alex’s face was red and splotchy, but she had stopped crying, and her breathing was even enough that Kara no longer had to worry about how much oxygen she was getting. She placed a kiss to Alex’s forehead and pulled away, wincing as she heard Alex’s joints pop and crack. She glanced at the clock. She had barged into Alex’s apartment over two hours ago, no wonder her stomach felt like it was eating itself.

“How do you feel?” It was a stupid question, but she had to ask. Had to know that she was helping somehow. She wasn’t used to the role of comforter, that was usually Alex’s job. She had every intention of helping Alex through this, even if she wasn’t exactly sure how.


Kara nodded and Alex’s smile was sad.

“Like shit.” Alex swiped a hand under her nose. “But it feels good to cry it out.”

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Request: Christmas Prompt # 11 with Stiles :) 

Author’s Note: I was in a fluffy mood, so I wrote this c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Cuteness omg

#11: Cuddling by the fire


I trudged up the steps and raised my hand, knocking softly on the large wooden door. After waiting for a few seconds, it was swung open to reveal none other than my boyfriend. Just the person I wanted to see.

“Hey, Y/N,” Stiles greeted, offering a tiny smile. I tried to return it and failed miserably. “Rough day, babe?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. Stiles pulled me inside, wrapping his arms around me in a comforting hug. I sunk into his touch, feeling some of the tension leave my body.

“Come on, I’ll make us some hot chocolate,” he said, removing my coat and hat and plopping me on the couch as he headed into the kitchen and set to work. I stared at the flames roaring in the fire place. The Stilinkis hardly ever used that thing, but I suppose it did come in handy during the winter months. A couple minutes later, he returned with two steaming mugs. “Wanna talk about it?”

“Not particularly,” I answered, taking a sip. Stiles gave me a look and I sighed, giving in. He set his mug down, putting mine with it, before grabbing a blanket and laying it over us. He wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“About what, babe?”

“Graduation. College. Life in general,” I said. I felt Stiles chuckle lightly under me, the vibrations running up and down my body. “I am barely passing AP Bio. How am I going to get into the schools I want if I can’t get a good grade in this class? I mean, I study so hard! It just isn’t fair.”

“Hey, you’ll get it!” my boyfriend comforted, squeezing me against him briefly. “I can help you study so you don’t have so much on your shoulders. Maybe we can use positive reinforcement or something to get you to remember stuff.”

“Stiles!” I scolded playfully, hitting his stomach. He laughed, making me smile, and pressed his lips to my head. 

“I’m kidding,” he assured. “Just try to relax for a bit, hon. Right here, now, with me. Let’s just enjoy the fire and each other. Sound good?”

“Sounds great,” I mumbled, closing my eyes. Stiles moved us so we were laying down on the couch, the blanket pulled around us as the fire roared on. I listened to Stiles’ heart beat steadily, felt his chest rise and fall with every breath, heard the crackling of the wood. One of his hands was rubbing small circles into my palm, lulling me to relaxation. Soon enough, my eyes were closing and I was finally getting a restful sleep.