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Renaissance Faire - Race and Culture

This month hosts The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles. For those of you who have never been to a Ren Faire, one of the key aspects of it is costume and dressing up. 

When I was in High School and would go with my High School friends, I was always a little jealous of the costumes that they would wear. All of my friends in High School you see, were white. The costumes that they would wear always looked right on them and somehow, wrong on me. 

One year, I took things into my own hands and decided to dress as a Chinese Peasant. I got a Rice Paddy hat from our local chinatown and a pretty drab and easy top and pants (I super wish I could find these photos for you guys)  

The effect worked, a lot of people noticed my costume and laughed at my little joke.

Still, I would look at my friends in their beautiful dresses and flower crowns and envy that they could easily slip into this land of make believe and I still felt a little bit like an outsider. 

I don’t believe that anyone particularly made me feel this way, it was just something that made me aware of my race when usually it’s something I don’t necessarily think about. 

So, I went and decided to just wear the ‘wrong’ feeling costumes anyways, it was all pretend and I could do anything I wanted. 

But this year, I decided to do something different. I did some research and found out that during the Elizabethan period, the Ming dynasty would have been in power. I did some research online and found myself a Ming Dynasty costume. 

It was everything I had ever wanted. I felt pretty, but also I felt like I belonged. I felt like I was able to share my culture and what was beautiful about that time period with people who didn’t know. A lot of people stopped me to ask about my costume! I wish I had known a little bit more about accurate construction or really, anything about the Ming Dynasty, but I still felt right in it. 

There are lots of cultures that existed during the Elizabethan era and I encourage any People of Color to share that when they go to a Renaissance festival next time! I would love to see more costumes, maybe Armenian or Turkish or Mongolian! 

Next year I want to take this as a starting point and try to incorporate more elements of fantasy. There are lots of Chinese dramas that take period costumes and throw some fun fantasy elements into it. Here are some cool examples:


Update: y'all’s comments in the tags are making me about to bust out laughing XD

gimpo airport (to japan) ♡ 170427
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op: jonghyun at the airport today …, so cute. i just need to point out that jonghyun knows about the ticketing and was smiling / laughing at us because some people talked to him about it at the airport. timing was really short. that’s why he checked his watch. also: we told him he was so handsome a lot and he got shy then, since he was the last to go inside, everybody told him loudly: “jonghyun, you are handsome” just before he walked in and he turned around and laughed. [note: the ticketing that op is referring to is for his agit concerts. shawols were in a rush because shinee’s flight / when they appeared at the airport for fans to see was not very long before ticketing was supposed to begin.]

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Hey Um,I don't know if you still do requests but if you do and you find the time,Could You maybe draw Seb and Jim Watching "Family Guy" for the first time and Seb just can't help but constantly point out how much Stewie reminds him of Jim and Jim just kind of laughs as he proceeds to secretly hold up a pocket knife behind Seb's back.ALSO I FRICKING LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR ARTSTYLE AND YOU'RE THE BEST MORMOR ARTIST OUT THERE ILYSM

I hate this a lot thank you

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Hey, i read that you've a degree in creative writing and I wanted to ask if you recommend it. Because I'm thinking about studying it but my sister always mocks me

I highly recommend it! 

When I first began my English degree, they brought us all into a room and said, “I know not a single one of you has a parent that’s happy you are here.” We laughed, but it was true; no one takes an English degree seriously. The man in charge of this “seminar” for lack of a better word, went on to say that most majors have a job associated with them: psychology majors become psychologists, biology majors become biologists, etc. But there’s no English-ologist. 

Being an English major is not a training course for a job: it’s a way of thinking. And that scares a lot of people. What are you going to do with that job, they ask. 

The answer? A heck of a lot. 

English, and especially creative writing, is part a psychology degree, part a sociology degree, part a hospitality degree, and part an arts degree. It teaches you to understand people, to communicate effectively, to problem solve, to think ahead, to juggle large groups, to think outside of the box, etc. All of these traits necessary to form a plot and create characters out of thin air are also vital in any company, and that’s what’s making English degrees one of the most sought after in business. HR departments need you, law firms need you, even science departments need you!

In a Huffington Post article entitled “Why I Hire English Majors” a business man wrote: 

I think what I appreciate most about English majors is that they are taught to think critically, and that is exactly what I want in my business.

And he’s not the only one! Humanity degrees are not the point-fun-at “mistake” our parents all told us they were, not anymore! Whether or not you continue the arts path (I just got admitted into an MFA grad program at the University of Hawaii where I will be continuing my education in creative writing and taking on a teaching apprenticeship to teach creative writing as well–a way to stay on the “creative” path with this major), there are other jobs you will be qualified for after a four year degree. 

I’ve included the original packet I received on my very first day in college here. This helped me four years ago, and it’s still helping me now. 

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following u is quite wild, it's like an adventure every time i look at my dash. What is klanced up too today? highly detailed warrior cats au complete with fanart and a detail plot line? cool. Voltron Aristocrat au where her and her friend are the geese complete with fanart and head canons? fascinating! (love ur blog it makes me laugh)

every day is rowdy & wild at Katie’s FuckDome

good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

lmfao I love the idea that everyone on the ship could see the kidge relationship coming except for Shiro who, once he’s told is very confused and distressed bc he’s so protective of Pidge but also of Keith and he’s like “????wha?? who?? when??” and both keith and Pidge are way embarrassed bc Shiro’s just trying to get a bearing on things so he’s asking a lot of questions like “You’ve had feelings for each other??? for how long?? how did I miss this?? when did this start???” and Lance and Hunk are laughing their asses off bc yes shiro just bombard the new couple with question, have em lay it alllll out for ya

Day6 Reaction to Their S/O Getting Flustered

I’m an idiot. I deleted the screenshot for this request and we delete the request once we have the screenshot.


“(Y/N)’s so cute when (he/she) is flustered” he’d literally be giggling about it because he thought you were adorable

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He’d probably be a lot like Jae would except he would be full on laughing for a little bit while gushing about how cute you were

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Young K

He’d be less giggly than Sungjin and Jae but he would smile a lot and talk to you until you’re calmed down before he went on with teasing you

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all he would do is tease you and make expressions and faces towards you while you rolled your eyes and pouted before he apologized oNLY TO DO IT ALL AGAIN

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For the games can you please do #20 with Dean?

20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”


“Y/N? Can you hear me?”

Dean studied your stretched out figure, gaining no response from you.


Still nothing.

“Come on. This… this isn’t something I’ve ever said before, but… you mean a hell of a lot to me. The time we spend together… I never thought I’d be this happy. Every time I see you smile, every time I make you laugh… I feel like my life has gained ten years. And you’re so smart and funny and a damn good hunter. You give Sam and I a run for our money.”

Still no response.

“I’ve come to the realization that I need you in a way that I’ve never needed anyone else. You… give my life purpose, I guess.”

Dean sighed.

“So, I guess what I’m saying is… you need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Was that the flicker of an eyelid?

“Y/N?” Dean reached out and poked your arm. “Y/N?”

The slightest sound escaped your lips.

“Y/N? Y/N? Y/N?” Dean continued to poke your arm.

“Deeeean,” you moaned. “Stoooop.”

“Come on, Y/N. You said you’d watch Breaking Bad with me.”

“Dean, just go ahead and watch it. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

“But it’s not as fun without you.”

You cracked your eye open, peering up at Dean. “I’m right here. I promise I’m listening.”

Dean pouted slightly. “Fine.” He clicked on the TV and snuggled down next to you, pulling you into him. “But just know that there’s going to be a pop quiz after tonight’s binge session.”


Drabble Games! Send me a number and a character :)

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For the prompts, may I request one of the Hunk getting drunk or something on a strange alien drink/food and gets really sappy on the others, saying how much he loves them etc :D

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration!

I have never really written Hunk and this was a really great way to get to know him. Thank you so much :)

As always, thanks to @melonbugg, whom I love.

“We’re,” Hunk paused, as if figuring out what it is they were, before realization lit up his eyes. He gasped in glee.


Lance nodded, his face squished between Hunk’s hands, before he was pulled into a tight hug. Pidge, standing against the counter in the kitchen with Keith, laughed.

“This is the absolute best thing I have ever seen.“

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Ship me 2 plzzzz ☺️ And I just wanted to say that I liveee for your account! I can’t tell you how much I’ve screamed whenever you post a new vid on YouTube! I get lots of inspiration and laughs out of watching them. Thank you!!! 🙏🏾 p.s. I was able to go to Dean’s concert last December because you advertised the event on your account

My man..I mean YOUR man is: Ten from NCT

After I broke up with Ten he moved on from me :( and started dating you! But it’s all good. You two have my blessings. And he’s happy with you.

So, I have watched Guardians of the Galaxy...

And I am dead. DEAADDD!!!! In so many ways possible! 😍😍😭😭😢😢 The reason??…a blue spaceman named Yondu Udonta. And he already ended me in his very first scene! I’m not gonna spoil to much, but….

Okay, so yeah, throw in a shirtless Yondu at the very beginning of the movie, why don’t you??!!!!! And leave me all flustered for the next two hours, with all the smutty ideas running around in my brain. Yes thank you very much James Gunn 😘

Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

This is only my take on the film, but I feel that the very heart of the story is Yondu and his fatherly relationship with Peter. It was beautiful and sad and everything I wanted and everything I didn’t want all wrapped inside an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed, I cried…I cried a lot in the end. And now I’m gonna start writing on some Yondu smut…

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Wait, wait. This blog isn't run by fantasyimmortal too, is it? Because I somehow keep stumbling across their blogs (or blogs that seem to belong to them?)

nah im a totally diff person lololol. me and @fantasyimmortal are close friends though lol. i do art for them sometimes though .i have 4 blogs of my own . im the one who made the demon saeran  based off a group chat in one of my live streams. im sorry to laugh at this but to me thats fucking funny . no im not fantasy im Shannon fellows , though most my fallowers call me S or Fellows . lol its super cute though. and yeah i get what u mean they seem to have a lot of blogs. bit i still luv them^^

I’m so grateful for The Flash.  Overwhelmingly, it’s a spectacular show that has brought a lot of good into my life.

I’m also grateful for all of you.  The Flash was fun when I watched it on my own, but you really have expanded my horizons so much farther through meta, made me laugh and smile with texts, and taken my breath away with art and fic and edits.  You’ve added to my overall experience.  Thank you.

My life is better for The Flash – and the people I’ve met through it.