i laughed at it a lot

Lance: Keith’s so dumb, he’d probably bring his knife to a gun fight

Keith, pulling out a pistol from his side satchels: Jokes on you i’d also bring a gun with my knife. Welcome to Texas

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Your latest video was SOOOOO worth the wait like oh my god what a wonderful way to end my day. You never fail to make me laugh good sir, and honestly a lot of the ideas Roman had would be really fun to see you do in the future!

Ahhhh I am so glad to hear that!! Worked all day on it, and me and @jonerstrokes had been planning out and constructing this video for about a week now! We also thought /maybe/ some of those ideas he brought could actually be done in the future if you all wanted it!

Klance fluff
  • Lance(bragging): me? I'm good at everything
  • Keith: Your grammar makes me wanna throw you through the nearest fucking wormhole.
  • Lance: What?! I have perfect grammar!
  • Keith: *Thinks about the time when Lance stubbed his toe and yelled 'Keith stop laughing I'm in a lot of hurt right now'
  • Keith: *Raises eye brow* Are you sure about that?
BTS reacting to you getting a bad haircut.


Jin would try to be super nice about I, but he’d be honest about it too. He wouldn’t come out and say it was bad. He would try to lighten your mood by saying he had lots of hats you could wear if you wanted to. “Well, it’s not the worst haircut you could have gotten, right? Don’t worry your pretty little head!” See what I did there?

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He would try not to laugh at you. He doesn’t really care that you got a bad haircut, he would just think it’s funny. If he noticed you were really upset, he would comfort you. Yoongi would remind you that it’s just hair and it honestly doesn’t matter. “It’s gonna grow back, beautiful. I love you anyways.”

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Hobi wouldn’t say much to you at first because he just wouldn’t know what to say. When you finally ask you what was wrong he would make the “J-Nope” face. “I liked your hair before, but its okay now. You’re still as cute as ever though!”

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He would laugh a bit at first. Namjoon wouldn’t want you walk around like that so he would then take you to his professional stylist to try and get it fixed. “If you want you can come here from now on. I gotta make sure my girl is taken care of”

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He would feel really bad for you and try his hardest to make you feel better. Jimin would try to make jokes to make you laugh. “Wanna go back to that salon and beat whoever did this up?” He’d then give you a million compliments to try to remind you how gorgeous you are.

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Tae would have that spacy look on his face when he first saw you. He then would get a big grin on his face and run to the bathroom. a few moments later he would come back, hair completely butchered. “Hey!! We match now!!”

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Hi Hobi


Jungkook would try to say something but keep stumbling over his words. He’d leave for a moment to call one of they hyungs on what to say so he doesn’t accidently make you sad. He’d come back and give you a nice hug. “Hey, I’ve had my share of bad haircuts, too. They always grow out.”

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(ㆀ˘・з・˘) 220317 *:・゚✧・: * :・゚✧

37/100 days of productivity

the daily rants of abby: I don’t get why people rub it in your face if they get a higher mark on a test??? like okay??? like what is your purpose in this- are you trying to make me more upset than i already am??? i’ve always gotten better grades than my friends in my assessments, and when time comes for them to get a higher mark in one test they rub it in my face a lot as if they’re trying to put me down??? 

i’ve just completed my chemistry test and it turns out that i’ve gotten one of the questions wrong (everyone else got the right answer) and other people started laughing at me mockingly and they kept telling me that i’ll fail this and i wouldn’t keep up with my top rank. oh my god i’m so done with people trying to prove that they’re better; sTOP TRYING TO PRESSURISE ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH ASSHATS. 

i’m hoping that i’ll still get the top mark in chemistry to show that i’m not stupid for getting that question wrong - i’m just so upset and angry that all people care about is to beat me in academics (i’m not even that smart!!! stop!!!). ugh i have a killer headache from dwelling over my mistake because i had studied super hard for that test (i feel like i could’ve done better), and i’m afraid this will affect my overall grade by lowering my average mark. The amount of pressure from my peers, teachers and family is overwhelming; i’m so done.

Aries risings


A lot of close friends of mine are Aries risings and hooooo my God i can’t stand ya mF’s and your loud mouth. But I love you guys so much. My Leo Moon APPROVES!! 

I noticed that Aries risings really do have a little mole or some freckles on their face, like aww that’s really cute. One of my closest friends is an Aries rising and she has this cute, little mole on the top of her lip. It’s so tiny! 🐿

TBH, Aries risings look mean as hell too!! They could be laughing and it look like they’re angry laughing, its so weird lmfao tbh tho. Aries risings are actually full of a lot of energy too. Like…. they be saying some crazy things and since I’m a Cancer rising with a lot of manners, I’m like:


🙂 I be putting them in they place like that, you know me. But anyways, I love you Aries risings and your chocolate chip looking ass faces. ❤️

you know its so weird when other leftists act like politics has to be this completely joyless thing. like if u get politically involved solely bc u think its “fun” id say u need to reevaluate the actual point of what ur doing since obviously this is serious but its so ridiculous to act like it activism or leftism cant ever be fun. like whats the point of doing all this stuff if u dont enjoy it and enjoy being with the people you work with or talk with or are in leftist organizations with. idk like i feel like ive met a lot of really cool people thru leftism and even laughing at jokes about stuff on here is fun i find it so weird that people think politics needs to be 100% serious and having fun or making jokes or enjoying urself is like Not What Communism Is About. like if were creating our own communities and all this stuff and working towards something that we all know might not happen in our lifetimes why shouldnt it at least be enjoyable

I had a very movie-esque moment today at a cafe as I was ordering my coffee and the girl behind the counter told a joke and woman who had ordered her drink right before me started laughing very loudly and that was sweet.. Then she put lots of sugar in her coffee lots and lots lf sugar. very cosy

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I'm a woman and I hate a lot of female comedians, mostly because they always resort to pulling the "hating on men" card to get laughs, which is sexist as all hell. It's that, or they're just generally unfunny. The only female comedian that makes me laugh is Kitty Flanagan. Anyone else here feel the same way?

Old school female stand-up comedians are awesome. Unfortunately, something happened after the 90s or so. The Amy Shumers of today can’t compete.

okay Cryptid Squad so Usually patricks laugh is louder than what you can hear in the 2secs of petes snap and more upbeat so i dont think its him but im not ruling it out because he laughs a lot

Things That Made Me Happy Today

69 notifications from Tumblr this morning. That makes me laugh every time. And it happens a lot. I’m basically 12.

My daughter doing the “make it rain” hand gesture in front of me when I asked if she had her lunch money this morning.

The message, “I am so pleased that you are back on Tumblr!! Just as many estrogen carrying humans, I’m sure. Hehe ☺️”

Getting a fantastic and truly inspirational message right before I started bowling and getting 3 strikes on my first 5 throws. Like magic.

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Lu, hi. I just saw this post from another fandom where on April 1st, the fandom artists and fic writers are doing a swap. As in those who draw, write, and those who write, draw. And have a lot of fun, basically. I would DIE for you talented and creative bunch of people in our fandom to do something similar, and have a fun day and indulge yourselves and laugh a bit and give us some fun content too! Do you think this could happen? Maybe give each other prompts or something? Love,<3

OH MY GOSH hi darling, uhm hahaha i have tears in my eyes just thinking about this, because while some of my incredibly talented friends (like @londonfoginacup and @becomeawendybird) can do both, i can’t hahaha  i’ve shared some of my amazing artistic fashionings here before and it’s just horrendous lol but this does sound like fun, if people aren’t actually expecting anything fancy or nice lol  would anyone be interested in an exchange like this?  i think it sounds fun but i don’t have the time to organize it, unfortunately.

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Whenever I watch that video from the last xfactor performance, I gotta laugh. There's this moment when the camera shows Simon and he vexes poetic about how much he loves the boys and then the camera suddenly cuts to Harry's stone cold bitch face. The other boys at least look at the audience, Louis rolls his eyes, but Harry's just "not impressed". The juxtaposition is just so funny to me.

That’s a great video to watch. The super-tense body language during Simon’s speech…lots of mixed emotions.

Let’s hear it one more time for the amazing One Direction!

(I didn’t notice Louis applaud at any time before the last second…)